Jun 24, 2020


Our new arrivals include some cool warehouse finds 7”, along with a few choice archival cds from the collection of the owner of ALIVE, amazing stuff! That dude has great taste!

Also a nice restock from GEAR FAB, the great 60s and 70s reissue label. AND another batch of LAST COPY ONE ONLY items at a serious price reduction.

And of course adds to your 3 fave sections, the $5 and under, the Under $10, and the LAST COPIES. Be sure to give it a good look, those go fast.

Thanks kiddies, happy shopping!
Suzy Shaw

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ALLIN , GG and The Murder Junkies - Brutality & Bloodshed For All BLOOD AND BONE marble vinyl -Label:ALIVE GG's last tracks studio recording produced by Don Fury in 1993 and recorded with his brother Merle and The Murder Junkies. Booklet includes GG’s birth and death certificates, liner notes, photos and more. LP $20 SKU:23361


DARKSIDE - Lunar Surf 1993 ORIG PRESSING BOMP 141 Label:BOMP Great space rock! 45 RPM $10 SKU:23370





JON & The NIGHTRIDERS- Calif Fun / Surfin Japanese pic slv - Label:ROCKHOUSE Great surf garage band! Licensed from BOMP 45 RPM $10 SKU:11677

RADIO HEARTS- BU BABY - 1979 BOSTON PUNK W SLV -Label:GREENLINE With Willie Alexander! 45 RPM $10 SKU:23369

RODNEY AND THE BRUNETTES - Little GTO (Debby Harry of BLONDIE!) 1979 German pressing W LINE SLV. Label:LINE /BOMP Germany - /Holocaust on Sunset Blvd featuring DEBBIE HARRY (Rare deleted 1978 German issue 7" vinyl single backed with Holocaust On Sunset Boulevard. 45 RPM $10 SKU:23371

XTC - import - LTD ED Reissue, Remastered, SlipsleeveLabel:VIRGIN Rare OBI strip Japanese import CD $15 SKU:23364


A CID SYMPHONY - VA (108 Minutes of fweirdness! folk-psych, rock, jazz,and more. DBL Label:GEAR FAB Mortgage your house for an original version of the LP, or buy the Gear Fab Double CD
The 1967 classic triple LP recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley .108 Minutes of folk-psych, rock, jazz, acoustic mellowness, flamenco guitar, and other improvisational styles which reflected the order of its day and their association with The Free Speech Movement, The Diggers, The Monterey Pop Festival, and The San Francisco Human-Be-ins. Off the Master Tapes and with liners by none other than the Producer himself: Dustin Mark Miller. Includes Three bonus tracks CD $10 SKU:22020

BIG BOY PETE - THE MARGESTON DEMOS ( 60s trippy psych ) -Label:GEAR FAB Darling Boy Pete is at it again! 23 Previously unreleased psychedelic and trippy jams from the 1967-1968 period. 68 Minutes of music CD $10 SKU:19413

CHALLENGERS (Puerto Rico) - ST (1969 fuzz guitar)-Label:GEAR FAB The Challengers- From 1969, an undiscovered gem from Puerto Rico. Featuring 9 original tracks, all sung in English, these Psyched-Out Vanilla Fudge/Santana styled songs are full of fuzz guitar and screaming farfisa organ!! CD $5 SKU:19614

CHILDREN - Rebirth (TEXAS PSYCH 1968)Label:GEAR FAB Great psych from Texas band who released only one classic album in ‘68. Starting out as Stoics back in 66, they evolved into Mind's Eye. Inc all their 45's as Stoics, Mind’s Eye and Children lp from ‘68 plus more unre material as Children from 1969-1970. 77 min. 26 tracks. From master tapes CD $10 SKU:18657

DEERFIELD - Nil Desperandum (1971 Texas Buffalo SPringfield style) - Label:GEAR FAB This classic 1971 Texas band features great harmonies and instrumentation, very much in the vien of America, The Eagles, and Buffalo Springfield. The original Flat Rock releases, right off the Master Tapes!! CD $10 SKU:19635

DIRTY MARTHA - This is It (1969 pop psych gem) - Label:GEAR FAB From New Jersey, the “Sister Band” Of Chaplin Harness. Their great and unreleased 1969 Psych gem recorded in the same studios as Chaplin Harness I & II CD $10 SKU:19637

FILET OF SOUL Freedom (60s Chicago blues psych) - Label:GEAR FAB Great Chicago based band that mixed Chicago blues with the prevalent Psychedelic sounds of the late '60s. Their sound and unique personality is beautifully showcased on the rare and classic 1969 LP, 'Freedom'. Produced by Lenny LaCour, co-owner of the legendary Chess Studios, this reissue brings forth the great talent of Mike Peace, formerly of The Huns. All tracks taken off the master tapes CD $10 SKU:13226

HELL PREACHERS INC /UGLY CUSTARD - Supreme Psychedelic Underground/ Psicosis (UK 60s psych, two great LPS on one CD! ) in mini lp sleeve -Label:GEAR FAB "From the UK, two great psych LPs on one CD, in mini-LP cardboard sleeve format. The Hell Preachers, Inc. were rumored to have had Deep Purple members Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, and Ian Paice on some of these tracks but all three have persistently denied this. Ugly Custard featured the great guitar playing of Alan Parker, who was involved earlier with Hungry Wolf. From 1968 and 1971 respectively, this is fuzzed out guitar and screaming organ! CD $10 SKU:14911

IMPALA SYNDROME - ST (ultra rare 60s Venezuelan Cream style psych gem) mini lp slv - Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of ultra rare psych gem. Finally, on Compact Disc and in Mini-LP Cardboard Sleeve Format, the classic and ultra-rare 1969 recordings from this Venezuelan band that made more impact on 1960’s Psychedelic Music than most American-born bands. Sounding very much like Cream, their effective blend of melodic, laid-back songs combined with fuzz guitar numbers left a resounding impact on the American Pop culture of the 60’s. CD $10 SKU:13698

MILADYS, Les -ST (60s Canadian girl band)Label:GEAR FAB Debut album by French Canadian 60's girl band. French sung with 'jolly' versions of NANCY SINATRA's 'Sugar Town', a SUPREMES song, SIMON & GARFUNKEL's 'Feeling Groovy', and so on. Typical 60's arrangments and female harmony vocals. Nice full color sleeve showing the mademoiselles in full. Most of the tracks performed here would fit perfectly on a 'Swinging Mademoiselles' compilation. (Gearfab Special) CD $10 SKU:21721

SHAG- 1969 (Wisconsin rare psych)-Label:GEAR FAB Recorded in 1969 at the same studio the Grateful Dead were laying down their classic "Workingman's Dead" LP. This Wisconsin band had a minor hit with "Stop & Listen" in 1967. Great late 60's Psych with a tasteful assortment of flute, fuzz guitar, and organ!!! CD $10 SKU:21731

T. SWIFT &THE ELECTRIC BAG- Are You Experienced (1968 fuzzed out Byrds/Doors style)-Label:GEAR FAB This exploitative 1968 LP has got a lot more to offer than just a great fuzzed out rendition of the classic JIMI HENDRIX track...it features other great outstanding tracks that show the influence of such bands as the BYRDS, THE DOORS and VANILLA FUDGE. CD $10 SKU:22030

TORMENTORS, THE- Hanging 'Round ( 1967 undiscovered psych pop) -Label:GEAR FAB A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds. CD $10 SKU:10787

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- NEW YORK In The 60’s VOL 3-Label:GEAR FAB Third Installment of the New York Series and Nineteenth of the series to date. featuring many never before compiled tracks from 1965-1970!! Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18608


20/ 20 -Giving it All/ Under the FreewayLabel:BOMP WHITE LABEL promos Printed on labels: "D.J. Copy Not For Sale". With PRESS RELEASE INSERT, very rare! 45 RPM $30 SKU:22664

CRAWDADDYS, THE - 5X 4 EP (60s style garage ) Label:VOXX BLACK VINYL , some cover wear but mint vinyl 45 RPM $20 SKU:22663

