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This weekend it’s that big monthly IMPORT shipment you love so much, with lots of new titles, and a bunch of previously sold out items back in stock. We have the new RADIO MOSCOW ALBUM in stock too, along with some other stoner psych titles, and a good assortment of cheapo cds have arrived. Just click on the pretty pink box to see the list.

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A nice 4 star review of the new Buffalo Killers ALIVE AND WELL in Shindig magazine, and nice write up on PORKCHOP from No Depression.

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TEENAGERS- COMPLICATION/TAPS (1967 rare beat/garage gem)-Label:FEATHERED APPLE Here's a limited edition 50th anniversary collectors reissue of a rare beat/garage gem from Switzerland, originally datin g back to 1967! The A-side is a killer cut featuring Marco Zappa on lead guitar and with a cool (Vox Continental) organ sound, while the flip contains a fantastic instrumental. Original copies are more or less impossible to find, as only some 300 copies were pressed back in the day! This official reissue comes with superb sound quality (that sounds even slightly better than the original) and with a photo packed 8-page booklet including detailed liner notes. 45 RPM $14 SKU:19281

BREAKOUT -ZA SIODMA GORA-RADIO SESSIONS & LIVE RECORDINGS 1968-1969(Polish psychedelic bluesrock)+DVD-Label:KAMELEON RADIO SESSIONS & LIVE RECORDINGS 1968-1969' - Collection of studio and live tracks by this Polish psychedelic bluesrock band. CD $17 SKU:19155

FARFLUNG -5 (psychedelic, fuel-driven space rock)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Internationally recognized as torchbearers in the contemporary space rock scene, the guys in Farflung have been altering people's minds with their hugely psychedelic, yet fuel-driven space rock for over 20 years. This album features the likes of Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Jensen Bell, David Catching and Gene Trautmann (Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal). CD $12 SKU:18477

GRUPA ABC ANDRZEJA NEBESKIEGO-MOJA ABC(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded in 196 by the Polish '60s legends. CD $14 SKU:19154

GRUPA ABC ANDRZEJANEBESKIEGO - RAZEM Z NAM(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded between 1970-1971 by this Polish psych-pop legends. It's 60's beat with elements of rhythm and blues & soul. CD $14 SKU:19153

JOY OF COOKING -FILLMORE WEST, SAN FRANCISCO 1971-Label:AIR CUTS A release of remastered radio broadcast live recordings of cult band Joy Of Cooking, captured performing in San Francisco 1971. Liner notes and rare archival images are included. CD $15 SKU:19289

KLENCZON,KRZYSZTOF-COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1970-1972(Polish heavy rock 2CD+DVD-Label:KAMELEON On 2 CD complete recordings of the first Polish heavy-rock band. 13 tracks published first time ever. Third disc is DVD with two videos of the band. Remastered edition in digipack with 24 page colour booklet, 8 page insert with song lyrics. 150 minutes of music. CD $18 SKU:19151

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -THE WILD SOUNDS OF(: MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style)...-Label: HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Roaring like a a twin cylinder engine, here's the 2017 full-length from The Lords Of Altamont. Fueled up by the MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers, to name a few, the pack follows Jake 'The Preacher' Cavaliere (vocals, organ) on his uncompromising rock'n'roll journey. CD $14 SKU:19292

NURT - COMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS 1972/1974 (first Polish heavy rock band )DOUBLE CD WITH DVD-Label:KAMELEON On 2 CD complete recordings of the first Polish heavy-rock band. 13 tracks published first time ever. Third disc is DVD with two videos of the band. Remastered edition in digipack with 24 page colour booklet, 8 page insert with song lirycs. 150 minutes of music. CD $16 SKU:19156

SIR JACK & THE GRANDMA MODES-INFLATABLE EXPERIENCES(dreamy psych pop ala Zombies)-Label:OTHER EYES Melodic and dreamy psychedelic pop, with a sound that reminds of a.o. The Zombies, Tomorrow and The Dukes Of Stratosphear. CD $14 SKU:19177

TURN ME ON DEAD MAN- HEAVYMETAL MOTHERSHIP (SF SPACEROCK) -Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (Italy) Heavymetal Mothership' is the fifth release by the San Franciscan heavydelic space rock behemoth known as Turn Me On Dead Man. It is at once incredibly heavy and totally far out psych! Expect evil harmonies for fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Queens Of The Stone Age or Monster Magnet. CD $14 SKU:19280

WITHIN U -THE NIGHT THAT ROCK'N'ROLL BROKE Sgt Pepper style psych!-Label:OTHER EYES To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band', Within U recorded 'The Night That Rock'n'Roll Broke'. If you're a psych freak, you won't get enough of these genuinely out-there sounds! CD $14 SKU:19179

