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ARTWOODS- ART GALLERY (1965 ultra cult mod/r'n'b)-Label:TOP SOUNDS Amazing! Here's a release of splendid, recently unearthed (and thus previously unissued) BBC radio sessions of London's ultra cult mod/r'n'b-band The Artwoods! Taped in 1965 and '66, the recordings feature the classic line-up of Art Wood (Ron's elder brother), Derek Griffiths, Malcolm Pool, Keef Hartley and future Deep Purple-organist Jon Lord. The CD includes a 24-page booklet, telling the entire story and featuring contributions from lead guitarist Derek Griffiths CD $15 SKU:9897

ASTRAL SON - Mind’s Eye (Cosmic Dutch neo-psych ) Label:SULATRON The third album by Dutch neo-psych solo-artist Astral Son once again is full of cosmic soundscapes, progressing into psychedelic tracks with plenty of far-out elements. 'Minds Eye' basically sounds like a logical continuation of Astral Son's previous album 'Silver Moon' and is arguably (even) better! If you enjoyed this space cadet's first two excursions, you'll definitely love 'Mind's Eye CD $16 SKU:21564

CIRCUS (SWITZERLAND) -MOVIN' ON (RARE acid drenched 1977)Label:BIG PINK Reissued on CD, this is a killer prog album from Switzerland, originally released in 1977. This title is recommended to fans of f.i. Jethro Tull, King Crimson and VDGG. CD $22 SKU:21531

COBRA FAMILY PICNIC -MAGNETIC ANOMALY (Tucson, blissed-out psych) Label:SULATRON Spanning 40 odd minutes, Tucson, Arizona's Cobra Family Picnic creates a fuzzy, blissed-out haze that touches on an entire encyclopedia of underground psychedelia. There are traces of the trance indulging Suicide, the post-Velvets go-go freakout of Les Rallizes Denudes, the smoky snake-song of early Doors, the pulsating locked grooves of Neu, and much, much moreCD $15 SKU:21566

DAY,GRAHAM & THE FOREFATHERS-GOOD THINGS (Medway garage-rock)Label:DAMAGED GOODS Reissue of the 2014 'almost live' collection of greatest hits and misses from more than thirty years of the Graham Day songbook - with three extra tracks. Out of print since 2015. The crucial ingredients of The Prisoners, Prime Movers, Solarflares and The Gaolers extracted and squeezed into one stripped down power trio... Graham Day, Allan Crockford and Wolf Howard have been intermittently blasting out their muscular version of Medway garage-rock in various combinations and guises over a period of more than 30 years, releasing dozens of albums between them. Graham and Allan were in The Prisoners (82-86), before forming The Prime Movers with Wolf in 1988, releasing 3 albums before they split in 1993. The trio were re-united in 1999 as the Solarflares, releasing another 5 albums until once again calling it a day in 2004. They also found time to play in various pairings over that period in the original line-up of The James Taylor Quartet and Goodchilde (Allan and Wolf), and Billy Childish's Buff Medways (Graham and Wolf). These days Graham and Wolf also play cinematic instrumentals in The Senior Service, and Allan leads psych-popsters The Galileo 7 (both bands also on Damaged Goods). The three re-united as a live band in 2013. The Forefathers formed around the idea that the time was right for rifling through the Graham Day Songbook and delivering a 'best of...' set: stripped down live versions of the best of The Prisoners, The Prime Movers, The Solarflares and Graham's most recent band, The Gaolers. CD $14 SKU:21496

GARE -Common Ground (Good pop Beatles, Kinks, Faces style),Label:BIP BIP LAST COPIES. Gare's sound has an obvious British influence, both classical (Beatles, Kinks, Faces), and contemporary (Stereophonics, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Reef, Gomez). The songs on COMMON GROUND are pure pop, good melodies and excellent vocal harmonies CD $5 SKU:21547

GUNSMOKE - VOL 3 &4 ( oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly tunes and popcorn noir from the 50s and 60s)Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The tracks from the second two vinyl 10-inches on one compact disc. This is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly tunes and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early '60s. So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the sounds from a jukebox in a ghost town... COMP CD $17 SKU:21451

