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FIENDS - In Scareo (fuzz-filled '60s inspired garage punk from Canada) Label:DIONYSUS Fuzz-filled '60s inspired garage punk from Canada. These are some of the snottiest vocals you'll hear this side of The Gravedigger V! Same tracks as the 10" vinyl with bonus tracks!!’’ CD $3 SKU:21244

MONDO TOPLESS - Get Ready for ACtion ( fuzz-drenched, organ-fueled garage mayhem ) Label:DIONYSUS 13 tracks of hi-octane fuzz-drenched, organ-fueled garage mayhem from Philly. CD $5 SKU:21246

RICK BLAZE WALTER LURE- LIVE IN NYC- (Johnny Thunders 'tribute', recorded live at CBGB 1994 ) Label:DIONYSUS A Johnny Thunders 'tribute', recorded live at CBGBs. Even NYC hippy legend David Peel makes an appearance! CD $10 SKU:21245

SMEARS IN THE GARAGE-ST-(60s girl-garage style!)Label:DIONYSUS Bloomington's sleaze-punk babes do the '60s girl-garage thing! This even looks like an album from the "Girls In The Garage" series. OK, the Smears are long gone but this album is here to stay! CD $3 SKU:21243


LUCK OF EDEN HALL-THE HAPPINES$ VENDING MACHINE -PINK/WHITE VINYL Label:HEADSPIN ..ARTHROPODA LEPIDOPTRA'. Limited edition of 150 copies on PINK/WHITE vinyl, housed in a thick (280-gram) carton sleeve with a 3mm spine. Also included is an authentic TLoEH monetary note. The single offers two psychedelic pop jewels that serve as a taster for the band's 2015 full-length, 'The Acceleration Of Time'. The A-side is a gallopping, stomping song, drenched in mellotrons and catchy fuzz guitar-licks, and with a twangin' interlude. On the flip 'Anthrododa Lepidoptra' provides a multi-colour floating tapestry of dreampop, inspired by '60s UK freak-beat and Toytown popsike. Goosepimples!! 45 RPM $10 SKU:18745

LUCK OF EDEN HALL-THE END OF THE LANE/BLOWN TO KINGDOM COME (NEO PSYCH)Label: MEGA DODO Neo-psychedelic rock band The Luck Of Eden Hall has been a fixture on the Chicago music scene since the 1990s. The band's 'The End Of The Lane' pays tribute to the classic psych singles of yore, featuring lush guitars, plenty of echo on the vocals, the warm sound of the mellotron and a rhythm section with an uncanny gift for melodic fills. 'The End Of The Lane' is a song that was inspired by Neil Gaiman's book 'The Ocean At The End Of The Lane'. Mr. Gaiman himself created a drawing for the front cover of this single. Limited to 150 copies on BLACK VINYL. 45 RPM $10 SKU:19119

TEENAGERS- COMPLICATION/ TAPS (1967 rare beat/garage gem)-Label:FEATHERED APPLE Here's a limited edition 50th anniversary collectors reissue of a rare beat/garage gem from Switzerland, originally datin g back to 1967! The A-side is a killer cut featuring Marco Zappa on lead guitar and with a cool (Vox Continental) organ sound, while the flip contains a fantastic instrumental. Original copies are more or less impossible to find, as only some 300 copies were pressed back in the day! This official reissue comes with superb sound quality (that sounds even slightly better than the original) and with a photo packed 8-page booklet including detailed liner notes. 45 RPM $10 SKU:19281

TOMCATS/LOS JUNIOR'S- A Tu Vera/Te Fuiste (60s nuggets PSYCH FUZZ ) -Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) Special split 7" featuring two untamed '60s nuggets from Munster's Algo Salvaje compilation (MR 314CD/LP). English band Tomcats visited Spain in 1965 and they recorded this rifftastic and fuzzed out version of the classic copla song "A tu vera." On the other side, "Te fuiste" by Pamplona's Los Junior's is a spectacular mid-tempo driven by an imposing rhythm and an undulating organ of clearly lysergic reminiscences. 45 RPM $7 SKU:16675

LES ANNEES ST- (Aussie pop Psych) Label:OFF THE HIP Fuzzy pop merged with the old school psychedelic experimentation of London’s 1960s art scene through a soundscape of random sounds, slowing of tracks and tape reversal. Debut album by new Sydney, Australia band. CD $5 SKU:19229

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS & BILLY BIZOR -Wake Up the Dead (60s Electrified Texas blues -DBL Label:CICADELIC Many have said that Lightnin' Hopkins woke up The Dead when he played San Francisco in the 1960's. So it is appropriate that his song 'Wake Up The Dead' is the centerpiece of this two and a half hour journey into the world of electrified Texas blues. Accompanying Lightnin' on this journey is his long time harmonica player, Billy Bizor. While Lightnin' had a prolific recording career—and a massive reputation as a result of some key stunning sessions—Bizor's stature is relatively obscure due to a lack of solo recordings released during his lifetime. Fortunately, "Wake Up The Dead" seeks to rectify that situation by including the complete June 17, 1968 session with Lightnin' and Bizor, plus all of Bizors' 1969 solo recordings. An added bonus is the remainder of of the April 11,1969 session that is represented on the Lightnin' Hopkin's "Shootin Fire" companion release (CICD-41169). The highlight of the session has to be the nine minutes of outtakes of the colossal Hopkins original, 'Mojo Hand". Never before have the complete tapes from these sessions been released. All tracks are taken from the original three and four track masters to accentuate the magical chemistry between Lightnin' and Bizor. CD $12 SKU:20439

LIMONADA -ST (legendary 1970 Peruvian obscurity)Label:LION Although they sprung ready-made from of the ashes of legendary candombe/beat group El Kinto, one of the best-kept secrets from Uruguay’s musical mythology is nevertheless the group of musicians who recorded one album as Limonada. So what happened? The story starts with the end of El Kinto, when band leader and iconoclastic maniac Eduardo Mateo decided to embark on a solo career (see our forthcoming Lion Productions collection of his early music for more details), and the other members of El Kinto said “let’s do something together”. And so it was that in the middle of 1970, Limonada recorded their one and only album, “LimoNada” (Sondor 33.111). It is a strange record, with backwards tape splices, abrupt song changes, yet at the same time it is absolutely accessible and very groovy, in a Tropicalia sort of way, which might explain why it was an immediate success. In truth, it’s a profound mystery why the Limonada LP—one of the ten best sellers of its time within three weeks of its release—seems to have vanished from the consciousness of even the most devoted fans of obscure music. Until now, of course. This carefully researched reissue contains the entire Limonada LP (its reissue debut), supplemented by an extended live bonus track. The sixteen page booklet includes historical background on the Uruguayan scene, details of the band’s past, plenty of photos, as well as a brief overview of the legendary Sondor label. CD $10 SKU:20091