AMBIENCE:- VA 63 NUGGETS FROM THE CRAMPS' VAULT DOUBLE - Label: Subtitled 'Further Inhalations In The Smog Of Incredibly Strange Music', this 63-track DOUBLE-CD offers a selection of the most amazing -and weirdest- tunes found in the vast record collection of Lux and Ivy. Expect a highly unusual serving of garage rock madness, wild doo-wop, insane instrumentals, novelty laughter, loungecore oddities and enough rockabilly to kill a horse. Featured acts/artists include Benn Joe Zeppa, The Sabres, The Tempests, Johnny Stark, The Majestics, The Cables, Buddy Miller, Red Hewitt And The Buccaneers, The Vice-Roys, Ron Feuer, Clyde Stacey, Jay Fanning and too many others to mention.
2-31 –The Myrogens The Dancing Katydids COMP CD $22 SKU:18806

MARSHMALLOW SKIES-'60's POP STARS FLIRT WITH PSYCHEDELIA-Label:DELETED 60's POP STARS FLIRT WITH PSYCHEDELIA' - 'Marshmallow Skies' is a turned-on look into established '60s pop artists' forays and experiments with the psychedelic music scene. Hear how these stars of the '60s flirt with psych instrumentation, coupled with lyrics about peace, love and dope. These 28 tracks will blow your mind, man. Artists you know presenting sounds they aren't known for! COMP CD $15 SKU:19291

HILLBILLIES IN HELL- VA VOL 4(country-gospel diatribes and hellfired hillbilly laments)Label:IRON MOUNTAIN A collection of country-gospel diatribes and hellfired hillbilly laments, originally waxed on microscopic labels and distributed in minuscule amounts. These troubled but largely forgotten hayseed troubadours sing of damnation and infernal choices, tormented sinners, devil trains, luciferian trysts, evil dope schemes and fallow final dreams. An unholy stash of subterranean 45s contains impossibly rare sides that are reissued here for the very first time. This is a strictly limited edition of 666 copies of which 333 come on 'Infernal Red' and 333 'Torment Black' vinyl COMP LP $34 SKU:19284

MONSTER-O-RAMA (+CD)Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY -El Vidocq has concocted a monstrous playlist from the 1950s and '60s, since these were frightingly creative decades for both cinema and music. Indeed, both worlds were intertwined, as melodiously illustrated here by f.i Lon Chaney (The Unknown) with his 'Monster Holidays'. No style lags behind, from the surfrock of the Noblemen to the cha cha cha of Bruno Martino, and from the rockabilly of Jim Burgett to the big band jazz of Jackie Jocko. Get ready to rock and rumble wth Frankenstein, Dracula and a hungry horde of Zombies. Wha ha ha ha!!! COMP LP $22 SKU:19276

BALDUIN -Bohemian Garden- PSYCH POP ALA Beatles, Beach Boys, early ELO) Label:SUNSTONE 'Bohemian Garden' reflects Balduin's travels over the past three years. There are homages to Japanese psychedelia (think The Mops), the glissendo Italo-sounds of Goblin, Alessandro Alessandroni and Ennio Morricone, and the soaring pop arrangements of The Beatles, Beach Boys and early ELO. LP $21 SKU:19274

GREEN RAY -HALF SENTENCES(West Coast trippiness)Label:SUGARBUSH Limited to only a few hundred copies on green vinyl, this LP is sure to become a collector's item. Featuring Simon Whaley and co-featuring Ken Whaley (Help Yourself, Man, Tyla Gang), 'Half Sentences' effortlessly incorporates West Coast trippiness, recalling the best of Quicksilver, Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead, albeit the more rural and laid-back side of these bands. With guitars abound and songs stretching out to gentle meandering jams, this is a really nice album. LP $28 SKU:19115

RADIO MOSCOW - NEW BEGINNINGS- IMPORT- Label:CENTULRY MEDIA Including a free CD-version, here is the fifth studio-album by the South Californian psychedelic blues trio Radio Moscow. LP $29 SKU:19286

TURN ME ON DEAD MAN -HEAVYMETAL MOTHERSHIP (SF SPACEROCK) BLACK VINYL-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (Italy) Heavymetal Mothership' is the fifth release by the San Franciscan heavydelic space rock behemoth known as Turn Me On Dead Man. It is at once incredibly heavy and totally far out psych! Expect evil harmonies for fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Queens Of The Stone Age or Monster Magnet. LP $24 SKU:19279


HAUNTED- ST Canadian 60s garage )Label:VOXX Arguably the best-remembered Canadian garage band of the '60s,All their recorded output, from the 2 LPs previously released by Voxx (a total of 22 songs), with extensive, informative liner notes. Two classic LP's on this CD. CD $10 SKU:2127


