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1.4.5 - Three Chords and A Cloud of Dust w. Paul Armstrong of The Flashcubes - Label:NORTHSIDE RECORDS Syracuse, NY punk rock band from '80s compilation. mini LP cover CD $10 SKU:15938

ELLISON-St(amazing 70s heavy psych)Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of one of all time's best HEAVY-PSYCH albums. One and only lp recorded in 1971. From the original mastertapes. Soundquality is beyond belief! CD $10 SKU:18835

EMBROOKS - Separations (60S INSPIRED FREAKBEAT)-Label:DIONYSUS One of the UK's hottest modern '60s inspired freakbeat combos! Influences range from The Easybeats to the La De Das to UK '60s psych and USA '60s garage. Collects the best tracks from the vinyl-only UK release along with their best single tracks to date! CD $8 SKU:18875

EMMANUELLE PARRENIN- Maison Rose (60s hippie folk) -Label:LION We begin by saying that this is an album unlike any other. A bold statement, perhaps. Yet look in the "Scented Gardens of the Mind" book and you will see this description: "a revelation of a folk album, with songs of incredible beauty and innovative arrangements. It features traditional instruments you’ve hardly ever heard before and touches of the avant-garde. Play this album directly after that of another randomly chosen female folk album, and you will notice the difference! This is one of the best!" Parrenin had been part of a traditional "antique folk" movement in France in the late 1960’s (she was in many ways a French equivalent to Sandy Denny or Mandy Morton); indeed, she had recorded eight albums with musicians from this scene before "Maison Rose"—her best, and last album, recorded in 1976 and released the following year. The record seems to alternate between a cosmic take on an ancient Breton sound, and delicate, multi-tracked ballads—ranging from sounds that would not be out of place on an Ash Ra Tempel album to elements of traditional French folk music (including home-made instruments) that are just as exotic. Certainly, the avant-garde edge lurking beneath the simple folkiness of "Maison Rose" puts in mind the explorations of Brigitte Fontaine with her sometime musical voyager Areski; there are also suggestions of the pastoral caranavserai aesthetic of Vashti Bunyan, as well as the multi-track sensuality of Linda Perhacs (to name two much-touted singers who seem to have a similar ability to enchant). But Parrenin has her own style, her music has its own deeply ethereal quality, and the album itself has its own magic spell to cast that renders comparison with other albums unimportant in the end. Magnificent… CD $10 SKU:20095

EMTIDI Saat (70s Kraut cosmic acid folk) Label:LION EMTIDI were one of the very best of West Germany's Krautrock/psychedelic folk acts ,a German duo stuck somewhere between the Kosmische and psychedelic movements stylistically. CD $10 SKU:11414

ESTRUCTURA - Más alla de tu mente (FIRST Venezuelan prog rock from 1977 ) Label:NOT ON LABEL Estructura has the unique distinction of being the first Venezuelan prog band. Even more amazing is the fact that they came around when progressive rock was on the decline. They were formed in 1977 by David Maman (keyboards, voice, main composer), Antonio Rassi (lead guitar, composer), Agni Mogollón (bass, voice, composer), Domenico Prioretti (drums, vocals), Walton de Jongh (special percussion, effects), Marisela Perez (lead vocals), and Maria Eugene Ciliberto (rhythmic and acoustic guitar). Their first album, "Más Allá De Tu Mente" (Beyond Your Mind), was very much like Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Center of the Earth." It had two pieces, each taking up an album side. Although like Wakeman’s album it also features a narrator, the structure (no pun intended) of the music is completely different. At 65 minutes, it is one of the longest vinyl recordings to be made in Venezuela. One thing that characterized most bands of the Venezuelan symphonic prog scene is the addition of Latin-American elements to their british prog oriented sound (the best example of this is Vytas Brenner) and Estructura is no exception. CD $16 SKU:20333

ETERNIDAD --Apertura (obscure Argentine 1977 one shot wonder f) Label:MARDEL X Totally obscure one shot wonder from Argentina named Eternidad with their one and only album released in octobre 1977 named Apertura after that disbanded a year later gone into oblivion. Eternidad offer a kind of prog folk with some fusion elements and some symphonic traces here and there, only sporadicaly but exists, but the main part is a folk band very much similar in places with Los Jaivas or Horizont CD $12 SKU:20416

