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It’s that import shipment you love so much kiddies, with everything from Belgian neo-psych to 60s UK garage, we got it all. Also a big batch of formerly sold out product, get on it fast!

We also found a box of VINTAGE T SHIRTS, most are one only, listed below. All kinds of fun stuff.

Thanks for all,
Suzy Shaw






48KS-EVERY WHISPER HAS A VOICE(catchy indie/mod three-minute gems)Label:PAISLEY ARCHIVE This 48ks album is their best piece of work so far. They kept their belief in what they do, namely writing catchy indie/mod three-minute gems. Whilst Britpop influences are there, from Cast and Ocean Colour Scene rather than Oasis or Blur. What sets The 48ks is their originality and tunes that make their fans smile, dance and sing. CD $17 SKU:21466

ALAIN PIRE EXPERIENCE-APEX (THEE neo-psych band from Belgium!) Label:CARDINAL FUZZ This is the most ambitious album so far by the Alain Pire Experience, THEE neo-psychedelic band from Belgium. Their third opus is simply called 'Apex', which means a point in Hercules' Constellation towards which our solar system is heading. Never forgetting their sense for melody, the band is also keen to create psychedelic atmospheres, using sitar, tablas, mellotron and backward loops. 'Apex' features a fantastic cover of George Harrison's 'Only A Northern Song' and welcomes, former Magma keyboard player, Jean-Luc Manderlier for an epic trippy improvisation on the Floydish 'Lost On A Cloud'. CD $18 SKU:21468

BLUES PILLS -LADY IN GOLD (60s psych style w Original Radio Moscow member)
-Label:NUCLEAR BLAST Musically BLUES PILLS contains all the elements to create extraordinary music that sounds original but respects the long-held rules of the blues and rock'n'roll traditions. The psychedelic sounds of the band may hail back to the prosperity of the '60s and '70s and it's true that their distinctive sound includes a few ingredients of the past; a pinch of late '60s Americana, a sprinkling of blues, a heavy serving of rock'n'roll and a big squeeze of soul, but it's all shaken up into a brand-new cocktail of sound. CD $18 SKU:21462

CRYPT TRIP - HAZE COUNTY (Rural hard rock psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Mixing elements of hard rock, psychedelic, and rural music, each track is unique and has something different to say. Loud Fender amps and a pounding rhythm section immerse you in an enticing groove on some tracks, while dreamy guitars take you away in others. Staying true to a Texas tradition, the album features a special guest, Geoff Queen, on pedal steel, adding an entirely different color to the tonal palette. For fans of The James Gang, Epitaph, The Byrds, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Humble Pie, Allman Brothers Band, Bubble Puppy, Homer, Jericho Jones, Flying Burrito Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead. CD $15 SKU:21367

HERONIMUS FIN -RIDING THE GREAT FANTASTIC(1966 UK psych guitar band)- Label:GARDEN UK psychedelic guitar band Heronimus Fin, a band with a great love for the UK psych music scene of 1966-1973. A journey through crunching phaser-drenched guitar rock with whipping wah-wah solos and melancholic folk psych ballads. Drenched in Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Beauty! CD $17 SKU:21464

JACKETS -QUEEN OF THE PILL(Raw wild Swiss psych fuzz garage)Label: VOODOO RHYTHM 10 songs of pure raw wild Swiss psychedelic fuzz garage at its best fronted by the wildest woman in Europe. This is their fourth full length album and the second released on Voodoo Rhythm. For this album The Jackets have once more assembled their "dream team" of recording engineer Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) and His Royal Highness King Khan who produced their single in 2017, but it gets better! Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Cambodian Space Project) has joined the team to mix and master and believe me, this album is a blast! Raw amazing full-fuzz-power-punk-beat with a touch of psychedelia! You have never heard The Jackets on vinyl like this before! 10 songs. All killer. No filler! CD $16 SKU:21455

JAN -WEIGHT OF LONELINESS (T-Rex, David Bowie, Led Zep style) Label:BIPBIP . A record influenced by bands such as T-Rex, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Lenny Kravitz or Suede. CD $10 SKU:21504

LORD SUTCH & HEAVY FRIENDS- HANDS OF JACK THE RIPPER-Label:WOUNDED BIRD David Edward Sutch, or simply Screaming Lord Sutch, was and English musician and serial parliamentary candidate. During the 1960's he was known for his horror-themed stage show, dressing as Jack the Ripper, pre-dating the shock rock antics of Alice Cooper. Featuring guest appearances by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, John Bonham, Nicky Hopkins, Noel Redding, Ritchie Blackmore, Keith Moon, Matthew Fisher and Victor Brox.CD $17 SKU:21460