GREEN QUESTION MARK -PEGASUS(PSYCH)LTD ED GREEN VINYL-Label:MEGA DODO The Green Question Mark is a unique collaboration between four remarkable talents. Marrs Bonfire has been presenting the Smart Set radio show on BayFM since 2010. Besides being an ace presenter he's also a mean tub thumper and vocalist and has played with The Land Registry Office and The Inept. He's ably supported on his debut Extended Play release by the legendary Icarus Peel, who produced the record, the critically acclaimed Mordecai Smyth and the talented Chrystal Jacqueline. Together they are The Green Question Mark. This 7-inch EP offers 15 minutes playing time. Not only does the EP come in a specially commissioned psychedelic sleeve, it's pressed on unique green vinyl and is limited to only 250 numbered copies. As an extra bonus you also get a free download of all four classic psyche tracks in either hi-resolution FLAC format or MP3. The EP opens with a majestic reading of the Rolling Stones classic 'She's A Rainbow' and is followed by a psyched up version of the rare Syd Barrett song 'Lucy Leave'. Side two opens with a galloping version of the Hollies' psychedelic classic 'Pegasus'. We close the EP with a rocking take on Grapefruit's wonderful 'Elevator'. if you're not too psyched out by the end why not flip the disc over for a repeat dose of definite satori full on psychic clairvoyance. 45 RPM $14 SKU:19118

WE THE PEOPLE (FL) -YOU BURN ME UP AND DOWN (1966)GREEN EPLabel:CAMELEON Reissued on 7-inch, this is an excellent 4-track EP (French edition) by Florida's melodic garage legends We The People, originally issued in 1966. 45 RPM $14 SKU:19125

WE THE PEOPLE (FL)-ST. JOHN'S SHOP EP(1966 garage) BLUE VINYL Label:CAMELEON Reissued on 7-inch, this is an excellent 4-track EP (French edition) by Florida's melodic garage legends We The People, originally issued in 1966. The track 'In The Past', which rates as one of the ultimate '60s garage-psych recordings, is also famous in the version of the Chocolate Watch Band. Edition of 300 copies on BLUE VINYL with remastered sound. 45 RPM $14 SKU:19126

FIRE -#5 (7(+ HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS II SAMPLER)Issue #5 of this bi-monthly rock magazine dedicated to heavy psych, doom, stoner, sludge, occult, dark and '70s hard rock. This edition pays attention to Coven, Unearthly Trance, Pallbearer, Spidergawd, The Obsessed, The Doomsday Kingdom, Megatherium, Horisont, Ghost, Abysmal Grief, Doctor Cyclops and many others. You may also expect plenty of news, reviews, lots of artwork, comments on movies, etc. BOOKS & MAGS $12 SKU:18685

FIRE -#6 (heavy psych, doom, stoner, sludge, occult, dark and '70s hard rock)Label: Issue #6 of this bi-monthly rock magazine dedicated to heavy psych, doom, stoner, sludge, occult, dark and '70s hard rock. This edition pays attention to Paradise Lost, Avatarium, Hawkwind, Elder, Pristine, Sabbath Assembly, Duel, White Hills, Electric Moon, Alunah, Siena Root, Hair Of The Dog and many more. You may also expect plenty of news, reviews, lots of artwork, comments on movies, etc. BOOKS & MAGS $12 SKU:19141

CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION- THE MOON (Stoner psych)-Label:PINK TANK RECORDS The cosmic sorcerers from Portland. A cool mix of stoner and psychedelic rock. After they released a brilliant debut EP called 'The Sun' in 2013, 'The Moon' EP is the logical next step. And with its almost 40 minutes in length, 'The Moon' is closer to a full-length than 'The Sun'. CD $10 SKU:18474

DEADPEACH- PSYCLE (STONER ROCK 60S/ 70S STYLE) -Label:NASONI Seven tracks wild and amazing fuzz rock, psychedelic landscapes from the early 60ies/70ies, space trippy sounds and garage punk attitude. Liquid and full guitars rich of bass run into the sidereal space in a vortex of drugged rock! A mix of 60s/70s hard garage (Blue Cheer, The Stooges, Jimi Hendrix Experience, MC5), 80s indie psych (Mudhoney, Spacemen 3, Loop) and current heavy psych sounds (The Heads, Colour Haze, Dead Meadow). Amazing artwork by art lab Malleus. CD $17 SKU:18863

ELECTRIC MOON - Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge DBL CD (psych acid rock ) Label:SULATRON Repress! A re-release of Electric Moon's debut album (which was split in two parts on vinyl originally: 'Lunatics' and 'Lunatic's Revenge CD $17 SKU:16386

FAUBERT, SHANE- KALKARA (leader of the CHEEPSKATES, 60s style fuzz psych) Label:MUSIC MANIAC Leader of the New york Cheepskates! One of the best pop albums. 60's inspired popsongs with psychedelic effects, feedback and fuzz. CD $5 SKU:19128