EUBANK,JEFF - A Street Called Straight(1983 Private press gem)-Label:RIVERMAN (Korea) Originally released in 1983, this is Jeff Eubank's sole Kansas City private-press gem, originally produced only in an edition of 500 copies. Jeff Eubank is not a boner. A cursory read of the lyrics, printed in full in the space surrounding Mr. Eubank on the back cover artwork, more or less confirms this. They are literate and poetic without giving the reader anything to laugh at. At this point, any smart record digger will pull this particular title. A cursory needle drop may or may not reveal the album's potential. Depending on where the needle lands, it may sound like Crosby, Stills and Nash, or it may sound like the music we have come to know as "yacht rock," the smooth-sailing sounds of Christopher Cross, Hall & Oates, The Doobie Brothers, or Kenny Loggins. There's even a bit of the old, mellow, West Coast A.M.-rock canyon sound in there as well, with complex harmonies and a general hazy, lazy vibe. The truth behind this music's distinct sound is somewhere in between all this. There is an undeniably dated aspect to this music, an over-emphasis or over-reliance on being easy-going, but at the same time, it's wonderfully next to impossible to exactly pinpoint when or where this music was made. Like an '80s Tim Buckley on downers, Eubank's voice is smooth as silk, and there is no attack in his delivery; instead, his voice coasts along in a gentle, affable flow. But don't be so easily assuaged, when you get this album home and listen more closely, the conflict and rough edges of this music begins to reveal itself. Regarding the title, the artist himself explains it this way" "('rise and go to a street called straight' from Acts 9:10-19) finds Ananias being directed to risk harm and perhaps his life to help a man he knows to be dangerous. The implication of the fact that the name of the street was (and is) Straight (like straight and narrow) shouldn't be lost on someone who is reading carefully. As this relates to the lyrics of the song, we all have had to, at some time (or many times), move on in courage and leave the past behind (good or bad). In the case of these lyrics, there is hope: 'there is an end to this endless night... after all.'" Astral, unplaceable music that will fill your head-space, highly recommended for fans of Bobb Trimble, Robert Lester Folsom, and other purveyors of lost late '70s/early '80s music CD $12 SKU:20454

EVIL TWIN - ( catchy guitar riffs and punchy drums)-Label:OFF THE HIP Broken Blues' will be full of the catchy guitar riffs and punchy drums you'd expect from the duo, but with a little R&B feel, think the 'Enchantment Under The Sea Dance' from Back to the future 2. Not only will you be moving to the catchy tunes, you'll also have tears in your eyes, as you slow dance with your favourite gal or guy. CD $5 SKU:18462

EVOL - ST digipack (1970 Byrds style) -Label:GEAR FAB One of a kind acetate recording from an obscure West Virginia band. Recorded in 1970 and sounding remarkably like The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and early Grass Roots, their effective blend of 12 string guitar, haunting harpsichord, and beautiful harmonies definitely will have this band near or at the top of 2012’s most popular and best-selling reissues!! A terrific follow-up to the previously released version on lp CD $10 SKU:13555

EXPLODING *UCK DOLLS - Crack The Safe- OC PUNK Label:DISASTER 12 page booklet with photos, liners notes and 2 bonus Quicktime videos.
One of the great OC punk bands, and "Crack The Safe" is its story. This CD features previously unreleased material, spawning 13 years of punk rock CD $5 SKU:2347

FALCO TAV LORE AND TESTAMENT Vol 11 Sugar Ditch Revisited/The Shake Rag DBL CDLabel:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The Tav Falco & Panther Burns reissue/remaster series, part two. This one contains the Sugar Ditch Revisited EP (1985) and The Shake Rag EP (1986). Plus a previously-unreleased 11-song/45 minute live show from the Messepalast Vienna from 1989. Pristine recording by the ORF! Sugar Ditch Revisited -- a modest album with a huge cast of the crème of Memphis musicians joining Panther Burns. Jim Dickinson produced the record alongside Roland James, pioneer guitarist on the early Jerry Lee Lewis sides, twirling the knobs at the control board. This record featured two songs Dickinson had found on tapes discarded by Stax during the last days of the studio's existence. Sir Mac Rice an ex-Falcon penned "Tina, The Go Go Queen" and "Money Talks." For these numbers Andrew Love and Ben Cauley were brought in from the Memphis Horns to add that lush and signature lilt of the laid-back "Memphis sound." Alex Chilton played his new guitar -- a rusty Mosrite, the bassist Rene Coman came up from New Orleans for the sessions, Ross Johnson whipped the skins, and a bevy of girlfriends sang backing vocals. Shake Rag -- Panther Burns recorded this dark and lugubrious mini-album at the Sam Phillips Recording Service in Memphis in 1986. While this was the boom period for lavish alternative, new wave, and no wave music productions, there were only three stalwarts responsible for this record: Jim Dickinson producer, keyboardist, guitarist, Ross Johnson on percussion, and Tav Falco on guitar and voice. There is a raw primitivism howling from these tracks and an unbridled intensity not heard from the band in recorded form since their first record Behind the Magnolia Curtain. Live at Messepalast is a collection of songs cut from a wild and wooly two-hour show on Panther Burns' second tour of Europe in 1989. ORF (Austrian National Radio) was there recording the whole mess in ultra high-fidelity, and the result is what you will hear on this record. Two CDs in 12" replica sleeves, the live show is added to the Shake Rag EP. Includes a 32-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes by Tav Falco himself. Packaged in a special deluxe wraparound wallet sleeve. CD $15 SKU:17747

