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This weekend we’ve dug deep into the BOMP archives to find you guys some one of a kind items, the original files and PRESS KITS that have been here in the BOMP offices since the 70s and 80s! Contents are described and photographed in the listings, one each obviously so get em while you can. Our files will go to the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME eventually, but I’d rather they be in the hands of fans instead of a library, so dig in!

Also just in, some more IMPORT cheapo cds and all sorts of other goodies, check it all out below.

OFF THE HIP RECORDS restock too lots of cool garage tunes at a low price.

Thanks for all!
Suzy Shaw

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NUMBERS - Anthology '64-'67(1983 ORIG PRESSING) WITH ORIGINAL BOMP FILES!! with press release, photo, and 2 pages of original notes. Label:VOXX Included here IS THE BOMP FILE FOLDER WITH ORIGINAL scribbled track listings, with notations in GREG SHAW’S WRITING. This band was presented as an original 60s band, as a joke, but reviewers took it seriously! Liner notes on the back of the album written by Greg Shaw describe their adventures in the 60s. PRODUCED BY GREG SHAW SEALED but with a corner bend LP $100 SKU:22384

THINGS - Outside my Window- 1986 ORIG PRESSING- WITH ORIGINAL BOMP FILES!! Label:VOXX We’ve included the original 80s BOMP folder for the band, complete with some ideas for the artwork. and glossy photo! .NOTE Most of our files are eventually destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where a lot of material from BOMP already resides, but Im releasing some of it to the public, better in the hands of the fans than in a library! See the image for a view of the files in the BOMP OFFICES! LP $100 SKU:22378

LORD JOHN -ST (1986 ORIG PRESSING PLUS ORIGINAL BOMP FILES!)Label:BOMP WITH ORIGINAL BOMP FILES!!! Big folder with lots of press clippings, glossy photo, and a letter from the leader of the band outlining the details of the release! NOTE Most of our files are eventually destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where a lot of material from BOMP already resides, but I’m releasing some of it to the public, better in the hands of the fans than in a library! LP $100 SKU:22382

MARSUPIALS -The Four Of Us Are Dying-WITH BOMP CONTRACT!(80s psych pop rarity) Label:COOL GREEN RECORDS NOTE Most of our files are eventually destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where a lot of material from BOMP already resides, but Im releasing some of it to the public, better in the hands of the fans than in a library! See the image for a view of the files in the BOMP OFFICES! SEALED Privately released psychedelic pop LP from this very underrated and excellent group of the "Paisley Underground" era of the mid-1980s. Recorded at Westbeach studios along with some of the VOXX bands of that era, VOXX seems to have involved altho I cant remember the details! LP $50 SKU:22381

UP - Killer Up! 10” WITH PRESS KIT AND LINERS FROM JOHN SINCLAIR-SEALED 1995 ORIG PRESS (3) Label:Total Energy Wow, you wont find this anywhere else, We’re including some cool stuff from our files, including the liners from Sinclair (copy) and the original PRESS RELEASE. NOTE Most of our files are eventually destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where a lot of material from BOMP already resides, but I’m releasing some of it to the public, better in the hands of the fans than in a library! See the image for a view of the files in the BOMP OFFICES! The Up is one of those "should've been" bands. Similar in sound to Blue Cheer and political philosophy to MC5, Killer Up represents the complete recordings of the Detroit band from the '60s. Save for two singles, none of this material was released by the band while it was still together between 1967-1973. The Up was closely aligned with MC5, living with them in the White Panther Party commune in Ann Arbor and often sharing the bill with them at area concerts. But while the Five and fellow Michiganders the Stooges got record deals and fame, Up remained a regional act.The disc features both of Up's singles, plus several songs from a recording session at Head Sound Studios in Ypsilanti, MI, and some live cuts recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Columbus, OH, in 1972.High volume cuts like "Just Like an Aborigine" and "Free John Now" are further examples to back up the argument that punk rock was invented in '60s Detroit. It's hard to imagine Up gaining a mass audience, but the music on this disc makes one wonder why the band never broke on a large scale outside of the Midwest. LP $100 SKU:22380


FLAMIN GROOVIES/ CHRIS WILSON, DANNY MIHM & JAMES FARRELL -Back On The Barbary Coast SEALED!Label:MARILYN Ex-Flamin' Groovies 93 studio reunion with Mike Wilhelm (Charlatans, Loose Gravel). Nice cover of “Sympathy For The Devil”. Warehouse find. LP $50 SKU:13107

MODERN LOVERS-ST (1981 ORIG PRESS)Label:BOMP MINT VINYL but cover is a little wavy with corner damage. This is reflected in the price, some copies are going for $200!! LP $75 SKU:22383


