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Check this out kids, some very interesting stuff this time around. Straight from the BOMP archives, we found some ORIGINAL MOCK UPS for the DEAD BOYS “Night of the Living Dead Boys” album cover, and another one for the BATTLE of the GARAGES album. These are ink sketches from the great BOMP artist Diane Zincavage. These are very historical items, obviously you wont find them anywhere else!

AND we’ve got the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES ORIGINAL 70s BOMP FILES!! All kinds of stickers and postcards and personal letters, you’re gonna love it. See the photos to get a load of the incredible contents.

THREE new titles from the L.A. psych label HYPNOTIC BRIDGE, check it out here, along with restocks of previously sold out titles from the label.

PLUS some tasty restock from the fantastic DIONYSUS label, lots of garage and psych at rock bottom prices, some $1!

And of course the usual mid week adds to our two bargain sections and our LAST COPY section.

That’s the good news, now here’s the REALLY bad news. Many of you may not have heard about this, but the entire record business is going to be seriously affected for at least two years by the burning down of the only plant in America that produces a part called lacquers which are essential to the manufacture of vinyl, and every record store, label, studio, band, and pressing plant will be affected. Get out there and support your indie labels, they will need you! This is an unprecedented tragedy for all of us who rely on this industry. Read all about it here.

But we’re all going to be working hard to get thru this, and the ALIVE label and Bomp wont be directly affected. (Our pressing plant was kind enough to reserve enough lacquers to last us for another year of releases.) Our hearts go out to the many that will be struggling, let’s hope this is all over before too long.

Thanks for all guys!
Suzy Shaw

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BATTLE OF THE GARAGES- ORIGINAL ARTWORK MOCK UP! Label:VOXX Amazing find, this is the original 7” sized sample artwork sketched out by our artist DIANE ZINCAVAGE back in the late 70s or early 80s in advance of the cover being put together. It’s drawn on a heavy piece of white paper and is 7” x 7” sized. WAREHOUSE FIND $200 SKU:22500

DEAD BOYS - Night of the Living Dead Boys- ORIGINAL ARTWORK MOCK UP! Label:BOMP Amazing find, this is the original 7” sized sample artwork sketched out by our artist DIANE ZINCAVAGE back in the late 70s or early 80s in advance of the cover being put together. It’s drawn on a heavy piece of white paper and is 7” x 7” sized. WAREHOUSE FIND $250 SKU:22499

FLAMIN GROOVIES ORIGINAL 70s BOMP FILES-40 VINTAGE ITEMS! Label:BOMP Original Bomp file folder with Greg Shaw’s handwriting.
40 items total
Special promo printing of a section the GROOVIES issue of Bomp
Invitation to a Flamin Groovies gig with Tyla Gang in Amsterdam Dec 1976, numbered
Flamin Groovies news - 4 page French promo
International Flamin Groovies Fanclub postcard
Flamin Groovies sticker from the 70s
Correspondence from Seymour Stein from Sire about Shake Some Action 1976
Letter from Phonogram France about the Groovies tour 1976
Flamin Groovies discography typed by Greg Shaw on Phonograph Record Magazine stationary
4 page booklet with articles about the Groovies including a big article in Melody Maker
Handwritten review of the Groovies
Cardboard cover sample for the French GREASE release
Approx 25 pages of assorted correspondence, reviews, and insider info


ASTEROID 4-Under My Umbrella (stellar psych pop)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Formed in Philadelphia and now based in Northern California, The Asteroid No. 4 have been melting minds since the late ‘90s, with a prolific discography of reverb-drenched recordings that span the sonic spectrum. Influenced by the finest psychedelic bands of every era, from The Beatles to The Rain Parade to Spacemen 3, the group has a unique sound that expands exponentially under the liquid light projections of their fabled live performances. b/w “House Of The Seventh Moon” A bespoke slice of stellar psych pop crafted especially for Hypnotic Bridge, “Under My Umbrella” finds The Asteroid No. 4 time-tripping back to the heyday of psychedelia’s first wave. With prerequisite ADT vocal recording, Leslie speakers, Mellotron, harpsichord and backward guitars, the band pays homage to revered masters such as Tomorrow, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Donavon, The Hollies (and many more), embracing the atmosphere of London circa 1967 so succinctly that many listeners assume the song is a long-lost classic of the era. House Of The Seventh Moon” takes a more organic approach, enveloping listeners with echoes of The Moody Blues, Grapefruit, Orange Bicycle, early Hawkwind and legendary Bay Area bands that shaped the soundscape of The Asteroid No. 4’s current home. Which is appropriate, as the rich Victorian vernacular of San Francisco and the idyllic countryside of Northern California inspired not only the songs on this single, but also the complementary artwork by one of the band’s favorite artists, Andrew McGranahan, who employed vintage imagery enhanced with a thoroughly modern color palate 45 RPM $10 SKU:22512

