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And since you went totally insane for the 6 CD bundle of deleted Swamp Dogg series titles, we got a bundle of the VINYL for you too, 4 albums for just $15, all but one on colored vinyl: 4 LP BUNDLE- 70S SOUL FROM THE SWAMP DOGG SERIES - WOLFMOON, CHARLIE WHITEHEAD, LIGHTNING SLIM AND ZZ HILL - BUY NOW! 4 LP BUNDLE $15.00 SKU: 20783


21ST CENTURY SOUND MOVEMENT- ST Mini-LP cardboard sleeve and rare 45 trcks( 60s garage ) Label:GEAR FAB Finally, after years of searching, we have finally discovered a copy of this mega-rare garage LP from an unknown group from Missouri. From 1968, these guys did cover versions of the songs of their day even better than the original artists with a great fuzz garage sound! It is a true shame we do not the names of these musicians for the album provides us no credits whatsoever to these truly talented guys!! Mini-LP cardboard sleeve format. Also includes their ultra-rare 45 tracks!! CD $10 SKU:14463

49TH PARALLEL- ST (60’s psych) w 11 bonus tracks and 12 page booklet. - Label:LION First proper version of this legendary Canadian psych album, supplemented by eleven bonus tracks, two of which have never seen reissue before now. Strong melodies, great playing and sympathetic production, make for a must own collection of songs. The twelve page booklet includes two slightly different views of the band’s history, as well as the notes from the original LP release. CD $10 SKU:4338

A BOLHA- Um Passo a Frente (60s Brazilian Psych) Label:LION Brazilian band the Bubbles became the toast of the underground Rio de Janeiro scene, backing Tropicalist singer Gal Costas residence at the Sucata night club in 1970. They won the Best Band of the Festival award at the VII FIC of 1971 (International Festival of Songs), the same year they appeared on Lenos Vida y obra de Johnny McCartney album. After venturing to England to attend the Isle of Wight Festival, they decided to experiment with a heavier sound, more akin to UK bands of that era (Deep Purple, Cream, King Crimson, Humble Pie, with a little Beatles White Album in for good measure) than that of their Brazilian cohorts. A name change to A Bolha later, still loaded with verve and swagger, fueled by drugs, they recorded their first album, which has secured a permanent place as one of the best hard psych rock albums to ever emerge from South America. The LP, Um Passo a frente (A step forward), was released in 1973 by the Continental label, in a gatefold cover which was quite luxurious for the era. This masterpiece, now impossibly hard to find as an original, certainly made a name for A Bolha in the pantheon of 1970s Brazilian rock. But success in the early 1970s was not like it had once been in the old Jovem Guarda or Tropicalist days, when bands had weekly TV shows to help them become well-known nationwide‹and eventually, worldwide. In other words, the meager abilities of Continental to promote the album made it a collectors item, not the fate a band would actively seek for their recordings. Luckily, we at Lion Productions are able to present these recordings to the world all over again, with the additional benefit of a 20-page booklet with band history, photos, and comments on the songs by band leader Renato Ledeira. Includes both sides of the bands infamous hard-rocking 1971 single as bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:10607

ABSTRACT TRUTH -Silver Trees Totum+7 bonus tracks (70’s psych)-Label:Mason Records UK CD reissue of the rare 1970 debut album and the 1971 follow up "Silver Trees" by this South African psychedelic progressive rock band. Excellent early '70s melodic whistful freak rock blends with African sounds featuring assorted instruments keyboards, flutes, electric guitars, saxophone,harpsichord, percussion etc. A refreshing approach with psychedelic touches.Artwork shows both sleeves.GW PICK IMPORT CD $15 SKU:4975

ABUELO , MIGUEL & NADA - ST (70s Argentine psych prog )-Label:CONDOR’S CAVE Recorded in 1974 in France, the album that is the bulk of this reissue has long been regarded as one of the finest recorded by any Argentine artist of the era. With a voice sounding like a cross between Tim Buckley and Peter Hammill, Abuelo became a big star in his native land, recording several rare psyched-out singles in the late sixties, with bells, treated vocals, strange edits, lots of phasing etc., included here as bonus tracks. But thanks to his fickle temper, there was no LP from Abuelo during that time—the album would only emerge years later, after a sojourn in Ibiza, and a bit of wandering throughout Europe. For the actual LP, Abuelo received superb support from Nada, who provided excellent musicianship throughout: the tracks are alternately progressive and very psychedelic (described by some as a cross between Led Zeppelin and Van der Graaf Generator), intense and gloomy. Sadly, Abuelo died of AIDS in 1988, which has diminished the importance of his legacy CD $16 SKU:20203

AGITATION FREE- Second (1973 Kraurock )-Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS The band's masterpiece and probably even better than Malesch. Originally released on Vertigo's swirled label. As usual with a 32-page coloured booklet." Previously reissued on the Spalax label. "Adds bouzouki, mellotron, 12-string guitar to their classic twin guitar, heavy Krautrock sound. Recorded and released in 1973, few months after the first and incredible Malesch, Second is at the frontiers of experimental, progressive, jazz. If Malesch was experimental recording with a touch of progressive, Second just appears as a progressive recording with experimental touch, revealing the incredible music of the band in an 'easier,' HIGHER way." CD $17 SKU:5936

AGUATURBIA- S/T COMPLETE TRACKS (1969 fuzz psych from South America) Label:REcord Runner Complete Tracks": all tracks from both albums ("S/T" from 1969 and "Volume 2" from 1970), by one of the best and most important psychedelic bands to emerge from South America in the late 60's/early 70's; very heavy fuzz guitar driven rock with fantastic female vocals (inviting the inevitable comparison to Jefferson Airplane) and English lyrics; impossible to indicate how revolutionary they were-but the fact that the band were naked on their debut, and crucified their singer on the cover of their second album may give you an idea; the addition of three bonus tracks from 1973 makes this the essential issue of the band's work; booklet comes with notes and photos from the band's archive. CD $15 SKU:2654

