TELESCOPES - Between Dimensions Vol 1- LTD ED of 500 -CLEAR GREEN VINYL LP

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THE TELESCOPES "Between Dimensions" compiles on 2 separate albums (Vol. 1 and Vol.2), all the band's EPS originally released on the Creation, What Goes On, and Cheree labels.

Produced by Stephen Lawrie.

Between Dimensions Vol. 1

Side One:
1 Kick the Wall
2 This Is The Last Of What’s Coming Now
3 7th# Disaster
4 Nothing
5 This Planet
6 Cold
7 The Perfect Needle

Side Two:
1 Sadness Pale
2 SHC Burn
3 You Can Not Be Sure
4 16T#4
5 To Kill A Slow Girl Walking
6 Treasure
7 Forever Now
8 Pure Sweetest Ocean