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Just in! The new DATURA4 - WEST COAST HIGHWAY COSMIC on all formats. There are still a couple of the autographed set available too, don't miss out. Dom Mariani has assembled the band members and gotten the inserts autographed and we should be shipping out the preorders bundles next week. See all of their titles here.

Also just added to the site, another batch of WAREHOUSE FINDS, including titles from IGGY, 20/20, PLIMSOULS and lots more. Some cool mags too, check it all out below.

And some adds from DIONYSUS, lots of $1 items, great garage titles. Check it all out here.

MORE LION TEST PRESSINGS have arrived, only a few of each and sure to be collectors items, don't miss out.

And of course as always, more additions to our famous LAST COPY$5 and Under, and $5 -10 section. Happy surfing kids!

Suzy Shaw

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DATURA4 “West Coast Highway Cosmic” is the groovy new album by the Australian psyched-out blues rock combo. The band is led by legendary guitarist/singer Dom Mariani (Stems, DM3, The Someloves) an inductee of the West Australian Music Industry Awards Hall of Fame.Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed third album, “Blessed is the Boogie”, Datura4 have hit the motorway running for another sonic journey through burning boogie, dirty blues and psychedelic rock & roll soundscapes





20/ 20 -Giving it All/ Under the Freeway Label:BOMP WHITE LABEL promos Printed on labels: "D.J. Copy Not For Sale". With PRESS RELEASE INSERT, very rare! 45 RPM $30 SKU:22664

CRAWDADDYS, THE - 5X 4 EP (60s style garage ) Label:VOXX BLACK VINYL, some cover wear but mint vinyl 45 RPM $20 SKU:22663

LAST DRIVE-Blue Moon -1987 ORIG TEST PRESSING Label:VOXX Legendary Greek Garage Group! 45 RPM $20 SKU:22669

LIPSTICK KILLERS - Hindu Gods of Love- 1987 ORIG TEST PRESSING W FOLDING SLV Label:VOXX That's the late, great Greg Shaw's writing on the label too, for you collectors! BW /Shakedown U.S.A. MINT. VOXX 1003 45 RPM $30 SKU:22668

PLIMSOULS - A million miles Away Label:SHAKY CITY Slight shopwear on cover, but vinyl is mint 45 RPM $10 SKU:22670

FORCED EXPOSURE #10 - LYDIA LUNCH SOme cover wear but inside is perfect. Cover feature and interview with Lydia Lunch. Also contains interviews and stories with Angst, Die Kreuzen, The Meatmen (tour diary), and Gary Panter (cartoonist/illustrator). Also included is a Steve Albini (Big Black) tour diary. BOOKS & MAGS $20 SKU:22662

FORCED EXPOSURE #15 Summer 1989- DIAMANDA GALAS SOme cover wear but inside is perfect. Summer 1989 issue features lengthy interviews with Diamanda Galas, Sun City Girls (by Seymour Glass), and sci-fi author K.W. Jeter. Also included is fiction by Steve Albini, Richard Meltzer, and Suzy Rust, columns by Tesco Vee, Eddie Flowers, and Chris D., and hundreds of vinyl, book, and video reviews. Any issue of FE is an excellent primer for the curious young music enthusiast looking to uncover details of the pre-alt.rock underground and attendant cultural touchstones. BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:22661

FUZ #1 -AUTUMN 1997- FUZ magazine is the ultimate tribute to Davie Allan and the Arrows. It is the most complete and researched magazine known to exist on Davie Allan (it also has a great piece on Goddess Mimsy Farmer). I highly recommend this magazine to anyone who is into motorcycles and cool 60's music. Seth Wimpfheimer has created a masterpiece on Davi BOOKS & MAGS $15 SKU:22659

SHADRACK CHAMELEON- S/T(Iowa early 70’s psych) Label:GEAR FAB Official reissue of this early 70’s Iowa psych/rock band in the Neil Young & Crazy Horse style. Booklet w/ liner and photos CD $10 SKU:22656

ACID VISIONS -VOL 2 TEST PRESSING 1988 (VOXX 200.054)Label:VOXX ONE ONLY! These are ORIGINAL RAINBO TEST PRESSINGS. Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. Get a piece of history. LP $75 SKU:22667

Only a few of these! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made LP $25 SKU:22410

FOLKLORDS -Release the Sunshine- RTI edition (2007)LION TEST PRESSING Label:LION ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING! This title is out of print EXCEPT as a TEST PRESSING
Only a few of these! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made LP $15 SKU:22420

FUSION-Top Soul- WITH INSERTS LION TEST PRESSING Label:LION (NO JACKETS ON THIS ONE, JUST THE INSERT) ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING! This title is out of print EXCEPT as a TEST PRESSINGOnly a few of these! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made LP $20 SKU:22422