CRAWDADDYS, THE - There She Goes AGain(60s style garage ) Label:VOXX /Why Dont You Smile- Features an amazing VU cover! San Diego band which started the 80's garage revival. Truly great mod/R&B sound recorded in righteous mono! 45 RPM $10 SKU:23372

DADISTICS- Paranoia Perception (70s power pop w girl singer pic slv) - Label:Void/ BOMP Original pressing 1979. Offshoot BOMP label. 1979 Pic Sleeve. Fast new wave rock / power pop with a folky female singer. 45 RPM $5 SKU: 23374

IGGY- I’m SICK OF YOU- -SECOND TEST PRESSING -ORIGINAL 1978- plus COVER autographed by James Williamson! Label:BOMP RAinbo test from 1978 . AND we had James autograph some “Im Sick of You” covers a while ago, we’ll toss one in with this listing. (Covers were made much later, of course) 45 RPM $100 SKU:22531

IGGY- Jesus Loves the Stooges - 1977 ORIGINAL PRESSING- BEP 114 Label:BOMP BEP 114 MINT VINYL, COVERS M- 45 RPM $20 SKU:22597

JOOK -Jook Rule O.K. ORIG 1978 PRESSING -Label:BOMP /EXHIBIT J Seminal UK pop punk outfit with close links to Sparks. 45 RPM $25 SKU:23013

LAUGHING SOUP DISH- Teenage Lima Bean ( rare paisley underground ) LAST COPIES- Label:VOXX rare orig pressing 1985 Paisley undergroud heros last copies 45 RPM $10 SKU:22116

MADERA DE CIPRES -Lejos de Aquí / Solo Sin Tí ( rarest Spanish hard-psych 45 ever.)Label:AHCID Exact repro (including original labels) of the rarest Spanish hard-psych 45 ever. Originally released on the tiny Artyphon label in 1972, it was only sold by the band at their shows, no copies were distributed or sold in any shop at the time.Since its B-side "Solo sin ti" was compiled on the first volume of Andergraun Vibrations (erroneusly credited as "Lejos de aqui"), the legend of Madera de Cipres kept growing and growing . Nothing was known about the band until we finally tracked them down.
This reissue is done with the approval of the band members.Primitive psychedelic hard-rock at its best. Limited to 315 hand-numbered copies. Colour insert with rare pictures including the alternate, never used, front cover. Includes a reproduction of a rare promo postcard. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21142

MATA, PATRICK - Queen of Beverly Hills ( 1979 very rare. insane drag-queen novelty by Kommunity FK mastermind w pic slv )-Label:NOVA RECORDS WAREHOUSE FIND . We found a few of these very rare records when I was reorganizing the warehouse last week, tucked away in a corner for decades ! Goes for $40 and up on various site, very rare. Insane drag-queen novelty by Kommunity FK mastermind 45 RPM $10 SKU:15424

MC5-I Just DOnt Know - BLACK VINYL Label:GREASE WITH picture sleeve, released in the late 1970s. 45 RPM $25 SKU:22843

MICE- 1987 ORIG PRESSING W XEROX INSERT (POWER POP) Label:VOXX Winter Ocean Mary Go Round / I Can Fly Cleveland-based power-pop trio 45 RPM $20 SKU:23094

NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES- MONEY Bop! with LINE slv 1979 ORIG pressing Label:LINE /BOMP Misprinted label! BW Shake It Up Comes with the LINE PICTURE SLEEVE 45 RPM $30 SKU:22529

PERMANENT WAVE- Radar EP (rare 70s powerpop ) Label:BOMP Rare early Bomp release ( BEP 112) , great powerpop Radar / Space-Age Rock Queen / Bed 4, 13th Floor / Beings in the Night (No sleeve ) 45 RPM $5 SKU:11312

SATELLITERS - It's Not True- (NO SLV) Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-sykeLabel:DIONYSUS BW Where Do We Go Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke 45 RPM $3 SKU:19921

SCRATCH BONGO WAX - Surfin Turd (So Cal garage punk) Label:BACCHUS/DIONYSUS “I was introduced to this fairly prolific Thousand Oak, CA crew via the crucial, Ben Weasel-curated Punk USA compilation. Though plenty snide and irreverent, Scratch Bongowax's pop and cranky garage-rawk tangents must have made them stick out like out like a sore thumb amongst their purist punk contemporaries. Mudhoney by way of Mr. T Experience? Sort of - and to large extent it actually works.”- Wilfully Obscure 45 RPM $2 SKU:20686

SKY SAXON- Beautiful Stars with pic slv orig PRESSING 1978! -Label: heavy cardboard pic - pressing from 78 last copies ! 45 RPM $5 SKU:18868

GOLDEN RING- ST (60s Iranian Garage)Complete Recordings-Label:PERSIANNA As collectors continue to explore and discover new music from around the world, one country that's starting to gain momentum is Iran. Iran has been a mystery to collectors for many years, and even today it remains a blackbox to most. Within the rubbles of Iran's lost musical history comes Golden Ring, one of the first, and most prodominent Iranian garage groups from the '60s. Based in Teheran, Golden Ring recorded and released a series of songs on 7" during the late 60's and early 70's before disbanding. They were one of the first Iranian bands to be influenced by Western music such as The Beatles, combining traditional Iranian instrumentation and melodies with structures found in UK and North American rock and pop. This combination resulted in an Iranian take on garage music during the genre's climax. One of the members of Golden Ring, Arif, later went on to become a solo artist, and over time became one of the legendary artists within Irans musical landscape. His solo material spread across 45's, soundtracks and generations of fans. Sadly Golden Ring never recorded or released a full length album, but through a lot of hard work and effort we are pleased to offer a full length compilation of Golden Ring's music for you to enjoy. Limited to 500 copies CD $10 SKU:14335

GONZALEZ, WALLY -Tunog Pinoy (heavy acid blues psych Pink Floyd style)Label:VICOR ENTERTAINMENT (Philippines) Just listening to the soaring solos of the third track, ‘Pinag-isa’, makes us think how much this sounds like Pink Floyd circa “Dark Side of the Moon”—atmospheric, with breathy vocals, yet thick with that mid-70’s heavy energy at the same time; then you get to ‘Rock & Roll Mama’, and it’s stinging guitar leads and crunching rhythm section all the way; Gonzalez clearly was not a one trick (heavy acid blues rock) pony, which explains why this album has always been held in such high regard among those who had a chance to hear it. CD $10 SKU:18971

GONZALEZ, WALLY -Wally on the Road 70s (heavy acid blues psych)-Label:VICOR ENTERTAINMENT (Philippines) First off, don’t be deceived by the title—this is a studio album all the way; altogether a different sort of album from “Tunog Pinoy”, thudding out of the gate with the monumental ‘Kailan Pa Kaya’, syrupy treated vocals, John Bonham-esque drumming and all; dig too, if you will, the Zeppelin vibe of ‘Screw’ before sailing into the trippy, acoustic ‘Tattong Araw’, or the legendary ‘Wally’s Blues’; more effects than the earlier record, sounding more like newfound recordings from the late 1960’s than a mid-70’s record—this has more psychedelic credentials than most reissues which get that label bestowed upon them; you might say that while “Tunog Pinoy” is classic rock in the best sense, this is classic psychedelia, in the best sense. CD $10 SKU:18972

GOOD DOG BANNED - ST (1971ultra-rare w. former Sons Of Champlin member ) 3 only Label:GEAR FAB From 1971, this ultra-rare LP featured former Sons Of Champlin member Tim Cain. With a very distinctive Grateful Dead-Quicksilver sound, GDB were one of the rarest bands to come out of the bay area in the early seventies. Right off the Master Tapes with photos and the complete story of this elusive band!! CD $10 SKU:20310

GORE GORE GIRLS-Up All Night (Detroit all girl R&R!) -Label:GET HIP DETROIT RAW R&R GIRL TRIO CD $10 SKU:22328

