Feb 23, 2022


First off, some deep discounts for you, especially on the one-only items. Clearing out the warehouse to make room for more! Most of these selling at below cost.

Also just in, two new psych pop titles on the L.A. label Hypnotic Bridge, check their catalogue here, all at $10 with cool pic sleeves.

Also a batch of restocks and SAALE items, check it all out below.


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24992, 24993, 24994, 24995, 24996, 24997, 24998


21462, 21202, 24676, 24373, 23495, 24366, 24537, 24417, 22719, 20629


23181, 24419, 24906, 22513, 24069, 24719, 20005, 18841, 21713, 24836, 23159, 21925, 24694, 18725, 24514, 24579, 24837, 24922, 23133, 18956, 24923, 24924, 24441, 22754, 18839, 19840, 21926, 24720, 21868, 24760, 17888, 23759, 22494, 24843, 14098, 17227, 22300, 14608, 23741, 19832, 24609, 23703, 23526, 24712, 24745, 24150, 13107, 24151, 22891


RED RIVER DREAM-Silver Ship (West Coast psychedelia meets moody folk rock)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “Somewhere At The Edge Of Time” While “Silver Ship” sails through a hypnotizing yet perilous red river of fuzz, organ, and lyrical naivety, “Somewhere At The Edge Of Time” emanates a haunting, tumbleweeds-under-apocalyptic-skies atmosphere. Both songs reverberate with the iconic glory of the American West, serving as a psychedelic soundtrack for high adventures as yet unrealized.Singles are pressed on 7-inch, 45 rpm vinyl records 45 RPM $10 SKU:24992

JOVIAN TEA -Strange World (glorious psych-pop )Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “Red And Green Talking Machine” . Though we’re not sure which song was originally intended as the A-side, intuition tells us it was “Strange World” (though both songs are equally wonderful). “Strange World” is classic psychedelia from the first line of the lyrics, relating the musings of a whimsical soul who, lying horizontally, looks up and reflects on how watching a fly traverse the ceiling makes it feel as though he’s upside down. The perspective then shifts to that of the fly, who laments how the people below continually try to destroy its kind. We suspect the song’s unknown author was a fan of The Pink Floyd (and Syd Barrett in particular). 45 RPM $10 SKU:24993

ROBIN TROWER- Original Album Series - 5 CD BOX- Label:CHRYSALIS NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP -Each of these five albums comes in a cardboard Mini-LP sleeve. Housed in a cardboard box. CD $20 SKU:24994

DENNIS WILSON - Pacific Ocean Blue-RARE! DBL CD Label:SONY NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP
Digipac folds out into four panels; discs are housed in sleeves built into two of the panels, while a 42-page booklet is affixed to the back of the panel that doubles as the front cover. The essays in the booklet are in Japanese only; the track listing and personnel credits are in English only.Also includes separate 34-page booklet with Japanese liner notes and lyrics for the songs from both CDs in Japanese and English.CD1 is enhanced, containing a 17pp PDF "digital booklet" with material in English not included in the print version CD $50 SKU:24995

TOWNES VAN ZANDT- STLabel:FAT POSSUM NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP .Recorded and mastered at Bradley's Barn, Nashville, Tennessee. CD $10 SKU:24996

UNDISPUTED TRUTH- Smiling Faces- The Best Of Label:MOTOWN FUNK ESSENTIALS NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $5 SKU:24997

LINK WRAY AND the RAYMEN- Mr Guitar - Original Swan REcordings -DBL CD Label:NORTON NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:24998


BLUES PILLS - one only LADY IN GOLD -with LIVE BONUS DVD -60s psych style w Original Radio Moscow member) Label:NUCLEAR BLAST Musically BLUES PILLS contains all the elements to create extraordinary music that sounds original but respects the long-held rules of the blues and rock'n'roll traditions. The psychedelic sounds of the band may hail back to the prosperity of the '60s and '70s and it's true that their distinctive sound includes a few ingredients of the past; a pinch of late '60s Americana, a sprinkling of blues, a heavy serving of rock'n'roll and a big squeeze of soul, but it's all shaken up into a brand-new cocktail of sound. CD $15 SKU:21462

BOLINE & TOMRERCLAUS- LA DOT (1976-1978)SAALE! Label:KARMA MUSIC La Dot' contains music in a sort of new wave'ish style, performed by Boline Erfurt and Tomrerclaus, and recorded in the period 1976-'86. CD $12 SKU:21202

BRIMSTONE DAYS - ON A MONDAY TOO EARLY TO TELL (60s/70s Hendrix style-Label:TRANSUBSTANS DIGIPACK CD. "Just close your eyes and dream away to the 60 - and 70's rock,listening to an energetic band with an incredible groove. You will be filled with the feeling that clearly we can move mountains if we help each other." The Brimstone Days, shortened TBD, is a band from Malmo in southern Sweden. The band always had their mind set on becoming a knock-out live act - and with hundreds of gigs all over Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland and Spain) they have put their stamp on this statement a long time ago. With their full-length album "On A Monday Too Early To Tell", TBD has once again shown that they rule the dance floor. The amazing grooves that this album features makes it just impossible to stand still! In the veins of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Free, Humble Pie and Leaf Hound, this power trio continues to electrocute the live scene around the world. "On A Monday Too Early To Tell" is a statement - proving that music doesn't become more alive than this. CD $10 SKU:24676

