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CRYSTAL JACQUELINE & THE HONEY POT- -TALK TO THE WIND -RED DBL Label: FRUITS DE MER Great versions of classic songs such as 'Mr Fantasy', 'Sympathy' and 'I Talk To The Wind', counterbalanced by a track from Tonton Macoute's overlooked LP on RCA Neon - and then something off-the-wall to round things off in Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich's 1967 B-side to Zabadak, 'Sun Goes Down 45 RPM $15 SKU:21705

PAST TENSE-TIME STANDS STILL (+CD) PURPLE (authentic '60s mod /garage/psych)Label: FRUITS DE MER The Past Tense are the South East's finest purveyors of authentic '60s mod/garage/psych. This is their first full-blown release on the Fruits de Mer and they've persuaded them to go for nothing but '60s covers, upping the psychedelic quotient from the usual full-on mod/garage assault that they favour on stage - although they've recorded everything raw, trying to keep that authentic sound. And true to form, they've gone for it bigtime by recording a 7" EP, together with an almost free CD album of even more '60s covers. The enclosed CD ('ACROSS THE POND... AND BACK AGAIN') contains the four tracks from the 7" plus 10 more. 45 RPM $15 SKU:21703

SUNNY SPELLS - with CHAD AND JEREMY (Yellow)Label: FRUITS DE MER 'Sunny Spells' is a 7" EP taster for the upcoming extended CD set of 'The Three Seasons', with four tracks from this set, featuring recordings by Chad & Jeremy (yes, THE Chad & Jeremy), Schizo Fun Addict, Hanford Flyover and Us and Them. Four lovely re-tellings of classic songs from the sixties. Chad & Jeremy give us a stunning, unplugged version of their own 'Rest In Peace', originally from their wonderful '60s album 'Of Cabbages And Kings', perfectly executed, it really is as if the last 50 years never happened, never mind 40. Fruits de Mer's first-ever band, Schizo Fun Addict, show delicacy of touch that you might not have anticipated with a new take on the Mamas and Papas classic 'Dedicated To The One I Love'. Hanford Flyover are a new band for FdM but they come up with a fantastic version of the criminally-overlooked band Neon Pearl's 'Just Another Day' and Scandinavian duo Us and Them round things off with a typically wistful rendition of the Neil Young track 'What Have You Done To My Life?'. Sleeve artwork is by John Hurford. 45 RPM $14 SKU:21704

JOYNSON, VERNON - A SHARP SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM-'A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO UK PUNK, NEW WAVE, POST-PUNK, MOD REVIVAL, NEO-PSYCHEDELIA, GOTH-ROCK & ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1976-1986'-Label:BORDERLINE 'A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO UK PUNK, NEW WAVE, POST-PUNK, MOD REVIVAL, NEO-PSYCHEDELIA, GOTH-ROCK & ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1976-1986' - Following his critically acclaimed Two Volume 'Tapestry Of Delights', which has become the definitive encyclopaedic guide to UK rock and pop of the 1963-1976 era, this stunning publication applies exactly the same format used for 'Tapestry' and focuses on the revolution the music business underwent in the UK over the next 10 years and analyses the bands and artists from several exciting new genres that changed the face of music forever. 'A Sharp Shock To The System' is a numbered, limited edition publication of 1,000 copies containing 1,670 entries across 1,400 profusely illustrated pages plus 12 pages of full colour illustrations. Each entry contains detailed artists discographies and line-up details for the 1976-1986 era, bibliographies and, in most cases, comment and a critique of their music, details of compilation appearances and an up to date rarity scale for all featured artists' album, EP and 45 releases between 1976 and 1986. Where artists continued beyond 1986, bibliographies continue until the present or until the artist ceased performing and/or recording. There is nothing similar in print covering this era that has the scope and depth of this publication. BOOKS & MAGS $92 SKU:21887