GORE GORE GIRLS --Strange Girls (Detroit all girl R&R!) -Label:GET HIP all female garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1997.The distortion and decibel level suggest punk, but the quartet’s sensibilities are closer to ’60s girl groups like the Ronettes and garage-rockers like the Kingsmen. Schumacher, who also plays with the Detroit Cobras, recently upped her resume in this arena when, as a member of the Reigning Sound, she backed Shangri-Las lead singer Mary Weiss, on her stirring Norton comeback, Dangerous Game. CD $10 SKU:22327

GOSPELBEACH- Pacific Surf Line- (With Neal Casal) Label:ALIVE GospelbeacH is Tom Sanford (drums), Brent Rademaker (vocals, guitar), Jason Soda (vocals, guitar), Neal Casal (vocals, guitar), and Kip Boardman (vocals, bass), with guest appearance by Nelson Bragg (vocal harmonies), and Ben Knight (guitar).
The five members of GospelbeacH possess a prestigious collective resume that includes membership in Beachwood Sparks, Further, The Tyde, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Everest. But one listen to the quintet’s warmly wonderful debut album Pacific Surf Line will instantly dispel any preconceptions about supergroup self-indulgence or side-project slumming. CD $10 SKU:16832

GOSPELBEACH- ANOTHER SUMMER OF LOVE digipack Label:ALIVE CD DIGIPAK w/ one BONUS TRACK. Includes booklet. Whether you call it power pop, folk rock or alt-country (at times all of these terms apply) GospelbeacH are bursting with melody, with terrific harmonies to boot. This is straight-up genius song writing: honest, brilliantly played and superbly produced. – LOUDER THAN WAR (9/10 review) CD $10 SKU:18731

GRAPES OF WRATH-ST (Phoenix AZ 1970 Brit invasion style)Label:GEAR FAB From Phoenix, Arizona, this band recorded 14 great hard driving songs, two of which were only released but all will appear on this reissue right off the Master Tapes!!!!. From 1966-1970, this band layed down some great tracks and embraced the spirit of the British Rock Sound in their music. CD $10 SKU:21717

GREEN - ST plus bonus tracks (Chicago 80s glam power pop) -Label:LION Seven bonus tracks, including the CD debut of the band’s 1984 EP "The Name of This Band is Green." Printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. "Their (first) 45 had two absolute masterpieces: ‘Gotta Getta Record Out,’ which yelps and shouts along like the best of the old Bongos or Jam or Feelies or somebody, and ‘I Don’t Want To Say No,’ which is the sort of white Motown that assholes like the Replacments could never get right. This is not a punk record, except perhaps in spirit, but it isn’t any worse for that."—Steve Albini CD $10 SKU:14882

GRUPO LA JUSTICIA- RARE Mexican 1979! MINI LP SLV Label:DISCOS GAS Though salsa is not a style often associated with Mexico, you would never know that listening to this album from Grupo La Justicia! Released originally in 1979, the arrangements by José Luís Martínez boast bright horns, tight, prominent percussion and great piano. Fondly remembered as some of the finest purveyors of salsa and son in Mexico in their day, give this a listen and you'll see why. Titles include "Alma llanera," "Solo recuerdos," "El porro," "El cimarron," "Rico melao," "El pato a la olla," "Amigo," "Si sabes bailar mi son," and more. CD $5 SKU:19395

HACIENDA - Loud is the Night prod by Dan of the Black Keys-Texas 60s/70s style pop)CDLabel:ALIVE "They're Mexican-Americans who are obsessed with the Beach Boys," says Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). "I told everybody about them" - including Dr. Dog, who guest on the album. - Rolling Stone CD $10 SKU: 23375

HACIENDA - Big Red and Barbacoa prod by Dan of the Black Keys-Texas 60s/70s style pop)CD Label:ALIVE BIG RED & BARBACOA is the second album by South Texas' HACIENDA, and like its predecessor Loud Is The Night (Alive 2008), it was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. CD $10 SKU:11360

HANSENS HONS -HIPPIEOLOGY 3 (early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene.) SAALE! Label:KARMA MUSIC Vol. 3 in the 'Hippieology' series from Karma Music Danmark focused on the early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene. Hansens Hons started as beat band in the sixties and evolved into a well respected progressive flower power rock and blues rock band frequenting the numberous festivals in Denmark at the time and at Roskild CD $10 SKU:21205

HAYMARKET SQUARE- Magic Lantern (60s Acid Psych ) - Label:GEAR FAB An Official CD reissue of this brilliant US '60s acid psych album. US '60s acid psych album.Magnificent and powerful classic by this Chicago area band. Catchy drumming, screaming fuzz guitar, and the beautiful and powerful voice of Gloria Lambert make this one of the most sought after releases of the late 60's. And finally the whole story told by the band members themselves!! CD $10 SKU: 23376

HEAD & THE HARES- ST(Roman fuzz-punks mid 60s style W BYRDS cover ) - Label:GET HIP The deluxe reissue of these Roman fuzz-punks’ self-titled debut (c. 1992) features a bonus cover of The Byrds classic "Feel a Whole Lot Better." If you dig mid-60s New England garage-beat/folk-rock like The Optic Nerve, this one’s for you! (1997) CD $10 SKU:22090

HEATH GREEN AND THE MAKESHIFTERS- ST (70s style ala Humble Pie, Joe Cocker)Label:ALIVE Incredible deep-feel musicians hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.The band is fronted by Heath Green, a singer who bears the Eddie Hinton mantle as much as anyone living does. The Makeshifters’ heavy sound has been compared to Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Humble Pie, and Joe Cocker. CD $10 SKU:18297

HEIRS OF FORTUNE-Circus of Mirth (GREAT POWERPOP- FREE! -Label:COUNTERFEIT What the reviewers say about Circus Of Mirth;Terry Carolan and Robert Woodrich, formerly of Just Boys and New Movies, along with Ralph Smith and Robert Watkins, formerly of Amnesia, have united as Heirs Of Fortune to create this mainstream pop-rock album. The four, all part of Tampa's mid Seventies music scene, united after decades to work on an album whose songs and lyrics reflect their shared experience with friend, fan, supported and benefactor, Gary Littleton.
If you like Paul McCartney, Badfinger, the Beach Boys and ELO... you may love this album! Circus Of Mirth is lyrically mature, sophisticated pop, laced with melodies, choruses and rich harmonies. CD $0 SKU:20460


HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale- ( great UK guitar psych ) LAST COPIES! -Label:ALIVE Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange CD $10 SKU: 23377

HERNANDEZ, LUIS ''VIVI''-Napoleon (Great 1960s Mexican offbeat garage ) SAALE! Label:DIMSA Worth it for the ocer alone, I love this guy!!! Great offbeat garage rock from 1960s Mexico. Luis "Vivi" Hernandez was the vocalist for Los Crazy Boys and, fittingly, the album begins with "Napoleon XIV," where he plays the role of a frantic lunatic who thinks he's Napoleon and is being carried off to the asylum! The album also features great Spanish-language covers of classics like "Tobacco Road" and The Strangeloves' "Night Time." If you enjoy '60s garage rock, you'll like this record! Other songs include "Huaraches con Tacón," "La Bruja," Baila La Pulga," "Estoy Loco," and "Flamenco." CD $5 SKU:19755

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS--PASSING NOTES(AWESOME BLONDIE-INFL. POP-PUNK )Label:GET HIP Passing Notes, the debut album by New Jersey’s High School Sweethearts, features 16 floor-shaking tracks of Blondie-style punk rock; songs about everything from good clean fun to the most decadent rock ‘n’ roll fueled debauchery. The album boasts a special cameo by Peggy Davison, original lead singer of ’60s Girl Pop sensations The Angels. She’s featured on the Sweethearts’ spirited cover of “Has Anybody Seen My Boyfriend?,” a follow up to the legendary smash hit “My Boyfriend’s Back.” CD $10 SKU:22092