BUFFALO TOMBS- HEKHALOT/MERKABAH (lo fi stoner rock from Denver) SAALE!Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE Psychedelic lo-fi stoner rock from Denver featuring Eric Stuart of Earthdiver. Buffalo Tombs combine fuzzed out guitars, tribal rhythms, and psych jams taking you thru the desert on a journey of awakening. CD $15 SKU:24373

BULLDOG BREED - Made in England ( 60s UK psych )w bonus tracs NEW LO PRICE -Label:UK LION Orig. rel. in 1969 on Deram. Official rel. of one of the best late 60’s UK sike lp’s. w. members of PLEASE, NEON PEARL and the FLIES. Original stereo master tapes. Complete with incredibly rare 1969 Deram single 'Portcullis gate' / 'Halo in my hair' as 2 bonus tracks.Sleevenotes and previously unseen photos. CD $10 SKU:23495

EARTHFORCE-Ultra rare mid-70s UK acid folk LP + 12-page booklet -Label:LION "Ultra rare mid-70s UK acid folk rock recordings. Features sitar, moog, acoustic and electric guitars, assorted percussion instruments to create a Popul Vuh like soundscape. If you can imagine the perfect blend of Eastern trance/psych and English hippy acid folk rock, this would be it. Very cool and freaky." •The first ever vinyl issue of these recordings•Comes with a 12-page full color booklet with band info, photos, and lyrics•Newly remastered by Earthforce band leader Steve BayfieldLP $24 SKU:24366

ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN - ST(Mexican stoner rock 70s style) Label:ELECTRIC VALLEY Electric Mountain is a stoner rock band born in Mexico City in 2013. Formed by Gib (guitar, voice), Max (drums) and JB (bass), the band is influenced by '70s rock and '90s stoner rock. For fans of Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Orange Goblin. Black vinyl version. LP $26 SKU:24537

EMMA GOLDMAN BUST OUT BRIGAGE -ST (free improv/punk rock weirdness) Label:NOMAD EEL Mike Watt of the Minutemen and FIREHOSE was inspired by the revolutionary avant-garde musicians of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Julius Hemphill, Alice Coltrane, etc., Like them, this music is both free-improvisation but also very much punk rock in its ethos of DIY egalitarianism. LP $15 SKU:24417

ENHOLM ,SHANE - Divine American Pariah (Syd Barrett, Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie style) -Label:OUTRO Shane Enholm brings all the best elements of Syd Barrett, Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie mixed in one truly BRILLIANT songwriter and album! This L.P. is destined to become a Folk/Punk classic with it's honest, personal and brilliantly quirky performances. LP $15 SKU:22719

ERTLIF Plus (1972 Swiss Prog) DOUBLE LP-SAALE!Label:SOMMER "Debut album from 1972 by Ertlif, one of the leading Swiss progressive / psychedelic bands from the 70s. Double set, including a whole extra album of previously unreleased homemade recordings from 1971 plus a rare compilation only track from 1973. UK sounding doomy & atmospheric psychedelic hard–rock and proto–prog sounds with lot of Hammond organ, hard guitar, occasional Mellotron and English vocals. RIYL: Deep Purple, Procol Harum, , Atomic Rooster, Black Sabbath, Ainigma, Necronomicon. Ertlif was formed in 1970 by two ex–members of Egg & Bacon, lead guitarist Dany Andrey and bass player Teddy Riedo. They were inspired by Pink Floyd, Yes, Procol Harum, Van der Graaf Generator and Genesis amongst others. A strong rhythm section and twin lead guitars blended with the Hammond organ created the characteristic Ertlif sound. Riedo and Beni Hauri (the band’s roadie) had been experimenting with oscillators, noise generators, ring modulators and other devices since 1969. In early 1972 they introduced these electronic sounds into the band’s closing number 'Classical Woman' so becoming pioneers of electronic music in Switzerland. They also became the first Swiss band to use a Mellotron. This double LP contains: The first Ertlif album from 1972, featuring the original tracklist and sound taken from the original master tapes + a bonus LP consisting of previously unreleased 1971 demo recordings, done at the band’s rehearsal studio without overdubs. With these demos, Ertlif were offered a recording contract with Tell Records. Also included as bonus 'Plastic Queen' from 1973, taken from the album "Heavenly and Heavy – Mixed Swiss Rock Candies". *Remastered from the original master tapes by Eroc *Lacquer cut by SST Brüggeman *Insert with liner notes by band member Teddy Riedo plus rare photos and memorabilia. LP $25 SKU:20629