MIKE WATT & THE SECONDMEN/ZIG ZAGS - THE FUTURE IS FINALLY NOW (L.A psych) Label:NOMAD EEL L.A. to Pedro is a concept EP that connects North L.A. County and South L.A. County bands, much like how the 110 Freeway connects them as a main thoroughfare, but instead with music. Both sides of this EP is an A Side, each band singing a cover song of the other band, and with a new song from each band. 45 RPM $10 SKU:22386

THE BAND IN AMERICA - Across the Great Divide-:BARNEY HOSKINS Archive copy. M-. Across the Great Divide is a vivid and rollicking account of The Band's journey across three decades. Spanning the history of American rock and boasting a supporting cast that includes Dylan, Janis Joplin, and U2, the book brilliantly captures the raw magic and complex personalities of a group George Harrison called "the best band in the history of the universe." This revised U.S. edition includes a postscript, together with an obituary of Rick Danko and a brand-new interview with Robbie Robertson. BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:22374

DEEP REDUCTION - 2 W Radio Birdman’s DENIZ TEK)Label:GET HIP Deep Reduction pays tribute to everything from delta blues to Led Zeppelin to ’70s Punk and Pop with Deniz Tek’s signature guitar mastery. Deep Reduction came to be when Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek was asked to produce the latest Stump Wizards record, “Contains Lead.” The band and the producer hit it off well and the first Deep Reduction single, “Black Tulip” was the result. Recorded during breaks in the action, it was a spontaneous burst of energy that resulted in this follow-up full length. Sure, this record has it’s roots in Tek’s classic Radio Birdman days and the Stump Wizards mutant punk/hard rock sound, but it really is something entirely new and different and something to be reckoned with. CD $10 SKU:22325

DTs -NICE 'N' RUFF: HARD SOUL HITS! VOL. 1 (60s style R&R MC5/STOOGES style)Label:GET HIP Nice’n’most definitely ruff collection of covers providing rock’n’roll in it’s purest, and at the same time dirtiest form, as conceived by Mono Man Dave Crider’s latest project, fronted by Diana Young-Blanchard.All delivered with late’60/early’70s roughness, the band mostly sound like Janis fronting either an early Jeff Beck Group line up, or some even heavier outfits such as the MC5, Stooges, Blue Cheer, AC DC, or on bluesier occasions, a rawer Led Zeppelin. CD $10 SKU:22326

GORE GORE GIRLS-Up All Night (Detroit all girl R&R!) -Label:GET HIP DETROIT RAW R&R GIRL TRIO CD $10 SKU:22328

GORE GORE GIRLS --Strange Girls (Detroit all girl R&R!) -Label:GET HIP all female garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1997.The distortion and decibel level suggest punk, but the quartet’s sensibilities are closer to ’60s girl groups like the Ronettes and garage-rockers like the Kingsmen. Schumacher, who also plays with the Detroit Cobras, recently upped her resume in this arena when, as a member of the Reigning Sound, she backed Shangri-Las lead singer Mary Weiss, on her stirring Norton comeback, Dangerous Game. CD $10 SKU:22327

HIGHWAY 13 -BEEN UP TO THE DEVIL’S BUSINESS (wild rockabilly/blues R&R style) Label:GET HIP riginally released in 1997, Been Up to the Devil’s Business preserves Highway 13’s raucous signature sound and wild rockabilly sensibility, combining elements of blues, country, and classic rock ‘n roll. CD $10 SKU:22329

LED ZEPPELIN -40th Anniversary - Definitive Collection Of 12 Mini-LP Replica CDs album cover W OBI STRIPSLabel:WARNER SWAN SONG (WPCR-13142/53, Swan Song – R2-513820) JAPANESE UNSEALED BUT MINT The box is printed on "satin-like" black paper. Printed/Manufactured in Japan.CD $175 SKU:21939


MULLENS-ST -(Texas jangly garage-punk )Label:GET HIP On their eponymous debut album, Dallas garage-punk combo The Mullens stay true to their wild Texas roots. Fellow Lone Star Staters The Outcasts and The Changing Times would hail songs like "Step on the Gas," "You Thought Wrong," and "All Fours" as the best rock'n'roll since Kenny and the Casuals were all drafted in the Summer of '66! CD $10 SKU:22331

MULLENS- TOugh To Tell(Stones style garage-punk )Label:GET HIP Heavy duty fire power from the tough Dallas, TX rock ’n roll quartet the Mullens. On their third album the Mullens dish out 12 melodic tunes with furious guitar riffs and their signature laid back vocal delivery. Tough To Tell is the perfect combination of Rolling Stones-style and attitude with the firey ’70s Punked out rock ‘n roll approach of bands like the Real Kids, Dictators and The Ramones. Real deal, down home Texas rock ‘n roll here from a band that’s an institution in the Dallas area! CD $12 SKU:22332

