BLISS (USA) Return to Bliss (legendary 70s psych trio) CD

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Arizona power-trio Bliss' second album, previously unreleased.

How can that be, you ask? During the making of the classic eponymous Bliss LP (released on Canyon in 1968/69), the band recorded two LP's at once—the second was never released, until now.

Raw, heavy power trio action from Arizona (Brad Reed, Rusty Martin and Corky Aldred), very powerful indeed; producer, as on the Canyon LP, was Hadely Murrell.

Some feel that ‘Hippies, Cops And A Bunch Of Rocks’ and ‘Music Train’ are destined to become classics of the psychedelic genre


1 Hotche Blues  
2 Music Train  
3 Nothing In My Life  
4 Fear Of Fears  
5 Reach Out And Touch You  
6 City Woman  
7 Hippies, Cops, And A Bunch Of Rocks  
8 Sandbox Symphony  
9 Simply Sunday  
10 Just Can't Win