STRANGLEHOLD -Punk Rock Across America- Promo COMP CD

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Drilled bar code but new.

A collection of 21 punk bands from across the USA. Features Piss Ant, White Trash Debutantes, The Bullys, The Bulemics, Big Shrimp and more



1             –The Fucking Assholes             I Hate You (The First Song)            

2             –Limecell             No Action            

3             –The Bulemics             Talk Dirty To Me            

4             –Nuclear Saturday             Waiting            

5             –Turning Blue             Let Down            

6             –Calamity Jones             Superhardcore            

7             –Big Shrimp             Paranoid Sucka            

8             –The Pushers (2)             Hell            

9             –Talking To Lois             Wasteoid            

10             –The Outside (2)             Fit            

11             –Bullys*             I'm A Boy            

12             –Addvice For Addicts             P.C.            

13             –Piss Ant             Sex Junkie            

14             –White Trash Debutantes             Rudolf            

15             –Kermit's Finger             This Is Not A Punk Song            

16             –New Society Of Anarchists             Gagged By The Flag            

17             –Oppressed Logic             Cheap Beer Hangover            

18             –Shitloads Of Fuckall*             Park Dale Yardsale            

19             –S.O.S. (36)             Make It Real            

20             –Lawndarts             I Wanna Be A Spaceman            

21             –Resentments             O.K. O.K. I'm A Starfucker