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This time around we got a bunch of crucial restocks back in, including a new release and some formerly out of stock titles from GEAR FAB, the great 60s and 70s reissue label.

Also a batch of mid-week adds to our legendary $5 AND UNDER section, our $5 - $10 section, and our ONE ONLY section.

JUST IN! A gorgeous new pressing of the amazing Black Keys on STARBURST vinyl. Really nice colors on this one.

And if that isn’t enough for you, we’ve got a reconfigured 70s SOUL BUNDLE. 5 titles about to vanish from planet earth, we only have the rights to these great tunes for another 2 months and then it’s shredder time! Amazing bargain, only $15 for 5 albums, most on color vinyl.

Thanks for all,
Suzy Shaw


BLACK KEYS-Big COme Up NEW BLUE/RED/ORANGE STARBURST VINYL!Label:ALIVE Collect em all. Bound to be something to leave the grandkids later! The Big Come Up was the Black Keys debut album and the start of their career. "The album was a visceral statement, recorded in an Akron basement on a 16 track digi recorder by drummer Pat Carney. Many fans have ascribed an almost mythological value to this album. The Big Come Up has elements of all their future releases - hip hop (samples), blues, pop, heavy fuzz and soul - for which they will become popularly known to represent." -- The Black Keys Fan Lounge. Over the years Dan Auerbach has collaborated with Alive Naturalsound records, producing, and often playing, on records by Hacienda, Radio Moscow, SSM, Brimstone Howl, The Buffalo Killers, Nathaniel Mayer, Black Diamond Heavies, and more recently collaborating with BRIAN OLIVE (ex-Greenhornes/Soledad Brothers) on his upcoming new solo album. LP $20 SKU:21233


LOUISVILLE in the 60s - The Lost Allen Martin Tapes- Label:GEAR FAB Since the 1960’s, the Allen-Martin Studio in Louisville was the place to record for most of the bands in the region. In 2006 when Ray Allen and Hardy Martin retired, the studio closed, a group of music lovers (Jay Petach, Marvin Maxwell & Ed Amick) stepped in to rescue the tapes for the all of bands who had recorded there over the last forty-plus years .After a careful down select process, we chose these 18 previously unreleased tracks as the best representation of the over 100+ songs we sorted through: COMP CD $10 SKU:21234




(1)LIGHTNIN SLIM High and LOW BLUE VINYL Comes with a flier containing Swamp Dogg's hilarious recollection on tracking down B.B. King to do the liner notes for this release 43 years ago , along with his own take on Lightnin' Slim. (BOMP MAILORDER EXCLUSIVE!) Produced by legendary soul singer / songwriter / producer Jerry Williams Jr., aka Swamp Dogg, LIGHTNIN' SLIM's High & Low Down is available for the first time on vinyl since its original release in 1970.

(2)ZZ HILL - BRand New GATEFOLD RED VINYL Blues singer ZZ Hill first made records for Atlantic, Kent, and in 1971 scored his first big hit for United Artists, followed by others on Columbia. In the 80 s he single-handedly started a blues revival in the USA with the smash-it "Down Home Blues". "The Brand New ZZ Hill" was originally marketed as a Blues Opera, an oddity back in the early seventies, and was written by Swamp Dogg and Gary U.S. Bonds. When released it hit both the Billboard Top 200 and the R&B charts and sold over a million singles via six releases. The album has been REMASTERED for this release and is presented here with its ORIGINAL ALBUM GATEFOLD COVER.

(3) CHARLIE WHITEHEaD - RAW SPITT- RED VINYL Charlie Whitehead has been called "the greatest unknown soul artist of all time" by Offbeat magazine. Raw Spitt, his 1970 first full-length, was produced by Swamp Dogg for Canyon records, and is a highly sought after collectors’ album of unconventional Southern Soul (apparently only 500 copies were originally pressed). We're making it available for the first time on vinyl since its original release.

(4) NATHANIEL MAYER - Why Don't You Give It To Me -BLUE VINYL With the BLACK KEYS! Detroit Soul R&B legend Nathaniel Mayer come back album w/ members of the Black Keys, SSM, Outrageous Cherry, and the Dirtbombs. "That three successful contemporary rock'n'rollers should have sought out and championed such a lost hero is heroic in itself, and Dan Auerbach, Troy and - most especially - Matthew Smith should be praised to the skies. That the chosen artist should rise to the occasion in such a manner is even more thrilling, which is why I say to Nathaniel Mayer: 'Bravo, Lord Motherf-cker, and deep gratitude for laying this Righteous Thang upon us.' Amen" - Julian - drilled bar code)

(5) T MODEL FORD-Taledragger On superb re-tellings of blues staples, the fuzzy, thick-as-molasses reverb-fueled blues-rock-chug of the trio menacingly oozes behind the Ford’s blacker-than-blue cracked growl (…) With a little help from his friends, T-Model Ford has once again walked into the studio and bettered himself. – Alan Brown / PopMatters drilled bar code