LIQUID SOUND COMPANY-ACID MUSIC FOR ACID PEOPLE(TEXAS ACID HEADS) Label:ROCKADROME Repress in digipak. Third album from Texas acid heads led by guitarist and doom guru John Perez (Solitude Aetuzxrnus). 'Acid Music For Acid People' is a culmination of studio recordings coupled with very rare live and demo recordings. Totally disregarding any trends in psychedelic or other forms of music, the band stretches out and produces a soothing and at times intense, mind altering stew fit for cosmic travels and massive mind meandering. Approaching these recordings with a direct line to higher key realms, 'Acid Music' finds our favorite long-running unknown Texas band keeping it simple with little or no overdubs, wrenching out a pure and raw connection to the psychedelic properties of the music. Sit back, fire up the lava lamps, pop those tabs and get ready to transport! CD $15 SKU:20077

LITTO NEBBIA-Fuera del cielo (1972 ARGENTINE PROG ROCK)Label:Melopea Discos This CD includes all tracks from the first Litto Nebbia LP, "Fuera del Cielo", and three bonus tracks representing the very first recordings of the band done in 1972 and previously unreleased. “This album represents the beginning of the most creative phase of a trio featuring Nebbia (leader of Argentine rock band Los Gatos), together with Jorge González and Néstor Astarita. Here they add music to lyrics culled from the poetry of Mirta Defilpo. A work of definite progressive caliber which continues along the familiar song structured path, although in no way conforming to normal limitations. All tracks feature harmonic arrangements, counterpoints and instrumental sequences that blend with the sung passages. The music is remarkably original, and is probably the most striking example of romanticism in progressive rock. I can't remember any other album from that era, the contents of which are as bright and completely free of dramatics as those of "Fuera del Cielo". It is an amazingly strong effort, which is on par with most of the best albums released in 1975. There is no doubt that the original LP would have an immediate international success if it would've been released somewhere in Europe or the USA or had a proper distribution. CD $12 SKU:20338

LIVERPOOL - ST (Por Favor Sucesso Complete Recordings)Label:Sunny Pierrot ith a name that conjures up yet another Mersey-beat clone, who would expect that it was this same band, Liverpool, who recorded one of the greatest (and nearly forgotten) records from Brasil in the 1960’s. Mixing subtle influences from English/American rock with lilting and supple Brazilian rhythms and a heady dose of Tropicália inspiration, Mimi Lessa (guitar), Fughetti Luz (singer), Marcos Lessa (bass), Edinho Espíndola (drums) and Pekos (baixo) produced work that was close to the genius of Os Mutantes—an opinion widely shared in Brasil, by the way! Time and again, we were reminded of Os Mutantes and Caetano Veloso, and this from an album that came out hot on the heels of the world famous albums of those more high profile artists. Liverpool’s sole album, “Por Favor Sucesso” (Please Success) from 1969—included in its entirety here, along with songs from a film soundtrack (1970) and a late single as Liverpool Sound (1971)—resulted in the classification of the group in the regional phase in the legendary University Festival of Popular Music, where the group defended the title track from the album. The album consists of excellent compositions supporting intelligent and expressive texts meant to convey the daily life of the youth of the time. Mimi Lessa, one of most important and less valued guitarists of Brasilian national rock, shines throughout this disc. More than thirty years after it was recorded, the music of Liverpool does not sound dated, with its elaborate compositions and instrumental prowess garnering them the recognition that they lacked when these songs CD $15 SKU:20223

LORD STREET SOUND - BEHIND THE DUMB (JOHNNY CASINO DETROIT STYLED ROCK) IMPORTLabel:OFF THE HIP A new studio album from Johnny Casino with a few friends in tow; Mike Burnham of Tardis studios fame on drums, and Rodney Agar of the Mess Makers on vocals. Johnny Casino is known for delivering classic Detroit styled rock as part of Asteroid B-612, Easy Action and most recently with Johnny Casino and The Secrets. This new album is a slight departure from that trajectory: equal parts garage, rock, plus a little soul thrown into the tribal grooves contained herein CD $5 SKU:19235

LOS CHICOS- 10 Years Of Shakin' Fat And Launchin' Shit - IMPORT Label:OFF THE HIP Spains number one party machine CD $5 SKU:19233

LOS CHICOS- In the Age of Stupidity (Texas Punk Garage style)Label:OFF THE HIP Spanish party band , a mix between Black Flag and the Shananas or like Otis Redding with a Texas Punk Garage band with their gear about to explode! CD $5 SKU:19243

LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO- Barbara Ann- RARE MEXICAN 1966 MINI LP SLV Label:VAM terrific set of Spanish-language covers of American and British hits from Mexico's incomparable Los Locos Del Ritmo. On this 1966 album, they tackle surf on "Barbara Ann (Vas a Ver)" and "Fun, Fun, Fun (Voy, Voy, Voy)"; garage on The Kinks' "I Need You (Te Quiero)" and The Sorrows' "Take a Heart (Tomas un Corazón)"; British Invasion pop on "She's Not There" and "Tired of Waiting"; jerk and even a classic tango song from Carlos Gardel. It's all played with fantastic youthful energy and the group is both tight and just rough enough around the edges to give the songs a bit of garage-y immediacy. Check it out!
CD $10 SKU:19397

LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO- ST RARE MEXICAN 1966 MINI LP SLV Label:ORFEON If you're reading this, there's a good chance you like rock 'n' roll, maybe even love it or live for it. If any of those scenarios is true for you, you will like this album! One of Mexico's greatest rock groups from the mid-'60s, Los Locos Del Ritmo played straightforward, rock 'n' roll en español with youthful vigor and passion. CD $12 SKU:19580

LOS SONODORES- La Vida (dreamy 1972 psych)-Label:Discos Mariposa first reissue of this dreamy psychedelic rarity from 1972, beloved of many crate-digging dj’s; it’s said to have been made by Spanish and Chilean musicians in the USA; don't know about that, but it was issued in the USA on Caytronics, and has been much sought after since then (see the "Collector's Dreams" books); there are some great beat ballads, as well as nicely trippy melodic psychedelic dreamscapes on what corresponds more or less to side two of the original LP; the instrumentation includes some nice light guitar, which flits in and out and over the tracks in a way that's unusual, ringing out over the organ that’s there at the bottom of the sound spectrum; there's some nice drumming on the record: not exactly funky, but with a nice little kick that really keeps things interesting! a band that were rightly named "the Dreamers" CD $8 SKU:19016