NEIGHBOURS - Prime Numbers(early British Invasion crossed with The Beach Boys)Label:GET HIP Prime Numbers captures a sound reminiscent of the early British Invasion crossed with The Beach Boys, leaving you with a feel that it is still mid-July. Prime Numbers contains a unique blend of the surf, garage rock, and soul sounds. CD $10 SKU:22333

NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS-HOT SAUCE & HAPPENINGS (garage psych) -Label:GET HIP 18 new tracks featuring the pop-garage sound of the New Salem Witch Hunters. On much of this album, The Hunters take the basic garage premise and lace it with varying doses of psych, pop or even a touch of country. CD $10 SKU:22334

NOX BOYS- OUT OF TOUCH 60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP Very nice mix of jangly garage and fuzzed-out angst fueled tracks that totally deliver. (2019) CD $12 SKU:22387


3 HUREL- ST (70’s psych fuzz guitar) Label:World Psych Korea Recorded between 1970 and 1975 by the talented HUR EL brothers. CD $10 SKU:9009

ABSTRACT TRUTH -Silver Trees Totum+7 bonus tracks (70’s psych)-Label:Mason Records UK CD reissue of the rare 1970 debut album and the 1971 follow up "Silver Trees" by this South African psychedelic progressive rock band. Excellent early '70s melodic whistful freak rock blends with African sounds featuring assorted instruments keyboards, flutes, electric guitars, saxophone,harpsichord, percussion etc. A refreshing approach with psychedelic touches.Artwork shows both sleeves.GW PICK IMPORT CD $15 SKU:4975

AGUATURBIA- S/T COMPLETE TRACKS (1969 fuzz psych from South America) Label:REcord Runner Complete Tracks": all tracks from both albums ("S/T" from 1969 and "Volume 2" from 1970), by one of the best and most important psychedelic bands to emerge from South America in the late 60's/early 70's; very heavy fuzz guitar driven rock with fantastic female vocals (inviting the inevitable comparison to Jefferson Airplane) and English lyrics; impossible to indicate how revolutionary they were-but the fact that the band were naked on their debut, and crucified their singer on the cover of their second album may give you an idea; the addition of three bonus tracks from 1973 makes this the essential issue of the band's work; booklet comes with notes and photos from the band's archive. CD $15 SKU:2654

BILLY BOND Y LA PESADA- Volumen 3-4 (heavy psych 1972)- Label:CLOUD FOREST A wildly eclectic brew of driving heaviness, looser trippiness, and even some delicate moments from Billy Bond -- a more freewheeling and ambitious mix of post psychedelic wildness from Brazil's Billy Bond & co! Volume 3 from 1972 is made up of 2 lengthy suites, " Lado 1 -- Acustico" and "Lado 2 -- Eectrica Camplementaria". The former is surprisingly lean in spots, with some folky psychedelia in the blender. The latter is full of abrupt, dramatic stop-start dynamics. Volume 4 from '73 includes "No Nos Paran Mas", "Hacia Algun Lugar", Gracias Al Cielo", "Estamos Hartos", "Ano 1939", "Algo Esta Por Suceder" and more. This one is more of a wild and wooly rock & roll set, and a deliciously unpredictable one! CD $8 SKU:7409

BREAKUP SOCIETY - So Much Unhappiness (hook laden pop ) Label:GET HIP Delivering tough but hook-laden pop/rock with lyrics that merge the witty and the cynical, the Pittsburgh-based band the Breakup Society pick up where leader Ed Masley's former band, the Frampton Brothers left off...literally. the Breakup Society's story began when vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter Masley, lead guitarist Sean Lally, and bassist Ray Vasko headed to Mesa, AZ, to record a Frampton Brothers album with producer and percussionist Bob Hoag, who had formerly played drums with the group during his days in Pittsburgh. CD $10 SKU:14872