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY -LIVE IN THE STUDIO SAN FRANCISCO '71-Label:ROX VOX Originally broadcast on KSAN-FM, this superb studio set -here presented on CD with remastered sound- from the Pacific High Recording Studios, offers a selection of classics from the band's first two albums (including the signature piece 'White Bird'). Background notes and images are included. Led by David La Flamme's virtuoso violin playing, It's A Beautiful Day was an important band in San Francisco's late '60s and early '70s hippie/folk-rock scene. CD $12 SKU:21327

IVORY ELEPHANT - Stoneface(heavy blues Hendrix style) Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT Scraping out of the grit of Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia), The Ivory Elephant are a three-piece playing heavy blues. Joining the blues/rock renaissance of bands such as The Black Keys and The White Stripes, and with a sound often likened to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, The Ivory Elephant bring their own thing to the style. On this album the band really gets deep in to psych. The blues is still in there, but it's hidden behind a lot of fuzz and reverb CD $15 SKU:21558

KINGS OF HONG KONG-PRIMITIVE(Driving,rockabilly garage punk) ORANGE Label:TRASH WAX Driving, rockabilly influenced garage punk. "Like being hit by a steamroller at 100mph." ~Moffo Magazine. Probably one of the best 'trash' bands out there today and like all the classic trash bands (Vibes, Sting Rays et al) of the early/mid '80s they've a double bass player showing their rockin' influences without being a 'billy' band. This LP just hits you right between the eyes, the perfect mix of garage punk and psycho influenced rockabilly with a touch of punk to keep it dirty enough. Limited to 150 copies on orange vinyl LP $22 SKU:21523

LONDON UNDERGROUND-FOUR (acid-rock early Floyd style) Label:MUSEA As its name suggests, this contemporary band from Italy is heavily influenced by London's late '60s psychedelic underground scene, which existed in venues s.a. the UFO Club and Middle Earth. This instrumental album, obviously the band's fourth full-length, is full of Hammond organ, Mellotron and Moog sounds. 'Four' is recommended to anyone into acid-rock, psychedelia and progressive rock, especially fans of Atomic Rooster, early Pink Floyd and Gong CD $17 SKU:21559

MIXED UP MINDS - PART 10 Obscure Rock & Pop from the British Isles 1969-1974-Label:PARTICLES Mixed Up Minds investigates the overlooked underbelly of British rock and pop from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Volume Ten of the intrepid series captures a further glimpse of the rumblings from British suburbia with 20 melodic musings from a variety of unsung wonders whose place in the British pop phenomena is now safely secure. Includes 12-page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. COMP CD $14 SKU:21284

SENDELICA -CROMLECH CHRONICLES IV (The Door into Summer (Welsh psych rockers!)Label:FRG Sendelica's annual pilgrimage to Mwnci Studio in 2018 resulted in a full on musical head collision of West Wales with the West coast of USA. Not so much down the rabbit hole but more of a trip through the door into summer of USA West Coast circa 66-70. A door of perception into the jamming delights of Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly and The Byrds at the heights of their improvisational prowess. Although these bands were quite adept at writing 'hit pop songs', it is their live alchemy that is drawn into the ever evolving brewing pot of Sendelica, disjunctive song structures, key and time changes, modal melodies, and drones that entwine and evolve into a magical musical journey. Tune in, turn on, turn down the lights, indulge in whatever tickles your fancy and let the odyssey of 'Cromlech IV' engulf your senses. Limited to 200 copies in gatefold sleev CD $18 SKU:21544

SHOCKWAVES-NO WAY IN,NO WAY OUT (1987 garage trash) Label:TRASH WAX Originally recorded in 1987 for Mike Spenser (of Cannibals notoriety) by Dave Goodman (Sex Pistols producer) but never released! So Trash Wax released it after all these years. Why? Because it's brilliant garage trash, reminiscent of The Vibes and early Purple Things. And these guys were truly under-rated, eventually going onto greater and better things in bands such as The Shamen, Alabama 3, The Diaboliks, The Dustophonics and Orbital! Limited to 250 copies CD $14 SKU:21526

