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PLEASE FEED THE ANIMALS-SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS-Label:GEAR FAB From 1967 on the Canadien Exploito label ARC. Fantastic covers of all the Animals greatest hits from 1963-1967.CD $10 SKU:20652

TWELVE STRING HIGH -- Vol 2 Mind expanding tunes! Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS TSH's explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP CD $15 SKU:19329

TWELVE STRING HIGH #2 -Mind expanding tunes! DBL LP PLUS CD Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS Explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP LP $29 SKU:19145

BIG STAR - NO. 1 RECORD (Great 70s powerpop rock ) - Label:ARDENT Originally released on Ardent in 1972 and 1974, the historical debut of Big Star - and its genial following - witnessed a unique sound that nobody seemed to have experienced before. And the Chilton/Bell association made the songwriting formula of this band a trademark of pop quality throughout the Seventies. The definition of "seminal" band couldn't have been more LP $22 SKU:10003

OLIVE, BRIAN BOTH LPS! Get his FIRST LP & Two Of Everything (Prod by Dan of the Black Keys) LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE Get both of his albums for an amazing price. We want you to hear this one! This is in our "WHY ISNT THIS GUY #! ON THE CHARTS !" category. Get it, dont make me come over there! GET ONE!
Ex-Greenhornes guitarist & Soledad Brothers)Following his 2009 self-titled debut , which was praised for skillfully blending soulful R&B with raunchy garage and psychedelia, Brian Olive takes us further on his latest full length “Two Of Everything”. Listeners will recognize a number of musical touchstones here (Night Tripper era Dr. John, Exuma, early Funkadelic, Canned Heat, West Coast psych, etc…) but the end result is completely Olive’s own, an insanely dynamic, soulful , psychedelically-rich summer album perfect for intergalactic flight, night visions, or voodoo rituals.“Two Of Everything” was recorded and produced by both Olive and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys at The Diamonds in Cincinnati, and Easy Eye Sound in Nashville and features a revolving cast of talent including long time right hand man Mike Weinel, Detroit psychedelic caveman David Shettler (SSM, the Sights), Daniel Allaire (Darker My Love), Jared McKinney (Greenhornes), and with Courtney Jaye, Leisa Han, Kari Kragness, and Sarah Benn on backing vocals. The hauntingly beautiful artwork is by Laura Dolan. LP $10 SKU:16918

REAL KIDS- Foggy Notion- LIVE IN BOSTON 10” 1974-Label:NORTON All Songs Recorded Live, Boston 1974 This Disc Contains The Earliest Recordings Of The Kids, Later Known As The Real Kids LP $15 SKU:4388


TELLTALE HEARTS- High Tide (Big Noses & Pizza Faces)LAST COPIES Label:VOXX Anthology '83-'86 - 21 cuts, including 9 previously unreleased, highlight this killer compilation from San Diego's version of the Shadows Of Knight. Back in the days of the mid-80s "garage revival" scene that revolved around the Cavern Club, there was no doubt that the Tell-Tale Hearts led the pack of "paisley underground" bands that were popping up everywhere. They combined primitive and snotty mid-60s garage punk with R&B and blues influences, and had in Ray Brandes a great vocalist. Bill Calhoun played the keys, Eric Bacher was the guitarist, Dave Klowden the powerhouse drummer, and Mike Stax (publisher of the great Ugly Things fanzine) the "bass that ate San Diego." These guys had it all: the "look," the sound, and the carefree attitude. CD $15 SKU:2143

TEMPONAUTS- A Million Year Picnic (Byrds style psych pop) - Label:MISTY LANE ”. A ltd edition/500 CDs A must if you love the electric jingle-jangle sound of the Byrds,melodic powerpop , neo-psychedelia and the paisley underground (Ok some of you might add echoes from the 90’s brit-pop as well...) CD $14 SKU:7072

