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This is the biggest batch of new arrivals we’ve ever had, and it’s great stuff too. Lots of cheapo international CD for those of you in the mood, so for those of you in the mood for some 70s Indonesian psych or Serbian acid folk, your search is over. All kinds of weirdness! 

And you better hurry, cause it’s going fast…

Suzy Shaw


AKA-CRAZY JOE(Indonesian 70s heavy psych rock)Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC A CD-reissue of the third LP from the leading Indonesian '70s rockband. Compared to their previous output this '72 collection there are some new and surprising changes of direction. These are showcased by the powerful funk rock of the opening title track, the dirty garage beat of 'Skip Away' and 'Raja Jalan', and various up tempo soul-pop tunes. And, of course, we also hear moments of Indo balladry and tinges of soft rock. Fans of exotic pop à la Baris Manco, soft rock in the vein of late '60s-mid '70s Hollies and the emotional Eastern German pop/rock of Karat and Die Puhdys will love this utterly beautiful record. CD $12 SKU:20861

AKA-DO WHAT YOU LIKE (Indonesian 70s heavy psych rock)Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late '60s and early '70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then but we change that now. 'Do What You Like' is a colorful album with a diversity of moods. Of course you find hard driving, wild grooving rock with simmering guitars and pumping rhythms. Go to the next song and some gentle, nearly ethereal dreamy psyche pop will alter your mind. Another step ahead on the tracklist and some easy and melodic 60s beat makes you want to dance the night away. The special factor of this album is the musical flavor of Indonesian pop that all of the songs sung in their native tongue show, while the few English tracks can compete against all of the popular hits from those days from American or European acts. AKA know how to heat you up with their psychedelic sound explosions and eruptive beats. They also know how to calm you down again and lay your soul to rest in a flow of gentle harmonies. Fans of 60s power pop with a regional feel presented by bands such as OMEGA from Hungary and of the 60s US west coast psyche and pop scene will go crazy about this record CD $12 SKU:20862

AKA-REFLECTION (Indonesian '70s heavy psych rock)Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC Fans of 60s US west coast dream pop who may stand heavier tunes and devoted music lovers who go for the classic 60s and early 70s sound will go nuts! AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late '60s and early '70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then but we change that now. A beautiful reissue with lush epic ballads, powerful heavy rock, a great beat tune with a flowery feel that drags you straight to the dancehall and another epic, yet utterly heavy blues rock and psyche freak out track that makes this a colourful album to spin on your stereo. Fans of 60s US west coast dream pop who may stand heavier tunes and devoted music lovers who go for the classic 60s and early 70s sound will go nuts! CD $12 SKU:20863

BURNSEER-ST (U.S. garage pop RAmones style)Label:GREEN MONKEY Burnseer is an American rock band based in the Pacific Northwest. Burnseer is Frankie G, guitar and singing, formerly of Rocket Surgery with Jack Endino, Norman Scott on the drums (Skin Yard, Gruntruck, Capping Day) and bassist Eric Norberg. Burnseer is a band that has mass and density. It is Dinosaur Jr vs. The Ramones for 15 rounds. What you may not expect is the NYC pop sensibility that Frankie brings to the band. It is as if PJ Harvey and Patti Smith had a love child. In addition to the core band, the mighty Fastbacks guitarist Kurt Bloch provided additional notes to several songs. Good notes! 'Burnseer' was recorded by Mr. Conrad Uno (Mudhoney, PUSA, millions more) at Egg Studios and subsequently mastered by Mr. Bloch. So whatcha got? Tightly arranged modern Seattle rock that appeals to both garage and pop fans alike, young and old, hell, everybody. This album is contagious and will draw you from the very first song. CD $14 SKU:20952

CENTAURS -From Canada to Europe (mid 60s Canadian garage punk)-Label:VINTAGE TRAX The Centaurs were one of the top rock bands to come out of Vancouver Canada in the mid 1960s. With their long hair and bad boy image, they were way ahead of their time in both their sound and style. They left Vancouver seeking fame and fortune and ended up in Holland and Germany where they quickly rose to the top of their game, sharing the stage with some of the biggest groups of the day and gaining thousands of adoring fans. The tracks represented here are high quality studio recordings from 1966 transferred from the original analog master tapes, plus a few live bonus tracks recorded in 1967 in Amsterdam, Holland, just to give the listener a feel of the period from the band's own perspective. Fans of '60s garage/punk music will greatly appreciate these never before released tracks, remastered by award winning mastering engineer Stephen Marsh in Los Angeles CD $17 SKU:20911

COLLUSION - ST (Obscure Prog rock 1971) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Reissued on compact disc, this is a genuine prog rock obscurity from 1971, originally released in a tiny run on the custom SRT label. Collusion was a Dagenham-based six piece with twin guitars and interwoven male/female vocals as the main ingredients. Expect hard-edged prog-rock with tasty folk and jazz elements. This engaging CD features seven original tracks with the stunning 'Bluebirds' and the epic 'Sweetbread Line' as the undisputed highlights. The CD is presented with a special poster sleeve offering rare pics and memorabilia. There also are extensive sleeve notes and a band history by singer Tony Davison, plus an additional comment by their manager and esteemed promoter Darrol Edwards CD $12 SKU:20987