FALCO'S, TAV - Wild & Exotic World of Musical Obscurities-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Tav Falco, the Memphis legend (of Panther Burns fame) compiled 25 of his favorite tunes from '50s rockabilly to tangos, waltzes & other wonderful obscurities. Songs he loves, songs he covered with Panther Burns, songs that influenced him, thus shedding much light upon the music that incessantly ignites Falco's muse. This is a wild and wonderful ride. A Back to Mine-style compilation that will open your ears. Double vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes by the maestro himself. CD comes with a 20-page booklet. Artists include: The Johnny Burnette Trio, Don Willis, Bobby Lee, Allen Page, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Jimmy Lloyd, Benny Joy, Alexander Princes, Bachicha Bianco, Anton Karas, Los Indios Tacunau, Carlos Di Sarli, Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Elmore James, Bobby Blue Bland, Chet Baker, Fred Buscaglione, Martin Denny, Dion & The Belmonts, Shorty Rogers, Charlie Feathers, and Alex Chilton. CD $15 SKU:16277

FAPARDOKLY- ST (60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psych)-Label:GEAR FAB Fapardokly is probably regarded as the most important release in Merrell Fankhausers long career, and an absolute collectors item. The band recorded about 30 tracks in a small studio in Palmdale, California, from 1965 to 1967, when the owner of the studio decided to release an album with some of these tracks. With such different recording dates, you find here different sounds..organ-ized 60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psychedelia. CD $10 SKU:18663

FAUBERT, SHANE- KALKARA (leader of the CHEEPSKATES, 60s style fuzz psych) Label:MUSIC MANIAC Leader of the New york Cheepskates! One of the best pop albums. 60's inspired popsongs with psychedelic effects, feedback and fuzz. CD $5 SKU:19128

FENMEN- Sunstroke ( 60s garage Pretty Things style with new tracks ) - Label:UGLY THINGS THINGS A treasure trove of rare and unreleased Fenmen tracks, including 1965 demo recordings, a 1966 BBC radio session, a raw early 1963 acetate, and seven new tracks by Waller and Povey in the harmony-rich tradition of the Fenmen and the 1967-71 Pretty Things CD $8 SKU:11139

FIENDS- Gravedigger ( Canadian '60s garage) - Label:DIONYSUS A 14 song fuzz-fest with a smokin' set of originals and some classic Canadian '60s garage band covers. The CD booklet has OUTRAGEOUS color photos. Celebrate Halloween all year round. CD $3 SKU:17506

FIFTH ORDER-BONFIRE! RETURN OF T(1966 GARAGE CLASSIC) -Label:BREAK A WAY CD contains the 10 tracks from the vinyl format + 3 BONUS cuts, including two organ based demos of 'Walkin' Away' and 'I Was A Fool', plus a 6-minute 1967 TV appearance by the boys presenting a medley of 'Hit The Road Jack'/'Sixteen Tons'. Including 8-page booklet. CD $10 SKU:1516

FIKRET KIZILOK - ST (Turkish 1970-1974 protest singer)-Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA Collection of singles by Turkish protest singer much-beloved by young musicians in the underground scene in Tukey, but virtually unknown anywhere else; Fikret started his career playing electric guitar for Cahit Oben Dörtlüsü, which led to appearances in the Golden Microphone song contests that also spotlighted the talents of Erkin Koray, Mogollar and the brothers Hür El; Booklet has notes about the Altin Microphon contests, lyrics, and photos. CD $8 SKU:20153

FINE ARTS SHOWCASE - SINGS ROUGH BUNNIES SALE digpack -Label:Adrian Recordings The Fine Arts Showcase mainman Gustaf Kjellvander always wanted to cover the Rough Bunnies (aka Anna and Frida Vermina), but he could never decide on just one song. The solution: make it an entire album. Brilliant! Tracklist: 01. Balz came and went 02. Modern love 03. Red wine poet boy 04. World of love 05. My baby has only one eye 06. I say goodbye 07. Dance with your shadow 08. What a world 09. You should be in love with me 10. Poppy eye 11. Rough Bunnies saved my life CD $2 SKU:7128

FIREBIRDS/HAIR - Light My Fire/ 31 FLAVORS (Hendrix, Blue Cheer style) Label:GEAR FAB Two of the greatest & rarest Exploito lps ever released. The Firebird & 31 Flavors. Sounding much like the style of Jimi Hendrix & Blue Cheer, these 2 albums will Psych you out!! CD $10 SKU:18838

FLASHCUBES--Boogie City /Hey Miss Betty POWERPOP Label:NORTHSIDE Born out of the Class Of ‘77’s New Wave-Punk explosion, The Flashcubes (Tommy Allen, Paul Armstrong, Gary Frenay, and Arty Lenin) were part of the power pop contingency whose main purpose was to salute ‘60s British Invasion pop (Beatles, Who, Kinks, Hollies and Searchers) along with the fleeting magic of early ‘70s legends (Raspberries, Big Star and Badfinger). CD $6 SKU:18858

FLASHCUBES- BRILLIANT(great lost power pop band of the late 70's - Label:NORTHSIDE The Flashubes, the great lost power pop band of the late 70's is back together with the aptly titled "Brilliant" DIGIPAK CD $14 SKU:19841