IGGY AND THE STOOGES- CALIFORNIA BLEEDING BOMP 4069 TEST PRESSING 2000 Label:BOMP ORIGINAL 1997 TEST PRESSING, ONE ONLY! LONG OUT OF PRINT ONLY TEST PRESSINGS LEFT .Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. Get a piece of history. LP $75 SKU:22665


KEY, SCOTT -This Forest and the Sea -LION TEST PRESSING Label:LION ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING! This title is out of print EXCEPT as a TEST PRESSING. Only a few of these! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made LP $10 SKU:22430

Only a few of these! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made LP $30 SKU:22407

VISITORS -ST LION TEST PRESSING -with jackets & insertsLabel:LION ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING! Only a few of these! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made.LP $15 SKU:22451


RUNAWAYS -WAITIN' FOR THE NIGHT (1977) -Label:CHERRY RED Re-issue Originally not released in the UK or US and only available on import, 'Live In Japan' was recorded in 1977 during the girls sold out arena tour! By this time The Runaways had become genuine superstars in Japan and this album, which boasted superior sound quality (by '70s standards) and explosive, uninhibited versions of You Drive Me Wild, Cherry Bomb, California Paradise and other hard rock pearls only proves to serve their worth. With the line-up still the same, just before Jackie and then Cherie were to leave the band the girls were on top form, making this one of the best live rock albums of the 1970s! CD $15 SKU:

SANDY SALISBURY -Everything is For You (UNREL POP GEMS)-Label:HIDDEN VISION RECORDS (USA) Graham “Sandy” Salisbury was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Hawaii. He was a songwriter and musician in the late 1960s, and is best known for his association with Curt Boettcher. He was a member of Boettcher’s groups The Millennium and Sagittarius, as well as an earlier group called The Ballroom, before attempting a solo career of his own (with Boettcher producing) as an artist on Gary Usher’s Together Records label.Everything For You is an album of demos recorded by Salisbury with the intention of passing them on to other artists/. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and the songs contained here save for three tracks (So Close To Heaven, Candy Kisses and Here Comes That Feeling) remained unreleased for many years until they were eventually collected together and released under the title Everything For You in 2004. For anyone interested in great pop music the music of Sandy Salisbury will be an absolute delight with this album being a treasure trove of unreleased gems. CD $8 SKU:19063

SANGRE CALIENTE - ST - Gritty rare Latin garage) Label:ORFEON Soulful, funky Latin rock, or rockin' soulful Latin funk, or some other permutation of the aforementioned components. Call it what you like, this album from La Sangre Caliente is a seriously great set of songs. Tight and rhythmic, this is a powerful sound grounded by the excellent rhythm section, to which the group adds horns, alternatingly funky and sinuous guitar lines, combo organ, and energetic lead and backing vocals. All of the elements on display here -- funk, soul, gritty garage rock, and Latin rhythms like mambo -- are wonderfully synthesized. Dig it! CD $5 SKU:19754

SAROFEEN AND SMOKE- ST (1970s Jefferson Airplane style psych) Label:EARLY DAWN Hailing from New York, this band was led by singer Anne Sarofeen, who's described in the album's own liner notes as 'a lady both fierce and gentle, whose music knows truth, tragedy and beauty'. We don't really know if she's fierce or gentle, but her incredible voice has often been compared to that of Janis Joplin, Ellen McIlwaine and Mariska Veres (of Dutch stars Shocking Blue); unfortunately rock history is cruel and she never received the credit she deserves for being right at the top with other unique female singers. She has also composed half of the songs on this 1971 album. The album offers 9 songs in a bluesy, heavy psychedelic vein, which to a certain extent remind us much of Jefferson Airplane. Most of the songs are the band's own compositions, with the only exceptions being a take on Martha Velez' 'Swamp Man' and a cover of 'Rocky Mountain Blues', well chosen covers that fit perfectly the band's identity. Certainly recommended to fans of Janis Joplin, Affinity's Linda Hoyle, Jefferson Airplane or basically any strong, dominating female voice in psychedelic rock! CD $10 SKU:20578