DE RADO,MAJA & PORODICNA MANUFAKTURA CRNOG HLEBA -STVARANJE(1974 Serbian folk rock) Label:ATLANTIDE The title of this album -originally released in 1974- means 'The Creation' and Serbian singer Maja De Rado together with her band create a very dreamy and colorful kind of music that merges different pop styles of their time with a folky approach. This album could have easily emerged from the late 1960s West Coast scene of the USA except for having lyrics in the musician's native tongue. The lush instrumentation with organs, flutes, acoustic guitars builds a multi layered fruitful soil on which the rich vocal melodies can grow to an enormous size. Maja and her male counterpart join together on most of the songs and deeply touch your soul with their heartily performance. It is the scent of a deep desire the elements of Serbian folk add to the dreamy and laid back late 60s pop sound which increase the emotional force of this album. This is music for people who love the solo stuff by Sonja Kristina (CURVED AIR) or the BRIAN AUGER TRINITY feat. Julie Driscoll, just with that already mentioned Serbian folk flavor. Amazing, enchanting and purely magical. CD $10 SKU:20864

DRAGONMILK-WOLFMAN MACABRE (prog/psych 1972) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES An updated edition of this ripsnorting prog/psych period piece, recorded in 1972 and taken from the original tapes. This atmospheric live recording really captures the moment and was made under the band's auspices to help gain a recording contract. 'Wolfman Macabre' represents the original and earliest incarnation of this east London band with the set featuring a dominant Hammond organ sound throughout, showcasing a mix of original material and period classics. Highlights include a brilliant rendition of the Nices Intermezzo and the frenzied 'Wolfman' with its crazed vocals and frantic tempo. The CD includes sleeve notes and cool archival memorabilia. CD $10 SKU:20988

EGYPT-ENDLESS FLIGHT(U.S.kings of stoner fuzz) Label:DOOMENTIA 'Endless Flight' is the 2016 album by the uncrowned kings of the fuzz, US outfit EGYPT. The instantly recognizable and warm guitar tones and the hypnotic groove of bassist and singer Aaron Esterby manage to summon in conspiracy with drummer Chad Heille. With this album EGYPT's reputation in the international stoner/doom scene will be further fortified. CD $12 SKU:20946

GONG -THE HISTORY & MYSTERY (60s space rock cult record) -Label:EASTWORLD This remastered collection features live material, studio outtakes and other obscure Daevid Allen-cuts from the '60s and '70s, recorded with a.o. Soft Machine and (mostly) Gong. Beware, cult record! Gong is a progressive space-rock band formed at the end of the '60s by Daevid Allen, in those days leader of Soft Machine. Recorded in the Pavillon de Paris in 1977, this live album is the ultimate testimony of the "historic" Gong. All the band's "classics" were played that night, during a "reunion" show that lasted several hours. Released originally by a small label in 1977, this release is almost a collector's item -- Virgin, the official record company of the band having made every effort to forbid it; in vain. You have to possess this album if you are a true Gong fan, since the "official" live recording released by Virgin was a pale copy of Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong. The songs, compared to studio versions, are transcended by the magnificent improvisation from Didier Malherbe and the astounding solos of Steve Hillage. Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong was an expensive record, and barely impossible to find. This prestigious re-edition will please all the true fans, without a doubt. Features the classic line-up of Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Tim Blake,Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett, Didier Malherbe, and Pip Pyle. CD $12 SKU:20907

GRAPHITE -CHESTNUT LOKE (69 ACID FREAKS)-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Graphite was a spaced-out, progressive, acid-freak band that formed at Reading University in 1969. Between 1970 and 1974 the group made a bunch of recordings of its Mellotron drenched, cosmic prog-rock material. The CD comes with a band history and rare photographs. CD $10 SKU:20989

GWYDION -THE FAERIE SHAMAN (70s hippie fol) -Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC Gwydion Pendderwen is one of the more chatoyant figures of the folk music underground and it is a shame actually that we have to label his works underground for what he laid down on both of his albums 'Songs For The Old Religion' (1975) and 'The Faerie Shaman' (1982). It was far above the average standard folk of his time, especially on this, his second album from 1982. The confessing neo paganist and environmentalist tried a different path seven years after his rather haunting debut album by mixing bluegrass, country, gospel and dixie into the classic folky singer/songwriter tunes of enchanting beauty. Most of the time the atmosphere on this album is rather friendly and lightweight in the sense of bright melodies and a cheerful mood on most tunes. Just take a walk in spirit through the garden of sound created by the delicate arrangements and rich, mostly acoustic instrumentation. Will you ever wish to return to what people consider as reality? I would doubt that. This album breathes a flamy joy of life and you would not think it was shortly after that Gwydion Pendderwen lost his life in a car accident. The music presented on 'The Faerie Shaman' literally swallows you like a river and you may ride like a Valkyrie upon the raging waters or dive deep inside and be enchanted by the magic world beyond the surface. This should have been a classic and it is a real gem for fans of Planxty, Hamish Imlach, Dulcimer, Pentangle and Steeleye Span CD $10 SKU:20874

