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DEAD BOYS - Night Of The Living (ORANGE COVER) last-ever CBGB show w. original '77 lineup & bonus tracks) CDLabel:BOMP Records The last-ever CBGBs show by the original 1977 lineup and the Dead Boys third album. Great sound and one of the best punk live albums. CD $25 SKU:23418

DANGEREENS -TOUGH LUCK (70s glam rock style ala Dolls and Bowie) Label: ALIEN SNATCH! Dangereens are Canada's hot new unadulterated rock'n'roll outfit. With a Montreal signature raw enthusiasm the fieve piece is devoted to 70's glam rock, paying homage to David Bowie, The New York Dolls, T.Rex and Slade. " LP $22 SKU:23289

GONN - ST NO JACKET(60s Iowa kings of garage )Label:VOXX Iowa ‘s 60’s kings of fuzzed out garage punk. Rare early Voxx release. We found a little pile of records that had been taken out of their jackets, the jackets are on the BOMP walls! Hate to throw them away, they are mint vinyl. LP $10 SKU:23431

WACKY DVDs AND VHS TAPES! Perfect for your lockdown entertainment

- Exclusive Interview Footage With Dan And Pat The Band's David Cross Directed Video Plus One More A Camera Angle You Control On One Song
- Live Photo Gallery DVD $5 SKU:21005

DOOBIE BROTHERS- LIVE from the Beacon Theatre Label:RHINO In November 2018, The Doobie Brothers returned to the Beacon Theatre for the first time in 25 years to perform two of their landmark albums, Toulouse Street and The Captain And Me. This Blu Ray edition captures the full video performance from both albums in their entirety, plus three encore tracks. DVD $5 SKU:22952

GG ALLIN - HATED IN THE NATION on VHS!! Label:STF Check it out kiddies, we found some VHS tapes here at the office , some interesting stuff. Dig out those VHS players and have yourself a party. (Easily tranferred to digital form, by the way, all kinds of places offeer the service on the internet.)
SEALED This 52 minute video includes concert footage, birthday party, & funeral. REmastered special edition DVD $5 SKU:21239

HOLLIES BEAT BEAT BEAT (1967 performance) Label:ABC Entertainment This volume of the Beat Beat Beat series of releases features four magnificent performances from The Hollies in January 1967. During the sixties the Hollies were up there with the Beatles and The Rolling Stones in terms of chart supremacy and regularly managed to hit the top ten singles charts. This performance features the line up that included Allan Clarke and Graham Nash on vocals singing three of their biggest worldwide hits: ‘Stop Stop Stop,’ ‘On A Carousel,’ and ‘Bus Stop’ (written by future music star and fellow Mancunian Graham Gouldman). Running Time: 11 minutes. DVD $5 SKU:19372

MONKEES - SEASON 2 DVD BOX SET 5 DISCS -PROMO-Label:RHINO Shrink wrapped and new, promo copies have a small slit in the bar code.
Second season (Sept. 11, 1967 - Sept. 9, 1968) of The Monkees television series: DVD $50 SKU:20661

MONKEES - SEASON ONE DVD BOX SET 6 DISCS -PROMO Label:RHINO Shrink wrapped and new, promo copies have a small slit in the bar code. Complete first season (Sept. 12, 1966 - Sept. 4, 1967) of The Monkees television series: DVD $50 SKU:20662

RADIO BIRDMAN-DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROM Documentary Label:LIVING EYES 'THE RADIO BIRDMAN STORY' - Feature length documentary about the legendary Australian rock band, directed by Jonathan J. Sequiera. In 1974 Radio Birdman brought high energy rock'n'roll to Australia and changed the landscape forever. Kicked out and shut down, they started their own venue, attracting a 'New Race' of inner-city kids and a cult-like following. From their first empty gigs to the notorious 'Van Of Hate' tour of England and the bitter break up that resulted. Radio Birdman perservere, re-uniting years later, their intensity undimmed. For fans of the Stooges, MC5, Ramones and Sex Pistols, this is ESSENTIAL viewing. Yeah Hup! Comes in 16 page digipak, with over 1 hour of bonus content. Subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. DVD $15 SKU:20291

RYDER, MITCH Live Rock from Detroit VHS Label:NIPPON Live in concert Feb 19 1987 Nectarine Ballroon. 1989 by MC-TV Unsealed, formerly belonging to owner of ALIVE RECORDS DVD $10 SKU:21241

LAST COPY! One only, wont be restocked


JULY- Second of July ( Stunning demos by one of the most important psychedelic bands to ever exist ) -Label:ACME/LION •Digipack with 12-page booklet detailing the history of July and their recordings
•Available again on CD after more than a decade By this time, anyone with an interest in psychedelia that stretches beyond the Beatles or maybe Strawberry Alarm Clock (at a pinch), knows who July is. Well, at least they know that a band called July put out a super rare album that is considered by many to be one of the pinnacles of the psychedelic era. There's no way to overstate the excellence of the album, with its eerie sound, Indian-influenced chord sequences, studio trickery (tape loops/phasing), and heavily reverb-laden vocals. But that’s not the story we’re here to tell. Even before that quintessential psychedelic album was made, band leader Tom Newman was experimenting with home recording equipment. In 1967, he installed basic recording facilities in the bedroom of his flat in an old Victorian house in Ealing. There, he and guitarist Peter Cook tried out ideas, coming up with many of the standout songs from the July album. The demos they recorded display the kind of confidence that Newman feels was lacking in the album proper (yes, the ultra- famous psychedelic classic album!) that they recorded in 1968. Let’s go back to the near-beginning of it all, to a flat in a Victorian house in Ealing, and listen in on demos recorded with DIY alacrity by a studio whiz, tracks which will change the face of psychedelia, eventually, after decades of obscurity. CD $10 SKU:16165

KALEIDOSCOPE- St (Mexican 1969 psych mind expander) Comes in mini LP slv- Label:ORFEON Incredible Mexican mind expander from the 1969 that could have easily been on an 'Endless Journey' comp. Mind frying fuzz guitars, electronic psychedelic effects, swirling keyboards and drugged lyrics/vocals in English.
CD $10 SKU:23442