ONE OF HOURS-When You Hear The Music, It’s Yours (late ‘60s US Pepperish U.S garage psych)-Label:OUT-SIDER Cool late ‘60s US Pepperish psychedelia with inventive arrangements, fuzz guitars, studio effects…Recorded in 1967-68 but shelved at the time. Famous for their “Psychedelic Illusion” 45, US garage-psych band ONE OF HOURS formed in Lexington, KY, in 1966. After adding guitar player Bob Willcutt to their line-up, they released their second 45, “Feel the Pain" / “Psychedelic Illusion”, in 1967 CD $17 SKU:21346

PICTURES- COOL DAYS (power pop)Label:BIPBIP LAST COPIES. Second album by The Pictures, after their celebrated BETTER THAN WORDS. In a similar and brilliant power-pop mood. CD $5 SKU:21505

SENDELICA -CROMLECH CHRONICLES II(Welsh psych rockers!)Label:FRG With the ethos of '70s musical communes like Japanese band Taj Mahal Travellers in mind, Sendelica added some unusual personnel to its usual core, f.i. Cheryl Beer and her eclectic mix of instruments s.a. Tibetan singing bowls, shaman drums, sansula, ting sha, mbira, wood blocks, Chinese gongs, shruti boxes and her sanskrit chanting. Also along for the musical ride were Kate Riaz on cello, Jack Jackson on percussion and Colin Consterdine on electronics. Using loops of field recordings, the communal band set about improvising musical soundscapes. 'Cromlech Chronicles II' is the finished product of those sessions CD $19 SKU:21499

GUNSMOKE VOL 1 & 2 Dark Tales of Western Noir From the Ghost Town Jukebox0Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The tracks from two vinyl 10-inches on one compact disc. This is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly tunes and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early '60s. So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the sounds from a jukebox in a ghost town.. COMP CD $17 SKU:21450

JUSTAFIXATION (3CD)-Flower Powered Trippers From The British Psychedelic Subculture- TRIPLE Label:PARTICLES Comprising the CD's 'Justafixation', 'Justavibration' and 'Justafication', all previously released in the early 1990s, this TRIPLE-CD collection presents a treasure trove of gems from (mostly) England's psychedelic era. Featured bands/artists include Billy Nicholls, Gary Walker & The Rain, Consortium, Koobas, Lord Sutch, The Nashville Teens, The Moving Finger (pre-Second Hand!), Murray Head, Blonde On Blonde, The Act, The Gass Company, The Rokes, Barry Mason, The Shakespeares, The Music Bachs, Sun Dragon, Beloved Ones, Mindbenders, Kippington Lodge, Cupid's Inspiration, German group Wonderland, and many others. COMP CD $25 SKU:21392

BOGEYMEN -INTRODUCING(Small Faces style French garage)Label:ALTERCAT Here's the first ever vinyl-reissue of a cult album from 1994, previously only available on CD. The Bogeymen were among the most important bands of the French garage-revival, and this LP is on par with the best that likeminded outfits à la Cynics, Chesterfield Kings, or Fuzztones had to offer. The LP comes with an insert and free download code. LP $24 SKU:21500

METAPHYSICAL ANIMATION-ST (ultra obscure Floridan psych/prog 1973) DBL Label:BLACK WIDOW Reissue of an ultra obscure Floridan psych/prog album from 1973. Less than 50 copies were pressed at the time, housed in a plain white demo sleeve with the band name hand-written in pen on the cover. Classic '70s prog, with significant elements of fusion and psychedelic rock. Sometimes it sounds like a take on 'Close To The Edge'. Other times it sounds like Rick Wakeman briefly joined Pink Floyd during the 'Wish You Were Here' sessions. And then there are the tracks that sound like a looser, more electrified Graham Bond Organization. LP $35 SKU:21510

ORWELL, PAUL -SMUT Label:HEAVY SOUL-Orwell, who's not a stranger to the freakbeat stylings of yesteryear, is able to make music that's simultaneously rooted in both the past and the present. The second full album by Paul Orwell has arrived and you are in for a mahhussive treat! LP $24 SKU:21502