COUNTDOWN FIVE -Complete Recordings 1969 GARAGE psych ) DBL CD Label:GEAR FAB Finally, the complete recorded history of Galveston’s Premier Psychedelic/Garage band. All 7 of their Pic, Toucan, Cinema, and Cobblestone 45s PLUS 20 previously unreleased recordings from 1966-1969. With the exception of their first 2 45s on Pic (Tracks 1-4), all are off the master 4 & 8 Track tapes!! Featuring their complete biography with photos, posters, and other memorabilia from their inception to final break up!! Take a trip with the band members through the greatest period of American Rock Music!! CD $14 SKU:20074

DAYBREAK-ST(rare garage psych 1971)-Label:GEAR FAB This is one of the rarest Garage/Psych lps ever recorded. From 1971, this Pearl River, New York High School band recorded this album in an old town church over the course of Just 5 hours. Featuring both original and cover versions, original copies now fetch upwards of $3,000 in the collector world. CD $10 SKU:18840


JUAN DE LA CRUZ-HEMIG NATIN(GREAT 70S GARAGE PSYCH from the Philippines)Label:VICOR First release of this essential album (1973) by hard-rock powerhouse power trio (a band, not a man) from the Philippines, who flourished in the 1970s-their first studio only album .Includes the garage-psych great, I Wanna Say Yeah. CD $10 SKU:1959

JUAN DE LA CRUZ- MASKARA (bluesy stoner jams)-Label:VICOR ENTERTAINMENT (Philippines) Totally rocked out bluesy stoner jams, with sex and party obsessed lyrics that are pure rock ‘n’ roll. "Maskara" was originally released in 1974—it’s the band’s second studio album— and is another outstanding collection of heavy duty rockers featuring the classic band line-up of Wally Gonzales, Mike Hanopol, and Joey “Pepe” Smith. Highlights abound: ‘Pinoy Blues’, ‘Nadapa Sa Arina’, ‘Beep Beep’, ‘We Love You’, ‘Palengke’, and ‘Pagod Sa Pahinga’—quite a few of which were featured on the unofficial “Shake Your Brains” disc from a few years ago (always a customer favorite). No-frills packaging, but still a great way to acquire some of the best material by these heavy rock legends. Digitally remastered. CD $10 SKU:18948

JULIETTE SEIZURE & THE TREMOR-DOLLS- NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES STYLE POWEPOP!Label:OFF THE HIP "CHEWING OUT YOUR RHYTHM ON MY BUBBLEGUM- Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls set out to be a blend of first wave punk and 60s girl-groups, taking the brattiness of the Zeros and the diabetes inducing sweetness of the Chiffons to make a mutant creation for fans of the Muffs, Nikki & the Corvettes, Tina & the Total Babes and anyone who likes their powerpop with a healthy dose of punk. CD $10 SKU:18018

JULIETTE SEIZURE & THE TREMOR-DOLLS- Seizure Salad (punk 60s girl group style)-Label:OFF THE HIP Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls are a six-piece band from Australia. They have set out to be a blend of first wave punk and 60s girl-groups, taking the brattiness of the Zeros and the diabetes-inducing sweetness of the Chiffons to make a mutant creation CD $10 SKU:19184

JULIUS VICTORFrom the Nest(1969 Jefferson Airplane style rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Another undiscovered and Ultra-Rare LP from 1969. With heavy influences of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. CD $10 SKU:11551

KALEIDOSCOPE (USA-Pulsating Dream TRIPLE CD (60s psych) -Label:FLOATING WORLD One of the few groups of the psychedelic era whose musicianship was equal to their ambition—they delved into every possible musical genre, and invented a couple of their own. CD $16 SKU:19502

KANSAS CITY JAMMERS - Got Good If You Get It -DBL CD (69-71 electric acid folk !) -Label:LION Recorded between 1969 and 1971 the Kansas City Jammers were a college trio struggling between grades and drugs, the results, psychedelia. A mixture of electric acid folk to out and out rock, songs like "Waiting For The Messiah", "Midnight Watch" and more. CD $10 SKU:16370

KARMA - ST (70s Brazilian prog folk) Label:Sunny Pierrot A band that was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1972 from their performance in the "Festival de la canción" (Song Festival) with the song "Depois do porão". Karma was a guitar trio that played an elaborate rock style with folk and progressive leanings. The members were Jorge Amiden (former Terço member), Luíz Mendez Júnior(former Os Nômades) and Alencar Contant(Allen Terra). A peculiar characteristic of the band was the use of the "Tritarra" (a 3-handle guitar) by Jorge Amiden. They recorded an historical LP in 1972, which didn´t get much local repercussion but today is acknowledged as one of Brazilian rock gems. Since 1973, the band periodically changed its line-up until they disbanded definitively in late 1976. In those years, Gastão Lamounier (vocals), Paulinho Soledade (acoustic guitar), Antônio Cláudio (acoustic guitar), Rick (guitar, banjo), Chico Julien (bass), Áureo (drums) and Danilo Caymmi(flute) were members of Karma. This LP features the song "Tributo ao sorriso" (A tribute to smile), which Jorge Amiden wrote with Sergio Hinds when he was a memmber of "O Terço". It should also be noted that "O Terço" recorded a different version and took part in an international festival performing "Tributo ao sorriso", and they achieved the third position. We can consider Karma's sound as "progressive folk" and we are able to find in their music the typical roots of Brazilian rural popular music CD $14 SKU:20335