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS--HEELS 'N' WHEELS(guitar-fueled rock n’ roll )-Label:GET HIP Heels ‘n’ Wheels brings more of the fun, raucous, guitar-fueled rock n’ roll HSS does so well; packed with hooks and riffs and sweetened juuuuuuust a bit with infectious “Brill Building” melodies. Punk , pop and garage delightfully converge, perfectly showcasing the band’s irresistible part-trash/part-panache style and reminding you that the best rock n’ roll means great times, great songs, and the refusal to sacrifice either! CD $10 SKU:22636

HIGH TREASON ST- ST (1970 spacey, bluesy psych Airplane style) Label:GEAR FAB Yes, that's not a replication of the American Flag on the top left of this picture....it's a packet containing actual American Flag rolling papers, compliments of High Treason!! This 1970 self-titled LP was recorded in Philadelphia and actually featured several musicians that played with Perry Leopold. Featuring the beautiful and haunting female vocals of Marci Rauer, this music is spacey, bluesy, and psych. CD $10 SKU:20321

HIGHWAY 13 -BEEN UP TO THE DEVIL’S BUSINESS (wild rockabilly/blues R&R style) Label:GET HIP riginally released in 1997, Been Up to the Devil’s Business preserves Highway 13’s raucous signature sound and wild rockabilly sensibility, combining elements of blues, country, and classic rock ‘n roll. CD $10 SKU:22329

HMS BOUNTY - THINGS ( 60s Flower power psych)Label:GEAR FAB One of the all-time 60s classics, coming out from the California desert of Antelope Valley where HMS leader Merrell Fankhauser lived for a couple of years. This was released on Uni in late 1968, and gosh its a killer!!!! Flower power psychedelia, great all original songs, this is one of these albums you shouldnt miss under any circumstance. CD $10 SKU:18664

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ- Vol 2- More of the high art of.... ( 60s Psych ) - Label:ARF ARF In this collection of 28 boss '60s instrumentals, you'll experience mynd-expanding sonic textures, mellifluous lines, and day glow sonic creativity. Lying aesthetically somewhere in the orbit between "Telstar" and the "Third Stone From The Sun," these vintage musical sagas will prove that the world ain't square nor our universe flat. COMP CD $10 SKU:20042

BUZZSAW JOINT -CUTS 5 & 6 (wild n' weird sounds from all the globe)-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Buzzsaw Joint was born of a club offering Londoners the chance to revel in the sounds of good ol' trashy rock n' roll in all its vintage vinyl forms. Club top-cat, Fritz, then took the primitive buzzsaw sounds online with a series of savage Mixcloud mixes created by record fiends from all over the globe. Now, the high-octane energy of Buzzsaw Joint has manifested into the physical form with a run of compilations on Stag-O-Lee. Get your ears around the wild n' weird sounds of the extraordinary and inimitable Buzzsaw Joint! Cut 4 has been compiled by the Juke Joint crew, an international trio of music fanatics. These guys spend all their time (and money!) seeking out rare, weird, and wonderful original vinyl 45s. They don't mind getting dusty fingers digging up obscure sounds for their pleasure and yours. Not interested in glory, Juke Joint just wants to celebrate the artists who crafted these amazing moments in time. Their no-holds-barred approach to music appreciation puts them ahead of the curve when it comes to selection. Sixteen tracks recorded between 1953-1962. Cheers to the ears of Juke, Mr. Woods, and DJ Pelt COMP CD $15 SKU:21969

CARNIVALS, COTTON CANDYAnd You - VA (U.S. garage, psych, pop)Label:ORANGE SKY/ DIONYSUS A sizzling 11-song compilation, consisting of up-and-coming garage, psych, mod, and pop bands from all over the USA. From Detroit's highly touted garage rockers The Sights who contribute a non-LP rarity, to critically-acclaimed indie pop darlings like Florida's Honeyrider and Kent, Ohio's The Witch Hazel Sound, to dazzling psych rockers such as Cleveland's The Volta Sound and Portland's The Out Crowd, Carnivals is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. COMP CD $5 SKU:19799

CHOP SUEY ROCK Vol 1 -CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS-Label:HOT AND SOUR CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS W/KILLER COVER ARTWORK HOT 'N' SOUR RECORDS brings you the greatest names in Ah So biz! One of the wildest and wackiest comps on this planet that will stand the test of the time! COMP CD $10 SKU:23107

CHOP SUEY ROCK Vol 2-CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGSLabel:HOT AND SOUR CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS W/KILLER COVER ARTWORK 'N' SOUR RECORDS brings you the greatest names in Ah So biz! One of the wildest and wackiest comps on this planet that will stand the test of the time! COMP CD $10 SKU:23108

CHOP SUEY ROCK Vol 3-Exotica- CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS Label:HOT AND SOUR CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS W/KILLER COVER ARTWORK HOT 'N' SOUR RECORDS brings you the greatest names in Ah So biz! One of the wildest and wackiest comps on this planet that will stand the test of the time! COMP CD $10 SKU:23109

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 5 (rare UK Cold Wave 81-85) SAALE! Label:LION Blinding (not literally — this CD will NOT cause blindness if used properly) fifth volume of cold wave/minimal synth obscurities sourced from hard or impossible-to-find tapes originally issued in the early-mid 80s! Color Tapes again reveal a hitherto unheard slice of British garage cold wave recordings ranging from certifiable dancefloor aces to synth escape pods and integers between. COMP CD $10 SKU:22077

CONGREGATION FOR ANTI FLIRTS -The McAllen, Texas Teen Scene 1965-1967 -Label:CICADELIC RECORDS \Subtitled: The McAllen, Texas Teen Scene 1965-1967. "From 1965 to 1967, McAllen was the happening scene for some of the wildest music to emanate from Texas in the '60s. The label that played host to these bands was Jimmy Nichol's Pharaoh Records and this album contains the best the label had to offer. Not only were the records superlative, but today they are considered some of the rarest finds for collectors of '60s garage bands. Singles by Pharaoh artists such as The Headstones, The Cavaliers, and Christopher and The Souls go for over a grand apiece, if they can be located. Congregation For Anti-Flirts Inc. also contains in depth coverage on the McAllen bands with rare photos, radio charts, and interviews, making this album a journey to pharaoh's valley that can't be missed. COMP CD $10 SKU:22974

CORNFLAKE ZOO- #15 (acid-mod and freakbeat dementia )Label:PARTICLES Episode 15 of 'Cornflake Zoo' presents another frivolous dose of acid-mod and freakbeat dementia from the starry European cosmos. Included are tracks from great Dutch '60s bands s.a. The Motions (both sides of a rare 1968 single), The Haigs (ft. Golden Earring front man Barry Hay), After Tea and popsike giants Zen (also pictured on the front cover of the CD), Swedish heroes Ola And The Janglers, and many more... This release includes a 20-page full-colour booklet with liner notes. COMP CD $17 SKU:20579

CORNFLAKE ZOO- #16 (20 tracks released between 1967-1970. acid-mod and freakbeat dementia )Label:PARTICLES From the author of The Underwear of Empires; It's How We Wore Them That Matters comes a sublime collection of symbolic mod pop from the original psychedelic era. Dripping with drama, intrigue, and passionate loins, Cornflake Zoo returns to that shapely bottom of the charts to conjure up the essence of late 1960s pop gold. 'tis a shameless pop diversion that embraces big hair, floppy kaftans and turquoise corduroy. Or as a delightful old dear, supplied with a rousing, stiff Pimms once casually remarked: "Give it to me one more time!" Prepare to be enamored as Cornflake Zoo is caught with its trousers down for the 16th time! This is pop at its creative peak. 20-page full color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. 20 tracks released between 1967-1970. COMP CD $17 SKU:20742

