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NERVEBREAKERS - I Wanna Kill You / They Were Doing the Pogo COLOR VINY Legendary 70s punkers - Label:GET HIP Legendary Texas first generation seventies punk rockers the Nervebreakers reunited in 2007. This brand new single features an original 1977 alternate track from their latest Get Hip LP “Hijack The Radio” while the B-side premieres "They Were Doin' The Pogo" 45 RPM $6 SKU:16494

ORIGINAL PANTHER BURNS OGPB (TAV FALCO) -ROCK ME/WHISTLEBLOWER BLUES-Label:SPACECASE Lo-fi and direct, this is a great single by Tav Falco and Ross Johnson. If you dug 'Behind the Magnolia Curtain' and 'Panther Phobia', you're also going to want this one. Limited to 500 copies, this record will not be repressed! 45 RPM $12 SKU:19363

RHINO 39- Xerox ( 70s punk)-Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) Then we put out a single by Rhino 39, named for a famous virus on the Lysol can. They were a group of high school kids from Long Beach who passed as a powerful and clever punk band. . . . Just really great kids -- demented and fun-loving in a way I admired. Their manic speed of delivery bordered on speed metal, but these kids had taste and talent to burn, and there was never the slightest tinge of hatred in their message." --David Brown 45 RPM $10 SKU:17612

GUNSMOKE VOL 1-10” oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early 60s-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The first volume in a new limited edition series on Stag-O-Lee. Limited to 666 copies and packaged in a nice 10-inch sleeve with a hole, this is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early 60s. So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the soundtrack from a jukebox in a ghost town... For the best results, listen after dark! COMP LP $17 SKU:19640

JIGSAW PUZZLE- Vol. #1 RARE 18 U.K. '60S/'70S PSYCH GEMS -Label:BOSS A TONE This is a wonderful compilation offering 18 psychedelic gems from the UK's late '60s-early '70s underground, selected by DJ Max Savana. COMP LP $22 SKU:17387

KATANGA -: Exotic Music from the Jungle 10” (50S AND 60S)Label:DOGHOUSE AND BONE Folks, welcome to Bongo Land! Katanga gathers 10 irresistible tracks of vintage exotica from the '50s and '60s and commits them to 10 inches of pristine wax. Features songs by Incredible Bongo Band, Dave Clark Five, Preston Epps and more! (2014) COMP LP $18 SKU:19579

LAS VEGAS GRIND- Vol. 2 GATEFOLD Louies Limbo Lounge ( 50s/60s Obscure Gems ) -Label:CRYPT Remastered release, now with gatefold sleeve. Track list and covers differ from the original. COMP LP $15 SKU:16951

LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS - VOL 8 GATEFOLD HEARTBROKEN AMERICAN GARAGE JANGLE MISERY 1965-1967-Label:CRYPT 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk MISERY - garage punk SADness in gatefold sleeved luxury with liner notes, band photos and label scans. (Note: This is an entirely new series and none of these tracks were on the old series 'Garage Punk Unknowns'). COMP LP $16 SKU:17687

LEGEND CITY - Ferocious mid 60s gems from the vaults of Phoenix’s Viv Debra Studios 65-67 LAST COPIES Label:BACCHUS The first in a series of comps detailing the mid-'60s garage scene in Phoenix, Arizona. 18 lethal fuzz-stompers, rave-ups, folk rock janglers and psychedelic freak-outs from the vaults of Viv Records. The Door Nobs, The Hearsmen, Destiny's Children, The Outcasts, The Wild Flowers (Michael Bruce pre-Alice Cooper) and more! Detailed liner notes and photos of all bands COMP LP $10 SKU:17521

MAGIC CUBE (10")- Early psych comp 10” lilac vinyl- Label:FEED THE MIND RELEASED FOR RECORD STORE DAY 2017, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! - One of the earliest psychedelic compilations, and probably the strangest, is 'The Magic Cube', which appeared in 1982 as a limited edition 9-inch flexi-disc housed in a card envelope. When opened it unleashed a pop-up psychedelic cardboard cube. Purportedly the product of the same deranged collector mind who gave the world the first 'Acid Dreams' compilation, 'The Magic Cube' certainly contains some killer US '60s garage-/psych-punk. Now reissued in the original -but improved- packaging, and pressed on 10-inch soft lilac vinyl, 'The Magic Cube' awaits once again to pop up and plunge into your fragile eggshell mind. Limited to 1.000 copies. TRACKS: 1. Frontpage News - Thoughts 2. Bedlam Four - Hydrogen Atom 3. The Rising Storm - Frozen Laughter 4. Unrelated Segments - Cry Cry Cry 5. Painted Faces - I Lost You In My Mind 6. Children Of The Mushroom - You Can't Erase A Mirror 7. Burgundy Run - Stop! 8. Indian Puddin' And Pipe - Hashish 9. Kenny & His Friends - The Raven Pt. 1 COMP LP $25 SKU:18578

COSMIC DEAD -ECCIE BAM YAS, E?Label:MONORAIL Eccie Bam Yas, E?' began life as a meditative piece rather than the rocket-fuelled out-rock the band is more associated with. Spliced and reformed by the band, using jams and improvised sets taken from the 'Rainbowhead' recordings in Kyle of Lochalsh, a small village in the North of Scotland. In this remote setting the band recorded a myriad of improvised pieces inspired by the rural surroundings. The resulting material was then scattered across the three albums 'Easterfaust' (2014), 'Rainbowhead' (2016) and 'Eccie BamYas, E?' (2017). LP $22 SKU:18801

COSMIC DEALER- Crystallization DBL LP 180 gram ( 60s Dutch psych ) gatefold sleeve loaded with rare photos and liner notes by Mike Stax from UGLY THINGS - Label:PSEUDONYM RECORDS (NETHERLANDS) Formed in Dordrecht in 1968, Cosmic Dealer were one of the most gifted Dutch bands to emerge from Hollands rich psychedelic scene. Their only album, Crystallization, has come to be regarded as an underground classic with copies changing hands among collectors for ungodly sums of money. This expanded, double-disc 180gm vinyl edition presents the Crystallization LP in its entirety, along with a trove of previously unreleased demos and live tracks, all mastered in ear-caressing fidelity from the original tapes. Bonus material includes the thrilling instrumental Fast, taken from a live radio session, single mixes of The Scene and Head In The Clouds, and a handful of 1971-73 demos. It comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve loaded with rare photos and liner notes by Mike Stax from UGLY THINGS magazine. HOUSED IN MAJESTIC 350 GRAMS GATEFOLD SLEEVE and REMASTERED IN THE 24-BIT DOMAIN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES LP $25 SKU:14083