ELDER KINDRED- KINDRED SPIRITS (Early 70s Finnish prog) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES CD issue! Magnificent well crafted melodic prog rock by a versatile early '70s Finnish clan. We hear eight long and previously unreleased tracks from '71-'73, with sound from the original masters. CD $12 SKU:21839

FERRIS WHEEL-SUPERNATURAL GIRL(1974 UK's rarest stoner-folk)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES This is a re-mastered CD of one of the UK's rarest stoner-folk albums. Recorded in 1974, it features 14 original compositions along with fresh sleevenotes etc. This is one of the UK's ultimate downer-folk obscurities with electric sorrow and heartache etched deeply into every note. CD $14 SKU:21840

GNIDROLOG- In Spite of Harry’s Toenail w bonus tracks and booklets ( 70s Brit prog ) -Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Newly remastered from the original master tapes and features a previously unreleased bonus track, a booklet that fully restores all original album artwork with a new essay. CD $10 SKU:15480

MOOON-MOOON'S BREW(Dutch 70s style psych pop, acid-folk Zep influenced)Label:EXCELSIOR Mooon's Brew', by the Dutch band Mooon, contains a suprising combination of blues, surf, psychedelica and garage-rock, drenched in a strong '60s and '70s vibe. The main influences of these three youngsters include Blood, Sweat & Tears, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Santana and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. CD $15 SKU:21800

MOOON-Safari(Dutch 70s style psych pop, acid-folk)Label:BICKERTON Blending psychedelic pop, acid-folk and bits of progressive rock, here's a wonderful, dreamlike album by the Dutch band Mooon. CD $15 SKU:21801

WIGGY BITS - ST (1976 hard rock w Blues Magoos member) Label:ROCK CANDY Originally released in 1976, the sole album by this melodic US hard rock band (featuring ex-members of a.o. Blues Magoos, The Illusion and Barnaby Bye) gets reissued on CD, including remastered audio and a 12-page booklet. CD $17 SKU:21761

I KNOW THAT I GOT A HEAVY SOUL, VOL. 3-VA((Eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk)Label:HEAVY SOUL The third installment in this popular series features a host of bands that are inspired by the sounds of the '60s. On offer is an eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk. COMP CD $15 SKU:21845

IMMEDIATE PLEASURE-VA(collection of neo-garage, beat,mod and soul) Label:HEAVY SOUL An awesome collection of neo-garage, -beat, -mod and -soul. There are 20 cuts from bands including The Royal Hangmen, The Attention!, Black Hollies, Laynes, The Ace, The Reactions, The Josephs, The Small Fakers, Beatrevolver, Pretty Hoodlums, The Ace, Eurovox, COMP CD $10 SKU:21846

MAGIC IN THE AIR -Volume 1- 1966-1970 The Birth of Cool Britannia 100 page booklet & TRIPLE CD Label:RUBBLE A treat for fans of cool psychedelic pop, this first TRIPLE-CD volume of 'Magic In The Air' attempts to capture a wider perspective of the cultural revolution unfolding in Britain during the late '60s, and the vibrant nature of a generation caught in the post-war gap. The 100-page perfect bound booklet offers rare photos, detailed biographies and full discographies. COMP CD $48 SKU:21707

SOUL LIKE FIRE-VA- (beat, garage and mod comp)Label:HEAVY SOUL A great beat, garage and mod compilation, featuring The Movements, Woggles, Blow-Ups, Frantic V, Lost 45's, Modus, Heretics, Patterns, a.m.m. The CD offers 18 tracks in COMP CD $8 SKU:21847

TRIP IN TIME- VOl 2 Psychedelic Rock Reflections DBL CD Label:WORLD IN SOUND This compilation features only unreleased music from the years 2006/2007, with the influences of the psychedelic music revolution from the Summer of Love 1967. Disc 1 contains 13 international and ambitious groups ranging from progressive space sound, high speed rock'n'roll, Syd Barrett and Love acid-folk style to heavy garage/surf psychedelia. Disc 2 contains 5 extended instrumentals, ranging from true '70s experimental krautrock style to a floating Brainticket atmosphere COMP CD $15 SKU:21757