CORNFLAKE ZOO- #19 Come and Play With Me in the Garden (acid-mod and freakbeat dementia )Label:PARTICLES More late '60s psychedelic pop goodies from many corners of the planet. The 20-page booklet features liner notes and rare full-colour photographs TRACKS: 01. STEAMPACKET - Vive L'Amour 02. OBJECTIVO - A Place In The Sky 03. THE HOLLY GUNS - And So Hush 04. THE EDDYSONS - Cousin Pretty 05. DE MASKERS - Heatwave 06. COPS & ROBBERS - On Love 07. SHOCKING BLUE - Love Is In The Air 08. THE HEP STARS - Enter The Young 09. THE HOUNDS - If Time Stood Still 10. INCREDIBLE - Upstairs Downstairs 11. ADAM & EVE - Lady Montrose 12. THE DEEJAYS - Without Love 13. THE BARBARIANS - Zoom Zoom Zoom 14. STEAMPACKET - Trouble And Tea 15. LORD KNUD - I'm Your Guy 16. CHRISTOPHER - K Girl 17. THE NICOLS - Delighted To See You 18. THE SONICS - Heartbreak City 19. MOJO BLUES - Lady Jane 20. THE DEFENDERS - 203 Seconds Of A Friday COMP CD $17 SKU:22711

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 2 A Collection of Rare Aural Antiquities and Objet d'Art from the British Isles: Volume Two 1967-1972-Label:PARTICLES Includes 20-page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Professionally remastered sound.
A colorful collection of obscured and exuberant pop nuggets -- the psychedelic effects have gone and the lightshows have blown, but their lingering presence in the aftermath of the hallucinogenic haze is, though less defined, strangely evident. The end of the explosive decade that brought us the fab four and gave us the pop star was proving to be a turning point in both musical and political terms. Curiosity Shop Two provides a precious insight into the changing times with an illustrious soundtrack to furnish the senses. Good vibrations indeed! Rare and obscure artifacts by Steve and Stevie, Pythagoras Theorem, Ian Campbell Group, Dr. Marigold's Prescription, Juan and Junior, Marc Reid, Casuals, Ten Feet, Jonathan Kelly, Julie Sullivan, Soft Slipper, Galliard, Noel Harrison, Barry Hopkins, Lori Balmer, Polly Niles, Davey Payne, and Sasperella, originally released between 1967 and 1972. COMP CD $15 SKU:16871

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 7 A Rare Collection of Aural Antiquities and Objets d'Art 1967-1969Label:PARTICLES Volume 7 of 'Curiosity Shop' presents another compelling chapter from the 'Enpsychlopedia Britannica'. Overground, underground, wherever you may be, this is the sound of bygone late '60s Britpop. Enjoy! The 24-page booklet features background info and rare colour pix. COMP CD $15 SKU:20581

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 3 (A Rare Collection Of Aural Antiquities And Objets D'art 1968-1971))Label:PARTICLES Psych, Garage and obscurities COMP CD $10 SKU:21283

ELECTRIC RADIO SAMPLER -- VA - Last copies of rare 93 promo sampler with FOWLEY, GG ALLIN, CHRIS WILSON, Label:MARILYN/ ALIVE Mini-Album, Compilation, Limited Edition,Tracklist
1 –Chris Wilson (3) & The Sneetches If Wishes Were Horses 5:04
2 –Phil Gammage* The Stranger 5:49
3 –Phil Gammage* High Roller 3:55
4 –Chris Wilson (3) & The Barbary Coasters The Derelicts 2:20
5 –Kim Fowley Rockin' In The Balkans 2:48
6 –GG Allin & The Murder Junkies I Pledge Allegiance To Disobedience 3:2 COMP CD $10 SKU:23223

GOLDEN GRASS/- 4 WAY SPLIT-4-Way Split Vol. 2 (HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS. -Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) KILLER BOOGIE/WILD EYES/BANQUET After spacing out fiercely on the first volume of the Heavy Psych Sounds 4-Way Split, it's time to hit the ground running! The HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 brings funked-out '70s boogie down the highway with heavy hitters Wild Eyes, recent HPS-signees Banquet, Brooklyn sunshine rockers The Golden Grassand fuzz traditionalists Killer Boogie. All four bands bring a fresh sound to classic heavy rock, and after uniting Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes to highlight trippy psychedelic groove, HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 gives an earthier take while continuing to feature some of the underground's best up and coming acts! COMP CD $10 SKU:17749

ANUBIS ST (1983 Zep and Brit hard rock style gem) 180 GRAM - SALE! Label:REPLICA (France) 180g vinyl. Originally released in 1983 this is Anubis' unique long-player filled with LED ZEPPELIN and British hard-rock influences. Remastered from the original tapes, this hard-to-find gem is now finally available again!” "The group offers a music based on carefully selected vocal harmonies, the singer's high voice and the energetic straightforward themes during which the guitarist plays some very good, original and elaborate solos.” LP $20 SKU:21348

ATHANOR - Inside out: the demos 1973-1977 ( proto power-pop/psych SAALE!Label:GUERSSEN The follow-up to our acclaimed "Flashback" (Guess110), finds Athanor (the duo formed by Greg Herriges and Rick Vittenson) digging deeper into their archives and coming out with and amazing set of previously unreleased recordings, done at their state-of-the-art home studio back at the time. Captivating Beatle'esque, fuzzed-out psychedelia & folk-rock full of Lennon-esque vocals and 12-string Rickenbackers by '70s Chicago wunderkind duo. 1973-1977 recordings plus one '70s-era track cut in 2014 with Jeff Murphy (Shoes) on backup vocals. Basement psych-pop and proto-power pop has rarely sounded better! Remastered sound from the original tapes, insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes Jeff Murphy (Shoes). LP $15 SKU:21138

BAINS, LEE - Dereconstructed (w first run color vinyl and MP3 download ) -Label:SUB POP Dereconstructed is a careening, road raging, all night party of a record. Informed by a distinctly southern hoodoo, it is a master class in authentic Gulf Coast choogle. Having cut his teeth in the Dexateens, Lee Bains lll has been properly schooled in how to throw down, so much so that even his hyper literate musings are no match for the blown out distortion that gives this record its blistering urgency. LP $16 SKU:10000

BANSHEE(USA)-LIVIN' IN THE JUNGLE (fired up fury of The Stooges, MC5 & Alice Cooper) COLORED VINYL -Label:CARDINAL FUZZ Hailing from Boston and blazing red hot cinders through your eyes Banshee channel widescreen, kick out the jams m*therfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama with a singer doing his best to channel both Alice and Iggy. Yes they rock like crazy and play with the fired up fury of The Stooges, MC5 and The Alice Cooper Group as they let their freak flag fly. On 'Livin In The Jungle' Banshee detonate over 11 tracks of pure diamond arrangements that will lay you out flat and have your head swirling from the whallop of the sleazy voodoo racket that Banshee have created. Informed in equal parts by the intensity of '60s Detroit and The Alice Cooper Group and with a rhythmic underbelly the calls on in parts the funk explosion of WAR. From the opening Intro of 'Genesis' amid a barrage of bells, chimes jungle sounds and a group feeling the funk they lay straight into 'The Law' where without missing a beat and over a blast of guitar riffs, dive bombing bass lines, thunderous drums and a voice that spits out and caterwails with a vengeance you find Banshee freewheelin' into what will become your favourite rock'n'roll LP for 2020. The engine has started and the whole record is executed at a breakneck pace that is a furious rollercoaster ride to sweet oblivion. On the final epic sprawl that is 'Caged Birds' which starts out with a garage like Sister Ray bump'n'grind chug before descending into a glorious meltdown of fuzzed up wah wah guitars and glockenspiels before everything finally fades back into the jungle. 'Livin In The Jungle' is one rabid rock'n'roll animal of a record. Limited to 500 copies on coloured vinyl. LP $24 SKU:22824

BARRACUDAS - Thru the Mysts of Time (POWERPOP) BLUE VINYL LTD ED of 100 Rarities 1978-81 - LAST COPIES Label:VOXX Great collection of demos & outtakes from the time of the first album, with liner notes by the band and cool photos: simply great! LP $20 SKU:16005

BATORS, STIV (DEAD BOYS)- Disconnected (1978 POWERPOP) LTD ED. STARBURST VINYL with cool printed inner sleeve! Label:BOMP Inner sleeve includes photos and lyrics. Bators' first solo album, Disconnected was recorded in Los Angeles following the breakup of the Dead Boys. It's got more of a garage pop/Nuggets vibe than the work of the Dead Boys-he even covers the great Electric Prunes track 'I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night.' But even though he professes to be an evil boy, he does it with a charm that's pretty irresistible." - Creem. LP $20 SKU:18189