BELLTOWERS- TOmorrow Will Remain (psych/power pop/ Byrds-style) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE With its Byrdsian jangle and Beatlesque “Day Tripper” vibe, Influenced by folk-rock, psychedelia and power pop, the band shares a common love of The Byrds, The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, Gene Clark, Love, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and The Rain Parade. They employ vintage instruments (Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Epiphone, Fender, and Guild) to play their jangly, harmony-laden songs. 45 RPM $10 SKU:23181

PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT - Enormous Highs (psych tinged power pop)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Michael Quercio, Matt Devine, and Chris Bruckner have reunited to bring the Permanent Green Light sound into the third millennium. After the release of the band’s 2018 Omnivore Recordings retrospective and well-attended reunion shows in Los Angeles, the band began work on new material. Once extensive rehearsals and study of texts prescribed by Bruckner were complete, the band entered the studio in early 2020 with Earle Mankey, the legendary producer who recorded PGL’s cult classic Against Nature, as well as celebrated psychedelic records by Quercio’s Paisley Underground band The Three O’Clock (Sixteen Tambourines and Baroque Hoedown). “Enormous Highs” b/w “Silver Girl” on Hypnotic Bridge Records is the first release debuting songs from PGL’s work in progress on an envisioned concept record currently underway.

Originally born out of the Los Angeles Jabberjaw coffeehouse scene in 1991, Permanent Green Light’s psychedelic pop sound soon found itself at the top of Rodney Bingenheimer’s playlists and sharing bills with Redd Kross, Teenage Fanclub, and The Muffs. By the time of PGL’s dissolution in 1994, the band had released records that may have fallen out of print but were never forgotten by devoted fans, including the Against Nature LP and contributions to compilations such as Freedom Of Choice: Yesterday's New Wave Hits As Performed By Today's Stars. Fast forward to 2018 when premier US reissue label Omnivore Recordings released the band's retrospective Hallucinations, with Ugly Things magazine declaring Permanent Green Light as “the unsung power pop greats of the decade… what every band on Creation should’ve sounded like.” 45 RPM $10 SKU:24419

PREMONITIONS-Some Strange Lust (Elevators and LSD) -Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE ” b/w “Once In A Blue Moon We wanted to make a solid A-side that represents our sound and what we go for, but let us be honest here: “Some Strange Lust” is about dropping LSD—the romance of it and the lust for the feelings it brings. You might notice we threw on a bit of electric jug in tribute to The Elevators. 45 RPM $10 SKU:24906

SACRED ORANGE -Mister Opel (60s style psych)-Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “Away My Love” and “Crystal Sunlight” A psychedelic supergroup composed of members of Electric Looking Glass, Triptides, Dream Phases, Frankie and the Witch Fingers and more, Sacred Orange is the brainchild of former Creation Factory guitarist Neil Soiland. With influences as diverse as One In A Million, The Beatles, Tintern Abbey, Graham Gouldman, The Beach Boys, Tommy Roe and Satanic Majesties-era Rolling Stones, the Sacred Orange project epitomizes not only the mind-blowing music that defined psychedelia’s golden age, but the camaraderie and shared inspiration that brought it to life. 45 RPM $10 SKU:22513

SECRET COLOURS- OBLIVION :(lysergic country rock t IYL BYRDS) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Oblivion” embraces a lysergic country rock tone in the vein of The Byrds and Relatively Clean Rivers while reflecting on the current state of affairs. The instrumental cover of what has long been considered the most psychedelic of disco songs, “I Feel Love,” has been a strong staple of the band’s live set, a trippy tribute to Donna Summer’s classic groover. Tracked to half-inch, 8-track tape using vintage recording equipment and analogue techniques, Secret Colours crafted both “Oblivion” and “I Feel Love” exclusively for their Hypnotic Bridge single. Recorded live in the studio to capture the energy and spontaneity of four musicians interacting, the band then added extra layers of fuzz, Mellotron, string synths, reverse guitar, and a plethora of tape delays to create a swirling, psychedelic haze that propels the music into new realms. 45 RPM $10 SKU:24069

BLUE CHEER -7 (1979- Rare look at the world’s first Heavy Metal Blues band!) Label:SHROOMANGEL A new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases Raw, heavy, and straight to the point—a rare and wonderful glimpse of Dickie Petersons Blue Cheer. Produced by Eric Albronda and Jim Keylor. Recorded at Army Street Studios in 1979. "Blue Cheer 7 represents a rare look at the world's first true Heavy Metal Blues Band during a late 70s reincarnation which was closest to the sound of their original great success with "Vincebus Eruptum," their million selling debut. "In 1972, the late Dickie Peterson, walked out of the studio after announcing Blue Cheer was finished, after punching his drummer in the mouth for trying to make him drink carrot juice. Despite a glowing review of their sixth LP, "Oh! Pleasant Hope!" by Lester Bangs in Rolling Stone, the band's demise was swift, and about as loud as one hand clapping. Peterson, by his own admission, struggled for years with drug and alcohol abuse, but wasn’t ready to give up on his band. In 1974, an association with Kim Fowley could not get the revamped Blue Cheer lineup a recording contract, though the demos they made together were quite good. Five years later, Dickie had another go at it, briefly enlisting guitarist, singer and songwriter Tony Rainier (whose older brother had been a Cheer roadie before dying in Vietnam) and drummer Michael Fleck." Packaged in a luxurious 6 panel digipac includes expanded artwork and seven additional bonus tracks not on the LP version! CD $10 SKU:24719