GIDIANS BIBLE -1969:THE GOLDEN VOICE RECORDINGS(60s PSYCH)Label:ALONA'S DREAM The story of Gidians Bible started in Illinois' fertile music scene of the late '60s. During the band's brief existence Gidians Bible recorded five heavy psychedelic originals at Golden Voice Recording Co. This EP, featuring the band's entire recorded legacy, contains two songs from the sought after Golden Voice 45 (from 1969) and three unreleased cuts. Unseen pictures and background info are included. CD $15 SKU:19123

KLENCZON, KRZYSZTOF-POWIEDZ STARY GDZIES TY BYLPLUS DVD - Label:KAMELEON On CD, this is a reissue of his 1978 LP with 14 bonus tracks. Also included is a free DVD featuring a TV broadcast of the last Polish Klenczon concert. Krzysztof Klenczon was one of the most important musicians in the Polish '60s and '70s rock scene. He was a member of the well-known psychedelic '60s group CZERWONE GITARY, and after that group disbanded he achieved much success with his quality solo albums. CD $14 SKU:19152

LAST MOVEMENT-BLOOVE- (Spacemen 3 style)Label:BLOODROCK The debut-album by this four-piece band based in Rome, Italy. The music is a noisy blend of psychedelic shoegazer pop and sonic walls of sound. It's loud, it's beautiful, it's confident! For fans of Loop, The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, Ride and Slowdive. CD $14 SKU:18465

MAGIC BUS-PHILLIP THE EGG (sunny psych)-Label:HEADSPIN The third album from MAGIC BUS rolls on into the distant future by way of the golden streets of the past. If sunny psychedelic progressive rock is your bag...then jump on the Bus and forget about the fuss! CD $17 SKU:18752

PSYKICKS - Ignition Time(Greek garage punk 70s style)Label:SOUND EFFECT 6-piece combo from Athens playing a mixture of garage punk and 70s American punk. GREEK IMPORT Take a part of rock'n'roll eroticism, a part of punk insolence and a part of psychedelic peregrination, pour in a good dose of fuzz and when it starts sizzling add the necessary pinches of feedback & screams. Name the concoction 'Ignition Time' and file under The Psykicks. We advise you to adjust your amplifier at stereo and at the maximum possible volume and we wish you to enjoy the ignition with all of your senses. The Psykicks are a rock n roll band whose influences are mainly the Stooges, the MC5, 70s punk, 60s garage punk and surf along with their 80s -90s revival and bands such as the Velvet Underground, Radio Birdman, the Wipers, Sonic Youth and the Last Drive. Their live set ranges from 3-minute garage & motorcity punk explosions to long, fuzzed-out improvisations. CD $8 SKU:5645

ROCKPILE - LIVE (Brit 70s power pop) Label:VOGON Rockpile was a British rock and roll group of the late 1970s and early 1980s, noted for its strong pub rock, rockabilly and power pop influences, and as a foundational influence on new wave. The band consisted of Dave Edmunds (vocals, guitar), Nick Lowe (vocals, bass guitar), Billy Bremner (vocals, guitar) and Terry Williams (drums). This previously unreleased live US radio broadcast includes the hits 'Cruel To Be Kind', 'I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock'n'Roll)', 'Girls Talk' and a previously unreleased version of 'Jailhouse Rock'. CD $16 SKU:19117

SEREMONIA -KRISTALLIARKKI(heavy stoner psych)-Label:SVART Finnish heavy psych rockers Seremonia dive deeper than ever into the dark psychedelic abyss with their third album, 'Kristalliarkki' (or 'The Crystal Ark'). You get Finnish lyrics, heavy riffing, psychedelic solos, out-of-control drum fills, a blood-chilling vocal delivery, garage-doom leanings, proto-punk tendencies and collective free rock freak-outs. This stuff is way out there! CD-edition. CD $8 SKU:18938

SKALDOWIE -LISTY SPIEWAJACE (1967-1972POP PSYCH)Label:KAMELEON Pop-psych material compiled from rare and very rare excellent quality 27 tracks from 1967 to 1972. Remastered edition with 20 page colour booklet. 79 minutes of music. CD $14 SKU:19157

SUZY & LOS QUATTRO-Faster & Louder! Label:ROCK INDIANA With its title taken from the classic Dictators song, the fourth album by Suzy & Los Quattro is 'Faster And Louder' indeed. Featuring catchy tunes and killer riffs, this is the band's strongest release to date. CD $16 SKU:18588

TEMPONAUTS- A Million Year Picnic (Byrds style psych pop) - Label:MISTY LANE ”. A ltd edition/500 CDs A must if you love the electric jingle-jangle sound of the Byrds,melodic powerpop , neo-psychedelia and the paisley underground (Ok some of you might add echoes from the 90’s brit-pop as well...) CD $18 SKU:7072

