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More imports this weekend, along with some groovy BOMP warehouse finds from the 70s and 80s.

And some excellent bargains from your fave garage/psych label DIONYSUS, check their catalogue here, lots of $1 items.

We’ll keep em coming for you guys, thanks for your kind words and support.

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DADISTICS-TEST PRESSING! - Paranoia Perception VOID 2 (70s power pop w girl singer pic slv ) Label:QUARK/ BOMP Original TEST pressing 1979. Offshoot BOMP label. Fast new wave rock / power pop with a folky female singer. 45 RPM $15 SKU:23144

DAHL, JEFF- TEST PRESSING - Suicide City / Whatever Happened To Fun? VOX 1005 Label:BOMP 1993 ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING 45 RPM $10 SKU:23146

PLAN 9- TEST PRESSING! -I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye VOXX 1005 Label:VOXX ORIGINAL ALCO TEST PRESSING 1981. Their first - great raw 60s sound.. Featuring four guitars and a sound straight from those psychedelic '60s. 45 RPM $50 SKU:23145


A-side: Recorded at Silvery Moon1984 B-side: Recorded 1984. Previously unreleased demos Not on LP Voxx 200.032-"Dream Life" 45 RPM $15 SKU:23147


CD $10 SKU:23150

DEAD BOYS - Night Of The Living (Band photo cover) last-ever CBGB show w. original '77 lineup & bonus tracks) CDLabel:BOMP Records The last-ever CBGBs show by the original 1977 lineup and the Dead Boys third album. Great sound and one of the best punk live albums. CD $25 SKU:23148

ZZ HILL- Brand New - SWAMP DOGG PRESENTS Label:SDGE RECORDS Rare release on Swamp’s label, unsealed CD $25 SKU:23149

REVOLUTION POP!-14 FUZZY & GROOVY FRENCH CUTS FROM THE 60s (Garage punk monsters, dance ravers, organ driven soul and psyche pop) -Label:LES DISQUES ROBESPIERRE Never before reissued and compiled on vinyl! Incredible covers and fantastic originals! Songs about Mao, catwomen, drugs, sex, the devil and elevators! Garage punk monsters, dance ravers, organ driven soul and psyche pop! It's May 68 again, a French revolution on the dancefloor, a record guaranteed to fire up any sixties party! COMP LP $26 SKU:20717

FROZEN PLANET 1969-COLD HAND OF A GAMBLING MAN(Australian psych-/jam-rockers) Label: HEADSPIN Cold Hand Of A Gambling Man’ can be described as a slightly heavier and darker sounding album than ‘The Heavy Medicinal’, yet no less tripped-out. Solid bass and drums form the foundation with plenty of otherworldly guitar experimentation over the top. Tasteful and unexpected tempo and rhythmic shifts throughout the album contribute to the journey. This Australian trio shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! LP $21 SKU:23096


AMEN CORNER -LIVE ON AIR '67-'69 (UK psych-pop)Label:LONDON CALLING Collected on CD are highlights from the BBC radio sessions of UK psych-pop group Amen Corner, dating back to the years 1967-1969. Included are renditions of songs s.a. 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'In The Pocket', 'Bend Me Shape Me', 'The Duck', 'High In The Sky', 'I Don't Want To Discuss It', 'Gin House Blues', 'World Of Broken Hearts', '(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice', 'So Fine', 'Day Tripper' and many more. Presented in a 4-panel digipack, the CD comes with an 8-page booklet offering background liners and rare images. CD $16 SKU:22868

CHARGE - ST (1973 hard rock)-Label:WOODEN HILL Recorded in January 1973 as a demo-only pressing to hawk around the major record companies of the era, heavy rock trio Charge's frenzied, guitar-drenched album was counterfeited on both vinyl and CD in the 1990s, and consequently is now firmly established as one of the most legendary rarities to escape from the early Seventies British psychedelic/progressive underground scene. This first-ever authorised reissue adds a previously undocumented LP from twelve months earlier and tells the band's story for the first time. With re-mastered sound and a 12-page booklet with numerous hitherto-unpublished photos, this is the definitive issue of a definitive album! CD $17 SKU:23036