KATH - 1 (original album) + Unreleased Material -Obscure garage psych ACID ARCHIVES FAVE! -DBL CD Label:LION As Patrick the Lama said in Acid Archives, “Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on.... At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day. A totally outside garage/psych/private LP that feels as personally projected as those Michael Yonkers sides. CD $14 SKU:14509

KBB-Lost and Found (rare JApanese progLabel:MALS (Russia) KBB is a progressive rock/jazz fusion quartet from Tokyo, Japan. They were formed in 1992, and released their first album in 2000 on the Musea record label. CD $14 SKU:20733

KIKAGAKU MOYO- ST (Japanese 60s style psych)- Label:GURUGURU BRAIN Repress on the band's own label! This Tokyo-based band started channeling the spirits of the Japanese psychedelic underground in the Summer of 2012, quickly developing the sound of '60s psychedelia to a breathtaking degree. The band's s/t debut exerts an elemental power. Enlivening its sound with sitars, percussive drums, theremins, wind instruments and ethereal vocals, the band manages to sound powerfully spacious and lazily serene all at once. CD $17 SKU:20187

KILLER BOOGIE -ACID CREAM (early '70s-influenced fuzz psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) The second full-length serving of tasty, early '70s-influenced retro'n'roll, enriched with loads of fuzz and mind bending psychedelia, from the Italian outfit! CD $16 SKU:19731

KILLERS -Good-Bye (1967 Uruguyan rock)Label:RECORD RUNNER First reissue of one of the main albums from the Uruguyan music scene of the 1960’s/1970’s; within the rock movement in Uruguay in the late sixties, the Killers (Los Killers) were proudly the most professional band in the rock music scene; they started out in 1967, playing cover songs of bands like Bloodrock (or “Bloody Rock” as it says here) on their ultra hi-tech gear; they recorded the Jesus Christ Superstar theme as a single, as well as ‘Woodstock’ for the Discodromo TV show, both included here among the five excellent bonus tracks; then came “Good-Bye”, the band’s one and only LP (Sondor, 1972), on which the Killers sung in English their own compositions, aside from Stephen Stills’ ‘Love the One You’re With’ and ‘Born to Wonder’ by Rare Earth; the Killers were headed for exile in Spain—thus the album’s title—pushed out of Uruguay by the repressive military regime that would take full control of the tiny nation in 1973 and end the careers of most of the bands which stayed behind. CD $12 SKU:20222

KIM JUNG MIWIND (S KOREAN 1973 female folk psych ) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA tAt the dawn of the 1970’s, South Korea’s rock music scene was at its zenith. Much of the reason for this was the god-like musical touch of guitar wizard, songwriter, producer, and arranger Shin Joong Hyun. For this album, he took a young girl named Kim Jung Mi, and transformed her from a wallflower student into a folk-psych chanteuse in record time (if Francoise Hardy is the Marianne Faithful of France, then Kim Jung Mi is, I suppose, the Francoise Hardy of Korea). CD $10 SKU:20397

KING MUD (VAN CAMPBELL from the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES / FREDDY J IV from LEFT LANE CRUISER / PARKER GRIGGS of RADIO MOSCOW.)- VICTORY MOTEL SESSIONS - DIGIPACK Label:ALIVE KING MUD is VAN CAMPBELL from the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES , FREDDY J IV from LEFT LANE CRUISER and features guitarist PARKER GRIGGS of RADIO MOSCOW.They joined forces in Los Angeles for a marathon session that gave birth to an album of hard blues, blue eyed soul, heavy rock, and feedback! “Victory Motel Sessions”.If you dig the bands these musicians come from you will probably love this record! CD $10 SKU:15276

KING SALAMI & THE CUMBERLAND THREE - COOKIN' UP A PARTY BENT CORNER TRAY CARD BARGAIN Label:OFF THE HIP It’s one of my regular rants, but the 21st Century really does suffer from a dearth of good, original R’n’B (no, not Rhianna, rhythm and blues you fools). I mean, the trad rockabilly circuit has got the classic rock n roll sounds covered, but where’s a boy supposed to go when he’s finished with Ray Charles and wants something with a bit more teeth?

Step in London’s King Salami and The Cumberland Three. Playing a potent blend of sausage-influenced gonzo rhythm and blues, fronted by the eponymous maraca brandishing King Salami, part manic Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, part Symarip-style gang leader, this is just the tonic for a world that’s forgotten how to dance.

Following up nicely where 2010s Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers left off, I suppose perhaps the extra-special ingredient in the King’s secret recipe, beyond the mans own charisma, is a big dash of punk energy from ex-members of The Parkinson’s, amongst others. Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either. It’s not a direct musical link, but you can see some of that vibe soaking through in these two and a half minute blasts.