TOBY TWIRL- ST (60s PSYCH) Label:MEGA DODO Seeing that 60s Psychedelia really didn’t hit the UK provinces full on until 1970, there was always a flip side to Swinging London. For every band of dilettante acid dandies freaking out at the Roundhouse or getting it together in the country there were a dozen hard gigging bands playing the northern clubs and discotheques every weekend. Apart from a few isolated pockets outside of the groovy epicenter, the fall out from the Summer Of Love was a London thing…………that’s where the really ambitious bands had to base themselves, however seeing that the Pop charts were full of hip tunes, a watered down version of Psychedelia seeped into almost every town in the UK. There were loads of venues and a load of bands available to play them……….they were hardworking professional musicians who could make a decent living mixing a dash of cabaret and comedy with a set of Freakbeat/Psych tinged pop tunes and if they were lucky they would be given an opportunity to record a single. Toby Twirl were one such band, originally from Newcastle they were playing regular gigs between 1968 until 1971……..they had the threads but were slightly uncool and no doubt the closest they came to a psychedelic experience was the hallucinogenic effects of Newcastle Brown Ale, but by the sound of their long overdue debut album they could really tear up a dancefloor on a Saturday night in Blackburn. The tapes of previously thought lost demo and showcase recordings were recently discovered by the band's drummer, John Reed, which have been carefully transferred to a digital medium and professionally masteredNotes
Unreleased studio recordings by both line ups of Toby Twirl: side 1 features Holly on vocals, side 2 features Steve.Limited to 250 copies on 180gram black vinyl, 60s-style laminated flip-back sleeve with 12" x 12" printed insert and download code CD $16 SKU:19116

TURPENTINE BROTHERS - We Don't Care About Your Good Times-Label:ALIVE The Turpentine Brothers are two parts Kings of Nuthin' (singer/guitarist Justin Hubbard and organist Zack Brines) and one part Mr. Airplane Man (drummer Tara McManus). "Get this album or miss out on one of the most exciting and important new releases of the year." - Kopper / CD $5 SKU:13133

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 9 (and 10) (60s Garage/Punk) Label:CRYPT Grave LPs 9 & 10 on one monstrous 30-song, deluxe triple fold out digipac - with two 24-page full color booklets crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ultimate in 60s punk insanity! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 13 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 5 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 30 cuts from WARLOCKS, RAEVINS, EMERALDS, WHY-NOTS, TURNCOATS, SHAKLES, KNOLL ALLEN & THE NOBLE SAVAGES, JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS, THE FOUR, ORPHANS, IT’S THEM, NOBODY’S CHILDREN, HOTBEATS, GMC & THE ARCELLS, HARD TIMES, JOHN ENGLISH III, EXPRESSIONS, plus more. COMP CD $15 SKU:16417

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 3 &4 (60s Garage/Punk) Label:CRYPT All 30 cuts from LPs #3 and #4. Fully re-mastered and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. COMP CD $19 SKU:17663

BACK FROM THE GRAVE-Vol 1 & 2 (60s Garage/Punk)Label:CRYPT Compiles Back From The Grave VolumE 1&2 in a sleek, single-disc digipak. COMP CD $19 SKU:17664

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 5 & 6 w 24 page booklet (60s Garage/Punk) Label:CRYPT All 30 cuts from LPs #3 and #4. Fully re-mastered and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. COMP CD $19 SKU:18345

BEYOND THE CALICO WALL - VA (60s psych) Label:VOXX The good people who put together this compilation set out to accomplish no less daunting a task than collecting the most bizarre and extreme underground psychedelic music recorded in the 1960's, and, for the most part, the choices seem to be right on the money. The collection starts off with "The Trip" by Park Avenue Playground, a song that bursts out of the gate with an explosion of fuzz guitar, organ, and mad siren-like oscillating effects, coming at you from all directions, seemingly. Next up is "Suzie's gone" by Afterglow, definitely one of the weirdest singles ever. The singer moans "!" in the most detached voice possible over a staccato organ and drum part, leading to a guitar solo that soon collapses into no recognizable conventional song structure. No less amazing is "Mt. Olympus" by The Flower Power, which starts off as an innocuous and somewhat introspective sounding piece until a wild heavily chorused guitar break, which only slightly warns you of the totally anarchic feedback and free-form noise ending -- which goes on for over a minute in a 3:40 single! Then you get a bizarre sci-fi/horror tale in "The pulse" by Burritt Bradley, and an incredible reading of The Electric Prunes' "I had too much to dream last night" by Rasputin and the Mad Monks, with weird proto-techno sound effects, backwards vocals, and production effects making the backing track fade in and out, creating a disturbing sensory assault. Other highlights include "An experiment in terror" by The Greek Fountains, which is a strange polyrhythmic instrumental, and "Up in my mind" by The Spontaneous Generation, which surely has to rank as one of the most aggressive 60's psych records ever made, with waves of vibrato guitar and insistent wah wah riffing. Also worthwhile is "The electronic insides and metal complexion that make up Herr Dr. Krieg," by The Riders of the Mark, which musically isn't quite as strange as its title, but comes close! The weirdness factor decreases somewhat as the c.d. progresses, and a sloppy but straightforward cover of "In a gadda da vida" by Six Feet Under makes for a pretty uninteresting closer, but the good material here makes this an essential purchase. Buy it if you like psychedelia, experimental or Incredibly Strange Music. Robert Schell (Townsville, Texas)
COMP CD $5 SKU:2151