BLUE MAX -ST - LIMITED EDITION (Led Zep Jethro Tull style 1975 Canadian fuzz rarity) Label:GEAR FAB The rare 1975 LP recorded in the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia. Truly one of Canada's best unknown bands, the musical influences of Led Zepplin and Jethro Tull abound. Hard driving fuzz guitar, booming bass, and hard drumming come on each and every track. CD $10 SKU:20005

BLUES ROCK FESTIVAL/BEAT CLUB INTERNATIONAL (1970 blues psych) Label:GEAR FAB These two - complementary - exploitation albums, originally issued in Germany in 1970, compile tracks from late '60s budget lp's which were credited to (fictional) acts s.a. Brother T. & Family, Automatic Blues Inc. and Ten O'Clock Bubble Gum Train. Despite the variety of band names, all the songs on these albums were recorded by the same group of musicians, featuring (ex-)members of Hamburg-based bands The Tonics and German Bonds. If you fancy a catchy blend of old fashioned hard rock, blues rock, psych and prog, you're likely to enjoy this two-for-one cd-reissue immensely. Teutonic exploito rock at its very best! CD $10 SKU:18841

BLUES TRAIN -ST (1969 Chicago driving hard blues with great vocals)Label:GEAR FAB Ultra rare and hardly ever heard before Canadian blues band that took the hard driving Chicago Blues sound, spicing it up with riving fuzz and wahwah guitars. Pounding hammonds, blowing leslies, screaming harmonica and great vocals on top of it. Perhaps one of the best hard blues sounds you've ever heard. CD $10 SKU:21713

BLUNSTONE,COLIN -I Dont Believe in Miracles (70s ZOMBIES leader)-Label:Talking Elephant Records Colin Blunstone needs little introduction: he was a key member of The Zombies, and participated on various albums with The Alan Parsons Project. An excellent 16-song compilation assembled from Colin Blunstone's first three Epic solo albums. The individual albums, especially “One Year” and “Ennismore,” are worth owning intact, but this is a nice place to start. Blunstone possesses one of the most unique and underrated voices in contemporary music. This collection showcases both his voice and his considerable writing talents. The production and arrangements are excellent throughout and many of the songs have a truly haunting quality. CD $12 SKU:24836

BOBBY LEES -Skin Suit (produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion)Label:ALIVE CD DIGIPAK with 2 BONUS TRACKS (NOT ON THE VINYL) and a 6 PAGE BOOKLET.The BOBBY LEES’ album “Skin Suit” was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion. The Bobby Lees are a young bone-shaking Garage Rock band out of Woodstock, NY. This is punk rock music for the new millennium performed by a young band WITH attitude (the guitar player Nick recently turned 18). The future of rock begins anew with The Bobby Lees! CD $10 SKU:23159

BOBKAT 65 - This Lonely Road(60s garage style rock and roll) \- Label:GET HIP The songs range in style from upbeat moody ballads to beat-pounding, punk-tinged rants influenced by well-known ’60s Garage bands like The Dovers, Billy & The Kids, The Nightcrawlers, and Thursday’s Children and all delivered with BOBKAT ’65’s unique take on garage rock. CD $10 SKU:21925

BODKIN-ST (super rare, killer 1972 Scottish hard psych/prog)Label:SEELIE COURT 300 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters A super rare, killer 1972 Scottish hard psych/prog LP, full of solid organ work and heavy guitar riffing, sees a CD-reissue, with sound taken from the original tapes! CD $19 SKU:24694

BOJAK RETSIEM PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND (67 German explotation) LAST COPIES !-Label:GEAR FAB This 1967 German exploitation LP features fuzzed out vibrato guitar, wailing organs, and strong english vocakls very much like Hendrix, The Animals, Vanilla Fudge, and Iron Butterfly. A real psychedelic trip! CD $10 SKU:18725