BEACHWOOD SPARKS- ST (great country pop psych w BRENT FROM GOSPELBEACH) BLUE vinyl Label:BOMP Records Following their astounding 1998 single "Desert Skies", Beachwood Sparks signed with Sub-Pop, this is the vinyl version their full-length debut album. ON VINYL ONLY! LP $18 SKU:15169

BEATSTALKERS-SCOTLAND'S NO. 1 BEAT GROUP(63-69 recordings pop psych) SALE- CORNER BEND Label:SOMMER Complete recordings from 1963 to 1969 by this legendary band from Glasgow. Fabulous mod-beat, wild R&B and pop-psych, including all their 7" sides for Decca and CBS plus early demos. Formed in Glasgow in 1962 during the early beat boom by Alan Mair and Eddie Campbell, their line-up also included Davie Lennox, Tudge' Williamson (replaced by Jeff Allen) and Ronnie Smith. Playing an authentic brand of rhythm 'n' blues and soul covers, they soon took the city by storm and were famous for their live shows, attracting hordes of screaming girls and young fans. Between 1965 and 1969, The Beatstalkers would go on to release a total of seven singles. All these sides are featured on this reissue. LP $17 SKU:22685

BEECHWOOD-- From the Land of Nod ((Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) STARBURST Label:ALIVE HANDMIXED STARBURST VINYL Incredible record! Bomp fans and ALIVE fans alike will love this band. Echoes of everything from Stiv Bators to the Electric Prunes to Johnny Thunders. Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll from an amazing band. STARBURST LP $18 SKU:19438

BLACK MERDA -PSYCH-FUNK OF BLACK MERDA (70s psych funk) Label:FUNKY DELICACIES A hard hitting collection of totally out-there material from these '70s US psychedelic funk-rockers, including tracks recorded with/by vocalist Linnie Walker, bass player VC L. Veasey and the Hendrix-inspired, pre-Black Merda outfit Soul Agents. Essential stuff for fans of Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, Parliament, Sly Stone, Scorpion, Purple Image and the like. This LP was first released in 2006, now it's finally available again. LP $32 SKU:22146

BLACK MERDA -ST (70s psych ) Label:LILITH Hailing from late-sixties Detroit, Black Merda (pronounced "Murder") were both aesthetically and musically way ahead of their time. When most black groups (including Parliament / Funkadelic) were still sporting suits, singing about love and using a horn section, Black Merda had already become a tight guitar-heavy freak-funk four piece. By weaving guitar rock and psychedelia into soul and R&B they were the gods of the underground "black rock" movement which fell somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Parliament and MC5. But it wasn't just about the music the message was just as important, starting with the bands name (Black Murder - in protest of the mass slaughter of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement). As in the original release, features a 30-second 11th track not mentioned in the track listing on the outer sleeve but present on the album. On 180 gram vinyl. LP $24 SKU:22773

BLAIR 1523 (Spacemen 3 related ) Beautiful Debris ( brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 -Psych/Drone ) LAST COPIES! -Label:VOXX LAST COPIES (Voxx 060) Brought to us by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, this remarkable band from the bucolic shire of Cornwall had a variety of strengths, from strong pop songwriting to a penchant for extended freakout jams, all of which is captured on this, the only record they made before sadly breaking up. To those few fortunate enough to have heard it, it remains an esoteric favorite.. Psychedelic swirl/drone pop Early Floyd/ Elevators sound by his amazing UK band. “This album is worth buying for the cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s.” - American Music Press This album is worth buying for the LP cover alone. Dripping with glassy pastels of brilliant greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blues, the art work complements a round of houka hits supremely. The music picks up where Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd left off in the '60s. LP $20 SKU:22107

BLOODHOUNDS - Let Loose - bluesy garage-rock! -early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets style HOT PINK MARBLE VINY ! LAST COPIES- Label:ALIVE We’ll take a triple dose of this bluesy garage-rock! RIYL early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets. The BIG TAKEOVERFrom East L.A., The Bloodhounds play fresh, edgy R&B tinged blues with a hint of punk swagger and latin groove, but always with maximum emphasis placed on good old fashioned rock’n’roll " The MAD MACKEREL LP $25 SKU:16263

BLOODY HOLLIES - Who To Trust (bluesy garage punk) SWIRL VINYL -LAST COPIES! - Label:ALIVE This album is the embodiment of the no frills, off the cuff, blues punk rock that The BLOODY HOLLIES are admired for. They do what they do with skill, perfection, and flat out better than anyone else. "The Bloody Hollies are a bass-less, blues-drenched riff monster fronted by a powerfully hoarse singer-guitarist, and they will turn your ears and limbs to jelly if you let them, which you should." - Pop Matters. "The Bloody Hollies' new record is so dirty, it makes me want to grow a mustache and start wearing v-neck T-shirts. With gritty guitars, stabbing vocal and, oh yes, harmonica, it's like garage rock did a shot of punk and chased it with a glass of blues. - Alternative Press LP $18 SKU:11938

BOGEYMEN-ACTION TIME!(Small Faces style French garage) -Label: PURPLE ZONE Originally released on CD in 1995 on the defunct French garage-punk label DIG! Records. This was the second album of French #1 mod band The Bogeymen. This record contains 11 originals and 1 cover. All songs are real smashers, no fillers!! Soulful vocals of singer/guitarist Laurent Bauer, smashing Rickenbacker, groovy organ and powerful bass/drums section make this album the perfect companion to any Small Faces, Prisoners, Creeps albums. Only 200 copies on black vinyl. LP $19 SKU:21458

BONNEVILLES-GOOD SUITS AND FIGHTIN' BOOTS- WHITE VINYL Label: BLUES FOR THE RED SUN he Bonnevilles don't so much play punk blues as it as a spring board to create a completely new genre. The Lurgan duo take Mississippi Hill blues and punk rock and mix into their own unique dark Northern Irish punk blues brew. LP $26 SKU:20636

J.D BLACKFOOT- The Ultimate Prophecy PLUS CD ( U.S. 70s psych ) - Label:MAGIC BOX An undisputed US underground psych rock classic! Magic Box present a reissue of J.D. Blackfoot's The Ultimate Prophecy, originally released in 1970. Formed in Ohio in 1969, J.D. Blackfoot unleashed this stunning blend of folk, country, and hard rock in August 1970. Boasting powerful vocals, searing guitar leads and outstanding drumming, it has gone on to be recognized as an underground rock classic and makes a welcome return to vinyl here, in a gatefold sleeve. It also includes a CD featuring the full album and eight rare non-album bonus tracks, including both sides of their elusive debut single. LP $22 SKU:22705


PAST TENSE-TIME STANDS STILL (+CD) PURPLE (authentic '60s mod/garage/psych)Label: FRUITS DE MER The Past Tense are the South East's finest purveyors of authentic '60s mod/garage/psych. This is their first full-blown release on the Fruits de Mer and they've persuaded them to go for nothing but '60s covers, upping the psychedelic quotient from the usual full-on mod/garage assault that they favour on stage - although they've recorded everything raw, trying to keep that authentic sound. And true to form, they've gone for it bigtime by recording a 7" EP, together with an almost free CD album of even more '60s covers. The enclosed CD ('ACROSS THE POND... AND BACK AGAIN') contains the four tracks from the 7" plus 10 more. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21703

GONG -THE HISTORY & MYSTERY (60s space rock cult record) -Label:EASTWORLD This remastered collection features live material, studio outtakes and other obscure Daevid Allen-cuts from the '60s and '70s, recorded with a.o. Soft Machine and (mostly) Gong. Beware, cult record! Gong is a progressive space-rock band formed at the end of the '60s by Daevid Allen, in those days leader of Soft Machine. Recorded in the Pavillon de Paris in 1977, this live album is the ultimate testimony of the "historic" Gong. All the band's "classics" were played that night, during a "reunion" show that lasted several hours. Released originally by a small label in 1977, this release is almost a collector's item -- Virgin, the official record company of the band having made every effort to forbid it; in vain. You have to possess this album if you are a true Gong fan, since the "official" live recording released by Virgin was a pale copy of Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong. The songs, compared to studio versions, are transcended by the magnificent improvisation from Didier Malherbe and the astounding solos of Steve Hillage. Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong was an expensive record, and barely impossible to find. This prestigious re-edition will please all the true fans, without a doubt. CD $10 SKU:20907