COLOR HUMANO -II(70s Argentine Hendrix-Style Rock) FACING FORWARD IMAGE MINI SLV. - Label:MICROFON Argentinian import. Reissue on Cd of debut album by Argentian power trio strongly influenced by JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, CREAM aswell as GROUNDHOGS and MAY BLITZ. Featured ex-ALMENDRA members. Contains some excellent guitar work by EDELMIRO MOLINARI. import
After Almendra broke up, three extremely important Argentine groups emerged: Pescado Rabioso, Aquelarre and Color Humano. Color Humano was a power trio influenced by Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, as well as groups like Groundhogs or May Blitz. The name was taken from the song penned by Edelmiro Molinari (leader and author of almost all their repertoire) for the first Almendra LP. Besides Molinari’s extraordinary guitar, the first line-up included Rinaldo Rafanelli on bass and the versatile David Lebón (Polifemo, Pappo’s Blues) on drums. The first LP begins with a nice melody sung by Gabriela (Molinari’s wife), backed up by acoustic guitar and vocals. Some energetic stuff follows (‘Silbame oh cabeza,’ featuring ex-Almendra Rodolfo García on drums, and ‘Introducción polenta’) together with quieter ones (the instrumental ‘El hachazo,’ ‘Larga vida al sol,’ and ‘Humberto’). All themes feature the ever-present guitar. Soon after the album’s release, David Lebón left to join Pescado Rabioso and was replaced by Oscar Moro (ex-Los Gatos and Huinca). The band was much more solid with this new line-up. Between March and June 1973, Color Humano recorded enough songs for a double album. Due to business decisions the album was released as two separate LPs on the newly created Talent label. The cover of the first volume featured a drawing of the members of the group facing forward, while the second volume, showed a drawing of them facing backwards. The new songs were richer and more elaborate, spanning different rhythms and styles. The first record of this unreleased 2-LP set is great. ‘Sangre del sol’ (featuring female jazz singer Egle Martin on percussion) has an uptempo Latin rhythm; ‘La tierra del gitano’ is a slow song; ‘Humanoides’ (featuring Rinaldo on organ and Edelmiro on piano) is a potent effort; ‘Un blues para Adelina’ is a blues. The second part of the uneleased 2-LP set is just as good: ‘Hombre de las cumbres’ is energetic and complex; ‘Mañana por la noche’ is a simple blues-rock joyful ditty; ‘A través de los inviernos’ is a hard answer to Gabriela’s ‘Haz tu mente al invierno del sur’; ‘Hace casi 2000 años’ begins softly with an angelic vocal interlude, but ends with the power trio at their best; ‘Cosas rústicas’ is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’; ‘Vestidos de agua’ is a beautiful melody (featuring Jorge Cutello on flute) that leaves us repeating the last verse ‘cada vez que te miro/ aumenta mi ilusión "each time I look at you/ my illusion grows). Unfortunately, Color Humano split soon afterwards. Edelmiro and his wife Gabriela moved to Los Angeles. Rinaldo Rafanelli went to play with Sui Generis and Polifemo, among others. Moro later joined La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros and played in many other outfits. CD $12 SKU:4851

ERGO SUM - Mexico ( 70s French prog psych rarity )-Label:LION Official reissue of 70s French progressive psychedelic rock rarity. Features thick booklet containting extensive liner notes, photos, etc. and 4 bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:6923

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN- Astra (70s South African psych ) Label:FRESH The classic 1970 2nd LP from South African psych group, deemed by many to be the band's defining moment. Painstakingly tracked down and remastered, the album sounds better than anyone involved ever imagined. W 3 bonus tracks, Coffee Song, Satisfaction, and Little Games CD $15 SKU:4572

FREEDOM’S CHILDREN- Galactic Vibes (1971S S AFRICAN PROG PSYCH ) - Label:FRESH "This is one of the best heavy psych albums to come out of South Africa or in fact the world, phased out vocals, heavy as lead thumping rhythms on the bass and drums and guitars that weave in and out of the tracks like a madman on acid. Mind melter!" --Freak Emporium CD $15 SKU:8742

JUAN DE LA CRUZ-HEMIG NATIN(GREAT 70S GARAGE PSYCH from the Philippines)Label:VICOR First release of this essential album (1973) by hard-rock powerhouse power trio (a band, not a man) from the Philippines, who flourished in the 1970s-their first studio only album .Includes the garage-psych great, I Wanna Say Yeah. CD $10 SKU:1959

LEARS -Story so Far (JINGLE JANGLE POP WITH PSYCHEDELIC PUNCH.) Label:GET HIP Fans of The Optic Nerve and The Byrds are going to have a field day with this one! This collection of rare 45's, compilation tracks and unreleased material by The Lears is one of the finest examples of folk rock since the ‘60s! The band has been playing around Florida since 1990 and has seen several releases on various labels since '93. If you’ve heard any of those releases or enjoy the The Byrds' jangly pop styling, this one is mandatory! CD $10 SKU:22177

MAINLINERS-BRING ON THE SWEETLIFE (Stooges' raw exuberance with good old British R&B and a taste of Kinks pop) Label:GET HIP The Mainliners combine the Stooges' raw exuberance with good old British rhythm and blues and a taste of Kinks pop sensibilities, producing an explosive yet soothing sound. Frontman Robert Billing's voice is reminiscent of a young Van Morrison and will surely give the Hives' Howlin' Pelle a run for his money. Such a visceral voice is accented by furious guitar work, trashcan drum beats, and solid bass lines.The Mainliners are not formula rock. Their musical influences go from '60s Them to '70s Mott the Hoople to '80s Sweden garage cult band The Creeps. They're smooth, confident and original, attacking rock 'n' roll with a fuck-all attitude and the songs to back it up! CD $10 SKU:22179