You could argue that maybe this is a bit of a 50s/60s Americana throwback, and yeah there is the odd knowing wink to the High School Dance et al, but really, good rhythm is timeless. Thoroughly recommended for anyone that likes to move their hips, click their fingers and swing, as well as just going a bit mental. CD $8 SKU:17651

CD $8 SKU:17851

KLENCZON, KRZYSZTOF-POWIEDZ STARY GDZIES TY BYLPLUS DVD (1978 Polish Rock) - Label:KAMELEON On CD, this is a reissue of his 1978 LP with 14 bonus tracks. Also included is a free DVD featuring a TV broadcast of the last Polish Klenczon concert. Krzysztof Klenczon was one of the most important musicians in the Polish '60s and '70s rock scene. He was a member of the well-known psychedelic '60s group CZERWONE GITARY, and after that group disbanded he achieved much success with his quality solo albums. CD $14 SKU:19152

KLENCZON,KRZYSZTOF-COMPLETE RECORDINGS BOX 1970-1972(Polish heavy rock 2CD+DVD-Label:KAMELEON On 2 CD complete recordings of the first Polish heavy-rock band. 13 tracks published first time ever. Third disc is DVD with two videos of the band. Remastered edition in digipack with 24 page colour booklet, 8 page insert with song lyrics. 150 minutes of music. CD $18 SKU:19151

KNOWBODY ELSE - Soldier of Pure Peace (brilliant 60s psych masterpiece )-Label:ARF ARF Hailing from the northeast corner of Arkansas, Knowbody Else was a ground-breaking musical force during the Summer of Love, caught up in the post-Sgt Pepper / Byrds-ian dayglow era. What they created at Ardent Studio in 1967 with legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickinson is nothing short of a truly brilliant psychedelic masterpiece influenced by the times that were a changin’. How these ten unreleased original songs have remained unknown and unheard for 45 years is both a mystery and a crime. Arf! Arf! has worked closely with the Dickinson estate for this authorized release taken directly from the original master-tapes. The music comes wrapped in a luscious, 24-page booklet chock full of photos, memorabilia, and insightful notes by noted artist Glennray Tutor, who witnessed their magic back in the day. CD $14 SKU:14791

KOPPERFIELD- Tales Untold (Ultra rare 70s hard rock) Label:GEAR FAB The ultr-rare 1974 hard rock LP by a great yet unknown Michigan band. The music is hard driving, with loud and screaming guitar, tortured vocals, and an organ sound very similar to early YES. Taken off the master tapes, this release features Nine bonus tracks never before heard. CD $10 SKU:11394

KORNI GRUPA -ULTIMATE COLLECTION DBL CD Essential psych prog 68-74Label:CROATIA Here's a wonderful DOUBLE-CD compilation of recordings by the essential psych/prog unit from the former republic of Yugoslavia. The material was recorded during the years 1968-1974. CD $15 SKU:19973

KOUSOKUYA / Masayoshi Urabe- The Dark Spot ( Underground Japanese rare psych) 3 ONLY Label:PSF RECORDS Kosokuya the legendary psychedelic noise rock trio fromJapan, active as early as the late '70s collaborate with saxophonist extraordinaire Masayoshi Urabe. Forget everything you might have experience in the genre...The Dark Spot is something unique. Rocking as hard as the High Rise (in slower sludge tempos) and weirdly hallucinative as Fushitsusha the atmosphere it creates is one of extreme and addictive dirge that messes with your brain as if you' re lost somewhere between Mars and Venus. CD $30 SKU:20530

KRAMER, WAYNE / MC5 /PINK FAIRIES - Cocaine Blues Live at Dingwalls 1979 LAST COPIES! -Label:TOTAL ENERGY This collection of material from 1974/1978, around the time of Wayne's arrest, brings him back to his roots in rock 'n roll and blues. This is a high-energy release that includes previously unreleased material performed live with the infamous Pink Fairies. The album is complete with rare and unreleased photos. CD $10 SKU:2226

LA BASTARD- FABULOUS SOUNDS ((eclectic mix of 50 s rock ‘n roll, 60 s surf, soul and 80 s punk )Label:OFF THE HIP Picture Nancy Sinatra jamming with Dick Dale & and the Gun Club at the best party of the year. That’s precisely the type of exciting & eclectic mix of 50 s rock ‘n roll, 60 s surf, soul and 80 s punk attitude to describe the sound of Melbourne, Australia four-piece La Bastard.Renowned for their powerful soulful vocals and blistering guitar, La Bastard have wowed audiences across the world. CD $6 SKU:19241

LA BASTARD- TALES FROM THE BEYOND(eclectic mix of 50 s rock ‘n roll, 60 s surf, soul and 80 s punk )-Label:OFF THE HIP CD $6 SKU:19305

LA IRA DE DIOS-Empirea (Peruvian heavy psych power trio) with video -Label:RE-PSYCHLED Second release—six previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2002 to 2005—from heavy Peruvian power trio whose name translates as "The Wrath of God," a record made available by the combined efforts of three labels. New songs, one a cover version of a track by Los Saicos (Peruvian garage band from 1965), plus three alternate versions of songs from the band’s previous album "Hacia el Sol Rojo". A mix of songs which range from space rock to doom rock; powerful heavy rock chords, capped by the long, hypnotic title track. Artwork has photos from every period of the band’s existence. Includes a raw 8 minutes of video footage of the band playing the unreleased song ‘Quemando,’ in concert sometime in December 2005. A total of 55 minutes of pure heavy psych rock 'n roll!! CD $15 SKU:20204

