VON, RONNIE- A Máquina Voadora (70s psych) CD

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Comes with a fulsome 20-page booklet that includes a history of Vons career (sort of), as well as lyrics”.

“The last and probably best album from Vons incredible psychedelic trilogy from the years 1969-1970. We said some time ago that of the three key albums from this long-time Brazilian pop-star, that the first was the best, but hearing this again suggests that its time to revise that opinion. It1s true that all three albums make it clear that the psychedelic effects of Tropicalia were not confined to Os Mutantes, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Gal Costa. Yes, Von often takes a poppier angle in getting to a similar fuzz-guitar driven musical landscape, but not only does he get there all the same, on this album the pop is minimal, and the fuzz supreme.

Its difficult to describe how balanced this album is, as it features truly one-of-a-kind songs, which include any number of effects and treatments of Ronnie1s enchanting voice, all of which matches perfectly with the mysterious and melancholic songs on the album. Listen to it and let yourself fly into the far reaches of Ronnie Vons dreamy, twisted mind.


1 Máquina Voadora  
2 Baby De Tal  
3 Verão Nos Chama  
4 Seu Olhar No Meu  
5 Imagens  
6 Continentes E Civilizações  
7 Viva O Chopp Escuro  
8 Enseada  
9 Tema De Alessandra  
10 Àguas De Sempre  
11 Cidade  
12 Você De Azul