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI-VRT SVETLOSTI 70s psychedelic masterpiece.-Label:ATLANTIDE Reissue of impossible to find psychedelic masterpiece. Made in the mid 70's in old Yugoslavia. This is one of the best Pink Floyd-esque psychedelic albums. Second album by this Yugoslavian band from 1980, typical in sound, style and emotional expression for the classic Eastern European progressive sound.. CD $12 SKU:20868

KOZMETIKA _ ST (1983 Yugoslavian spacerock/wave)Label:ATLANTIDE Reissue of a 1983 wave title from former Yugoslavia. Kozmetika's album is definitely an interesting work, with British new wave (Joy Division, Bauhaus) and the German Welle (Grauzone) being the cornerstones. But at the same time one can hear traces of spacerock (Hawkwind) and kraut (Neu, Cluster, Tangerine Dream), making for an exciting and rather unique release. CD $12 SKU:20869

MARK & THE CLOUDS- BLUE SKIES OPENING (UK power pop)Label:MEGA DODO Mark And The Clouds is a London-based band playing a blend of timeless and powerful pop. This unit evolved from Instant Flight, a band so cool they persuaded the legendary Arthur Brown to sing on their debut album 'Colours & Lights'. When Instant Flight ran out of steam, Marco gathered many of his musician friends around him to record 'Blue Skies Opening'. It's an album full of beautiful pop/rock songs and powerful ballads. The term earworm might well have been coined to describe Marco's songs. From the opening up-tempo rocker 'In The Storm' to the infectious pop of 'Faraway Laughter', Mark And The Clouds' debut album will send you floating through beautiful azure skies and leave you wanting more. CD $19 SKU:20990

ORANGE DROP -STONED IN LOVE (Dreamy psych acid laced sounds) Label:MEGA DODO Hailing from Philadelphia, The Orange Drop blends dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-laced sounds of the '60s. Brian Jonestown Massacre fans (particularly of the early records) should appreciate The Orange Drop's approach that is both lo-fi and polished. If this is garage rock, it was made in a garage that conceals an amateur LSD lab. Orange Drop re-invents '60s psychedelia with a 21st century twist of experimentalism! CD $16 SKU:20992

POP MASINA - KISELINA (Yogoslavian Grand Funk style 1973) Label:ATLANTIDE They're comin' to your town to rock your party down. They're a Yugoslavian band. And the name is POP MASINA! They have the Grand Funk running through their veins while cruising down the railroad with a steaming iron horse and there is even more in it that will make your heart pump the blood faster. POP MASINA were one of the most outstanding 70s rock and hard rock acts from former Yugoslavia and knew to combine groovy power songs with ethereal ballads and dreamy psyche tunes to blow your mind. The gentle songs show an unearthly beauty and drag you into spiritual depths you never explored before. When POP MASINA go for more power in their performance they lay down an earth shaking groove upon which the guitars and organs get into a wild dance with each other. And especially the vocals with lyrics in their native tongue prove the pop sensibility of the band with memorable melodies that still dig down deep into your soul to light a fire there. And POP MASINA do not even stop before some wicked and twisted jazzy progressive rock to add even more colors to the already shiny and adventurous music. Fans of bands like LOCOMOTIV GT from Hungary, PHOENIX from Romania and US rock in the vein of SIR LORD BALTIMORE, BLOODROCK and GRAND FUNK RAILROAD will find joy and passion in this band. CD $12 SKU:20870

POP MASINA -NA IZVORU SVETLOSTI (hard rock)Label:ATLANTIDE n the mid-'70s Yugoslavia was a country with a very rich musical landscape, especially in the field of rock and hard rock. Somewhere in between both categories POP MASINA have found their place. 'Na Izvoru Svetlosti' is their second album and again shows the two faces of this legendary band. There are steaming and rough edged hard rock compositions and a live recording of a sleazy, boiling heavy blues that shatters your soul with its rough and crunchy feel despite the really transparent and voluminous sound. Embedded in between those ripping guitar driven beasts you find a few more solemn and gentle pieces that grab your heart instantly with their dreamy and longing harmonies. No matter if these pieces are dressed in lush arrangements of organ and string quartet patterns or float through your soul with a relaxed west coast groove and beautiful slide guitars, your heart will open wide and be filled with love in sheer purity. POP MASINA really go for this diversity to blow your mind with a kaleidoscope of sounds and feelings. Even within some of the heavy scorchers you have mellow sections with a thought provoking, slightly melancholic mood. And this works utterly well with one who loves picturesque rock music that drives visions to ones mind while listening. Fans of Hungarian gods OMEGA, mellow kraut hard rock like JANE, EPITAPH or KIN PING MEH and eastern power pop in the vein of CZESLAW NIEMEN will go nuts for this smoker! CD $12 SKU:20871