MORNING DEW - No More (60s Kansas psych)Label:CICADELIC RECORDS Along with The Blue Things, The Morning Dew were one of Kansas' finest psychedelic bands of the '60s. This CD presents over one hour of their recordings- the 1966 Audio House session, all the singles (with bonus alternate versions), the 1968 Fairyland sessions (including newly discovered psychedaelic stereo version with special effects-headphone use suggested). An in-depth booklet with a cache of photos, radio surveys, and posters, traces the genesis of an instrumental group called The Impax in 1963 to The Morning Dew in 1966. By 1968, The Morning Dew forged a complex psychedelic sound the culminated with their famed Fairyland summer '68 sessions. This release is the first of two covering the history of the band. The second release will contain their much sought after 1970 Roulette album, known as At Last with alternate versions, plus their unreleased second album." CD $14 SKU:9710

MULLENS-IT'S HARD TO IMAGINE-(Texas jangly garage-punk )Label:GET HIP 4th album by Dallas, Texas garage-punk combo, this time with the original lineup + a second guitar player! Best songwriting to date includes jangly garage stompers like the beautiful "Esmeralda" and drivin’ punk rockers like the title track & more! CD $10 SKU:21824

NEW ARRIVALS- Finally (rare 60s Bay area garage) -Label:TAJ RECORDS Euro release. First time release of unrel’ 66 LP by Bay Area garage band famous for their 'Scratch Your Name' 45 .Tracks include 'Scratch Your Name', 'Hey Little Girl', 'The Nazz Are Blue', etc. Comes in a cool digipack with liner notes CD $8 SKU:1455

NIGHT SHADOWS - Vol 2 Little Phil Era 1964-67 (Atlanta gritty garage ) -Label:HATTRAX Gritty garage work from one of the coolest combos of the south in the 60s -- Atlanta's Night Shadows, a group with a sound that would have been right at home on the Sunset Strip! This second chapter in the group's career showcases the time when Little Phil took over as their lead vocalist -- a singer with a style that's much hipper than you might guess from his name, with a sense of darkness that really matches the raw pre-psyche guitars in the group. CD features 16 pages of notes and images from the group's history -- plus 14 titles that include "60 Second Swinger", "The Hot Rod Song", "I Did My Part", "In The Air", "So Much", "Dancing To A Different Beat", and "Perils Of Pauline". CD $8 SKU:8546

PAYBACKS - Harder and Harder (real-deal Detroit R&R ) Label:GET HIP The Paybacks are real-deal Detroit R&R with capital letters and still stand as one of the city's best kept secrets. Fueled by the rocker-with-a-heart-of-gold vocals of Wendy Case, on ‘Harder And Harder ’, the Paybacks belt out nearly a dozen honest and passionate songs loaded with hooks. Their’s no denying that Wendy voice sounds like a combination of Wendy O. Williams and Joan Jett as she belts out eleven strong songs of sonic brash pop with blazing hard rock riffs and some firey guitar leads. The Paybacks are equal parts swagger and stagger as they plug away on melodic rockers like "Bright Side" and the glittery blues anthem "Jumpy." The scorching riff rockers like "Superrider" and "Scotch Love" assert how powerful and unrelenting this Motor City quartet can be and the soulfully executed ballad "Can You Drive?" suggests the band can do more than raise hell. ‘Harder And Harder’ sounds like a sonic combustion of The Runayways, the MC5 and the Dirtbombs played with a ton of heart and soul. And by calling this sonic firecracker ‘Harder and Harder’, the Paybacks will never be accused of false advertising. CD $12 SKU:21820

PLASTICLAND- Mink Dress and Other Cats (post punk psych) SAALE - Label:TIMOTHY'S BRAIN Record Collector magazine in England rightly calls this "a superb compilation of one of the true pioneers of post-punk psychedlia:—and it's true; an amazing collection of ultra-rare early singles from a truly under-rated band CD $10 SKU:5966

PLASTICLAND- ST Aka Colour Appreciation (60s influenced psychedelic/garage magic) - Label:Hardknocks Hard-to-find band-authorized CD version of the 1984 debut album from these neo-psychedelic greats—pure 1960s influenced psychedelic/garage magic, a trip not to be missed for any reason! This seventeen-track CD has all the material from both of these (and several other) editions of the band’s debut, including their hair-raising version of the Pretty Things’ (as Electric Banana) song ‘Alexander CD $14 SKU:8417

PTARMIGAN -ST (70s hippie/psych cult fave)- Label:LION First official release of this cult favorite - an album overflowing with brooding, mystical, Eastern-influenced hippie psychedelia dominated by long and largely instrumental tracks - all based on a complex interplay of recorder, hand drums and acoustic guitar. Ptarmigan recorded the basic tracks for what would eventually become their only album in Vancouver, B.C. during the fall of 1972. One of those hidden gems from the 70's that make life better when you discover them all these years later, rated by many as the best 'folk/progressive' and/or 'folk/psych' album ever made." IMPORT CD $10 SKU:4943