TEN HIGH - Party Store (great Detroit garage!) -Label:TOTAL ENERGY The first full length featuring WENDY CASE (The PAYBACKS) in the tradition of MC5, Stooges-Guest appearance 'by ? & Mysterians Bobby Balderama. Great Detroit garage in the Rationals / Pleasure Seekers tradition. CD $5 SKU:2239

TERRY & THE PIRATES- Comanche Boots (70s )-Label:ACADIA Twenty nine years after the release of the original Too Close For Comfort comes the third issue of this priceless and timeless music from San Francisco's own Terry & The Pirates.” Another view: “Probably only remembered today as one of the many bands graced by the guitarwork of John Cipollina following his departure from Quicksilver Messenger Service, and as a footnote in the career of Nicky Hopkins, Terry and the Pirates deserve much greater recognition. Although Cipollina’s feral guitar is undoubtedly essential to their charms, the work of Terry Dolan himself should not be underestimated. His voice is an acquired taste, a strange mixture of David Crosby and Captain Beefheart, but as such, it’s impressively distinctive. Meanwhile, his songwriting mines that same rich vein of American folk which yielded ‘Pride Of Man’ (so memorably covered by Quicksilver). The best songs on this collection of various live and studio recordings are certainly Dolan’s own. Whilst a version of Jackie Wilson’s ‘Higher & Higher’ might be entertainingly audacious, covers of ‘Mystery Train’ and ‘Don’t Do It’ aren’t going to make anybody forget those by The Band, despite some impressive sparring between Cipollina and second guitarist Greg Douglass on the latter. In this context, tracks like ‘Inside and Out’ and ‘Inlaws and Outlaws’ distinguish themselves as fine examples of original Californian rock n’ roll. Even if none of this is especially ground-breaking or epoch-defining music, it’s played with spirit and any fans of West Coast music who might have easily overlooked it should be sure to rectify their mistake. CD $8 SKU:18999

THANATOPSIS- GOLDEN VOICE (Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece 1968) Label:ALONA'S DREAM Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece from Morton, Illinois' Thanatopsis. This album was recorded ca. 1968 at Golden Voice Recording by Jerry Milam and unheard until 2018. Thanatopsis treats us to everything from baroque pop to psychedelic teenbeat garage. This release contains the first and only official reissue of the songs from their sought-after Golden Voice 45 as well as 10 other cuts, ranging from Mothers Of Invention inspired wackiness to sincere late '60s teen pop. Thantaopsis pushed the limits of the freshly built four-track studio with new sounds and experimentation. CD $15 SKU:20116

THEE FOURGIVEN - It Aint Pretty Down Here (Nuggets inspired psych ) LAST COPIES Label:DIONYSUS This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer filesCalifornia's Thee Fourgiven were an important part of the NUGGETS-inspired third wave of American psychedelia. A little more than 20 years after their debut album was released, Dionysis Records re-released a deluxe CD version, with the whole album plus selected tracks from the band's next two albums and a video of the song "Anything." CD $8 SKU:7205

THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT - Collection (GREAT JAPANESE GARAGE ROCK ) LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE 17 track collection of rare material only released in the land of the rising sun. A unique and ultra hard yet melodic approach to rock n’ roll. CD $10 SKU:2212

THEE PSYCHO DELMATICS - Tough Guys Can DAnce (PRIMAL GARAGE)Label:OFF THE HIP Primitive, primal rock n roll, and project an image that is heavily in vein to the can say it has a 50s-meets-garage sound. CD $5 SKU:18912

THIN LIZZY - Shades of a Blue Orphanage- Label:DECCA With booklet . UNSEALED BUT MINT Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $5 SKU:20644

THOMAS EDISUNS ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB BAND - ST (1967 garage, psych, & British Invasion sounds) Label:GEAR FAB A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds. CD $10 SKU:18637

THOMAS FUNCTION - Celebration (amazing R&B, psych pop release on ALIVE you may have missed! SAALE -Label:ALIVE Mellifluously mixing genres like country, R&B, psychedelia and blues underneath a sheen of jangly pop, Thomas Function has crafted a stunning collection of epic, memorable pop that builds up to a stunning release." - Flagpole CD $5 SKU:7684