BLUE ASH - HEARTS & ARROWS (Stunning '72 POWER POP)+ 7" - 2xLP (GATEFOLD)-Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS Includes a bonus acoustic 7" EP This two-disc compilation brings together the cream of 1970s Ohio garage rockers Blue Ash's extensive recordings. Features 24 tracks, including "Baby I Just Want You" and "Smash My Guitar. LP $25 SKU:16778

BLUE ASH - No More, No LESS 150 GRAM (1973)Label:URANUS Blue Ash's stunning debut album, pressed for the first time since 1973
Contains 12 Power Pop classics, including "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)" and "Smash My Guitar"
Pressed on 150-gram black vinyl and housed inside a full-color sleeve
Limited to 500 copies
Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, Blue Ash are the great, forgotten power pop band of the early '70s. Actually, "forgotten" may be too strong a word, for any power pop fan worth their salt knows of Blue Ash even if they've never been able to score either of their two LPs.

Blue Ash were a rock band first and foremost, placing the sheer rush of sound over hooks, something that a lot of their progeny never did. That's what gives their debut No More No Less…such a punch: they are one of the few groups that truly put some power in their pop. This much is evident by the raucous album-opener "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her)," a song with all the melodic rush of "Go All the Way" but leaner and meaner.

Not all of the album keeps up at this same furious pace, as the guitars jangle as much as they roar and the group occasionally dips into a loping country-rock groove…and they do get sunbleached and mellow on "What More Can I Do." But most of No More No Less filters old-time rock & roll (the big-time boogie "Let There Be Rock") and '60s guitar pop ("Plain to See" evokes the Searchers, "I Remember a Time" the Byrds, and "Anytime at All" is a Beatles cover) through the outsized amplification of '70s hard rock. It's an addictive sound -- and one that hinted at the power pop that was to come even if it didn't directly influence it and it still carries a mighty punch all these years later. - Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic

“No More No Less is an astonishingly explosive debut, and with apparently limitless potential, Blue Ash should by all rights become a major phenomenon.” - Ken Barnes, Rolling Stone (07/19/73)

“The LP is without a doubt one of the finest debut albums of the rock era.” - Dave Goeller, Family Magazine

“A masterclass in combining a hard-rocking rhythmic punch to crisp three-part harmony vocals and soaring melodic lines” - Alan Brown, Pop Matters LP $16 SKU:17781

BONE MAN - III (STONER psych) -Label:PINK TANK RECORDS The fifth album by German psychedelic rockers Bone Man. The way they seamlessly move from psych to stoner to punk and back again is a joy to behold. Limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl. LP $13 SKU:18671

CENGIZ COSKUNER-Modern Folk Oyun Havalari (1984 Turkish guitar master) Label:PHARAWAY Turkish guitar master CENGIZ CO KUNER with an album full of exotic / oriental belly dance instrumental sounds. Originally released in 1984, here’s the first ever vinyl reissue. File next to Omar Khorshid and the like. LP $18 SKU:20606


LOS BABY ROCKS- 4 WILD SPANISH ROCKERS from the 50’s Label:RCA HECTOR Mexican rock'n'roll band from the 1950's he group began performing together in 1958, at which time it was composed of the four Avila Aranda brothers. They debuted at the Fantasio theater in Mérida in 1960, then performed in Belize, where they took the name Los Baby's del Rock. They recorded their first sides for Discos Orfeón in 1959, but the label did not release them until 1962 once rock & roll began to become popular in Mexico. They toured throughout Mexico in the middle of the decade, and around this time they also made numerous appearances in television advertisements. In 1964, they made their first recordings for Discos Peerless, often covering the hits of foreign groups to great success. They became one of the most popular native pop acts in Mexico in the 1960s 45 RPM $2 SKU:19845

M-80s -SLit My Wrist (Raucous punk) Label:DIONYSUS Cheerfully raucous punk out of Norfolk, Virginia. 45 RPM $2 SKU:-19750

NICOTINE SPYRAL SURFERS- PURPLE MARBLE(PSYCH) -Label:DIONYSUS Heavy psychedelia from Italy 45 RPM $2 SKU:-19748

OUTSIDEINSIDE/POP DEFECT - Psycho (SONICS COVERS)Label:DIONYSUS Two Sonics covers done up right, one side plays from the inside out. 45 RPM $1 SKU:19920

PLEASURE SEEKERS- What a Way To Die w the Quatro Sisters (60s ) - Label:NORTON The Pleasure Seekers were founded in 1964 by sisters Patti and Suzi Quatro, sisters Nancy (drums) and Mary Lou Ball (guitar), and Diane Baker on piano in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Baker was soon replaced by Arlene Quatro. The released their first single in 1964, "Never Thought You'd Leave Me" b/w "What a Way to Die," on Hideout. "Nan" Ball left in 1965 and was replaced by Darline Arnone. In 1968 they signed to Mercury and released a second single, "Light of Love" b/w "Good Kind of Hurt." In 1969 they changed their name to Cradle and pursued a heavier direction. Arlene became the band's manager and Nancy Quatro joined as the new drummer. Suzi Quatro left in 1971 and went on to have a successful solo career45 RPM $10 SKU:18481

SATELLITERS - It's Not True- (NO SLV) Label:DIONYSUS BW Where Do We Go Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke 45 RPM $3 SKU:19921

WAGNER, TY - Misery Train Misery Train (1965 GARAGE PUNK -rare pics and liner notes by Ugly Things’ Mike Stax. Label:UGLY ThINGS Limited to just 800 copies, “Misery Train” b/w “Soul Exercise” comes in cool picture sleeve with rare pics and liner notes by Ugly Things’ Mike Stax. 45 RPM $7 SKU:15187

