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Lots of new imports this week, a great mix of everything from German prog to New Zealand hard rock to UK psych. And a huge restock too, including some amazing South American 70s psych cds previously thought to be out of print.

Suzy Shaw


LONESOME SHACK GETS a rave from The Mad Mackeral - “one of our most played records of the year… deceptively simple desert blues, imbued with a dark, sparse humour, and it is all round wonderful to boot." READ MORE HERE

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ELOY - ST (1971 German prog) 180 GRAM DELUXE Label:MISSING VINYL LP w/die-cut coverOriginally released on Philips in 1971. First ever audiophile edition w/exact replica of the original die cut cover. Taken from the original master tapes. Official, deluxe 180g vinyl pressing; 1000 pieces limited. "The debut recording from one of Germany's most accomplished progressive rock bands. The band was originally co-led by vocalist Erich Schriever and guitarist Frank Bornemann, and the two differed on musical direction, which is evident here. The band was essentially a hard rock act at this time with a sound similar to Black Sabbath and Atomic Rooster. Although their technical abilities are not yet fully developed, it has an intrinsic quality. 'Today,' in particular, demonstrates the band's abilities to create catchy songs. While Eloy would move in a more progressive direction, which would yield more consistent results, they would never sound as honest and vulnerable as they do here. One of progressive rock's most underrated bands." LP $25 SKU:20931

HANUMAN- ST (1971 German prog Krautrock)180 GRAM Label:MISSING VINYL The label says: “Hanuman was a post MURPHY BLEND, that recorded this excellent German progressive Krautrock album on the KUCKUCK label in 1971. The lyrics are strongly politically and socially engaged, while it is musically very similar to the first two OUT OF FOCUS albums, but more lyrical. This album, is a perfect example of the early 70s German progressive Krautrock scene and should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing. Classic German Krautrock album from 1971. Post Murphy Blend outfit. Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl. Expertly remastered from the mastertapes. First ever exact reissue.” Additional information from the Lion Productions archives: Berlin band formed by Murphy Blend organist Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig in May 1971 at a festival in Munich, along with a trio of jazz and blues musicians. Hanuman took the Murphy Blend sound, sans the classical style, and developed a sound that hinted at that of Out Of Focus, although with a more lyrical and offbeat sensibility. Without Uhlig, who left after this album, Hanuman metamorphosized into Lied Des Teufels LP $24 SKU:20930

HIGHWAY- ST(1971 New Zealand underground rock) W bonus tracks Label:MELLOTRON the sole album (1971) by this nearly-forgotten band from New Zealand—although they were high profile enough to have their only LP released on EMI-Regal. Highway formed in 1970 with ex-members of Retaliation, Serenity Fair, The Boddys, Apple, Bitter End, a.o. The music is underground-tinged rock with rural and roots influences. Following tours of New Zealand and Australia, Highway disbanded in 1972. This reissue comes with two bonus tracks, 'The Time Is The Time'/'What You're Doing To Me', taken from the band's 7-inch single LP $24 SKU:20939

MAY BLITZ - ESSEN(1970-rare 70s LED ZEP/ SABBATH STYLE Label:THOR’S HAMMER May Blitz have been compared to Led Zeppelin, the early Black Sabbath, or early Uriah Heep—the only difference being that May Blitz never had their great breakthrough. Their history ended after only two LPs which are today in high demand. On Tuesday, 22nd October 1970, the group performed in the Gruga Hall at the third Essen Pop & Blues Festival. The event was recorded semi-professionally by the promoters. The recordings were mastered in a first-class sound studio with great effort and care. The sound, however, is naturally not as good as that of the two studio LPs. Comes in deluxe gatefold cover. The 8-page insert in LP size contains a long band history in German and English, a detailed discography, numerous cover and label repros, as well as a personal retrospective report by guitarist and singer James Black. A must for collectors. It is the first legitimate release of a May Blitz live recording. LP $24 SKU:18028