SACRED ORANGE -Mister Opel (60s style psych)-Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “Away My Love” and “Crystal Sunlight” A psychedelic supergroup composed of members of Electric Looking Glass, Triptides, Dream Phases, Frankie and the Witch Fingers and more, Sacred Orange is the brainchild of former Creation Factory guitarist Neil Soiland. With influences as diverse as One In A Million, The Beatles, Tintern Abbey, Graham Gouldman, The Beach Boys, Tommy Roe and Satanic Majesties-era Rolling Stones, the Sacred Orange project epitomizes not only the mind-blowing music that defined psychedelia’s golden age, but the camaraderie and shared inspiration that brought it to life.45 RPM $10 SKU:22513

SMALL BREED -An Elderflower Parliament (Classic 60s style psych pop)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE A self-described “small herd of musicians who produce vibrant melodies” with a lush variation of harmonies and instruments, The Small Breed find inspiration in the flower-bathed landscape of the southern Dutch countryside where they were born and bred.
With surprising instrumentation and sounds, the five-piece band charts an original path influenced by the classic psychedelic pop bands and albums they love best. Think of The Beatles sharing a special pot of elderflower tea with The Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things and future members of The Millennium, circa 1967, and you may catch a fleeting glimpse of where things are going. 45 RPM $10 SKU:22514


MAGNET MAGAZINE-POWERPOP ISSUE using BOMP cover idea-Label: Shake Some Action: An Intro To MAGNET’s History Of American Power Pop Of skinny ties and fat guitar hooks, of teenage love songs sung by jaded adults, of heaven-sent harmonies announcing hearts suffering through hell, we have only this to say about that maligned music known as power pop: It’s really uncool. Here’s thousands of words to sing its praise. MAGNET examines the history of American power pop from the Raspberries to the Posies, tells the story of Big Star and offers up four new bands with the kind of guitars and voices that could make you fall in love in three minutes.MAGNET picks the top 15 American power-pop albums of all time
Spoon, Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney and others choose their favorite power-pop songs
The history of Big Star
The ’70s: Cheap Trick, Raspberries, Flamin’ Groovies
The ’80s: the dB’s, Let’s Active, Dwight Twilley
The ’90s: Matthew Sweet, the Posies, Velvet Crush
The class of 2002: Phantom Planet
The class of 2002: Arlo
The class of 2002: Bigger Lovers
The class of 2002: Mayflies USA
Franklin Bruno looks back at his power-pop formative years BOOKS & MAGS $30 SKU:22517

SIGNALS - Person to Person- RARE GO GO’s STYLE POWERPOP RELEASE-Label:INVASION/BOMP Great "Go Go's" style Los Angeles powerpop! LP $50 SKU:22497


THINGS - COLOURED HEAVEN- 1984 RELEASELabel:VOXX Great 80s L.A. psych band , BOMP archive copy. Not sealed but mint. LP $40 SKU:22491

THINGS -1988 ORIG PRESSING Label:EPITAPH Great 80s L.A. psych band , BOMP archive copy. Not sealed but mint. Great 80s L.A. psych band LP $20 SKU:22492

UP - Killer Up! 10” SEALED Label:Total Energy The Up is one of those "should've been" bands. Similar in sound to Blue Cheer and political philosophy to MC5, Killer Up represents the complete recordings of the Detroit band from the '60s. Save for two singles, none of this material was released by the band while it was still together between 1967-1973. The Up was closely aligned with MC5, living with them in the White Panther Party commune in Ann Arbor and often sharing the bill with them at area concerts. But while the Five and fellow Michiganders the Stooges got record deals and fame, Up remained a regional act.The disc features both of Up's singles, plus several songs from a recording session at Head Sound Studios in Ypsilanti, MI, and some live cuts recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Columbus, OH, in 1972.High volume cuts like "Just Like an Aborigine" and "Free John Now" are further examples to back up the argument that punk rock was invented in '60s Detroit. It's hard to imagine Up gaining a mass audience, but the music on this disc makes one wonder why the band never broke on a large scale outside of the Midwest. LONG OUT OF PRINT ONLY TEST PRESSINGS LEFT LP $50 SKU:22498

SHAW, Greg. New Wave on Record: England & Europe 1975-78-1978 original printingLabel: Cover is a little worn, but otherwise mint (Burbank, CA): Bomp Books, 1978. First edition. Quarto. 74 pages. Introduction by the author. A discographical history of New Wave in Europe from 1975-1978. Published in an edition of 1000 copies (this copy not numbered) BOOKS & MAGS $50 SKU:22493

AMERICAN YOUTH REPORT - VA WAREHOUSE FIND 1982 pressing-Label:INVASION/ BOMP Released in 1982, the first compilation to take an overview of the then-emerging L.A. hardcore punk scene. Includes classic tracks, some not available elsewhere, by Bad Religion, Channel 3, Adolescents, Lost Cause, Flesheaters, Descendents,T.S.O.L., Red Kross, The Minutemen, and others. COMP LP $50 SKU:16454

BATTLE OF THE GARAGES ORIGINAL 1984 PRESSING! Label:VOXX VINYL is mint, a few corner scuffs. This is THE original garage series started by Greg Shaw in the mid-80s. Includes Vipers, Miracle Workers, Fuzztones, Mystic Eyes, etc. COMP LP $30 SKU:22501

PEBBLES VOL 1- 1979 RARE FIRST COVER Label:BFD Very rare, this is the first REAL cover for Pebbles, the first one was a xerox. COMP LP $50 SKU:22494