WHO WILL BUY THESE WONDERFUL EVILS..vol 6 LTd 500 (The Pebbles series of Sweden. 60s rare psych ) Label:BUSY BEE PRODUCTION Since 2003 the 'Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils' series has conducted archeological diggings in record vaults and sound archives constantly in search of hidden artefacts and smooth hits worth shining a light on again. The Swedish '60s and '70s produced a mind expanding mixture of happy-go-lucky pop and feral grooves and way too many tracks didn't reach their audience, neither in its homecountry nor the rest of the world. The 'Who Will Buy' series is on a mission to save a slice of Swedish pop-history from the grubby paws of connoisseurs and collectors. Vol. 6 includes everything from Swedish Beatles-covers to mind melting freak outs. Quietly bubbling introspection, mysterious agent-pop, finger tapping cocktail lounge and sun kissed summer pop with its shirt off COMP LP $24 SKU:21837

ABRONIA-THE WHOLE OF EACH EYE (60s style Psych prog Kraut-Label:CARDINAL FUZZ The Whole Of Each Eye' sees Abronia cementing its very singular place in the canon of the broader psych rock universe. Abronia pulls from kraut rock, spaghetti Western soundtracks, doom, '60s UK folk, spiritual jazz, ritualistic drone, and infuse it all with the arid haze of deserts near and far. The sound, with its ample use of lap steel and reverb-heavy electric guitar, is firmly rooted in a sun-baked strain of Americana. But never too far from the surface are elements of European art rock in all of its guises (krautrock, psychedelia, prog) and a welcome wild card in the form of Keelin Mayer, who adds a Stooges-like squall with her saxophone and composed vocal turns à la Nico or former Swans singer Jarboe. LP $26 SKU:21798

CRAMPS M-M-M- MAD MAD DADDIESLIVE AT NAPA STATE HOSPITAL 1978- Label:ILL EAGLE On 13 June 1978, NYC punkabillies The Cramps played a free show for 300 psychiatric patients at the Napa State Hospital. The greatest live show in the history of rock and roll music!!! A unique document of a wild performance where the only folks wilder than the band are the audience LP $24 SKU:21889

PACIFIC NORTHWEST STASH BOX (GARLAND RECORDS- VA (60s garage psych) Label:BEATROCKET From the thriving hotbed of sixties garage and psychedelia of the PNW and Salem's orphic Garland Records comes this potent cache of rare and previously unreleased recordings. Chiefly composed of moody and mellow folk rockers and ethereal groovers, there are also a few far-out, heady reconstructions of familiar faves. Be warned, these hooks are very sticky! With Sundazed Music's acquisition of the Garland Records catalog you're in for a tidal wave of great garage rock, psych, soul, and even some country. Here with 'Pacific Northwest Stash Box', you're treated to hook laden cuts that sound laced with a little something, and not just "Life Laced Leaf LP $36 SKU:21833

STEMS -Head’s Up (Heady mix of garage rock and power pop - Label:CITADEL Its been twenty years but The Stems are finally back with their long overdue second album, Heads Up and its almost as if they were never gone. Not only does the same line up remain but the same energy and excitement. The heady mix of garage rock and power pop makes for a fun and easily likable sound. Think The Kinks crossed with The Jam and maybe a little Velvet Underground thrown in for good measure. AUSSIE IMPORT LP $22 SKU:21809

TROLLEY - CAUGHT IN THE DARKNESS(psych-pop, garage, powerpop Label:SUGARBUSH The second album by the amazing Trolley offers a truly excellent combination of psych-pop, garage, powerpop and moptop jangle. This edition is limited to 250 copies on orange sorbet coloured vinyl.LP $22 SKU:21759