GREEN - Eau de Vie-(Power pop 2001) Label:GANG GREEN RECORDS Album number six by Green (from 2001), this collection of songs was recorded in France with Iain Burgess (of Big Black, Naked Raygun, Mega City Four fame) at his Black Box studio. It continues the layered tradition of earlier releases and builds on the Green legacy of intelligent songwriting and pathetic promotion. "Like Big Star's Alex Chilton, singer-guitarist Jeff Lescher makes sophisticated power-pop with more than a dollop of blue-eyed soul. Green's latest album in a criminally underappreciated 15-year career conjures the plaintiveness of "Village Green Preservation Society." —Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune CD $10 SKU:20528

GREEN CIRCLES-TAVISTOCK STREET (PEBBLES STYLE 60s Psych/mod/pop)Label:OFF THE HIP Poppy rock and roll that's fresh and catchy. CD $10 SKU:19221

GROUP 1850 - Mother No Head-Their 45s (60 psych) - Label:PSEUDONYM RECORDS (NETHERLANDS) Though they were a product of the beat group age, Group 1850 were the Netherlands' first progressive band, in every sense of that word. Constantly changing, constantly evolving, Group 1850 were musical extremists on a do-or-die mission to explode all expectations. Sparks flew, ideas flared, feedback swirled through misty nights, the dead walked, skeletons danced, flies buzzed, mountains fell, words rained fire from angry purple skies. Group 1850 raised all kinds of hell. My god, were they good. Although the group made two deservedly revered albums, 'Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth' (1968) and 'Paradise Now' (1969), some of their best work can be found on their singles, where their borderline insane hyper-creativity was focused into highly-concentrated, radically potent three-minute songs like 'Misty Night', 'Mother No-Head', 'Zero', 'We Love Live (Like We Love You)', 'Don't Let It Be (We Have to Do It Now)', and the magnificent 'Have You Ever Heard'. The A- and B-sides of all their singles can be found on this unique CD in their original mono mixes, mastered from the original tapes. A number of previously unreleased demos are also included. 'Mother No-Head: Their 45s' comes packaged in a breathtaking digipack cover with rare archival photos, memorabilia and liner notes by Ugly Things Mike Stax. Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes. CD $10 SKU:14760

GROWING CONCERN, THE- ST (6os West Coast psych pop) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA "Although virtually nothing is known of Growing Concern, their only album (Mainstream, 1969) is an enjoyable piece of West Coast psychedelic pop” CD $10 SKU:23378

GRUPA ABC - RAZEM Z NAM(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON (ANDRZEJANEBESKIEGO ) A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded between 1970-1971 by this Polish psych-pop legends. It's 60's beat with elements of rhythm and blues & soul. CD $10 SKU:19153

GRUPA ABC ANDRZEJA NEBESKIEGO-MOJA ABC(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON (ANDRZEJA NEBESKIEGO) A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded in 196 by the Polish '60s legends. CD $10 SKU:19154

GRUPO AMIGOS- Paloma mensajera(1973 Pervian psych) - Label:GUERSSEN “Originally released as a demo pressing in 1973, this album by Peruvian band Grupo Amigos is without doubt one of the rarest albums from the South American psych scene. Only a handful of copies were pressed for the band members and needless to say, an original copy is impossible to find. The band was formed by some long-time friends of Saúl and Manuel Cornejo of legendary Peruvian bands Laghonia and We All Together. Manuel Cornejo played drums on the album recordings and Saúl was the session engineer. Influenced by groups like the Beatles, Byrds, Stones, Badfinger, Shakers and of course Laghonia and We All Together, the music ranges from terrific guitar psych-rock like 'Dirty Girl' (which sounds like an outtake from Laghonia's first album) to British sounding pop-psych ('Mr. Taylor's Train,' ‘Psychiatrist’), harmony pop á la Byrds on 'Looking for home,’ a few rocking tunes and some beautiful mid-tempo numbers which show their We All Together influence. On this Guerssen reissue, you'll find the complete recordings of Grupo Amigos, including their only album and a killer non-LP 45 recorded the same year. Features an insert with liner notes and rare pictures. Taken from the original master tapes, and limited to 500 copies only GW PICK IMPORT CD $10 SKU:23379

GUILLOTEENS- ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!(60s GARAGE) Deluxe DBL CD w booklet,bios and photos -Label:Breakaway This 20-track collection presents for the first time in one place the titanic trio's complete output, along with rare related 45s and amazing side ventures by the band or various members. Disc one of this de-luxe double CD release has their complete set of 45 As & Bs incl. long time compilation classics such as "Hey You", "For My Own", "I Sit And Cry" or "Wild Child". Disc two presents the bands ,Odds and Sods" incl. among others the complete 45 A & B side releases by pre-Guilloteens instro band The LeSabres, a rare 1966 local single release by the Memphis Marks feat Laddie Hutcherson plus an amazing 45 by hitmaking brother & sister duo Nino Tempo & April Stevens recorded with the Guilloteens on backing instrumental duties. Along with a detailed band bio and cool pictures collected in a 16-page booklet, this CD captures and distills what the Guilloteens stood for during their halcyon three-year existence - Action! Action! Action! IMPORT CD $10 SKU:23380

GURVITZ , PAUL -Sweetheart Land (POWER POP Americana roots)Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) The name may not instantly ring a bell, but you'll find Paul Gurvitz just about everywhere in the course of rock ‘n’ roll music history. He first found success in the British outfit the Londoners, backing band for rock ‘n’ roller Gene Vincent. He rose through the ranks playing in the Knack, and then Gun in 1967. Gun had a massive hit song ‘Race With the Devil’ and two cult albums. Paul then formed a hard rocking super-group called Three Man Army and released a string of influential albums. From there he found international success when he joined forces with former Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker in the Baker Gurvitz Army, one of the biggest rock super-groups of the 70's. Now he's back again and fully re-loaded with his new album. "Sweetheart Land" was a long time in the making. Gurvitz spent most of the 1980's and 90's writing and producing hit songs for such artists as Jody Watley, Five Star, Staci Q, Kim Wilde, Melba Moore, Jermaine Jackson, The Fat Boys, JellyBean, and Stacy Lattisaw, among others. While many artists from Paul Gurvitz's generation tread the same ground, he has consistently kept things new. And in fact, Gurvitz's new album will surprise many fans. Not as loud and overproduced as his work from the past, Gurvitz has found a place somewhere between Americana roots rock and driving power pop with a mellow flavor, perfectly tailored for his soulful vocals and guitar playing. Paul Gurvitz is a one man army, a one man band, playing almost all of the instruments on every track—albeit with a little help from a few friends who include drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio); Jeff Silbar (writer of ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’) on guitar; Brooke Lizotte, Stafford Floyd (Force MD's & Sister Sledge) both on piano; Adrian Lee (Mike + the Mechanics) programming and tech support. The production is punchy and showcases Gurvitz's multi-instrumental skills as a player against a cohesive wall of sound CD $10 SKU:20191