IGGY AND THE STOOGES- ST-Label:NO LABEL Vinyl is mine, cover has a few bends.
Tracks 1-3 Recorded at The Whiskey Au Go Go Sept. 1973
Tracks 4-8 (B1-B4) are Raw Power rehearsals 1973Till The End Of The Night, She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills, Nowhere are asterisked as unreleased songs.
Contains an article on the back by Mike Saunders, July 1973. LP $30 SKU:22520

JANDEK- Your Turn to Fall (1986 loner) SEALED Label:CORWOOD Jandek, alone with a guitar and a microphone, sounds like a muttering sleepwalker aimlessly plucking amplified bicycle spokes. His music is dark and gloomy; but it won't make you sad-it will make you tense and uncomfortable. Here is the Ultimate Disconnect. You love it or hate it-and for every one of the former, there are one million of the latter. A sampling of his song titles: "Painted My Teeth," "Twelve Minutes Since February 32'nd" [sic], and "Janitor's Dead." Jandek accompanies himself on acoustic or electric guitar, but for the incoherence of his zombie-like strumming, his hands might as well be accidentally brushing against the strings. His occasional wheezing harmonica approximates early Dylan having an asthma attack. Sometimes Jandek is backed by a drummer who seems unfamiliar with the kit, and who pounds away relentlessly with no ground beat. LP $50 SKU:22519

MIRACLE WORKERS- Inside Out ( 60s Garage Pop ) ORIGINAL PRESSING 1985 - Label:VOXX Original US-pressing comes with different artwork, silver labels, no barcode on back of cover and old Voxx Records logo only. Genius first album. From Portland, Oregon, with three vocalist/songwriters, powerful material, delivery, and passion for pure '60s garage-pop, folk-rock and even later icons like The Stooges. This debut album,recorded in less than 2 days, is their classic, every song a monster. Still one of our most consistent sellers. (Note for collectors LP $75 SKU:17033

PRIMATES-We Are The Primates 2002 pressing. NO COVER BUT MINT VINYL Label:SOUNDFLAT These are samples sent to Bomp by SOundflat after we did a licensing deal with them. Produced by Greg Shaw and Brett Gurewitz. LP $25 SKU:22495


ELECTRIC LOOKING GLASS - Death of a Season ( Bee Gees, Left Banke and Kinks circa '68 influenced) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Electric Looking Glass are a baroque pop group from Los Angeles whose shared love of early Bee Gees, Left Banke and Kinks circa '68 informs their phenomenal songs. Fresh on the scene, the four far-out dandies create flash melodies in full harmony with jangly guitars, whirling Hammond and a belting backbeat. Sounds of yesterday, visions of tomorrow, yet fully focused on the perfect here and now.
Death Of A Season With a slow, groovy build riding deep, powerful currents of Hammond organ and buoyed by ethereal vocals, “Death Of A Season” envelops you in its sensuous sea of psychedelia before taking you to the top of a tidal wave of intense, climactic 45 RPM $10 SKU:21637

HIGHER STATE - In The Morning (psych-folk spirit of ’66 )Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “In The Morning I Will Roam” b/w “Winter Is Blue” The psych-folk spirit of ’66 comes jangling through the mists of time with the profound sounds and imagery of “In The Morning I Will Roam”, transporting those who listen intently into the pensive, rustic realm of classic British troubadours, from Donovan Leitch to Vashti Bunyan.“Winter Is Blue” is, in fact, one of Vashti’s own early classics, transformed into a perfect complement to the A-side by The Higher State’s visionary take on her obscure contribution to 1968’s “Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London” soundtrack. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21478

MAD WALLS- It Turns (Floydian sounds drifting within a stream of dreamy psych).
Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE MAD WALLS- It Turns “It Turns” b/w “Eternal Light” Curated to complement each other, the songs on this single are among the trippiest yet from The Mad Walls. “It Turns” arrives like an echo from the past broadcast from the future, with early Floydian sounds and sentiments drifting within a stream of dreamy psych.“Eternal Light” gallops with muted hooves through a fever dream of dense butterscotch brilliance, an Edwardian ghost swirling alongside holding a spliff the size of a torch, illuminating facets of strange, undulating gems along the path. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21479

NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES - ST-(80s Garage pop goddesses, with Peter James from the Romantics on guitar!) Label:BOMP Records Garage pop goddesses. Innocent 60's inspired fun. Nikki had to be the hardest working gal in punk rock: with her girl backup singers and tasty band, she toured & played hundreds of shows every year. Her music was uncomplicated, rockabilly-based, and full of her fun-loving personality. Her band was always in top form, led by ex-Romantic Peter James. This CD, from 1980, is their testament, and includes bonus tracks, rare photos and more. A Bomp classic. CD $10 SKU:2063

NORVINS -TIME MACHINE (60s garage-fuzz-punk style-Label:SOUNDFLAT 14 Garagepunk smashers utterly in the style of the Staggers, the Satelliters, the Cynics, the Fuzztones & the Chesterfield kings! But the Norvins aren't second to none of their examples in no way. 12 self composed powerful 60s garagepunk anthems, which all of them pumpingly but rhythmically go ahead. The choice of the two cover versions "Abba" by the Paragons and "Nothin" by the Ugly Ducklings completes the album and certifies, that the Norvins know, how 60s garage-fuzz-punk is about to be written and performed as well CD $16 SKU:21626