COWBOYS & ALIENS-A TRIP TO THE STONEHENGE COLONY(STONER ROCK)CLEAR VINYL-Label:OFF THE RECORD LABEL Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl. For the first time on vinyl comes this iconic debut album (originally from 2000) by Belgian stonerrock legends Cowboys & Aliens. Often stated as "groove rock" and a superb combination of the old classic bands, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and some of the more modern pioneers such as QOTSA and Monster Magnet. LP $19 SKU:19374

CRYSTALAUGUR -Terranaut (Ultimate 70s underground, lo-fi, psychedelic private press)-Label:OUT-SIDER Ultimate underground, lo-fi, psychedelic private press album recorded in Singapore by four US teens in 1975. Loose feel, raw sound, spacey prog /funk touches, sound effects and some proto-DIY, pre-punk vibes which bring to mind Velvet Underground or avant-garage 70s Cleveland bands like Pere Ubu but also hard-rockers ala Pink Fairies or Stray. Crystalaugur was formed by four young ex-pats attending school in Singapore in the early 70s: Howard Kukla, Kim Bengs, Bryan Hall and Guy Rittger. For most of them this was their first serious musical experience. “Terranaut” was recorded on a 4-track machine and subsequently released by the band in a private edition of 200 copies on their own Warped Records imprint. Bootlegged many times over the years, we present the first ever legit reissue of this “lost-in-time” psychedelic artefact. *First ever legit reissue done with the band’s involvement. *Insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Got Kinda Lost, Ugly Things), explaining the fascinating story behind Crystalaugur and debunking many myths and false rumours about the band and their only album. *LP housed in an old- school- style tip-on sleeve. *Featured in Hans Pokora's ‘Record Collector Dream’s book with the maximum scale rarity. “…Terranaut is a rollicking, rumbling and lightly ramshackle bomb of cosmic teenage hard rock informed by an infatuation with the early rumblings of progressive rock (given a proto-punk edge by the discontent of the group’s constituents).” – Jeremy Cargill LP $15 SKU:19566

D- MEN - I Wanna Shout 4 page insert (US mid 1960's Garage Rock and Roll.)- Label:BREAKAWAY Take the 14 tunes of this platter, add a band named The D-Men, and you've got a driving, shaking demonstration of US mid 1960's british invasion influenced Garage Rock and Roll. The D-Men are best remembered today for their minor hit success with 45’s such as “I Just Don’t Care” or “So Little Time”. Their biggest success and recognition though, came in 1967 under their new name “The Fifth Estate” when they charted nationwide with their baroque rock adaptation “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead”. But it’s the 1964 – 66 recorded tracks on this platter which were first played to the neighbourhood kids and then to wild fans which often brought the house down. Included are “Boom Boom," "Hi Heel Sneakers," and their unreleased demo recording of The Stones "Empty Heart". This punctuates its garage rock beat, with a fuzz ing deep guitar riff and sing ing with the sinister resentment that certifies the track as Nuggets ready. But the band had much more to provide than just cover material. With a gift for writing hooks and catchy melodies a string of excellent originals exposes the hidden side of The D-Men perfectly. "Like I Love You" recaptures the Anglopop charms of the British Invasion, even self-consciously sprinkling Fab Four-isms. "Don't You Know," is a song laced with the organ and guitar interplay ideally suited to take on The Animals, The Searchers, and The Dave Clark Five. More Beatlesque notions are provided in "Love Could Show Me", "I Just Don’t Care" and "Don't You Know," tracks that typify the group's early Merseybeat style. A long lost punk rock gem such as "When I'm Gone" explodes with all the subtlety of The Kingsmen's "Long Green" mugging The Kinks' "Till The End Of The Day," as Paul Revere and The Raiders' "Just Like Me" gets ready to pounce. The outstanding “So Little Time”, earned meager attention beyond the regional market. In truth, it deserves a place among the great, if overlooked, slices of hard-edged East Coast folk rock. All these tracks make up a significant part of the group's legacy. A legacy that will only be complete with such recordings as "It's Cruel," the psychedelic "Night On Fire," and the explosive live recording of "I Wanna Shout". This collection has the flamable stuff of the mid 60s beat generation – it’s something the kids could shake it up to. If you didn’t do then, do it now! The disc features painstakingly remastered sound and a 4-page insert with rare photos from the band’s scrapbook and a detailed band history written by Joseph Tortelli LP $15 SKU:16045

DANGEROUS RHYTHM- ST (1978 Mexican punk) Label:BEAT GENERATION (Spain) This first vinyl reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and features replica cover art and insert plus a new article written by Piro. Edition of 500.
Dangerous Rhythm formed in Mexico in August 1978 and can claim to be one of the first punk bands in the country. Piro, the band's vocalist, immersed himself in the whole Los Angeles scene, and was in contact with the Chicano side of the city through Tito Larriva from The Plugz and other bands from the area like Circle Jerks, Fear, and Black Flag. The impact of punk classics like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, or the Ramones obviously had an influence on the sound of the group. Dangerous Rhythm never forgot their family tree, absorbing large doses of unconventional rock like the New York Dolls, The Stooges, and Lou Reed. All these elements helped the band forge their own style and sound, starting with songs sung mostly in English and vibrant, direct melodies. After laying the foundations of the non-existent punk scene and recording their debut, Electroshock, they released their first eponymous LP in 1981. It was released by Hip 70, a label run by Armando Blanco, who owned the club of the same name, which was the focal point of the Mexican scene in the '80s. Key figures of '70s counterculture like Ricardo Ochoa (Peace and Love, Nahuatl) and veterans like Max Reese (sound engineer for Tom Petty) collaborated on the recording, which was then mastered by Wally Traugott, who worked on the live album The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl (1977). The end result was mind-blowing and shows a band with nerve that played new wave with a punk rhythm. LP $10 SKU:17205