SATWA-Lailson, Lula Côrtes (1973 Brazilian Folk trance gems)Label:TIME LAG Written, recorded and released just as Brazil's military dictatorship reached the climax of its long black arc, the one and only album by Satwa is a divinely subtle protest. Now reissued for the first time, Satwa, often cited as Brazil's first independent record, is a mellow starburst of acoustic jangle. Formed after the return of Lula Côrtes and Lailson from their respective foreign excursions (the former home after the requisite Moroccan sojourn, the latter a young long-hair back from the States), Satwa lasted only a year, perhaps due to their differing stripes. But for 11 days in January 1973 the pair jammed cross-legged and produced the folk trance gems that adorn this self-titled debut. At a time when censors caused newspapers to run cake recipes on their front pages in place of rejected news stories, Lailson only lets the occasional throat drone slip through his lips. Largely void of voice and word, the songs (Côrtes plucking steely leads from his sitar while Lailson's 12-string thrums crystalline chords) are loose and lovely. The sole interference in these glistening arabesques is the hoary electric fretwork Robertinho on ‘Blues do Cachorro Muito Louco,’ the most explicitly fried track. Otherwise, Côrtes and Lailson are left to experiment in musty silence. Seemingly taped live, each track is a dry documentation of the duo's gently rambling improvisations. Far from the recombinant psychedelia of tropicalismo that reigned over the pre-hippie underground in Brazil's bustling metropolises five years earlier, Satwa play bed peace bards. In double-mono, or fake stereo, Satwa is raw, untreated mentalism translated into pure songflow. At times exhausted and dusty – ‘Atom,’ or archaically splendorous (‘Valse Dos Cogumelos’), the duo's spiraling scrolls etched in rustic timbres unfurl gracefully. Satwa is a quiet triumph.” —Bernardo Rondeau, Dusted. The CD version is identical to the out of print LP version, only smaller—it comes in a mini LP style sleeve, with folded insert. CD $10 SKU:20304

SAVANNA (UK)\- COLLECTED MADNESS (rare private press psych-folk 1973)Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES On CD, this is an impossibly rare private press psych-folk LP, originally released in 1973 thru the Deroy custom pressing plant. The band combined spellbinding 12-string guitars, harpsichord and occasional bass to outstanding effect on an album brimming with original songs that displays creative charm amid gusts of melancholia. You ghet extended tracks with thought provoking vocals, more or less similar to Red Television and Ferris Wheel, only more accomplished from start to finish. A minor classic! CD $10 SKU:20994

SAWYER, PHIL - CHILDHOOD'S END (70S PSYCH) - Label:GUERRSON A magical discovery from the downunder 70s psychedelic scene. Phil Sawyer's 1971 album "Childhood's end", originally released in Australia on the Sweet Peach label, remains pretty unknown yet to most of collectors around. No justice. This is a wonderful album that will please anyone into psychedelia, rock and folk. Totally electric, great production, great songwriting, warm uneducated voice by Phil himself that gives a slight looser feel to it at times. The album contains some fantastic mid-tempo psychedelic folk-rock ballads, and the song that gives name to the album is an incredible slice of pure psychedelia with lots of tasty psychedelic sound effects. This is a very rare and collectable item in original (Hans Pokora gives 5 discs to it in his books). This first ever reissue is licensed from the original label and the sound was taken from the mastertapes. CD comes in a slipcase. CD $12 SKU:20279

SCIENTISTS - NOT FOR SALE: LIVE 1978/'79- SALE! Label:GROWN UP WRONG The Aussie garage-rock legends, captured live during their early days. The material consists of radio broadcast recordings and rare rehearsal tapes. Including liner notes and seldomlyseen photographs, this CD is a great and relevant addition to the collections of all Scientists-fans. CD $22 SKU:21848

SEA-DERS - ANTHOLOGY ( 60s Lebanese Rock ) Booklet contains liner notes by Mike Stax -Label:GROOVIE This specially-priced disc contains all known recordings of infectious Middle Eastern inflected rock/beat from the Cedars (or Sea-Ders), Lebanon's top musical export to the world. Eight dynamic tracks, with driving rhythms, blazing electric bouzouki (or oud?), recorded between 1966-1968. CD $10 SKU:12397

SEASONS & LOS WALKERS- Liverpool at Buenos Aires (1966 rarest of Argentine rock) SAALE! Label:Circolo Del Disco "The Seasons" arrived in 1965, when they recorded a single for the Microfon label. Then in 1966 they recorded an LP with their own compositions, sung in English. The founder members of The Seasons were Carlos Mellino (later in Alma y Vida) and Alejandro Medina (from Manal). The band’s sound was very much influenced by the three biggest bands in South America—Los Shakers, Los Mockers, and Los Walkers—in other words, Seasons had a real 1960’s South American beat band sound. This production includes the band’s only single as a bonus, and includes extended text about that era. Collectors from around the globe search for the original single and LP by Los Seasons. In the "Record Collectors Dreams 1001" book, the Seasons LP is included among the rarest of Argentine rock. Never before on CD. CD $14 SKU:20347

ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS - VA Vol 6(60s Psych ) LAST COPY! Label:PURPLE LANTERN Volume 6 of the series features psych & folk tracks with sitar by 60s/70s artists including: Tomorrow, Family, Magna Carta, 3 Hur-El, Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, Joseph, The David, The Shiny Gnomes and more. COMP CD $10 SKU:12879