CHEEPSKATES-Remember ( power pop)- Label:MUSIC MANIAC Long overdue CD version of this early 90's album by singer-songwriter-guitarist Shaun Faubert finally released Shaun with his CHEEPSKATES at his best and at his melodic. Cheepskates music belong to the best sixties influenced pop the nineties. CD $5 SKU:18773

DEEP SIX-IT'S HAPPENING((Hollies/Beatles/Who style pure 60s mod) Label:HEAVY SOUL After a string of limited 7" vinyl singles The Deep Six return with a second album of pure 60s mod coolness. Featuring the song-writing skills of Mark McGounden of the highly regarded Makin 'Time and Upper Fifth and Paul Hooper-Keeley from The Threads the album is jam-packed with nods to The Hollies, Beatles, Who and Small Faces whilst keeping it fresh enough to be a powerhouse live. "It's Happening" is available as a digipack including 8-page booklet. CD $17 SKU:21659

ECSTATIC VISION-FOR THE MASSES(Detroit rock grooves, acid freak-outs)-Label:HEACY PSYCH SOUNDS After bursting onto the scene with their 2015 tribal-psychedelic LP 'Sonic Praise', touring the USA with Yob and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, crushing Roadburn, then quickly releasing a for-heads-only, noisy, psychedelic-garage record to weed out the weak ('Raw Rock Fury'), Ecstatic Vision have pulled themselves out of the muck to deliver their finest album to date. Recorded in Philadelphia at Retro City Studios with Joe Boldizar and mixed/mastered by Tim Green (Earthless, The Melvins) at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA, Ecstatic Vision's recent fuzzed-out sound has been sculpted it into a HI/FI psychedelic wonderland. This album is the closest the band has gotten to achieving the energy of their untouchable live shows on tape. EV took a simpler approach on the art this time, using the Spanish dream-team of Edko Fuzz and Bangalore Studios. 'For The Masses' blends tripped-out synth, semi-catatonic desert driving tunes, Afro-tribal Funkadelic vibes, troglodyte-Detroit rock grooves, acid freak-outs, ethereal psychedelic hymns and mind-altering krautrock into Ecstatic Vision's outsider take on modern music. It's like if Tangerine Dream jammed with Lemmy and the Asheton Brothers and decided to play some world music and free jazz in 1971. CD $17 SKU:21680

GASLIGHT - ST (1970 folk psych rarity) - Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES This mega rare, dark sounding folk-psych rarity, recorded and privately released in 1970, sees its debut CD release. CD $12 SKU:21110

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY -LIVE IN THE STUDIO SAN FRANCISCO '71-Label:ROX VOX Originally broadcast on KSAN-FM, this superb studio set -here presented on CD with remastered sound- from the Pacific High Recording Studios, offers a selection of classics from the band's first two albums (including the signature piece 'White Bird'). Background notes and images are included. Led by David La Flamme's virtuoso violin playing, It's A Beautiful Day was an important band in San Francisco's late '60s and early '70s hippie/folk-rock scene. CD $12 SKU:21327

LA IRA DE DIOS- APUS REVOLUTION ROCK((Peruvian 60s psych/space freaks)-Label:WORLD IN SOUND MAXIMUMVOLUMEROCKANDROLL!!! (Part 4) The Peruvian psych/space freaks are back, with some rural reflections of the 60s acid punk era with its catchy, raw & animalistic high energy performances. Can a riot be started by the slow and on low volume? - NO- the title says it all (a mix of The Clash classic and Peruvian Andean mythology). Since their fabulous debut album "Hacia El Sol Rojo" the group evolved into a mighty tight "wall of sound" (not just live on stage); but still keeping their sensitive feeling to hypnotize a wide spectrum of Rock freaks who like it intense! - Look forward to hard driven riff/solo guitars, pumpin overdosed bass, crazynwild marching tribal drums, combined with outer space effects & noises - the dark euphoria will make you stand up and dance! If you missed the MC5, The Stooges, Bored! or Los Saicos good old times, this is your ticket to an extreme psychedelic punk trip. (first 500 copies are issued with a 4 track bonus EP, containing a cool cover of Joy Divisons Shadowplay). Again, they are back and they want your brain for party...for revolution...cause right now is time to FIESTA & REVOLUCION CD $15 SKU:21748