REICHEL & MACHINES, ACHIM - AR 3(70s Legendary underground freak Label:GERMANOFON If this album wasn't made in Germany and was entirely instrumental, one could easily mistake it as a "psychedelic/space rock" album, because it's made up of mostly kosmiche, spacey jams. It's the occasional vocal chants and keyboards which give it a nice Krautrock flavor. A superb album with no major flaws, indeed an excellent addition to any prog/psych music collection. Especially recommended for fans of spacey and psychedelic music, and essential to Krautrock enthusiasts. Happy listening..." "For Achim Reichel's 1973 release, and first on his vanity label Zebra, the talented Okko Bekker and noted Krautrock producer Thomas Kuckuck were invited along with many others, with the results being a higher-level mix of echo-guitar excursions, imaginative ensemble playing and kosmische folk-blues. Essential A.R.!" CD $10 SKU:7184

SHAKERS,LOS-CONFERENCIA/OTRA VEZ68/71 Uruguayan Rock-Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS Two lp's on 1 CD. In 1967, "Los Shakers" begin to write what would be considered the "Sergeant Pepper's" by "Los Shakers", "La conferencia secreta del Toto's bar" (Toto's bar secret conference) and in 1968 they finish the arrangements and decide the album concept. The name of the LP is a satire of the American presidents conference that was held in Punta del Este in april 1967, and Toto was the owner of a bar where the Uruguayan musicians met. "La Conferencia" is a complex LP and "Los Shakers" anticipated the fusion of rock with candombe, bossa nova and tango. Subsequently, Hugo and Osvaldo recorded a bossa-jazz LP called "La bossa nova de Hugo y Osvaldo" (Hugo and Osvaldo's bossa-nova), where all of them play the instruments and put an end to the pending contract with the record company, also considered a "must" by bossa-jazz lovers. In 1971, Caio and Peln attempt to take once again the rock style and record an LP called "Otra vez en estudio" (Once again at the studio), inviting for this project three Uruguayan musicians from the "old times" of the 60s, three members of "Los Inocentes" (The Innocents), the twins Hctor and Carlos Capobianco (brothers of Peln) and Rubm Viera (Lorenzo). This LP intends to continue the Shakers' melodic line but without the Fattoruso brothers, and it is a different thing, although it presents some compositions with good harmonies and the album is very well considered by collectors CD $15 SKU:8884

SNAKEGRINDER - And the Shredded Fieldmice (70s psych Grateful Dead style) - Label:OBSCURE OXIDE "Every burg in the '70s that had a steady supply of weed and electricity undoubtedly provided a birthing ground for the formation of bands influenced by the likes of Jerry Garcia and Lowell George, and the Delaware area was no different. What was different was that our subjects-at-hand got it together and in 1977 released an unassuming document for posterity, containing nothing but original, winding (dare we say "snake-like"?) compositions and good vibes throughout. Since then, the album has garnered accolades from the Acid Archives crowd and so we felt the time was right to give the group's efforts a proper (and properly licensed from the band) presentation, with an "old-style" heavy mini-LP sleeve and thick booklet containing pics, gig posters, song lyrics and liner notes by producer and longtime fan GREGOR ALLIGATOR. In addition, we've added a half-hour of unreleased live tracks from the same era, and everything you hear (album and bonus) was transferred from the mastertapes." CD $10 SKU:8709

TOMORROW- ST ( UK 60s flower-psych w.12 bonus cuts & a great booklet)Label:EMI Classic UK flower-psych album from 1968. CD $10 SKU:533

TONCHO PILATOS- ST ( Stunning Mexican psych album from 1973 - Paper mini slv replica ) -Label:CIRUELA ELECTRICA (Mexico) Stunning Mexican album from 1973, which has some excellent psychedelic jamming and a fine blues based Led Zeppelin style. Reputedly one of the rarest South American albums. CD $10 SKU:1054

