Jun 26, 2015


NEW ARRIVALS and RESTOCKS are here for the weekend. AND SHINDIG is back, we have their new issue available for you below, along with some other goodies that you’ll like.

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SHINDIG!-#48 Grateful Dead - Label: Grateful Dead, Jorge Ben, Art, Squire, Mary Wilson, Amon Düül II and Joe Boyd figure among typically eclectic content. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:16763

LONDON DRI - Western Skies LOS ANGELES PSYCHEDELIC 1967-69 -Label:BREAKAWAY Limited to 100. Hand-made! Between their 1965 formation and their disbandment in '70, London Dri recorded a small collection of psych nuggets, only two of which made it to wax. This retrospective combines their lone single with nine unreleased gems. LP $24 SKU:16717

GHOULS NIGHT OUT Vol 1- Killer Halloween Rockers For Your Thrilling Pleasure-Label:SIMPLETONE Groovy and ghoulish groovers from the deeper, weirder novelty scene of the 60s – post rockabilly numbers about monsters, bug eyed R&B about the the boogie man, surf pop with schlockly Transylvanian narrators and more! It's really fun stuff, much of it probably made in the wake of the "Monster Mash" craze, and likely played by stellar session musicians under pseudonyms – but whatever the origin, it's bizarro and wildly fun stuff like they just don't make in today's music rackets! Includes "The Cave" by Gary Spider Webb, "The Mechanical Man" by Bent Bolt And The Nuts, "Summertime" by The Thunderbirds, "Werewolf" by Carl Bonafede, "The Monster" by Bobby Please And The Pleasers, "Vampire's Ball" by Mann Drake, "The Thing (Part 1)" by Curtis And The Creepers and more COMP CD $14 SKU:16768

BEAT, BEAT, BEATSVILLE! BEATNIK ROCK'N'ROLL- VA -Label:BONGO Great Aussie comp “Some people like to rock. Some people like to roll.
But me, I like to sit around to satisfy my soul.
I like my women short. I like my women tall.
And that’s about the only thing I really dig at all.”
“Hey Daddy-O! Don’t hand me one of that Kerouac and Ginsberg jive. That’s Drag-City! These are the sides I wanna hear. So what if they’re all a put on?! Big Deal. The whole Beat Generation was a put on right from the beginning anyway. Man, I’ll take Maynard G. over Jack K. any day. Or the Wild Man of Wildsville (Lord Buckley guesting on Beany & Cecil dig?!). Those cats know where life’s at. Get Hip. This is the real score, the platter that puts the beat back into beatnik. Endsville!” A crazy set of cool ’50s & ’60s rock & roll, free-garageish sounds, beatnik poetry, hip-jazz and a whole lotta wacky weirdness. A few familiar tracks plus lots of really hard-to-find stuff, compiled into a set of instant party mashers! Absolutely staggering array of sounds, from Herman Munster opening off reading “Beat” poetry to Lord Buckley providing the voice of “Go Man Van Go” as The Wild Man of Wildsville and lots and lots of hipness in between.” COMP CD $14 SKU:16769


BLUE ASH - She’s So Nice (1972 ) - LTD ED OF 525 COPIES. POWER POP-Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS A limited and numbered edition of 525 copies featuring four previously unreleased tracks by USA power pop band BLUE ASH. Originally recorded in 1972. SIDE A: 1. She's So Nice 2.2. Silver Horses 45 RPM $10 SKU:16215

FLAMIN GROOVIES- Something Else W PIC SLV -Label:Norton BW TOO LATE FOR YOUR LIES. Pure rock n’ roll action! Teenage Head warm up blast b/w Flamingo demo! 45 RPM $7 SKU:15672

SEEDS- Night Time Girl ( Two garage snarlers from Sky and company )-Label:NORTON Two garage snarlers from Sky and company make their first 45 appearance! These were issued with dubbed in applause on the LIVE AND WILD album - dig the raw undubbed studio takes! (2015) 45 RPM $8 SKU:16424

VILETONES-1977 Demos EP ( Previously unreleased tunes from the legendary Canadian punk band ) pic slv and insert -Label:DISTORTIONS Previously unreleased tunes from the legendary Canadian punk band. Contains: Auschwitz Jerk/Wet Dream Girl/Heinrich Himmler. Comes with picture sleeve and insert. Ltd. Ed. 600 copies on Black wax wi h small hole. 45 RPM $7 SKU:15520