THOMAS, IRMA - In Between Tears digipack PROMO -Label:ALIVE Great bargain- same as sale cds but not shrink wrapped. CD $5 SKU:16227

THRAKA - CDR (Cambodian Rocks artists sixteen tracks, blistering lead guitar) LAST COPIESLabel:KHMER ROCKS Several volumes—all CDR’s, as that is the way most music is sold amongst the Cambodian communities worldwide. These discs contain music from artists featured on the “Cambodian Rocks” series of compilations... although in this case, all the text is in Khmer, so good luck finding out what the tracks are called, or who is singing them. The music on these CDR’s demonstrates a much wider variety of styles than you hear on the “Cambodian Rocks” volumes, ranging far beyond the rock idiom into the land of what one might call an Ethiopiques sound, with Latin music, orchestra, and rough folkloric recordings all on display. A treat for the true cultural crate digger... you can’t get more down and dirty—or cheaper—than this. Very limited quantities. CD $8 SKU:20505

THREE SEASONS-THINGS CHANGE(vintage '70s sounding acid blues rock) Label: TRANSUBSTANS THREE SEASONS is one of today's leading vintage '70s sounding acid blues rock units. On their fourth album these Swedes will teleport your right back to the early '70s when heavy blues rock bands were dominating the world. But it's not just blues oriented hard rock what we have here, there are elements of many other styles. The result is an absolutely fabulous album with amazing production, that takes the band to the next -incredibly high- level. CD $14 SKU:19712

THUNDERS, Johnny--Diary of a Gypsy Lover 23 TRAX ALTERNATE STUDIO CUTS,LIVE,RADIO)?Label:SONIC Punk rock guitar hero, earning a cult following for his noisy but epic style a few years before the insouciant new music gained its name. Following in the footsteps of his idol and role model Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders (born John Anthony Genzale, Jr.) lived the ultimate rock & roll life, spending most of his days churning out tough, sloppy three-chord rock & roll and gaining nearly as strong a reputation for his decades-long struggle with addiction as for his music. Thunders made his greatest impact as a member of the New York Dolls, the proto-punk glam rockers of the early '70s. During the late '70s, he was a familiar figure on the New York punk scene, both with his band the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. Thunders performed and recorded steadily until his death in 1991, turning out a series of records that inadvertently documented the struggles of his life and his art. CD $10 SKU:20428

THUNDERS, Johnny-Internal Posession AT Last (Live Recordings)Label:SONIC IN COLD BLOOD LIVE SHOW+STUDIO ACOUSTIC CD $10 SKU:20429

TOLMAN, RUSS -Down in Earthquake Town (Former True West-LA Paisley Underground)Label:SKYCLAD After fleeing the confines of the Northern California guitar band, True West upon its demise in 1985, Russ Tolman took up the troubadour's life, embarking on a career as a singer-songwriter, often performing with a band. Loosely aligned with LA's Paisley Underground scene, Tolman continued to surround himself with some of the musicians who were key during that period, in particular Steve Wynn, formerly of the Dream Syndicate who has remained his friend and occasional collaborator. CD $10 SKU:20430

TOMORROW- ST ( UK 60s flower-psych w.12 bonus cuts & a great booklet.)Label:EMI Classic UK flower-psych album from 1968. CD $10 SKU:533

-Label:THINKPINK50TH.COM 16 live tracks of Tomorrow in their prime! Presented in chronological order, this is the first time the complete live output of this legendary UK psych group has been available! The album features Tomorrow's set at the legendary 1967 London psychedelic all-nighter 'Christmas On Earth' where they played alongside Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and more! This set is bookended by Tomorrow's 1967 BBC appearance on the first episode of John Peel's 'Top Gear', and their hard-to-find 1968 appearance on the same show. CD $15 SKU:19618