POPPY FAMILY -WHICH WAY YOU GOIN' BILLY/POPPY SEEDS (70s psych folk rock) Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC he Poppy Family's 1969 and 1971 albums, together on one CD. Featuring Susan and Terry 'Seasons In The Sun' Jacks, this Canadian band released two wonderful LP's. Fans of psychedelic folk-rock will love trippy tunes s.a. 'Free From The City', 'There's No Blood In Bone' and 'What Can The Matter Be', which are no less than stunning! The title track of 'Which Way You Goin' Billy' hit the charts in several countries. For fans of a.o. Jefferson Airplane, Yankee Dollar, Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Carolyn Hester Coalition.
CD $12 SKU:20872

PUGMA-HO!- ST (rare 1973 blues rock recordings )Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A CD containing rare, previously unreleased recordings from 1973 by a Derby based hard-edged rock outfit. Expect heavy, bluesy, fast paced rock in a similar mould as Little Free Rock, Hackensack, Trapeze, e.t.c. This CD comes with seven ultra-rare bonus tracks, three of which by pre-Pugma-Ho band THE INCAS ('69), featuring wandering organ and burts of psych-laden wah wah guitar. Also included is a special poster sleeve containing scores of never before seen pictures, memorabilia from the archives and a full group history with band participation CD $12 SKU:20993

SAN UL LIM THE SECOND (1977 Pebbles style psych power pop garage)Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) A CD-reissue of a 'Pebbles'-styled garage/psych-pop LP by a Korean band, originally released in 1978. The compositons are straight to the point, with fuzzed out guitars and Farfisa organ. This LP is recommended to all fans of '60s style garage and psych sounds from exotic -or unexpected- places.. CD $12 SKU:20873

SOUL EXPLOSION-SOUL FIRE(late 60s psych soul mystery)Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC One of the great mysteries of late '60s psychedelic soul music! Though only released on the German exploitation market in 1968, this exceptional album may very well be the work of an American studio outfit (or Americans living in Germany?), performing exclusive songs written by well known US composers such as Martin Siegel and Scott English. The material is rather diverse, but most of the music here is high quality soul music, often -especially on Side 2- with scorching psychedelic guitarwork and/or swirling organ parts. But there also are traces of pop and you even get a Dylan-esque slice of folk-rock. Odd, exciting and unique CD $10 SKU:20875

THREE-HEADED DOG -HOUND OF HADES(rare 1973 UK prog rock)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES An ultra-rare recording from 1973 by this accomplished progressive-rock outfit who were part of the lively Birmingham Underground Rock Scene. Musical influences range from the exquisite dual guitar approach of bands such as Wishbone Ash and Wild Turkey to the heavier, darker mood of early Judas Priest. This CD includes a special synopsis of the thriving Brum Scene between 1965-75 documenting many of the other intriguing, yet little-known bands who were part of it. Fold out poster sleeve with an abundance of illustrations & memorabilia plus 4 mega-rare bonus tracks by several other Midlands bands including Stallion and Khayyam plus a special mystery track. CD $12 SKU:20995

TOBY TWIRL - ST (1968 UK pop psych) Label:MEGA DODO Originally from Newcastle, England, Toby Twirl was founded in 1968 and recorded three classic, and now highly collectable, singles for Decca in the late 1960s. This long overdue debut long-player mixes original songs with a selection of carefully curated hits of the day. The recordings were discovered by the band's drummer, John Reed, in a dusty box of reel-to-reel tapes in his attic. The band made several demo and showcase recordings at various studios in the late '60s, but they were thought lost forever. Reed's chance discovery uncovered a veritable goldmine of late '60s recordings by both line-ups of the band. Side 1 of the LP features vocalist Dave 'Holly' Holland, while side 2 features vocalist Steve Pickering CD $15 SKU:20996

GITARIJADA VOJVODINE KISAC '75 - ST (70s Yugoslavian rock/prog/psych folk) Label:ATLANTIDE Reissue of a mid-70s compilation LP featuring bands/artists that were operational in the Vojvodina region in former Yugoslavia (nwoadays Serbia). The tracklist includes names s.a. Pescani Sat, Proces, Sani, Kud, Koren, Nelija, Omega (not the Hungarian band of the same name) and Cvrcak. The styles range from orchestrated -or jazzy- pop, to prog, and from hippie-/ psych-folk (at times with a nice Balkan touch) to west-coast influenced. COMP CD $12 SKU:20877

HELLO EVERYONE -POPSIKE SPARKS FROM DENMARK STREET 1968-70'-Label:GRAPEFRUIT Between 1968 and 1970, some of the finest, most obscure British psychedelic pop singles appeared on the London-based Spark label. Recorded in the company's basement studio in Denmark Street, these tracks often featured the same cabal of musicians and songwriters, leading to a homogenous in-house style that perfectly encapsulates the late 1960s British pop-psych studio sound. COMP CD $19 SKU:20997