PIG RIDER -The Robinson Scratch Theory (80s lo fi bedroom psych GALACTIC RAMBLE fave) DBL LP Label:GUERSSON Bedroom / lo-fi psychedelia by these unsung heroes from the 80s DIY cassette culture scene. From outsider synth-pop to Barrett-esque lysergic folk, from lo-fi garage-punk to basement prog: acid-fuzz guitars, cheap keyboards, primitive electronics, homemade vibe and bizarre, funny lyrics. Pig Rider were formed in Kent, UK, in the late 60s by John Mayes and Colin Kitchener. With the help from some friends they recorded and self-released a series of acetate only psych-folk albums in the mid-70s (“Heterophonies”, “Bloody Turkey Sandwiches”…) which are prime examples of early DIY psychedelic music, highly sought-after since a review of “Heterophonies” appeared on the Galactic Ramble book. In 2013, collector Alexandre Mansuy (from the influential “Somewhere There Is Music” blog), having only listened to their “Heterophonies”album, found John and Colin and was astonished when they told him their story: “Heterophonies” was only one of their many, many great recordings, 22 in all, including 45s, acetates and tapes. Those included complete, and to date unperformed, opera for schools, a song-cycle about Luton, a town they knew nothing about; songs designed to be played backwards, songs which are slightly offensive and others which are too offensive to play at all, anywhere, ever. “The Robinson Scratch Theory”, is a compilation featuring tracks originally recorded between 1980 and 1986 and released as private cassettes. Pig Rider’s sound bring to mind obscure DIY bands like Desperate Bicycles, Instant Automatons or Beyond The Implode but only if those bands knew how to write catchy and well-crafted songs LP $21 SKU:20922

REAL KIDS- ST- 40 ANNIVERSARY EDition GATEFOLD -Label:NORTON Posh 40th anniversary edition of original Red Star album- remastered by Tim Warren with majestic sound. Gatefold edition with centerfold photo by Roberta Bayley and original LP cover shot by Oedipus. Import. "The mightiest debut album to burst out of Boston in decades!" —Rock & Pop LP $22 SKU:20593

ROYAL SERVANTS- We(1970 Krautrock with 12 page insert) Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Only recordings (from 1970) by the forerunners of great Krautrock band Eulenspygel; this material is from their transitional phase, as they made their weird way from beat/r&b to psychedelia; long tracks sung in English, all from the original mastertapes. A great German group. One of the most oft-requested older Garden of Delights titles. This wonderful edition contains an LP-sized 12-page insert. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. LP $26 SKU:20927

SILOAH -Sukram Gurk( 60s punk style psych-Kraut 1972 )Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Second album (1972) finds the commune dwellers moving out of their farmhouse away from pastoral settings, buying an organ, and going for an Atomic Rooster sort of sound; different musicians equals different style, as the new music was dominated by frantic organ sounds; the result was another underground classic—primitive and rambling, and resembling US sixties punk more than anything; ‘Magic Carpet Ride to the Alps’ and ‘Feast of the Pickpockets’ stand out, but the whole album is pretty hard to ignore if you like psychedelia. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. LP $24 SKU:20928

TOURNAS,KOSTAS -Aperanta Chorafi (1972 GREEK prog psych) 180 GRAM Label:ANAZITISI This reissue comes in 180 gram vinyl, with a fully laminated cover, and includes an insert (30x30cm) with lyrics/info in English as well as photos. After the break-up of Poll, Kostas Tournas went on to record this progressive-psychedelic concept solo album. A major progressive folk-rock opus with no separate tracks, it's an autobiographical concept album. LP $22 SKU:20924

THOR'S HAMMER - ST (Icelandic garage legends! 65-67) Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Danish band’s Metronome album (1971), the one and only record by one of those groups that promised much, but never went further than an eponymous debut; their music was close to Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Blast Furnace and the jazzy style of bands like Traffic, with long tracks with killer wah-wah guitars, swirling organs, wild vocals and twisted psychedelic sax-breaks; ‘Mexico’ is perhaps the most effective track on the album (paraphrasing the well-known sax riff from Traffic's "Freedom Rider"), although the whole record is strong. Their one and only LP holds the sad record of being the most bootlegged LP in Denmark. This first legal LP reissue is accompanied by a 4-page insert in LP format, containing a detailed band history in German, English and Danish language, a comprehensive discography including side and solo projects, cover and label reproductions, and band photographs. A deluxe edition, hand-numbered and limited to 1,000 copies, pressed on 180g vinyl. LP $24 SKU:18026