GAIETY RECORDS STORY- VOL.2 (Rare 60s garage, punk & psych singles) SALE! Label:PACEMAKER At last, a second collection of rare singles from the label that produced the cream of the mid-sixties crop of Canadian garage, punk, and psychedelic music! The Gaiety roster was rich in talent (the 49th Parallel, Jarvis Street Review, and Souls of Inspyration, not to mention the Checkerlads, White Knights, Dewline, Tomorrow's Keepsake, NRG, Merriday Park, and Portland Street South)—but it was not rich in resources, which is why these singles are so incredibly rare. This second Gaiety Records volume has twenty-four tracks in all, ranging from the ferocious punk psych of Solid Reputation’s ‘Lies’ to the wonderfully druggy (and truly demented) ‘Ode to a Cucumber, A Berry, and A Flower", a song that deserves to be in the pantheon of weird psychedelia right alongside the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’s ‘Help, I’m a Rock’. NRG’s UK psych-inspired ‘Magic Man,’ much in demand in collector’s circles, is here in all its glory—along with six other tracks by this underrated band, including the psychedelic groover ‘Withcraft’. Other highlights are four more terrific beat/pop songs from the Plague and Lexington Avenue (bands who would become better known later as Jarvis Street Review). Tracks by the Checkerlads, Tomorrow's Keepsake, Flying Colours, Portland Street South, round out the disc, and (we hope) bring pleasure to everyone. COMP CD $5 SKU:16069

GAME FOR ALL WHO KNOW -The H & F Recordings 5 Box SET! (includes: Agincourt, Ithaca, Alive Through the Looking Glass, Tomorrow Come Someday, Friends) SAALE! Label:GRAPEFRUIT Between 1968 and 1974, amateur songwriters, musicians and home taping enthusiasts Peter Howell and John Ferdinando – aka H & F Recordings – retreated to their makeshift home studio in East Sussex to mastermind a series of privately-issued albums that were attributed to semi-fictitious groups such as Ithaca and Agincourt. Only pressed in double-digit quantities, those albums are now amongst the most valuable vinyl artefacts of the era, with copies selling for upwards of £2,000 on the extremely rare occasions that they surface. "A Game For All Who Know: The H & F Recordings Box" gathers together all four albums and adds an unreleased-at-the-time fifth, the Friends LP “Fragile," which was abandoned at acetate stage after Howell accepted an invitation in 1974 to join the BBC Radiophonic Workshop on a full-time basis. The first four albums are presented in miniature card sleeve replicas of the original vinyl artwork, while the Friends album recreates the duo’s original plans for the artwork had the LP reached pressing stage. Taken from the original master tapes, and with a lavish booklet that features a new 7000-word essay on their activities, fresh interview quotes and previously unpublished photos, "A Game For All Who Know" collects a fascinating and body of work.” COMP CD $29 SKU:21304

GHOULS NIGHT OUT Vol 2- Killer Halloween Rockers For Your Thrilling Pleasure-Label:SIMPLETONE GNO Volume 2 resurrects 14 more thrilling, chilling Halloween-themed novelty hits from the twisted minds of the Phantom Five, the Savoys, Hollywood Flames, Jimmy Dee, Al Elias, Lord Dent & His Invaders, Bily Snel, and more! COMP CD $12 SKU:20466

GIBSONS VS THE CYMBALINE -- 60S UK HARMONY POP BATTLE ROYALE- sAALE!Label:TEENSVILLE Teensville presents the ultimate UK harmony pop battle royale, featuring two of the underrated pop groups from the mid-sixties: The Gibsons and The Cymbaline! The compact disc features the complete issued recordings of both groups in their original punchy mono single mixes. Also included are two pre-Gibsons tracks by The Cicadas. It has a total of 30 tracks, features an 8-page full colour booklet with retro design, annotations and liner notes COMP CD $14 SKU:21668


SALEM MASS - Witch Burning (1971 Fuzz vocals, heavy organ) Label:GEAR FAB Salem Mass, the Caldwell, Idaho band that recorded their classic "Witch Burning" LP at their favorite bar, converted into a studio, in 1971. (Using serial number 023 Moog Synthesizer!!) Heavy Organ, Outstanding Vocals, Fuzz Guitar, Pounding Bass, and Drums that will shake your walls!!!! Turn up the volume on this one!! CD $10 SKU:21730

SAMMY MASTERS- EVERYBODY DIGS (50s Rockabilly legend,) Label:DIONYSUS The groundbreaking return of '50s Rockabilly legend, responsible for songs like "Pink Cadillac" and "Some Like It Hot!" This new recording has Sammy returning to his roots with an all-star line up featuring Skip Heller, Ray Campi, and Deke Dickerson. CD $1 SKU:19813