NOSTRADAMOS-ST (1972 Greek folk/rock band) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA Only record from short-lived Greek folk/rock band Nostradamos, originally released on Zodiac in 1972. As the booklet text says, “they made one record, being a quiet record, where the beautiful woman’s voice of Despina Glezou makes a transparent impression, in songs which integrate Greek song styles into the elements of American rock and pop music. There are delicate parts, there are groovy parts—but throughout the album there is a wonderful and a standardized impression. The melodies overflow. The wind that blows is an agreeable one. Other than guitar, bass and drums, there is violin and Hammond, the flute and something that sounds like French horn. It seems like pathos, it seems like folk rock, it seems that what we can all like is in all the band’s pop songs. Whatever you like, maybe you don’t stop wanting to hear this strange record. You can hear it now with sufficiently good sound, with the delicate nuance in evidence. It is transmitted.” All perfectly true! Despina Glezou was a former member of the band Poll who had also worked with George Romanos, Socrates (on the rare "Live At Kyttaro" LP), Dionysis Savvopoulos, and Bourboulia; she makes her claim as most important woman in Greek rock history with her work on this record. Brief band history and discography included in a minimal booklet. CD $10 SKU:20398

NOSY PARKER-ST (RARE and CLASSIC 1975 Brit psych/prog)Label:GEAR FAB CD-reissue with sound taken from the original masters. This is a RARE and CLASSIC 1975 album from this New York band. Musically heavily influenced by Britsh psych and progressive folk rock, combining use of 6 & 12 string and distorted guitars. Psychedelic folk sounds with lots of ACID GUITARS, a bit in the style of Arthur Lee Harper. CD $10 SKU:22025

O BANDO - ST (!969 Brazilian super group) Label:Discos Mariposa “Reissue of the sole album (1969) from this Brazilian rock “super-group” formed in São Paulo in the end of the 1960’s. O Bando’s music blended MPB, regional music and Tropicalistic “psicodelia”—this engaging combination no doubt thanks to Rogério Duprat, who provides arrangements (along with Damiano Cozzela and Júlio Medaglia). It’s a bizarre record, which starts off with a blast of rampaging brass before searing fuzz guitar and disturbing astral keyboard sound effects kick in; the end result sounds like an insane hellfire version of soundtrack/library music of the period. The rest of the album is quirky in the best of all possible ways: some definitive Tropicalia moments, including a cover version of Toquinho e Jorge Ben’s “Que Maravilha,” funky break intros to many of the songs, and nice harmonies too, when required. Although they used single names in O Bando, the singer “Marisa” was Marisa Fossa (she later recorded more material with Rogerio Duprat), Paulino was Paul de Castro who also played in Os Mutantes and other Brazilian rock legends, and “Dudu” was famous Brazilian drummer Dudu Portes, who has backed Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, and Gal Costa, among others. Booklet includes a nice essay on (and discography for) Rogério Duprat. CD $10 SKU:20342

O’JAYS- In Philadelphia(70s R&B soul)Label:BIG BREAK The O'Jays spent time on various labels and released successful singles working with H.B. Barnum and also Gamble & Huff, who were working as a production team for Neptune Records. 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' (1970) was the group’s only studio album to be released on Neptune Records. This album heralded a long run of success and one of the most fruitful partnerships in the history of soul music with The O’Jays becoming the biggest act on Gamble and Huff’s legendary Philadelphia International Records imprint throughout the 70’s. It starts with the amazing ‘One Night Affair,' released as a single in the summer of 1969. The track has an up-tempo propulsive groove backed up with lush strings and horns to compliment the gritty gospel influenced vocal from Eddie Levert as he pleads for a night of passion with no strings attached. The second single was ‘Branded Bad,' a quintessential Gamble/Huff production with some great instrumentation including a crunching organ motif towards the end. ‘Deeper (In Love With You),' the third single, is a swinging soul track in the 60’s style with a demanding ‘walking’ bass line. Single number four, ‘Looky Looky (Look At Me Girl)’ is an energetic track with the group pleading for attention from the fairer sex. Other standout tracks are the stunning ballad ‘Let Me In To Your World’ and the mid-tempo groovers ‘You’re The Best Thing Since Candy’ and ‘I Should Be Your Lover’. BBR is very proud to present 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' expertly re-mastered and complete with extensive liner notes and the album’s original art work on CD for the first time. Absolutely essential listening for all R&B and Soul fans, especially those who champion the Philly Sound! CD $6 SKU:19083

OH SEES- SMOTE REVERSER (head-destroying psych-epics)Label: CASTLE FACE Oh Sees have spawned another frothy album of head-destroying psych-epics to grok and rock out to. Notice the fresh dollop of organ and keyboard prowess courtesy of Memory Of A Cut Off Head-alum and noted key-stabber Tom Dolas, while the Paul Quattrone/Dan Rincon drum-corps polyrhythmic pulse continues to astound and pound in equal measure, buttressed by the nimble fingered bottom end of Sir Tim Hellman the Brave and the shred-heaven fret frying of John Dwyer, whilst Lady Brigid Dawson again graces the wax with her harmonic gifts. Aside from the familiar psych-scorch familiar to soggy pit denizens the world over, there's a fresh heavy-prog vibe that fits like a worn-in jean jacket comfortably among hairpin metal turns and the familiar but no less horns-worthy guitar fireworks Dwyer's made his calling card CD $14 SKU:20263