ALEXANDER, ARTHUR (POPPEES, SORROWS) - ONE BAR LEFT (powerpop)-Label:DEAD BEAT As guitarist for The Poppees and later The Sorrows, Arthur Alexander assumes a special place in the late '70s NYC punk vanguard. His first solo album is a brilliant mix of rock and power-pop, backed by members of Dr. Boogie, Prima Donna and more. (2018) CD $10 SKU:20066

ALLAN DAVIE AND THE ARROWS - Arrow Dynamic Sounds ( Surf/Fuzz ) -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Starting in the '60s as a surf group, Davie Allan & the Arrows took instrumentalmusic a step further, hot-wiring their sound with the abuse of fuzz pedal. "Talking about pop culture, baby? Allan was an architect, a natural fact rock & roll artist. Allan's ax rocks, stalks and talks with heat, assurance and (believe it or not) a maturity that transforms the oft-shallow rock-instro into epic-scale slabs of rock & roll expression. Dazzling." - L.A. Weekly CD $5 SKU:2233

ALMAS HUMILDES- Ideas (1969 Spanish oddity ) Label:FONOMUSIC (Spain Underrated folk/rock album made in Spain in 1968 by this Madrid-based trio, and released originally on Sonoplay. It is sung in Spanish, English and French; this reissue has remastered sound and four bonus tracks; very nicely presented album. CD $10 SKU:20297

ALOHAS -Get Laid With..(60’s garage punk and surf twang) -Label:OFF THE HIP Fuelled by 1960’s garage punk and surf twang of Dick Dale, Sonics, Atlantics, and the Remains. Their high-energy instrumental sounds and jungle rhythm groove makes for an evening of twisting go-go action stomp! The Alohas have supported the likes of 60’s surf legends – The Atlantics as well as oz rock acts The Celibate Rifles, The Crusaders, The Finkers and Thurston Howlers. CD $8 SKU:5004

ALVARO LOPEZ y Sus Grandes Del Twist- DINAMO TWIST - 1962 2 ONLY -MINI LP SLV Label:VAM Dinamo Twist is an incessantly grooving and energetic album from drummer Álvaro López y Sus Grandes Del Twist from 1962. It's also loads of fun! From the back cover of the original record we learn that Álvaro was something of a musical prodigy, starting on the drums at a very early age and playing in jazz combos by the time he was 17. Not sure how old he is on this album, but he looks about 12 in the photo on the back! The album's notes also tell us that when he heard the twist he loved it so much that he decided to make his own group play in that style. Much of the set is instrumental with a handful of vocal numbers as well. It's all very upbeat, direct dance music -- the twist with a Latino touch -- with the driving drums of Álvaro up front in the mix and supported melodically by punchy horns. This is such seriously groovy stuff, it's a shame there aren't more recordings from this group! Includes a fantastic cover of Henry Mancini's "Peter Gun" plus "Dynamo," "El Gallo," "Ya me voy," "Lo mejor," "Siboney," which sounds remarkably like "One Step Beyond" by Prince Buster/Madness, "La Adelita," "Otro tequila," "Muchachos grandes," and more. CD $8 SKU:19389

ANACRUSA-El Sacrificio/Fuerza (Early 70s S American RARITY)Label:RAYHUELA Born in the beginning of the 70's, this Latin fusion folk formation has delivered impressively original items in a rather discreet commercial success. The albums feature enchanting, warm female vocals, some prog arrangements and acoustic, classical guitar. I cannot exactly say when Anacrusa moved to France, but a new album on Phillips, a long gap between the third and fourth album and an entirely revamped line-up with many French musicians point to the band's immigration sometime around 1976/77.Actually the only stable members appearing on the album ''El Sacrificio'' (1978) were Anacrusa's founders Susana Lago and José Luis Castiñeira de Dios along with oboist Bruno Pizzamiglio, but these recordings include a huge core of 10 more musicians, mostly of French and Argentinian descent and a few of them were pretty experiened, keyboardist Phillip Pages had worked with Richard Vimal, violinist Patrice Mondon with Laurent Petitgerard and guitarist Daniel Alberto Sbarra was a member of Miguel Abuelo & Nada.On new lands Anacrusa still played a delicate Prog Folk, which has transformed into something different via the strong symphonic elements and the elegant orchestrations, while the use of electric guitar is definitely more pronounced.Again some Premiata Forneria Marconi inspirations are present, especially during the piano and violin parts, while the overall mood has moved away from the Andean Folk traditions and comes as a Symphonic/Folk Rock collage with soft interplays and instrumental depth.The music was conducted by de Dios, while Lagos provides the ultra-dramatic vocal lines, the smooth flute parts and some keyboard themes.The strong string section offers the Classical-spiced movements throughout and what actually this album reminds me is a bit of French band Wurtemberg.A change of scenery, which led to a change of sound with more progressive vibes and a pretty amazing, electroacoustic instrumental arsenal. (Ediciones Rayuela) CD $15 SKU:20266