CRUCIS-S/T” + “Los delirios del marisca (Blistering live material) -Label:RETRO REMASTERS (Two albums on one CD): Both albums by Argentina’s best-loved symphonic rock band on one disc. Los Crucis were formed in August of 1974, and in a short time became one of the few symphonic rock bands from South America to have any success, thanks to a sound reminiscent of foreign groups like Yes, Camel or Focus. Charlie Garcia of Sui Generis signed on as producer, which led to the release of the band’s debut album in 1975. Not much time elapsed before the second album also hit the streets. The four songs of “Los delirios del marisca” were a great improvement compared to those of the first LP—only one track featured vocals on an album filled with complex songs full of challenging rhythms changes. The sound quality was astonishing for the time: the record was mixed and cut by Jack Adams at the Criteria Studios in Miami (USA)—every Argentine band's dream had finally come true. Crucis was invited to make an extensive US tour; they surprised audiences with fabulous concerts that traveled the spectral corners of jazz and symphonic rock. Upon their return to Argentina, Crucis broke up, apparently due to conflicts between Gustavo Montesano (the main composer in Crucis) and the rest of the group. CD $17 SKU:20331

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN- Astra (70s South African psych ) Label:FRESH The classic 1970 2nd LP from South African psych group, deemed by many to be the band's defining moment. Painstakingly tracked down and remastered, the album sounds better than anyone involved ever imagined. W 3 bonus tracks, Coffee Song, Satisfaction, and Little Games CD $15 SKU:4572

GRAVELPIT - Snowglobe ( HARD neo psych ) Label:ROCKADELIC Hard Neo Psychedelic overtone, has a very mind altering & mood founding quality. The musicians skillfully unite their well focused support by blending musical strengths making the transcendent nature or vibe of the music all the more "in your face intoxicating" and unavoidibly direct. It's obvious these guys put some serious time into the rehearsal and the writing of this well done and recorded material. Excellent Musicianship, Top Notch Indie Production & Unique Well Crafted Song Writing make for a SOLID Recommendation.
CD $8 SKU:6370

HEATHCLIFF, JUSTIN- ST (70s paisley pop psych) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA "Long before attaining fame as a soundtrack composer and new age artist, Osamu Kitajima adopted a sufficiently Anglo pseudonym and released this amazing homage to British pop-psychedelia in 1971. Issued by Warner Bros. in Japan only, the LP has unsurprisingly climbed skywards in price ever since, and only a cave dweller could miss the faithful nods to Syd, Marc, John, Paul, George and Ringo in the original compositions and English lyrics. Osamu's ability around a studio was evident even then and the choice of genre to lovingly imitate predated the whole retro/'paisley' psych movement by about ten or fifteen years." CD $10 SKU:5970

HOJAS-MIS SUENOS PIDEN ( Uruguayan 60s Psych/Powerpop Beatles style ) -Label:LION Hojas (meaning The Leaves), like Limonada, emerged from the late 60’s-early 70’s Uruguayan rock scene.A melodic rock/powerpop outfit who wrote excellent psychy songs influenced by The Beatles and Badfinger. CD $10 SKU:4368

ITHACA- Game For All Who Know ( Uruguayan 70s rare home recordings folk psych ) Label:LION 16 page booklet and bonus tracks. Incredibly good and extremely rare home recordings from psychedelic-folk masters Peter Howell and John Ferdinando, that had made the AGINCOURT album two years earlier. For the first time from the original master tapes! The addition of three previously unreleased bonus tracks is cause for much rejoicing! The sixteen-page booklet has lengthy band history, lyrics, and rare photos CD $12 SKU:5894