SEX BLENDER -HORMONIZER (Ukrainian stoner psych) NEON PINK Label:DRONE ROCK Repress on neon pink vinyl. The four tracks on this debut album by Ukrainian psych band Sex Blender tick so many boxes blending elements of motorik, spacerock, stoner rock and krautrock to create a fantastic modern psych classic. "Another tour de force from Drone Rock Records, who continue their circumnavigation of the psych world with this epic album from Ukraine's Sex Blender. Four monoliths of guitar-fronted power, each having its own character and drawing from a heady palette of influences that come together to create an experience that is, beyond anything else, seismic." ~Psych Insight MusicLP $24 SKU:21461

TRIP - Live ‘72 (1970 Italian prog)-Label:BLACK WIDOW One of many English bands coming to Italy in search of success during the beat-era, The Trip, included a young Ritchie Blackmore in its first line-up, along with founder members Arvid "Wegg" Andersen, Billy Gray and drummer Ian Broad. 'Live '72' captures the January 1972 performance at the Piper in Rome, the last concert with the historical line-up. This unpublished document is evidence of the energy and power of one of the best bands in Italy's '70s prog scene. An interview with Joe Vescovi by Athos Enrile is included. Recorded live at The Piper, Rome for Controcanzonissima on January 28th, 1972. LP $26 SKU:21511


Found a box of T shirts in the warehouse, some were given to us by the bands. Most are in excellent condition, but of course being pretty old they might be a little wrinkled. A good wash will fix them!

1.4.5 - Pink INVASION VINTAGE SHIRT Tshirts $20 SKU:21514




HUNNS- LIVE VINTAGE Tshirts $20 SKU:21518

HUNNS- RED VINTAGE Tshirts $20 SKU:21517


SAINTS- VINTAGE Tshirts $20 SKU:21519



AINTS -THE AINTS!PLAY THE SAINTS(73-78)-Label:FATAL On the 40th anniversary of the release of The Saints' groundbreaking '(I'm) Stranded' album, guitarist, songwriter and founding member Ed Kuepper took to the stage performing the material he had written for that seminal band across their first three albums '(I'm) Stranded' (1977), 'Eternally Yours' (1978), and 'Prehistoric Sounds' (1978). Joined by like-minded souls, bassist Peter Oxley (Sunnyboys), drummer Paul Larson (The Celibate Rifles) plus keyboard player Alister Spence and a guest brass section, 'The Aints! Play The Saints' captures that energy of the original band delivering on a promise made 40 years ago and not heard since. Tracks include the incendiary '(I'm) Stranded', everybody's favourite 'Know Your Product', the blistering cover of Ike & Tina Turner's 'River Deep Mountain High', the epic 'Nights In Venice' plus 'This Perfect Day', 'Messin' With The Kid' and more. Released on the Fatal label, home to The Saints' original '(I'm) Stranded 7" in September 1976. CD $14 SKU:21391

ANALOGY -THE SUITE (70s Krautrock/Prog) Label:OHRWASCHL Reissue of ultra rare private pressing of German heavy krautadelic/progressive album from the early 70's. Includes a collection of late recordings on which the band plays in a more classic acoustic style. CD $14 SKU:21440

CROWD (DK) - ANOTHER CONCERT SOMEWHERE (1968 Danish heavy guitar rock) -Label:KARMA MUSIC Crowd was a four piece band from the Danish island Bornholm. This disc contains live concert recordings from '68, along with the group's single. Chock full of tasty covers, including Cream's 'Sunshine Of Your Love' and Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads' done in the Cream-style. A treat for fans of heavy guitar driven rock à la Hendrix and Cream with lots of wah-wah, fuzz and English vocals. Damn good and truly a lost artifact! CD $16 SKU:21203

GIN LADY -TALL SUN CROOKED MOON (70s Laurel Canyon flower people style)Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ These northern Sweden rockers formed their band in 2011 and have released four studio albums so far. Since all band members are all songwriters makes them a productive unit that oozes of early '70s vibes. With their album 'Tall Sun Crooked Moon' they take the listeners on a musical journey towards Laurel Canyon. Excellent musicianship, vocal harmonies, freedom and beautifully crafted songs with a message is what you can expect from these bliss merchants' fifth album. Light and love. See you all beautiful flower people on the road. CD $16 SKU:21424