UGLY THINGS- 32 Paul Revere and the Raiders- Label: In our killer new issue, our intrepid writers take a look at Paul Revere & the Raiders in the Psychedelic era. Mark Lindsay opens up to Doug Sheppard about the making of their underrated late ‘60s albums, while Bill Kopp examines the post-Raiders adventures of Drake, Fang & Smitty and their experimental psych-pop project The Brotherhood. BOOKS & MAGS $9 SKU:13404

DEAD BOYS - 3rd Generation Nation (rare outtakes and liners by Cheetah Chrome )-Label:BAD BOY THESE ARE PRE-MIX RARE OUTTAKES OF “WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR CHILDREN”. RAW AND UNADULTERATED, THESE ARETHE REAL THING FOR TRUE PUNK-ROCK FANS. CHEETAH CHROME’S LINER NOTES:In January of 1978, the Dead Boys, for some ungodly reason, were sent to Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida, to record a follow-up to “Young, Loud & Snotty”. While it was nice hanging out with Andy Gibb & Co, it could have been done cheaper and more happily in New York. Somehow, we felt as comfortable as 5 men sitting in one electric chair, as Disco and Southern Rock ruled the land, and we had spiked hair and dog collars! The result was probably the most disappointed 2nd album in history. Felix Pappalardi, the producer, didn’t understand us, and didn’t want to, as he got paid no matter what, and had plenty of drugs to play with. The songs and performances however, were fine, but you sure couldn’t tell it from the mix, though the cover was nice! Here is a re-EQ’d mix of the pre-EQ’d session, bringing some of the energy and spirit that was the band out front where it belongs. Give it a second chance, it’s been worth the wait! “Big City” still sucks though! TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE CD $12 SKU:16566

NERVOUS EATERS- EATERVILLE, VOL. 1- Rare Tracks box w 24 page booklet -Label:PENNIMAN CD comes with cardboard packaging and 24 page booklet. Compilation bringing together the high-voltage sounds of rare tracks -recorded between 1973 and 1975!- from studio sessions and demos along with their official Rat singles and their fans' favourite old songs: Also included are demos. IMPORT CD $17 SKU:2184

DON’T BE BAD- 60s Punk Recorded in Texas -Label:BIG BEAT A killer 26-track compilation featuring the rawest and very best punk and garage recorded in '60s-era Texas.Includes cuts by The Pirates, The Argyles, The Chancellors, The Blue Diamonds, Gaylan Ladd, What's Left, Destiny's Children, and more COMP CD $19 SKU:16746

FOWLEY, KIM- VA Another Man's Gold ( 60s Godhead! ) - Label:NORTON Buried treasures from artist, producer, arranger, promoter, raconteur, and most entertaining character Kim Fowley-- fiery pre garage, fuzzed out surf styled numbers, raw novelty pop, and storming groovers all around -- with some of Kim's own headliner credits plus tunes by Gamblers, Cover Girls, Daywins, Bonnie And The Treasures, Hollywood Argyles, US Rockets and more! This prime early pulp from Mr Fowley is wholly excellent, and a prime 60s nuggets, some previously unreleased, and others are singles put out with the Arwin, Last Chance, American International, Corby and other labels. A stellar Volume 2 from Norton! Titles include "Geronimo" by Renegades, "Big Sur, Bear Mountain, Ciro's, Filip Side, Prostest Song" by Kim Fowley, "Teen Machine" by Ramblers, "Gone But Not Forgotten" by Cover Girls, "Bounty Hunter" by Donnie And The Outcasts, "Daddy Said" by Althea And The Memories, "Gone" by Rituals and more. 16 tracks in all.
Tracklist: Renegades - Geronimo; Kim Fowley - Big Sur, Bear Mountain, Ciro's, Flip Side Protest Song; Gamblers - Teen Machine; Vaqueros - Vaquero Beat; Players - Memories Of A High School Bride; Aston Martin And The Moon Discs - Fallout; Cover Girls - Gone But Not Forgotten; Daywins - Heartbeat; Rituals - Surfers Rule; Bonnie And The Treasures - Eleventh Commandment Of Love*; Renegades - Ghost Train*; Hollywood Argyles - Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack; Donnie And The Outcasts - Bounty Hunter; Althea And The Memories - Daddy Said; U.S. Rockets - March Of The Siamese Children; Rituals - Gone (* = previously unissued) COMP CD $14 SKU:10864