FLASHCUBES- FOREVER (great lost power pop group of the 1970s.)- DOUBLE Label:NORTHSIDE a 2-CD career retrospective The Flashcubes may be the great lost power pop group of the 1970s. Formed in 1977 in the sleepy little city of Syracuse, NY, the Flashcubes combined their love for the timeless British Invasion rock 'n' roll of the Beatles, the Kinks, the Hollies and the Who with the high-energy sounds of the punk rockers just starting to make a big noise around that same time. Throw in a healthy reverence for classic power pop acts like Big Star and the Raspberries--and a healthy irreverence for everything else--and you've got a fair picture of what made the Flashcubes shine so brightly. CD $19 SKU:19661

FLAVIOLA AND THE FLOCK OF THE SUN - ST (1974 Brazilian psych)Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA Another great example of Brasilian “psicodelia” from the collective of underground musicians in Recife, featuring Flávio Lira in the lead role, along with Lula Côrtes, Pablo Raphael, Robertinho of Recife, and Zé of the Flute. Of the crazy albums from this period, the Flaviola record FLAVIOLA E O BANDO DO SOL (Flaviola and the Flock of the Sun) is one of the rarest jewels. Although it was recorded the same year (1974) as Lula Côrtes and Zé Ramalho’s “Paêbiru” album, and with most of the same musicians, this is mainly an acoustic album, rife with poetic language and regional instruments, but also demonstrating the abundant energy of people involved in making something fresh and new. The cauldron of influence in Recife resulted in some very intriguing music, and the Flaviola album is no exception—it’s more intimate a trip than “Paêbirú”, and more accessible an experience than “Satwa”; this is a brilliant album, full of strange moments (cellophane crinkled into the microphone as percussion), some deft acoustic guitar, and some of the prettiest songs this side of Vashti Bunyan. Notes are more or less in English, and hefty booklet includes lyrics too. CD $10 SKU:20221

EL PASO ROCK - Vol 5 Troubled Streets (60s Texas ) -Label:NORTON (Norton 372) El Paso sits on the state line between Texas and New Mexico, home of the hallowed Yucca Records, which is now a star in the Norton constellation of able labels. Yucca’s output in the 1950’s and 1960’s was equaled by the number of recordings that sat in the can for fifty years. Available now for the first time ever, from the master tapes, comes the motherlode, selectively scattered throughout the Norton Southwest series called EL PASO ROCK. Featured in this fifth edition is are the moody, broody sounds of Frank Thayer, whose heart-searing sounds mimic the loneliness and danger of desert nights. Southwest sounds deliver a taste of the exotic, a dollop of attitude and a night train loaded with mayhem. Norton’s EL PASO ROCK series is available on LP and CD. Collect them all! COMP LP $13 SKU:15210

EL PASO ROCK - Vol 6 (60s Texas rarities) - Label:NORTON Raw rock from the El Paso scene of the early 60s – most of it material produced by local music hound Calvin Boles – a force as important to that scene as Lee Hazlewood was to Phoenix! Boles has a great ear for a sharp guitar line – and really manages to bring the best out of all the players here, giving the tunes an echoey feel that's mighty nice – and which really serves to fan the sparks of genius into a much longer-burning flame! Norton's done a great job with this volume – and have managed to unearth some rare Bobby Fuller tracks, along with gems from contemporaries on the Yucca and Exeter labels. Titles include "Black Out" and "Tickler" by The Sherwoods, "Hot Rod Ford" by DY & The Motivaters, "Lonely" by David Hayes & The Pawns, "Pawn" by The Pawns, "You Hold My Letters" by Bill Taylor & The Sherwoods, "Judy" by The Chancellers, "Dance To The Palisades" by Frank Gonzales & The Palisades, and "You're In Love" and "Say Honey" by Bobby Fulle COMP LP $13 SKU:15231

EVERYWHERE CHAINSAW SOUND - VA- Legendary 1960s US garage psych compilation,180-gram vinyl in a strictly limited, hand-numbered edition of 500 copies!- Label:FEED THE MIND (UK) HAND NUMBERED! his reissue of Everywhere Chainsaw Sound, the legendary 1960s US garage psych compilation, is available on 180-gram vinyl in a strictly limited, hand-numbered edition of 500 copies. Featuring tracks from many legendary 45s, it is presented with remastered sound and includes the original insert and a deluxe, full-color, double-sided info sheet with detailed notes and rarely-seen pictures, making it an essential addition to any psych connoisseur's record collection. COMP LP $18 SKU:16421

FADING YELLOW - Vol 15 SUNSHOWERS - US CANADIAN POPSIKE AND OTHER DELIGHTS Ltd numbered edition of 500 - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Limited numbered edition of 500 copies. 'Fading Yellow' Volume 15. This volume digs deep in the American and Canadian late '60s scenes and offers 16 tracks. All these songs appear on a compilation for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl with laminated sleeve and detailed linernotes. Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images. This classic compilation series aims at collecting the best popsike of the '60-'70s. COMP LP $21 SKU:15078