LEMON DROPS -Sunshower (Flower Power Midwest Psych ) DBL -Label:CICADELIC RECORDS Some of the best droning, fuzz-guitar laced heavy psych of the late 1960’s that’s what we heard when we played the first disc of this terrific double-disc set, compiled and assembled over the course of two years from master tapes. On the other hand, the label says: "The Lemon Drops were pioneers of a psychedelic flower-power sound in and around the Chicago suburbs in 1967. The mastermind behind their music was Rembrandt Records' owner, Reggie Weiss. The first song he wrote for The Lemon Drops was inspired by the effects of a LSD trip and titled 'I Live In The Springtime.' Long recognized as a classic example of psychedelic folk-rock, 'I Live In The Springtime,' has appeared on the Rhino Nuggets box set, Pebbles Volume Eight, Chicago Garage Band Greats, and many other compilations. In addition to the shimmering splendor of 'I Live In The Springtime,' The Lemon Drops left behind a great legacy of music during their brief two-year tenure. Included on this two CD set are many previously unreleased recordings (including two different versions of 'I Live In The Springtime') and a twelve page booklet with extensive liner notes and band memorabilia." We might also add this: great tracks by hard luck psychedelic band; the band's only issued 45 ‘I Live In The Springtime’, has a strong melody that suggested that better things lay ahead.... but as it turned out, none of the band’s other recording sessions were released on record until the mid-eighties on the Cicadelic label; the Lemon Drops recorded a second 45, the hard rockin' ‘It Happens Everyday’, b/w ‘Alone’, at the RCA Studios in Chicago, but it was never released. They then worked on an ambitious new project with tablas, flowery harmonies and numerous special effects the master tapes from this session are included here; by chance, the band played their tape to Buena Vista Productions who offered to put up $250,000 to promote the group: Obviously the band were thrilled, and they recorded a plethora of new songs in Chicago's Sound Studios during November and December 1968; ironically, these efforts too proved to be in vain, for the owner of Buena Vista died in his sleep and the deal was cancelled! Devastated the band split up for good. Any way you slice it (sorry!), this is a reissue that is well worth the money. CD $12 SKU:19792

LENO-Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney (1971 Brazilian Cream/ STeppenwolf style -Label:LION Leno’s “Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney” was intended as the next musical step after Tropicália, it’s full-blooded rock and roll approach intended to link the music that had already been made to the music that would be played a few years later. This record just might have been that bold step had CBS released it in 1971. But censors banned most of the tracks, and Leno was fortunate (thanks perhaps to his string of innocent sounding Jovem Guarda number one chart hits in Brazil as half of duo Leno e Lillian) not to experience the exile or imprisonment of other artists of the time. He was also fortunate that the master tapes survived in the CBS vaults, making them available for this reissue. The album has a sound that has more to do with bands such as Sly & The Family Stone, the Beatles (post 1967), Cream, and Steppenwolf, and features contributions from music legends Marcos Valle, Raul Seixas (anarchic surrealistic icon of Brazilian counterculture), hard psych rockers A Bolha, and members of Los Shakers and Renato e Seus Blue Caps. One of the most singular records of the 1970’s rock era in Brazil, speaking in terms both historic and musical, with a significance in Brazil that makes people who know it well wonder how it has taken so long to be known worldwide, in a time when the efforts of the Brazilian rock and psychedelic underground scene are so well-documented. A 24-page booklet (packed with photos and lyrics) details Leno’s career, as well as the story behind this exceptional record. CD $12 SKU:20090

LEOPOLD, PERRY - CHRISTIAN LUCIFER (60s father of acid folk) - Label:GEAR FAB Long lost LP from the father of Acid Folk. '...a masterpiece ... one of the most artistic, intellectually mature, and haunting albums of its era.' -- All Music GuideReview :Although his incredibly rare first album, Experiment in Metaphysics, was a sensational and dynamic slice of progressive acid folk, Perry Leopold took a phenomenal leap forward on the follow-up, 1973's Christian Lucifer. (It is a small miracle that the recording ever saw the light of day, since the studio at which it was recorded was sold and then closed, and all the master tapes from the sessions were erased and used again, leaving only a few mixdown copies.) The songs on the first album, while all strong individually, didn't quite hold together, but Christian Lucifer is conceptually a whole, impossible to imagine as anything other than what it is. Leopold's melodies again shine like slowly uncovered gems. Complex melodic lines and protracted vocal melodies stretch and build ominously, like the sight of a wise, enigmatic monk concealed beneath a woolen cloak. The religious reference is not an empty simile. If the songs on his first album came across as parables or ancient narrative tales, then Christian Lucifer is a collection of hymns, prayers, and litanies conflicted with the dualities of life, full of metaphysical depth. Whereas the first album stuck to the folk basics, this second album was stunningly produced. Gorgeous layers of acoustic guitars, bass, clavinets, bassoons, recorders, oboes, cellos, tabla, MiniMoog, and explosive timpani and bells gave the album a rococo-styled grace and wispy beauty, invoking everything from medieval madrigals to Bach and Vivaldi to Middle Eastern musics to psychedelia and the Doors. And yet, it is none of those things. There are imprecise similarities to Nick Drake's oppressive but beautiful fragility, the theatrical majesty and scope of David Bowie (who is quoted at the beginning of "Serpentine Lane," a dystopian reply of sorts to "Space Oddity," with Leopold's deep voice infusing the music with the same alien quality), and the visionary mystical musings of Merrell Fankhauser and Jeff Cotton's cult band Mu. The foreboding keyboards of "The Windmill" are pulled directly from "Riders on the Storm," but the album is an entirely unique and novel amalgam. There is a Renaissance Fair feel, particularly in songs such as "Sunday Afternoon in the Garden of Delights" and "The Starewell," harsh and pretty at once, and intriguingly arcane. Leopold was, in fact, a troubadour in the truest sense of the word, singing his music for whoever would listen. Ultimately, the album is a very individual struggle with the duality that lies at its heart and is the crux of everything humanity is and does. Christian Lucifer is both terrestrial and ethereal, both tangible and transcendent. It is unquestionably Leopold's masterpiece, and one of the most artistic, intellectually mature, and haunting albums -- released or not -- of its era. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide CD $10 SKU:18869

LIFE ON EARTH! -LOOK!!THERE IS LIFE ON EARTH!(classic hippie psychedelic pop-Label: SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS The follow-up to the acclaimed debut "Look!! There is Life on Earth!" The first album was something of a journey past summer green hills and skipping lambs; a celebration of the imperishable eternal beauty and a romantic observation of the world around us. Now the telescope is turned inside out. The focus is on the captain of the project, Mattias Gustavsson's own world. Confusion and contradiction are found in the front stalls, visions of ecstasy next to battles with demons and defunct relationships. The drums are given more space, and a Hammond organ has found its way along the layered vocals and languorous string arrangements. But even though the sound has grown both harder and bigger, the album is a natural follow-up with equal parts sound experimentation, and hippie classic psychedelic pop, based on an acoustic guitar. Besides Life on Earth!, Mattias Gustavsson, among other things, plays the bass in Dungen and is currently producing a coming album with Lisa & Piu. Other members of Life on Earth! are Martin Fogelstrom, Alexis Benson, Erik Lundin and Johan Holmegard (Dungen). On the album yet another ten or so guests help out as well. Just like the last time the cover paintings and collages were made by New York artists and Lights members Sophia Knapp and Wizard Smoke. The album got its title from Knapp's collage "A Space Water Loop". CD $10 SKU:20695