ANDERSON,THOMAS - Moon Goin' Down (great melodic pop ) PRE ALIVE LABEL - LAST COPIES Label:MARILYN "Thomas Anderson is clearly the greatest unknown songwriter on the planet." -- The Village Voice. Hailing from Oklahoma and raised on a diet of Jimmy Webb and Woody Guthrie music, Thomas Anderson's records have been described as fitting with the likes of Elliott Smith or Mary Lou Lord. "Moon Going Down" was released in 1998 and unfortunately fell through the rock'n'roll cracks. Anderson's music writings have also been published in such magazines as Trouser Press, the Bob, Musician, Rolling Stone and Creem. "When I started doing this, I wanted to establish up front that my allegiance was with rock 'n' roll and not singer/songwriters. God love 'em, but a lot of them are telling the same stories about dusty roads, country back porches, and missing you. Here I am singing about Martians. That's my thing. There are other stories to tell, and I want to be the one to tell them." - Thomas Anderson CD $5 SKU:2363

BEVIS FROND- Inner Marshland (80s psych legends)-Label:CHERRY RED 80s psych legends CD $10 SKU:18279

GROUP 1850 - Mother No Head-Their 45s (60 psych) - Label:PSEUDONYM RECORDS (NETHERLANDS) Though they were a product of the beat group age, Group 1850 were the Netherlands' first progressive band, in every sense of that word. Constantly changing, constantly evolving, Group 1850 were musical extremists on a do-or-die mission to explode all expectations. Sparks flew, ideas flared, feedback swirled through misty nights, the dead walked, skeletons danced, flies buzzed, mountains fell, words rained fire from angry purple skies. Group 1850 raised all kinds of hell. My god, were they good. Although the group made two deservedly revered albums, 'Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth' (1968) and 'Paradise Now' (1969), some of their best work can be found on their singles, where their borderline insane hyper-creativity was focused into highly-concentrated, radically potent three-minute songs like 'Misty Night', 'Mother No-Head', 'Zero', 'We Love Live (Like We Love You)', 'Don't Let It Be (We Have to Do It Now)', and the magnificent 'Have You Ever Heard'. The A- and B-sides of all their singles can be found on this unique CD in their original mono mixes, mastered from the original tapes. A number of previously unreleased demos are also included. 'Mother No-Head: Their 45s' comes packaged in a breathtaking digipack cover with rare archival photos, memorabilia and liner notes by Ugly Things Mike Stax. Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes. CD $15 SKU:14760

ROGER & WENDY- Love Rog + Wem (60s US psych folk) deluxe mini-LP sleeve - Label:LION The Roger & Wendy Love Rog & Wem album is a alluring collection of shimmering psych-folk gems, and is the rarest of the duo's records (fetching $900+). A superb artifact from the early 1970s underground psych folk scene, taken from the original master tapes, and using the original sleeve artwork for this deluxe mini-LP sleeve reissue. Booklet has photos, great stories, and five bonus tracks, too! CD $10 SKU:12014

VOLTA SOUND- MY ALL AMERICAN GIRL(BJM, SPACEMEN 3 STYLE)-Label:DIONYSUS ORANGE SKY Cleveland's The Volta Sound play an enticing blend of space pop rock and roll, kinda like Spiritualized meets Josie and the Pussycats. Fans of seminal groups such as The Dandy Warhols, Spacemen 3/Spiritualized, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Jesus and Mary ChaiDIONYSUS ORANGE SKYn will flip over these guys. CD $5 SKU:19810

WITHIN U -THE NIGHT THAT ROCK'N'ROLL BROKE (Sgt Pepper style psych!)-Label:OTHER EYES To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band', Within U recorded 'The Night That Rock'n'Roll Broke'. If you're a psych freak, you won't get enough of these genuinely out-there sounds! CD $15 SKU:19179

WITNESS INC.-The Singles(Canadian 60s garage )Label:PACE This CD represents the entire commercially available recorded output of one of Western Canada's most popular rock bands of the 1960s, Witness Inc. A cross section of four much-loved cover tunes and six self-penned originals, this compilation is the perfect backward glance at the phenomena that was Witness Inc. CD $10 SKU:11037

WIZARD- The Original Wizard (rare heavy Florida rock 1971)Label:GEAR FAB The rare and heavy rock 1971 LP from these Florida musicians that toured with some of the best known acts in 1970 & 1971 and played at the great Goose Lake Music Festival!! Plus their two songs from the rare and elusive 45. CD $10 SKU:18635

WORKS-THE WORKS (SWEDISH ACID PSYCH)-Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS Truly psychedelic, Swedish band: The Works. Closely linked with Dungen, as their Electric Psychedelic Sitarad singer and guitarist Andreas handled the bass playing for Dungen on their latest NYC trip, and several Dungen members guest the Works debut album. Take the Nordic acid test and jack up on The Works. CD $8 SKU:4329

WYLDE OSCARS, THE-Rosilita (60s style garage)Label:OFF THE HIP Conjure an image, if you dare, of Bo Diddley crashing a punk bus into Hamburg-era Beatles, and you’ll be close to uncovering Thee Wylde Oscars’ modus operandi. From further essential ingredients, including the sweat of Little Richard and the death-or-glory ramshackle chords of Chuck Berry, Thee Wylde Oscars have concocted their own treasure-trove of gems from a pirate’s garage.
Propelled by a cataclysmic rattle-trap rhythm, Drummer George Wylde lays down the Big Beat that heralds the beginning and the end of all music...voodoo propulsion for the now generation... Meanwhile, bassist Monk Wylde’s vocal grab-bag ranges from sweet backing harmonies to lung-busting infernos, and bass lines that swing like the last train outta New Orleans... Rog Wylde stabs shards of boogie-woogie piano, straight from the cat house, doused in rocket fuel and saloon curses, as well as 60’s-style garage-graveyard organ...Jay Wylde, on lead vocals, guitar riffs, licks and all the tricks, slices through like Ike Turner’s flick-knife...A frenetic combination of garage street-punk energy and 60’s melody, crafted to stick to your hips...
Songs about the nefarious lights of Saturday nights…shimmying and twisting your Wylde Ass into oblivion...Reelin’ and Rockin’ seven-inch tracks...Love Reactions and Heart Attacks...Resurrection hoodoo and Deja Voodoo...
The recording you hold reflects Thee Wylde Oscars’ mission in alchemy: Cut it live, loud and proud, and let the devil take the hindmost…reel it, rock it, swing it…tear it up and stick it back together with gaffer tape and blood lust…all the while, praying to the album’s nefarious namesake: Rosalita, the mysterioso with gunslinger hips, moonshine lips, and eyes as hypnotic as the long, lonesome prairie… Rosalita, from the land where the desert night’s on fire with rattlesnake rhythms…and holding the Smith and Wesson that scattered the sparks that ignited the carnage – the wild, wylde, will-o-the-wisp…ROSALITA… CD $10 SKU:18927