GWYDION -THE FAERIE SHAMAN (70s hippie folk) -Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC Gwydion Pendderwen is one of the more chatoyant figures of the folk music underground and it is a shame actually that we have to label his works underground for what he laid down on both of his albums 'Songs For The Old Religion' (1975) and 'The Faerie Shaman' (1982). It was far above the average standard folk of his time, especially on this, his second album from 1982. The confessing neo paganist and environmentalist tried a different path seven years after his rather haunting debut album by mixing bluegrass, country, gospel and dixie into the classic folky singer/songwriter tunes of enchanting beauty. Most of the time the atmosphere on this album is rather friendly and lightweight in the sense of bright melodies and a cheerful mood on most tunes. Just take a walk in spirit through the garden of sound created by the delicate arrangements and rich, mostly acoustic instrumentation. Will you ever wish to return to what people consider as reality? I would doubt that. This album breathes a flamy joy of life and you would not think it was shortly after that Gwydion Pendderwen lost his life in a car accident. The music presented on 'The Faerie Shaman' literally swallows you like a river and you may ride like a Valkyrie upon the raging waters or dive deep inside and be enchanted by the magic world beyond the surface. This should have been a classic and it is a real gem for fans of Planxty, Hamish Imlach, Dulcimer, Pentangle and Steeleye Span CD $10 SKU:20874

HARD ONS - LOVE IS A BATTLE FIELD (2CD)-Label:CITADEL -- Of WOunded Hearts- Collection of the best stuff from these Aussie garage/speed-surf pop kings. The third release in the Decade of Rock series, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is a Hard-Ons album choc-full of fan favourites: "Don't Wanna See You Cry", "Kill Your Mum", "Missing You Missing Me" and "Rejected" are just some of the sublime power-pop and punk masterpieces on this album. Clocking in at just around half-an-hour, the original LP was a concise exercise in explosive rock 'n' roll. A clear and brilliant antidote to their fun but shambolic debut LP DICKCHEESE, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is now expanded to a full double CD set. In addition to the original album, remastered to great detail, and the related 7" releases from that era, are tracks salvaged from wonderful FM radio performances, demo versions, various live tracks and two full unreleased studio sessions - including a whole alternate album session that was initially rejected by Waterfront Records: a real train-spotter's delight. Also included is an extensive booklet are retrospective liner-notes and never-before-seen photographs from this era. The Hard-Ons have opened their attics for their fans. LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is an astonishing documentation of a once-in-a-lifetime band at their absolute peak CD $15 SKU:21678

HAURU, JUKKA/NONO SÖDERBERG -POP-LIISA 5-6 (70s Finnish prog) Label:SVART The 'Pop-Liisa' broadcast sessions series presents previously unreleased and forgotten gems from the biggest names of Finnish '70s prog. CD $10 SKU:21112

HEAD ON- BLIND KISS (70s punk style with JAMES LEG of the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES) Label:BEAST Head On is a collision of the best French punk rock bands influenced by early '70s punk rock and just as much infected by Aussie swamp rock. 'Blind Kiss' co-features keyboardist James Leg (Black Diamond Heavies), guitarist Dan Baebler and vocalist Ben Corbett both of 6 FT HICK). CD $15 SKU:22821

HEARTBROKERS - VOL 10 (Original aussie rocknroll, plus the Don Nix classic Goin Down) Label:OFF THE HIP Remember The Lazy Cowgirls or have you heard Pat Todd’s subsequent work with The Rank Outsiders? The Heartbrokers are coming from a similar musical place without the former’s amped-up abrasiveness, plus a good deal more boogie. Coincidentally considering its name, The Heartbrokers’ song “Rank Outsider” is a reflective moment for pause that’s worth bottling. Van Walker’s knowing vocal really nails it. The languid but warm "Have No Fear" follows and the sequencing makes for a nice pigeon-pairing.
Fact: There's not a bad cut among the 10. It might have been rawly recorded but Van Walker, Lang and co-producer/mixer Colin Wynne have done a bang-up job, sonically speaking. God bless the Melbourne music scene and all who sail in her. 194 CD $10 SKU:19700

HERONIMUS FIN -BLOWN INTO ANOTHER MAN'S SKY(1966 style UK psych guitar band)- Label:GARDEN UK psychedelic guitar band Heronimus Fin, a band with a great love for the UK psych music scene of 1966-1973. The first issue of this UK psychedelic band's fourth album comes in gatefold card sleeve CD $15 SKU:21841

HIDRIA SPACEFOLK - BALANSIA(Trippy consiousness-expanding psych)Label:HIDRIA Hidria Spacefolk's psychonaut expedition keeps probing deeper the boundaries of progressive psychedelia with this studio album from 2004. The trip sets off where 2002's 'Symbiosis' left them and evolves into a consiousness-expanding instrumental journey straight to the nucleus of the collective musical psyche. Hidria's hypnotic and highly unorthodox music draws inluences from Finnish folk, Eastern world music, progressive and alternative rock as well as modern techno/trance. This album consists of six energetic bursts of instrumental space rock - for want of a better word - that methodically defy the conventions and clichés of ordinary rock music. CD $15 SKU:21427

CZECH UP! VOL. 1 CHAIN OF FOOLS (60s and '70s freakbeat, fuzz-soul, garage rock, pop )Label:VAMPISOUL (SPAIN) Volume 1 in a series dedicated to '60s and '70s freakbeat, fuzz-soul, garage rock, pop and jazz-funk from former Czechoslovakia, back in the day released by the country's Supraphon and Panton labels. COMP CD $17 SKU:22560

DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB-Vol 1(garage, surfbeat and film noir pastiche)- Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB A garage, surfbeat and film noir pastiche on CD, featuring screaming guitars, smoking bass, torn vocal chords and sweet organs. That is 'Down At The Nightclub'. On Vol. 1 you will find a collection of the finest Dutch bands currently around, including The Black Marble Selection, The Reaction, Holy Joe & The Alcoholites, The Bunny Bonanzas, The Surfbeat Club, The Miners Of Muzo, The Malbehavers and De Stekkers. COMP CD $14 SKU:19428

BISCUIT -TIME FOR ANSWERS (60s style psych freakbeat) -SAALE! Label:NO TOMORROW Biscuit is one of those (rare) bands than take their inspiration mainly from 60s sounds (beat, garage, psychedelia, freakbeat, hard-rock, folk-rock, soul, rocknroll) but do not sound like just another 60s band. Their sound is uniquely their own, and trying to compare them to another band is so silly that lazy reviewers come out with comparisons as diverse as Urge Overkill, Soundtracks of Our Lives, the Byrds or The Prisoners in the same line. Which of course are all wrong. What is sure right is that these guys have a good thing going when it comes to combine meaty, solid guitar riffs with beautiful melodies. They know the secret of how to make well-crafted, passionate songs, the kind that grow with every listen. They can rock as fuck one minute and melt your heart the next. You can feel the anger, rage and desperation in their songs, but also the gratefulness, love and tenderness. You can feel the people behind the music. In a phrase, they've got soul. In my book, a truely classic record". LP $14 SKU:19899

BOLAN, MARC -PICTURES OF PURPLE PEOPLE:(Archival recordings)Label:EASY ACTION Another excellent release of Marc Bolan's archival recordings. This LP is a compilation of tracks from '60s tapes that were stolen from Marc's home many years ago, and retrieved only recently. On offer are rare acoustic demos, dating back to 1965. Many of these tracks already lean towards the sound of the Tyrannosaurus Rex material that would be recorded and produced by Tony Visconti a year or so later. In other words, this is an essential addition to any Bolan fan's collection LP $24 SKU:21888

BOONARAAAS!!! MORE KNICK-A-KNACKS (WILD all girl 60s Punkrock)-Label:SOUNDFLAT ..FOR YOUR BRIC-A-BRAC SHELF The Boonaraaas!!! are wild and spirited all girl 60s Punkrock from Germany; these four energetic ladies deliver exciting 60s Garage music with wild guitars, fine melodies, great riot grrrl-vocals - and everything with a proper Punkrock attitude. The band exist for more than 15 years now, delivering untamed and powerful live-shows all over Europe. LP $17 SKU:22935

BRAGG, NELSON -We Get What We Want -Gospelbeach related L.A Folk-Rock/PowerPop masterpiece-SAALE!Label:YATC RED VINY-L.A Folk-Rock/PowerPop masterpiece for the first time on vinyl. Nelson Bragg was Brian Wilson‘s percussionist/vocalist for 14 years. He's a veteran on the L.A. pop scene and has played/recorded with GospelbeacH, Mockers and many others! LP $14 SKU:22319