JESUS FIGUEROA (OPUS ALFA) -Con Todos + Magica Fuente (Uruguay 70s blues psych) Label:RECORD RUNNER Compilation that includes his 1973 & 1974 solo albums as well as an Opus Alfa bonus track taken from their 1971 7" single. Figueroa was the lead singer of Uruguay psych band Opus Alfa, which evolved into Dias de Blues (without him). It was an amicable split, however, and the members of Dias de Blues performed on the first album. Both of the ultra-rare blues influenced psych albums (1973/1974) from Figueroa are on this disc: “Con Todos” has great atmospheric acoustic slide-guitar blues alternating with thudding heavy rocking blues tracks; “Con Todos” is good, but “Magica Fuente” is much more compelling and shows real imagination, with some weird effects and more of a drug vibe; sinuous guitar slow burn blues combined with guitar-propelled rave-ups; there is harp on one track, perhaps foretelling Figueroa’s subsequent search for enlightenment from eastern gurus CD $16 SKU:20220

KALEIDOSCOPE- St ((Mexican 1969 psych mind expander) Comes in mini LP slv- Label:ORFEON Incredible Mexican mind expander from the 1969 that could have easily been on an 'Endless Journey' comp. Mind frying fuzz guitars, electronic psychedelic effects, swirling keyboards and drugged lyrics/vocals in English.
CD $10 SKU:6507

KILLERS -Good-Bye (1967 Uruguyan rock)Label:RECORD RUNNER First reissue of one of the main albums from the Uruguyan music scene of the 1960’s/1970’s; within the rock movement in Uruguay in the late sixties, the Killers (Los Killers) were proudly the most professional band in the rock music scene; they started out in 1967, playing cover songs of bands like Bloodrock (or “Bloody Rock” as it says here) on their ultra hi-tech gear; they recorded the Jesus Christ Superstar theme as a single, as well as ‘Woodstock’ for the Discodromo TV show, both included here among the five excellent bonus tracks; then came “Good-Bye”, the band’s one and only LP (Sondor, 1972), on which the Killers sung in English their own compositions, aside from Stephen Stills’ ‘Love the One You’re With’ and ‘Born to Wonder’ by Rare Earth; the Killers were headed for exile in Spain—thus the album’s title—pushed out of Uruguay by the repressive military regime that would take full control of the tiny nation in 1973 and end the careers of most of the bands which stayed behind. CD $15 SKU:20222

LAGHONIA-UNGLUE (Peruvian 60s Kinks/Yardbirds stly in English!) digipack Label:REPSYCHLED RECORDS 100% unrel material by one of the best 60´s & 70`s S .American Rock bands, This unique Peruvian band,one of a few in South America that sang in English and used Hammond B2organ in the studio and live performances, and played only original compositions influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Cream and many others. 54 minutes of music, recorded at rehearsal sessions for their first album between 1967 and 1970, contains two unrel tracks andamazing alt versions of Glue album tracks.Good quality mini LP foldout package, insert (cool photos) and original artwork by Manuel Cornejo. IMPORT CD $14 SKU:4279

LITTER- Distortions (60's garage psych)NUGGETS style - Label:ARF ARF 1966 classic garage lp w/ unre demos.20 page booklet if you like 'garage' music / 60s punk-psychedelia at all this is a must-have. Two stand-out tracks. Action Woman, an original, also available on the Nuggets anthology, is one of the great lost rock singles. Had there been any justice it would have / could have been a top ten hit. CD $10 SKU:488

LOS JAIVAS -Alturas de Macchu Picchu en conciert (Live 1998 Chilean Prog) Label:AROMA Complete original album live,recorded at Teatro Providencia november 1998, plus 5 live bonus tracks (Teatro Monumental, May 2000). Direct from the master tapes. Complete 16-page booklet with lyrics, discography, history of the band, photos. 80 minutes! Bonus tracks : Tarka y Ocarina (instrumental master progressive song from 1976) + Takirari del puerto + Cancion del sur + Mamalluca (with orchestra) + Presentacion. A masterpiece, never before on CD!" Seeing Los Jaivas playing live is an experience not to be missed, especially for those who are natives of Chile. In case you have not had the opportunity to do so, this live album captures to the full extent possible, the energy and mysticism that is a hallmark of the band, probably the most important in the history of Chilean music. CD $15 SKU:20339