DEADBEAT POETS -EL CAMINO REAL 101 (THE BEST OF) With Frank Sechich of the Dead Boys and Blue Ash)-Label:YATC SPANISH IMPORT After his adventures in Blue Ash (1969-79), the Dead Boys Stiv Bators (1979-81) and Club Wow (1982-85) , Frank Secich ' adopted ' as a manager and producer Ohio 's band , The Infidels (Pete Drivere , John T. Hlumyk and John Koury). And with them, 20 years later, he formed (in 2007) the Deadbeat Poets with whom has been drawing a great career that now summarized in an LP titled ' El Camino Real 101' also it includes 3 new songs . LP $12 SKU:17631

DEVIL'S ANVIL -HARD ROCK FROM THE MIDDLE EAST(ULTRA-RARE PSYCHEDELIC 1967)Label:MUSIC ON VINYL Reissue ULTRA-RARE PSYCHEDELIC 1967 hard-rock album from US studio formation DEVIL'S ANVIL. Oriental (Turkish, Arab and Greek) tunes blown to pieces by PSYCH EFFECTS and FUZZ. Produced by Felix Pappalardi. LP $24 SKU:19623


OLIVERS - I Saw What You Did (60s garage)-Label:BREAK A WAY BW BEEKER ST. Single Release with original Picture Sleeve: "The Olivers, from Fort Wayne, Indiana evolved out of the Serfmen, a very popular band in the region, that had already released two nowadays rare 45's on their own Nemfres label. When the Serfmen signed with Dino Enterprises, an Indianabased agency in 1966, original member Greg Church left the band and was replaced by Billy Franze from another local group, The Unexpected. The Band then moved in a more British invasion direction for their music and outfit and changed name to "The Olivers". The line-up at the time consisted of Jay Penndorf (guitar, vocals), Chuck Hamrick (drums), Carl Aldrich (keyboards, vocals) and Billy Franze (bass, vocals). The group's sole 7" release, 'I Saw What You Did' b/w 'Beeker Street' was recorded at Cap Studios in Portage, MI and was released with a Picture Sleeve later that year on the local Phalanx Label. The single got picked up by RCA Records for nationwide release and is rated today as one of the best and most exciting double sided major label garage 45s of the 1960s. Break-A-Way has re-issued the 45 with its original front sleeve and a newly designed backcover featuring a short band history and unseen pictures." 500 copies only 45 RPM $8 SKU:14567

PURPLE MERKINS - Dig It 60s garage punk 4 songs - Label:DIONYSUS PICTURE SLEEVE. Using roughly the same lineup from The Marshmallow Overcoat, Ti60’S STYLE GARAGE PUNK mothy Gassen formed THE PURPLE MERKINS as a one-off "side-band." Despite all intentions, the '66-styled garage punk prank soon developed into a continuing project, with recordings and releases spurting out from 1992-1998. 45 RPM $5 SKU:7487

AGAPE -The Problem Is Sin: Live And Unreleased (1973 blazing acid jam but with Jesus!)-Label:HIDDEN VISION Collection of rare material, much of it only previously available on an extremely rare promo-only 8-track tape (!) from one of the first hard rock Jesus music bands, formed around the talent of Fred Caban during the early stages of what became known as the Jesus People movement. Most of it is live from 1973, the stand-outs being a blazing acid jam versions of ‘Wouldn’t it Be a Drag’ and ‘Change of Heart’, live at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. Upon graduating from high school in the spring of 1968, Hendrix-influenced guitarist Fred Caban and his bandmates squeezed into a small Volkswagen van in search of venues to perform. One night, at Huntington Beach's Lightclub, they met a group of enthusiastic teenagers whom Caban described as being "totally immersed with the message of Christ." Though not totally understanding the "Lightclubber's” message, Caban began praying for an introduction to "whomever was out there." When he returned to the van he shared his experience and found that fellow bandmate Jeff Newman had also undergone a spiritual conversion. Caban formed another band naming it Agape, the Greek word for God's love. Having established himself as a guitarist of some merit, the band capitalized on his name to gather crowds. Agape's vision became evangelistic–desiring to share their experience with their peers. "We'd play one or two songs, we'd jam, we'd blow them away and then boom, we'd start preaching..... and people would actually stick around and listen." Within six months a group of fifty young converts had joined the trio as a loose amalgamation of spiritually searching teenagers who gathered together for Bible studies and strategy sessions to promote the band's concerts. CD $8 SKU:19053

AL UNIVERSO - Viajero Del Espacio (1975 Remastered sound and nice paper-sleeve mini-LP replica. ) - Label:ORFEON 1975 Mexican album with Jorge Reyes (Chac Mool fame). Rock with some classical influence, blues and jazz....a special sounding progressive rock disc in result. Remastered sound and n14ice paper-sleeve mini-LP replica.” CD $9 SKU:15116

ALEX- ST PLUS THATS THE DEAL (1976 TURK ROCK)Label:GERMANOFON His first two LP's from 1974 and 1976 on one CD, complete and with all original jacket artwork and lyrics. Now performs as Alex Oriental Experience. "A singer and multi instrumentalist from Cologne who released several albums which were strongly influenced by the ethnic music of Turkey. His first two albums are now eagerly hunted by collectors, as they featured a unique style of 'Turk-Rock' with stunning baglama solos (this is a kind of three-stringed Turkish guitar)! They were recorded with the help of Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit (possibly adding bass and drums on certain tracks?) at Can's Inner Space studio, so take note all you Can collectors!" (Cosmic Dreams At Play) and from elsewhere: “Magnificent Kraut meets Oriental albums by one of the considered pioneers of the genre. Members of Can participated in these first two records (including Jaki Liebezeit, Helmut Hattler, Horst Stachelhaus, and others). These two first records of Alex Wiska came with simply his name, Alex, and are very oriental/Turkish rock oriented. His later records under the name Alex Oriental Experience are much more space rock/kraut oriented. Many comparisons were made with the Turkish band Cem Karaca. Great saz tunes by Alex and good accompanied by some of the brightest names of German rock scene. Highly recommended... not to be missed!” CD $8 SKU:19034