BONGZILLA -WEEDSCONSIN (stoner psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS On the fringe of chaos, in the Year of the Pandemic, the Cannabeast has awoken!! Bongzilla is back with a full length album, 16 years since their last record. These "Pioneers of Weed Metal" would like to present 'Weedsconsin' to the universe. An album written by the three long standing original members of Bongzilla - Muleboy (bass, vocals), Spanky (guitar), and Magma (drums). Recorded and mixed by the late John Hopkins at Future Apple Tree Studios in Rock Island, Illinois in October 2020. These six tracks will blow your mind! In a single instant you are contaminated by the classic weed-infected sounds the band is known for, while also finding new elements mixed into the bowl. In the unique piece that is 'Weedsconsin', Bongzilla delivers heavy doses of crushing stoner doom and psychedelic space rock that sets it apart from earlier material. (That's why HPS Records is the perfect label to release this stuff). This record travels down a path of heavy riffs, mind-expanding jams, sonic tones, and stomping beats in the band's first release as a thunderous three piece, with Muleboy moving from guitar to bass. Approaching these songs as a three piece has created more space musically and allowed the band to showcase their musicianship in a different way. It results in a sound that is very heavy, along the lines of 'Gateway' tone-wise, but sonically more clear. The album is mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, Illinois, and Eli Quinn (Madison, Wisconsin) is the artist behind the astounding cover art. 'Weedsconsin' is dedicated to the memory of John Hopkins. CD $19 SKU:24514

BRADLEY, SID- CHILD OF THE SEA (70s psych pop/ proto power pop)Label:GUERSSEN Lost and found studio recordings (1971-79) by US singer-songwriter Sid Bradley including some of the sought-after 45 sides released with his band Erik in the early '70s plus fabulous previously unreleased tracks. This is serious stuff, folks!! Pro-sounding sound, ranging from fuzzed-out psychedelic hard-rock to psych-pop and proto-power pop. Master tape sound and insert with liner notes by Sid Bradley and Paul Osborne (Shindig!). CD $19 SKU:24579

BRAM STOKER -Heavy Rock Spectacular (1972 prog rock)Label:Talking Elephant Records Outstanding album of classic progressive rock (released in 1972), recorded by virtuoso musicians, miles ahead of Atomic Rooster, Black Widow et al. The founder and organist of Bram Stoker, Tony Bronsdon, was trained as classical musician, and didn't need to learn anything from Keith Emerson & Co. This is a unique masterpiece of progressive rock, brought to the point of perfection, with delighful organ (Hammond) solos laid over quite heavy pulsating drumming and and roaring guitars. Bram Stoker was formed in 1969 in their south coast home town of Bournemouth, England, UK. One of the early gigs was as support act for the Who at Bournemouth Pavilion. Roger Daltry asked for details of the band and invited them to record a demo album at his home in Berkshire. A few months later Bram Stoker was signed up to an independent label owned by Rolling Stones manager Tony Calder. Not to be missed! CD $10 SKU:24837

BROWN, STEVE -BAND- SOUL FULL OF SIN (obscure 70s jazz rock) Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)Steve Brown formed this outfit in 1971, and they quickly developed a tight style of cool but potent jazz rock, characterised by lengthy powerful instrumental breaks and sax, and infectious beats. An obscure band that has been garnering a massive live following in their native Newcastle area during the early to mid seventies. CD $20 SKU:24922

BUFFALO KILLERS- Let It Ride (produced by DAN of the BLACK KEYS ) - Label:ALIVE Sounds like the bastard sons of the James Gang and the Black Crowes. But like both
bands, the Buffalo Killers come by their sound naturally. It's organic, dripping with down home funk. - Real Detroit CD $10 SKU:23133

BUTTERSPRITES- ST (JAPANESE GIRL GARAGE)-Label:Dionysus Pan-Asian in a volcanic, Pacific Rim kinda way, the Buttersprites draw energy from downtown Tokyo, mossy Seattle pubs, cartoon monsters, and some glamorous parallel universe of glitter, cherry blossoms, and ersatz nurse uniforms. They are fierce, fun, fabulous, and now-y. Their simple and charming sound is like a soundtrack from eighties independent flick, sometimes sweet and sometimes punky, in Japanese and English lyrics. CD $5 SKU:18956

CALIBAN- INSANE MENTALITY(70s proto punk edged hardrock Who style) Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)Studio demos by Liverpool band Caliban, showing proto punk edged hardrock that conjurs elements of the Who, Stackwaddy, Third World War and Deep Purple, wild and aggressive singing and even an occasional hint of a Johnny Rotten-esque sneer and Daltrey stutter. CD $20 SKU:24923

CALIBAN - LIVE AT THE LAST NIGHT OF THE CAVERN(70s proto punk edged hardrock Who style) Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)An historic archival discovery. This is a live recording made at the last ever gig played at the old Cavern Club in Liverpool. Caliban rip through a set of confrontational punky hard rock in front of a partly bewildered audience, heavy riffs abound in a Deep Purple meets Third World War frenzy. CD $20 SKU:24924

CARS- Candy O SAALE Label:ELEKTRA/Rhino NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. CD $5 SKU:24441

CARSICKNESS- 1979-1982 (17-track retrospective album from seminal Pittsburgh Punk )-Label:GET HIP 17-track retrospective album from seminal Pittsburgh Punk band! Remastered from original masters for best possible in-your-face sound. These songs stand the test of time and show a band full of raw talent and originality. Liner notes by Michael Chabon. CD $10 SKU:22754

