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Hey kiddies, hope you guys are all doing well in these crazy times, we’re all just fine. We just got in a nice shipment in from GEAR FAB, all at that $10 price point you love so much, lots of 60s and 70s garage and psych titles!

And of course as always, adds to your 3 FAVE SECTIONS:

ONE ONLY - last copy and selling at cost or below
$5 and Under - over 400 items for you to drool over
$5-$10 - For the big spenders! Over 600 items

***** THE LATEST ON THE MAIL - Still chugging along, mostly ok, but if you are overseas you have to be REALLY patient, it may take days, it may take months. It will get there, but there’s no telling if it will arrive on time. DON'T BE MAD AT ME!!

VERY NICE POSTING FROM BOBBY from the Warlocks, I hadn’t seen this but it was sent to me by a customer, how sweet is this??? And it’s good to know that some of the early BOMP bands are still together and doing well, up until the pandemic the Warlocks were still touring! And they will again when it’s over, let’s hope it’s soon.

Thanks for all,

Suzy Shaw, Ryan, Patrick and Peter, your BOMP/ALIVE crew
(and of course Willow and Lola, the Bomp doggies)