ALPAY- YETKE (70s TURKISH FUZZ PSYCH) - Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS IIn Turkey, psychedelia wasnt just some fleeting fad. Fuzzed-out guitar shredding genuinely intersected with some of the goals of traditional folk & classical music. As a result, even former twist singers & folk balladeers explored some fascinating & wild territory. Meet Alpay, the soccer player turned lawyer turned singer who started matching local lyrics to Western arrangements even before the mid-60s countrywide battle of the bands concerts. These early 70s singles lay down doleful Anatolian melodies, and they're simply soaking in heavy & wah-ed out guitar solos. If you're ready to go beyond Baris & Erkin, this is the perfect spot. Remastered Sound, insert / booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records CD $10 SKU:19200

APHRODITE'S CHILD - It’s Five O Clock (1969 pop psych)Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) The first single, ‘Let Me Love, Let Me Live,’ released in October 1969, made it to a number one position in the French charts, but it was the B-side ‘Marie Jolie’ that was most popular in the rest of Europe. The title track ‘It's Five O'clock’ quickly followed the same path; released in December 1969, it did well in the charts of many European countries. Dream-like, baroque, carefully crafted pop/psych with English lyrics, in some ways very much in the style of English bands of the era, but with that little twist that makes it very special; three bonus tracks include rare singles; lyrics and photos too in the 16-page booklet. CD $10 SKU:18951

ARAGON-BAILE CON LOS (Latin, R&B and classic 50s-style rock 'n' roll) RARE MEXICAN MINI LP SLV -Label:VAM A terrific mambo rock album, the cover of Baile con los Aragon shows the group posing with Latino percussion instruments and electric guitars, which gives you a pretty good idea of what this record's about (we're still trying to figure out that deer in the background, though). The group blends Latin, R&B and classic 50s-style rock 'n' roll with skill and panache and the results are great. A really unique and fun album with an incessant tropical groove. CD $12 SKU:19583

AVE ROCK - ST (70s space psych)Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) Excellent debut album from one of Argentina’s best groups, which included Daddy Antogna from Orion’s Beethoven; very spacey psychedelic progressive from 1974, featuring the sweet ‘Ausencia’, the moody ‘El absurdo y la melodía’, and the great guitars and organ of ‘Gritos’; the best track might well be the long improvised instrumental ‘Viva Bélgica’; a very good effort, full of shifting rhythms and rich melodies. “Ave Rock were Argentina’s version of a progressive Deep Purple; great guitar driven heavy prog/psych drenched in tons of Hammond organ. Songs are very well developed with some nice mood variations and dynamic arrangements. Although there are some vocals they play a minor role as the album is mostly instrumental. The entire album is pretty trippy and spacey, with tons of guitar, bass, drum and Hammond interplay. In many ways this album reminds me of bands from the Ital-prog genre. Clearly one of the classics of Argentinian rock, and a fantastic record. CD $10 SKU:18952

BILLY BOND Y LA PESADA- Volumen 3-4 (heavy psych 1972)- Label:CLOUD FOREST A wildly eclectic brew of driving heaviness, looser trippiness, and even some delicate moments from Billy Bond -- a more freewheeling and ambitious mix of post psychedelic wildness from Brazil's Billy Bond & co! Volume 3 from 1972 is made up of 2 lengthy suites, " Lado 1 -- Acustico" and "Lado 2 -- Eectrica Camplementaria". The former is surprisingly lean in spots, with some folky psychedelia in the blender. The latter is full of abrupt, dramatic stop-start dynamics. Volume 4 from '73 includes "No Nos Paran Mas", "Hacia Algun Lugar", Gracias Al Cielo", "Estamos Hartos", "Ano 1939", "Algo Esta Por Suceder" and more. This one is more of a wild and wooly rock & roll set, and a deliciously unpredictable one! CD $10 SKU:7409

BLUE THINGS - Let The Blues Things Blow your Mind W BOOKLET liners, photos ( dbl cd 60s garage psych ) DBL -Label:CICADELIC Amazing retrospective by beloved 60's Garage band! 65 tracks including early recordings by Blueboys plus all recorded output, live and demos by Bluethings. Alsio includes great booklet with in-depth liner notes, photos and very detailed info. Ltd. CD $15 SKU:19791

BODO MOLITOR- Hits Internacionales (ultra-rare 60s Mexican psych holy grail for collectors paper-sleeve mini-LP replica. ) -Label:VAM MEXICO Official master-tape reissue of this ultra-rare Mexican garage psych record that's a holy grail for collectors. Globe-trotting artist Bodo Molitor may have been born in Germany, but he’ll forever be associated with the psychedelic scene in Mexico. In addition to creating the zoomorphic art for his own bizarre album, he also created the psychedelic art for the Kaleidoscope album, for La Libre Expresion, and for his brother Reinhold’s solo album. As for “Hits Internacionales”, it has all the ambience and psychedelic delirium of the time, full of devastating fuzz and wacked out rhythms. And then there is Bodo’s raspy and savage voice. Impressive. As Antonio Malcara says in his book "Catologo subjetivo y segregacionista del Rock Mexicano", this LP and that of Kaleidoscope are the two most important and representative pieces of Mexican garage rock-psychedelia. Collectors offer thousands of dollars to be able to get an original copy of “Hits Internacionales” in good condition CD $12 SKU:15120

DALLAS 66 - ESQUIRES & THE EXOTICS Dallas '66 ( psych-pop gems including rare radio promos and unreleased materiaLabel:CICADELIC Subtitled The Now Sound is Here. "In 1966 Dallas was a Mecca for great bands and two of the best, The Exotics and The Esquires, are included on this album. The Exotics began as a rock and roll band in 1959, but by 1966 were recording psych-pop and folk-rock gems. They released three singles, one of them, 'Come With Me,' reaching the top ten. The Esquires formed in 1965 and recorded four singles, mixing folk-rock with a hard edged sound. The wild 'Come On Come On' and 'Judgment Day' are what make The Esquires legendary today. Dallas '66 contains all seven of The Esquires' original songs and seventeen tracks by The Exotics, including rare radio promos and unreleased material." CD $12 SKU:13444