MARKLEY- A Group (US psych legends) Label:ACID SYMPOSIUM (Greece) Reissue on CD of what was actually the 5th and final album by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band are a showcase for the various dementias of vocalist Bob Markley (paranoia and a very keen interest in young—emphasis on young—women), and the electric shock treatment of guitarist/vocalist Dan Harris; the album's rich harmonies and full, delicate arrangements show the abundant influence of Michael Lloyd, who co-produced the album with Markley; tracks such as "Elegant Ellen", "Sweet Lady Eleven" and "Magic Cat" are nearly as good as some of the highlights from the WCPAEB catalog; a surprisingly consistent and accomplished album for a band about to collapse under the collective weight of it's own insanity. CD $10 SKU:8154

MATEO, EDUARDO- Mateo Solo Bien Se Lame (1972 Uruguay Nick Drake style ) - Label:LION From its first moments, the music is lilting, poetic, intimate, in turns life-affirming and melancholic, with pulsating percussion backed by unheard-of guitar chords and tunings (perhaps the reason for the frequent Caetano Veloso and Nick Drake comparisons); it is an album that sounds, simply put, honest. The record was released at the end of 1972 in both Argentina and Uruguay, and was received from that first moment as a classic in those countries, a position it still occupies today." CD $12 SKU:5752

MCKAY- Into You ( rare private press 70’s rock ) -Label:LION Artist-released master-tape reissue of extremely rare private press LP from Indianapolis (1978); "Low-key rural melodic guitar rock with Ray Pierle. excellent songwriting and musicianship" (Ron Moore, Underground Sounds); the album is very good heavy 1970’s sounding tracks in a CSNY vein, with adjectives applied by others that include: "weed-burner", "west coast", and "fluid leads; sixteen bonus tracks issued here for the first time are from the same era and of consistent quality both sonically and musically. CD $10 SKU:6282

NAHUATL - ST Vol 1 ( stunning Mexican HEAVY PSYCH ROCK )-Label:DENVER Reissue of stunning Mexican HEAVY PSYCH ROCK piece from 1971. Great heavy FUZZ leads all over with some backward guitars and other effects. Remastered for CD. CD $9 SKU:1367

NEW ARRIVALS- Finally (rare 60s Bay area garage) -Label:TAJ RECORDS Euro release. First time release of unrel’ 66 LP by Bay Area garage band famous for their 'Scratch Your Name' 45 .Tracks include 'Scratch Your Name', 'Hey Little Girl', 'The Nazz Are Blue', etc. Comes in a cool digipack with liner notes CD $8 SKU:1455

OXFORDS - FLYING UP THROUGH THE SKY PART 2 (Jefferson Airplane style 1970) -Label:GEAR FAB When this Louisville, Kentucky Band recorded this classic 1970 LP, they also recorded 16 additional tracks between 1967 and 1971. These newly discovered tapes offer us more of their unique Spanky & Our Gang, Jefferson Airplane, and The Mamas & The Papas sound influences. All never before released. IMPORT CD $10 SKU:6200

PICADILLY LINE -The Huge World Of Emily S (Classic English '60's psych pop )mall- Label:LIGHTNING TREE 1967 album by the whimsical UK psychedelic pop band who featured future Edwards Hand founders Roger Hand and Rod Edwards (also later in Jade) and who also played at legendary psychedelic venues UFO and Middle Earth! Classic English '60's psych pop that is comparable to The World Of Oz, psych Chad and Jeremy, and Donovan. The Donovan comparison is especially apt as the Picadilly Line is not only produced by Don's producer, John Cameron but also features the same backing band used on Sunshine Superman. Including the beautiful original, flower power pop-art sleeve this reissue is taken from the master tapes and also includes ten great bonus tracks (some of which are previously unreleased) and a detailed booklet with photos and band history. IMPORT CD $10 SKU:5221