LIGHTNING - 1968-1971 (Mpls 60s garage LEGENDS)-Label:ARF ARF Lightning was an offshoot of Minneapolis '60s legends Litter that featured guitar wizard Tom 'Zippy' Caplan. After recording the Litter's 1966 garage classic Distortions and 1968 psych masterpiece $100 Fine, Caplan split from the Litter and formed Lightning. The band started out as a power trio and cut one fierce Cream-inspired single 'William' b/w 'Of Paupers And Poets' in 1968 under the White Lightning moniker with Twin Cities record producer Warren Kendrick. The band regrouped into a quintet and scored a record deal with P.I.P. which issued their eight-song album. That album has since become a highly collectable LP. Lightning became one of the Midwest's hardest working rock acts and toured extensively throughout the region during their three-year tenure. This authorized CD reissue includes their entire LP, the aforementioned 45, plus six additional bonus tracks (including edited 45 mixes of two album tracks) all wrapped in an archival 12-page booklet with lots of photos and liner notes by Litter-scribe Doug Sheppard. Between this package and Arf Arf's White Lightning Strikes Twice [1968-1969] release, the band's entire musical legacy has been properly archived. Fans of Blue Cheer, Cream, Hendrix, and Arf Arf's four psychedelic Dose comps will really dig this new disc CD $14 SKU:12952

LITTLE BOY BLUES- In The Woodland Of Weir (60s acid rock)Label:KISMET Their sole album made with a revised line-up and originally released in October 1968 -- incorporates jazz, classical and acid-rock influences, and makes its long-overdue return to CD here, complete with all their non-album singles sides. Includes liner notes. Formed in Chicago in 1964, The Little Boy Blues soon became local heroes, opening for The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Paul Revere & The Raiders, and many others. Having played innumerable live dates and appeared on top TV shows, their sound took a psychedelic turn in 1967. CD $10 SKU:13424

LITTLE MURDERS- Best of (Legendary Australian Power Pop)-Label:OFF THE HIP Legendary Australian Power Pop band who've been releasing classic guitar songs since 1979. Rob Griffiths and co are celebrating four decades of their brand of modish-powerpop with a best of Cd and tour of Japan. From their debut 7" to tracks from their most recent album, Little Murders' best of Cd covers their entire career. CD $12 SKU:20038

LONDON DRI - Western Skies 1967-69 LOS ANGELES PSYCH Label:BREAKAWAY 8-page booklet with history by Mike Dugo & pics - London Dri had it all: From garage-rock to classic US psychedelia to UK styled Mod/psych. Finally here’s the band’s legacy—11 killer tracks in their distinctive London Dri style. CD $14 SKU:16371

LONDONERS/ THE KNACK - 14 MOD BEAT NUGGETS 65-67- Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) Paul Gurvitz and vocalist/guitarist Brian Morris formed a band in 1963, immediately heading across the English Channel to play US Army bases.Upon their return, they christened themselves The Londoners, backed up Gene Vincent for a while, and released a 7" (‘That's My Desire’ b/w ‘Bring It On Home To Me’) on the German Star Club label. They soon met up with famed producer/manager Larry Page and with another name change (this time inspired by Richard Lester's big comedy hit The Knack... And How To Get It) released a half-dozen singles for the Decca and Piccadilly labels between 1965 and 1967. Paul of course eventually ditched his shears and formed Gun with his brother Adrian and Peter Dunton of the Flies, Please, Neon Pearl, and T2 fame, and after that Three Man Army but that's another story. Presented here are The Londoners and The Knack's complete discography—fourteen mod/beat nuggets plus an unreleased take of ‘Back In The USA,’ plus unreleased pics and liner notes spanning their haberdashery roots to the present day. CD $14 SKU:20192

LONESOME SHACK - BUNDLE - BOTH CDS Great boogie blues brought to you by Van of the Black Diamond Heavies ! Label:ALIVE Lonesome Shack was signed to Alive thanks to Van Campbell of the Black Diamond Heavies who brought them to our attention.
In the combination of song selection, in the clarity of this recording, and in the lyrics that seem to deal with heartbreak and loss, not deals with the devil, with the deep morass of a depression you learn to live with more than the blues that get put upon you—the reason this album is singularly great is that it is pure expression. That you can also kind of shake your ass to. - AMERICAN STANDARD TIME
Nothing soothes the soul like boogie music. – THE WASHINGTON POST
This, boys and girls, is a lesson in doing so much with so little … something Lonesome Shack are undisputed masters of. – JAMBANDS
They have devoted themselves to the study of true roots, and their music reflects that reverence for authenticity. – SEATTLE WEEKLY
Todd's droning blues figures display the influence of guitarists like Junior Kimbrough and John Lee Hooker, players whose playing could be described as raw, but display a powerful elegance. - PHOENIX NEW TIMES
While they round out the sound with light bass and a bare-bones rhythm, each song falls into a hypnotic trance of restless guitar vamps. - JESTER JAY
Poetically devoted to that fading Americana sound. – ARKANSAS TIMES
A great album that casts a long shadow. Superbly envisioned and painstakingly realized, it’s an intense work of focus and dedication. – RUST MAGAZINE
Easily one of the best albums of the year. - SECRETLY IMPORTANT
With finger-picked guitar and personal reflections on life, friends, and simplicity, the title refers to both the soul of the album as well as the creative process, which began in Todd’s remote shack in New Mexico. - RECORD DPT
For those who love the blues, this could well be the album of the year. - SUNDAY EXPRESS (UK)
Sound like a great swamp blues band from the Southern regions of the US. - POPMATTERS
This is a simple record, but in a deceptive way. On first spin, the minimal instrumentation and similarity in tone, tempo and volume among the songs made for a homogenous listen. Several spins later, I’d say it takes a deeper level of attention to really recognize/appreciate the unique elements of each song. – VINYL UNDER REVIEW
You'd swear that Lonesome Shack hail from the deepest Mississippi Delta. – SPIN
Raw, primal boogie and country blues. – BLURT

CD $15 SKU:20895

LOONS - Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) - Label:BOMP The third album by critically acclaimed San Diego garage rockers featuring ex-members of the TELL-TALE HEARTS (the infamous Mike Stax of Ugly Things) and the DIABOLIKS. The album features all new material in the band's distinctively original style, which combines the hard, kinetic drive of European freakbeat, the melodic cool of the '66 Sunset Strip, and intense, atmospheric psychedelia. Features special guest appearance by legendary psychedelic steel guitarist GLENN ROSS CAMPBELL of the sixties band the MISUNDERSTOOD CD $10 SKU:11567