KAWABATA MAKOTO’S MAINLINER -REVELATION SPACE (Japanese undergound psych legends-SALE!Label:RIOT SEASON CD PACKAGED IN A MINATURE VINYL STYLE CARD SLEEVE WITH PRINTED INNER SLEEVE. One of the most celebrated Japanese Underground bands have returned! It may have taken over 12 years, but Kawabata Makoto, guitar guru and head honcho in Acid Mothers Temple, has finally decided to get his celebrated 'psychedelic solid free attack group' back together. Joining original Mainliner members Kawabata Makoto (motorpsycho guitar) and Koji Shimura (drums) is new recruit Kawabe Taigen (bass/vocals) and the trio still kick up one hell of a sonic racket. Confusion surrounds the exact details of the recording, but they seem to date from December 2011, and from Kawabata's mountain top temple studio-cum-home. The man himself, as always, is shying away from sharing too many of the magick details about the Mainliner rebirth. And the stark, minimal black with gold sleeve keeps the mystery intact, apart from the grainy band photo on the rear. All said, 'Revelation Space', is a comeback statement of intent. And it's firmly in the same 'in the red / raw' camp as the original trio's classic 'Mellow Out'. From the initial speaker shaking feedback burst of opener 'Revelation Space', right through to the closing 20-minute epic 'New Sun' (which showcases Taigen's otherworldly howl perfectly) there is no let up in the brutal delivery. This will no doubt delight those Mainliner diehards who never thought they'd see the day again, and all those with a love of over the top guitar howls and punishing feedback levels, but always under pinned by some righteous grooves. CD $15 SKU:21259

KIM JUNG MI- ST (S KOREAN 1974 w Janis Joplin cover song) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA This 1974 album shows a different side of the delectable Korean singer’s personality, as she is called upon to front slinky mid-tempo rockers instead of the folk-inflected tracks of both the “Now” and “Wind” records; this makes for some interesting music, including a break-beat laden cover version (we think) of Janis Joplin’s “Move Over”; CD $10 SKU:20396

KLENCZON, KRZYSZTOF-POWIEDZ STARY GDZIES TY BYLPLUS DVD (1978 Polish Rock) SALE! - Label:KAMELEON On CD, this is a reissue of his 1978 LP with 14 bonus tracks. Also included is a free DVD featuring a TV broadcast of the last Polish Klenczon concert. Krzysztof Klenczon was one of the most important musicians in the Polish '60s and '70s rock scene. He was a member of the well-known psychedelic '60s group CZERWONE GITARY, and after that group disbanded he achieved much success with his quality solo albums. CD $12 SKU:19152

LA IRA DE DIOS-Empirea (Peruvian heavy psych power trio) with video -Label:RE-PSYCHLED Second release—six previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2002 to 2005—from heavy Peruvian power trio whose name translates as "The Wrath of God," a record made available by the combined efforts of three labels. New songs, one a cover version of a track by Los Saicos (Peruvian garage band from 1965), plus three alternate versions of songs from the band’s previous album "Hacia el Sol Rojo". A mix of songs which range from space rock to doom rock; powerful heavy rock chords, capped by the long, hypnotic title track. Artwork has photos from every period of the band’s existence. Includes a raw 8 minutes of video footage of the band playing the unreleased song ‘Quemando,’ in concert sometime in December 2005. A total of 55 minutes of pure heavy psych rock 'n roll!! CD $12 SKU:20204

LAGHONIA-UNGLUE (Peruvian 60s Kinks/Yardbirds stly in English!) digipack Label:REPSYCHLED RECORDS 100% unrel material by one of the best 60´s & 70`s S .American Rock bands, This unique Peruvian band,one of a few in South America that sang in English and used Hammond B2organ in the studio and live performances, and played only original compositions influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Cream and many others. 54 minutes of music, recorded at rehearsal sessions for their first album between 1967 and 1970, contains two unrel tracks andamazing alt versions of Glue album tracks.Good quality mini LP foldout package, insert (cool photos) and original artwork by Manuel Cornejo. IMPORT CD $14 SKU:23443

LAISSEZ FAIRS-MARIGOLD(FORMER PSYCH VOXX BAND STEPPES) SAALE! Label:RUM BAR On this 2019 album by the psychedelic band featuring The Steppes' John Fallon, colours are everywhere. And those colours are explosive, pretty and hard! CD $15 SKU:21562

LANDING- THIRD SIGHT (rural psych 70s style) SAALE! Label:EL PARAISO Connecticut's Landing have specialized in a mild and rural kind of psychedelia for almost two decades. 'Third Sight' - recorded specifically for El Paraiso Records' Impetus series - builds on the hallucinatory soundscapes of the band's earliest days. There's a unique sense of motoric drift to these four long pieces, and an or-ganic blend of rock instrumentation and analog electronics that brings to mind Eno's best 1970s collaborations. But the group's flair for fuzzy drones and new weirdsy commune-folk also betrays their affiliation with the experimental American east coast scene - playing shows with Bardo Pond and releasing a split EP with Windy & Carl among other things throughout their career. CD $15 SKU:21560

LARMAN CLAMOR-BEETLE CROWN & STEEL WAND(psych blues Left Lane cruiser, Led Zep style) SAALE!-Label:SELF RELEASE LAST COPIES. This is Larman Clamor's fourth full-length, which clearly marks the next step in the ongoing evolution of Von Wiedings songwriting. This definitely is his most rhythmic, most expansive lo-fi-garage-doom-blues-stoner statement to date. Recommended if you like R.L. Burnside, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Tom Waits, Left Lane Cruiser, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Lead Belly, Robert Johnson, hunting knives, swamp witches and unlicensed voodoo... CD $10 SKU:20692