Yama & the Karma Dusters-Up From the Sewers (1970 quintessential anarcho-hippie record)-Label:LION Super political, rocking, anti-establishment communal band (c. 1970) put together as a result of the Kent State Massacre. As the Euphoria Blimpworks Band, fronted by Howard Berkman from morose garage punksters the Knaves, they played demonstrations and student strikes when they weren’t opening for blues royalty—or being the first band to play the yard at Cook County Jail. They were inter-racial, anti-war, Stop the Bomb, free love hippies, the wildest of the wild kids. And this is the quintessential anarcho-hippie record, a surprisingly well-engineered indie effort which came inside home-made silk-screened jackets, with twisted, poetic lyrics (Dylan or Arthur Lee and Love? you decide), and funky, rocking bones—political, sociological, ecological, reflective and free-love sexy. The Karma Dusters really cook on the up-tempo tracks, sounding at times like a cross between The Blues Project and Dylan's band circa 1966, augmented by some dazzling violin. This excellent sounding master-tape reissue has two bonus tracks; it also has two booklets—one is for the outrageous and explicit Gonzo history of the band and their urban commune; the other is a wrap-around booklet for lyrics, all served up together in a Mylar plastic sleeve. You just know the FBI has a huge file on these punks. But do they have the album? CD $10 SKU:20098

YANCY DERRINGER -Openers (1974 ACID ROCK w Weedburner and more) Label:GEAR FAB Yancy Derringer was a four-piece band from Wisconsin that recorded an album titled Openers in 1976. With an original pressing of only 1000 copies, the album reflected the band's live act and creative talents in seven original songs. The sound of Yancy Derringer was similar to that of some of the more hard driven southern U.S. rock acts of the day such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Ozark Mountain Daredevils and many more. After selling out the initial thousand pressings very quickly, the band ordered a second pressing, which got caught up management hassles and was delayed. This caused fans to lose interest in the band; by 1976, the group's momentum had passed Yancy Derringer broke up, leaving the world with another limited pressing album. In the late '90s, Gear Fab acquired the rights to the band's original masters and released that long lost album for fans of '70s rock to enjoy. With detailed band history and song information as in all Gear Fab releases, Yancy Derringer can now take its place in the history of American rock music. ~ Keith Pettipas, Rov CD $10 SKU:20314

YAYS & NAYS- ST- ( 60s garage 6 stars in Pokora book!) MINI LP SLV - Label:GROOVIE SPAIN "Monster rare USA private pressing from 1968, rated with 6 stars in the Hans Pokora 3001 book. The Yays & Nays were a groovy, hip group comprised of three guys and three girls. This is a truly unique sounding album, full of creative songwriting and vocal arrangements and a style that defies any categorization. There's some fab garage folk-rock on it (the opening track 'Gotta Keep Travelling' is really astounding!), and also some tracks in a bizarre crooner-lounge 'Incredible Strange Music' vein. Reissued for the first time, in collaboration with band members, and with original artwork." CD $10 SKU:14713

ZEROS - Right Now LAST COPIES OF RARE GEMS AND NEW MATERIAL.-Label:BOMP Records Fabulous return album, totally rocking. This album of new material and rare collectors gems that will delight long-time fans and newcomers alike. CD $15 SKU:2090

ZOOBOMBS- The Ultimate Collection (supersonic Tokyo band)- Label:OFF THE HIP The supersonic Tokyo band somehow morphed from Stonesy punk-rock maniacs to freaky jazz-rock jammers without missing a beat, or losing a tad of their record-breaking intensity.Band leader Don Matsuo repeatedly risked everything, pushing the audience to the brink with endless jams before dissolving into a gloriously noisy release.” - Toronto Sun. Includes twelve of Zoobombs greatest hits, including the infectious party groove of 'Mo Funky' and the explosive energy of 'South Central Rock'. CD $6 SKU:19242

I DON'T CARE - Vol 1 1978 180 gram GATEFOLD -Label:PSEUDONYM A superb vinyl collection of early DUTCH PUNK and NEW WAVE from the NO FUN and PLUREX labels, two independent companies that released a handful of -by now highly collectable- singles in 1978, paving the way for DIY generations to come. This is essential stuff for anyone interested in (not only Dutch) punk history! The two tracks from Ton van der Meer, a singer from The Hague, weren't released back in the day and appear here for the first time. Edition of 500 LP's, presented in a gatefold sleeve COMP LP $ SKU:16935

BOETTCHER, CURT-MISTY MIRAGE-Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS A wonderful compilation of demos and outtakes (with the exception of the single Sometimes / Share With Me (Together, 1969) by this exceptional songwriter-producer-musician. Yes, he was the man behind Sagittarius, The Millennium... among many others!. Limited Edition of 450 copies. LP $19 SKU:20362