LAGHONIA-UNGLUE (Peruvian 60s Kinks/Yardbirds stly in English!) digipack Label:REPSYCHLED RECORDS 100% unrel material by one of the best 60´s & 70`s S .American Rock bands, This unique Peruvian band,one of a few in South America that sang in English and used Hammond B2organ in the studio and live performances, and played only original compositions influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Cream and many others. 54 minutes of music, recorded at rehearsal sessions for their first album between 1967 and 1970, contains two unrel tracks andamazing alt versions of Glue album tracks.Good quality mini LP foldout package, insert (cool photos) and original artwork by Manuel Cornejo. IMPORT CD $14 SKU:4279

LARMAN CLAMOR-BEETLE CROWN & STEEL WAND(psych blues Left Lane cruiser, Led Zep style) -Label:SELF RELEASE LAST COPIES. This is Larman Clamor's fourth full-length, which clearly marks the next step in the ongoing evolution of Von Wiedings songwriting. This definitely is his most rhythmic, most expansive lo-fi-garage-doom-blues-stoner statement to date. Recommended if you like R.L. Burnside, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Tom Waits, Left Lane Cruiser, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Lead Belly, Robert Johnson, hunting knives, swamp witches and unlicensed voodoo... CD $12 SKU:20692

LAS ANTORCHAS- ST ( 60s Mexican acid punk w liner notes, and a poster insert ) Paper mini slv replica - Label:ORFEON Las Antorchas were formed in 1965 by five college students in Mexico City. They released only one EP on Orfeon, but had recorded enough material for an album. They split around 1968/69, but after a line-up change they continued under the name of Antorcha. Thanks to the persistence of VAM Records and record producer Manuel Alvarez Valdez, we now have all known material of Las Antorchas, including their Orfeon material. Their early sounds are rock/beat influenced, with most relying on organ and vocals. But the excellent ‘Dime’ is a really great acid-punk track. Truly underground Mexican rock, waiting to be discovered. This edition has liner notes, and a poster insert that replicates the Orfeon EP art. The CD features 18 tracks in all – their famous EP, plus a host of great singles – with titles that include "Opus 14 Interior 12", "Dime", "Shake", "Confesion", "El Soldado", "Sabia", "No Lo Hagas", "Canta Conmigo", and "Substitute". CD $10 SKU:15118

LAST DRIVE-ST(Former VOXX band,Greek garage legends!) Label: LABYRINTH OF THOUGHTS The Last Drive re-invent themselves in a walkabout through the realms of rock'n'roll and psychedelia, free from any barrier or obstacle. In an era full of uncertainty, the band is trying to provide a 45 minutes shelter with eight compositions. Including highlights already known from their recent live concerts, such as 'Always The Sun' and 'White Knuckles', of which the first version appeared on the 'Fascism Inc.' documentary. CD $14 SKU:19949

LAUGHING SKY - Free Inside (great garage psych)Label:VOXX Rising from the ashes of NYC's garage riots of the late 80s and born of new energy, here are the undisputed kings of the New York psychedelic party underground, a now-thriving scene. Fronted by Dino Sorbello, a former member of infamous bands such as The Fuzztones, The Blacklight Chameleons, and The Mad Violets, Laughing Sky manufactures a unique blend of acidrock /garage /surf / psychedelia mixed with free-form sonics never heard before CD $5 SKU:2128

LEE JANG HEE - Meet Me In a Room (S KOREAN trippy psych folk) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA This terrific album from 1972, by one of Korea’s most famous folk-singers of the early 1970’s (first issued by Sung Eum), features (according to World Psychedelia) "best production and trip vocal,” which we take to mean “trippy” vocals; echo-reverb is omni-present, giving a dark vibe to the grooving music—don’t know who’s playing guitar, but they serve up plenty of tasty licks in a Cliff Gallup vein (he of gene Vincent & Blue Caps fame); some of the ballads have a decidedly “Twin Peaks” sound—retro early 1960’s with a heavy dose of weird—with the fourth track being as great a psych dirge as you can find, down to the fuzzed out ending; no idea what the songs are about, but Lee Jang Hee is one tortured guy; track nine is a spiritual cousin to Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ from “Transformer”—melancholic verses leading to a great sweeping melody of joy in the choruses; from the liner notes, “While Japanese and American-style pop dominated the music scene after the Korean War, some young musicians playing acoustic guitars, started singing songs about love, nature and freedom. Then two singers, Song Chang-shik and Yoon Hyong-joo, released a historic duet album featuring acoustic guitars, for the first time in Korea. And a hippie named Han Dae-soo, Korea's first singer/songwriter, returned from the United States and held a concert singing a new type of song in 1969. Folk music in Korea was born in that year. The music touched the hearts of young fans and swept the university campuses and concert halls. Along with draft beer and blue jeans, the acoustic guitar became an obsession for youngsters. In the dark age of military rule, students sang folk songs yearning for freedom and democracy.” Lee Jang Hee also appeared on a couple of soundtrack albums “Home of Stars” (1974) and “March of Fools” (1975), which apparently are famous albums in Korea. CD $8 SKU:20395

LESLIE’S MOTEL - Dirty Streets ( 1970 Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers style) Label:GEAR FAB 8th installment of the Louisville Music Series. The unreleased 1970 concept album "Dirty Sheets" by Leslie's Motel, featuring Blues Project/Seatrain drummer Roy Blumenfeld. Great sound in the same vein as the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers!! CD $10 SKU:19300