KILLED BY DEATH- Vol 5 ( rare punk singles ) - Label:REDRUM TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE COMP CD $12 SKU:346

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 8 gatefold DBL LP -Label:CRYPT Super-swank gatefold double-LP with 36 cuts of utter prime teen punk or 32-song 77-minute CD with 16-page booklet. GROOP "Alright," BENDERS "Cant Tame Me," ADRIAN LLOYD "Lorna," NIGHTRIDERS "With Friends Like You," CHANCELLORS "On Tour," just too much, etc. etc.!!! COMP LP $22 SKU:173

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 4 (GATEFOLD 60s garage punk rarities ) - Label:CRYPT 17 frantic mid-60’s punkers w..Tamrons, Fabs, Tonto & Renegades ,Nomads, , Vectors, etc COMP LP $19 SKU:243

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 6 GATEFOLD ( 60s Garage/Punk ) - Label:CRYPT 17 loud un-psych 60’s garage punkers feat. Shames, Savoys, Ascots, Barracudas, Abandoned, Byrds, Werps,etc TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE COMP LP $19 SKU:15704

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 1 ( GATEFOLD ! ) 60s garage punk rarities ) - Label:CRYPT Exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition with updated photos & liner notes! 60's Garage-Punk must-have compilation! 15 tracks including

GARAGE ACETATES, VOL. 3-Train To Nowhere VA ( 60s 70s GARAGE BEAT PSYCH ) -Label:NORTON "Train To Nowhere". From the brilliant folk rock of Creation's Disciple to the pummeling fuzz assault of the Night Crawlers to the inept lo-fi crud of the Khuns, these originally unreleased recordings present a treasure trove of garage killers! All selections were recorded 1964-67 but none were released at the time. Including Fanatics-Woman/Noblemen-I'm Gone/Dave And The Wanderers-My Heart Is In Pain/Six Minus One-Fun And Games/Bedlam's Offspring-I'll Be There/Wombats-Hey/Method-Free As The Wind/Muphets-One Thing/Juveniles-Let Me Tell You Girl/Fanatics-Bitter Bells/Wombats-Please Come On/4 Dimensions-I Feel So Well/Straight Jackets-I'm On My Own/Unknown-Train To Nowhere. COMP LP $13 SKU:9648

GARAGE ACETATES, VOL. 4-I've Had Enough VA ( 60s 70s GARAGE BEAT PSYCH ) -Label:NORTON Special NY edition. From the brilliant folk rock of Creation's Disciple to the pummeling fuzz assault of the Night Crawlers to the inept lo-fi crud of the Khuns, these originally unreleased recordings present a treasure trove of garage killers! All selections were recorded 1964-67 but none were released at the time. Including Blue Embers-Don't Want To See You/Henchmen-Jack Of All Trades/Unknown-Voodoo/Creation's Disciple/Michelle's Menagerie-Stay Away/Unknown-I've Had Enough/Sideburns-You're No Good/Jagged Edge-Gonna Find My Baby/Henchmen-Walk With Me Baby/Creations-Get On My Train/Henchmen-Sad Clown/Younger Set-Do You Love Me/Henchmen-Strangers/Reign-Zippered Up Heart. COMP LP $13 SKU:9649

BLACK KEYS - Chulahoma - Label:FAT POSSUM Recorded by the band in their own Akron, OH studio THE BLACK KEYS epitomize DIY. Chulahoma is a collection of songs that were originally written by the late Junior Kimbrough. Reworked and recorded, The Keys capture the very essence of Junior’s style better than any other musician today. Roomy and sparse in production the drums/guitar duo fill out every inch of these songs with distorted guitar, drums, and Dan's soulful vocals. LP $17 SKU:12585

FLAMIN' GROOVIES- Flamingo ( 70s garage gods ) GATEFOLD- Label:KAMA SUTRA