BLACKSTONE -On The Line (arena style AC/DC, Bon Jovi) CD

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Their sound has been described as arena rock reminiscent of the bands that helped shape these musicians.  The musical styling’s of AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard can be heard here.

Big Riffs. Catchy Chorus’. Monster Solos. Makes sense, as Blackstone evolved from Rhinoceros when band members returned to Toronto, where they released this one rare album on GRT Records.

Blackstone came together in July 1972, with the help of Frazier Mohawk and his business partner, Gary Howsam. The group was completed with a new drummer, Richard Steinberg and the singer and harp player Frank 'Zeke' Sheppard, who'd played in Mainline. More importantly the new band saw the welcomed return of Danny Weis. With a suitable collection of songs to record, Finley invited his old friend Paul Rothchild up to Toronto to produce the band, a wise move bearing in mind that the original Rhinoceros members had enjoyed their greatest success with Rothchild at the helm. A deal with GRT was arranged and an album entitled 'On The Line' was duly cut on two-track at Toronto's RCA Recording Studios. “On The Line” contains some excellent songs, notably a cover of Dr John's 'Qualified', and the Weis-Steinberg collaboration 'Mountain'.”