MOUNTAIN - Live At The Capitol Theater 1973 LAST COPIES!-Label:VOICEPRINT This King Biscuit Flower Hour concert was recorded in late 1973 at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey. By this point, the band had been through many of the cliche rock band phases: the breakup, the side-projects, a reunion with new members. The short version of the story is that the band split up, and Leslie and Corky hooked up with former Cream bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce to form the supergroup West, Bruce and Laing, with whom they put out a number of albums. Mountain later reunited, but during '73, the band went on a Japanese tour without Laing, because of an alleged dispute between him and Pappalardi. CD $10 SKU:19516

MOUSTAKI ,GEORGES - Le Concert (French 50s/60s outsider) LAST COPIESLabel:PAZZAZZ (Germany) lAthough he achieved his greatest fame in France, singing French-language songs in a distinctly French style, singer/songwriter Georges Moustaki was more a citizen of the world—or, as he often put it a “citizen of the French language.’ Christening himself a cultural “mongrel" in his signature hit ’Le Métèque," Moustaki’s first love was the classic-style French chanson—but he often appropriated world folk music from Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, Brazil (bossa nova and MPB), Argentina (tango) and other parts of Latin America, the United States (blues and jazz), and anywhere else his travels took him. Simplicity was a hallmark of many of his own recordings; possessed of a soft, warm voice, he often sang with only his own guitar for accompaniment, creating an intimacy that translated to his live gigs as well. A successful artist in his own right, Moustaki initially made his name as a songwriter of some renown, composing material for many of the top French singers of the late '50s and ’60s, his one-time lover Édith Piaf (including the massive hit ‘Milord’), Barbara, Brigitte Fontaine, Dalida (including ‘Gigi l'amoroso’), France Gall, and Cindy Daniel. Moustaki has moonlighted as a poet, actor, novelist, and journalist at various points in his career, and remains one of France's more ambitious artists as his trademark beard and long, flowing hair have turned white. CD $8 SKU:19057

PROMISE- ST LAST COPIES! ( 80s Beatlesque power pop ala Badfinger, Big Star, early Cheap Trick, Emitt Rhodes, The Raspberries, Liverpool Echo, The Scruffs, Shoes, Dwight Twilley Band, etc. ) w liners -Label:GOT KINDA LOST RECORDS (SPAIN) First reissue of the privately pressed 1980 self-titled debut by Colorado power pop band Promise. "An exciting, terrific British Invasion-styled guitar pop album full of catchy, memorable hooks, displaying a tougher, 'rock' edge than most of its ilk and some excellent softer songs. Equally recommended to power pop and '60s rock fans." --Aaron Milenski, The Acid Archives If you're continuously searching the margins for lost artifacts of the pop pantheon, you can find your daily dose in late period exponents of pure, lean, Beatlesque power pop band Promise. Originally issued in 1980 on the Boulder, Colorado, area band's own Cumulus label, their eponymous debut is filled with melodic, beatific blasts of pure pop, replete with ringing, jangly guitars and rollicking crunch. Co-led by singer-songwriters and guitarists Curt Mangan and Danny Mey -- with aid provided by the just-right rhythms of bassist Randy Jones and drummer Gary York -- the group created an album with precious little allying it to the punk-inspired power pop or prescient new wave of the time, instead choosing to hone in on a classicist pop sound highly indebted to those famous moptops from Liverpool. Abetted by the fact that some of the group's members had been playing together since their teenage combos of the mid '60s, the album carries an out-of-time flair across surging rockers and mournful balladry. Got Kinda Lost Records is ecstatic to give this benchmark of privately pressed power pop another chance to shine with this first ever reissue. Includes exhaustive liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things Magazine) culled from interviews with Mangan and Mey. RIYL: Badfinger, Big Star, early Cheap Trick, Emitt Rhodes, The Raspberries, Liverpool Echo, The Scruffs, Shoes, Dwight Twilley Band, etc. CD $15 SKU:16561

GREASED BUCKSKIN BELTERS- VA Label:BELTER 14 HIGH OCTANE AND FRENZIED TALES OF BOOZED UP HICKS, CHICKS, DROP OUTS AND SKUNKS SYPHONED FROM VARIOUS NORTH AMERICAN OIL DUMPS OF ILL-REPUTE' - Belter Records (known from the 'Bonehead Crunchers' and 'Ultimate Bonehead' series) has been rampaging obscure nooks and crannies of North America to uncover a selection of frenetic screamers and high velocity tales of hellraising and beer swilling with fast driving stoners trying to catch even faster moving girls. If you can imagine a rockabilly outgrowth updated through a grinder operated by Keith Richards and Rob Tyner, you have an idea of what to expect. This LP merges rock'n'roll, late garage and budding proto punk in an endless orgy of high energy stupidity. The contents are mainly from the late '60s and early '70s. Limited to 300 copies only! COMP LP $25 SKU:18472

HIGHS IN THE MID 60’s - Vol 3 L.A 67 ( rare 60s ) LAST COPIES Label:AIP Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 3 (subtitled LA '67 / Mondo Hollywood) is a compilation album in the Highs in the Mid-Sixties series, featuring recordings that were released in Los Angeles. (Despite the subtitle, not all of these records were originally released in 1967). The subtitle is seemingly taken from Mondo Cane, an influential 1962 documentary film. Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 1, Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 2, and Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 20 also showcase music from Los Angeles; while two of the later CDs in the Pebbles series, Pebbles, Volume 8 and Pebbles, Volume 9 feature bands from throughout Southern California. The flip side of "Every Night" by the Human Expression, "Love at Psychedelic Velocity" is better known and appeared several years earlier on the Pebbles, Volume 10 LP. The Grains of Sand (featured on the original Pebbles album), the Lyrics, and Limey & the Yanks also had tracks on Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 1. The Kim Fowley track is one of his many pseudo-documentary explorations of part of the L.A. scene. The song by the Flower Children, which complains about miniskirts, shows that nearly every possible topic has been covered in one pop song or another. COMP LP $20 SKU:7976

JERK BOOM BAM-VOL 4 Greasy Rhythm & Soul Party Girls Round 2- Label:Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records WOW! BRAND NEW series of KILLER late-1950s to mid-1960s American RHYTHM & BLUES and PRE-SOUL and GREASY SOUL! Volumes One and Two are all Male Groups/Artists belting out dance-floor fillers and wild party winners!
Volumes Three and Four are all Female Groups/Artists and cover a wide range of Cool Chick Chanters! KILLER SOUND, KILLER PACKAGING, KILLER HITS.. COMP LP $13 SKU:13417