LUMBEE- Overdose (60s hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych)Label:GEAR FAB This period piece typifies the habits, moods & practices of the youth during the late 60’s. The music is a hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych experience CD $10 SKU:17728

MAGIC - Enclosed -RARE GUITAR ACID PSYCH 60s )- Label: GEAR FAB An original sound by an uncommon band. Very rare music by this band from psychedelic era. Guitar acid sound on the trails of sixty California Heroes such us Quicksilver Messenger Service and Dead. CD $10 SKU:20337

MAYPOLE - The Real (LOST USA PSYCH CLASSIC 1970)Label:GEAR FAB Lost US psych classic, originally recorded in 1970, by this Baltimore twin guitar powerhouse, who specialized in fluid improvisation, complex and melodic song structures, and high charged emotions in their performance. One to file next to your Public Nuisance and Morgen LPs. As good as it gets for this type of record. State of the art remastering by Golden Mastering, and complete historical notes by Maypole co-founder, Dennis Tobell, and Anopheles Records' Karl Ikola. CD $10 SKU:18660

THOMAS EDISUNS ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB BAND - ST (1967 garage, psych, & British Invasion sounds) Label:GEAR FAB A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds. CD $10 SKU:18637

THUNDERS, Johnny--Diary of a Gypsy Lover 23 TRAX ALTERNATE STUDIO CUTS,LIVE,RADIO)?Label:SONIC Punk rock guitar hero, earning a cult following for his noisy but epic style a few years before the insouciant new music gained its name. Following in the footsteps of his idol and role model Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders (born John Anthony Genzale, Jr.) lived the ultimate rock & roll life, spending most of his days churning out tough, sloppy three-chord rock & roll and gaining nearly as strong a reputation for his decades-long struggle with addiction as for his music. Thunders made his greatest impact as a member of the New York Dolls, the proto-punk glam rockers of the early '70s. During the late '70s, he was a familiar figure on the New York punk scene, both with his band the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. Thunders performed and recorded steadily until his death in 1991, turning out a series of records that inadvertently documented the struggles of his life and his art. CD $10 SKU:20428

THUNDERS, Johnny-Internal Posession AT Last (Live Recordings)Label:SONIC IN COLD BLOOD LIVE SHOW+STUDIO ACOUSTIC CD $10 SKU:20429

UNFOLDING - Freak Out Party (Classic 1967)-Label:GEAR FAB Recorded during the height of the Flower Power Movement, classic 1967 free form LP that features lots of sitars, chimes, harpsichord and other far out sounds. Even includes notes on how to spice up your parties using TV's, kaleidoscopes, and other "natural things" CD $10 SKU:19457

WIZARD- The Original Wizard (rare heavy Florida rock 1971)-Label:GEAR FAB The rare and heavy rock 1971 LP from these Florida musicians that toured with some of the best known acts in 1970 & 1971 and played at the great Goose Lake Music Festival!! Plus their two songs from the rare and elusive 45. CD $10 SKU:18635

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- ILLINOIS In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories 27 track collection contains many songs that have never been released before. Features a load of Illinois psychedelic groups including Poother, Ultd., Children Of Darkness, Nervous System, The Untamed, The Todds, Mourning Daze, Intruders, Lord & The Flies COMP CD $10 SKU:6565

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- OHIO In The 60’s VOL 2-Label:GEAR FAB 27 rare and never before released tracks from the great state of Ohio! any unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18614

21ST CENTURY SOUND MOVEMENT- ST (rare 60s U.S. fuzz garage 180 gram, virgin red vinyl) - Label:GEAR FAB LP version. 180 gram, virgin red vinyl. "After years of searching, we have finally discovered a copy of this mega-rare garage LP from an unknown group from Missouri. From 1968, these guys did cover versions of the songs of their day even better than the original artists with a great fuzz garage sound! It is a true shame we do not know the names of these musicians, as the album provides us with no credits whatsoever to these truly talented guys. Mini-LP cardboard sleeve format. Also includes their ultra-rare 45 tracks." LP $12 SKU:14794

A BOLHA -Um Passo a Frente ( 60s Brazilian Psych GATEFOLD COVER ) Label:GROOVIE HAND NUMBERED Brazilian band the Bubbles became the toast of the underground Rio de Janeiro scene, backing Tropicalist singer Gal Costas residence at the Sucata night club in 1970. They won the "Best Band of the Festival" award at the VII FIC of 1971 (International Festival of Songs), the same year they appeared on Lenos "Vida y obra de Johnny McCartney" album. After venturing to England to attend the Isle of Wight Festival, they decided to experiment with a heavier sound, more akin to UK bands of that era (Deep Purple, Cream, King Crimson, Humble Pie, with a little Beatles "White Album" in for good measure) than that of their Brazilian cohorts. A name change to A Bolha later, still loaded with verve and swagger, fueled by drugs, they recorded their first album, which has secured a permanent place as one of the best hard psych rock albums to ever emerge from South America. The LP, "Um Passo a frente" (A step forward), was released in 1973 by the Continental label, in a gatefold cover which was quite luxurious for the era. This masterpiece, now impossibly hard to find as an original, certainly made a name for A Bolha in the pantheon of 1970s Brazilian rock. But success in the early 1970s was not like it had once been in the old Jovem Guarda or Tropicalist days, when bands had weekly TV shows to help them become well- known nationwide-and eventually, worldwide. In other words, the meager abilities of Continental to promote the album made it a collectors item, not the fate a band would actively seek for their recordings. The lp is a replica in a gatefold cover, and includes the infamous hard- rocking 1971 single as bonus tracks. LP $22 SKU:12031