LARRY’S REBELS- I Feel Good The Essential Purple Flashes of ..1965-1969 -Label:RPM Larry's Rebels had one of the goofier names in the history of rock & roll -- it invites the question, who is this Larry and why does he have his own set of rebels? -- but nobody laughs at their moniker in New Zealand, where for five years they were one of the nation's biggest and best beat groups. Larry's Rebels were sometimes compared to the Animals in their homeland (they released a solid cover of "Inside Looking Out"), and while they lacked the fierce blues power of the British band, they shared their talent for taking well-known songs and giving them a distinctive spin of their own. Singer Larry Morris had a strong, versatile voice that worked with sunny pop numbers and harder blues-based material, and guitarist John Williams (no relation to the classical guitarist or the film composer) could play tough, howling leads dipped in fuzz and feedback; this was a band that could cover the Who and the Creation and, if not surpassing the originals, deliver versions that had a backbone and a personality of their own. (And "Flying Scotsman," an obvious lift from "Train Kept A Rollin'," burns nearly as bright as the Yardbirds' variation on the theme.) Larry's Rebels were stars in New Zealand and fared well in Australia, but they failed to break through in the U.K. and were unknown in the United States, and for many fans of '60s rock, I Feel Good: The Essential Purple Flashes of Larry's Rebels 1965-1969 will be their first exposure to the band. And these 24 tunes (with a vintage Coca-Cola commercial tacked on as a bonus) confirm that plenty of folks were missing out on a worthwhile band that could tackle moody pop ("This Empty Place"), sneering R&B ("Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It"), raunchy garage punk ("Coloured Flowers") and proto-psychedelia ("Halloween") with equal confidence and skill. Featuring a well-written history of the band by Grant Gillanders and lots of rare photos and clippings, I Feel Good: The Essential Purple Flashes of Larry's Rebels 1965-1969 is a definitive single-disc overview of the band's brief but remarkable career, and anyone with a taste for U.K. R&B or freakbeat of the era will enjoy this sampler of the rock & roll kings of the Antipodes. MARK DEMING CD $19 SKU:21636

LAST DRIVE-ST(Former VOXX band,Greek garage legends!) Label: LABYRINTH OF THOUGHTS The Last Drive re-invent themselves in a walkabout through the realms of rock'n'roll and psychedelia, free from any barrier or obstacle. In an era full of uncertainty, the band is trying to provide a 45 minutes shelter with eight compositions. Including highlights already known from their recent live concerts, such as 'Always The Sun' and 'White Knuckles', of which the first version appeared on the 'Fascism Inc.' documentary. CD $14 SKU:19949

LAST DRIVE-Their Story,So Far(Greek 60s style) FORMER VOXX BAND-Label:MUSIC MANIAC 1st and 2nd on one CD. Twilight of the Greek Gods. the velvet underground meet the 50's. LA's Paul B. Cutler produced these guys and barked proudly: 'This is the best I've ever done'. He enjoyed all this so much, that you can hear him as a fifth member. ' CD $5 SKU:23067

LAZY COWGIRLS - Tapping the Source- 1987 ONE ONLY! Label:BOMP Records Cowgirls have been among the most consistently powerful bands carrying on a certain punk tradition best exemplified by bands like the Ramones and Real Kids. This album captured them at their early best, and remains the classic. A punk underground masterpiece CD $25 SKU:21954

LENO-Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney (1971 Brazilian Cream/ STeppenwolf style SAALE!-Label:LION Leno’s “Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney” was intended as the next musical step after Tropicália, it’s full-blooded rock and roll approach intended to link the music that had already been made to the music that would be played a few years later. This record just might have been that bold step had CBS released it in 1971. But censors banned most of the tracks, and Leno was fortunate (thanks perhaps to his string of innocent sounding Jovem Guarda number one chart hits in Brazil as half of duo Leno e Lillian) not to experience the exile or imprisonment of other artists of the time. He was also fortunate that the master tapes survived in the CBS vaults, making them available for this reissue. The album has a sound that has more to do with bands such as Sly & The Family Stone, the Beatles (post 1967), Cream, and Steppenwolf, and features contributions from music legends Marcos Valle, Raul Seixas (anarchic surrealistic icon of Brazilian counterculture), hard psych rockers A Bolha, and members of Los Shakers and Renato e Seus Blue Caps. One of the most singular records of the 1970’s rock era in Brazil, speaking in terms both historic and musical, with a significance in Brazil that makes people who know it well wonder how it has taken so long to be known worldwide, in a time when the efforts of the Brazilian rock and psychedelic underground scene are so well-documented. A 24-page booklet (packed with photos and lyrics) details Leno’s career, as well as the story behind this exceptional record. CD $8 SKU:20090

LIGHTNING - 1968-1971 (Mpls 60s garage LEGENDS)SAALE!-Label:ARF ARF Lightning was an offshoot of Minneapolis '60s legends Litter that featured guitar wizard Tom 'Zippy' Caplan. After recording the Litter's 1966 garage classic Distortions and 1968 psych masterpiece $100 Fine, Caplan split from the Litter and formed Lightning. The band started out as a power trio and cut one fierce Cream-inspired single 'William' b/w 'Of Paupers And Poets' in 1968 under the White Lightning moniker with Twin Cities record producer Warren Kendrick. The band regrouped into a quintet and scored a record deal with P.I.P. which issued their eight-song album. That album has since become a highly collectable LP. Lightning became one of the Midwest's hardest working rock acts and toured extensively throughout the region during their three-year tenure. This authorized CD reissue includes their entire LP, the aforementioned 45, plus six additional bonus tracks (including edited 45 mixes of two album tracks) all wrapped in an archival 12-page booklet with lots of photos and liner notes by Litter-scribe Doug Sheppard. Between this package and Arf Arf's White Lightning Strikes Twice [1968-1969] release, the band's entire musical legacy has been properly archived. Fans of Blue Cheer, Cream, Hendrix, and Arf Arf's four psychedelic Dose comps will really dig this new disc CD $10 SKU:12952

HERE’S TO OLD ENGLAND-An Artpop Sampler (Great UK ROCK)-Label:ARTPOP "Edward Ball is the second best songwriter in Britain today," Noel Gallagher said with customary humility; "A modernist musical alchemist," said Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine—and no wonder, as several tracks here could have been from early MBV EP releases; "Ed Ball is one of my favorite songwriters in the world,' Alan McGhee (Creation Records). This compilation features the work of Ed (ward) Ball, prolific songwriter who has released nearly twenty albums under various guises over the years (including being co-founder of Television Personalities, and a part time member of the Boo Radleys). This unique compilation contains some of the best loved tracks by the Times, Teenage Filmstars and O Level as well as a version of 'Love Is Blue' which charted in the Top 75 in 1997. All the tracks were unavailable at the time this comp was devised, and had (and have) been for some time and are much in demand." Guitar laden, feedback heavy, absolutely great UK rock. And we are practically giving these away COMP CD $6 SKU:20496