SCHOBER'S CABINET - IT IS IN THE WRONG ENVELOPE (London 67-68 style psych) -Label:BAM BALAM Denis Stockhausen Von Ulm (guitars, bass, organ, vocals) and Zach Ryl (percussion) are offering us a psychedelic album, which seems to have come directly from London of 1967-1968. Recorded in their small studio, with the garage sound and mixing typical of the era, vintage guitar, the good old Farfisa organ accompaniment, and featuring a 10 minutes experimental piece at the end with a mesmerizing riff. One may indeed believe it came from the sixties! CD $10 SKU:21324

STEPPING OUT -ANOTHER CONCERT SOMEWHERE(Heavy psych blues 69-70)-Label:KARMA MUSIC Stepping Out was a Danish band that took the stage along with their fellow countrymen Beefeaters, Alrune Rod and Burning Red Ivanhoe on many occasions and festivals. All the heavy psychedelic/blues rock material on this CD was recorded live somewhere in Danmark between 1969 and 1970. Featuring some 10, 15 and even 20 minute long tracks. CD $16 SKU:21209

VIBRAVOID -INTERGALACTIC ACID FREAK OUT ORGASM-Label:STONED KARMA Connoisseurs of krautrock know about its roots - Vibravoid brought back, with their Pink Floyd interpretations, an essential source of inspiration of krautrock to the legendary Finkenbach Festival. This also reveals the crucial differences between Vibravoid and the current hipster bands, who misinterpret Pink Floyd songs in gothic or heavy metal garb as alleged psych rock. CD $15 SKU:21359

ANDERGRAUN VIBRATIONS- VA (Spanish Hard Psych And Beyond 1970-1978) -Label:HUNDERGRUM At last a CD issue containing the long out of print first volume and half of the second one of this highly regarded comps, originally released as very limited vinyl editions.
Andergraun Vibrations! documents the unknown Spanish underground psychedelic & progressive scene from the early seventies. We' ve culled the private collections of some of the more rabid spanish crazy collectors and we are proud to present 16 tracks recorded between 1970 & 1978 and taken from super rare 45s, some of them originally released as private / tiny pressings with only a handful of copies actually known. But don't panic, this is not boring r&b, scratched acetates or lame garage-beat cover versions. Here you' ll find wild garage psychedelia, proto-prog sounds and trashy hard-rock full of screaming spanish & english vocals, swirling Hammond organs, loud drums, fuzz & wah guitars, proggy flutes and more psych mayhem. It comes in a jewelcase housed in a beautiful outer carton slimcase and features a large 20 pages color booklet with detailed & updated liner notes (written in English & Spanish), rare pictures & carefully remastered sound. COMP CD $12 SKU:21127

ARTIFICIAL FACES - VA (rare 60s psych and 70s)Label:CRAZY APPLE BOUTIQUE First was Neurotic Reactions, then Some Songs Stuck In My Mind and now it's Artificial Faces! One of the most exciting and higher quality compilation labels is back with another eclectic comp featuring 16 underground dancefloor tracks from the late '60s/early '70s. Groovy psychedelia, freakbeat, garage, hard funky-rock grooves. You can expect the usual dose of fuzz guitars, Hammond organs, drum breaks and psychedelic effects! Including bands and artists from USA, South America, France, Spain. Listen to the crazy electro-psych sounds from Erasmo Carlos, Elevators influenced garage-psych by The Hobbits, female garage by Sonia and Enchanted Forest, Spanish soul-freakbeat by Nino Bravo, John Wonderling with the original pop-sike version of 'Midway Down,' later popularized by The Creation, heavy phasing-psych by Giant Crab, Brazilian fuzz-freakbeat by Eduardo Araujo, hard psychedelic grooves by Skins, The Bag and more! Fully remastered sound, great artwork, booklet with detailed liner notes and pictures." COMP CD $12 SKU:21119

BEAT BESPOKE - VA Vol 8(Obscure underground '60s club sounds)Label:DETOUR CD has 4 bonus tracks over the LP. THE NEW UNTOUCHABLES PRESENTS. The 16 songs in this vinyl collection are obscure underground '60s club sounds, overlooked on release, but revered by dj's, dancers and collectors today. COMP CD $18 SKU:21423

LET THE GOOD TIMES IN-VA(SUNSHINE, SOFT & SUNSHINE FLOWER POP 1966-1972)- Label:TEENSVILLE Here is the fourth volume in Teensville's look at obscure flowery-pop delights of the late '60s and very early '70s. Expect elaborate arrangements, lilting melodies, alluring harmonies and, most of all, the ultimate feeling of warmth through music. Featured bands/artists include Ken Stella, Spring Fever, Alan O'Day, The Jackals, Tommy T's Federal Reserve, Jonathan Cloud, Eternal Flame, Jesse Lopez, Vic Dana, Steve Leeds, Rogue Show, Jonah P. Jones, Bennett And Evans and many more. You get 33 tracks in total! COMP CD $17 SKU:21365