CENTURY EXPANDED CONCERT-Concerto For Wah Wah- (Prev unknown early 70s psych gem)Label:GEAR FAB Wow!! What a find!! A previously unknown Gem from early 1970. Originally released on the ultra-rare Perspection label, this Psychedelia Jam features two long tracks of Wah Wah, fuzz and tremolo dueling guitars, spacey vibes and percussion, and an overall trippy sound reminiscent of the Summer Of Love San Francisco sound CD $10 SKU:18839

CHAINO - Eye of the Spectre (50s African percussion genius )-Label:DIONYSUS n the '50s Kirby Allen recorded a stack of albums and 45s with African percussion genius CHAINO. All this stuff is now very collectable amongst Incredibly Strange Music-lovers. An unbelievably eye-catching cover (especially when you know it was originally released in 1957) houses Chaino's most savage percussive outing. "Eye" contains a generous serving of sensual rhythms and gut wrenching screams as recorded at the world famous Gold Star Studios in the late 1950s, with producer Kirby Allan doing his best to make a seduction album that would have couples in a humping frenzy by the end of the first side! CD $5 SKU:19840

CHAINS- On TOp of Things (60s garage style)-Label:GET HIP While the Chains hew closely to the early garage formula -- that is, more jangly than fuzzed-out and tuned down low, and tweaking it enough to make it their own, they breakaway on occasion, as if to prove they're aware it's 2003, not 1966 CD $10 SKU:21926

CHAMELEON- Rising (70s Texas)-Label:SHROOMANGEL a new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases "Beginning in the early 1970’s and continuing until 1980, this relatively unknown band from Houston managed to record a stunning collection of songs that are the musical expression of the word Chameleon. Twisting and turning, changing colors, leaping out of your speakers at times with unbridled ferocity- this band will hold your attention throughout the 70+ minutes contained on this disc. Musicians Spencer Clark (guitars, vocals), Mike Huey (drums), Craig Gysler (keys, vocals), and Rick Huey (bass) rounded out the mid 70’s line-up with a key change being made later in 1978 with the addition of Marty Naul (Oz Knozz) on drums. The band’s sound and style reflect the artists they listened to and loved yet at the same time they managed to craft their own unique tones. One may hear reflections of Peter Gabriel era Genesis, Canterbury heavyweights Camel, King Crimson, Dixie Dregs, and Eloy in their music (emphasis mine)." •Previously unreleased vintage studio tracks spanning 1976 to 1978 •Chameleon to be featured in an upcoming edition of Progression Magazine. CD $10 SKU:24720

STEMS - Terminal Cool (83-86 gorgeous pop garage)- Label:GET HIP This brilliant retrospective captures a confident, self-assured band recorded during those hallmark years of ‘83 – ’86, and proves that Australia’s Stems were indeed an extremely varied animal. Brimming with gorgeous pop melodies alongside great garage rock riffs and backbeats, this collection effectively showcases their versatility. This reissue includes 21 golden greats that covers alot of ground from the Fuzztone hits “She’s A Monster” and “Tears Me In Two,” to the bluesy garage stomp of “On And On” ” to the pure pop goodness of “Can’t Forget That Girl”. And there’s no denying the riff rocking prowess of the Byrdsian “Love Will Grow” and the psychedelic snarl of “Jumping To Conclusions.” Top notch ressue here with interesting liner notes and this reissue also includes 5 unreleased bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:21868

BEAT FROM 20.000 GARAGES-Rebels 3 (Pebbles/Nuggets style comp)Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. This is Raving Pop Blast!'s third in the series of 'Rebels' albums. Real music played by real people. It's garage rock, garage punk, rock and roll, modernist grooves, pop-psych... it's weird and it's wonderful. COMP LP $32 SKU:24760

KEYSTONE EFFECT VOL.1:1964-74 -14 LOST GARAGE & PSYCHEDELIC TRACKS FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN UNDERGROUND - SALE! -Label:FRANKLIN 14 LOST GARAGE & PSYCHEDELIC TRACKS FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN UNDERGROUND'. A collection of obscure, forgotten or never released mid-'60s/early-'70s garage and psychedelic rarities from the Keystone state. Limited 300 copies only, so order fast! COMP LP $20 SKU:17888

PEBBLES - Vol 12- MINT! LAST COPYLabel:AIP Get a piece of history from the BOMP WAREHOUSE. Almost gone forever. (AIP 10002) Teddy Boys, Vejtables, Outcasts, etc COMP LP $25 SKU:23759

PEBBLES VOL 11979 RARE FIRST COVER Label:BFD Very rare, this is the first REAL cover for Pebbles, the first one was a xerox. solid blue label COMP LP $50 SKU:22494