SAN UL LIM THE FIRST CD (1977 psych power pop garage) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) Gentle garage psych with a dreamy west coast flair and tons of awesome fuzzed out guitars with lyrics in Korean language. It clearly sounds like the best psychedelic power pop and garage stuff you could get in the UK and USA ten years earlier, a typical 1966 garage sound with fuzzy axes and some thin but sympathetic Farfisa organs. They released this debut album back in 1977 while the compositions actually have been conceived from 1971 to 1975. They heavily remind of The Zombies. Even though San Ul Lim play in a way more direct fashion, they do have these heartwarming vocal melodies and are all in all gifted players. Other acts we could take as references are The Flies (UK, Pre-T2) or The Petards (Germany). A lovely flashback to the golden age of music.. CD $10 SKU:16721

SAN UL LIM -THE SECOND (1977 Pebbles style psych power pop garage) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) A CD-reissue of a 'Pebbles'-styled garage/psych-pop LP by a Korean band, originally released in 1978. The compositons are straight to the point, with fuzzed out guitars and Farfisa organ. This LP is recommended to all fans of '60s style garage and psych sounds from exotic -or unexpected- places.. CD $10 SKU:20873

SANDSTONE- Can You Mend A Silver Thread (private press 70s Psych Folk) -Label:LION LION There is nothing ordinary about Sandstone. This private press folk/psych album (1971) is so head and shoulders above almost every other album in the genre, it's hard to believe it's not better known includes two bonus tracks, out-takes from the album sessions. Booklet has the band’s story and lyrics . CD $10 SKU:13512

SATELLITERS- WYLDE KNIGHTS OF ACTION -Label:DIONYSUS Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke CD $5 SKU:19822

SCAPEGOATS - Life Is Pasted On My Eyes (rare Punk/HC) LAST COPIES- Label:GTA Records N. Cal band. Loads of prev unheard studio cuts. 24 tracks HC / PUNK FROM CA . CD $10 SKU:4188

SCHIBBINZ -Livin Free (rare 1967 Argentine garage)SAALE! Label:GUERSSEN In 1967, a bunch of U.S. and Argentinean kids recorded a magical album which has remained unknown for many years due to its extreme rarity, with less than a handful of copies known to exist. Released in 1968 in Argentina by Phonexa, the Schibbinz album could be regarded as the ultimate teen garage folk-rock album, ever. An album of fragile beauty, full of teen charm, innocent vocals, jangly guitars, charming, lo-fi sound and a lost-in-time atmosphere. Guerssen Records is proud to present this mega-rare album to the world, with the production fully benefitting from the band's involvement and assistance. The original master tapes were lost, but the sound has been carefully-remastered from an original near-mint copy. Extensive, detailed liner-notes and lots of cool pictures from the band's archives are all included in a 4-page insert. Also includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks not available on the vinyl version. CD $10 SKU:10995

SCHIZOPHONICS-PEOPLE IN THE SKY (MC5, Stooges, James Brown, Hendrix and Iggy Pop style)Label:PIG BABY This San Diego-based combo is inspired by (and reminds of) the rock'n'roll energy and showmanship that fueled a.o. The MC5, Stooges, James Brown, Hendrix and Iggy Pop. 'People In The Sky', the band's sophomore full-length, is characterized by the same rawness as The Schizophonics' live shows. CD $17 SKU:21768

SCOTT KEY -This Forest and the Sea (rare private press 1976 loner folk/psych6)Label:LION Excellent 1976 private press acoustic album, self-recorded at various places in Colorado, and filled with beautiful fingerstyle acoustic guitar, plus some atonal bottleneck slide, string scrapes and drones (at times, very Ry Cooder/“Paris, Texas” about six years before that soundtrack existed). Although almost completely instrumental, what lyrics there are tend towards the dark and the satiric. The obvious points of comparison are John Fahey and Leo Kottke, although Scott Key certainly has his own presence and style, differences in tone and color and attack, which he attributes to his background in rock bands. Overall, there is a brooding, loner folk/psych feel, most evident on the phenomenal, effects-heavy, almost 11-minute long title track, ‘This Forest and the Sea.’ "I was coming to terms with what it mean to exist… and saw the world in pure black and white—there was no room for grey,” Key said. “I saw an American Culture devoid of any understanding of its place in the universe, how we learn nothing save what we see on television, how our existence is tainted by intellectual laziness, and how our gift of life is defiled by the taking of it." This deluxe 180-gram vinyl LP edition of “This Forest and the Sea” comes with an insert which sports engaging, funny, and insightful notes by Key, photos, plus the text to poem that inspired the title track; as a nod to the forest, the insert is printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. A very rare album that seems to have flown under almost everyone’s radar—although thankfully not Doug McGowan’s (Yoga Records), who sent this our way. One record collector said to us, and we now say to you: “Have a listen because this rates up there with classics by Bob Desper, Perry Leopold, Robbie Basho, and Phil Yost, with dark moods similar to John Fahey and Nick Drake. CD $10 SKU:20017