QUAD - ST (Sun Dial psych Sonic Boom style) Label:LION "Comparable to the work of close peer Sonic Boom in Spectrum and EAR, Quad stretch out and dive deep over three long tracks... Very different from Sun Dial's fuzz-heavy psych rock, the meditative, ind-altering nature of 'Temple,' Projection,' and the side-long 'Revisitation Mantra' come closer to Ramon's work with astral explorers Coil, while also sounding distinctly ahead of their time." —Shindig! Magazine (latest issue, review of Sulatron LP edition)The material recorded by Sun Dial approximately between 1990-1997 under their alter-ego QUAD has been among the most elusive prizes for fans of psychedelia, as it was issued many moons ago as an extremely limited LP in a clear plastic sleeve. It is an album certainly great enough to deserve such avid pursuit by fans of all sorts of psychedelia—mesmerizing, drugged-out and trippy at all times, with sitar and guitar floating in and out and up and down in the mix over some decidedly funky grooves. If there was ever music for dj’s to sample, and yet also for heads to enjoy at home, this is it! Quad started out as a Gary Ramon solo project, on which he worked with collaborators (including "Other Way Out" engineer Lee Allen) to try to develop a library of recordings devoted to electronic cosmic music. The main inspiration was the work of great electronic artists (who were still quite obscure in those days), such as Silver Apples, Tony Conrad, Terry Riley, Pierre Henry, Roland Kovac and improvisational bands including Amon Duul, Siloah—and of course Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Tempel and German bands on the Cosmic Courier, Ohr and Brain labels. CD $10 SKU:5233

SHAKERS,LOS Los Ineditas + La Vigencia 25 Originals-Unreleased Tracks: Uruguayan 70s Rock-Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS two compilations of unreleased and rare Los Shakers material brought together in one place on this disc, amking this pretty essential. The Shakers burst on the scene in Uruguay with a look and sound that got them attention as South America's answer to the Beatles. They soon got a contract with Odeon in Argentina; Odeon brought them to Buenos Aires, where they had incredible success with a single featuring two of their own compositions, 'Break it all' and 'More'. This made the difference. The sound was Beatles-like, but not an ordinary or rough copy, instead a copy of superior quality, superior than many of the foreign singers of that era. Added to this, was the quality of their own compositions, their own songs were of a very high quality. CD $14 SKU:20380

SHAKERS,LOS -For You- TWo Originals + 7 BONUS TRACKS 68/71 Uruguayan Rock/-Label:CIRCOLO DEL DIS Los Shakers were a popular rock band in 1960s, and a significant part of the Uruguayan Invasion in Latin America. The band was formed in 1963 in Montevideo, Uruguay. They were modeled after The Beatles, and even adopted similar haircuts and clothing. The band sang many songs in English, despite their location, and gained their greatest popularity in Argentina, where they were huge stars. Los Shakers were: Hugo Fattoruso and his brother Osvaldo—who later were in Opa—Roberto "Pelín” Capobianco, and Carlos"Caio" Vila. This disc includes both the debut album (1965) and the second album (1966) by the band. There is a dominating beat on all tracks—a dynamic concept bolstered by excellent compositions—plus plenty of excellent cover CD $14 SKU:20374

WARA - El Inca (strange Bolivian hard psych 1972)-Label:REVISTA ”:Very strange hard psychedelic album from Bolivia (1972) with prominent farfisa organ, and acid guitars trying to find common ground with Andean native musical structures; quite strange and interesting, and often called the best testimony (perhaps the only) to the history of Bolivian rock. The addition of cellos, violins, and oboe to some of the arrangements makes them sound ever more complex and odd than otherwise might have been the case with a simple bass-guitar-drums-organ construct. CD $15 SKU:20417