PAISLEY POLKA DOT PICNIC PARTY- VA (garage psych from the Medway scene)Label: BRAND MEDWAY Special budget priced collection of garagey & psychedelic bands that represent the so-called 'Medway Scene'Including bands Like: THE EFFECTIVES, THE LOVEDAYS, BRESSLAWS, SAWDUST CEASARS, THE VANDEBILTS & THE DECCAS. Some great paisley psych & garagypop bands are presented here... COMP CD $5 SKU:10309

PROG-ROCK PORTAL- VA (Early 70s prog gems) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES An enticing amalgam of rare and dramatic prog-rock gems diligently compiled to feature stand-out material by many highly respected UK underground acts of the early '70s. A portal for the discerning listener eager to enter a timeless realm of prog-rock ambrosia COMP CD $14 SKU:21276

ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST- VOL 2 (67-69 psych pop,An Anthology Of The Transatlantic And Big T Labels 1967-69) ) Label:TENTH PLANET IMPORT This time it's a compilation of the Transatlantic label's PSYCHEDELIC pop output during 1967-1969. All tracks taken from original mastertapes. Featuring DEVIANTS, PURPLE GANG, PENTANGLE, and SALLYANGIE as well as cult classics from BRASS TRACKS, THE MOVEMENT and others. Full colour sleeve with insert. 190 gram vinyl and limited 1000 COMP LP $22 SKU:6378

ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST - VA Vol 3 (60s/70s UK Psych Pop -An Anthology Of The Spark Label 1967-1970) - Label:TENTH PLANET IMPORT in the series of obscure dig-ups from UK Psych-pop undergound scene from late 60's to early 70s. Here we have 17 track anthology of the SPARK label including wispy highly collectable popsike nuggets from the likes of ELMER GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA, FRUIT MACHINE, ICARUS, THE EGGY, TIMOTHY BLUE, JUST WILLIAM, THE BABY, CARYTER-ALQUIST, and others. Suberp 'Rubble'-style sleeve with insert detailing the story of the label and all bands. 190 grams vinyl , 1000 copies COMP LP $22 SKU:6379

TRASH CAN RECORDS -2:MIDNIGHT (obscure and forgotten vinyl 50s and 60s) 10”Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Second volume of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. 'Midnight' features six very strange and six very moody vinyl jewels from Fedor's box. COMP LP $21 SKU:20950

ARGUS - ST (UK Progressive & Hard-Rock underground, 1973-1975!)Label:SOMMER Argus were an obscure British outfit with connections to Rare Amber and Julian’s Treatment. Their sound was hard-hitting bluesy hard-rock, similar to Hackensack or Killing Floor. In 1973, they recorded a five-track demo with the intention of securing a record deal which sadly never arrived. It is included here along with a few live tracks from post-Argus underground psych-prog outfit Anaconda. First time on vinyl. Extensive band history by Pete Sarfas of Audio Archives. LP $24 SKU:21482

ATTACK -FINAL DAZE(67-68 Brit mod psych) Label:DOL Dating back to the period 1967-1968, here's a superb collection of recording by the British mod-psychedelic band. The LP features 15 tracks from guitarist John Du Cann's personal collection of acetates and is pressed on 180-GRAM VINYL LP $24 SKU:21330

DARK CARNIVAL -Last Great Ride-(Stooges, MC5, Radio Birdman and Sonics Rendezvous Band style!) Label:BANG! Detroit high-energy rock at its purest essence! Niagara (Destroy All Monsters) and Ron Asheton (The Stooges), among other great Detroit musicians, recorded this killer album back in 1996. Now it is finally reissued on vinyl with two added tracks to the original vinyl release, remastered in order to get its purest sound, and new artwork courtesy of Mrs. Niagara Detroit and Mr. Colonel Galaxy. And guess what? This is an extension of Destroy All Monsters with absolutely killer guitars in line with The Stooges' Funhouse with the unique stamp and signature of Mr. Ron Asheton. Ten classic shots which need to be in your record collection right by The Stooges, Destroy All Monsters, MC5, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Radio Birdman, The New Christs, Bored!, etc. 150 gram vinyl; edition of 500. LP $28 SKU:21361