REASON - Age of Reason( HANS POKORA FAVE a real gem of late 60’s heavy organ-driven rock)-Label:GUERSSEN Here we have a real gem of late 60’s heavy organ-driven rock!! From 1969, this Washington, D.C. based group of musicians took to the studio to record some really great organ-driven rock and roll. Featuring guest appearances on 2 tracks by the great Danny Gatton, this rare album features both originals and some great covers of the day. LP $15 SKU:19557

SHADRACK CHAMELEON -ST (Iowa 1972 Traffic/Donovan style) Label:GEAR FAB "The Humbolt, Iowa's classic 1972 Self-Titled LP along with Steve Fox and Randy Berka's earliest effort on the Sonic label 'It Was Me' b/w 'I Wonder Why', when they were known only as 'Shadrack'. This music is a cross between Traffic and Donovan."Re-pressed. The song titles and length of time are the same, but the digital remastering has been done off new source data and is far superior to the earlier version. LP $15 SKU:17399

AYAHUASCA _-Psychedelic Cumbias, Vol. 1LP + insertLabel:LION Starting in the late 1960's, there was a boom of tropical music in Peru, both in Lima and the provinces. Cumbia Peruana merged this tropical sound with that of psychedelic rock. Aspects of cumbia were mixed with electric (often fuzz) guitar, played over Andean and jungle rhythms—this combination provoked an explosion of original music. An instrument to lead the way, usually from the introduction of the song; over this, hypnotic layers of keyboards and guitar with fuzz and wah wah; add simple bass-lines; and to top it off, syncopated rhythms from bongos, congas, huiros, cymbals, timbales, often played at breakneck speed. In the end, it's like a sonic cousin to Nigerian music: these musicians liked guitar, they had a fondness for echo, and they loved a murky high-octane jam. Fierce, funky and full of flavor!•Snazzy bi-lingual insert w/photos + info on the development of the Cumbias Psicodélicas sound •All tracks newly remastered for this vinyl release COMP LP $21 SKU:20212

BEAT BESPOKE - VA Vol 7 (obscure underground '60s club sounds TWEAKED COVER Label:DETOUR Like its predecessors, Volume 7 of this popular series is restored and mastered to the highest standard. The selections are sequenced like a fast-moving DJ set, featuring current dancefloor hits from Dr. Robert's set list as well as some recent discoveries and previously unreleased gems. The songs that make up this collection are obscure underground '60s club sounds, overlooked on their original releases, but revered by dj's, dancers and collectors in the 21st century, and in many cases compiled here for the first time COMP LP $18 SKU:18898

BEYOND THE CALICO WALL V/A LAST PRESSING of classic 60s psych!Label:VOXX We thought this one was out of print, but found a few jackets at the pressing plant
Excellent acid-punk sampler put together by New England collector Erik L. Issued fairly late in the game but recycling lots of weird psych numbers for the first time. A few tracks fall into the pointless-noise/novelty category but overall this was one of the best comps of the early 90s. All of the pieces are unbridled master strokes of the proto-punk D.I.Y. mentality married to the equally inspired garage rock psych of the mid- to late '60s. In a significant nod to collectors, none of these sides can be found on run-of-the-mill "best-of" anthologies, and there are only a mere handful that are available in any other incarnation. The material ranges from highly infectious pop melodies such as Duffy's spry rocker "Come Back Come Back" or the speed-fueled madness of the Waterproof Tinkertoy's trippy "Continuation." There are also a fair amount of indescribably acidic and downright far-out cuts, including the repetitive "Suzie's Gone" by the Afterglow and the rambling of Ceylib People's "Changes." In addition to the plethora of unearthed gems, Beyond the Calico Wall features a few familiar titles -- such as the faithfully extended 11-plus minute reworking of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" from 6 Feet Under as well as Rasputin & the Mad Monks' jet-propelled rendering of "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)." Bhagavad Gita includes a mid-tempo distortion-driven electric guitar wailer titled "Long Hair Soulful," which was co-written by Chuck Mangione -- who included his version on his Eyes of the Veiled Temptress (1988). It is unknown if the famed jazz flügelhorn player was once a member of this Ohio-based band. COMP LP $15 SKU:2152

BROWN ACID- THE FIRST TRIP (60S PSYCH RARITIES) GREEN MARBLE Label:RIDING EASY A series of compilations of 60s and 70s bands Wikipedia doesn't even know about—but absolutely influenced the sound and direction of your favorite doom, heavy psych, stoner, sludge, and straight up, no-frills rock 'n' roll bands, without ever making a dime. From Flash Beverage to Cold Swett, this compilation will transport you to a time when only two things mattered: the music and the mojo.Kick back and take the trip, but still, don't take the brown acid. A solid set of unknown hits! Hearing this LP you won't believe this material failed to make an impression back in the psychedelic era. But now, in 2015, 'Brown Acid: The First Trip' gives these long-lost gems their well deserved moment to shine. COMP LP $18 SKU:18501

BUZZSAW JOINT -PAVINYL Cut 3 -Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Buzzsaw Joint' was born of a club offering Londoners the chance to revel in the sounds of good ol' trashy rock'n'roll in all its vintage vinyl forms. Cut number three comes from Pavinyl, a gent whose ride is a decked-out disco-hearse that, in his words, "puts the fun back into funerals". Vowing to "keep music evil", his club night 'Mockers' has had the British market town of Stroud dancing for a decade. Here Pavinyl shares 18 exotic pearls, from the jungle to the orient, ancientEgypt to Native America. Hold on tight, it's quite a trip! COMP LP $19 SKU:19349

