MCKAY -Tomorrow's Tomorrow (Low-key rural melodic guitar rock) CD

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Low-key rural melodic guitar rock with Ray Pierle. excellent songwriting and musicianship Indianapolis native Ray Pierle’s first release was the McKay LP in 1978, featuring his brother Glen and two other musicians.

The band played live frequently in Indianapolis during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  Pierle would later release two albums under his name, Time and Money in 1980 and Rhythm of the Highway in 1981. Once the McKay LP was discovered by private press rock collectors years after its release and became nw an expensive collector’s item, appreciated for West Coast sounding guitar and Neil Young-inspired late night wistfulness, other McKay recordings were released. "Tomorrow’s Tomorrow” was issued by OR Records in 1996, and became very difficult to acquire once OR went out of business.