SATELLITERS- HASHISH (mind-bending garage-punkers) CD

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Crazy German garage-sters THE SATELLITERS have put together all the sounds they dig, and all the experience the have from being together ten years for this , their fifth album for Dionysus!

Hashish brings you 12 new mind-bending garage-punkers which shows their development from a full on raging lo-fi garage band in the ‘90s to a full on raging higher-fi garage band in for the new millennium. This is the real HASHISH and a total rock ‘n’ roll mind-melt!


1 Go Away  
2 Sweet Sensation  
3 Anything I Do  
4 You Burn Me Up And Down  
5 The Last Complaint Of Clarence Man  
6 The First Rays Of Light  
7 Stoneage Man  
8 Five Man Band  
9 Burn Out  
10 Tomorrow Is Another Day  
11 Wham Bam Thank You Mam  
12 1969 - The End Of Time