LIVING ROOM -TIMES LIKE LAKES (1997 German acid-psych)Label: WORLD IN SOUND This short lived German acid-psych Sextet had one private limited edition release in 1997, called "Chambers" (vinyl only). Until today it became a rare high-rated collectible among psychedelic underground fans. While numerous bands in the 90s & 2000s tried to revive the true 60/s70s spirit & sound - Living Room reached a high level in authenticity.when you hear it you will bet, that this was made in 1968!!! They used vintage equipment and effects such as Farfisa-organ, fuzz & echoing guitars, flute and two beautiful girl voices. These recordings present their previously unreleased second album, a heavy floating but also a mystic folk listening pleasure - 8 cuts which reflect Krautrock inspirations in the vains of Amon D2, Hove" hippie-spirit. Look forward to enjoy sos like "Orange Plastic", "Rising Dawn" or "Times Like Lakes" (which can be heard on CD on: Trip In Time Vol.3, WIS-2503). The CD, well remastered, comes in a limited digipack cover, with 4 bonustracks (from their debut "Chambers"). Those guys took their "Trip In Time" about 10 years ago, with this "timeless" artistic statement from the underground - truly a catchy psych gem! CD $14 SKU:19719

LONE CROWS-DARK CLOUDS(blues psych jams)Label:WORLD IN SOUND With their s/t debut album from 2013, The Lone Crows, a young and promising quartet from Minneapolis, garnered a lot of praise for their mix of blues and psychedelic jams. Now they present their second LP 'Dark Clouds'. With no frills, analogue production, the captivating dynamics and spirited compositions take you on a trip back to 1970 and even further beyond. The group takes their dominant blend of Heavy Blues and Hard Rock elements and mixes it with influences such as West Coast Psychedelia, bits of funk and soul, grunge and alternative, and their progressive thrash metal roots. You can hear parallels to bands like Led Zeppelin, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Canned Heat, Santana, The Beatles, Robin Trower, Spooky Tooth, Spirit, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Each song showcases strong and melodic vocals, intense and soaring guitar work, and a multi-faceted, driving rhythm section. 'Dark Clouds' is the perfect album for a long road trip, and it's highly addictive! CD $14 SKU:21750

MARIANI, DOM -POPSIDED GUITAR: ANTHOLOGY (Stems DM3 Someloves)DBL Label:CITADEL 2CD compilation spanning the 1984-2004 period. 38 of the brightest jewels from the pop craftsman who has been playing in THE STEMS, STONEFISH, SOMELOVES, DM3 etc. His work is a distillation of rock'n'roll energy, sun-streaked melodies, ringing guitar work and headlock chorus hooks, finetuned with alchemical precision over 20 years of performance. CD $17 SKU:21676

MOLASSES -MOURNING HAZE DROPS OF SUNLIGHT (trippy psych rock)-Label:VAN RECORDS Born as a commissioned project from the Roadburn Music festival, Molasses brings back Farida Lemouchi and her old The Devils Blood bandmates to craft a very unique body of music that serves as a way to move on from the death of Selim Lemouchi and TDB days. Opening with the amp fuzziness of 'Mourning Haze', we are quickly transported to the days of psychedelic rock and its trippiness. Featuring a very accommodating pace and beautifully adorned with playful guitar leads and groovy synths, this opening track is pure magic and a very powerful way to open this release. The second and longer piece, 'Drops Of Sunlight', is a bit more experimental and introspective. With mysterious percussions and moody tempo changes, this piece feels bit like TDB in their 'The Thousandfold Epicentre' days, but with an extra layer of atmospheric elements. Farida's vocals are as enchanting as always, and perfectly provide that rigid darkness that music like this deserves. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. CD $16 SKU:21619