ONE OF HOURS-When You Hear The Music, It’s Yours (late ‘60s US Pepperish U.S garage psych)-Label:OUT-SIDER Cool late ‘60s US Pepperish psychedelia with inventive arrangements, fuzz guitars, studio effects…Recorded in 1967-68 but shelved at the time. Famous for their “Psychedelic Illusion” 45, US garage-psych band ONE OF HOURS formed in Lexington, KY, in 1966. After adding guitar player Bob Willcutt to their line-up, they released their second 45, “Feel the Pain" / “Psychedelic Illusion”, in 1967. CD $15 SKU:21346

ONE WAY TICKET-Time Is Right (obscure 60s Brit psych)-Label:GUERSSEN Musically, its an odd album which ranges from late-sixties underground psych in the Chocolate Soup vein to freaky blues-psych not unlike Olivers "Standing Stone" with some glam-mod-psych and rockin tunes. It even features three tracks also covered by the legendary Five Day Rain on their rare album. Reissued with original artwork and remastered sound, insert with lyrics and 500 copies only. CD $12 SKU:20254

OOSTEN, MICHAEL -sT (1974 Dutch psych folk Fairport COnvention style) Label:GEAR FAB The rare and much sought after 1974 folk/psych LP by this Wisconsin native. Right off the master tapes!!CD issue of the one and only and EXCELLENT album by Dutch born PSYCH-FOLK artists MICHAEL OOSTEN from USA. Originally released in 1974 privately in an edition of 400 copies. Outstanding electric folk rock feat smke great vocals and guitar work. By Many compared to the music of FAIRPORT CONVENTION CD $10 SKU:22027

OPHIUCHUS-ST (obscure 70s psych blues) Label:LION Ophiucus may be the name of an obscure constellation, but it's also the name of a French band that recorded an exceptional album in 1972 for the Barclay label. All the members of the band had already enjoyed ample success in music before musician/actor Emmanuel Booz brought them together in 1971: Jean-Pierre Pouret was a well-known session-man for Sylvie Vartan; brothers Alain and Bernard Labacci released albums as Tom & Jerry, and supported Jimi Hendrix for a TV appearance; Michel Bonnecarrere had founded the band Zoo (one of Andy Votel from the B-Music label’s favorites), and was one of the composers, arrangers and musicians for that group’s first two albums. Apropos of the period, the band members decided to live together as a small family in Flagy, a small town in France, where they lived a happy life, and wrote the tracks which adorn this reissue. This ambitious album somehow manages to blend grungy psychedelic rock, acoustic blues, and densely orchestrated French pop/psych (in an Ilous & Decuyper vein) into an impressive and cohesive whole. Sandy Spencer, cellist and member of Mormos contributed wonderful playing on ‘Ne cherche plus’ and ‘Inachevée.’ This reissue includes the original album plus eight bonus tracks in English meant to be the basis of an international album that was never issued. A fulsome 28-page booklet includes band history and commentaries on the songs written by Ophiucus, photos, lyrics (French and English), and a contemporary review. Not to be missed! CD $10 SKU:20094

ORANGE WEDGE-WEDGE(70s U.S psych)- Label:LONGHAIR Originally released as a private pressing and on label ,Contraband" Orange Wedges 1st album ,Wedge" features 7 songs full of driving guitars and strong vocals. Orange Wedge hailed from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., where they formed in 1968. They released 2 albums (CD release 2nd album ,No One Left But Me", Long Hair LHC 68). Both albums show a mix of long and short songs and lots of loud guitars. Exellent songwriting and remarkable hooks, too. Highlights of the album are 11-minute track ,Death comes slowly" and final song ,Revenge", which features some suberb Neil Young-influenced guitar playing. CD comes with comprehensive booklet, linernotes by guitar player and composer Joe Farace, and a lot of unseen photos. Digitally remastered CD $17 SKU:8353

SALT LICK - S (70s rock and roll style Bonehead Crunchers/Crushers/etc.) -Label:PERMANENT Salt Lick is the very new L.A. trio with heavy connections to Permanent Records, Mock Records, Jesus Sons and that particularly collector-y Bonehead Crunchers/Crushers/etc.-style blunt-object 70s rock ‘n’ roll...Enthusiastically working the same grinding vibes of that recently rediscovered wave of old-school weirdos who got lost somewhere between prog rock they couldn’t play and punk rock they didn’t get, and who’s we-just-wanna-rock! 45s ended up creating a whole micro-genre of longhair off-the-grid proto-proto-punk. (Salt Lick also claims as an influence “the one good song on a bunch of major label LPs from the early 70s,” which is also very accurate—and Permanent/RidingEasy’s own Brown Acid comps also make a nice sampler of this sound.)" - LA RecordLP $18 SKU:21532