SECRETS w. CLIFFORD T. WARD- Infatuation: Singles and Demos 1966-68 (pop psych nuggets) Label:CHERRY RED Led by Cliff Ward (subsequently better known as Seventies singer-songwriter Clifford T. Ward), Worcestershire-based band the Secrets (a.k.a. Simon’s Secrets) released a glorious rush of witty, vibrant, hook-laden, sub-three minute pop/psych nuggets between 1966 and 1968. Infatuation gathers all of The Secrets singles, alternative versions and works-in-progress group recordings to provide a fascinating document of an outfit who never quite achieved the commercial success that they deserved. Five singles emerged during this Swinging-London-into-psychedelia timeframe, while a whole host of equally impressive, locally-recorded demos cut at the same juncture remained on the cutting-room floor for several decades. Infatuation gathers all of these singles, alternative versions and works-in-progress group recordings to provide a fascinating document of an outfit who never quite achieved the commercial success that they deserved. The release features half-a-dozen previously unissued recordings, including hitherto unknown-to-exist Ward songs ‘Poor Johnny’ and ‘Looking Down The Glass’. It also includes two versions of his song ‘Path Through The Forest’, subsequently turned into a UK psych classic by the Factory CD $14 SKU:21296

SEEMEN - ST (Psychik TV )LAST COPIES- Label:BOMP Records Rare early Bomp release 70 minutes Psychik TV type CD $10 SKU:22104

SELDA -Vurulduk Ey Halkım Unutma (1977 Turkish folk pop) Label:PHARAWAY There were female Turkish folk singers before Selda Ba can, but none whose hot-blooded voice carried such righteously angry words & none who also accompanied themselves on guitar. She began her career singing at her brothers' Beethoven nightclub in Ankara while she went to school for physics during the day. Her 1st album had help from the cream of the crazy Istanbul pop scene, and cuts from the same sessions were also released on this 2nd one. While the direction is folky overall, there's fuzz, zooming synthesizers, and heavy flute to be found. When Selda performed the title track in 1977 in a coastal town not far from Istanbul, her protest lyrics, though taken from an old poem, got her heckled by audience members who screamed that she should go back to Moscow! Find out why this brawny mama couldn't be stopped by a military government that put her on trial 9 times, and could call herself the bitter voice of the Turkish people. Remastered sound, insert / booklet with liner notes. CD $12 SKU:20525

SENDELICA -CROMLECH CHRONICLES II(Welsh psych rockers!)Label:FRG With the ethos of '70s musical communes like Japanese band Taj Mahal Travellers in mind, Sendelica added some unusual personnel to its usual core, f.i. Cheryl Beer and her eclectic mix of instruments s.a. Tibetan singing bowls, shaman drums, sansula, ting sha, mbira, wood blocks, Chinese gongs, shruti boxes and her sanskrit chanting. Also along for the musical ride were Kate Riaz on cello, Jack Jackson on percussion and Colin Consterdine on electronics. Using loops of field recordings, the communal band set about improvising musical soundscapes. 'Cromlech Chronicles II' is the finished product of those sessions. CD $18 SKU:21499

SENDELICA -CROMLECH CHRONICLES IV (The Door into Summer (Welsh psych rockers!)Label:FRG Sendelica's annual pilgrimage to Mwnci Studio in 2018 resulted in a full on musical head collision of West Wales with the West coast of USA. Not so much down the rabbit hole but more of a trip through the door into summer of USA West Coast circa 66-70. A door of perception into the jamming delights of Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly and The Byrds at the heights of their improvisational prowess. Although these bands were quite adept at writing 'hit pop songs', it is their live alchemy that is drawn into the ever evolving brewing pot of Sendelica, disjunctive song structures, key and time changes, modal melodies, and drones that entwine and evolve into a magical musical journey. Tune in, turn on, turn down the lights, indulge in whatever tickles your fancy and let the odyssey of 'Cromlech IV' engulf your senses. Limited to 200 copies in gatefold sleev CD $18 SKU:21544

SENDELICA -THE COSMONAUT YEARS VOL. 1-SPACEMAN BUBBLEGUM AND OTHER WEIRD TALES FROM THE GOLDMINE-Label:FRG Between 2007 and 2010 Sendelica released three CD only albums on the Russian label R.A.I.G. A lot has happened in Sendelica land over the following decade but these three albums represented quite a turning point in the band's direction. As a ten year celebration they are really proud to announce that these three albums are finally available on CD again and that this whole prolific era of their musical journey is getting an overhaul with many unearthed recordings receiving a first time airing. Limited to 150 copies CD $18 SKU:21763

SENDELICA -THE COSMONAUT YEARS, VOL. 2-THE GIRL FROM THE FUTURE WHO LIT UP THE SKY WITH GOLDEN WORLDSLabel:FRG Between 2007 and 2010 Sendelica released three CD only albums on the Russian label R.A.I.G. A lot has happened in Sendelica land over the following decade but these three albums represented quite a turning point in the band's direction. As a ten year celebration they are really proud to announce that these three albums are finally available on CD again and that this whole prolific era of their musical journey is getting an overhaul with many unearthed recordings receiving a first time airing. Limited to 150 copies. CD $18 SKU:21764