TREE PEOPLE - ST (privately released acid folk gem from 1979)Label:TILIQUA RECORDS (Japan) digipack . incredible Japanese-based label Tiliqua records presents the lysergic beauty of the Tree People's sole recorded artifact, a privately released acid folk gem from 1979, to a whole new generation. The Tree People were an Oregon based acoustic group centered around guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Stephen Cohen (who had recently been transplanted, hobo style coffee house to coffee house, from Rhode Island). This is a meditative, deeply introspective work, with stunningly clear production, that really does make one feel they are amongst natural surroundings. The best tracks feature recorder and flute, such as ‘Opus,’ ‘Pot of Gold’, ‘Morning Song’ and ‘The Pineapple Song’. Cohen has a slight rural twang in his voice, one that seems confident yet vulnerable. For progressive folk fans, the comparisons go northwards towards some similarly minded Canadians—most obviously, Vancouver based band Ptarmigan (see our Lion Productions reissue of their only album)—the acoustic guitar, fragile vocals and ample use of recorder are a touchstone for both groups. The CD reissue on Tiliqua Records is stunning. It comes in a beautiful Japanese mini-LP (extra thick cardboard), with a full history, photos, etc. It’s obvious that this reissue was a labor of love, and that the label owner is a huge fan of the album. Limited pressing. For good measure, here is the label description: “In times when people are getting excited about media-created scenes like “new weird america” and “freak folk”, they seem to overlook the fact that such music was being created decades ago. The Tree People album is evidence of such creativity, but was sadly doomed to obscurity... until now. Upon listening today this hushed and intimate feeling still resonates through the music – the record possesses an extraordinarily potent atmosphere that still intoxicates the senses after so many years. over a combustible backing dominated by shimmering strings, bone-shaking hand percussion rhythms, and quivering sensuous threads of eastern-toned flute playing, the group succeeded in concocting up a syncretic combination of meditative Indian raga, western folk stylings and idiosyncratic melodic ideas. the music breathes out intimacy and communicates with a rare directness—hooking you instantly with sheer aural bliss derived from the melody, from the flowing beat, from the sound of the words and syllables and of all those separate elements interacting with each other, rendered into a concentrated, gracious flow of lunar notes. the album's compositions have so many hidden qualities, all breathing out deep and affectionate sentiments that reveal, just like a lotus flower centered on the axis with its petals unfolding towards the circumference, a streamlined adhesion towards the group's' own singular creed. listen to it and you may feel like awakening from a deep slumber, your unconsciousness leaking away as aspects of reality slowly mix in with the rest of your already blurred mindset.” CD $12 SKU:5234

TRUTH AND JANEY- No Rest For The Wicked (60s power trio)Label:ROCKADROME RECORDS (USA) Originally formed as Truth in 1969 in Iowa, USA, this power trio was named after a record by Jeff Beck. The album shows that Truth and Janey were indeed one of the hardest rocking power trios of their time. CD $14 SKU:918

TRUTH AND JANEY- Erupts! (70s midwest power trio Psych )Label:ROCKADROME RECORDS (USA) Crushing live recordings from ‘76 by one of the midwest's heaviest power trio's of all time. Features all material from orig rare double live LP + 40 min of unrel live trax. raw, loud, heavy psych screaming trip back in time to 1976 CD $14 SKU:1224

WALKERS, LOS - LOS WALKERS/ NOSOTROS ( 67 garage psych from ARGENTINA ) SALE! Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS Garage & psychedelic legend from Argentina. First LP 1967 + second lp 1968 plus 8 bonus tracks. Never before on cd, all bonus tracks are non LP singles. In fact, Los Walkers were the Argentine response to "Los Shakers" and "Los Mockers" (that were from Uruguay). The first Lp is like a sort of garage classics and included 3 tracks written by themselves. We have covers of Them - Small faces - Lemmom Pipers - Doors - Kinks - Stones, all of them in a very special and peculiar versions. The booklet brings extensive lines and photos. 32 songs - 77 minutes !! CD $12 SKU:6646

WIZARDS FROM KANSAS - ST(70’S PSYCH) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) A very welcome reissue of this excellent and unheralded album (Mercury, 1970) that has developed a big reputation and price tag over the past decade--and why not, as it's one of the best US psych albums around, with fine versions of classic songs like "High Flying Bird" and Buffy St. Marie's "Codeine," as well as excellent original compositions like "Misty Mountainside," "Country Dawn," and "She Rides With Witches." Includes keyboard help from MARK NAFTALIN from PAUL BUTTERFIELD's BLUES BAND (who remembers the record fondly), as well as additional aid from a cast of hemp pickers, superdooperchicks, and other friends. CD $10 SKU:13802

YORKS, LOS- Los Yorks ‘67(amazing Peruvian 60’s garage psych ) -Label:World Psychedelia A reissue of the first album by this garage psych quartet, who along with Los Saicos and Los Shains, are one of the best and most important bands to come out of Peru in the mid-1960s. Originally released by Mag in 1967, the album features a nonstop beat-influenced, go-go twang, guitar-psych tone throughout. CD $8 SKU:1123

PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND- VOL 14 ( 70s psych prog )SAALE -Label:Garden of Delights Still plenty of greatness to unearth in the Psychedelic Underground -- just the sort of tripped-out grooves we've really come to love from this well-priced series! Some of the work here is as heavy on jazzy elements as it is psychedelic ones -- making for a great blend that's a bit more organic at times than you might expect -- a world-ranging approach to the styles that really keeps things interesting, and which nicely breaks past simple cliches of psychedelia. Plus, many of the tracks are of European origin, and from the 70s -- and they've got key proggish elements as well, especially on some of the jazzier numbers. Titles include "Summer 79" by Gravestone, "Arctic Ocean" by Pancake, "Back On My Hill" by Faithful Breath, "Ala Dalona" by Emma Myldenberger, "Question" by Joy Unlimited, "Bolero" by Aqua, and "Where Is Your Home Town COMP CD $7 SKU:8718