SATURNALIA- MAGICAL LOVE (PICTURE DISC and 2 BOOKLETS- 70s British psych prog underground gem! )SALE! Label:BLACK WIDOW Produced by Keith Relf (Yardbirds, Renaissance, Steamhammer), Saturnalia made their 1973 debut with a beautiful 3D picture disc, which has since become a collector's item among fans of the genre. For this release Black Widow Records attempted to remain as faithful as possible to the original packaging (picture disc format with booklet, ticket and above all the 3D labels and a second 24 pages booklet) and the result is this fantastic reissue. Featuring the beautiful Aletta and Adrian Hawking on vocals and Rod Roach on guitar. Hawking and Roach were previously together in Horse. A '70s British psych prog underground gem! LP $32 SKU:21342

SCHIZOPHONICS-PEOPLE IN THE SKY (MC5, Stooges, James Brown, Hendrix and Iggy Pop style)Label:PIG BABY This San Diego-based combo is inspired by (and reminds of) the rock'n'roll energy and showmanship that fueled a.o. The MC5, Stooges, James Brown, Hendrix and Iggy Pop. 'People In The Sky', the band's sophomore LP $17 SKU:21962

SECOND SIGN - ST (Mid-70s UK hard/progressive/psych) SALE!Label:SOMMER Mid-70s UK hard/progressive/psychedelic band in the vein of Narnia, Saturnalia or Fruupp with connections to doom outfit Warlord. Featuring female vocalist Irene Menasche. This is the first ever vinyl release of their 1975 studio recordings. Music ranges from ultra-raw hard-rock to fol-rock, culminating in the 9-minute epic psych-prog masterpiece “Golden Age”. LP $17 SKU:21484

SERGUEI - Psicodélico 1966-1975 (Rare Brazilian psych) SALE!Label:GROOVIE is quite possibly the best kept musical secret from Brazil's glorious 60's/70's scene. Sérgio Augusto Bustamante was a flight attendant. In the sky, above the clouds, he used to daydream about Elvis. One day, he came down from the heights, added a "u" to the Russian name Sergei, which he took out from a friend. With his colorful clothes, long hair, red contact lenses, and hippie flags of peace & love, the anti-commercial Serguei had a public image much bigger than the number of records he was able to produce. Serguei tried psychedelia, tropicalism, and even Brazilian folk music without settling down into any musical style. His short adventure with singer Janis Joplin (in the summer of 1970 in Rio) has always been the most prominent reason for Serguei's mention in music history; but it's the records he released between 1966 and 1970 that have caught the attention of collectors. "I've never been recognized, few people give me value," he told Pop magazine in April 1978. This is no longer true, thanks to this collection of rare singles. Serguei self-proclaimed himself as “psychedelic” long before anyone else. He sang his hallucinations, found someone from alpha centaur and went in search of peace, from sunrise to sunset. His music ranges from psychedelic to garage psych, fueled by fuzz guitar (a track on "Guitar Fuzz Bananas" bears witness to this), with arrangements that are typical of genius.” LP $10 SKU:16099

SHADRACK CHAMELEON - ST (basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973 ACID ARCHIVES FAVE ) SALE!Label:OUT SIDER Reissue with newly remastered sound of this teen basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973. Great distorted guitars, organ, melancholic vocals, raw homemade vibe, inventive songs and some cool Neil Young / Crazy Horse influences. File next to Rayne! *Insert with liner notes. “A personal fave of mine that seems to sound better with each passing year” - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $14 SKU:17399

SHOES - Primal Vinyl -LTD ED of 150 COBALT BLUE VINYL- POWERPOP LEGENDS! - LAST COPIESLabel:ALIVE EPRESS ON BLUE ViNYL of our Record Store Day release! Limited edition on gorgeous blue vinyl.POWERPOP gods. The disc features 12 songs culled from past albums, demoes and even includes a NEW live version of I Don't Wanna Hear It, from the 2013 tour! LP $20 SKU:17112

SHYLOCK- Ile de Fievre (1978 King Crimson style prog ock) SALE!Label:REPLICA (France) With its complexity and instrumental richness, its ability to develop anguishing themes and electric rises and its overgrowing tension, SHYLOCK has often been compared to KING CRIMSON. Actually, this instrumental combo also belongs to wild and intricate Progressive rock with tormenting atmospheres, but has its own personality. The latter is expressed through overwhelming lyricism and refined romanticism, a bit like PULSAR. With its schizoido-electronic dimension, SHYLOCK can also make you think of HELDON. What s more, each musician is a real virtuoso, especially guitarist Frédéric L EPEE and outstanding drummer André FISICHELLA. As "Gialorgues" (1975) can be considered as a very good debut album, "Ile de Fièvre" (1979) is widely known as an absolute masterpiece. Definite talent ! LP $15 SKU:21349