CONNER, GARY LEE- UNICORN CURRY (Totally psych!)Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE 2019 album by Screaming Trees guitarist Gary Lee Conner. Totally psychedelic with many sixties vibes and Screaming Trees guitar style. A mystical journey from beginning to end. A trip back in time to an English garden where technicolor flowers bloom and purple mushrooms glow in the dark. Get ready for an incredible ride to the center of your mind. Swirling guitars and echoing vocals float in the distance. Do not miss out on this collection of magical songs from this legendary and influential song writer. Limited edition of 300 copies on compact disc. Essential. CD $19 SKU:23037

DANTALIAN'S CHARIOT-CHARIOT RISING (Legendary 1967 British ACID-ROCKERS)-Label:WOODEN HILL Legendary 1967 British ACID-ROCKERS. Contrary to some of the material from the album version, all tracks are from ORIGINAL MASTERS. Has 20 page booklet featuring extended liner notes photos etc . CD $17 SKU:23038

DIMMA-I MORGON BORJAR ALLT OM(, high voltage rock'n roll & psych sounds of the '60s. -Label:TRANSSUBSTANS Heavy riffs, high voltage rock'n roll and some psychedelic sounds of the '60s. All vocals are sung in their mother tongue. CD $17 SKU:23075

FROZEN PLANET..1969(ACID COVER)FROM THE CENTRE OF A PARALLEL..Aussie psych/jam-rockers) Label:PEPPER SHAKER The Australian psych-/jam-rockers follow-up their killer album 'Electric Smokehouse' with a next offering. Compared to the previous release this collection sounds at least as trippy, far-out and exciting, but the material is slightly more accessible. This is the version with the alternative acid cover. CD $17 SKU:23097

HI-FI'S-SNAKES AND HI-FI'S(60s Beat rarity)-Label:WOODEN HILL Long established as an expensive, highly sought-after rarity on the worldwide beat/psych collectors market, this first-ever, band-authorised reissue is bolstered by no less than fourteen bonus tracks (many previously unreleased) from the same timeframe. With extensive liner notes and some fabulous previously unpublished photos, this is the definitive release of a wonderful album. CD $17 SKU:8682

MOTHER NATURE-ORANGE DAYS AND PURPLE NIGHTS (exquisite 60s baroque-pop/psych-folk)Label:WOODEN HILL Now here's an interesting CD! Active in the late '60s-early '70s, Buckinghamshire-based quartet Mother Nature released two exquisite baroque-pop/psych-folk singles. The A and B-sides of those releases are collected on this CD and are joined by some delicious -previously unheard- demo recordings. This release offers no less than 24 tracks, plus a 12-page booklet with info and rare pix. CD $17 SKU:23042

SHEPHERD, ALFIE-THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (Magnificent, previously unreleased English psych pop concept 1969)Label:WOODEN HILL Re-mastered from the original mastertapes Features ten bonus cuts, also previously unreleased, that were recorded around the same time In 1969, Angel Pavement linchpin Alfie Shepherd took time out from the groups hectic schedule to demo a concept album that hed written around his favourite childhood story, Kenneth Grahames The Wind In The Willows. Sadly Angel Pavement broke up before theyd had a chance to record the work, which was duly left to gather dust. Forty years later, Alfies homemade recording of the proposed album finally gains a long-overdue release. Taken from the original mastertapes, and bolstered by a clutch of similarly unissued home demos from the same timeframe, The Wind In The Willows is now revealed as one of the great lost projects of the late 1960s, a thrilling psychedelic pop song-suite bursting with melodic invention, ambitious vocal arrangements and the boundless spirit of adventure that characterised the era. In other words: Magnificent, previously unreleased English psychedelic pop concept album from 1969, based on the classic childrens story The Wind In The Willows, which also inspired Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd Written and recorded by Alfie Shepherd, leader of highly regarded baroque pop act Angel Pavement CD $17 SKU:23044