FADING YELLOW - Vol 1 DOUBLE LP 65-69 pop psych. anniversary reissue dbl lp gatefold sleeve. HAND NUMBERED! Label:FLOWER MACHINE DOUBLE-LP! 'Fading Yellow Volume 1'. 1995 saw the release of the original 'Fading Yellow' LP, numbered edition of 330 copies which sold out fast. Nine of the trax from that LP made it onto the 2002 'Fading Yellow, Volume 1' CD. So to promote this 10 year anniversary this limited edition double LP (500 numbered copies) is released, including new photos and improved sound. Beautiful fully laminated gatefold sleeve. Pressed on 160-gram thick virgin vinyl, housed in black polylined innersleeves. Considered perhaps the best comp ever made in this genre. COMP LP $29 SKU:18726

BLEU FOREST-ICHIBAN Live At Jimmies(1969 Unreleased US West Coast psychedelic)Label:GOLDEN PAVILION The very first recordings by The Bleu Forest took place after the group had played a show at the Hey You Coffeehouse in Ventura, CA. Jimmie Haskell invited the psych/acid-rockers to come to Hollywood and record on the spot at his place. His intention was to capture how the band sounded live, and that is exactly what 'Ichiban' does, thanks to the band members in fine form, two mics, a recording machine, and lots of spontaneity and raw energy with no retakes. It's a time-capsule direct from Jimmie's place in August, 1967. Limited to 500 copies. LP $22 SKU:19491

JOINT EFFORT -Final Effort (intriguing folk/rock/psych 1974)-Label:VOID/HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS (USA) With its immediately recognizable M C Escher cover, this intriguing folk/rock/psych release from 1974 is another incredibly rare album enjoying its first legitimate reissue. A Joint Effort's Final Effort was originally recorded and released by Canada's University Of New Brunswick on its Little Records label (Little Records 101); despite its lack of wider recognition, this is generally regarded by those who know as a diverse and eclectic album with a number of outstanding tracks. One pundit described it as 'a weird mix of early CSNY, with shades of Perth County Conspiracy and a dash of early Eagles thrown in.' The first side, with the superb 'Winter' is particularly impressive—largely acoustic hippy folk rock with the occasional electric guitar thrown in for good measure. Side two, however, is an altogether rockier affair with standout tracks 'Greed For Goldand,' an up-tempo fuzzed-out cover of ‘A Horse With No Name’ combining effectively to elevate Final Effort to a different musical plane. Original cover has been reproduced as well as rare original insert. LP $14 SKU:19256

REAL KIDS-SEE YOU ON THE STREET TONITE (2LP)-Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts -kicks off with 10 crude rehearsals from April/May 1976, of which 6 were never re-recorded in a studio setting- plus 14 live cuts from 1976-1977 chosen as best from a stack of 31 cuts. 21 originals and 3 cover songs all housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes LP $22 SKU:20436

REAL KIDS- WE DON'T MIND IF YOU DANCE (2LP)-Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts - 23 live cuts from 1977-1978 chosen as best from a stack of 44 cuts, plus 1 crude rehearsal from April/May 1976. 19 originals and 5 cover songs housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes. Extra liner notes by longtime Boston music scribe Bill Tupper and Worcester radio's LB Worm LP $25 SKU:20435

REAL KIDS -LIVE AT THE RAT! JANUARY 22 1978-Label:CRYPT Red Star press release, late-January 1978, by Miriam Linna: "A three day engagement at Boston's Rat club (Jan. 20, 21, 22) kicked off the release of The Real Kids' premier LP for Red Star Records. The club was packed to capacity despite the two-odd feet of snow and ice which had closed several of the city's main thoroughfares during the week. The highlight of the weekend came that evening with a live broadcast on WCOZ-FM, one of New England's top FM stations. Featured on the live show were several tracks from the new LP, entitled simply, The Real Kids." And THIS here is that night. Comes in gatefold cover and with 2-sided inner sleeve. LP $22 SKU:19645

REAL KIDS/KIDS-NOVEMBER 1974 DEMOS/SPRING 1977 DEMOS-Label:CRYPT Eight previously unissued proto-punk godheaded rippers from the pre-Real Kids combo The Kids, recorded on Nov. 10 1974 plus four previously unissued Real Kids demos from spring 1977, recorded by DJ Oedipus at WTBS radio station with 1 mic suspended above the band! The LP in gatefold sleeve includes a 32-page 12"x 12" booklet crammed with tonsa liner notes built mostly upon Dave Laing of Dog Meat Records mucho-extensive March 1995 inteview whilst key band members Billy Borgioli and Alpo were alive, NEVER SEEN photos, flyers, press-clippings, info etc. on John Felice's days with The Modern Lovers, his combos The Children's Rock & Roll Band, The Kids, and The Real Kids!! LP $22 SKU:19647

REASON - Age of Reason( HANS POKORA FAVE a real gem of late 60’s heavy organ-driven rock)-Label:GUERSSEN Here we have a real gem of late 60’s heavy organ-driven rock!! From 1969, this Washington, D.C. based group of musicians took to the studio to record some really great organ-driven rock and roll. Featuring guest appearances on 2 tracks by the great Danny Gatton, this rare album features both originals and some great covers of the day. LP $15 SKU:19557