JERK BOOM BAM - Vol 5 Blues & Nasty Soul Party Vol 5 -Label:Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records Another Fine Volume of Greasy R&B and Nasty Soul Stompers & Dancers. COMP LP $13 SKU:15391

JERK BOOM BAM- Vol 1 killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! -Label:Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records Fantastic series of killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! COMP LP $13 SKU:18349

JERK BOOM BAM- Vol 2 (killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! )Label:Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records Fantastic series of killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! COMP LP $13 SKU:18350

KEYSTONE EFFECT VOL.1:1964-74 -14 LOST GARAGE & PSYCHEDELIC TRACKS FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN UNDERGROUND'.-Label:FRANKLIN 14 LOST GARAGE & PSYCHEDELIC TRACKS FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN UNDERGROUND'. A collection of obscure, forgotten or never released mid-'60s/early-'70s garage and psychedelic rarities from the Keystone state. Limited 300 copies only, so order fast! COMP LP $20 SKU:17888

MICHIGAN MISFITS VOL. 1 14 RARE AND CRUDE GARAGE PUNK OBSCURITIES FROM THE MOTOR STATE MID-60's- OVERSTOCK SAALE!Label:TOMAHAWK - Including liners, this edition is limited to 300 copies, so order fast! COMP LP $20 SKU:17887

FAIRPORT CONVENTION -“Live At Maidstone Castle 1970-Label:VOICEPRINT By 1970 Fairport Convention had been together as a band for some three years. During this period, the band had recorded and released five studio albums, with one of the albums, Liege and Lief, being hailed as genre defining. At the time of the filming of this performance, the band had just recorded their most recent album Full House, with the line-up featuring founder members Richard Thompson and Simon Nicol, alongside Dave Pegg, Dave Swarbrick and drummer Dave Mattacks. This line-up was - and still is - considered one of the key line-ups of Fairport Convention, although the band only managed one studio and (released much later) one live album. Apart from the footage contained on this DVD, the Full House line-up was unfortunately never filmed commercially until reunions at the band's regular Cropredy Festival years later. The film, directed by renowned British film director Tony Palmer, captures the band at the Maidstone Fiesta during the summer of 1970 as they run through their set of the time. This included various jigs and reels, and the songs Sir Patrick Spens and Now Be Thankful. Now Be Thankful, incidentally, although originally recorded for the band's album Full House, was even released at the time as a single. The film also features two songs from Matthews Southern Comfort, the band led by former Fairport Convention member, Ian Matthews. As well as having the Fairport connection, Matthews Southern Comfort would also go on to have a massive hit single with a cover of the Joni Mitchell song Woodstock in late 1970. The film has only recently been rediscovered and the restoration overseen by Tony Palmer. The DVD also includes bonus footage of an exclusive interview filmed in spring 2007 with director Tony Palmer where he explains how he first met Fairport Convention and his thoughts on the band and the film over thirty five years later. DVD $15 SKU:19370

HOLLIES BEAT BEAT BEAT (1967 performance) Label:ABC Entertainment This volume of the Beat Beat Beat series of releases features four magnificent performances from The Hollies in January 1967. During the sixties the Hollies were up there with the Beatles and The Rolling Stones in terms of chart supremacy and regularly managed to hit the top ten singles charts. This performance features the line up that included Allan Clarke and Graham Nash on vocals singing three of their biggest worldwide hits: ‘Stop Stop Stop,’ ‘On A Carousel,’ and ‘Bus Stop’ (written by future music star and fellow Mancunian Graham Gouldman). Running Time: 11 minutes. DVD $15 SKU:19372

YARDBIRDS- BEAT BEAT BEAT- 1967 Label:ABC Entertainment Volume 10 in the Beat Beat Beat series of DVDs features a rare performance from the British rock band The Yardbirds. Taped in March 1967, the line up at this time featured Jimmy Page on guitar. The band performs just four songs, including the hit singles ‘Over Under Sideways Down,’ and ‘Shapes Of Things’ alongside ‘Happenings Ten Years Time Ago’ and ‘I’m A Man’. Running Time: 13 minutes.” DVD $15 SKU:19383

COSMIC MICHAEL- St (Ultra-crude basement garage psych and acid-boogie-blues from 1969 ) - Label:OUT-SIDER Ultra-crude basement garage psych and acid-boogie-blues from 1969!!! First ever vinyl reissue, original artwork, insert with reproduction of the original poster plus pasteable reproductions of original LP labels like those that came with the original release. Newly remastered sound
Who was the mysterious Cosmic Michael? Nobody knows for sure…rumour goes that he was a freak from New York who later relocated to the West Coast after living the Woodstock dream. That’s all we know about him. But before vanishing without trace, Cosmic Michael self-released a couple of primitive, home-made albums on his Bliss label. This is his first one, DIY stoner bluesy garage psychedelia with crude organ, guitars and vocals. Featuring underground classics like “Cosmic Michael Theme” (covered in 2013 by neo-psych band Psychic Ills) and “Now That You’ve found it” among others.. “One of the least “cosmic”-sounding cosmic LPs around, with a loose urban soundcheck vibe using equal parts Vox organ, piano and crude guitar, on top of which Michael semi-improvs lyrics to a steady basement boogie beat. An unusual LP that falls between any genres you can think up; The top attraction is Cosmic Michael’s “Theme” which describes in third person the acid-indulged transformation he’s undergone: “…some kind of chemical change is going on in poor Michael’s brain…” set to a rockin’ garage fuzz beat” - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) “…Stoned '60s DIY rock 'n'roll. You can call it lo-fi or home made, but the message remains: Cosmic Michael preaches love and freedom, and he's a mean boogie-woogie player too. The songs run one after the other, as if part of one spontaneous recording …” - Forced Exposure. LP $15 SKU:19525

CRAWLING WALLS- Inner Limits - Great Pebbles style psych garage LAST COPIES- Label:VOXX LAST COPIES! This one stands side-by-side with the teenage garage anthems of the Pebbles or the Moxie records, which apparently the band had studied very well, alongside with the ? and the Mysterians. LP $15 SKU:2292