NIGHTSTALKER- GREAT HALLUCINATIONS(Legendary space psych stoners)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The legendary stoner rockers are back! One of the first bands of the genre present their 8th album after their first EP ('SideFX') back in 1994 (the grunge rock era). This time the album hits directly to the soul. 8 tracks which are different to each other, combining groovy parts with heaviness and melodies. The guitars are still heavy but spacey and psychedelic at the same time. The bass is always groovy with intense playing. All together with a lot of catchy melodies and the power of Argy's vocals are the secret of the music of Nightstalker. Raw rock'n'roll simplicity, stunning riffs and electric haze are what have kept the band going for more than 20 years. Produced by Nightstalker again and this time it is recorded and mixed at Wreck It Sound Studios. Listening to Nightstalker you can figure out why Greece is the perfect country for stoner rock bands and why the Greek stoner scene is one of the greatest worldwide. For fans of Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Monster Magnet, Kyuss. CD $14 SKU:21368

POSTURES -ST (70s Pink Floyd,Airplane style)- Label:WORLD IN SOUND This release from Swedish band POSTURES' is both ambitious and mature in its presentation. It is multi-faceted, cross-genre and with a lot of love to the detail. Only insiders have heard about POSTURES because it is their debut album; 9 songs, from unexpected 2 minute interludes, floating ballads, 'big riff rock' numbers and a 13 minute instrumental space trip melt together to an intense sound spectacle. Very well produced, the album conceptually is clearly a tribute to the early 1970s, with the spirit of Pink Floyd, Yes, Can, Doors and Jefferson Airplane. Fans of Portishead and The Gathering who love the dynamic sonority of the 1970s, should listen very carefully to this one! CD $14 SKU:21744

SHIVAS-WHERE HAVE YOU GONE TO?(60s Seeds/Elevators style)Label:WORLD IN SOUND Authentic '60s Psychedelic Rock since a few years celebrates a strong international revival, and brings up lots of young but only a few talented bands - THE SHIVAS - are both! Basically you hear on this album influences of Velvet Underground, Doors, Seeds or 13th Floor Elevators. These four teenagers present a very remarkable debut album feat. 13 original songs of 69 min. running time -long-but truly a varietive album with interesting surprises to take you on a colourful journey (contains 8p. col. booklet)! Bandleader Jared Wait-Molyneux presents his ideas of fresh "alive" Sound combined with a (poetical, mystic or political) message through his characteristic vocals, skilful and emotional guitar playing; but also using "exotic" instruments such as Sitar, Piano, Organ, Harmonica and Mandolin to give it a kind of Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" feeling. The song "Love" can be heard on Trip In Time Vol.2 / Psychedelic Rock Reflections and was released in Germany. (For World In Sound insiders: "Seems..history is repeating!" Not just the name, artwork and musicians-age remind of the ultra-legendary 60s heavy-psych group MYSTIC SIVA - the Shivas seem to be the closest musical reincarnation too!) - 40 years later - TODAY - is the time to watch out for the new "psychedelic-rock" generation, the Shivas are ready to blow your minds! CD $14 SKU:21753

SPOTNICKS - 1962-19661968 Swedish space-surf heroes )Label:MAGIC RECORDS Self-titled 1968 album from the Spotnicks reissued with four bonus tracks: 'Old Clock At Home', 'Amapola', 'Hava Naguila' and 'The Outlaws - Space Ship Rendez-Vous' CD $16 SKU:21778

