LAISSEZ FAIRS -10,000 Tomorrows- IYL Roger McGuinn. Fairport Convention. Lord Dunsany. The Who. 45 RPM

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b/w ÒFrom Field To Field Dreams and rivers. Oceans and prisons. Inner battles. Outer cages. The bards of old. The '60s loom large... be they the 1660s or the 1960s... from O'Carolan to Keith Richards and a thousand books and whistles in between. The influences are smashed together violently... and tenderly. William Blake. Roger McGuinn. Fairport Convention. Lord Dunsany. The Who. The instrumentation on both Ò10,000 TomorrowsÓ and ÒFrom Field To FieldÓ is actually more than that produced by physical instruments. It is often the way they are recorded: the placement of mics (or the deliberate lack of mics), the use of effects on a guitar passage for impact and its removal as its sound goes elsewhere. Sometimes the vocals become a vibrato that sound like what you could hear at the feasts of the ancient Irish High Kings. The sounds are acoustic and electric, mechanical and spiritual.