DIGGIN' FOR GOLD- Vol 6 (rare and obscure 45s) 180 GRAM GOLD Label:PAST & PRESENT RSD 2018 release. Rubble presents a collection of rare and obscure 45s from around the world in an international showdown of teenage angst, despair and delinquency. The toxic sound of '60s garage punk never sounded so good! Blasted through 60-watt amplifiers on a diet of amphetamines and adrenalin, 'Diggin' For Gold' offers torment and misery with an explosive twist in mind-bending mono! Comes on 180 gram gold vinyl COMP LP $22 SKU:19723

MONDO INFERNO Vol 1 Devilish Dancefloor Grooves From Around The Globe Label:DIONYSUS A fourteen track grab bag of worldwide sleaze, soul, and cool grooves galore compiledby DJs from an out-of-this-world Vegas-style supper club in Australia called DevillesPad! Some of the stuff on here is astoundingly rare and each one a dance floor killer! COMP LP $14 SKU:18044

PSYCHEDELIC POP ISRAEL-Vol 2 -RARE AND OBSCURE SINGLES FROM THE HOLYLAND 1970’s '-Label:BLACK GOLD Second compilation with ultra rare Israel psychedelic pop singles from the early '70s. Order fast! COMP LP $30 SKU:19857

SHIELDED BY DEATH - vol. 3 RARE PUNK TRACKS 78-81 -Label:DIONYSUS 19 more rare punk and new wave tracks, concentrating on CT and MA punk . Tracks culled from rare singles and unreleased tapes, a virtual treasure trove of tracks, Liner notes, photos and even contacts for former members of the groups are included for your enjoyment! COMP LP $10 SKU:19836

ST. ALBERT'S DREAM- ST (68-72 heaviest fuzz psych garage comps ever pressed! Limited ed numbered -Label:LYSERGIC SOUND A brand new limited edition vinyl-only hand-numbered pressing of 800 copies that’s one of the heaviest fuzz psych garage comps ever pressed; psychedelia with an acid-inspired sound throughout. There’s eleven extra-heavy cuts originally recorded from 1968 to 1972 by eleven different, very obscure bands from all over the U.S. All the tracks are authorized, restored and re-mastered from various sources, including unreleased master tapes and newly discovered acetates. None of these tracks have previously been comped on vinyl anywhere. These unknown bands include Oracle, Wheatridge, the funereal organ and sludge guitar of Greylock Mansion, a 7 minute Hendrix space fuzz anthem by Frozen Sun and seven more similar unknown bands that leave you with a record full of acid-drenched trippy lyrics, swirling organ, spacey effects and heavy guitar with tons of fuzz and thumpin’ wah-wah. The wildly colorful cryptic psychedelic cover is a brother to Cream’s “Disreali Gears” or Golden Dawn’s “Power Plant”; obviously over-the-top!" COMP LP $22 SKU:21047

STRIP-O-RAMA + CD- Vol 3 (50s and 60s strip morsels?) Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Perhaps the densest (and most scandalous) compilation yet by the ever daring El Vidocq. Already a third folding album that opens to teasingly reveal more sumptuous "strip music" morsels. Indeed, the 1950s and '60s represent an inexhaustible source of delicious tunes, most of which just never hit it off with the media or masses. Once again, our indefatigable connoisseur raises the curtain on an arousing series of smooth tunes, with their languid rhythms, well-rounded melodies and cheeky grooves. An exciting mix of styles struts its stuff in various states of undress: rockabilly (Rusty & Doug Kershaw, Clyde Stacy), pop (Betty Reilly, Ella Johnson), crooner (Louis Jordan), rock (Chuck Miller), swing jazz (Joanie Sommers), burlesque (The Ramcocks), r'n'b (Gino Parks)... An eminently naughty selection of musical gems to peel off one by one. COMP LP $22 SKU:20715

TWELVE STRING HIGH VOl 3 -Mind expanding tunes! DBL LP PLUS CD Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS The last of the Twelve String High series contains 22 artists from around the world playing 12-string guitars: Sid Griffin, Scott Gagner, Athanor, Jigsaw Seen, The Modulators, Lannie Flowers, The Nerk Twins COMP LP $25 SKU:20568

TWELVE STRING HIGH #2 -Mind expanding tunes! DBL LP PLUS CD Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS Explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP LP $25 SKU:19145

WEIRD A GO-GO- VA SALE! Early obscure desperate Rock'n Roll-Label:DOGHOUSE & BONE 14 thundering tracks from the vault! Here's a great new compilation from Doghouse and Bone, 14 Stonkers to get you moving...Sleeve is very cool too ! All of these tracks have been re-mastered so you get a Tip Top sound Daddio ! Yeah, there's a couple of repeats in there but they're good repeats so can be forgiven ! COMP LP $18 SKU:20944