CZECH UP! -Vol 2 WE'D BE HAPPY(2LP)Collection of gems from Czechoslovakia's fan-tastic '60s and '70s- Label:VAMPISOUL (SPAIN) Presented on DOUBLE-LP, this is the second collection of gems from Czechoslovakia's fan-tas-tic '60s and '70s beat, garage and psych underground. COMP LP $26 SKU:19991

DUNWICH STORY - VA 60 comp back in print! FINAL RUN- last copies! LTD ED OF 50! -Label:VOXX We found a few jackets at the pressing plant and did a final run of this long out of print title. Get a little piece of history! 6 Garage tracks from a/o Shadows of Knight Things To Come/Del-Vettes/Rovin' Kind etc . NOTE: the inner sleeve is long gone, sorry! COMP LP $15 SKU:2153

MOTOR CITY IS BURNING- VOL 2 - 1970 -1998 ( W Detroit, Iggy, Gories and more LAST COPIES.Label:TOTAL ENERGY/ ALIVE (Total Energy) More of the best jams, kickin R&R, '77 punk rock, trash, garage, and 50's influenced R&B from the Motor City, all newly remasterd. You'll find previously unreleased tracks by Detroit w Mitch Ryder, The Gories with an unheard version of Queenies, The Hentchmen, Ten High, Ron Asheton's Destroy All Monsters, and SCR. Also a new studio track by ? and the Mysterians. “The second entry into this series strikes a nice balance between old favorites, legendary figures and modern-day Motor City bands. Iggy Pop and James Williamson's ‘Consolation Prize’ is here, along with previously unreleased live tracks from Guardian Angel and the Rockets. A previously unreleased ‘City Woman’ by Mitch Ryder and Detroit also makes an appearance with a rare track from the original SRC, ‘After Your Heart’. Tracks from Question Mark & the Mysterians (‘Love Says’) Ten High (Kim Fowley's ‘Underground Lady’), the Gories (a lo-fi boombox cut of their ‘Queenie’), and the Silencers and the Hentchmen complete the vinyl package with five extra tracks tacked onto the CD version. - Cub Koda / All Music Guide COMP LP $15 SKU:2225

PEBBLES “BOX “ SET - TEN VOLUMES! Vol 1-5 on HAND MIXED STARBURST VINYL! plus 6-10 on CLASSIC BLACK VINYL With orig cover from rare UBIK version!Label:AIP Better than a cardboard box, if you ask us ! Wont shred and is acid-free to protect your jackets Rigid polypropylene envelope. Button and string closure and secure flap. This will be shipped in a very heavy double walled protect your records. PEBBLES. THE SERIES THAT INSPIRED THE ENTIRE GARAGE ROCK REVIVAL! In his review of the Pebbles series for Allmusic, Richie Unterberger comments: "Though 1972's Nuggets compilation reawakened listeners to the sounds of mid-'60s garage rock, it only focused on the tip of the iceberg. Behind those forgotten hits and semi-hits lurked hundreds, if not thousands, of regional hits and flops from the same era, most even rawer and cruder. . . . More than any other factor, these compilations [in the Pebbles series] were responsible for the resurgence of interest in garage rock, which remains high among collectors to this day."[ COMP LP $145 SKU:17211

SCHNITZELBEAT Vol 2 -You Are The Only One (Raw Teenage Beat & Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970) Label:DIGATON Raw Teenage Beat And Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970'. The artists compiled on this collection translate the air of unrestrained abandon transported by the newly emerging popular genres into their own, locally flavored idiom: Teenage Beat and Garage Rock made in Austria, 1964-1970. Presenting internationally operating epigones of Austrian underground sound of the 1960s (THE SLAVES, THE GAMBLERS) alongside recently re-discovered trailblazers of independent production (THE LOST GENERATION, THE EARLS), 'Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2' is the first compilation of its kind to pay respect to the wilder side of home-grown Austrian teenage sound of the 1960s in all its diversity. You'll find instro rock smashers, beat ballads, straight-up rhythm'n'blues pieces, jangling, folksy harmonies, savage proto-punk blowouts, and, of course, the off-the-wall appropriations of well-known international beat hits that often provided ambitious amateurs with the jump-start they needed to get their own sound up and running. COMP LP $22 SKU:16877

SHIELDED BY DEATH - vol. 3 RARE PUNK TRACKS 78-81 -Label:DIONYSUS 19 more rare punk and new wave tracks, concentrating on CT and MA punk . Tracks culled from rare singles and unreleased tapes, a virtual treasure trove of tracks, Liner notes, photos and even contacts for former members of the groups are included for your enjoyment! COMP LP $10 SKU:19836

SICKSVILLE-VOL 1 (tittyshakers to whip, whop, wobble and grind to) 10”-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) First of two 10"s called 'Sicksville', compiled by Stay Sick!, a gruesome twosome of deejays from the nightclubs of Brighton, UK. Greasy battered platters of wax, with honkin' saxes and hammond organs blasting outta the speakers like there's no tomorrow. Hit the go-go cage for some tittyshakers to whip, whop, wobble and grind to. COMP LP $19 SKU:19094