WALKER, SCOTT - 4 DISC BOX SET!-LIVE ON AIR 1968-1969-Label:LONDON CALLING Presented as a 4-DISC SET (with remastered sound) is the live audio of Scott Walker's performances on his own television show, broadcast by the BBC in 1968 and 1969. Also included are special guest appearances from Blossom Dearie, Kiki Dee, Dudley Moore, Billy Preston and many others. The 16-page booklet features background liners and many rare archival photographs.
At the height of Scott Walker's fame, the BBC invited him to host his own TV program, with two 1968 specials being followed by a series in the spring of 1969. The footage has been wiped but the audio survives, finding him singing a variety of songs with orchestral backing, together with guest appearances from Blossom Dearie, Kiki Dee, Dudley Moore, Billy Preston, and others. It has been mastered here to the best possible standard, and is presented together with background notes and images. Any live performances by Walker are rare, making these of especial historical value. Also features O.C. Smith, Salena Jones, Jackie Trent, Tony Hatch, John Williams, Gene Pitney, Noel Harrison, Maynard Ferguson, Jon Hendricks, and Ivry Gitlis. Professionally re-mastered; four-CD set in a clamshell box; includes 16-page booklet with background notes and rare images. CD $35 SKU:21390

WEIRD OMEN -SURREALISTIC FEAST(hypnotic garage-psych Kinks/Cramps style ) Label:DIRTY WATER An hypnotic garage-psych affair, 'Surrealistic Feast' is the 2019 full-length by the unusual French duo that roughly sounds like a blend of The Kinks and The Cramps. Balancing between a gloomy psychedelic atmosphere and fast-paced punk energy, Weird Omen manages to make something new with the old. CD $17 SKU:21498


ALAIN PIRE EXPERIENCE-APEX (THEE neo-psych band from Belgium!) Label:CARDINAL FUZZ This is the most ambitious album so far by the Alain Pire Experience, THEE neo-psychedelic band from Belgium. Their third opus is simply called 'Apex', which means a point in Hercules' Constellation towards which our solar system is heading. Never forgetting their sense for melody, the band is also keen to create psychedelic atmospheres, using sitar, tablas, mellotron and backward loops. 'Apex' features a fantastic cover of George Harrison's 'Only A Northern Song' and welcomes, former Magma keyboard player, Jean-Luc Manderlier for an epic trippy improvisation on the Floydish 'Lost On A Cloud'. CD $18 SKU:21468

ATTACK -FINAL DAZE(67-68 Brit mod psych)-Label:DOL Dating back to the period 1967-1968, here's a superb collection of recording by the British mod-psychedelic band. The LP features 15 tracks from guitarist John Du Cann's personal collection of acetates and is pressed on 180-GRAM VINYL LP $22 SKU:21330

BACHDENKEL-LEMMINGS(1970 Brit pop rarity)-Label:ETHELION Reissue of a prog rarity by an English band, recorded in France in 1970, released in 1973. Very interesting for genre freaks! LP $24 SKU:21454

BOGEYMEN -INTRODUCING(Small Faces style French garage)Label:ALTERCAT Here's the first ever vinyl-reissue of a cult album from 1994, previously only available on CD. The Bogeymen were among the most important bands of the French garage-revival, and this LP is on par with the best that likeminded outfits à la Cynics, Chesterfield Kings, or Fuzztones had to offer. The LP comes with an insert and free download code. LP $24 SKU:21500

CRAMPS-TRASH IS NEAT #5 THE BAND THAT TIME FORGOT-Label:KRAKATOA Ultra limited repress of one of the rarest (unofficial) Cramps albums with 3 additional tracks including a second, little known version of 'The Band That Time Forgot' and revised artworks. This originally came out about 8-9 years ago on a pressing of 250 copies and features some of the rarest tracks that the Cramps performed. Original copies of this (when they appear) usually sell in the 75-100 euro range. LP $26 SKU:21083

CRYPT TRIP - HAZE COUNTY (Rural hard rock psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Mixing elements of hard rock, psychedelic, and rural music, each track is unique and has something different to say. Loud Fender amps and a pounding rhythm section immerse you in an enticing groove on some tracks, while dreamy guitars take you away in others. Staying true to a Texas tradition, the album features a special guest, Geoff Queen, on pedal steel, adding an entirely different color to the tonal palette. For fans of The James Gang, Epitaph, The Byrds, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Humble Pie, Allman Brothers Band, Bubble Puppy, Homer, Jericho Jones, Flying Burrito Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead. CD $15 SKU:21367