TOMS - Applestation (60s style Beatlesque powerpop nuggets)Label:FRODIS This newly recorded album containing 14 new tracks of Beatlesque powerpop nuggets is a limited pressing for fans of Temples, Tame Impala and 60s psych-pop. Grammy songwriter-producer Tommy Marolda continues to release The TOMS every few years while supplying his production and songwriting services to major acts like Imagine Dragons, Orianthi (Michael Jackson), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) and many others. CD $10 SKU:19508

TONE FLOAT - Musik Von Tone Float (Texas psych/Krautrock inspired)-Label:TIMOTHYS BRAIN A sonic portfolio of the Texas psych/Krautrock inspired scene it represents, but also an homage to the heavily lysergic first Kraftwerk album under the name Organisation; as the rave review in Alternative Press rightly pointed out, "words cannot do justice to the utterly outlandish studio experiments Tone Float achieve here." And quite rightly, AP are quick to praise the "sonic sorcery" that pervades these cosmic corridor wanderings, this "sublimely demented carnival music." CD $6 SKU:19940

TONES, LOS -What Happened (garage ) -Label:OFF THE HIP Sydney 4 piece Los Tones have honed their bent garage rock brouhaha over the last four years, with their debut long player Psychotropic demonstrating the band's ability to take the saccharine sounds of old and shake it up with a modernistic twist.. CD $8 SKU:18595

TRAFFIC SOUND - Virgin ( 70s S American psych ) digipack - Label:MUNSTER The second LP by Traffic Sound, released in 1969, is one of the masterpieces of Latin rock. On their first album with self-written songs, the band from Lima combined psychedelia, hard rock, a hint of progressive rock and a Latin tinge to create a personal, mighty sound full of details. The best example is Meshkalina, a track with references to Incan culture which became an anthem of the period and was heard all over Peru. The LP was a great success and even saw a US release. CD $12 SKU:20131

TRAINWRECK RIDERS - Lonely Road Revival Overlooked ALIVE favorite, Amazing Beachwood Sparks style folk and dirty punk blues -Label:ALIVE Fans of The Band Or Buffalo Springfield should check this album out. – Terrascope. “There's a spirit of music made for sheer joy in Lonely Road Revival that could've come straight out of The Bristol Sessions.” – Rhino. CD $5 SKU:4909

TRAINWRECK RIDERS - The Perch (Overlooked ALIVE favorite, Amazing Beachwood Sparks style folk and dirty punk blues- Label:ALIVE GREAT RECORD, office favorite. Do yourself a favor and check it out! CD $5 SKU:16235



TEMPONAUTS - THE CANTICLE OF THE TEMPONAUTS (power pop/psych)-Label:OTHER EYES The second album by Italy's top power pop/psych band The Temponauts. The songs feature lots of jangly 12-string guittars, washed through a haze of psychedelic sounds. CD $14 SKU:19178

TETRAGON- Nature ( TRIPPY 70s Krautrock ) -Label:LION An ecology-inspired Krautrock album (1971) from a short-lived group comprised of German school-chums, some of whom had recorded an LP as Trikolon. Tetragon did not conform to any predetermined musical style: they played whatever they pleased, as long as it included groovy Hammond organ and very trippy, flanged wah-wah guitar, in various taut jamming modes that favored jazz/rock fusion à la Miles Davis with a small dose of classical music (adapting a Bach fugue along the way). The result is a bouquet of lush instrumentals, with elements of Egg or the Nice, and quite a bit of T2 to boot. The album was recorded in a converted barn, using a Revox A77 two-track tape recorder and seven microphones placed judiciously to best capture the sound of each instrument. Re-recording wasn1t possible, as the record was mixed live. Yet these challenging conditions inspired the band to great heights: Hendrik Schaper played organ and clavinet simultaneously, with one hand on each keyboard; meanwhile, Jürgen Jaehner unleashed rampaging electric guitar solos, then, in an instant, switched to acoustic guitar for the next musical passage; Schaper didn't own a piano, so he used a pre-amp with a wah-wah pedal to imitate that instruments sound. A virtuoso effort, from start to finish! Tetragon didn't bother contacting any record labels; they didn't their music would interest anyone. A mere 400 copies of the album were released on a private label, named Soma after the drug-induced effect described in Alduous Huxleys Brave New World. Our edition includes all of the original pro-environment, anti-industrial pollution gatefold album art, a detailed band history, band photos, and a nearly fifteen-minute bonus track, recorded live in Georgsmarienhütte in 1972. CD $10 SKU:10608