SEARCHING FOR SHAKES- VA Swedish Beat 65- 68 (THE SWEDISH NUGGETS) - Label:Amigo "The Swedish Nuggets! Twenty-six killer tracks from The Friends, Lea Riders Group, The Namelosers, Tages, etc. Thankfully available again, expanded digital edition of the original LP release, no overlap with the Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils series, liner notes by Alec Palao and Lindsay Hutton (Next Big Thing magazine). COMP CD $12 SKU:3401

ARMAGGEDON-ST (Anglo blues Heavy rock 1970) -Label:MISSING VINYL Revered by many wise listeners as one of the finest heavy rock albums of the early 1970’s, this was the only effort of Anglo-American blues rock from former Agitation Free/Emergency/Inga Rumpf guitarist and vocalist Frank Diez’s short-lived group. LP $22 SKU:20846

CICCADA- TALES (Greek psych) Label:MISSING VINYL Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, limited to 300 copies and presented in a heavy cover, this is a 2016 mini-LP by the Greek psych rock band. The two side-long tracks, 'The Ring, A Child, Her Laugh' and 'A Dream In The Realm Of Shadows', were previosuly issued on two French CD-comps from the Musea label. • Brand new 12” mini-LP. • 300pcs limited 180g vinyl. • Deluxe heavy cover. • Previously unreleased on vinyl. LP $18 SKU:20848

MCKAY-Into You LAST COPY ( WEEDBURNER- One of the holy grails of 70s Indianapolis private-pressdom ) -Label:LION w Updated liner notes and exactly-transcribed lyrics. One of the "holy grails" of Indianapolis private-pressdom (surpassed only by Zerfas and Anonymous) available again in its original format! Ray "McKay" Pierle and his musically-adept brothers and friends partied, jammed and partied some more on Indy's south side throughout the mid-70's, forming a band (Loos) which managed to garner zero media attention at the time. However, Ray's trusty Teac four-track was always close at hand and countless hours of home recordings were induced onto magnetic tape, as well as a few songs laid down at a local studio. After a brief hiatus, the core members reconvened as McKay, and created their sole document, the 300-press "Into You" album (1978); the LP was given to friends and family and consigned in nearby record shoppes. A mere 15 years had to pass before the collecting world discovered the highly-personal songwriting, tight playing, and not-so-well-hidden West-Coast stylistic touches. A vinyl reissue was locally produced back then but it's long gone, so here's a new all analogue, master tape edition for a new generation to savor. •All-analogue pressing, cut directly from the original master tapes. •Licensed from Ray Pierle with his full cooperation and support. •Updated liner notes and exactly-transcribed lyrics. LP $21 SKU:16350

SHIVER- TWO ONLY Walpurgis (Renowned 60s Swedish Psych) PIC DISC - Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS The Shiver are for sure the most renowned psychedelic band of Switzerland. Their one and only LP "Walpurgis" is legendary and hardly affordable. So, evidently, a lot of bootleg versions appeared on the market over the years, but all of them very poorly done.The limited LP on Garden of Delights in gatefold cover is sold out since years.
So here is the picture disc edition, without bonus tracks, but with an LP-sized insert of eight pageThe cover artwork designed by H.R. Giger was taken over unchanged. The picture disc is limited to 1000 numbered copies. LP $25 SKU:12362

SPIES -ST (60’s Greek beat-garage) W INSERT Label:ANAZITISI The Spies was a late 60’s Greek beat-garage band. During their lifetime they managed to release just one single in 1968, which is very rare nowadays. This album contains this rare single as well as four recently unearthed unreleased studio recordings from 1969. Two more songs from the “rockier” The Spies mkII are also included. These last tracks are live recordings from a club where the band was playing in 1972 and are of mediocre sound quality—but we had to include them in order to be able to present to you the complete works of this significant and overlooked band. Includes: *Fully laminated cover. *4-page, LP-sized, insert with bio and photos. *Limited to 350, hand-numbered, black copies. *180gr vinyl as usual. *Resealable nylon outersleeve. Sample: LP $24 SKU:20839