SENDELICA THE COSMONAUT YEARS, VOL. 3- STREAMEDELICA SHE SIGHED AS SHE HIT REWIND ON THE DREAM MANGLER REMOTE -Label:FRG Between 2007 and 2010 Sendelica released three CD only albums on the Russian label R.A.I.G. A lot has happened in Sendelica land over the following decade but these three albums represented quite a turning point in the band's direction. As a ten year celebration they are really proud to announce that these three albums are finally available on CD again and that this whole prolific era of their musical journey is getting an overhaul with many unearthed recordings receiving a first time airing. Limited to 150 copies. CD $18 SKU:21978

SEOMPI-Guns in the Skies(the Black Sabbath of Texas, psych rock) Label:CICADELIC RECORDS (USA) “While releasing only three singles in the early 1970's, Seompi's mystique has continued to grow through the ensuing decades. Three posthumous releases issued in the late 1990's only added to Seompi's aura—even though two were off speed and the third has been long out of print. This was the status quo for the past couple of decades until now with the release of "Guns In The Skies". Starting off with the hard rocker "AWOL" and then spacing out with the fourteen minute unreleased opus titled "Synergy Squares", Seompi takes you on a trip back to 1971 when Austin, Texas was the stomping ground for their brand of Psychedelic Space Rock. CD $16 SKU:20309

SHAG- 1969 (Wisconsin rare psych)-Label:GEAR FAB Recorded in 1969 at the same studio the Grateful Dead were laying down their classic "Workingman's Dead" LP. This Wisconsin band had a minor hit with "Stop & Listen" in 1967. Great late 60's Psych with a tasteful assortment of flute, fuzz guitar, and organ!!! CD $10 SKU:21731

SHAHRAM - ST (Kinks style Iranian pop master) Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS You know how record nerds are. They’ll gladly tell you that a dawdling Moldovian choir of 70 year old grandmothers is the next brick in your psychfunksplosion journey. But Shahram Shabpareh is the real thing. Colorful arrangements of blurting horns, evil bass grooves, cheesy organs & thick strata of overlapping percussion instruments going off like microwave popcorn. As the leader of an Iranian 60s garage band, the Rebels, and later a 70s solo singer, Shabpareh was never happy just tossing a few moves from Abba in front of whatever was on the local charts already. He wrote & recorded hard rock & funky piano riffs that were built bulldozer tough & would’ve stuck out in an American trailer park or a London pub just as easily as they did in Tehran.Not that he wasn’t afraid to put someone else’s idea to good use, as he certainly makes superb use of the Kinks’ chords from ‘You Really Got Me’. It’s more that Shahram’s rock cojones have caused him to make blistering music again & again over the years, with little regard for where it comes from. Here’s a well-deserved compilation of his best tracks, with insert/booklet with liner notes. CD $10 SKU:21149

SHAKERS,LOS-CONFERENCIA/OTRA VEZ68/71 Uruguayan Rock-Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS Two lp's on 1 CD. In 1967, "Los Shakers" begin to write what would be considered the "Sergeant Pepper's" by "Los Shakers", "La conferencia secreta del Toto's bar" (Toto's bar secret conference) and in 1968 they finish the arrangements and decide the album concept. The name of the LP is a satire of the American presidents conference that was held in Punta del Este in april 1967, and Toto was the owner of a bar where the Uruguayan musicians met. "La Conferencia" is a complex LP and "Los Shakers" anticipated the fusion of rock with candombe, bossa nova and tango. Subsequently, Hugo and Osvaldo recorded a bossa-jazz LP called "La bossa nova de Hugo y Osvaldo" (Hugo and Osvaldo's bossa-nova), where all of them play the instruments and put an end to the pending contract with the record company, also considered a "must" by bossa-jazz lovers. In 1971, Caio and Peln attempt to take once again the rock style and record an LP called "Otra vez en estudio" (Once again at the studio), inviting for this project three Uruguayan musicians from the "old times" of the 60s, three members of "Los Inocentes" (The Innocents), the twins Hctor and Carlos Capobianco (brothers of Peln) and Rubm Viera (Lorenzo). This LP intends to continue the Shakers' melodic line but without the Fattoruso brothers, and it is a different thing, although it presents some compositions with good harmonies and the album is very well considered by collectors CD $15 SKU:8884

SHAKERS,LOS Los Ineditas + La Vigencia 25 Originals-Unreleased Tracks: Uruguayan 70s Rock-Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS two compilations of unreleased and rare Los Shakers material brought together in one place on this disc, amking this pretty essential. The Shakers burst on the scene in Uruguay with a look and sound that got them attention as South America's answer to the Beatles. They soon got a contract with Odeon in Argentina; Odeon brought them to Buenos Aires, where they had incredible success with a single featuring two of their own compositions, 'Break it all' and 'More'. This made the difference. The sound was Beatles-like, but not an ordinary or rough copy, instead a copy of superior quality, superior than many of the foreign singers of that era. Added to this, was the quality of their own compositions, their own songs were of a very high quality. CD $14 SKU:20380