SCRAP METAL -Volume 1- Excavated Heavy Metal From the Era of Excess (70s and 80s rarities) limited "Blood Splatter" colored vinyl.- Label:RIDING EASY SCRAP METAL -Volume 1- Excavated Heavy Metal From the Era of Excess (70s and 80s rarities) limited "Blood Splatter" colored vinyl.- Label:RIDING EASY Brown Acid & Scrap Metal series are created and compiled by L.A. based Riding Easy Records and Permanent Records. By now you’re probably familiar with our wildly popular Brown Acid series of rare, lost and unreleased proto-metal and stoner rock singles from the 60s-70s. In the endless pursuit of those glorious gems, we often uncover equally brilliant rarities from the late-70s to late-80s Golden Age of Heavy Metal that also just must be heard, but they don’t fit the series’ aesthetic. Scrap Metal: Volume 1 collects some of the greatest unknown and lost Heavy Metal tracks, long buried beneath the avalanche of the era’s classic output. COMP LP $28 SKU:24843

SINCLAIR, JOHN/ MC5 WAYNE KRAMER - 10” -FRIDAY THE 13th- 1995 recording LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE RECORDS Rare recording from the early 90’s, and an homage to John Lennon.
COMP LP $20 SKU:14098

Best of neo-garage & psychedelia

In September 1995, a new program psychedelised the Canal B (France) schedules.

It's been 20 years now that the Stoned Circus progam moved on from the '60s to modern day times, exploring garage rock, psychedelic music, rock'n'roll, soul music... In short, all genres in which fuzz and farfisa flow freely.

To celebrate their anniversary, Stoned Circus gathered some tracks of today's best garage and psychedelic bands for this vinyl only compilation. COMP LP $25 SKU:17227

SURFBEAT BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN -Planetary Pebbles 1 (Primitive, rare Eastern European 60s garage) ONE ONLY! Label:AIP Featuring underground garage and surf rock musical artists east of the Iron Curtain that were recorded between 1963 and 1966. It is the first installment of the Planetary Pebbles series, which was a sub-series to the Pebbles series, and was released on AIP Records, on August 12, 1997 .Considering the Eastern European bands represented had little opportunity to record, the tracks are primitive in comparison to their Western contemporaries. Nonetheless, the album includes arguably among the rarest material available in the Pebbles series extensive catalog. COMP LP $50 SKU:22300

WHO WILL BUY THESE WONDERFUL EVILS...- vol 4 LTd 500 ( The Pebbles of Sweden. 60s rare psych ) Label:HOTSTUFF The Pebbles series of Sweden. Great selection of rare tracks from swedish 1967-1973 freakbeat, psychpop, Hard rock, progressive etc.Supercool laminated sleeve and inner sleeve with extensive track information. 500 copies vinyl only compilation. COMP LP $22 SKU:14608

WOODSTOCK TWO- 50th Anniversary -Orange and Green vinyl DOUBLE LP set of the 1971 Soundtrtack Label:COTILLION /Rhino SHRNK WRAPPED BUT SLIGHT CORNER DAMAGE scUFF These are the hard to find COLORED VINYL VERSIONS with the hype stickers! This is the second live album featuring additional performances from the Woodstock festival. Features additional performances by The Butterfield Blues Band, Canned Heat, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and more. COMP LP $40 SKU:23741

DRAGSTRIP 77- Sin City Hotrods (Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo) -Label:DIONYSUS Produced by the legendary Ronnnie Weiser of Rolling Rock Records. Dragstrip 77 is Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo, bringin' to you no-holes-barred rockin! LP $5 SKU:19832

DUKES OF KENT -WELCOME TO THE OAST HOUSE (blend of rock/psych/power pop/folk) Label:SUGARBUSH Recorded between 2010 and 2012, this great album is the first by this band which includesthe duo of MARKUS HOLLER & CHRIS GUSSMAN. Recorded in rural Crowborough, this album of 9 songs blends 70s style Rock, Psych & Folk as well as Power Pop. The songs are filled melodic hooks and deeply personal lyrics while guitars jangle and chime and play stunning solos. Each song springs excellent surprises and as a whole this album will please any fan of 1960s / 70s American Guitar Music. The boys are big fans of ROLLING STONES, ALLMAN BROTHERS, NEIL YOUNG, TOM PETTY, CHEAP TRICK, HENDRIX as well as many more and each of those artists has influenced this LP. Markus has previously played with SILENT BLUE, THE FORTUNATE SONS, THE ORGONE BOX while Lead Guitarist Chris Gussman has his own band KINKY MACHINE who released a rollicking CD some years back. WELCOME TO THE OAST house is limited to 500 copies on vinyl. LP $25 SKU:24609

EDEN ROSE-On The Way To Eden (1969 Proto-progressive, groovy instrumental psych SAALE!Label:GUERSSEN HEAVY CARDBOARD COVER + OBI+ RESEALABLE OUTER SLEEVE Proto-progressive, groovy instrumental psychedelia, recorded in France in 1969 by this pre-Sandroseband and released on the tiny Katema label.Swirling Hammond grooves by keyboard virtuoso Henri Garella, top guitar playing by Jean-Pierre Alacen and a tight, funky rhythm section create one of the best early prog/psych French albums ever. First reissued on Guerssen back in 2016 and out of print for many years, here's a repress in hard cardboard sleeve + OBI - resealable outer sleeve. LP $25 SKU:23703