ABSTRACTS - Hey Let’s Go Now (60s Brit invasion style) SALE - Label:BREAKAWAY They were one of the first bands to utilize a light show and besides their sole 45, their legacy contains a cache of unreleased period recordings, some of them made for Columbia Records in 1964. Finally, over four decades later, this album collects the band’s entire studio material alongside two excellent sounding 1966 live tracks. An in-depth insert with a wealth of never-before-seen-photos traces the history of the band that brought “Abstractmania” to the New York area in the sixties. It’s a pleasure for Break-A-Way Records to celebrate the return of The Abstracts and hear them shout again, “Hey, Let´s Go Now LP $15 SKU:13551

AHBEZ, EDEN- EDEN’S ISLAND (1960 Psych before the term was even invented!)Label:FANTÔME PHONOGRAPHIQUE Though he was originally from Brooklyn and raised by adoptive parents in rural Kansas, George Alexander Aberle aka eden ahbez, is about as California as they come. He was discovered in the 1940s while working in one of Los Angeles' earliest raw vegetarian restaurants and was known throughout the 50s and 60s for being spotted on the streets of LA in full white robe, sandals, and beard, and legendarily camping underneath the first L in the HOLLYWOOD sign. After writing numerous hits for jazz and pop singers, including the iconic "Nature Boy" made famous by Nat King Cole in 1948, ahbez (who spelled his name with lower case lettering because he deemed only God and Infinity worthy of capitalization) recorded his only long playing record in 1960. A combination of exotica arrangements and beat era poetry, the album sold poorly at the time but has since become regarded as an exotica classic that transcends the trappings of the genre. Absolutely essential LA weirdness from one of the original LA weirdos. LP $19 SKU:16753

ALLAN DAVIE AND THE ARROWS - Arrow Dynamic Sounds ( 60s Surf/Fuzz ) LAST COPIES -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Starting in the '60s as a surf group, Davie Allan & the Arrows took instrumentalmusic a step further, hot-wiring their sound with the abuse of fuzz pedal. "Talking about pop culture, baby? Allan was an architect, a natural fact rock & roll artist. Allan's ax rocks, stalks and talks with heat, assurance and (believe it or not) a maturity that transforms the oft-shallow rock-instro into epic-scale slabs of rock & roll expression. Dazzling." - L.A. Weekly LP $10 SKU:4480

ALLAN DAVIE AND THE ARROWS - Fuzzfest -LAST COPIES! Label:TOTAL ENERGY Flipside: High priest of the fuzz guitar! LP $20 SKU:16981

AZITIS - HELP (stunning West Coast mystical psych)Label:MISSING VINYL A stunning West Coast psych styled religious, mystical, psychedelic firestorm.Strong melodies, gentle vocals, and moody passages with swirly organ that sound like they were lifted out of the middle of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. First ever official reissue.
Exact replica of the original cover.Taken from the original master tapes. Fully authorized. 750 pieces limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl. LP $22 SKU:20847

INCLUDES GREAT INSERT with LINER NOTES BY CYNTHIA ROSS, and photos by Rodney Bowes, Theresa Kereakes and Bob Gruen.
BAD not EVIL’ is The ‘B’ Girls first full-length Vinyl release.It includes the band’s only single on Bomp!, plus studio recordings from1977 up to 1981, and two live tracks. The songs are produced by Debbie Harry of Blondie, Mick Jones of The Clash, Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell, Suicide, The Zeros), Liam Sternberg (Rachel Sweet, Kirsty McColl, The Bangles), Bob Segarini (The Wackers) and The ‘B’ Girls, with engineer Robin Brouwers (Teenage Head). Peter J. Moore restored and digitally re-mastered all tracks.
LP $20 SKU:19009

BAINS, LEE - There is a Bomb in Gilead –(Southern Garage punk) Label:ALIVE Hear their debut here in a limited ed of 100 YELLOW MARBLE VINYL. LP $20 SKU:15968

BARRACUDAS- Nothing Ever Happens In The Suburbs, Baby! - Red Vinyl 10”Label:NDN “Nothing Ever Happens In The Suburbs, Baby!” – 8 Tracks Of Pure 'Cudas Fun 'n' Roll! LP $10 SKU:12457

BARRACUDAS - Thru the Mysts of Time (POWERPOP) BLUE VINYL LTD ED of 100 Rarities 1978-81 - LAST COPIES Label:VOXX Great collection of demos & outtakes from the time of the first album, with liner notes by the band and cool photos: simply great! LP $20 SKU:16005

