SMOGTOWN - Domesticviolenceland (OC Skate punk)CD

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Great 2nd album by OC punk rock wonders. A future classic! "There's been lots of legendary bands to come out of Orange County in the last twenty years. High atop that list sits Smogtown." - X2RnR. "Smogtown keep the punk-rock (with the dash) flame alive. Some stand out tracks include "Neutron Blond", my favorite track; "Sneaking Out", "Breakdown Shakedown" the title track itself, "Domesticviolenceland" where Chavez sings, "This new development/ We'll pack the robots in/Rows of printed houses/is the goal for them'...." Fucking eerie. Cutting like a modern form of DI in content, Smogtown's music is the after effect of a movie like Suburbia.... If only Penelope Spherris would do a REAL legitimate sequel to Suburbia: 20 years after where we would find out what happened to the original cast lives and how they dealt with "growing up" and how some of them would interact with their children who would listen to bands like Smogtown...just a thought." - Blank Generation



1 Intro 0:14
2 Domesticviolenceland 2:50
3 Here Comes Those Freaks Again 1:50
4 Dead Actors 2:33
5 Dance Asshole 1:54
6 Sneaking Out 3:18
7 Middle Class High 1:36
8 Manifest Destinoid 2:21
9 Moms And Dads 2:37
10 Neutron Blonde 4:16
11 Straight Off Adolf 1:52
12 Breakdown Shakedown 1:51
13 Ms. Behavior 2:36