EX NORWEGIAN-Hue SPotting( POWER POP PSYCH) SAALE-Label:BEYOND BEFORE On their 10th studio album, Ex Norwegian take a psychedelic trip driving thru progressive pop territories under multi-coloured skies with 10 original tracks sending a love letter to classic British psychedelia. LP $15 SKU:23526

EXNOVIOS -UN NUEVA DIA (mix of Spacemen 3 and 60s Spanish pop!) SAALE! Label:MUNSTER 'Un Nueva Dia' is the third album by Spanish band Exnovios, a group that has been described as a blend of Spacemen 3 influences and the best of Spanish '60s pop. These 10 stunning, uncompromised, fuzz-infused, neo-psychedelic pop tunes, full of brilliant melodies, will surely make you smile. LP $25 SKU:24712

FANTASY - BEYOND THE BEYOND (1974 ultimate lost UK prog )Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Recorded in 1974, mellotron-driven, prog-rock masterpiece . Hailed by many as the ultimate lost UK prog album, this is the Sptecial 25th Anniversary edition, celebrating its belated release on Valentine's Day 19CLEAR SPOT 92. Limited to just 500 numbered copies on heavy 180-gram vinyl and housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with band photos, song lyrics and updated liner notes by Pete Sarfas, 'Beyond The Beyond' remains a haunting and timeless classic. LP $28 SKU:24745

FIVE DAY RAIN - ST (Rare 1970 UK psych with insert and liners)P Label:SOMMER Originally only manufactured as an extremely rare test pressing, this fabulous UK psych and proto-prog album from 1970 is now available with remastered audio and renewed artwork. The members of Five Day Rain had connections to a.o. Scots Of St. James, Fleur De Lys, Iron Prophet and Hopscotch. The LP includes an insert with detailed liner notes, rare photographs and memorabilia. LP $26 SKU:24150

FLAMIN GROOVIES / CHRIS WILSON, DANNY MIHM & JAMES FARRELL -Back On The Barbary Coast ONE ONLY! Label:MARILYN Ex-Flamin' Groovies 93 studio reunion with Mike Wilhelm (Charlatans, Loose Gravel). Nice cover of “Sympathy For The Devil”. Warehouse find. LP $30 SKU:13107

FLUX-ST (1973 monsterpiece King Crimson style) GATEFOLD Label:SEELIE COURT Searing art rock monsterpiece dominated by a relentlessly coruscating lead guitar sonic attack as if played by a demonically possessed John McLaughlin. Flux is ex-Babe Ruth, ex-Motiffe, with lead guitar by John Grimaldi before he joined Argent and worked on their prog masterpiece 'Circus'. This LP is taken from a mono mastertape recorded on a BBC Mobile Unit at a live gig in 1973. A shocked Record Mirror journalist witnessed the concert and described it in a published Record Mirror review as 'a new form of music'. Sound quality is great and this is a band in top form playing exactly what they want, in a zone a bit like King Crimson's 'Red', but with insane guitar leads that bludgeon the listener to death. The vocalist later joined Italian prog rockers Flea On The Honey. Play this with a hangover and you will die in screaming agony. One very short track, and four very long ones. The gig ended with an IRA bomb scare. Yes really. LP $28 SKU:24151

FOX- For Fox Sake (1970 UK PSYCH ZOMBIES STYLE)- Label:SOMMER Originally released in 1970 but sounding more akin to ‘67-68, “For Fox Sake” is a superb example of UK psych, highly recommended if you’re into APPLE, KOOBAS, ZOMBIES, OCTOPUS, SKIP BIFFERTY, SPENCER DAVIS GROUP, RUBBLES. First ever vinyl reissue with original UK artwork. Remastered sound and insert with photos / memorabilia plus liner notes by band member Steve Brayne. Formed in Brighton in 1968 with roots to the mod-soul scene, The Fox consisted of Steve (Stephen) Brayne on lead guitar & vocals, Winston Weatherill (ex-Gary Farr & The T-Bones) on lead guitar & sitar, Alex Lane on keyboards & vocals, Tim Reeves on drums and Dave Windross on bass. During their brief existence they supported The Herd and opened for David Bowie. Their sound was loud and righteous with great vocal harmonies, tight rhythm section and wonderful keyboard /guitar solos. After getting signed to a London management, they recorded their only LP in one session and they had it released in the UK on the Fontana label and on the USA on Crewe, featuring a different cover. Sadly, the band broke up following year and since the inclusion of “Butterfly” in one of the Rubbles comps several decades later, they've become a cult group among psych collectors LP $25 SKU:22891