INDEX - Originals Vol. 1 (1967-68( the holy grail of psych! ) Label:LION All of the original compositions from the band's two self-released holy grails of psychedelia (the Black Album and the Red Album, from 1967-68) combined into one collection—all newly transferred from the original tapes! Includes a 4-panel color insert, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with rare photos. LP $24 SKU:19862

INDEX -Originals Vol. 2 (1969( the holy grail of psych! ) Label:LION In February of 2009, Jim Valice of Index discovered three reels in a cardboard box stuffed in a closet of his parents home in Michigan. These songs from 1969 were on those reels. Fourteen original compositions by Index, seven making their vinyl debut, the other seven released for the first time ever, all transferred from the original tapes! •All tracks are new to vinyl +this is first release in any format for seven out of the fourteen total tracks•Includes a 4-panel color insert, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with rare photos.LP $24 SKU:21137

MUSHROOMS -TASTE OF(1970 UK psych-prog)-Label:LABYRINTH OF THOUGHTS Presented on 180-GRAM VINYL, this excellent UK psych-prog album was recorded back in 1970, but remained unissued at the time due to legal difficulties. LP $30 SKU:21333

SATURNALIA- MAGICAL LOVE (PICTURE DISC! 70s British psych prog underground gem! )Label:BLACK WIDOW Produced by Keith Relf (Yardbirds, Renaissance, Steamhammer), Saturnalia made their 1973 debut with a beautiful 3D picture disc, which has since become a collector's item among fans of the genre. For this release Black Widow Records attempted to remain as faithful as possible to the original packaging (picture disc format with booklet, ticket and above all the 3D labels and a second 24 pages booklet) and the result is this fantastic reissue. Featuring the beautiful Aletta and Adrian Hawking on vocals and Rod Roach on guitar. Hawking and Roach were previously together in Horse. A '70s British psych prog underground gem! LP $38 SKU:21342

SEBASTIAN -Head Roach RAREST CANADIAN LP OF ALL TIME!Label:VOID Collectors have whispered about owning an original in dark corners 3/28/2019around the globe, only to have their hopes dashed when no originals turn up. Along came Void with a legitimate vinyl reissue of one of the rarest Canadian albums of all time bar none. When originally issued way back in 1970, the album came with a coloring book to color in the roaches. Soon the cover was banned for it's drug implications making the original hideously rare. Void Records with Sebastian has released a 500 vinyl pressing. The cover, reproduced from the original is glossy and brilliant. A lyric sleeve has been added as a bonus. Songs include 'Let's Go To The Drug Store,' 'Toking Alone,' 'They Call Her Pig' and more. Acidy, druggie electric folk with a touch Of Zappaesque humor tossed in. LP $14 SKU:19259

UG & THE CAVEMEN- 1987 with The Sting Rays, The X-Men, The Vibes, Headcoatees, Earls Of Suave, Purple Things ePLUS DVD- PINK VINYL Label:TRASH WAX LP in gatefold sleeve on "Shocking Pink" vinyl, limited to 250 copies with the full Ug & The Cavemen story by Bal Croce (Sting Rays, Earls Of Suave, Ug & The Cavemen). Includes 4 bonus tracks and a DVD of them supporting The Cramps in 1990. Revamped artwork by Bruce Brand too. A TRULY AMAZING album featuring members of The Sting Rays, The X-Men, The Vibes, Headcoatees, Earls Of Suave, Purple Things etc... Trash royalty of the highest order, at last this near legendary album from 1987 is once more available. LP $28 SKU:21422

VOX DEI -Jeremias Pies de Plomo (1972 Solid hard-rock/heavy blues power trio)-Label:SOMMER Sommor Records present a reissue of Jeremías, Pies de Plomo, the third album by Argentinean power-trio Vox Dei, originally released in 1972. Solid hard-rock/heavy blues with cool folky/acoustic touches, killer guitar leads and vocals. Formed in Buenos Aires in 1967, Vox Dei were one of the leading '70s rock band from Argentina. Originally born as a quartet, they soon mutated into a wild power-trio, with Ricardo Soulé on guitar, Willy Quiroga on bass, and Rubén Basoalto on drums. Jeremías, Pies de Plomo was released on the Disc Jockey label just after their legendary concept album The Bible (1971). Master tape sound. Includes poster. LP $24 SKU:21488