I'M A FREAK 2 BABY(3CD)-A FURTHER JOURNEY THROUGH THE BRITISH HEAVY PSYCH & HARD ROCK UNDERGROUND SCENE 1968-73' Label:GRAPEFRUIT Released in 2016, the 'I'm A Freak Baby' 3CD overview of the UK's late sixties/early seventies nascent hard rock/proto-metal scene received rapturous acclaim from pundits and punters alike. Like all good follow-ups, 'I'm A Freak 2 Baby' expands upon the original while simultaneously tightening the stylistic mesh. Featuring Budgie, Jeff Beck, Stray, Iron Claw, The Move, Bodkin, Ancient Grease among others. COMP CD $35 SKU:20910

MR TOYTOWN PRESENTS -Vol 3 VA Nightmares at Toby's Shop (60s psych ) - Label:TOYTOWN RECORDS The long awaited third volume of this highly regarded series continues to explore the wonderful world of obscure and unknown 45s released in Europe during the late 60s and early 70s. You won't find a more eclectic compilation anywhere! Psych-pop, weird psychedelia, folk-pop, popsyke, sunshine-pop, soft-pop, toytown pop, it as you want but they're simply just cool songs that deserve to be rediscovered. This time the focus is on UK sounding psych-pop but there are still weird, obscure and fuzzy sounds, featuring bands from UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Paraguay, Holland, USA... Highlights are the Barret-esque sounds of Fuzzy Phases, the Beach Boys "Smile" era pastiche of Marshall & Newell, avant-garde acid psych by Popera Cosmic, Beatlesque pop-psych by Jigsaw and Uruguayan duo Iodi, devastating toytown pop-sike by Mathusalem and Kenny Everett, dreamy folk-pop by Justice, Peacock and Timon, insane bubblegum-fuzz by The Others...and more. Remastered sound, nice full colour 12 pages booklet featuring detailed liner notes about each band and pictures COMP CD $12 SKU:20879

SAIGON SUPERSOUND- Vol 1 (60s Beatles Hendrix influenced) Label:SAigon Supersound This compilation tells the story of a musical era in Vietnam
that was almost lost. These tracks date back to the period
1965-1975, the so-called "Golden Music" period in the south of
Vietnam, where -under difficult circumstances- a lively pop
culture had developed. This period is characterized by the
fusion of Vietnamese music with western pop culture. Included
are many tunes that now get reissued for the very first time. COMP CD $22 SKU:21033

SOMETHING WEIRD GREATEST HITS - (exploitation cinema soundtrack 60s and 70s)DBL CD Label:MODERN HARMONIC Take an auditory trip through a wacky world of oddball and obscure "classick" (s)exploitation cinema soundtrack tunes from the
1960s and early 1970s. This spectacular, totally out-there and
mind boggling collection is presented here on the DOUBLE-CD COMP CD $32 SKU:20738

BEAUTIFUL LADY-A MEDLEY OF RARE 70S PROG & PSYCH-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A 12-track compilation of UK and Irish progressive and psych gems from the early '70s. The LP features the magnificent Cheltenham-based Tapestry, Irish legends Ceathrar, Sandgate, Foister featuring a young Mark Fry of 'Dreaming With Alice' fame, bizarre psych outfit Guggenheim, Witches Brew, a rare Gnidrolog offering plus an ultra rare cut by Listen, winners of a 1972 Melody Maker folk-rock contest. This edition is limited to 300 individually numbered copies on heavy vinyl. Detailed info on each band is included. COMP LP $28 SKU:20985

BUTTSHAKERS SOUL PARTY-Vol 1 SOUL LOVER RHYTHM & BLUES NORTHERN SOULLabel:MAHARADJAH Special: Broken Heart And Lover'. Another volume in one of the best rhythm and blues compilation series ever! Again, here's an amazing selection of very rare and groovy tracks! COMP LP $22 SKU:20942

EXOTIC-O-RAMA + CD- VOL 2 Rare 45s from the 50s and 60s!-Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Exotic-O-Rama' is certainly the most absurd and out-of-the-ordinary, the most fun and convivial series of '50s and '60s tunes yet compiled by dear ole El Vidocq. And Volume 2 presents a selection even more audacious than its smashing predecessor. Embark upon an eclectic safari through a lush pacotille of melodies, from groovy R'n'B mangroves (The Ramrocks) home to nestling toucans (The Century Five), to head-shrinking rockers (Bob Vaught) and doo-wopping crocs (The El Capris), not to mention a few veritable birds of paradise (Rosco Gordon)... Wildlife worthy of an Ed Wood flick! But while the ambiance often turns outrageous, keep in mind that these exotic ditties were concocted by the same trailblazing performers who would inspire Lux Interior of The Cramps and Fred Schneider of the B-52s... While most of the groups comprise colorfully daubed Yanks, there's also a stray Italian (Franco Ei "G5") and a passel of playful Mexicans (The Stardusters). The album art, signed Jampur Fraize, is one of the most sumptuous to date, which is saying something. Yet another tangy treat for the eyes and ears, brought to you by El Vidocq and his vine-swinging comrades...
COMP LP $24 SKU:20945