DIGGIN' IN THE GOLDMINE - DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS (60s) 8 CD BOX SET with 201 tracks PLUS BOOK! !Label:PSEUDONYM DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS' - In the 1960s, the Netherlands had one of the most vibrant and creatively fertile music scenes on the planet. A beat music explosion triggered a full-blown youth revolution, transforming the country forever. A uniquely Dutch strain of rock and pop music -Nederbiet- was its soundtrack. Hundreds of Dutch beat, pop, blues, and psychedelic records were released between 1965 and 1969, and the overall quality was extremely high. This the most comprehensive collection of Nederbiet music ever assembled, showcasing many of the greatest and rarest Dutch singles: 8 CDS with 201 tracks by 100 bands - more than nine hours of top quality sounds from 1965-1970, many of them appearing in the digital realm for the first time. All are sourced from the original masters, in their original mono mixes, except in the rare instances that the original releases were in stereo. This lavishly-packaged anthology includes a 204-page hardcover book with track-by-track liner notes by Mike Stax, an overview of the most important Dutch recording studios by Peter Voskuil, and an essay about the history of Muziek Expres magazine by editor-in-chief Ruud van Dulkenraad. The book also features more than 800 full-color and black and white images, including all the relevant picture sleeves, rare and previously unseen band photos, five years of Muziek Expres magazine covers, unique gig and festival posters and lots more. COMP CD $105 SKU:21271

FADING YELLOW - VOL.14 Spanish Popsike and Other Delights -67-73-Label:FLOWER MACHINE HAND NUMBERED EDITION OF 500! A unique trip into the Spanish late 60s/early 70s "pop-sike and other delights" music scene. All the trax on a compilation for the first time. 14 high class Fading Yellow tracks with 3 bonustracks on the CD COMP CD $16 SKU:14583

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 11(60s Pop / Psych) Label:FLOWER MACHINE A Palette of US/Canadian 60's Pop-sike & other delights COMP CD $16 SKU:18694

FADING YELLOW - Vol 16 Sad About the Times - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Released five years after the previous 'Fading Yellow' CD, Volume 16 offers more delightful '60s psych obscurities, this time around featuring bands/artists from the UK, USA and, in one case, Australia. COMP CD $16 SKU:20047

FADING YELLOW - VOL.10 The Better Side- Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $16 SKU:18693

GRAVEL - Vol. 1( U.S. 60s Garage at its best! )-Label:Kumquat May mazing and meticulously remastered US 60s garage rock. Another incredible 30 track collection of rare and outstanding 45´s. 75% of the titles are either uncomped or on CD for the first time! All other titles are in better quality than you‚ve heard them before. A definitive 60s garage collector must-have. Complete playing time nearly 80 minutes! 500 copies only COMP CD $12 SKU:16939

JUSTAFIXATION (3CD)-Flower Powered Trippers From The British Psychedelic Subculture- TRIPLE Label:PARTICLES Comprising the CD's 'Justafixation', 'Justavibration' and 'Justafication', all previously released in the early 1990s, this TRIPLE-CD collection presents a treasure trove of gems from (mostly) England's psychedelic era. Featured bands/artists include Billy Nicholls, Gary Walker & The Rain, Consortium, Koobas, Lord Sutch, The Nashville Teens, The Moving Finger (pre-Second Hand!), Murray Head, Blonde On Blonde, The Act, The Gass Company, The Rokes, Barry Mason, The Shakespeares, The Music Bachs, Sun Dragon, Beloved Ones, Mindbenders, Kippington Lodge, Cupid's Inspiration, German group Wonderland, and many others. COMP CD $25 SKU:21392

LET THE GOOD TIMES IN-VA(SUNSHINE, SOFT & SULNSHINE FLOWER POP 1966-1972-)Label:TEENSVILLE Here is the fourth volume in Teensville's look at obscure flowery-pop delights of the late '60s and very early '70s. Expect elaborate arrangements, lilting melodies, alluring harmonies and, most of all, the ultimate feeling of warmth through music. Featured bands/artists include Ken Stella, Spring Fever, Alan O'Day, The Jackals, Tommy T's Federal Reserve, Jonathan Cloud, Eternal Flame, Jesse Lopez, Vic Dana, Steve Leeds, Rogue Show, Jonah P. Jones, Bennett And Evans and many more. You get 33 tracks in total! COMP CD $17 SKU:21365