SHAKERS,LOS -And Shakers For You- TWo Originals + 7 BONUS TRACKS 68/71 Uruguayan Rock/-Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS Los Shakers were a popular rock band in 1960s, and a significant part of the Uruguayan Invasion in Latin America. The band was formed in 1963 in Montevideo, Uruguay. They were modeled after The Beatles, and even adopted similar haircuts and clothing. The band sang many songs in English, despite their location, and gained their greatest popularity in Argentina, where they were huge stars. Los Shakers were: Hugo Fattoruso and his brother Osvaldo—who later were in Opa—Roberto "Pelín” Capobianco, and Carlos"Caio" Vila. This disc includes both the debut album (1965) and the second album (1966) by the band. There is a dominating beat on all tracks—a dynamic concept bolstered by excellent compositions—plus plenty of excellent cover CD $14 SKU:20374

SHIMMYS- DRIVE YOU WILD (Pandoras style!) Label:OFF THE HIP Continuing their love affair with THEE HEADCOATEES, THE 5'6'7'8's, PANDORAS, SHANGRI-LAS and the CARRIE NATION. That's right, all girl garage trash.. MORE INFO ON SITE CD $10 SKU:18555

ELECTRIC ASYLUM - Vol 4 (Rock Hard 60s and 70s British Freakrock)) Label:PAST AND PRESENT The fourth volume in Past & Present's Electric Asylum series walks away from the psychedelic themes of the earlier installments in favor of U.K. hard rock singles of the early to mid-'70s, most hailing from the days before heavy metal had fully codified itself and sometimes betraying the influence of the working-class end of glam (think Slade, not Bowie). COMP CD $12 SKU:21151

ESSENTIAL PEBBLES 2 - Best of American Garage Classics (60s Era)(bonus disc crammed with 29 ultra rare 60s treasures)Label:AIP Following the success of Vol 1, we have come up with enough equally great material for a second volume following the same concept.. The first disc contains some of the best tracks from the original Pebbles /Highs series that have yet to appear on CD. The second disc is especially tasty this time, again filled with never reissued classics, 29 this time! The music spans the spectrum of 60's local music scenes, with everything from raunchy frat to pop and pysch. None issued on CD before. COMP CD $10 SKU:2308

GIRLS IN THE GARAGE BOX -VOL 7-12 (6CD BOX w. 90 tracks+ 68 page book rebellious '60s garage, beat and ye ye girl groups)Label:TEENSVILLE The original, groundbreaking and iconic compilation series is now restored and brought back to life in a deluxe 6-DISC box set, with remastered audio. Included is a 68-page perfect bound booklet with expansive liners and rare, archival photos. You get over 90 TRACKS, featuring an international selection of rebellious '60s garage, beat and yé yé girl groups and artists s.a. The Nightingales, The Weekends, The She's, Tammy & The Bachelors, The Liverbirds, Joy Sisters, The Beas, Jacqueline Taieb, Manuela (& Drafi), Los Spitfires, The Indigos, Die Sweetles, Nancy Sit, The Birdies, The Loved Ones, Clothilde, Anne Philippe, Karo, Liz Brady and many, many others! COMP CD $45 SKU:20718

GOLDEN GRASS/- 4 WAY SPLIT-4-Way Split Vol. 2 (HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS.Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) KILLER BOOGIE/WILD EYES/BANQUET After spacing out fiercely on the first volume of the Heavy Psych Sounds 4-Way Split, it's time to hit the ground running! The HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 brings funked-out '70s boogie down the highway with heavy hitters Wild Eyes, recent HPS-signees Banquet, Brooklyn sunshine rockers The Golden Grassand fuzz traditionalists Killer Boogie. All four bands bring a fresh sound to classic heavy rock, and after uniting Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes to highlight trippy psychedelic groove, HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 gives an earthier take while continuing to feature some of the underground's best up and coming acts! COMP CD $10 SKU:17749

GOODBYE, BOYS, GOODBYE!-GIRL POP GEMS: OBSCURE & UNRELEASED (1963-1967) SAALE!-Label:TEENSVILLE A jam-packed collection of 35 rare, obscure and unreleased songs sung by females. Expect lavish production, romantic lyrics and heartfelt vocalism found wrapped in two-minute bouquets. Includes unreleased tracks by Lynette West, Ellie Greenwich, Peanut, Bernadette Peters and Jean Thomas. Full-colour 20 page booklet featuring liner notes, annotations and historic photographs. COMP CD $15 SKU:21667