SICK ROSE-SHAKING STREET/ DOUBLE SHOT (great Italian garage Flamin Groovies style)Label:AREA PIRATA This CD represents an Italian underground piece of history.It is the first digital issue of Shaking Street, the second LP by the most devastating garage band Italy has ever encountered: the Sick Rose. Two years before the Sick Rose had released, again on Electric Eye, a double 7" that you can also find for the very first time on a CD. This CD is completed by two previously unreleased bonus tracks, two unreleased demo recordings from 1989 done on a small 4 track recorder: a fascinating acoustic version of Shaking Street and a cover of Yesterday Numbers by The Flamin Groovies, at that time one of the bands major influences. CD $19 SKU:22811

SORROWS - OLD SONGS NEW SONGS (1966 British freakbeat/garage R&B giants rarity) DBL Label:WOODEN HILL British freakbeat/garage R&B giants the Sorrows relocated to Italy in 1966, recording the album Old Songs New Songs a couple of years later for a small independent label based in Milan. Now extremely rare as an original pressing. This new, band-approved reissue features the fully restored album in sparkling sound quality and adds an extra 100 minutes of music, nearly all of which is previously unreleased. Among the highlights are the magnificent heavy psychedelia of the bands aborted early 1968 Pye single Which Way/My Way Of Thinking, the theme song to the cult Italian spy caper Ypotron, a couple of movie collaborations with soundtrack maestro Ennio Morricone, and even an entire late 1968 demo album that, following the departure of two group members, was eventually scrapped and replaced by Old Songs New Songs! Completed by a previously unheard live gig from 1980 that proved the Sorrows savage garage band instincts were fully intact a decade later, this package features new, extremely detailed sleevenotes concerning their time in Italy, with fresh band quotes and some superb, previously unpublished photos. Forget what you may have read and heard elsewhere, this incredible 2CD package is the final word on the bands lengthy but previously little-documented Italian sojourn! CD $19 SKU:10207

VIBRAVOID -PSYCHEDELIC BLUEPRINTS, VOL. 2-Label:STONED KARMA 'ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS, MIXES AND MASTERS 1994-2019' - After the success of the first 'Psychedelic Blueprints' collection, here comes volume 2. An amazing collection of unreleased, alternative and promotional mixes from the last 25 years CD $16 SKU:23032

WEST COAST CONSORTIUM -Mr Umbrella Man A Collection of Demos 1967-1969 (Brit psych pop) Label:WOODEN HILL West Coast Consortium's late 1960s 45s were sophisticated, lavishly-orchestrated close harmony pop affairs. At heart, though, they were a garage psychedelic pop band, as can be heard on 'Mr. Umbrella Man', which assembles the pick of the four demo albums they made between 1967 and 1969. Now heard for the first time, this astonishing cache of recordings reveals that, left to their own devices, West Coast Consortium ditched the brass and strings arrangements of their singles in favour of Mellotrons, fuzz guitars, Vox Continental organs and wah-wah pedals, while hitherto unreleased nuggets like 'Santa Monica Bay', 'Aimie (Sing Your Song For Me)' and the woozy 'Mr. Umbrella Man' show a parallel debt to the lo-fi, DIY approach of the Beach Boys circa 'Smiley Smile' and 'Friends'. Highly regarded late '60s English psych-pop band who have featured on such compilations as 'Real Life Permanent Dreams', 'Ripples', 'Psychedelic Schlemiels', 'Paisley Pop', 'Psychedelic Pstones', 'We Can Fly', 'Tea & Symphony' and 'Justafixation' 21 of the 27 tracks, all recorded between 1967-69, are previously unreleased in ANY format. Comes with fully re-mastered sound, a lavishly illustrated booklet and extensive notes by band leader Geoff Simpson. CD $17 SKU:23048

COOL JERKS-INTERNATIONAL (60s beat, authentic Beatlesque sounds, twist, garage )+7"Label:SOUNDFLAT ts no accident that SCOTT ROGERS from the US COOL JERKS was flown in from Memphis to lend that dirty guitar sound of his to ,Smokin The Pope". But the COOL JERKS wouldnt be the COOL JERKS if they didnt have something up their sleeves for every friens of good music - be it 60s beat, authentic Beatlesque sounds, twist, garage or punk rock. There's even a 60s ballad on the bonus 7" - the German version of the Small Faces classic "All Or Nothing". "Bunker Revolution" on the special bonus DJ 7" is a song in the style of the Hamburg school with a kick-ass attitude, proving just how versatile the COOL JERKS really are. LP $21 SKU:22937