LOONS - Inside Out Your Mind w MIKE STAXLabel:BOMP With 'INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND' The Loons have created their most compelling and original album to date. Once described as "a perfect pairing of Love-influenced garage-psych and British underground in the mould of The Pretty Things", The Loons are Mike Stax of Ugly Things Magazine, Anja Stax on bass, Marc Schroeder and Chris Marsteller on guitar, and Mike Kamoo on drums and production. CD $10 SKU:16531

LORDS OF GRAVITY- Contact (Aussie garage-punk-folk sensations) -Label:OFF THE HIP Debut album from Australia's newest garage-punk-folk sensations. With an invincible pedigree featuring members of: HANDS OF TIME, SEMINAL RATS, THE CRUSADERS, STONEAGE HEARTS .a must for fans of Voxx flavoured garage mayhem!! CD $10 SKU:4133

LOS JAIVAS -Alturas de Macchu Picchu en conciert (Live 1998 Chilean Prog) Label:AROMA Complete original album live,recorded at Teatro Providencia november 1998, plus 5 live bonus tracks (Teatro Monumental, May 2000). Direct from the master tapes. Complete 16-page booklet with lyrics, discography, history of the band, photos. 80 minutes! Bonus tracks : Tarka y Ocarina (instrumental master progressive song from 1976) + Takirari del puerto + Cancion del sur + Mamalluca (with orchestra) + Presentacion. A masterpiece, never before on CD!" Seeing Los Jaivas playing live is an experience not to be missed, especially for those who are natives of Chile. In case you have not had the opportunity to do so, this live album captures to the full extent possible, the energy and mysticism that is a hallmark of the band, probably the most important in the history of Chilean music. CD $15 SKU:20339

LOS VIDRIOS QUEBRADOS- Los Fictions- (great 1967 S. American psych )
Label:LION Official cd reish of one of the best ever LP s to have emerged from the S. American underground during the 60'. 12 tracks of garage punk psych. Orig released in 67.Chilean import CD $10 SKU:20018

LOS YORKS -68’ (great Peruvian garage) Label:MAG SEALED With bonus track os Yorks, from Lima, Peru were a garage rock band active in the 1960s. Despite their relatively short tenure, the band was one of the most successful groups in their native country during the era. They were the first Peruvian band to have their own radio and television program, and made numerous media appearances throughout their career. They wrote many of their own songs in Spanish and had a visceral style, with vocalist Pablo Luna noted for moving frenetically during performances.[1] The band's most famous single, "Abrazame", is sometimes seen as a benchmark song in Peruvian garage CD $5 SKU:17617

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG iLmited edition 500 copies. A cool collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. The CD has a whole lot of megarare garage 45s, 90% of all tracks never before on CD, many previously uncompiled. Coloured label reprints for the garage connisseur's perfect pleasure. Includes tracks by VOXMEN, END RESULT, VEE JAYS, MARK 5, NOVAS, TOMBSTONES, STONE CUTTERS, GLASS THREADS, PUBS, UNITED NOTIONS, SATINS and many more COMP CD $14 SKU:18363

TRIPWAVE-VOL 2 (COLLECTION OF MODERN RUSSIAN PSYCH)Label:TRAIL Besides relatively known acts like Ole Lukkoye, Rada & Ternovnik (Blackthorn) and Polska Radio One, this collection includes tracks by very young artists who express their bright and affecting ideas in the psychedelic genre. TRACKS: 1. Ciolkowska - Below The Grass 2. Rada & Blackthorn - Ethno-Song 3. Bowl Of Knowledge - Ganja Yoga 4. Sonora - Canyon 5. Cosmic Triggers - Syndicate 6. Ole Lukkoye - Dyatly (Edit) 7. Dead Man Tell No Tales - Suicide Trip 8. Kamni - Forest Song 9. Polska Radio One - Shangri-La COMP CD $15 SKU:19352

TRIPWAVE -Vol 1 (COLLECTION OF MODERN RUSSIAN PSYCH)Label:TRAIL A compilation of some of the best psychedelic and progressive music to come out of Russia during the last 20 years! And to make things extra special, this collection also includes a number of previously unissued cuts. Though often inspired by Western sounds, the music by these bands showcases a unique Russian feel, making this set a treat for the more adventurous space-, psych- and prog-rock lover. COMP CD $15 SKU:19473

TWO TIMING BABY -Ember Sixties Pop: Volume 2, 1961-1962Label:FANTASTIC EMBER In 1960, Jeffrey Kruger launched Ember Records as an independent, one of very few in the UK, where the majors held sway. Straight away, the label set about trying to break into the charts with many fine pop releases. The Ember Sixties Pop series compiles the best of those records. “Two Timing Baby” picks up the story from where Say When: Ember Sixties Pop Volume 1 (FVCD044) left off. Carter, Lewis & The Southerners first Ember single ‘Two Timing Baby’/’Will It Happen To Me’ features Joe Meek engineering, Geoff Goddard on piano, Albert Lee on guitar, Chas Hodges on bass and Bobby Graham on drums. The Meek connection continues with Mark Douglas only single: Joe produced ‘It Matters Not’/’Upside Down’ and Tornado Clem Cattini confirms he drums on both tracks. American songwriters Buddy Kaye and Phil Springer penned many hits, including ‘The Next Time’ for Cliff Richard. They brought several songs to Ember and Grant Tracy was the adaptable vocalist on ‘The Great Matchmaker’/’The Tears Came Rolling Down’ and the follow-up flip ‘Taming Tigers.’ Other beneficiaries of the prolific Kaye and Springer were Johnny Carson (‘Are You Anyone s Girl’/’Teenage Bachelor’ and, again, ‘The Tears Came Rolling Down’) and Sandra Gale (‘Hello Heartache’/’If She s Right For You’) who had been girl singer with the Ray Ellington Quartet, joining Ember when Ellington did. Kruger chose the songs for Lita Roza’s single with the aim of moving her sound towards pop and rock n roll, and she turns in fine performances on ‘Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)’/’(He s My) Dreamboat,’ aided by a driving band led by Tony Crombie. Brooklyn-born Kerry Adams recorded her single in New York, conducted by future soul giant Jerry Ragovoy. The Dale Sisters cute harmonies are evident on their second Ember single, ‘Road To Love’/’Secrets.’ Tommy Sanderson’s second Ember 45 combined trad-jazz ‘Ding Dong Rag’ with groovy ‘Piano A Go Go,’ which would have made a great theme for a TV detective show. Many of these original singles are highly collectable (mint copies of Mark Douglas are valued at £75, Carter, Lewis & The Southerners at £50 and Lita Roza at £30). Subsequent volumes will carry the story through to the end of the sixties, with further sought after tracks included. The series is complemented by compilations devoted to beat and rock from the Ember vaults. Recordings are mastered from tape, where available, and booklets illustrated with sleeve and label shots. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $8 SKU:19205

