ANONYMOUS/ J. RIDER Inside the Shadow- (mid 70s melodic rock rarity) CD

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Straightforward, melodic rock has never been so good. One of the best mid 1970's rock records out there, with nary a weak composition in sight. "The great irony? This private press album defines what mainstream rock should have been. Nothing pretentiously eccentric here, just excellent melodies and engaging songwriting throughout.” — Gerrard Winstanley.

After the demise of Sixties garage psych legends Sir Winston & the Commons, writer/vocalist/guitarist Ron Matelic reformed his band into a jangly swirling blend of the Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, and Buffalo Springfield with male and female vocals, electric 12-string guitar, lead guitar, bass, driving percussion and outstanding original songwriting.

The sole Anonymous album, "Inside the Shadow,” was released in 1976 in a pressing of 300 copies. A second album of original material was recorded in 1977 after the band's name changed to J. RIDER, but it remained unreleased until a vinyl issue of 375 copies in the mid-90's.

Both excellent LPs are now available on this one compact disc. Liner notes and band history by Ron Matelic himself.