TRASH CAN RECORDS -1 WILD SAFARI(obscure and forgotten vinyl 50s and 60s) 10” Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) First volume of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. For 'Wild Safari' Fedor has selected 12 first-rate exotic rarities that have never been comped before. COMP LP $21 SKU:20949

TRASH CAN RECORDS -2:MIDNIGHT (obscure and forgotten vinyl 50s and 60s) 10”Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Second volume of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. 'Midnight' features six very strange and six very moody vinyl jewels from Fedor's box. COMP LP $21 SKU:20950

TURKISH LADIES-FEMALE SINGERS FROM TURKEY 1974-1988--Label:EPIC ISTANBUL Created from music archives of old Turkish labels (Elenor, Türküola, Sah Plak) under the licensing umbrella of Sony Music Turkey, this compilation captures the broad diversity of music performed by Turkish women. Sweet melodies and heartbreaking dramas are captured in edgy arrangements and compositions with eccentric synthesizers, mesmerizing arabesque string orchestras, wakawaka funky guitars and narcotizing rhythm sections of darbukas and drum sets. Get surprised by a variety of influences and fusions: from classical Türk Sanat, Argentinian tango, Spanish flamenco, Egyptian classical orchestras, traditional folk songs to worldwide popular disco, psychedelia and funk in unique local setups from late '70s and '80s. COMP LP $24 SKU:20986

TWIST ALI BABA TWIST! -AN EXOTIC ROCK'N'ROLL TRIP TO THE ORIENT!' Label:MAHARADJAH A great raunchy compilation dedicated to the Orient! 19 tracks of pure exotic rock'n'roll and novelty! COMP LP $22 SKU:20941

ASVESTOPOULOS,ILIAS& 2002 -POLA (1974 Greek psych) Label:MLK Reissue of their first album, a very rare, excellent Greek dreamy psychedelic album, originally released in 1974 on Pan-Vox Records. LP $32 SKU:20951

CENTAURS -From Canada to Europe (mid 60s Canadian garage punk)-Label:VINTAGE TRAX The Centaurs were one of the top rock bands to come out of Vancouver Canada in the mid 1960s. With their long hair and bad boy image, they were way ahead of their time in both their sound and style. They left Vancouver seeking fame and fortune and ended up in Holland and Germany where they quickly rose to the top of their game, sharing the stage with some of the biggest groups of the day and gaining thousands of adoring fans. The tracks represented here are high quality studio recordings from 1966 transferred from the original analog master tapes, plus a few live bonus tracks recorded in 1967 in Amsterdam, Holland, just to give the listener a feel of the period from the band's own perspective. Fans of '60s garage/punk music will greatly appreciate these never before released tracks, remastered by award winning mastering engineer Stephen Marsh in Los Angeles LP $28 SKU:20912

EGYPT -ST (70s style stoner jams)Label:DOOMENTIA Its laid back stoner jams convey the arid desert of the Sahara. Sabbath (duh) dutifully rears its head amongst the influences, but not to the point where youre hearing duplicate riffs exported from the 70s. There's also a more straightforward Hawkwind and classic Deep Purple style to the album, as if Geezer had replaced Lemmy and the whole gang went on a shrooms bender, meeting up with Ritchie Blackmore later on for a couple of pints. Obviously, this is good stuff, and worth seeking out LP $18 SKU:20948

TINGLEY,MIKE-ABSTRACT PRINCE (1968 pop-psych gem) Label:BLANK Finally reissued on vinyl (with reproduced cover artwork) is a delightful, heavily orchestrated, baroque-tinged pop-psych gem, originally released in 1968 by Decca in The Netherlands only. Hailing from the south of California, musician Mike Tingley travelled Europe, but soon found himself stranded in Amsterdam, ofcourse flat broke. In order to earn some money he started playing small coffee houses and bars. An influential A&R manager got tipped, which resulted in a superb album, recorded with some of Holland's top studio musicians and with involvement from producer Tony Vos (also known from the psychedelic days of a.o. Boudewijn de Groot and Cuby & The Blizzards). 'The Abstract Prince' is wholeheartedly recommended to fans of a.o. The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper', Love's 'Forever Changes', The Zombies' 'Odyssey & Oracle' and the legacies of The Left Banke, Billy Nicholls, Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, Merry-Go Round and the like. In other words, this is a truly essential LP for genre freaks! LP $28 SKU:20741


BLAAK HEAT -SHIFTING MIRRORS (avant-garde psych-rock trio.)-Label:SVART BLAAK HEAT is a Parisian-American avant-garde psych-rock trio. Previously known as 'Blaak Heat Shujaa', the band has become more primal and more indigenous. Also notable is that the Eastern influence is expanded by incoorperating more traditional instruments and due to the contributions from percussionist Nelson Bragg (The Brian Wilson Group). The result is a timeless, vivid blend of thundering psychedelic rock and Arabian tonalities, an altar to heavy riffage, mind expansion and social insurgencies CD $14 SKU:20654