I KNOW THAT I GOT A HEAVY SOUL, VOL. 3-VA((Eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk) SAALE! Label:HEAVY SOUL The third installment in this popular series features a host of bands that are inspired by the sounds of the '60s. On offer is an eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk. COMP CD $12 SKU:21845

IGL DANCE JAMBOREE ‘66- VA- ( 55 studio tracks by 30 Midwest bands ) SAALE! BL CD Label:ARF ARF Incredible 2-CD historical document from the mastertapes that includes 55 studio tracks by 30 Midwest bands who participated in IGL's first Battle of the Bands in 1966. TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE COMP CD $12 SKU:23193

IGL ROCK STORY - VA PART 1 ( Iowa 60s garage pop ) sAALE! - Label:ARF ARF IGL is an acronym for the Iowa Great Lakes Recording Studio, the first one in that state. When the studio/record label scored big with Dee Jay and the Runaways' "Peter Rabbit" (included here along with other early tracks by the group) after leasing it to a major label, the bands came from all over the state and beyond, hoping lightning would strike for them too. On this sumptuous collection of 31 tracks we hear the first fruits of such studio recordings, capturing the more notable bands from 1965 to 1967. The IGL studio had a crude, echoey sound that made drums sound enormous and vocals reverberate all over the place, but as a scrapbook of the studio's early days and Iowa's mid-'60s output, this collection is invaluable. Cub Koda, All Music Guide COMP CD $12 SKU:23444

IGL ROCK STORY - Vol 2 -Iowa's Premiere Teen Label 67-68 SAALE! - Label:ARF ARF Part Two of the story of Iowa's premier label of the sixties concentrates on some of the more commercial output of the late '60s. Featuring cuts from Gemini 6, Yetti Blues Band, Mad Lads, Steve Ellis & The Starfires, Koats of Male and more, this collection with extensive sleeve notes is a fine effort. COMP CD $12 SKU:5693

IGL ROCK STORY - Vol 2 -Iowa's Premiere Teen Label 67-68 SAALE! - Label:ARF ARF Part Two of the story of Iowa's premier label of the sixties concentrates on some of the more commercial output of the late '60s. Featuring cuts from Gemini 6, Yetti Blues Band, Mad Lads, Steve Ellis & The Starfires, Koats of Male and more, this collection with extensive sleeve notes is a fine effort. COMP CD $12 SKU:23445

DASZU-Zone of Swans/Lucid Actual + 1/2 Dativa(underground post-punk 79-83)- SAALE Label:LION with 8 page insert booklet. Unlike earlier Daszu music, Lucid Actual 2000 was digitally constructed and edited from recordings and generated loops for use in live interactive 3D performances: many of them were performed at a Digital Electronics Festival in Montreal in 1999. The introduction of a visual element into the mathematical minimalist world of Daszu composer Mark Rudolph allowed for a more ambient, repetitive, suggestive—and danceable—style.

These pieces were composed by Daszu creative mastermind Mark Rudolph via listening to combinatoric loops with an occasional long melody or vocal line spinning over time. Their style is described by Rudolph as 'hypno'—"an attempt to free the mind from its material neighborhood and make possible a better future based on mutual respect and kindness, despite the fact that our home is not here in life." It is life-affirming, energetic music—particularly the *Enticement sequence of 'Butterfly Close to Me,' 'Kanushnaya Sweet,' 'Oo Eh' and its inverse 'Hey Suni'—music for a joyous club life that may or may not exist or have ever existed—or which perhaps may be encouraged into existence by experiencing this music. LP $18 SKU:22093

DEVIL’S KITCHEN- ST (SF 60s heavy guitar psych ) SAALE!Label:LYSERGIC SOUND First ever release by DEVIL’S KITCHEN, perhaps the best of the greatly talented but “forgotten” bands from the legendary San Francisco psychedelic scene of the late 1960’s. This heavy guitar-powered psychedelic four piece band moved from their original Southern Illinois base to the Bay Area during The Summer Of Love. The band came to the attention of Bill Graham and Chet Helms in 1968 and was soon playing on a regular basis at The Fillmore West. A short time later Devil’s Kitchen became the house band at Helms’ Family Dog Ball-room on The Great Highway in San Francisco and remained there in that capacity from the spring of 1968 until the summer of 1970. Devil’s Kitchen played all the major venues in The Bay Area and Los Angeles during this time period, opening for and playing frequently with many very well-known bands, including The Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Allman Brothers, Big Brother And The Holding Company with Janis, The Charlatans and many, many others. The band spurned a recording contract offer from Mercury Records in 1968, displeased with the lack of creative control offered them by the label. Consequently, they never released any recordings. There are eight original unreleased tracks on this album and all were taken from the original master tapes that were recorded in 1969 at The Family Dog Ballroom On The Great Highway in San Francisco and the Sierra Sound Recording Studio in Berkeley. The music has a great and unmistakable late 60’s acid-drenched West Coast guitar-driven blues-psych sound with snakey electric slide and roaring fuzz guitar throughout, provided by the talented Robbie Stokes who later went on to play with Quicksilver Messenger Service and appeared on Mickey Hart’s 1972 “Rolling Thunder” LP, just to mention two of his many musical credits. The discovery of these master tapes and this subsequent release of Devil’s Kitchen’s first full length album, more than forty years after the recordings were made, is an exciting find for the collectors of obscure 60’s psychedelia. How a great band like this remained under the radar and unreleased for all these years is mystifying. Limited pressing of 1,000 hand-numbered copies. Welcome again to the great San Francisco sound of the late 1960’s! LP $18 SKU:12995

ELECTRAS - BEST OF ELECTRAS / SCOTSMEN / VICTORSLabel:GET HIP 8 tracks recorded in 1967 by the Electras that include the smokin’ “Dirty Old Man” and “This Week’s Children” and their smokin’ version of Action Woman! Also includes tracks by the Scotsmen and Victors (all previously unreleased) and 12 12 insert w/story! A collection of 8 tracks by the Electras that include the smokin’ “Dirty Old Man,” “This Week’s Children” amongst others. Their version of “Action Woman” gives the Litter a run for their money on the punk-o-meter! Also includes tracks by the Scotsmen and Victors (all previously unreleased) as well as an info-packed 12 x12 Insert detailing the Electras story with band photos and more! LP $12 SKU:23027

