SECRET COLOURS- OBLIVION (lysergic country rock - IYL BYRDS) 45 RPM

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Oblivion embraces a lysergic country rock tone in the vein of The Byrds and Relatively Clean Rivers while reflecting on the current state of affairs.

The instrumental cover of what has long been considered the most psychedelic of disco songs, “I Feel Love,” has been a strong staple of the band’s live set, a trippy tribute to Donna Summer’s classic groover.

Tracked to half-inch, 8-track tape using vintage recording equipment and analogue techniques, Secret Colours crafted both “Oblivion” and “I Feel Love” exclusively for their Hypnotic Bridge single. Recorded live in the studio to capture the energy and spontaneity of four musicians interacting, the band then added extra layers of fuzz, Mellotron, string synths, reverse guitar, and a plethora of tape delays to create a swirling, psychedelic haze that propels the music into new realms.