SLOW GRIND FEVER #3 Yet More (Adventures in the sleazy world of POPCORN NOIR 53-63 )Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Stag-O-Lee presents the third volume of Slow Grind Fever, compiled by Richie1250 and subtitled YET MORE... Adventures in the sleazy world of POPCORN NOIR... The decade between 1953 and 1963 offers an endless supply of danceable, up-tempo tunes. We're talking rhythm 'n' blues, and the phase in the early '60s when it morphed into soul (now called new breed), as well as popcorn -- Belgian music with a mid-tempo style and a high groove-factor. The Slow Grind Fever series highlights the slower side of this period, and takes its title and inspiration from an Australian club night billed as "Melbourne's only slow dance party." These events would include only the "slowest, spookiest, sweetest records" the DJs could find, with folks dancing "real slow in a haze of smoke and dim red light." Stag-O-Lee was convinced that this was a great concept for a compilation series, and have collaborated with those behind the Melbourne club night to present Slow Grind Fever, the third volume of which includes tracks by The Notes, The El Torros, Eddie Cooley & The Dimples, Isley Brothers With Ray Ellis & Orch., Donna Dee, Charlie Williams, Henry Thome, Bob Lee, Little Willie John, Elizabeth Waldo, Bobby Rebel, Jessie Hill, The Flamingos, and Jimmy Scott. COMP LP $18 SKU:16382

SONGS FROM SATAN'SJUKEBOX- Vol 1 COUNTRY, ROCKABILLY, HILLBILLY & GOSPEL FOR SATAN'S SAKE-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) COUNTRY, ROCKABILLY, HILLBILLY & GOSPEL FOR SATAN'S SAKE' - A small selection of satanic songs and maleficient melodies from Satan's infernal jukebox. COMP LP $19 SKU:19095


ABIOGENESI- LE NOTTE DI SALEM (Italian prog 70’s style)-Label:BLACK WIDOW 3rd album by Italian PROGRESSIVE ROCK band sounding very much like the early 70's Italian PROGRESSIVE legends and therefore a MUST for all PROGRESSIVE lovers. long tracks with a strong CAMEL feel. CD $10 SKU:20583

ABSTRACTS - Hey Let’s Go Now (60s Brit invasion style) - Label:BREAKAWAY They were one of the first bands to utilize a light show and besides their sole 45, their legacy contains a cache of unreleased period recordings, some of them made for Columbia Records in 1964. Finally, over four decades later, this album collects the band’s entire studio material alongside two excellent sounding 1966 live tracks. An in-depth insert with a wealth of never-before-seen-photos traces the history of the band that brought “Abstractmania” to the New York area in the sixties. It’s a pleasure for Break-A-Way Records to celebrate the return of The Abstracts and hear them shout again, “Hey, Let´s Go Now”… TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE CD $10 SKU:19669

ABYSSION- LUONNON HARMONIA (Finnish black metal psych) Label:SVART ABYSSION is a Finnish black metal outfit with seriously psychedelic undertones. This is the CD version of the band's 2015 album, presented in a DIGIPAK. CD $10 SKU:20585

ACID KING-MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, CENTER OF EVERYWHERE (STONER ROCK)-Label:SVART DIGIPACK RELEASE. ACID KING returns to its throne with the 2015 full-length 'Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere'. On this their fourth outing, the three-piece maintains the corrosive concoction at the heart of their identity, while simultaneously progressing. This unholy triumvirate of visionary, vocalist, and guitarist Lori S, drummer Joey Osbourne, and bassist Mark Lamb existed before terms like "stoner rock" and "doom metal" entered the musical lexicon. CD $14 SKU:18909

ALEX- ST PLUS THATS THE DEAL (1976 TURK ROCK)Label:GERMANOFON His first two LP's from 1974 and 1976 on one CD, complete and with all original jacket artwork and lyrics. Now performs as Alex Oriental Experience. "A singer and multi instrumentalist from Cologne who released several albums which were strongly influenced by the ethnic music of Turkey. His first two albums are now eagerly hunted by collectors, as they featured a unique style of 'Turk-Rock' with stunning baglama solos (this is a kind of three-stringed Turkish guitar)! They were recorded with the help of Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit (possibly adding bass and drums on certain tracks?) at Can's Inner Space studio, so take note all you Can collectors!" (Cosmic Dreams At Play) and from elsewhere: “Magnificent Kraut meets Oriental albums by one of the considered pioneers of the genre. Members of Can participated in these first two records (including Jaki Liebezeit, Helmut Hattler, Horst Stachelhaus, and others). These two first records of Alex Wiska came with simply his name, Alex, and are very oriental/Turkish rock oriented. His later records under the name Alex Oriental Experience are much more space rock/kraut oriented. Many comparisons were made with the Turkish band Cem Karaca. Great saz tunes by Alex and good accompanied by some of the brightest names of German rock scene. Highly recommended... not to be missed!” CD $8 SKU:19034

ALPAY- YETKE (70s TURKISH FUZZ PSYCH) - Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS IIn Turkey, psychedelia wasnt just some fleeting fad. Fuzzed-out guitar shredding genuinely intersected with some of the goals of traditional folk & classical music. As a result, even former twist singers & folk balladeers explored some fascinating & wild territory. Meet Alpay, the soccer player turned lawyer turned singer who started matching local lyrics to Western arrangements even before the mid-60s countrywide battle of the bands concerts. These early 70s singles lay down doleful Anatolian melodies, and they're simply soaking in heavy & wah-ed out guitar solos. If you're ready to go beyond Baris & Erkin, this is the perfect spot. Remastered Sound, insert / booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records CD $10 SKU:19200