BARRACUDAS -ST -(POWERPOP ltd ed OF 100 color vinyl)Label:NDN As a cursory look at radio playlists and cult whisperings will attest, The Barracudas reappearance after so long could not be better timed. Garage music is in fashion (again) and so is surf (well, Brian Wilson, and let's face it they might as well be synonymous). Power pop, likewise, from a 45 grave, has risen to reassert its importance. Indeed, all the styles the band have mastered and made their own are now current and selling. And another thing: The Barracudas sounds younger than yesterday but with experience supplying an edge that cuts across time to the heart of the band. LP $10 SKU:4392

BATORS, STIV (DEAD BOYS)- Disconnected (1978 POWERPOP LTD ED. STARBURST VINYL with cool printed inner sleeve! Label:BOMP Inner sleeve includes photos and lyrics. Bators' first solo album, Disconnected was recorded in Los Angeles following the breakup of the Dead Boys. It's got more of a garage pop/Nuggets vibe than the work of the Dead Boys-he even covers the great Electric Prunes track 'I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night.' But even though he professes to be an evil boy, he does it with a charm that's pretty irresistible." - Creem. LP $20 SKU:18189

BEACHWOOD SPARKS- ST (great country pop psych w BRENT FROM GOSPELBEACH) LTD Edition BLUE vinyl Label:BOMP Records Following their astounding 1998 single "Desert Skies", Beachwood Sparks signed with Sub-Pop, this is the vinyl version their full-length debut album. ON VINYL ONLY! LP $18 SKU:15169

BEACHWOOD SPARKS-Desert Skies LTD ED of 100 on INCREDIBLE STARBURST VINYL (PRE GOSPELBEACH)Label:ALIVE Desert Skies" is the previously unreleased debut album by LA-based cosmic country-rock combo the Beachwood Sparks. The album includes their first 1998 single, as well as never-heard before recordings, all carefully remastered. A must-have for fans of the band, and for Southern California psychedelic pop lovers everywhere. LP $20 SKU:15746

BEAD GAME- Baptism (70s pop psych rarity)Label:AMERICAN SOUND (USA) Last ever copies!!! Recorded in 1970 but not released until 1996. Follow up to their highly heralded album “Welcome” which is a classic psych album. This one is psych flavored pop/rock. Comes with paste-on sleeve. LP $16 SKU:7188

BEAU- Creation (Acid psych weirdness 1971) LAST COPIES Label:SOMMER Originally released for John Peel’s Dandelion label in 1971, “Creation” was the second album by underground folk troubadourTrevor “Beau” Midgley, recorded with psych band The Way We Live as backing group. Influenced by Tom Paxton, Leadbelly and Dylan, Beau started to write his own songs in the late 60s. After trying to secure a contract with Elektra Records with no success, he was approached by Clive Selwood (Elektra UK) and John Peel, who were launching a new label, Dandelion Records. Beau signed to them and released his eponymous debut album in 1969. For his second effort, Beau decided to experiment with a more folk-rock sound and add to the mix some avant-garde influences. Jim Milne (lead guitar and bass) and Steve Clayton (drums) from Dandelion stablemates The Way We Live / Tractor were the perfect backing band for him. “Creation” is a brilliant psych-folk / acid-folk offering with superb 12-string guitars, heartfelt vocals, studio effects and occasional acid-fuzz guitar. Beau’s avant-garde influences came to the fore on the title track, which verges into White Noise territory. The album closes with “Silence Returns”, featuring one of the most ear-splitting fuzz assaults ever committed to wax, courtesy of Jim Milne. Master tape sound. Four page insert featuring the first cover design whish was never used plus detailed liner notes by Beau himself and lyrics. Two previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1972 (featuring Tractor as backing band) which were recorded for “High Mass”, an aborted third Beau album which was never released at the time. “It’s a consistent album full of tone, deft playing and thoughtful lyrics that demand and reward attention” – Simon Crisp (Galactic Ramble) LP $16 SKU:20552

BEECHWOOD-- From the Land of Nod ((Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) STARBURST Label:ALIVE HANDMIXED STARBURST VINYL Incredible record! Bomp fans and ALIVE fans alike will love this band. Echoes of everything from Stiv Bators to the Electric Prunes to Johnny Thunders. Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll from an amazing band. These guys are going to be huge.STARBURST LP $20 SKU:19438

BEN-ISRAEL, DANNY- Kathmandu Sessions (Awesome late 60s psychedelic freakouT) - Label:ANAZITISI From Dusty groove “ Here's some pretty awesome late 60s psychedelic freakout gems from a cat we'd never heard of before -- Israeli citizen Danny Ben-Israel -- who only ever recorded a couple of albums worth of material! The massive, free-spiraling tunes that comprise the first 3 tracks on this record combine the kind of way out space trip electric guitar that Hendrix played live but never recorded, and stable bass, drums and Eastern-tinged keyboards that keep it all rock and roll -- no matter how out there Danny's wailing vocals and lyrics go. LP $19 SKU:20818

BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES - A Touch Of Someone Else's Class -blues/soul/rock masterpiece of gothic proportions Prod by Dan of the Blck Keys- Label:ALIVE A Touch Of Someone Else's Class is the second studio album, under the Alive Records label, by the Nashville, TN rock band, Black Diamond Heavies. Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys produced this album while it was recorded at his Akron Analog Studio. Also, for the song "Bidin’ My Time", Black Diamond Heavies were joined by Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney. LP $16 SKU:11757