CHOCOLATE SOUP FOR DIABETICS - 5 CD box set ! 82 UK 60s Psych Classics- Label:Past and Present Finally gathered in one place, here are all five volumes of this groundbreaking series of British psych and freakbeat compilations, in a numbered, limited edition. Boasting no fewer than 82 classic tracks, the set spans established classics by Tintern Abbey, Apple, The Tickle, The Smoke, Fleur De Lys and others, and gems by lesser-known artists such as Boo & The Boo-Boos, The Perishers, Graded Grains, The Australian Playboys, and many more. Also included is a lavish full-color booklet, offering discographies and histories of every act, as well as many rare photographs. This is one boxed set that no fan of classic British underground music can be without! Other artists include: The Voice, Nuchez's, One In A Million, The Misunderstood, Dantalian's Chariot, The Flies, The Fire, The Fresh Windows, The Unexplained, Mike Stuart Span, Wimple Winch, Craig, The Score, Winston's Fumbs, Him & The Others, Big Boy Pete, The Hush, The Syn, State Of Mickey & Tommy, Paper Blitz Tissue, The Factory, Felius Andromeda, The Accent, Chapter Four, The Poets, The Game, Chords Five, The Anteeeks, The Exceptions, The Rebel Rousers, Alan Avon & The Toy Shop, The Dodos, Roger Young, The Answers, Force Five, The Darwins Theory, The Transatlantics, The Longboatmen, Linda Van Dyck, Gary Walker, Caleb, The Trend, Family, Steve Aldo, The Peasants, The Original Roadrunners, The Quotations, The Ways And Means, The Moving Finger, The Authentics, The Mickey Finn, St. Louis Union, The Magic Lanterns, The Bad Boys, The Sons Of Fred, Mike Rabin, Wayne Gibson, The Petards, The J&B, King Size Taylor, and The Four Squares. COMP CD $32 SKU:11728

CORNFLAKE ZOO-VOL 3 Dustin E Presents (obscure psych)Label:PARTICLES From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Electric Asylum, Upside Down, Velvet Revolutions, Beatfreak and The Electric Sound Show, Particles present Dustin E's...Cornflake Zoo: Episode Three. There is no better joy known to man than the glorious pursuit of something more appealing than the mere meaning of life. Rules are broken, but standards are observed as we assemble a selection of the most delightful, juvenile absurdity to reach the auditory senses. Particles presents a captivating collection replete with archival imagery, a loving touch of restoration and a simple (minded) narrative, what more could you ask? Includes a 20-page full color booklet, comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Features: Zen, Petards, The Jet Stars, The Elements, The Fourmyula, The Motions, Ronnie Bird, The Ro-D-Ys, The Kingsmen, Annaabee-Nox, After Tea, The Shoes, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, 14, Wayne Versage, Science Poption, The Floor, Sir Henry and The Klan. COMP CD $16 SKU:17944

CORNFLAKE ZOO:EpisodeFOUR-VOL 4 Dustin E Presents (obscure psych)Label:PARTICLES A delightful collection of juvenile absurdities and oddities from the late(r) '60s and early '70s beat, garage and psych scenes of a.o. Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Uruguay and Switzerland. The 20-page full-colour booklet provIdes background info and rare pix. COMP CD $16 SKU:18136

FADING YELLOW - VOL.15 Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images . Ltd numbered edition of 1000 copies. ( 60s Pop / Psych ) - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Limited numbered edition of 1000 copies. 'Fading Yellow' Volume 15. This volume digs deep in the American and Canadian late '60s scenes and offers 16 tracks. All these songs appear on a compilation for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl with laminated sleeve and detailed linernotes. Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images. This classic compilation series aims at colecting the best popsike of the '60-'70sCOMP CD $17 SKU:15077

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 1(60s Pop Psych) Label:FLOWER MACHINE REPRESSED!! AT LAST, HERE IT IS - The second press of much sought after Fading Yellow Volume 1 CD. Already considered a bona Fide Classic! Including magical 60s Popsike & other delights. Out of print since 2003. Limited edition of 500 copies. From the people who brought us the mighty 'Diggin'; For Gold' series comes the long awaited CD version of the FADING YELLOW comp. from 1995. 25 Tracks, 8 of which were on the original vinyl version. Mostly UK acts, but also some unique tracks from Europe. Included is a track by KOOBAS,(only available as a 7" b-side in Denmark) + other timeless pop-sike COMP CD $17 SKU:18692

