SIGHTS - Most Of What Follows Is True (uncanny blues-rock-power pop) CD

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The Sights continue to build on an incredible legacy of uncanny blues-rock-power pop. Famed typhoon of rock and roll energy Eddie Baranek (guitar/vocals) is joined by Dave Lawson (bass/vocals), Gordon Smith (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Skip Denomme (drums) to deliver incredible songwriting and electrifying live performances.

With "Most of What Follows Is True," The SIGHTS have achieved an unprecedented level of song and studio craftsmanship. In an era of soulless keyboards, drum machines and Autotune, The SIGHTS respond with thrillingly catchy songs. No gimmicks, no studio trickery - just rock and roll from the heart.

The SIGHTS combine the unobtrusive honesty of The Band with countless slivers of influence from their own personal record collections: Ike & Tina, Solomon Burke, The Everly Brothers, Bob Seger, Tim Hardin and all manner of raucous, infectious songwriting "It's the kind of rock 'n' roll that kids could latch on to and dig - it's got youth, spirit, hooks, big guitars and folk and pop - classic power peppered with gentle persuasion and sing-along subtlety. It's anything but Fall Out Boy." - Detroit Metro Times


How Do You Sleep?  
Hello To Everybody  
I Left My Muse  
Take & Take  
3 Cheers  
Tick Tack Lies  
Back To You  
(Nose To The) Grindstone