ELECTRIC FEAT-ST(psych, proto-metal and heavy blues) SAALELabel: INNER EAR This is Electric Feat's debut album. A hard rocking album, with psychedelic, proto-metal and heavy blues. Cream and Alice Cooper are not far away LP $22 SKU:22784

ELECTRIC FUNERAL-The Wild Performance -Ear-splitting hard-rock / proto-doom-metal from the early 70s!DBLLabel:SOMMER Ear-splitting hard-rock / proto-doom-metal from the early 70s! double LP version; includes download. Ear-splitting hard-rock/proto-doom-metal from the early '70s, Electric Funeral were a pioneering Swiss hard-rock band who sadly never registered any studio recordings at the time. Formed in the late '60s by Edi Hirt (drums), Pierrot Wermeille (bass), Alain Christinaz (guitar), and Dominique Bourquin (vocals), they were influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. Famous for their loud (they played behind giant stacks of Marshall amps) and powerful shows, their sound was too heavy-sounding for a regular label to offer them a contract. The Wild Performance is made of private live and rehearsal tapes recorded in 1970 -- very raw and lo-fi -- but it's the only testimony of their brutal sound. First released in 1991 as a limited LP, this is an expanded edition with newly remastered sound and four killer bonus tracks, taken from reels and tapes recently found in the band's archives. These tracks were also recorded in 1970 except for "My Destiny", which dates to 1973. The sound is still lo-fi but slightly better than the original tracks, especially on the killer "You Can Help" (proto-punk á la Electric Eels), "My Destiny" and the alternate version of "You Can Help". RIYL: Black Sabbath, Iron Claw, Edgar Broughton Band, Moses, Sainte Anthony's Fyre. Includes insert with rare photos and liner and notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby). LP $32 SKU:20957

ELECTRIC HOLLERS-ST (RIYL Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After, bluesrock, psych,stoner rock)Label:SELF After the release of debut album 'Rise' in 2018, things moved quite faast for Dutch psychedelic blues/rock trio Electric Hollers. The band did performances throughout the Netherlands and worked hard on new material. Now here is successor 'Electric Hollers', a self-titled album with a raw sound and live feel. The band recorded the album with producer Bonne van der Wal in Leeuwarden. RIYL Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After, bluesrock, psychedelic rock and stoner rock. Limited to 300 copies. LP $22 SKU:22680

ENHOLM ,SHANE - Divine American Pariah (Syd Barrett, Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie style) -Label:OUTRO Shane Enholm brings all the best elements of Syd Barrett, Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie mixed in one truly BRILLIANT songwriter and album! This L.P. is destined to become a Folk/Punk classic with it's honest, personal and brilliantly quirky performances. LP $18 SKU:22719

EXTROVERTS -SUPPLE (true punk-power pop gem)Label:BEAT GENERATION The Extroverts are one of those true punk-power pop gems unknown to the mainstream public, but not forgotten by those who remember their old days back in 1979-82, when they shared the same bill with the likes of D.O.A, Subhumans & other Canada punk faves LP $22 SKU:21901

FLOWERZ-FLYTE (for Mid-’60s garage fanatics!)Label:GET HIP This LP reissues two songs from the Flowerz’ ultra-rare 45s on Kingston combined with several tracks recorded for a live radio show. Mid-’60s garage fanatics will love the reworkings of hits by such icons as the Rolling Stones, Byrds, Spencer Davis Group, Kinks, Animals and more. Includes an insert with photos and the complete Flowerz story LP $12 SKU:23025

FROZEN PLANET 1969-COLD HAND OF A GAMBLING MAN(Australian psych-/jam-rockers) Label: HEADSPIN Cold Hand Of A Gambling Man’ can be described as a slightly heavier and darker sounding album than ‘The Heavy Medicinal’, yet no less tripped-out. Solid bass and drums form the foundation with plenty of otherworldly guitar experimentation over the top. Tasteful and unexpected tempo and rhythmic shifts throughout the album contribute to the journey. This Australian trio shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! LP $21 SKU:23096


JULIUS VICTOR From the Nest(1969 Jefferson Airplane style rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Another undiscovered and Ultra-Rare LP from 1969. With heavy influences of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. CD $10 SKU:11551

KAISERS -Shake Me (Scottish 60s garage BEATLES/ZOMBIES style)Label:GET HIP Scotland’s #1 Beat band...The Kaisers! Classic album featuring equal doses of outstanding mid-’60s Mersey-style covers and brilliant originals all as authentic sounding as you can get! From the vocal harmonies, to the production, to the energy — everything is perfect. It’ll make you want to listen to the Beatles and the Zombies all over again. CD $10 SKU:22174

KAISERS - Squarehead Stomp (60s garage BEATLES/ZOMBIES style)Label:GET HIP Reissue of the debut album by Scotland’s #1 Beat band...The Kaisers! Classic album featuring equal doses of outstanding mid-’60s Mersey-style covers and brilliant originals all as authentic sounding as you can get! From the vocal harmonies, to the production, to the energy — everything is perfect. It’ll make you want to listen to the Beatles and the Zombies all over again. CD $10 SKU:21407

KEYES -ST Louisville Music Series #7 ( mid 60s psych rock) Label:GEAR FAB The Seventh Installment of our Louisville Music Series. Another great band that exchanged band members with Soul Inc., Elysian Field, The Rugbys, and The Oxfords. Featuring the brother combo of Tom & Jim Owen, these 25 tracks were recorded between 1965-69 and are off the Master tapes from Sambo Studios!! Great mid-60s rock and psych sound. 22 of these tracks have never before been released. CD $10 SKU:21718

KING MUD (VAN CAMPBELL from the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES / FREDDY J IV from LEFT LANE CRUISER / PARKER GRIGGS of RADIO MOSCOW.)- VICTORY MOTEL SESSIONS - DIGIPACK Label:ALIVE KING MUD is VAN CAMPBELL from the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES , FREDDY J IV from LEFT LANE CRUISER and features guitarist PARKER GRIGGS of RADIO MOSCOW.They joined forces in Los Angeles for a marathon session that gave birth to an album of hard blues, blue eyed soul, heavy rock, and feedback! åÒVictory Motel Sessions.If you dig the bands these musicians come from you will probably love this record! CD $10 SKU:15276