TREACLE PEOPLE-ST(70s style prog psych Deep Purple/Zep style) Label:WORLD IN SOUND On their analogue-recorded debut album the quintet Treacle People very impressively and with lot of love to the detail revive the spirit, the musicianship and the passion of their British idols from the early 70s. The eight partly epic original compositions have been recorded in 2 sessions "live" in studio and reflect many-faceted, progressive, psychedelic and classical hard rock. Their wide musical spectrum presents .... expressive, emotional and striking vocals (Cruelest Secret - Zero Gravity) .... atmospheric but also aggressive guitarsolos (Neptune's Kiss - Anschlag I) .... a pulsating, excessive-rocking hammond-organ (Anschlag I - Last Song), warm and dynamic hammond/piano melodies (Cruelest Secret - Moonchild) .... driven by a powerful-grooving bass and soulful to hypnotic drums. Biographic information: All members are in their early/mid twenties and the history of Treacle People begins in 1998 in Worms (south-western part of Germany). They are inspired by the roots of the progressive and psychedelic hard rock from 60's and early 70's, the time period in which youth celebrated musical excesses creatively and revolutionary. Classically trained they practiced themselves in the works of Deep Purple, Led zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, E.L.P, King Crimson and Pink Floyd. Thus originated from experimental, endless jam-sessions technically polished rock songs which have "the own appeal". Live on stage they perform excessively own material but also highlights from rock history: In a Gadda da Vida " (Iron Butterfly), "Black Night" (Deep Purple) and Pink Floyds complete CD $14 SKU:21762

VOLCANICS-TRANSMISSION (Scientists,Stooges/MC5 style)Label:CITADEL The band's third full-length album, produced by Radio Birdman's Bob Younger. Inspired by the Victims and the Scientists as well as by AC/DC, Stooges and MC5, the Volcanics play their own brand of fuel injected rock'n'roll and are well known for their explosive live performances. CD $14 SKU:21669

BIG BEAT LINE 1965-1968 - VA awesome DBL CD of rare Czech bands)-Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome DOUBLE-CD compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. The Beatmen (6 tracks), Crystal (4 tracks), Flamengo (9 tracks), Juventus (5 tracks), Matadors (6 tracks), Mefisto (6 tracks), Olympic (10 tracks), Synkopa Ob Pierov (3 tracks) and Vulkan (6 tracks). COMP CD $17 SKU:19716

FADING YELLOW - Vol 16 Sad About the Times - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Released five years after the previous 'Fading Yellow' CD, Volume 16 offers more delightful '60s psych obscurities, this time around featuring bands/artists from the UK, USA and, in one case, Australia. COMP CD $16 SKU:20047

GOODBYE, BOYS, GOODBYE!-GIRL POP GEMS: OBSCURE & UNRELEASED (1963-1967)-Label:TEENSVILLE A jam-packed collection of 35 rare, obscure and unreleased songs sung by females. Expect lavish production, romantic lyrics and heartfelt vocalism found wrapped in two-minute bouquets. Includes unreleased tracks by Lynette West, Ellie Greenwich, Peanut, Bernadette Peters and Jean Thomas. Full-colour 20 page booklet featuring liner notes, annotations and historic photographs. COMP CD $17 SKU:21667

GRAVEYARD TRAMPS EAT THE FORBIDDEN - Vol.1 CITY DOGFOOD obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks)- Label:TUTMAN ..CITY DOGFOOD' - Nearly 30 years ago, a now legendary LP by the name of 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The release on Vip Vop Recs spawned many imitators such as 'Wavy Gravy', '4 Hairy Policemen' et al and paved the way for the equally legendary 'Purple Knif Show'. What few folk knew was that 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was actually less than half of the compilation made by Lux Interior. Now, for the very first time, the entire recording is available, weighing in at well over an hour of crazy, whacky sounds from the Maestro of Mad himself. Remastered from the original source, these obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks are interspersed with B-movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs. This one won't be around for long, so get it while you can. COMP CD $15 SKU:20354