GOLDEN GRASS/KILLER BOOGIE/WILD EYES/BANQUET - 4 WAY SPLIT-4-Way Split Vol. 2-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) After spacing out fiercely on the first volume of the Heavy Psych Sounds 4-Way Split, it's time to hit the ground running! The HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 brings funked-out '70s boogie down the highway with heavy hitters Wild Eyes, recent HPS-signees Banquet, Brooklyn sunshine rockers The Golden Grassand fuzz traditionalists Killer Boogie. All four bands bring a fresh sound to classic heavy rock, and after uniting Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes to highlight trippy psychedelic groove, HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 gives an earthier take while continuing to feature some of the underground's best up and coming acts! COMP CD $12 SKU:17749

PAISLEY POLKA DOT PICNIC PARTY- VA (garage psych from the Medway scene ) -Label: BRAND MEDWAY Special budget priced collection of garagy & psychedelic bands that represent the so-called 'Medway Scene'Including bands Like: THE EFFECTIVES, THE LOVEDAYS, BRESSLAWS, SAWDUST CEASARS, THE VANDEBILTS & THE DECCAS. Some great paisley psych & garagypop bands are presented here... COMP CD $5 SKU:10309

BEACH-O-RAMA-VOL.1( boogaloo, twist, rock'n'roll and surf songs)PLUS CD-Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Lovingly compiled by El Vidocq, boasting the same impeccably cool artwork as the earlier Strip-O-Rama and Shake-O-Rama comps! This time you're melodiously transported to a sun-drenched beach for endless summer boogying. Instrumental and voiced boogaloo, twist, rock'n'roll and surf songs furiously follow one upon the other. Naturally this is no ordinary compilation, but rather 16 rare vintage gems carefully selected for demanding connoisseurs such as yourself. COMP LP $24 SKU:18903

SONGS FROM SATAN'SJUKEBOX- Vol 1 COUNTRY, ROCKABILLY, HILLBILLY & GOSPEL FOR SATAN'S SAKE-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) COUNTRY, ROCKABILLY, HILLBILLY & GOSPEL FOR SATAN'S SAKE' - A small selection of satanic songs and maleficent melodies from Satan's infernal jukebox. COMP LP $18 SKU:19095

ANDREW -WOOPS (obscure 73 private press psych)Label:BARNYARD A totally obscure and totally shredding 1973 private hard-psych album, from Iceland of all places! Nearly impossible to find in its original form, the material on 'Woops' ranges from funky hard-psych to space-rock, and also includes the amazing doom-psych jam 'Himalaya'. Featuring members of another classic Icelandic band, Icecross, Andrew's lone LP is one of the few examples of a private press psych record from Iceland. This very, very fine '70s psych-rock LP is essential for all fans of hard-psych and it's finally reissued on vinyl! LP $22 SKU:18582

BONE MAN - III (STONER psych)Label:PINK TANK RECORDS The fifth album by German psychedelic rockers Bone Man. The way they seamlessly move from psych to stoner to punk and back again is a joy to behold. Limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl. LP $22 SKU:18671

DEAD BOYS -DOWN IN FLAMES Live at the Old Waldorf 1977-Label:RADIO X Cleveland's legendary Dead Boys represented the very essence of punkrock. The music was raw, visceral, brutal and a whole lot of fun. Following the release of their appropriately titled debut, 'Young, Loud and Snotty', Stiv Bators and crew rolled into the Old Waldorf in the city by The Bay and tore the place apart. LP $21 SKU:18507

DUEL - Fears of the Dead (70s proto metal style)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Featuring two ex-members of Scorpion Child, DUEL is hugely influenced by the darker sides of early '70s proto-metal. The sound is menacing and brutally old school. Total purists, their tunes cut right to the bone with heavy, deep grooves and blistering tones. This is tough and loud hardrock, the way it was meant to be! LP on BLACK VINYL. LP $21 SKU:18715

EARTH ELECTRIC VOL. 1: SOLAR (HEAVY PSYCH) ORANGE)-Label:SEASON OF MIST imited edition of 100 copies on OPAQUE ORANGE VINYL. EARTH ELECTRIC is the brainchild of Erik "Blasphemer" Eriksen (Mayhem, Aura Noir) and his partner Carmen Simoes (Moonspell, Ava Inferi). 'Vol. 1: Solar' rises as an unprecedented and surprising beast in the works of the famous Norwegian duo. Though influenced by such giants as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd, these Nordic track-smiths hammer the ingredients into an individual style of their own twisted liking. LP $29 SKU:18843

ETERNAL ELYSIUM -RESONANCE OF SHADOWS (JAPANESE STONER PSYCH) DBL LP COLOR VINYL- Label:HEADSPIN On DOUBLE-LP format, here's the awaited 2017 full-length by the exceptional Japanese stoner-psych trio. Limited edition on TRI COLOURED VINYL, presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve including an insert. Contains vinyl only bonus tracks..! LP $34 SKU:18786