KONKS- ST ( great obscure garageLAST COPIES OF BOMP RELEASE) Label:BOMP Records “ And one thing that I'm sure got Shaw a pass through the Pearly Gates last year is this new release by some group outta nowhere called the Konks. And konked they are...just take a look at the yeti on the cover and tell me these guys aren't ready for the monkey cage at the zoo! And they play like a buncha yetis as well...sorta like the Cheater Slicks only much better because they don't sound like a mockery of the music they claim to love. They also don't sound like the truly tiresome who just sounded like retreads of hoary old Sonics/Seeds/Stooges riffs run into the ground (all the while the band members pat themselves on the back congratulating themselves for taking part in such a "meaningful experience")...naw, these guys sound like TOTAL TRASH like in mentally-challenged thugs 1961 meet 1966 doofs at the Grande Ballroom in 1968 as they ponder the significance of the Pagans” CD $20 SKU:23441

KOPPERFIELD- Tales Untold (Ultra rare 70s hard rock) Label:GEAR FAB The ultr-rare 1974 hard rock LP by a great yet unknown Michigan band. The music is hard driving, with loud and screaming guitar, tortured vocals, and an organ sound very similar to early YES. Taken off the master tapes, this release features Nine bonus tracks never before heard. CD $10 SKU:11394

KORNI GRUPA -ULTIMATE COLLECTION DBL CD Essential psych prog 68-74-SAALE! Label:CROATIA Here's a wonderful DOUBLE-CD compilation of recordings by the essential psych/prog unit from the former republic of Yugoslavia. The material was recorded during the years 1968-1974. CD $12 SKU:19973

KRAMER, WAYNE / MC5 /PINK FAIRIES - AUTOGRAPHED! Cocaine Blues Live at Dingwalls 1979 LAST COPIES! -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Front cover autographed by Wayne Kramer last time he came to our offices. Silver pen. This collection of material from 1974/1978, around the time of Wayne's arrest, brings him back to his roots in rock 'n roll and blues. This is a high-energy release that includes previously unreleased material performed live with the infamous Pink Fairies. The album is complete with rare and unreleased photos. CD $25 SKU:23011

KWYET KINGS -ON E BAY Been There Done What (power pop Groovies style)-Label:Dionysus From Norway, The Kwyet Kings play power-pop in the tradition of The Flamin' Groovies and Badfinger, with a beefy sound sure to stick in your head for days! Irresistible choruses, strong guitar chords, and melodic lead solos with simple but strong bass and drums. CD $10 SKU:18963

KWYET KINGS - Singles N Shit (power pop Groovies style)-Label:Dionysus Think of the best punk and power pop of the late '70s and early '80s combined with touches of '60s pop and mod. A monumental collection of "can't get 'em out of your head" pop anthems! CD $10 SKU:19805

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE-ALIGN IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION (spaced-out vibes and '60s acid blues )-Label:ASTRAL PROJECTIon It is a must for fans of Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd and classical raga style. The combination between the genres is well defined, providing a freak out journey throw eastern vibes. 70's cosmic psychedelic jam. CD $17 SKU:22810

LAS ANTORCHAS- ST ( 60s Mexican acid punk w liner notes, and a poster insert ) Paper mini slv replica SAALE!- Label:ORFEON Las Antorchas were formed in 1965 by five college students in Mexico City. They released only one EP on Orfeon, but had recorded enough material for an album. They split around 1968/69, but after a line-up change they continued under the name of Antorcha. Thanks to the persistence of VAM Records and record producer Manuel Alvarez Valdez, we now have all known material of Las Antorchas, including their Orfeon material. Their early sounds are rock/beat influenced, with most relying on organ and vocals. But the excellent ‘Dime’ is a really great acid-punk track. Truly underground Mexican rock, waiting to be discovered. This edition has liner notes, and a poster insert that replicates the Orfeon EP art. The CD features 18 tracks in all – their famous EP, plus a host of great singles – with titles that include "Opus 14 Interior 12", "Dime", "Shake", "Confesion", "El Soldado", "Sabia", "No Lo Hagas", "Canta Conmigo", and "Substitute". CD $5 SKU:15118

LEFT LANE CRUISER -8 CD BUNDLE - All of their CDS for a great price! Label:ALIVE Get all of their cds for an amazing price! CD $60 SKU:17674

LEGENDARY TIGER MAN-MASQUERADE (suave cramps-y style) Label:GET HIP Brand new album by suave Cramps-y amazing one-man band from Portugal!With the help of a stellar array of musicians backing him up, he has recorded one seriously haunting, beautifully executed album. CD $10 SKU:22178

LES TERRIBLES- ST(60s Stones/Yardbirds style) Label:Dionysus LES TERRIBLES go back to the sound of the French Beat & Roll when it was bitten by the Big Bad British Bug back in 1965. Imagine how Them, The Yardbirds or the early Stones would’ve sound if they were from France, never turned professionals and Van Morrison, Keith Relf or Mike Jagger were chicks. All the songs are in French, with that glamorous “mademoiselle” accent! CD $5 SKU:18959

LESLIE’S MOTEL - Dirty Streets ( 1970 Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers style) Label:GEAR FAB 8th installment of the Louisville Music Series. The unreleased 1970 concept album "Dirty Sheets" by Leslie's Motel, featuring Blues Project/Seatrain drummer Roy Blumenfeld. Great sound in the same vein as the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers!! CD $10 SKU:19300

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS -Shootin' Fire (1969 recordings) SAALE! -Label:CICADELIC RECORDS (USA) Lightnin' Hopkins recorded over a dozen songs for the Clarity Music Company at the "ACA" Recording Studio in Houston in April of 1969. These songs ranged from new originals, such as 'Born In The Bottom,' 'December 7, 1941,' 'A Rainy Day In Houston,' and 'Stinking Foot,' to oldies such as 'Feel Like Ballin' The Jack,' 'Shake That Thing' and 'Shinin' Moon.' Since the 1970's some of these songs have been released on haphazard compilations with the bass and drums mixed too high, the guitar leads mixed too low, and excessive "reverb" in an attempt to make Lightnin' sound more contemporary. Now for the first time ever the original four track masters have been re-mixed without any of the extraneous studio misjudgments that marred previous releases. As an added bonus, previously unreleased recordings such as 'Movin' On Out When The Saints March In,' 'Old House Torn Down,' 'Mistrust My Baby And She Mistrust Me,' and 'Baby Please Don't Do Me Wrong' are included on this compendium of Lightnin' Hopkins gems. A large selection of never before seen photos, contracts, and documents rounds out this collection of rarities. The net result is 77 minutes of Lightnin' Hopkins in his prime "shootin' fire". •Taken from the original four track masters. •Includes previously unreleased tracks. CD $5 SKU:19764