CORBETT, DAVE & FRIENDS- STONED, BROKE & FED-UP (1973 trippy psych/ jug band!) -Label: AUDIO ARCHIVES On CD-format, here's an ultra rare album recorded in 1973 and originally pressed on the Deroy customs label in a tiny quantity and issued in a bizarre, oversized custom-made sleeve. The album contains 11 home-grown songs featuring strong lead and backing vocals atop acoustic and electric guitars alongside piano and harp. Some songs, f.i. the head-weaving 'Smashed-out Carpet' have a prominent eastern, tripped-out psych feel throughout, whilst others straddle jug-band and folk areas. This title is recommended to heads into the likes of Synanthesia, Panama Jug Band, Astral Navigations, etc. CD $12 SKU:20656

GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI -OSOREZAN/DOH NO KEMBAI1976 kraut'ish psych)Label:LEEMOON REISSUE on CD! Japanese collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi was formed in 1974 and kept on playing 'til the early '90s. Originally released in 1976, the debut-LP was a kraut'ish psych affair, sounding like a collage made with strange noises, screams and odd rhythmical patterns, but also influences from progressive rock, funk, jazz and exotica. A very intriguing and far from ordinary work CD $12 SKU:20866

HACKENSACK-GIVE IT SOME(70s gritty blues rock)-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Repressed CD. Here are 15 previously unreleased tracks, recorded between 1969-1972. This material was intended for a proposed debut album on Island and dates from the band's early recording period, highlighting their gritty hard-edged blues rock origins. CD $12 SKU:19161

HUNGER- Strictly From ( 60s L.A. psych scene ) Label:AKARMA Reissue on CD of one the RAREST PSYCHEDELIC ALBUMS ever from the USA '69! Lots of spooky, swirling Farfisa organs, dreamy vocals, psychedeic effects and furious LEAD GUITARS! This Cd version contains also the later remixes with Ed King, showing a much heavier approach. CD $12 SKU:6227

MOURNING AFTER-THE TENTH CENTURY (organ-crazed, psychedelic grooviness )-Label:HEAVY SOUL Garage legends from Sheffield, the mighty Mourning After are back again with more of the same agitated, organ-crazed, psychedelic grooviness that we have come to expect of a band that have put out 13 singles since 1993, but strangely only two albums. Heavy Soul! Records is excited, scared and enthralled to release the third long-player. Twelve original tracks in all, the recent Heavy Soul! single 'Get Wrong Off Me' included and a sound that is unique in the UK for it's sheer authenticity. Also, checkout that eye-catching artwork supplied by renown Sheffield artist Martin F. Bedford. CD $14 SKU:19641

REBELSSIPKOVA RUZENKA- rare Czechoslovakian 60s flower power folk-pop ) Label:SUPRAPHON A classic flower power folk-pop LP from Czechoslovakia, originally released in 1968, gets its awaited reissue. One half of this collection features covers of hits by (mostly) The Mamas And The Papas. The other side however is much more interesting, offering original songs in the psychedelic folk-pop vein, with wonderful (and wondrous) orchestrations, not unlike US bands/projects s.a. Sagittarius and The Millennium. The line-up included the well known Jiri Korn as well as Josef Pliva. The latter would later (in 1970) release the LP 'Fairy-Tales In Beat', partly made up of the original songs from 'Sipkova Ruzenka', albeit with English lyrics. This CD-edition comes with a fine bonus track. CD $18 SKU:20637

SAN UL LIM THE FIRST CD (1977 psych power pop garage ) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) Gentle garage psych with a dreamy west coast flair and tons of awesome fuzzed out guitars with lyrics in Korean language. It clearly sounds like the best psychedelic power pop and garage stuff you could get in the UK and USA ten years earlier, a typical 1966 garage sound with fuzzy axes and some thin but sympathetic Farfisa organs. They released this debut album back in 1977 while the compositions actually have been conceived from 1971 to 1975. They heavily remind of The Zombies. Even though San Ul Lim play in a way more direct fashion, they do have these heartwarming vocal melodies and are all in all gifted players. Other acts we could take as references are The Flies (UK, Pre-T2) or The Petards (Germany). A lovely flashback to the golden age of music.. CD $12 SKU:16721

BEAT (AL)BOOM 1968-1970- VA (Czeck 60s beat) DOUBLE CD Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. Petr Ulrych & Atlantis, Hana Ulrychova & The Bluesmen, Cardinals, Crystal, Flamengo, Framus Five, George & Beatovens, Juventus, Komety, The Matadors, Olympic, Prudy, The Rebels, The Soulmen, Synkopy 61,Vulkan, Blue Effect, Viktor Sodoma & Apollo Beat, Pete Kaplan & Samuels Band, Colour Images a.o. DOUBLE-CD EDITION! COMP CD $17 SKU:19715

BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE -VOL 3 EVEN MORE LOST SOUNDS OF ADELAIDE 1964-69-Label:Nickoff Records Before the passing of Nick Giannakakos (man behind the label and compiler of this series) in 2017, he left the nearly completed third volume with a trusted friend and asked him if he would finish the volume and release it. That's been done and Blank Records is handling the manufacture and distribution. The CD features 31 tracks of rare, barely heard or completely unreleased tracks from the city of churches, Adelaide. Includes 16 page booklet with many previously unpublished pictures,rare ephemera and liner notes COMP CD $21 SKU:20740

CORNFLAKE ZOO- #16 (20 tracks released between 1967-1970. acid-mod and freakbeat dementia )Label:PARTICLES From the author of The Underwear of Empires; It's How We Wore Them That Matters comes a sublime collection of symbolic mod pop from the original psychedelic era. Dripping with drama, intrigue, and passionate loins, Cornflake Zoo returns to that shapely bottom of the charts to conjure up the essence of late 1960s pop gold. 'tis a shameless pop diversion that embraces big hair, floppy kaftans and turquoise corduroy. Or as a delightful old dear, supplied with a rousing, stiff Pimms once casually remarked: "Give it to me one more time!" Prepare to be enamored as Cornflake Zoo is caught with its trousers down for the 16th time! This is pop at its creative peak. 20-page full color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. 20 tracks released between 1967-1970. COMP CD $17 SKU:20742

ENGLISH FREAKBEAT 1962-1969 -VOL 1-6(137 tracks-6CD+68 page booklet BOX SET) Label:PARTICLES Six CD's of English freakbeat from the '60s, presented with mono sound in an awesome box set. The full-colour 68-PAGE, perfect bound booklet contains detailed group biographies and rare images! These lessons in teenage adrenalin, angst and sheer freakiness are tought by bands s.a. The Groundhogs, The Primitives, The Rats, The Sheffields, The Chasers, The Loot, Birds Birds, MI5, Kubas (a.k.a. Koobas), Soul Agents, The Shake Spears, The Frays, The Beat Merchants, The Sessions, The Talismen, The Wheels, The In Crowd, The Peeps, Stovepipe No. 4, The Fairies, The Others, Four+One, The Truth, The Hi-Numbers, The Snobs and many, many more! You get 137 TRACKS in total!!! COMP CD $55 SKU:20719

GRAVEL - Vol. 1( U.S. 60s Garage at its best! )-Label:Kumquat May mazing and meticulously remastered US 60s garage rock. Another incredible 30 track collection of rare and outstanding 45´s. 75% of the titles are either uncomped or on CD for the first time! All other titles are in better quality than you‚ve heard them before. A definitive 60s garage collector must-have. Complete playing time nearly 80 minutes! 500 copies only COMP CD $12 SKU:16939

GRAVEYARD TRAMPS EAT THE FORBIDDEN - Vol.1 CITY DOGFOOD obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks)- Label:TUTMAN ..CITY DOGFOOD' - Nearly 30 years ago, a now legendary LP by the name of 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The release on Vip Vop Recs spawned many imitators such as 'Wavy Gravy', '4 Hairy Policemen' et al and paved the way for the equally legendary 'Purple Knif Show'. What few folk knew was that 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was actually less than half of the compilation made by Lux Interior. Now, for the very first time, the entire recording is available, weighing in at well over an hour of crazy, whacky sounds from the Maestro of Mad himself. Remastered from the original source, these obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks are interspersed with B-movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs. This one won't be around for long, so get it while you can. COMP CD $15 SKU:20354

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 1-23 time travelling moody US '60s garage sounds Label:MANIC MUSTANG 25 track collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. All contributions from famous Lance LP series. Featuring PIED PIPERS, SIR LAURENCE & THE CRESCENTS, VILLAGERS, SCHOLARS, TORQUAYS, SLEEPLESS, KNIGHTS, SITES N SOUNDS, SNAILS, DICKEY TREADWAY & SALADOS, VOXMEN, FABULOUS ROYALS, THE PAATZ, OVAITT BROTHERS, CLANN, SANDPIPERS, etc. Coloured label reprints, painstakingly remastered and 90% of all tracks never before on CD. A definitive '60s garage collector must-have. COMP CD $14 SKU:17712

VELVET REVOLUTIONS- VOL. 2:1968-1971 VA (Iron Curtain 60s psych!)- Label:PARTICLES Eastern bloc rock! 'Velvet Revolution Volume Two' celebrates the hugely innovative and unique sound that was engineered behind the infamous Iron Curtain in cold war Eastern Europe. Enigmatic, bizarre and genious are just a few words that could describe this music, yet they only offer brief praise of the overlooked craft created by a generation whose hindered hopes and dreams were recorded in the 1960s and 1970s. These sounds survive as monumental works in their own right and stand as a testament to their art whilst serving a lesson to those in the west who thought they knew it all. COMP CD $12 SKU:20137

DOWN IN THE VALLEY- Vol 2-A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracksLabel:PERFECT TOY A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracks" runs the sub-title of the compilation series 'Down In The Valley' from Perfect Toy, encapsulating in a nutshell the multifarious pleasures on offer. COMP LP $22 SKU:19968