REDONDOS - Full Circle With (Beau Brummels style 60s psych)-Label:BREAK A WAY 10 track collection by pre-United Travel Service Band;Painstakingly remastered at KSL; Incl. unreleased originals;Great LP sized full glossy Inlay w/pic and liners 300 copies only- Limited, vinyl-only release for collectors and connoisseurs of vintage garage music and offers a valuable insight into the history of one of the most exciting Pacific Northwest psychedelic Bands - The United Travel Service.Founded in Portland, Oregon, three members of UTS took their first musical steps in the Redondos. Like their successors, the band left a large number of unreleased recordings dating from 1965. Influenced by early sixties Surf and inspired by the British Invasion, the Redondos created a unique sound belting out an amazing mix of storming Surf tunes, Rock à  nà  Roll standards, and moody originals, written by lead guitarist Ben Hoff. The innocent charm of their Beau Brummels type edgy folk beat already reflects the magic and authenticity of the later United Travel Service material and sets The Redondos apart from the typical mid-sixties regional Northwest Sound of the time.
The Redondos never released any records, but after a serious run through their musical legacy, we have sorted out and remastered their best tracks to a great blend of enjoyable covers and stand-out originals sounding like a rockin' Bobby Fuller Four is meeting the moody beat of the Beau Brummels.
For the group, these recordings reflect a special moment in time after a gap of nearly fifty years. LP $15 SKU:15156

RICHMOND SLUTS-60 Cycles of Love- San Francisco glam rock)FORMER ALIVE BAND! Label:ROCK BOX W DOWNLOAD CARD -Hailing from the Richmond District of San Francisco, The Richmond Sluts are a revved up rock n roll band guaranteed to make you move, sweat, dance, and shake LP $5 SKU:18375

ROBBIE AND THE WEREWOLF- Live at the Waleback (Bizarre 1964 oddity)-Label:GEAR FAB OK, so here we have one of the weirdest and most bizarre albums ever recorded. Pretty much unsurpassed in its level of incredible strangeness, this ultra-rare album from the early sixties (1964) California coffee- house circuit is like no other. Robbie is a folksinger of the frantic variety with a fetish for monsters. This inspired some of the most bizarre songs ever committed to vinyl. It was at The Wale Back in LA one heady night in 1964, that Robbie's solo act was captured for posterity by engineer Reice Hamel, now renowned as a pioneer of live recording techniques. The patrons lapped up Robbie's act although some of the more faint-hearted may have experienced a frisson of terror as he prowled amongst them, sweat dripping from his beard, laughing maniacally, during his atmospheric 'Dracula' number. With his long red hair and matching beard, Robbie was a striking performer with a manic stage presence, acting out his songs as much as singing them. His set consisted of his original songs and uniquely reworked versions of folk standards, played on a beat-up twelve-string guitar. Robbie would later join The Brain Train in 1967 and his wife Barbara “Sandi” Robison would become the lead vocalist for The Peanut Butter Conspiracy (PBC) . Featuring liner notes from Alan Brackett of The PBC and UK collector extraordinaire Gray Newell. LP $15 SKU:19481

ROCK SHOP- ST (rare 1969 garage psych rarity) Label:BACCHUS/DIONYSUS Limited reissue of ultra rare 1969 Southern Californian folk-garage-psych "real person" LP. Don't pay $200 for an original, just get this one! LP $8 SKU:20462

ROTTERS - What We Do is Stupid -Live At Cotati, 1979 (Old School CLASSIC PUNK!) LAST COPIES Label:DIONYSUS n early 1978 The Rotters were formed by four malcontents and had only one thing in mind, to make a lot of noise and inspire as much fear and hate as possible! Their first single, "Sit On My Face Stevie Nix" became a KROQ hit in LA, till it was banned. The original Rotters singles are worth a small fortune and aside from appearances of these tracks on the Killed By Death series, LP $10 SKU:19838

RUNAWAYS, THE-Born to be Bad 10- WAREHOUSE FIND OF OUT OF PRINT TITLE Label:MARILYN (Marilyn) Out of print - Historical document of first demos Aug ‘75 prod by Kim Fowley. Only a few left! Great cover LP $15 SKU:5407

SALEM’S POT- WATCH ME KILL YOU (It’s Psychedelic Baby favorite) Label:RIDING EASY Limited reissue of the 2013 two-track 12" from Sweden's doom mongers Here's another band coming from Sweden. Salem's Pot are a wicked doom band, clearly influenced by Electric Wizard and their obsession with b-horror films, especially Slasher films from '70s, which kind of reflects their music. LP $15 SKU:18833