LINDAHL, PETER- PSYCHEDELIC SWEDEN (60s 70s style) Label:TRANSUBSTANS Peter Lindahls musical journey: "It was back in the early seventies, in those happy days of experimentation when everyone was jamming together at home or at open air festivals that things really took off for me, in the sense of my being creative. It was the age of hippies, of freaking out and of radical movements intending to change society over night. But with me it was just a lot of fun and fooling around with every way of expression I could find, among these the most vital ones being art and music." This is how Peter Lindahl describes his artistic upbringing during the feverish seventies. Many years later , in the nineties Peter has gained recognition with his project In the Labyrinth. The material presented on this CD holds almost no similarity to In the Labyrinth and is more of a compilation of Peters musical experimentation from themid-sixties to the late nineties, although most of the tracks were recorded during the early seventies. "Psychedelic Sweden" is a musical reflection of when Peter had joined up with the alternative community which was growing rapidly in Sweden in the late sixties and he started to take in more psychedelic stuff, his favourites at the time being Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pugh Rogefeldt and Pink Floyd. Full story by Tobias Pettersson in the extensive booklet with an fold out poster of Peter on backside. CD $12 SKU:22339

LITTLE MURDERS- Best of (Legendary Australian Power Pop)-Label:OFF THE HIP Legendary Australian Power Pop band who've been releasing classic guitar songs since 1979. Rob Griffiths and co are celebrating four decades of their brand of modish-powerpop with a best of Cd and tour of Japan. From their debut 7" to tracks from their most recent album, Little Murders' best of Cd covers their entire career. CD $12 SKU:20038

LITTLE MURDERS- Dig For Plenty (Aussie Power Pop) -Label:OFF THE HIP Dig For Plenty" is full of new stage favorites from the opening power pop treats of "For You" "Pretty Penny", and "Rock Academy" to the London jet set swing of "Roxy" and the bouncy pop delight of "Girl What's On Your Mind?". The album is full of simply great Little Murders tracks. The garage rock groove that is "Running Man" the psychedelic rock trip of "Velvet (Get Out Of Bed)". And more. CD $10 SKU:14424

I'M A FREAK 2 BABY(3CD)-A FURTHER JOURNEY THROUGH THE BRITISH HEAVY PSYCH & HARD ROCK UNDERGROUND SCENE 1968-73' Label:GRAPEFRUIT Released in 2016, the 'I'm A Freak Baby' 3CD overview of the UK's late sixties/early seventies nascent hard rock/proto-metal scene received rapturous acclaim from pundits and punters alike. Like all good follow-ups, 'I'm A Freak 2 Baby' expands upon the original while simultaneously tightening the stylistic mesh. Featuring Budgie, Jeff Beck, Stray, Iron Claw, The Move, Bodkin, Ancient Grease among others. COMP CD $35 SKU:20910

IMMEDIATE PLEASURE-VA(collection of neo-garage, beat,mod and soul) SAALE! Label:HEAVY SOUL An awesome collection of neo-garage, -beat, -mod and -soul. There are 20 cuts from bands including The Royal Hangmen, The Attention!, Black Hollies, Laynes, The Ace, The Reactions, The Josephs, The Small Fakers, Beatrevolver, Pretty Hoodlums, The Ace, Eurovox, COMP CD $10 SKU:21846

ITS A HAPPENING!- Texas Girls of the 60s- Label:CICADELIC All seven recordings by The Heart Beats are included on this album, along with other great female led bands from 1966, such as The WordD from Dallas and The Bombshells of Houston. An added bonus is folk singer, Linda Pierre King from Houston, whose self-penned originals from 1966 foreshadowed subsequent folk singers such as Janis Ian and Melanie. COMP CD $10 SKU:12744

KILLED BY DEATH Vol 1-Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82-Label:KBD COMP CD $10 SKU:22912

KILLED BY DEATH Vol 10Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82-Label:KBD COMP CD $10 SKU:22976

LOST SOULS Vol 2 -Garage Psych from Arkansas and Beyond 1965-1971- VA ( 60s Garage/ Psych ) Label:Psych of the South This compilation gathers unheard, unknown, and legendary garage and psychedelic rock from from Arkansas and SE Missouri in the 1960s. PLUS for the first time the garage punk classic The Modds - Leave My House is sourced directly from a recently discovered reel to reel tape revealing more than ever heard before. Featuring finds from Variety Recording Studio (home of Alley Records) in Jonesboro, Arkansas and MORE. ALL tracks sourced from reel to reel tapes recovered from private collections of the original musicans and studio owners. Fifteen bands are featured in an extensive 20 page full color booklet including liner notes with details on EVERY band. The sounds contained within reveal a hidden history of garage and psychedelic music previously unknown to exist. Hear new sounds from the past ranging from primitive garage to heavy psych and beyond. COMP CD $15 SKU:10777

LOST SOULS Vol 4 Unreleased 1960s Garage and Psychedelic Rock from Arkansas -Label:Psych of the South Lost Souls Volume 4 features ALL unreleased tracks from the heyday of garage and psychedelic rock in Arkansas from 1965-1968. LMORE INFO ON SITE COMP CD $15 SKU:15175

LOUISVILLE in the 60s - The Lost Allen Martin Tapes- Label:GEAR FAB Since the 1960’s, the Allen-Martin Studio in Louisville was the place to record for most of the bands in the region. In 2006 when Ray Allen and Hardy Martin retired, the studio closed, a group of music lovers (Jay Petach, Marvin Maxwell & Ed Amick) stepped in to rescue the tapes for the all of bands who had recorded there over the last forty-plus years .After a careful down select process, we chose these 18 previously unreleased tracks as the best representation of the over 100+ songs we sorted through: COMP CD $10 SKU:21234