THIRD ESTATE, THE-Years Before The Wine & AGONISTES - DBL Label:LION Third Estate’s “Years Before the Wine” is an ambitious and intricate psychedelic concept album from 1976 about the French Revolution (!) which blends warm Southern summer sounds (the band were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana) with baroque song structures. Never fear, the serious subject matter is no match for the strong songwriting and light, flowing music. Stunning vocals from Fae Ficklin on the title track are lovely, but even without them this album would richly deserve its status as a psychedelic classic. Stark, intimate production, with tasty fuzz guitar, backwards tape-loop soundscapes and beautiful treated acoustic guitar, puts one in mind of the Ithaca/Agincourt/Friends trilogy from England. The sound of exploration is evident everywhere, as the band spreads its wings, and glorious harmonies flow forth. The previously unreleased album recorded as Agonistes (1973) shows that the later recordings were no fluke—it can stand alone as one of the most beguiling folk/psych albums we’ve ever heard. Additional bonus tracks include singles and home demos. Budget-priced double disc package includes a 28-page color booklet, with histories of both groups by band co-leader Robert Everett, as well as lyrics for all the songs included herein. CD $10 SKU:19996

THIRD EYE- Complete (1969 psych prog) DOUBLE CD Label:FRESH ‘Long acknowledged by psych-prog fans worldwide as one of the most important South African groups of that genre, Durban’s The Third Eye recorded three landmark albums between 1969 and 1970. Gathered together for the first time on a double disc set are the three albums plus six newly discovered, unreleased studio tracks and rare singles. Packed with photos from the band’s archive and insightful, updated liner notes this release is the complete Third Eye collection.” The Third Eye started playing in 1968, based in Durban -- a coastal city several hundred miles away from the recording and musical hub of Johannesburg. Awakening... came out in 1969 when Dawn Selby was only 14 years old. Just imagine her age when you listen to the blistering organ and piano tracks. Followed by two more albums Searching (1969) and Brother (1970), The Third Eye produced a veritable volcano of work in a short period of time, even challenging fellow peers Freedoms Children for the title of heaviest band in South Africa. Their debut, “Awakening...” is the most complex of all three of their albums, with great brass arrangements, piano, Hammond organ, fuzz-guitar and soul-infused vocals. Musically headed in the direction of bands such as Electric Flag, The Nice, and Al Cooper; pure electric underground of the best sort. On the second album, “Searching,” the music is heavier, the lyrics full of political statements—altogether more psychedelic, and a bigger step down into the musical underground. The 14-minute track ‘Awakening’ is amazing, with great organ and extra heavy fuzz-guitar. The music on “Brother” (1970) is closer to that of their debut (without the brass arrangements), with more organ-based compositions, beautiful vocals, and guitars. Comparable to bands from the U.S. and UK undergrounds, such as Electric Flag and Keef Hartley Band. As we’ve already indicated, this set has all three albums in their entirety, plus six bonus tracks that have never been released before now CD $16 SKU:20407

THTX -THE FLICKERING SKY(heavy psych weirdness) Label:SULATRON THTX return with a heavier and even more hypnotic album then their previous albums. It's a vast tapestry of psychedelic weirdness, abundant with flangers, bongos, echo units, and extreme WAH WAH action. It won't be too difficult to discren THTX's musical influences on this one. There are traces of CAN, TERRY RILEY, FDEEP PURPLE, SOFT MACHINE, BLUE CHEER, SUN RA, AMON DUUL, etc.. THTX genrally stick to instrumentals, but this time there is a VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR cover with vocals. CD $8 SKU:20384