SIGN OFFS - s/t kick-ass punk rock ) SAALE -Label:DISASTER COLOR VINYL with one non-CD bonus track. What the hell is it about young kids from culturally dead suburban wastelands that makes for such goddamn good rock? Case in point: Cleveland's The SIGN OFFS. Whereas most punk kids are happy just to dress the part and play in useless, shitty bands until banking or insurance sales brings dreary normality to their doors, this bunch of high-schoolers from way-the-hell out on the far-west side of town, knocking out quickie rock'n'roll burners inspired by the usual suspects, (D-Generation, Turbonegro, G'nR, US Bombs, AC/DC, Dead Boys) quickly matured into a powerhouse live band. The the singer and both guitarists just turned 18 when they recorded this album, and one of the members was still in high-school. Some high-energy kick-ass punk rock rooted in their hometown's tradition. LP $5 SKU:4835

SOLEDAD BROTHERS - The Hardest Walk PURPLE (60s bluesy Stones style) LAST COPIES! -Label:ALIVE PURPLE VINYL, Ltd. edition. At their best, Soledad Brothers recall the Rolling Stones when Mick and Keith were fresh-faced bluesheads in the mid-Sixties: The prolific Detroit foursome kicks out solid, harmonica-laced blues riffs without sounding derivative or cheesily nostalgic. Meet the Motor City's newest hitmakers." - Rolling Stone LP $18 SKU:4635

SONIC’S RENDEZVOUS BAND- Live, Masonic Auditorium, Detroit 1978 (proto punk legends )- BLACK 180 gramLabel:ALIVE Alternative cover, different from the CD version. Easily one of the high points of Easy Action's SRB box set, and if you're hesitant about forking over for a collection that large to find out what Sonic's Rendezvous Band were all about, Masonic Temple: Detroit 1978 is an excellent place to discover one of the greatest 'unknown' bands of all time - though don't be shocked if you want to hear more after checking this out. - All Music Guide LP $16 SKU:8489

SPIES -ST (60’s Greek beat-garage) W INSERT Label:ANAZITISI The Spies was a late 60’s Greek beat-garage band. During their lifetime they managed to release just one single in 1968, which is very rare nowadays. This album contains this rare single as well as four recently unearthed unreleased studio recordings from 1969. Two more songs from the “rockier” The Spies mkII are also included. These last tracks are live recordings from a club where the band was playing in 1972 and are of mediocre sound quality—but we had to include them in order to be able to present to you the complete works of this significant and overlooked band. Includes: *Fully laminated cover. *4-page, LP-sized, insert with bio and photos. *Limited to 350, hand-numbered, black copies. *180gr vinyl as usual. *Resealable nylon outersleeve. LP $22 SKU:20839

SPLASH 4SHAME SHAME SHAME -10” (GARAGE ROCK)Label:DIONYSUS The Splash Four make the kind of records you play at those 'blow-out' parties: the kind of parties someone else throws, where the plaster has just about all fallen and the cops are due to arrive any minute" - Mick Collins. Engineered by Liam Watson, this '70s punk inspired disc will add that needed boost of mayhem to any collection LP $5 SKU:18041

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-ST (Reissue of 1971 Brit psych LP)Label:AKARMA Repress! A reissue on vinyl of the self-titled obscure 1971 album by a late British psych band with progressive tendencies. The album, an appealing work, was produced by Greg Lake. LP $22 SKU:21882

SSM (Szymanski, Shettler, Morris)(Great DETROIT rock and roll w. Dan of the Black Keys on Guitar!) LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE Debut album by this Detroit rock'n'roll trio formed by ex-members of the Hentchmen, Sights and Cyril Lords. "Awash with bursts of energy and moves into industrial punk territory with krautrock influences." - The Guardian LP $16 SKU:17196

STEMS -Head’s Up (Heady mix of garage rock and power pop - Label:CITADEL Its been twenty years but The Stems are finally back with their long overdue second album, Heads Up and its almost as if they were never gone. Not only does the same line up remain but the same energy and excitement. The heady mix of garage rock and power pop makes for a fun and easily likable sound. Think The Kinks crossed with The Jam and maybe a little Velvet Underground thrown in for good measure. AUSSIE IMPORT LP $22 SKU:2180


NOSFERATU- ST (1970 osbscure Krautrock)Label:OHRWASCHL Amongst the most obscure of Krautrock bands, due to being so early and on an unlikely label. In their early days they were fronted by guitarist/vocalist Michael Winzkowski (who went on to Epsilon), but apart from that, nothing is known of their history, except that winds player Christian Felke also guested later with Epsilon. Nosferatu's sole eponymous album was housed in a sinister bizarre cover, that perfectly captured the dark edge of their music, being an atypical Krautrock fusion betwixt Xhol Caravan, Message and Out Of Focus, hinting at British bands like Gravy Train or Jade Warrior. For 1970, they were pioneers, unusual in how Michael Thierfelder's vocals are often sung across the music, which so often tends to surge out into space, fronted by the dual solo instruments of guitar and sax. “This is the big aggressive sound of today, performed by Nosferatu. The first time, I heard them, they were auditioning together with several other new groups, all managed by the young and ambitious German promoter Peter Hauke. I was so enthusiastic about Nosferatu’s splendid musical ideas and their irresistible drive that I signed them immediately for "Deutsche Vogue" and cut this album a few weeks later. Don't let me describe their music—all self-penned—just listen and enjoy it as much, as Conny (the engineer) and me did, when we recorded this first step into the recording business of the unusually gifted, young German group Nosferatu!”—Tony Henrik CD $10 SKU:21433