YEZDA URFA -Sacred Baboon (80s zany prog psych) -Label:SYN-PHONIC (USA): this on-line review says it all: “What would you get if you combined the sounds of Yes and Gentle Giant with a large dose of psychedelic chemicals? You'd probably get something that sounds a lot like Yezda Urfa. Yezda Urfa is the craziest, zaniest, most incredible progressive rock band that you have never heard. Most of the tracks on “Sacred Baboon” are two speeds: fast and really fast, although they do make room for some lighter moments. Those of you who like guitar dominated progressive rock will have loads to feast on here. Mark Tippins' guitar work always runs full throttle throughout the album with incredibly fast melodic parts, and there's plenty of other virtuosity to be found on the album as well. An ocarina and recorder chorus fill out the beginning of ‘Cancer of the Band.’ Vibes, harpsichords, synths, organs, and voices play in tandem with the guitar. Yezda Urfa pull out all the stops however on ‘3, Almost 4, 6 Yea,’ a high energy track featuring multiple time signatures, cross-cutting sections, and a heartrendingly beautiful classical guitar solo. The album stands up well against similar efforts by other contemporary American acts such as Happy the Man. If you can make it past the juvenile titles such as ‘My Doctor Said I had a Doggie Head’ and ‘Give 'Em Some Rawhide Chewies,’ you'll discover a long-lost classic of prog's darker days. CD $12 SKU:20198

YOON YOUN SUN--Wing of Peace (S Korean 70s female trippy vocals) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA in some ways, this could be the female counterpart to Lee Jang Hee’s "Meet Me In a Room": first of all, it also features "best production and trip vocal." It’s almost as if these were albums designed one to answer the other, with Yoon Youn Sun’s beautiful, brooding vocals breathing hope where before there was despair; then there are the retro-early 60’s touches that are reminiscent of French ye-ye music of the François Hardy, France Gall type, sultry, yet nurturing a languid innocence; in any case, this album by Yoon Youn Sun was not released in France in the 1960’s, it was released in Korea in 1972 (KLS-64), which makes Yoon Youn Sun a contemporary of Kim Jung Mi, all in all a good reference point; the record has several modes: there are duets with a male singer (all very tasty); the songs that groove the best (tracks five and six) occur when the cheesy farfisa organ gets involved; the second half of the record features more complex arrangements (a few strings find their way into the mix); it’s no surprise that Koreans like Greek music—some of these songs (track three for example) sound as though they could be Neo Kyma tracks from the Popi Asteriadi record previously issued by World Psychedelia, which is, of course, not a bad thing at all; then again, other tracks sound like early Selda material. One world, one music. Full-color discography included. CD $6 SKU:20399

YOUNG BEATS, LOS - Exciting Sound of (rare Columbian 66 garage)-Label:BREAKAWAY incredibly rare Columbian 1966 garage LP .15 cool and wild partly English/partly Spanish vocal tracks, w. snarling versions of 'Baby Please Don't Go', 'Train Kept A Rollin', 'Hearts Of Stone', 'For Your Love', 'Not Fade Away' and 'You Really Got Me'. Comes with four 1967 BONUS CUTS by TIME MACHINE, another Colombian band. Completely different artwork than vinyl rel. with 8 page booklet, rare pics and band history Painstakingly remastered in excellent sound. Honoured with five circles in Pokoras '1001 RC Dream Book'. CD $10 SKU:19659

YOUNG CREATURES- THE FUTURE IS FINALLY NOW (L.A psych) Label:NOMAD EEL Debut album by this Los Angeles based psychedelic rock band. Combining elements of shoegaze, psychedelic rock, indie, and pop, Young Creatures toe the line between blissful dreamy pop and dark, eerie soundscapes. CD $8 SKU:20261

YURI GAGARIN -AT THE CENTER OF ALL INFINITY- (Trippy spacerock HAWKWIND STYLE)Label:SULATRON Much like the debut, this Swedish band's sophomore album is highly recommended for fans of trippy, instrumental, melodic, heavy and dirty spacerock. The music reminds of early Hawkwind, or early Monster Magnet, but is more melodic. CD $14 SKU:20383

YVES, SERGE & VICTOR - CAGIBI (1975 PRIVATE PRESSING West Coast folk-rock with a psychedelic edge)-Label:GUERSSEN Mega-rare private pressing from France, 1975, with only 300 copies made. Pretty unknown album, and a killer!!! Nothing you would expect from a French record, really..this is 100% USA early 70s sounding stuff, West Coast folk-rock with a psychedelic edge, CSNY feel, acoustic & electric guitars, some fierce fuzz assaults, English vocals. an incredible discovery! The original pressing came with plain white cover, and a few copies were later pasted-on with a few very low quality photos. For this reissue we've used this artwork (restored) and also included a booklet with infos and photos. Fantastic remastered sound CD $10 SKU:7021

ZOOT MONEY-Transition (LOST 70S PSYCH GEM)-Label:RIGHTEOUS An excellent album! Featuring the same players who were in the Big Roll Band (including future Police guitarist Andy Summers) on all tracks, Zoot Money came up with this tip-top set, which has soulful ballads, up-tempo mod material and a couple of dreamy sitar numbers written by Summers; 'Soma' inspired Summers and Money to push the boundaries and encouraged the band to wig out further, and in a state of psyche-pop bliss, they decided they were so far out of the Big Roll Band sound that they should change their name to Dantalian's Chariot. They played shows with the Pink Floyd and featured a couple of the tracks from “Transition” in stranger incarnations; Dantalion’s became a cult classic in the process, but turned their existing mod following off and failed to ignite. After the Dantalion hiatus, “Transition” was finally released (in 1968) on the Direction label; by that time, the mods had embraced the psychedelic bug and the album slipped into obscurity, and became one of those buried treasures that is talked of but seldom actually even seen. Finally, this lost gem has made it to CD. Remastered from the original quarter inch tapes, with all of its glorious sweeping sounds, aching vocals and groovy upbeat tunes intact, it's the epitome of cool. CD $8 SKU:19014