MIXED UP MINDS - PART 9 Obscure Rock & Pop British Isles 1969-1975-Label:PARTICLES Part Nine of Particles' intrepid exploration into the abyss of obscure British rock and pop follows a darker path. Fuzz guitars, flutes, tablas and wah-wah pedals are the primary weapons applied by a host of bands that signify the changing times and the aftermath of the psychedelic dream. Prepare to encounter the evocative underbelly of 1970s British rock. Includes a 16-page booklet with rare color photographs and comprehensive liner notes. Artists include: Big Jump Band, Charlie, Atlantis, Neil Harrison, Tangerine Peel, Gringo, Offspring, Quartet, Tapestry, Chris Garrett, Charlie, Dave Rossiter And Friends, Trane, Star, Victoria And Annette Brox, Piccadilly Circus, Pluto, and The Monks. COMP CD $14 SKU:16250

MUSHROOMS -TASTE OF(1970 UK psych-prog)-Label:LABYRINTH OF THOUGHTS Presented on 180-GRAM VINYL, this excellent UK psych-prog album was recorded back in 1970, but remained unissued at the time due to legal difficulties. LP $30 SKU:21333

ORWELL, PAUL -SMUT(UK's premier freakbeat/rawk'n roll revivalist!)Label:HEAVY SOUL Orwell, who's not a stranger to the freakbeat stylings of yesteryear, is able to make music that's simultaneously rooted in both the past and the present. The second full album by Paul Orwell has arrived and you are in for a mahhussive treat! The second pressing also comes on coloured vinyl (normal weight), but is housed in a single sleeve. You know with Paul you are going to get sincere, full-on, totally committed rock and roll and that is certainly the case here. Featuring the two singles 'I'll Be Your Murderer' and 'Speak Of The Devil'. Get on board the Orwell express.... LP $24 SKU:21502

SCHIBBINZ - Livin Free (rare 1967 Argentine garage ) - Label:GUERSSEN Previously released on vinyl, now available in a CD version. In 1967, a bunch of U.S. and Argentinean kids recorded a magical album which has remained unknown for many years due to its extreme rarity, with less than a handful of copies known to exist. Released in 1968 in Argentina by Phonexa, the Schibbinz album could be regarded as the ultimate teen garage folk-rock album, ever. An album of fragile beauty, full of teen charm, innocent vocals, jangly guitars, charming, lo-fi sound and a lost-in-time atmosphere. Guerssen Records is proud to present this mega-rare album to the world, with the production fully benefitting from the band's involvement and assistance. The original master tapes were lost, but the sound has been carefully-remastered from an original near-mint copy. Extensive, detailed liner-notes and lots of cool pictures from the band's archives are all included in a 4-page insert. Also includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks not available on the vinyl version. CD $10 SKU:10995

SENDELICA -CROMLECH CHRONICLES II(Welsh psych rockers!)Label:FRG With the ethos of '70s musical communes like Japanese band Taj Mahal Travellers in mind, Sendelica added some unusual personnel to its usual core, f.i. Cheryl Beer and her eclectic mix of instruments s.a. Tibetan singing bowls, shaman drums, sansula, ting sha, mbira, wood blocks, Chinese gongs, shruti boxes and her sanskrit chanting. Also along for the musical ride were Kate Riaz on cello, Jack Jackson on percussion and Colin Consterdine on electronics. Using loops of field recordings, the communal band set about improvising musical soundscapes. 'Cromlech Chronicles II' is the finished product of those sessions. CD $19 SKU:21499

SEX BLENDER -HORMONIZER (Ukrainian stoner psych) NEON PINK Label:DRONE ROCK Repress on neon pink vinyl. The four tracks on this debut album by Ukrainian psych band Sex Blender tick so many boxes blending elements of motorik, spacerock, stoner rock and krautrock to create a fantastic modern psych classic. "Another tour de force from Drone Rock Records, who continue their circumnavigation of the psych world with this epic album from Ukraine's Sex Blender. Four monoliths of guitar-fronted power, each having its own character and drawing from a heady palette of influences that come together to create an experience that is, beyond anything else, seismic." ~Psych Insight Music. LP $24 SKU:21461

THANATOPSIS- GOLDEN VOICE (Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece 1968) Label:ALONA'S DREAM Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece from Morton, Illinois' Thanatopsis. This album was recorded ca. 1968 at Golden Voice Recording by Jerry Milam and unheard until 2018. Thanatopsis treats us to everything from baroque pop to psychedelic teenbeat garage. This release contains the first and only official reissue of the songs from their sought-after Golden Voice 45 as well as 10 other cuts, ranging from Mothers Of Invention inspired wackiness to sincere late '60s teen pop. Thantaopsis pushed the limits of the freshly built four-track studio with new sounds and experimentation. CD $15 SKU:20116