SANDHY & MANDHY - Para Castukis (Rare 70s psych ) gatefold jacket - Label:LION Here at last is a chance to discover why people have been willing to pay a very steep price to hear Sandhy & Mandhy, the duo who were not a duo, the band who were not a band, creators of perhaps the rarest and most expensive album from Argentina. To tell the story of Sandhy & Mandhy, we have to go back to 1967, when Alberto Infusino (Sandhy) and Alberto Vanasco (Mandhy) began their musical partnership in the beat band The New Free Men. Like many bands of that time, Los Shaker1s and Los Walkers, for example, the New Free Men played covers of songs by the Zombies, Animals, Kinks, Yardbirds, Doors, and so on, in clubs and at parties. Yet at the same time, Infusino and Vanasco started to play their own compositions, with a national touch to the music. Let’s let Vanasco (Mandhy) take up the story: “ In 1969, we went to talk with Billy Bond, chief of La Pesada del Rock Roll, to ask about the chance to make an album. Bond said that he was not looking for a band, but for a duo who sang songs in Spanish... So, we called some friends to play together, and we called the project Sandhy & Mandhy.” They recorded the album in three hours, with a full band (Farfisa organ, congas, drums, bass, and guitars)‹one take of each song. Instead of a demo, they decided to press an LP: the company (Phonalex) pressed 110 LPs in total, which the band gave out at gigs. Sandhy & Mandhy were one of the first bands in South America bring a rebellious attitude to the music scene‹all this in a period of military repression, when forced haircuts in the streets were a common occurrence. Although they broke new ground, success was not their fate. And so thirty-eight years after the burst of improvisation that was Sandhy & Mandhy, the rest of the world can finally take a taste of their dark, groovy, beat-influenced psychedelia (that fuzz guitar on the excellent Lluvia). At times introspective and acoustic, at others manic and ramshackle in the best way, it1s quite a discovery. Now, on to the presentation‹the highest quality mastering and pressing (done at Acoustech Mastering/RTI in California, the same people who master and press every title that audiophile label Classic Records makes); the resulting LP is housed in a poly-lined sleeve, inside an ultra-heavy 1960's style gatefold jacket, which is housed in a loose-fitting plastic sleeve. Inside the sleeve, you will find an insert with full details on Sandhy & Mandhy, including lyrics in Spanish and English, printed on 100% recycled paper. The LP labels are replicas of the originals. A top of the line pressing all the way. Limited edition of 800 copies. LP $10 SKU:19499

SATELLITERS- Where Do We Go ( high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke ) - LTD ED COLOR vINYL - Label:DIONYSUS Where Do We Go?" is the latest release by Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke, THE SATELLITERS. Recorded at IronBar-studios in Germany and released by the world's greatest and lone surviving garage label, Dionysus Records, this album includes 10 original and all-new SATELLITERS songs plus 3 cover-versions: The BIRDS "No Good Without You Baby", "I'll Make You Sorry" by THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT and THE PARAGONS smasher "Abba". This mind-blowing release is housed in style by famous European designer, T.Eschweiler. Along with the albums "High Karate", "Sexplosive", "Wild Knights of Action", "Hashish" and the EPs "Shake Shake Shake" and "The Satelliters", "Where Do We Go?" is an essential and important recorded milestone for fans of fuzz.LP $14 SKU:6977

SEX PIR- ST (Greek 66-69 surf rock, shake, garage and psych GREYLabel:B-OTHERSIDE The Sex-Pir was a Greek band that existed before the Sun Of Greece band. They were active mainly in Germany between 1966-1969, and released 2 singles and recorded an, until now unreleased, full album. This reel tape with the 9 previously unreleased tracks plus the 4 tracks from the singles is now released for the first time. The songs are pure modern '60s music, a mix of surf rock, shake, garage and psych. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies on grey vinyl. Includes a 2 page insert with full biography in Greek and English language. LP $22 SKU:19807

SHOES - Primal Vinyl -LTD ED of 150 COBALT BLUE VINYL- POWERPOP LEGENDS! - LAST COPIESLabel:ALIVE EPRESS ON BLUE ViNYL of our Record Store Day release! Limited edition on gorgeous blue vinyl.POWERPOP gods. The disc features 12 songs culled from past albums, demoes and even includes a NEW live version of I Don't Wanna Hear It, from the 2013 tour! LP $20 SKU:17112


CYNICS-NO PLACE TO HIDE - PURPLE VINYL`Label:GET HIP BW / HARD TIMES 1985 was a transitional year for the Cynics. Michael Kastelic had joined the band, replacing original vocalist Mark Keresman, who appeared on their debut single, “Painted My Heart” b/w “Sweet Young Thing,” which came out that year. While the band continued with a sound that combined the dreamy aspects of the West Coast’s Paisley Underground with vintage ’60s garage rock, Kastelic unleashed a new, wilder element in the band. A dynamic performer, he had a tendency to wail, and nowhere was that more apparent than on the band’s sophomore single, the original “No Place to Hide,” backed by a cover of “Hard Times,” originally recorded by the Century’s in 1966. 45 RPM $8 SKU:18767