TIN HOUSE- ST (70s powerhouse rock) w liners, rare photos, insert plus pic slv EP -Label:LION In the twinkling universe of virtuoso electric guitarists that followed in the wake of the genre’s progenitor Jimi Hendrix, perhaps one of the most deserving of renewed recognition is Floyd Radford of the band Tin House, a little known three piece that signed briefly to CBS records in 1970 and released one highly prized album a year later. The overdriven, fluid guitar work—heavy on the wah-wah pedal—is brought to the fore by a beefy full production." —Richard Allen, Shindig! Magazine CD $10 SKU:17823

TNT -Mod Psych Power Pop From Central PA-Label:ARF ARF Back in the early '70's TNT were covering The Choir, Left Banke, Creation, Moving Sidewalks and Chocolate Watch Band along with writing their own mod infected songs. On this CD there are 23 unreleased gems taken directly from original mastertapes, proving that Big Star, Raspberries and The Droogs weren't all alone in their original quest for glory. Super 28-page archival booklet. Features a very young Erik Lingren, many years before joining Mission of Burma’s Roger Miller and Martin Swope in Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. CD $6 SKU:19194

TOMBSTONE VALENTINE - Hidden World (60's/90's West Coast sound) -Label:AETHER Quintet with a 60's/90's West Coast sound. Hidden World was mostly recorded at home on a Tascam 238 8-track and features 4 compositions: the title track and the magnificent "Green Sky Night" are 2 pearls of modern West Coast psych rock with Grace Slick-like female lead vocals, wah wah guitar, Country Joe & The Fish type organ patterns and strange synth noises, while the other 2 numbers are purely instrumental and vaguely sound like one of the space jams of the Grateful Dead with Cork Marcheschi of 50 Foot Hose guesting on weird electronic noises. Especially the side-filling "Elastic Reality" is an impressive, long example of avant-garde psychedelics for the next millenium. Outstanding lp, long time since I heard a release that balances so neatly between tradition and experiment, and creates something new under the sun. (Crohingawell, BelgiumCD $8 SKU:20351

TONGUE - Keep on Truckin (forgotten classic of late '60s American psych)Label:GEAR FAB Tongue were a blues-based, organ-fueled, country and rural folk-influenced hard rock band that emerged from the copious student population of countercultural Wisconsin. Though Tongue remains a criminally underrated outfit, and never made it big on a national level, their touring reached legendary status, particularly in the mid-west. They were on the road for 10 years and played 250 gigs a year without flying to a single one of them. CD $10 SKU:19455

TRAFFIC -WHERE THE POPPIES GROW (1967 Radio Sessions)-Label:VOGON Historic radio sessions from 1967. Tracks 1-9: BBC radio sessions. CD $12 SKU:19547

TROYES - Rainbo Chaser (67 psych)- Label:CICADELIC RECORDS The Troyes exploded onto the music scene with 'Rainbow Chaser' a regional smash hit that climbed to number 3 on the top 40 in September of 1966. Sensing a new phenomenon, famed bandleader Ray Anthony (who already had smash hits with 'Dragnet' and 'Peter Gunn') signed the group to his new rock label Space Records. His faith in the band was so big that nearly two albums worth of material were recorded at United Sound (Detroit) in 1966 and 1967. Unfortunately, only two singles were issued and the rest of the material was never released. Now for the first time ever, all twenty-four of The Troyes' recordings are compiled on one album. The recordings range from far-out psychedelic to unhinged fuzz and farfisa garage to moody haunting sounds. Included with this album is a detailed booklet of rare photos, radio surveys, newspaper articles, and Troyes memorabilia CD $10 SKU:19761

TRIPTIDES- Afterglow (60s & '70s West Coast pop /psych inspired)Label:REQUIEM POUR UN TWISTER Triptides' 'Afterglow' is inspired by the spirit of '60s and '70s West Coast pop and psychedelia, as well as legendary albums ranging from 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' to 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers'. CD $12 SKU:19769