WARPED TOUR -2003 TOUR COMPILATION -( U.S. BOMBS, BRIGGS, AND MORE)Label:SIDE ONE DUMMY NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP - COMP CD $5 SKU:18118

WATERPIPES AND DYKES- Dutch Psychedelic Underground 1966 - 1972 Volume One Label:DISTORTIONS Dutch Psych in great sound... some of the weirdest, best freakbeat and psych stuff from Holland COMP CD $10 SKU:18756

WHEN THE DAY IS DONE- VA (:collection of folk, psych-folk from the 60s) Label:ACE ORCHESTRATIONS OF ROBERT KIRBY' - A great collection of folk, psych-folk and folk-rock tunes from the turn of the '70s. All the songs were orchestrated by the much praised Robert Kirby. Liner notes are included COMP CD $18 SKU:19713

WYLD SYDES - Vol 9 (RARE -60’s garage U.S. garage ) - Label:RETRO GENE American 60s Garage bands! 24 trax COMP CD $14 SKU:16945

BLACK KEYS - Rubber Factory 180 gram -Label:FAT POSSUM 2004 release, the third album from the acclaimed Alt-Rock/Blues duo. Rubber Factory continues the Black Keys' tradition of raw, heavily blues-influenced indie rock. Rubber Factory was recorded in an abandoned coal burning power plant in the Black Keys' hometown of Akron, Ohio, and like Thickfreakness, was recorded and produced by Patrick Carney. LP $16 SKU:16536

BLAIR 1523 (Spacemen 3 related ) -- Beautiful Debris ( brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 -Psych/Drone ) LAST COPIES! -Label:VOXX LAST COPIES (Voxx 060) Brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, this remarkable band from the bucolic shire of Cornwall had a variety of strengths, from strong pop songwriting to a penchant for extended freakout jams, all of which is captured on this, the only record they made before sadly breaking up. To those few fortunate enough to have heard it, it remains an esoteric favorite.. Psychedelic swirl/drone pop Early Floyd/ Elevators sound by his amazing UK band. “This album is worth buying for the cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s.” - American Music Press

This album is worth buying for the LP cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s. LP $15 SKU:2290

BLAKULLA - ST (Swedish fuzz 1975) LTD ED Label:MELLOTRON Blåkulla were a mid-70's quintet from Gothenburg, Sweden. Along with Atlas and Kaipa, they were one of the few Swedish bands that played symphonic rock at the time. They practiced their chops doing hard blues à la Cream and Deep Purple, and their brand of symphonic rock isn't entirely devoid of those early influences. Their only legacy, an eponymous album released in 1975, is a mixture of roughness and typical Scandinavian melancholy, featuring swirling organs and gutsy guitar numbers as well as slightly folksy acoustic pieces. The guitar play, which varies from aggressive to melodic, is highly reminiscent of Steve Howe but more fuzzy and distorted; the keyboards are also very Yes-like but less flamboyant than Rick Wakeman's. All vocals are sung in Swedish and most themes (although relatively short except for an epic 10-min. +) are well developed. The original LP goes for $300-$400 on the underground market LP $22 SKU:21069

BLUES THINGS -Story Volume One (60s pop psych) 180 GRAM Label:CICADELIC “First compiled from the band’s 1960’s recordings and originally issued in 1987, this collection has been out of print since 1989. It is now available in a limited edition edition of 600 copies. More good news, it has been expanded to include a whopping nineteen tracks. 180 gram vinyl. LP $14 SKU:11361

BOETTCHER, CURT-MISTY MIRAGE-Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS A wonderful compilation of demos and outtakes (with the exception of the single Sometimes / Share With Me (Together, 1969) by this exceptional songwriter-producer-musician. Yes, he was the man behind Sagittarius, The Millennium... among many others!. Limited Edition of 450 copies. LP $19 SKU:20362

BONNEVILLES- Arrow Pierce My Heart - CLASSIC BLACK VINY LP Label:ALIVE NOTE - LP does not contain download card, add the cd for a lo price!
The Bonnevilles are a Garage Punk Blues duo straight out of Northern Ireland. With two studio albums already under their belt the band has become one of Europe's top alternative blues acts, sharing the stage with bands such as Left Lane Cruiser, James Leg, Johnny Walker and Guadalupe Plata, and appearing at both The Deep Blues Fest in Clarkesdale Mississippi, and its counterpart in Germany.

Rick Saunders on his Deep Blues blog describes them as "deep dark punk and stylish hard roots music with good pop-sense and without a whiff of retro poly stink”.

Featuring Andrew McGibbon Jr on Vox and guitar, and Chris McMullan on drums. LP $17 SKU:17285

BONNEVILLES-Dirty Photographs STARBURST LP (Left Lane Cruiser, Black Keys, James Leg style) Label:ALIVE Self-annointed a garage, punk, blues outfit like an arrow piercing my very own heart, lovers of heavy licks and head knockin’ back beats need apply in droves. McGibbon’s song writing is never suspect, influenced from those before yet soaked and steadily glazed in a brine of “cheap beer and buckfast” as well as personal stories, characters, and fore-warnings. Simply a band that needs to be on any rock fans radar regardless of where you stand sub-genre wise, you want to dance and feel like a bad ass at the same time, spin this record on your turntable and turn it up well past your comfort zone. – Scott Zuppardo LP $18 SKU:19651