OLYMPIC- EVERYBODY! (1965-68 Czech beat) Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) Formed in 1963, Olympic were the first Czech beat group to appear on vinyl in 1964, and the first to have an LP album in 1968. They were one of the first bands to write and perform exclusively their own songs, with lyrics mainly in the Czech language. This outstanding compilation presents their best tracks from their "classic" beat period 1965-1971. CD $10 SKU:20130

ORANGE DROP -STONED IN LOVE (Dreamy psych acid laced sounds) Label:MEGA DODO Hailing from Philadelphia, The Orange Drop blends dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-laced sounds of the '60s. Brian Jonestown Massacre fans (particularly of the early records) should appreciate The Orange Drop's approach that is both lo-fi and polished. If this is garage rock, it was made in a garage that conceals an amateur LSD lab. Orange Drop re-invents '60s psychedelia with a 21st century twist of experimentalism! CD $14 SKU:20992

ROMANOS,GEORGE- Two Small Blue Horses (1970 Greek heavy psych fuzz guitar SALE!~ Label:MLK/LYRA (Greece) If you like the thought of songs overrun by heavy fuzz guitars and immersed in studio effects, then this is an album for you! It’s a record (released by Zodiac in 1970) that bears comparison to the first three Erkin Koray albums, in part due to it’s Middle-Eastern psychedelic intensity; really great stuff—exotic melodies coupled with a full-force fuzz assault; a slight nod to the Byrds (‘Eight Miles High’ riff makes a dramatic appearance), but with baroque pop/psych tracks of a Left Banke type (‘Maria’ springs to mind) thrown in for added spice. Infused throughout with Greek-tinged raga fuzz guitar freakouts that float in and out of orchestrated psychy pop, "Two Small Blue Horses" is a gem of an album that should be in any serious European psych collection. To top it all, this is one of the rarest psychedelic records ever pressed, with original copies changing hands from time to time for more than $1,000. Great sounding reissue of a weird and wonderful record. 180g vinyl deluxe official reissue. 500 pcs limited LP $18 SKU:21050

ROTOMAGUS - The Sky Turns Red: Complete Anthology 1971 DOUBLE LP proto punk w heavy duty gatefold jacket, & extras -Label:LION Proto punk w heavy duty gatefold jacket, which has the entirety of the Seth Man’s article on the band, plus the band’s history in both English and French. On Julian Cope’s excellent Head Heritage web-site, the Seth Man raves about Rotomagus thus: “The first time I heard this track (‘Fighting Cock’), I did not freak out. I merely walked into a nearby closet and screamed my head off for a minute solid, beat the floor and ripped my t-shirt... then I cowered when it hit me: this thing came out in 1971? Before “Raw Power”?! I just lost my mind... Hard to believe this is all pre-1971, as much of the demo is not just proto punk but proto hardc*re LP $19 SKU:14510

SEBASTIAN -Head Roach (1970 stoner -RAREST CANADIAN LP OF ALL TIME!)Label:VOID Collectors have whispered about owning an original in dark corners 3/28/2019around the globe, only to have their hopes dashed when no originals turn up. Along came Void with a legitimate vinyl reissue of one of the rarest Canadian albums of all time bar none. When originally issued way back in 1970, the album came with a coloring book to color in the roaches. Soon the cover was banned for it's drug implications making the original hideously rare. Void Records with Sebastian has released a 500 vinyl pressing. The cover, reproduced from the original is glossy and brilliant. A lyric sleeve has been added as a bonus. Songs include 'Let's Go To The Drug Store,' 'Toking Alone,' 'They Call Her Pig' and more. Acidy, druggie electric folk with a touch Of Zappaesque humor tossed in. LP $12 SKU:19259

SIDEWINDERS-Cuacha (First-time reissue of this 1987 sleeper rural rock classic)- SALE! Label:LION By the time they recorded Cuacha!, the Sidewinders had almost figured out what kind of band they wanted to be. On some cuts here the Hüsker Dü-goes-West mix of acoustic textures and roaring guitar is almost perfect. 'I Guess It Doesn't Matter' and 'Blood on Our Hands' are punk-pop masterpieces driven by Rich Hopkins' snarling guitars and Dave Slutes' country-inflected but brash singing... The album is worth having for the first released version of 'What She Said,' a song that the band released on three different albums, each time rocking a bit harder and at greater length. The version here is a dark, mournful folk-rock piece." —AllMusic" •First-time reissue of this 1987 sleeper rural rock classic•Insert includes band memories•"The Hüsker Dü-goes-West mix of acoustic textures and roaring guitar is almost perfect.” —AllMusic LP $17 SKU:21229

SIGLO CERO- ST SALE!(Obscure Columbian trippy psych 1970!) GATEFOLD Label:GOLDEN PAVILION Fierce, fluid and free collective improvisation with spacey feels and a rich texture of Hammond organ, guitar, bass, tenor sax, percussion and drums that takes the listener on a trippy psychedelic Krautrock-sounding “out there” voyage. Comes in heavy deluxe gatefold cover with liner notes and unseen pictures LP $16 SKU:21073