FOGBOUND -ST (LATE 60s PSYCH sound) PURPLE-Label:JOHN COLBY SECT Fogbound from La Coruña is submerged in the British sound of the late '60s. The band's magic potion of psychedelia and freakbeat features Hammond, distorted guitars and delightful vocal harmonies that evoke groups such as The Attack, Fleur De Lys or Barrett-era Pink Floyd. This is the debut album on PURPLE VINYL. LP $24 SKU:18844

FROZEN PLANET-1969 FROM THE CENTRE OF A PARALLEL UNIVERSE(Australian psych-/jam-rockers) SPLATTER Label: HEADSPIN The Australian psych-/jam-rockers follow-up their killer album 'Electric Smokehouse' with a next offering. Compared to the previous release this collection sounds at least as trippy, far-out and exciting, but the material is slightly more accessible. Great stuff! Edition on ORANGE-BLACK SPLATTER VINYL. LP $24 SKU:19071

KALEIDOBOLT-THE ZENITH CRACKS (Psych power trio)Label:PINK TANK RECORDS Finnish power trio Kaleidobolt returns with its second album. The music is full of progressive and heavy psychedelic leanings, and free of clichés. LP $24 SKU:18641

LUCK OF EDEN HALL-(2LP/WHITE)THE ACCELERATION OF TIME (PSYCH PROG POP)-Label:HEADSPIN The Luck Of Eden Hall, the beloved psych/prog/pop group from Chicago, returns with its ninth album. The band is like a well oiled time machine, endlessly moving in a magic circle, a reoccurring psychedelic dream, like 'Alice In Wonderland', though the Dreamland gets more exact and mature with each listen. Featuring songs laden with ethereal Mellotron, echoplexed guitar and explosive drums, this could be the psychedelic gem of the year! Limited edition of 250 DOUBLE-LP's on WHITE VINYL. LP $28 SKU:17734

MOUNTAIN DUST -NINE YEARS (STONER PSYCH) ORANGE-Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT Limited edition of 150 copies on ORANGE VINYL. The amazing debut by the Canadian outfit MOUNTAIN DUST. These seven tracks offer a blast of cymbal crashing, headbanging hard rock laced with doom metal and a sensible dosage of psychedelia. Undeniably rooted in the past, 'Nine Years' nevertheless sounds fresh and modern due to the band's ability to mix styles in a tasteful way. We get the proto-metal influence from Led Zeppelin, the heavy organ sound of The Doors, but also a huge dose of stoner, blues and psychedelic rock. LP $28 SKU:18586

SAUTRUS- ANTHONY HILL ( 60s inspired acid rock )-Label:PINK TANK SautruS merges different sounds to create a lucid psychedelic trippy ride into the unknown. Parts of '60s inspired acid rock and more modern based riffs should keep long-term stoner rock fans fully entertained. This vinyl-edition is limited to 300 copies on 'Anthony's Envy' coloured vinyl (gold/clear/black marbled). LP $22 SKU:19072

SUNSHINE REVERBERATION-ST(psych style)WHITE VINYL -Label:WESTERGAARD A garage-band that doesn't shy away from psychedelic leanings, kraut moves and appealing, dreamy melodies. If you like King Gizzard, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and White Fence, or old(er) bands s.a. Iggy & The Stooges and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, this is for you! Edition on WHITE VINYL. LP $32 SKU:18736

SWAMP DOGG - TOTAL DESTRUCTION TO YOUR MIND gatefold with poster on herb green vinyl ltd edition of 250- Label:ALIVE TOTAL DESTRUCTION TO YOUR MIND” (1970), has been called “one of the most gloriously gonzo soul recordings of all time”.
The title track is a slam-bangin’ chunk of rock and funk that’s pushed by a great session band including guitarist Jesse Carr and drummer Johnny Sandlin, and is easily Dogg’s finest moment on record. But the rest of this is great too, ranging from the consumer nightmare “Synthetic World” to the paternity blues of “Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe.” – AMG LP $20 SKU:15000

VAN SPYK & FRIEND -- THE ACETATE (+CD) (1971 psych fol)k- LTD ED-Label:TRAMP UK Presented here is UK-based Tramp Records' official release of the original 1971 recording of the psych-folk acetate album by Your Friend Spyk, formerly known as 'Going Nowhere'. This 2017 edition however is released as 'The Acetate' by Van Spyk & Friend. Rob Van Spyk and Terry Friend were also known as Stonefield Tramp, an act that released its only album ('Dreaming Again...') under that moniker in 1974. This run is limited to only 250 copies, so order fast! LP $24 SKU:19096

YURI GAGARIN- ST YELLOW (trippy psych) Label:SULATRON ow available on YELLOW VINYL in a limited edition. The self-titled album by the Swedish psychonauts is strongly recommended to fans of trippy, instrumental, melodic, heavy and dirty spacerock, roughly sounding like early Hawkwind or early Monster Magnet. LP $22 SKU:18940