BRACKETT,ALAN LEE LAST COPIES -Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories: Lost Songs 1967-1968-Label:OUT-SIDER Out-Sider present Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories: Lost Songs 1967-1968, previously unreleased recordings by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy's main-man, Alan Lee Brackett. Mostly written and recorded in 1967, when PBC were at their fame peak, Alan explores a number of different styles, encompassing fuzzed-out garage numbers, sunshine pop, folk rock and full blown psychedelia. Including ahead of its time garage-psychedelic, DIY homemade recordings on which Alan plays all instruments by himself plus pro-sounding studio cuts. Although best known as a member of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Alan Brackett enjoyed a long career in the music business that book-ended his time with that legendary group. A multi-talented musician so adept at playing numerous musical instruments, he was a veritable one man band, and a skilled songwriter who penned many of the PBC's best loved songs. Alan's musical pedigree is second to none. From his early days on the folk circuit through his time with one of the West Coast's premier psychedelic groups and on to his solo career in the seventies, he crafted a body of work that many musicians would envy. Most of the tracks included here were recorded by Alan between 1967 and 68 at his home studio, using a Teac A1200 tape deck. His employed an innovative DIY approach: he used improvised drum kits made up from household objects and manipulated amps and guitars to create feedback and distortion effects. The remaining tracks from this collection were laid down during sessions at a pro studio, Hollywood Sound, although such is the quality of Alan's home recordings you would be hard pressed to single out which ones were made in more professional surroundings. There are surprising guests such as Glen Campbell, who plays tasty lead guitar on "Freeways Of Love". Alan also collaborates with his friend Knox Henderson (songwriter of some of the hits for Mouse & The Traps) on a couple of tracks included here. Songs like "Shell Of A Man", or "Blowin' My Mind Over You" could've been easily included on any of the Peanut Butter Conspiracy albums, while others like "Summertime Changes" or "Love's Only Sleeping" are amazing examples of homemade, DIY psych-fuzz. Master tape sound; Insert with detailed liner notes by Gary Newell (Shindig!, Ugly Things), track-by-track comments by Alan Lee Brackett and rare photos. LP $15 SKU:18296

BRAINTICKET - COTTONWOODHILL (ACID PSYCH 1971 (+CD)Label:LILITH Repress! On 180-gram vinyl and coming with a bonus CD of the album. Being as LSD was first developed in a laboratory in Basel, it is perhaps no coincidence that one of the most "far out" albums of all time was made by this Swiss band (no small feat, given the competition!). Brainticket's 1971 debut, 'Cottonwoodhill', begins normally enough with two fine psychedelic/kraut rock-influenced tracks, but the remainder of the album plays like an acid trip with a soundtrack, dominated by Joel Vandroogenbroeck's endless droning organ, a variety of musique concrète-type sound effects and vocalist Dawn Muirs trippy vocals. The album, banned in several countries, even came with this self-imposed warning: "After Listening to this Record, your friends may not know you anymore." / "Only listen to this once a day, your brain might be destroyed!". LP $19 SKU:19708

BREAKAWAYS ( NERVES related ) - Walking Out On Love/The Lost Sessions LTd to 300 on TURQUOISE vinyl! LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE Back of the jacket features a collage with rare/unseen photos of Paul and Peter, as well as liner notes by the both of them. After spending nearly 30 years gathering dust in a closet The Breakaways makes its worldwide debut! Born in 1978 after the demise of The NERVES, this short lived combo was formed by PAUL COLLINS and PETER CASE, just prior to the formation of The Plimsouls and The Beat. "Walking Out On Love - The Lost Sessions" compiles all the band's known material, including studio recordings, demos, and acoustic rehearsals. "This is the sound of pop on the streets of Los Angeles circa 1978." -- Paul Collins. "I'd forgotten these tapes even existed. We were definitely homing in on something." -- Peter Case. LP $18 SKU:10802

BREAKAWAYS (NEW ZEALAND) All For One (Wild, mid-60s, Pretty Things-esque) Label:BREAK-A-WAY Wild, mid-60s, Pretty Things-esque trash R&B from New Zealand
Features rare 45s and tracks from the band's two albums
Mastered by Steve McGough and Midge Marsden at Stebbing Studio Auckland Limited to 500 copies LP $19 SKU:18186

BRIMSTONE HOWL- Big Deal What’s He Done Lately - GREAT 60s STYLE GARAGE ORANGE VINYL Label:ALIVE Lincoln, NE's favorite garage sons, and their third LP for Alive records.LAST COPIES, tghe other two are out of print. This time the gang went to Costa Mesa, CA, to record "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" (the title references a quote from Johnny Ramone about Phil Spector) at The Distillery under the guidance of engineer/producer Mike McHugh (known to produce some of the most heinous, blown-out sounds this side of the galaxy, including Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams). The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels. The main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds hot! LP $10 SKU:10948

BROMMERS- BACKLASH +10"/BOX SET ( 70s Dutch punk) -Label:PPOP A Dutch punk band, which existed from 1978-1981. After the EP 'Defekt' was recorded in December 1979 and released in 1980, the band performed regularly. A concert in the Paard van Troje (The Hague) was recorded for VPRO television. New studio recordings were made at Radio Nederland Wereldomroep in 1981, after which only two more concerts were given. This set consists of an LP and a 10-inch with previously unreleased demos, live and studio recordings made between 1979 and 1981, and both come on transparent vinyl in full-colour sleeves and heavy cardboard inner sleeves. Each set is packed in a silkscreen-printed and hand-sprayed cardboard box, together with four inserts and a download code. Neither trouble nor expense was spared and the band sounds better than ever before. This is the ultimate and final release of The Brommers! One time pressing of 500 copies. LP $25 SKU:20917

BUFFALO KILLERS - Let It Ride(produced by Dan of the Black Keys ) BLUE VINYL LTD EDITION -Label:ALIVE Sounds like the bastard sons of the James Gang and the Black Crowes. But like both
bands, the Buffalo Killers come by their sound naturally. It's organic, dripping with down home funk. - Real Detroit LP $16 SKU:15165

BUMP - 2 (fantastic Detroit Stooges/MC5 psych style monster LP)Label:SHADOKS Italian import Recorded in 1971.The great organ dominated, heavy guitar laden band from Michigan that released this classic LP in 1970.Off the Master Tapes, this heavy psychedelic sound is but a sampler to their unreleased but soon forthcoming second LP!! LP $15 SKU:19478

CENTAURS -From Canada to Europe (mid 60s Canadian garage punk)Label:VINTAGE TRAX The Centaurs were one of the top rock bands to come out of Vancouver Canada in the mid 1960s. With their long hair and bad boy image, they were way ahead of their time in both their sound and style. They left Vancouver seeking fame and fortune and ended up in Holland and Germany where they quickly rose to the top of their game, sharing the stage with some of the biggest groups of the day and gaining thousands of adoring fans. The tracks represented here are high quality studio recordings from 1966 transferred from the original analog master tapes, plus a few live bonus tracks recorded in 1967 in Amsterdam, Holland, just to give the listener a feel of the period from the band's own perspective. Fans of '60s garage/punk music will greatly appreciate these never before released tracks, remastered by award winning mastering engineer Stephen Marsh in Los Angeles LP $25 SKU:20912