SECICH, FRANK - Circumstantial Evidence -Label:High Voltage Publishing Frank's autobiography featuring untold stories of Franks' rock and roll journey with his bands Blue Ash, The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators Band, Club Wow and his current band The Deadbeat Poets plus many other stories from Franks life. He certainly has some great tales to tell and has encountered many famous people along the way - we could name drop but the list is way to long. BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:17079

GRAINS-Just Our Flame (Back From The Grave, Pebbles style!)Label:TEEN SOUND The Grains is one of those legendary band that best represents the term Garage Sound these days, in its authentic meaning. Most of the band members play since the late 80's, the youngest ones play like they've never heard anything but Back From The Grave, Pebbles and Psychedelic Unknowns on the radio.he look of the bands has recently gone a bit Freakbeat but their sound is still pure US garage punk-psych. Perfect swirling organ, crystalline guitar riffs, solid rhythm section with the right fills, and authentic mono(tone) vocals, singing about..flipped dreams, being alone in the burning sun, summer, men with guns, love and more...A band that has become a fave o'mine since I managed to see them many years ago, when I've released their debut 45 on Teen Sound (long time sold out..). Today the Grains's sound hasn't changed..they simply sound better than before and the songwriting has given the band their unique touch. If you still like the true garage'll love the Grains album! CD $19 SKU:22553

HENDRICKSON ROAD HOUSE- ST (great 70s psych / fuzz / pop) Label:WOODEN HILL Recorded to showcase the prodigious talents of teenage singer/songwriter Sue Eakins, the Hendrickson Road House album was issued in 1970 as a limited edition pressing by the Two:Dot studio/label. Widely regarded these days as one of the rarest vinyl artefactsBx2 7/5/2011 to emerge from the late 60s Californian counterculture, the LP now sells for around $1000 on the rare occasions that copies surface. Now available for the first time in more than forty years, this authorised reissue adds half-a-dozen fascinating bonus tracks, including alternative mixes of two of the albums finest songs, only briefly available at the time as a 7" that was credited to group alias Nibbus. With a lavish booklet featuring rare photos, interview quotes and the full Hendrickson Road House story, this is the definitive edition of a lost classic of the West Coast psychedelic folk genre. CD $18 SKU:13213

LINDAHL, PETER- PSYCHEDELIC SWEDEN (60s 70s style) Label:TRANSUBSTANS Peter Lindahls musical journey: "It was back in the early seventies, in those happy days of experimentation when everyone was jamming together at home or at open air festivals that things really took off for me, in the sense of my being creative. It was the age of hippies, of freaking out and of radical movements intending to change society over night. But with me it was just a lot of fun and fooling around with every way of expression I could find, among these the most vital ones being art and music." This is how Peter Lindahl describes his artistic upbringing during the feverish seventies. Many years later , in the nineties Peter has gained recognition with his project In the Labyrinth. The material presented on this CD holds almost no similarity to In the Labyrinth and is more of a compilation of Peters musical experimentation from themid-sixties to the late nineties, although most of the tracks were recorded during the early seventies. "Psychedelic Sweden" is a musical reflection of when Peter had joined up with the alternative community which was growing rapidly in Sweden in the late sixties and he started to take in more psychedelic stuff, his favourites at the time being Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pugh Rogefeldt and Pink Floyd. Full story by Tobias Pettersson in the extensive booklet with an fold out poster of Peter on backside. CD $12 SKU:22339

MANGROVE - A Distant Dream(70s hard rock/psych style)Label:TRANSUBSTANS Mangrove is a heavy and powerful classic rock trio with their roots in the late 60's and the early 70's hard rock and psychedelic scene. Groovy jams and heavy chords is one of Mangrove's trademarks. Mangrove was born in the late fall of 2006 in Stockholm (Sweden) after many late night jams and rehearsals. The first album 'Endless Skies' was released in May 2009 on Transubstans Records, with lots of awesome reviews in both Music Magazines and Web Fanzines as a result. In November 2010 Mangrove releases their second album 'A Distant Dream Of Tomorrow' on Transubstans Records. The album contains ten songs which are energetic, powerful and dynamic. The feeling is that the band has reached a new level. Mangrove has a lot of different influences, but as a listener you can not be mistaken if you can hear some similarity with bands like Black Sabbath, Rush, Led Zeppelin and The Who among others. CD $12 SKU:22344