FIREBEATS-ON STAGE('60s garage/beat/mod heroes)-Label:PURE LUST The sound of Norway's '60s garage/beat/mod heroes The Firebeats Inc. revisited by Per Oydir (Euroboys. Peter Berry & The Shake Set, The Indikation) and a handful of highly skilled musicians, for the occasion using the Firebeats Ltd. moniker. 'On Stage' creates that true Firebeats Inc. vibe like it's 1966 all over again. Expect the authentic instrumentation, Accuset PA and the neat beat suits. Put this 7-inch on your turntable and experience the true live feeling of Oslo, 1966! 45 RPM $8 SKU:18682

FUZZTONES-BAD NEW TRAVELS FAST (GARAGE PUNK) - Label: EASY ACTION The 7-inch that came as a bonus with the album 'Leave Your Mind At Home', now available as a stand-alone release! B/w 'Brand New Man (And A Brand New Car)'. 45 RPM $5 SKU:4738

JULY-CAN I GO BACK AGAIN (UK '60s psych legends)SAALE -Label: FRUITS DE MER The UK's '60s psych legends return with a fabulous and mesmerizing 7-inch! TRACKS: 1. Can I go back again 2. Can I go back again (demo)
45 RPM $8 SKU:17787

DOMOVOYD - ST (STONER PSYCH)Label:SVART Mini- gatefold jacket. Masters of dark, hypnotic, sprawling hazed-out doom, their music is a flaming celebration of the psychedelic arts from the temples of Hawkwind to Matt Pike's altar of the riff. Capturing the live-energy that has electrified audiences with their unique, heavy dose of rhythmic sludge. CD $8 SKU:18936

COOLSVILLE-VOL 1(Bongo-laden beats from the 50s and 60s) 10” Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) First of two 10"s called 'Coolsville', compiled by Stay Sick!, a gruesome twosome of deejays from the nightclubs of Brighton, UK. This is a far out selection of moody Las Vegas Grind surfstrumentals and oddball beatnik records from the '50s and '60s. The first side of this platter of wax is full of mean instros for wild cats of the urban jungle. On the flipside, brother, do we have some solid gone finger clickers for you to swing and sway to. Bongo-laden beats that you'll dig the most, daddio. COMP LP $16 SKU:19093

DIGGIN' FOR GOLD- Vol 6 (rare and obscure 45s) 180 GRAM GOLD Label:PAST & PRESENT RSD 2018 release. Rubble presents a collection of rare and obscure 45s from around the world in an international showdown of teenage angst, despair and delinquency. The toxic sound of '60s garage punk never sounded so good! Blasted through 60-watt amplifiers on a diet of amphetamines and adrenalin, 'Diggin' For Gold' offers torment and misery with an explosive twist in mind-bending mono! Comes on 180 gram gold vinyl COMP LP $22 SKU:19723

RICE, LARRY SUNSHINE- Here's Sunshine (Texas PRIVATE PRESS 60s )SAALE - Label:TIME-LAG RECORDS This is another lost private-press gem, from a Texas singer/songwriter who is remembered for “looping, melodically through often surrealist lyrics with a strong Tim Buckley influence.” Another description drops the always-intriguing “downer” folk tag on this record, calling it “stark, edgy real-people loner vibe, reverb, acoustic instrumentation, occasional hand percussion, piano, harmonica, as that off-the-chain Texas feel that approaches solo Roky Erickson territory.” LP $14 SKU:13202

RODD , KEITH - Black Phoenix Blues (obscure 70s pop genius ) -Ltd ed w download Label:ROARATORIO (USA) A limited edition LP with artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz and liner notes from noted blues guitarist Debbie Davies, one of Keith’s musical and personal compadres from the early 1970s. Download coupon included."
"To call Rodd Keith the king of the song-poems (also known as the “send us your lyrics” quick buck-demo mill) is damning with faint praise: no one else in that shady backwater of the music industry possessed an array of talents as distinctively individual as his. As gifted a singer, composer and arranger as he was, his genius was destined to remain a well-kept secret during his lifetime by virtue of the complete disregard – verging on invisibility – in which song-poem records were held. He was a commercial musician in the most literal sense of the word, but within those confines, he displayed an oddball, personal vision that frequently transcended the work-for-hire nature of his music. This is the third Roaratorio collection of the best of Rodd Keith’s vast output. Dating from 1966 to 1974, the sixteen previously unreissued songs showcase the scope of his work: the should’ve-been-a-hit 'You And I'; the elegant exotica of 'I Love Lovely Chinese Gal'; the history lesson of 'The Explosion Of Holden 22 Mine'; the harrowing psychokiller musings of the title track, 'I’m Proud To Be A Hippie From Mississippi,' the stoner’s answer to Merle Haggard’s 'Okie From Muskogee'; the low-fi 'The Game Of Love' (which, in the tradition of Keith’s infamous 'I’m Just The Other Woman,' prompted the dissatisfied customer to request a more conventional re-take); the disturbingly desperate 'Sing My Death Note,' which was discovered on one of Keith’s private reels; and the unclassifiable wtf?-ness of 'Abidin’ Tuh The Rule.' A limited edition LP with artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz and liner notes from noted blues guitarist Debbie Davies, one of Keith’s musical and personal compadres from the early 1970s. Download coupon included LP $17 SKU:20458