CRIPPLERS-ONE MORE FOR THE BAD GUYS (ROCK AND ROLL 70S BLUES STYLE) Label:DIONYSUS Emerging from the same fertile soil that produced hooligans Untamed Youth and The Revelators, comes another sprout of rock'n'roll poison ivy. Taking inspiration from the two aforementioned, the band sets off on a screaming trek through elements of dirty blues, '70s minimalist punk, lo-fi garage, and loud'n'angry rock'n'roll. Growling, explosive, and trashed.
LP $5 SKU:18042

CYKLE -ST ( US garage / psych 69)Label:OUT SIDER Top notch US garage / psychedelic album from 1969: Vox organ, fuzzy guitars, snotty vocals and impressive songwriting / recording quality. Featuring all-time acid-punk classics such as “It’s Her” and “Walkout Of My Mind”. Cykle was formed in 1968, North Carolina, when gifted musician and songwriter Jimmy Sossamon (previously in famous local band The Young Ones) heard a local group, the Glory Cykle. He was so impressed that he approached them about becoming their manager. The band -- guitarists Ralph Stevens and Jeff Hardin, bassist Grady Pope, organist Rick Wilson, and drummer/vocalist Ken Allen -- practiced at the studio Sossamon had built in his parent's garage, and by the end of the year, Sossamon took up the drummer’s seat to free up Allen as lead vocalist. Band’s name was shortened to Cykle and in early 1969 they began recording an album consisting entirely of Sossamon originals. The resultant eponymous LP was released later that year as a private pressing of 500 copies on the band’s own Label Records. But despite the 1969 release date, “Cykle” sounds straight from the 1966-67 garage-punk-psychedelic book. *Insert with detailed liner notes *LP housed in an old- school- style tip- on sleeve. “When the most popular garage bands of the day were moving further and further away from the genre’s “less is more” production ideal, Cykle offered a raw, authentic take on what garage rock was meant to sound like.” - Psychedelized. LP $15 SKU:17886

CYNICS- Get Our Way COLOR VINYL (60s style garage )- Label:GET HIP HIP Guest producer Erik Lindgren of Arf! Arf! fame. This album is a return to their garage roots with tinges of psychedelia sprinkled in for good measure. Standout tracks include: “Don’t Shoot Me Down,” “13 O’Clock Daylight Savings Time” and the 9:25 “Beyond the Calico Wall/STP-00117. LP $14 SKU:17819

CYNICS- Learn To Lose ( 60s style garage ) COLOR - Label:GET HIP This is the moody 1993 followup to the critically acclaimed Rock ‘N’ Roll album. With a batch of new material, the band took it’s time in the studio to take the music to the next level. Includes a cool cover of the Lollipop Shoppe’s “You Must Be A Witch."LP $14 SKU:18982

DATURA4- Demon Blues - BLUE VINYL LAST COPIES ltd ed of 150 -Label:ALIVE Hailing from Fremantle in Western Australia, DATURA4 is the brainchild of Dom Mariani (frontman of legendary Australian garage rockers The Stems and Power Pop favourites DM3) and Greg Hitchcock (former You Am I and one-time New Christs’ guitarist). In 2011 they joined forces combining a shared passion for full-tilt boogie, psychedelic rock and progressive blues.Along with drummer Warren Hall who previously played with The Drones and bass player Stu Loasby DATURA4 have been steadily building a reputation in their hometown with their live performances. With a healthy nod to Early ’70’s Australian Psych/Blues/Boogie from the likes of Buffalo, Coloured Balls, The Aztecs and latter era Masters Apprentices, “Demon Blues” represents Mariani & Hitchcock’s love of hard hitting bell-bottom blues. Fans of Radio Moscow will love this album!

As psyched-out, louder-than-Sabbath blues goes, this record is out there on its own. – The BLUES Magazine 8/10 review

“Demon Blues” is ‘very 70s rock. There’s also a deftness and pop sensibility in the undertow. It’s a happy marriage of the hard-edged and the hooky. – I-94 BAR 4.5/5 review

Their sound is very much vintage, but for some modern references I can thrown in Swedish acts such as The Nomads and the ace Sewergrooves. If those names mean sh*t to ya, then "Demon Blues" is pretty much satisfaction guaranteed. – VIVE LE ROCK 9/10 review

The LP and the CD have different versions of the cover designed by Joshua Marc Levy/Asheville Art Family (Black Crowes, Grateful Dead, Buffalo Killers).

The CD includes 3 songs not on the LP. LP $20 SKU:16759

DATURA4-HAIRY MOUNTAIN -AMAZING HAND MIXED STARBURST VINYL- LAST COPIES! 70s style psychLabel:ALIVE LIMITED EDITION OF 150. Hairy Mountain is the culmination of a lifetime of musical archaeology and the ongoing search for the never ending riff. It' s the brainchild of Dom Mariani (frontman of Australian garage rockers The Stems and Power Posters DM3) and Greg Hitchcock (former You Am I and one-time New Christs guitarist), and their new full-tilt boogie, psych and prog combo Datura4. BLURT LP $20 SKU:17974

DEAD BOYS - Younger, Louder & Snottier Rough mixes from 78 ) LAST ONES! Label:BOMP Records YOUNGER, LOUDER AND SNOTTIER is a collection of rough mixes of the 10 tracks from the Dead Boys' classic 1978 debut, YOUNG, LOUD AND SNOTTY, in the same order as the original release. ...Amazingly, these rough mixes are even louder and snottier than the LP."Sonic Reducer" in particular has a corrosive edge to it that makes this dead-on punk classic even more powerful than it had been before. While some of the other tracks are less notably altered, there's a freshness to these sloppier takes that makes YOUNGER, LOUDER AND SNOTTIER not only an impressive complement to the original, but possibly its superior.Recorded at Electric Lady Studios in March 1977 Includes liner notes by Cheetah Chrome. Dead Boys: Stiv Bators (vocals); Jimmy Zero, Cheetah Chrome (guitar); Jeff Magnum (bass guitar); Johnny Blitz (drums).
Liner Note Authors: Charles M. Young; Stiv Bators; Cheetah Chrome.
Recording information: Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY (03/1977).
The Dead Boys: Stiv Bators (vocals); Cheetah Chrome, Jimmy Zero (guitar); Jeff Magnum (bass); Johnny Blitz (drums). LP $25 SKU:1938