LUX AND IVY DIG THE BEATNIKS-VA- A COLLECTION OF FINGER LICKIN' GROOVES, DEEP THINKIN' DIATRIBES AND EXPLOITATION 45s' - DBL Label:RIGHTEOUS - A double CD featuring a host of classic beatnik 7" releases as dug by The Cramps' Lux and Ivy. Featuring super rare sides, weird pontification, finger clicking hipness, deep thinking diatribes and the inevitable mention of goatees on a set of suitably ginchy grooves. All tracks remastered. COMP CD $18 SKU:21681

MAGIC IN THE AIR -Volume 1- 1966-1970 The Birth of Cool Britannia - PSYCH POP! 100 page booklet & TRIPLE CD Label:RUBBLE A treat for fans of cool psychedelic pop, this first TRIPLE-CD volume of 'Magic In The Air' attempts to capture a wider perspective of the cultural revolution unfolding in Britain during the late '60s, and the vibrant nature of a generation caught in the post-war gap. The 100-page perfect bound booklet offers rare photos, detailed biographies and full discographies. COMP CD $38 SKU:21707

KAMINARI VOL. 2-NINETEEN MORE JAPANESE GARAGE MONSTERS (60s style beat, surf and garage)-Label:GROOVIE rue to its original concept, this volume of 'Kaminari' brings you another batch of 19 exciting underground bands from all over Japan. If garage rock, trash punk, '60s beat, fuzz or surf is your thing, then you'll dig 'Kaminari' like candy. The LP features artwork by Christophe Lopez Uci. COMP LP $19 SKU:22902

LEFT LANE CRUISER - DIRTY SPLIFF BLUES TRUCKER HAT - Artwork by BILL STOUT -Black with white front-Label:ALIVE Classic SNAPBACK ADJUSTABLE TRUCKER HAT - This will not be combined with your records but sent in it’s own box, shipping included in the price! HAT $20 SKU:16931

DATURA4 BUNDLE! 5 LP "BOX " SET- with FREE BONUS DM3 LP, POSTER, AND STICKER! Label:ALIVE Amazing bargain, get all of their releases on color vinyl in our famous "BOX" set including FREE STICKER, POSTER, and BONUS DM3 LP! HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: LP $75 SKU:21131

DEAD BOYS-NIGHT OF THE LIVING 1996 reissue with BLUE cover Label:BOMP RARE! 1981 recordings. Will not be repressed, only a few copies. LP $50 SKU:22097

DEARLY BELOVED - Complete Recordings 60s US Beatles-style garage LAST COPIES -Label:VOXX LAST COPIES-GOING OUT OF PRINT - Forming in 1963 as The Intruders and later known as The Quinstrells they became known as The Dearly Beloved in late '65 and were Tucson's most popular sixties band. The Voxx compilation is an excellent guide to their career with full liner notes by Lee Joseph. It contains all the band's better 45s and some of their unreleased recordings for Columbia. [7/82]-Greg Shaw LP $15 SKU:22110

DETONATIONS-Static Vision (Raw Power-era Stooges style!) LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE LAT COPIES will not be repressed. Color vinyl. A three piece rock-n-roll time bomb from New Orleans with a unique freaked-out sound. “Now THIS is what's been lost in the age of CD: rocking out and then getting out before one's welcome has been royally outstayed. Detonations have the same laudably single minded approach as Raw Power-era Stooges, paring everything down to pure driven riff.” - Shindig. “Sneered vocals, clunky rhythms and buzzsaw guitar riffs, all stripped of any non-essentials like harmony vocals and solos that consist of more than the song's main riff played louder.” – AMG LP $10 SKU:22946

DETROIT- Get Out The Vote - With mitch Ryder SEALED ORIG 1997 PRESSING. -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Live At The Hill Auditorium - April 1972 Rare, out of print Total Energy Records release.Detroit/Mitch Ryder: Mitch Ryder (vocals, tambourine); Johnny "Bee" Badanjek (vocals, drums); Brett Tuggle (guitar, background vocals); Steve Hunter (guitar); Harry Phillips (Hammond B-3 organ); "Dirty Ed" Okalski (congas).Recorded live at Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 1, 1972. Includes liner notes by John Sinclair. LP $50 SKU:13023

DRAGSTRIP 77- Sin City Hotrods (Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo) -Label:DIONYSUS Produced by the legendary Ronnnie Weiser of Rolling Rock Records. Dragstrip 77 is Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo, bringin' to you no-holes-barred rockin! LP $5 SKU:19832

DUSTAPHONICS - BIG SMOKE LONDON TOWN (70s style punk/R&B/GARAGE) Label:DIRTY WATER THE DUSTAPHONICS' music is a fantastic mash-up that details their musical influences. We hear elements of booze-soaked 1950s rhythm and blues, vintage stomping buttshaker soul, '60s garage rock and British beat/r&b, Vegas lounge, sleazy grind instrumentals and surf guitar. And the whole deal is sealed and delivered with the spirit of '70s punk. The best of vintage music styles, performed and produced in a way that can suit modern ears. LP $24 SKU:22997

EASY LIVIN' -Good Time Head on Collision (NYC garage punk) -Label:DIONYSUS Formed from the ashes of NY and Virginia garage-slop and drunken sons The Morning Shakes and The M-80s, The Easy Livin' is a garage punk band in the proud NYC tradition. This 14 track platter brings together the best worlds of '60s garage, '70s punk and '90s manic panic garage punk. LP $3 SKU:18742

WILD CHERRIES-16 POUNDS OF R&B( 1967-68 Kinks Pretty Things style) Label:GROOVIE Back in the years 1967-1968 Melbourne's The Wild Cherries put out a handful of exciting singles (on the Festival label) influenced by a.o. The Kinks and Pretty Things. Unfortunately, at the time the band's music was considered too wild, unconventional and uncommercial for a full album. This 16-track release sets the record straight! The LP includes an insert with tons of photos and info. If you dig Aussies s.a. The Missing Links, early Master's Apprentices, Purple Hearts or Loved Ones, then '16 Pound Of R&B' is an essential title for your collection. If you are into '60s savage stuff like The Kinks or The Pretty Things or even in to more late '60s psychedelia, this is for you. LP $22 SKU:22903