TRIP IN TIME- VOl 1 Delighted By Psychedelic Rock -Label:WORLD IN SOUND While music industry continuously looks for 'new' concepts, trends and music styles to serve the mainstream, Trip in Time ventures look to the past. We present the artistic, emotional and intensive side of music, the concept of progressive psychedelic rock. It appeared in the public consciousness for the first time in 1966, created by the ,13th Floor Elevators". By 1956 the English psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond had already formulated: ,To fathom hell or soar angelic just take a pinch of psychedelic." - 50 years later, we invite you to join the bride uncensored spektrum of music with a fine feel for intensity and a variety of interesting influences. On Trip In Time events, , we build an audio-visual bridge from 1969 to today, creating by a sensitive choice of artists, an electrifying, mesmerizing ambience. - TRIP IN TIME, a sub-label of WORLD IN SOUND (Germany) presents their first CD-issue, an 11-track compilation (73 mins), 12p. colour booklet, containing some of the hottest acts from the international Rock Underground. It features, well remastered, fresh live-recordings as well as non-album tracks and other exclusive material. - COMP CD $ SKU:19720

GHOST MEMORIES-VA (rare, whiskey-drenched country, raw rockabilly from the 50s and 60s)Label:MISSISSIPPI/LOST TRAIN The companion to Six Feet Under, now finally back in print with a brand new cover! Yet more rare, whiskey-drenched country, raw rockabilly and rock instrumentals from the late 1950s, early 1960s. All incredibly hard to find tunes from obscure 45s. Co-released with Lost Train Records. COMP LP $22 SKU:21620

CRAMPS-TRASH IS NEAT #5 THE BAND THAT TIME FORGOT-Label:KRAKATOA Ultra limited repress of one of the rarest (unofficial) Cramps albums with 3 additional tracks including a second, little known version of 'The Band That Time Forgot' and revised artworks. This originally came out about 8-9 years ago on a pressing of 250 copies and features some of the rarest tracks that the Cramps performed. Original copies of this (when they appear) usually sell in the 75-100 euro range. LP $26 SKU:21083

CRAMPS -- PERFORMING SONGS OF SEX, LOVE AND HATE-Label:MIND CONTROL BROADCAST FROM LONDON AND STOCKHOLM, A DATE WITH ELVIS TOUR, 1986' - Two hard to find radio broadcasts from the 'A Date With Elvis' tour finally restored and available on vinyl. For all Cramps' fanatics out there LP $21 SKU:21776

PENNY WISE/AMSTERDAM/PETER BEWLEY - -SILVER GIRLS &INDIAN PIPES(70s Dutch freakbeat psych pop -Label:MISTY LANE This album contains the tracks recorded by Dutch freakbeat/psych-pop bands Penny Wise, Amsterdam and Peter Bewley (pseudonym of singer Peter van Asten). Lovers of Nederbeat, Dutch Baroque pop and lite pop-psych will surely fill this record between their genres faves. Thanks to Dutch music export Erik Meinen this selection is now available again with such a rich and detailed liner notes insert. It was about time these songs would be rediscovered and newly presented in all their splendor. LP $24 SKU:21690

UG & THE CAVEMEN- 1987 with The Sting Rays, The X-Men, The Vibes, Headcoatees, Earls Of Suave, Purple Things ePLUS DVD- PINK VINYL Label:TRASH WAX LP in gatefold sleeve on "Shocking Pink" vinyl, limited to 250 copies with the full Ug & The Cavemen story by Bal Croce (Sting Rays, Earls Of Suave, Ug & The Cavemen). Includes 4 bonus tracks and a DVD of them supporting The Cramps in 1990. Revamped artwork by Bruce Brand too. A TRULY AMAZING album featuring members of The Sting Rays, The X-Men, The Vibes, Headcoatees, Earls Of Suave, Purple Things etc... Trash royalty of the highest order, at last this near legendary album from 1987 is once more available. LP $28 SKU:21422

WELLGREEN -SUMMER RAIN (70s style melodic pop)Label:SUGARBUSH The material on 'Summer Rain' is like an amalgam of the best works that artists such as Emitt Rhodes, Blue, Bread, Big Star and Paul McCartney made in the early to mid '70s. Wellgreen is a contemporary Scottish band with its feet firmly planted in the melodic guitar pop sounds of the early '70s. LP $27 SKU:21760