DEAD BOYS -DOWN IN FLAMES Live at the Old Waldorf 1977-Label:RADIO X Cleveland's legendary Dead Boys represented the very essence of punkrock. The music was raw, visceral, brutal and a whole lot of fun. Following the release of their appropriately titled debut, 'Young, Loud and Snotty', Stiv Bators and crew rolled into the Old Waldorf in the city by The Bay and tore the place apart. LP $19 SKU:18507

DEARLY BELOVED - Complete Recordings 60s US Beatles-style garage LAST COPIES -Label:VOXX LAST COPIES OUT OF PRINT - Forming in 1963 as The Intruders and later known as The Quinstrells they became known as The Dearly Beloved in late '65 and were Tucson's most popular sixties band. The Voxx compilation is an excellent guide to their career with full liner notes by Lee Joseph. It contains all the band's better 45s and some of their unreleased recordings for Columbia. [7/82]-Greg Shaw LP $15 SKU:2118

DEVOTIONALS - TYSON VOGEL of TWO GALLANTS- with inner sleeve Label:ALIVE Devotionals is the new solo project by Tyson Vogel of Two Gallants. Tyson trades his drum set for a guitar and the result is amazing. Two Gallants debut album "The Throes" was released in 2004 on Alive Naturalsound, two albums on Saddle Creek followed, "What The Toll Tells" in 2006, and "Two Gallants" in 2007. Devotionals music is based around Tyson’s guitar compositions, with Anton Patzner (Judgement Day, Bright Eyes) invigorating the musical space with his violin mastery, and they are joined by various guests and collaborators. The result is a unique combination of simplicity and raw emotion that will delight new and old fans of Two Gallants, a kind of street music with nods to Rachmaninov and John Fahey. The recording is entirely analog. LP $5 SKU:11822

DIRTY STREETS- White Horse ELECTRIC BLUE (Radio Moscow tourmates) ltd ed of 150 -Label:ALIVE DIRTY STREETS is a young heavy-power trio hailing from Memphis TN, with a great psychedelic, bluesy, folky, soulful, and all rock n’roll sound that reaches back to the 60's and 70's. WHITE HORSE is their brand new album and their follow up to BLADES OF GRASS (Alive).The band has toured with Radio Moscow, and their music has been described as "Vintage. Antique. Classic. And flat-out smoking’" (Winnipeg Sun). The OBELISK calls them "a group with an impeccable instrumental chemistry, immediately familiar hooks brought out through exceptional songwriting." LP $16 SKU:17061

KING BISCUIT ENTERTAINERS- Northwest Unreleased Masters, 1967-1970lgarage mod psych legends - Label:OUT-SIDER (SPAIN) - A retrospective on Pacific Northwest band King Biscuit Entertainers, featuring Ray Kennedy and Roger Huycke from legendary garage band The Wilde Knights (of "Beaver Patrol"/"Just Like Me" fame).- Ranges from British-influenced mod-psych to early hard rock with stunning guitar and vocals.- A selection from their previously unreleased tape archive plus rare 45 sides, 1967-1970, including the fantastic garage-jangle 45 they recorded under the Genesis name.- The raw sound and production brings to mind similar bands like Brain Police.- Remastered sound; includes liner notes. LP $17 SKU:16755

PRINTS OF DARKNESS - Zindabad (60s Pakistan, reviewed by Mike Stax - Label:RAVI RECORDS Raw, exciting and really quite excellent... fans of fuzz will find a feast of it on this set. The Prints turn in enjoyable readings of ‘Summertime,’ ‘Morning Dew,’ and Country Joe & the Fish’s ‘Rock and Soul Music,’ but it’s their original numbers that really stand out… The band’s bottled-up creative energy comes bursting to a head on the culminating number, ‘Oh Color the Shadowy Distance,’ which starts out as an über-dramatic Doors-in-the-garage exercise atop a ‘Tobacco Road’-type stomp riff, before levitating into a psychedelic instrumental section that sounds a bit like Jorma Kaukonen jamming with the Velvet Underground. Thrilling stuff.” —Mike Stax (Ugly Things)
This is the story of a sixties garage band… only this one was based in Lahore, West Pakistan, where there was a small American community and a funky school in an old British Raj-era bungalow. September 1967: Skip Boyce had a drum kit assembled from various shops in Penang during a family vacation and Danny Carr had a Framus bass and a huge amp. Let’s start a band! New kid Steve Davy provided the missing link. Add his psychedelic Hofner guitar and small amp and the Great Flower Famine was born. “Let’s just play songs with three chords (‘Gloria,’ ‘Louie Louie’ and ‘For Your Love’ were the first three); more followed: Stones, Animals, Kinks, Doors. Old friend Travis “Smokey” Henderson was in the States, but returned to Lahore and joined as lead guitarist. John Sligh was added as lead singer because he liked the same tunes the others did and looked cool. By the end of the school year, the Famine was a tight unit—the best rock band in West Pakistan. September 1968: a year’s worth of new music, and new influences—Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the San Francisco groups. Meanwhile, Steve bought a Hofner violin bass like Paul McCartney, Skip returned from the States with a full set of Ludwig drums like Ringo, and a new redheaded kid arrived by the name of Richard Woodbury. His addition and a new name for the band (Prints of Darkness) gave the group a new style. Their repertoire expanded. September 1969: One addition to the personnel—Roberta “Bourbon” Kilgore as vocalist. The Prints started writing their own tunes in earnest. On May 22, 1970, they played their last show and for the first time in three years, the instruments went in different directions afterwards. And so did the Prints. In the band’s final year, several of their shows were recorded using a single open mic and a standard quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape recorder. The best tracks have been cleaned up and compiled for this release on Ravi Records, a label set up by music mail order company Metro Music. The release is a true labor of love, with no corners cut, and no expense spared on the sound restoration, mastering and packaging. The heavy-vinyl LP (180 gram) is housed in a super-deluxe gatefold sleeve modeled on the Stones’ “High Tide and Green Grass,” complete with a lavishly illustrated and annotated booklet. LP $18 SKU:14746