A TRIBUTE TO JIM MORRISON & THE DOORS-Superb performances by a.o. Edgar Winter, Chris Spedding, Todd Rundgren, David Johansen and members of Deep Purple, Foreigner, Yes, Rainbow, Mountain, Moody Blues and EL! Label:PURPLE PYRAMID Some of the biggest names in classic rock come together to pay homage to the Lizard King and his riders on the storm, The Doors! The album features superb performances by a.o. Edgar Winter, Chris Spedding, Todd Rundgren, David Johansen and members of Deep Purple, Foreigner, Yes, Rainbow, Mountain, Moody Blues and ELP. Included are notable versions songs s.a. 'Light My Fire', 'Riders On The Storm', 'Break On Through (To The Other Side)', 'Love Her Madly', 'L.A. Woman', 'People Are Strange' and many more. COMP CD $25 SKU:22654

BLACK HALLOWEEN: BO DIDDLEY IS A ZOMBIE- Halloween and Horror influenced recordings-Label:KOKO MOJO Collection of Halloween and horror influenced recordings from a.o. Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley, Ike Turner, The Revels, The Naturals, Jimmy Oliver's Orchestra and Paul Gayten. COMP CD $22 SKU:22715

BRING FLOWERS TO U.S-20 Popsike Gems From U.S.A.-Label:MISTY LANE Long time sold out vinyl US sixties Popsike comp on Misty Lane records finally reissued on CD. Remastered, with additional info/pix,12 pages full color booklet! Rare US pop, psych compilation COMP CD $19 SKU:22557

BLACK KEYS - Thickfreakness - Label:FAT POSSUM BACK IN STOCK!!! The sophomore album from Akron, Ohio duo BLACK KEYS—DAN AUERBACH and PATRICK CARNEY. Eleven tracks of stripped and meaty blues, punk, and rock flavors, delivered in grit, stomp, and holler fashion with guitar, organ, vocals and some broke-dick drums. Includes cover versions of The Sonics' "Have Love, Will Travel," and Junior Kimbrough's "Everywhere I Go." LP $16 SKU:12584

HAIR-Piece(hard-psych rock)180gram DBL -Label:MAYFAIR Denmark's finest hard-psychedelic band will now get their first official reissue on vinyl. Hair (no connections to the musical) released their one and only album in 1970 on EMI/Columbia and despite the fact that this was major-label release, the LP still remains as one of the rarest artifacts out of Denmark. The listener will be rewarded with an effective combination of guitar dominated hard-psychedelic songwriting and strong melodic influences, culminating in their awesome masterpiece 'Dream Song'. This 2LP-Set includes the original album and all six songs from their singles plus a previously unreleased (on vinyl) song as extensive bonus material. The album and single tracks have all been remastered from the master tapesLP $32 SKU:22748

POETS (ITALY)-SURREALISTIC RAIN(60s pop psych style)-Label:TEEN SOUND Strongly influenced by pop icons as the Beatles and lots of other 60s band without copying them. Their style is distinctly beat inspired, more than any other band today, they're are young, talented, classy and truly devoted to the vibes of 60s pop. Since their debut "When you were by my side' they've become more psychedelic, using unexpected sound sources like viola, electric piano and hammond organ. Simple but great songs by young, unknown poets, songs about stolen moments, little girls, shy loves and leaves lying on a car. LP $19 SKU:22548

SNAILS (GREECE)- ST ( garage kicks, sixties psych mythology and punk )Label:BELUGA A blend of garage kicks, sixties psych mythology and punk insolence. The solid rhythm section, hell-fuzzed guitars, haunted vocals and a possessed harmonica will blow your mind. Included are great covers of the Third Bardo's 'I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time', Santana's 'Gypsy Woman' (with additional vocals by Angel Lo Verde and Dimitris Beleniotis from the legendary Cardinals) and 'Satisfaction Guaranteed', originally by Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes. The album is housed in a pretty trippy cover LP $19 SKU:21664