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First off, big thanks to all of you for your love and support these past few difficult weeks. It has been really heartwarming and much appreciated. The new Gospelbeachis flying off the shelves, and while it’s just a small part of Neal Casal’s legacy we’re proud to have something of his to share with you. We just had some stickers printed up with the text “ I LOVE NEAL CASAL.” Just ask and we’ll throw one in with your orders.

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AMAZING - WAit for a Light (psych pop perfection) Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS (SWEDEN) Gatefold digipack. Brand new recordings of Swedish Folk-Rock-Psych-Pop perfection. The Amazing fell far from the tree. A natural process: coming together through affection, then slowly crystallising into a folk-rock-psych-pop- collective slowly pushing, bending then playing with any preconceived notions of pop. Friends first and foremost, its this kindred spirit that imbues the bands debut with a feeling unlike that of most releases - one of natural harmony, persistent progression and with a panoramic gaze fixed on distant settings. Their 2009 debut album has received unanimous critical acclaim worldwide. This is their follow up a new mini-album with an all-encompassing sonic soundscape of groovy electric folk rock, psychedelic pop and heavy jams. The core musicians in The Amazing are Christoffer Gunrup, Reine Fiske, who doubles as the lead guitar wizard in Dungen and whos solos so furiously its as if somethings trapped inside him that must be turned into melody or hell burst into flames, Johan Holmegard (who doubles as the drummer in Dungen too) and Fredrik Swahn. With special guests including some of Swedens finest musicians; Gustav Ejstes (Dungen) and Moussa Fadera (Life on Earth!) amongst others, nothing on Wait for a light to come is introverted or overworked - everything is balanced, kept together by natural melodies, soulful vocals and just how perfect should be. The Amazing is a feeling, an organic consequence of something that effortlessly came together, the start of a quite extraordinary tale. CD $10 SKU:20914

AMERICAN BLUES EXCHANG-Blueprints (1969)-Label:GEAR FAB The Connecticut band that released the great LP "Blueprints" in 1969; all 9 original tracks plus previously unreleased material from the 69-70 timeframe. Don't bother with the bootleg currently being peddled; it is of poor quality and just won't tell you the whole story of this great Northeast band!! Lots of never before seen photos and posters also!! CD $10 SKU:19004

ANALOGY -THE SUITE (ultra rare heavy 70s Krautrock/Prog) Label:OHRWASCHL Reissue of ultra rare private pressing of German heavy krautadelic/progressive album from the early 70's. Includes a collection of late recordings on which the band plays in a more classic acoustic style. CD $14 SKU:21440

ANDERSON,THOMAS - Moon Goin' Down (great melodic pop ) PRE ALIVE LABEL - LAST COPIES Label:MARILYN "Thomas Anderson is clearly the greatest unknown songwriter on the planet." -- The Village Voice. Hailing from Oklahoma and raised on a diet of Jimmy Webb and Woody Guthrie music, Thomas Anderson's records have been described as fitting with the likes of Elliott Smith or Mary Lou Lord. "Moon Going Down" was released in 1998 and unfortunately fell through the rock'n'roll cracks. Anderson's music writings have also been published in such magazines as Trouser Press, the Bob, Musician, Rolling Stone and Creem. "When I started doing this, I wanted to establish up front that my allegiance was with rock 'n' roll and not singer/songwriters. God love 'em, but a lot of them are telling the same stories about dusty roads, country back porches, and missing you. Here I am singing about Martians. That's my thing. There are other stories to tell, and I want to be the one to tell them." - Thomas Anderson CD $5 SKU:2363

ARK - Voyages ( legendary USA psych 70s ACID ARCHIVES FAVE ) - Label:GUERSSEN (Spain) Legendary USA private psychedelic album, a top-level rarity issued in a tiny edition of 100 copies in 1978. "Monster top 5 US psychedelic garage LP. Eerie folk-rock, Doors-sounding spookers with a smattering of D.R. Original artwork, insert with liner notes by Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives), revealing the Ark story for the first time CD $12 SKU:14762

ASHBURY -Endless Skies (70s style hard rock private press rarity!) -Label:ROCKADROME/VINTAGE (USA): Reissue of classic early hard rock private press record from Arizona! A real gem for fans of classic rock and even 70s metal heads into such obscurities as Legend (From the Fjords) or southern rockers into groups like The Outlaws. Hypnotic vocal hooks and a mystical atmosphere mixing acoustic and electric guitars lures you right into this group's unique hard rock sound. It's amazing how such talent can slip right under the radar.” “Hard rock ripper with progressive edge; been compared to Black Sabbath and Bill Nelson” - The Acid Archives CD $14 SKU:20391

AVE ROCK - ST (70s space psych)Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) ExcellOne of the most mysterious and sought after albums ever recorded by an English artist; Why? because it’s a masterpiece of dark and enigmatic orchestral folk/psych beauty redolent of Billy Nichols, Nick Drake or even er...Peter Sarstedt if you please! But who was Nick Garrie-Hamilton? and why was this 1969 album a France-only release? RevOla is in a position to answer all this. The amazing adventures of the Russian/Scottish Euroboy wandering the hip hotspots of Europe, San Tropez from his parental home in Paris, writing songs with the likes of Francis Lai, having megahits in Spain, recording with Cat Stevens and his band, touring and hanging out with Leonard Cohen—it just goes on, and yes, it is impossibly romantic; but the meat of this all is the album itself: it's equal parts UK baroque-downer pop/folk, and French pop music, a place where Dutronc meets Gainsbourg; bonus tracks include solo acoustic versions of the best tracks from the album, plus Garrie’s rare 1968 psych pop single 'Queen Of Spades’ b/w ‘Close Your Eyes', as well as tracks done for a label which planned to take over the European music business by issuing music only on 8-Track Cartridgesent debut album from one of Argentina’s best groups, which included Daddy Antogna from Orion’s Beethoven; very spacey psychedelic progressive from 1974, featuring the sweet ‘Ausencia’, the moody ‘El absurdo y la melodía’, and the great guitars and organ of ‘Gritos’; the best track might well be the long improvised instrumental ‘Viva Bélgica’; a very good effort, full of shifting rhythms and rich melodies. “Ave Rock were Argentina’s version of a progressive Deep Purple; great guitar driven heavy prog/psych drenched in tons of Hammond organ. Songs are very well developed with some nice mood variations and dynamic arrangements. Although there are some vocals they play a minor role as the album is mostly instrumental. The entire album is pretty trippy and spacey, with tons of guitar, bass, drum and Hammond interplay. In many ways this album reminds me of bands from the Ital-prog genre. Clearly one of the classics of Argentinian rock, and a fantastic record. CD $8 SKU:18952

BABY GRANDMOTHERS -MERKURIUS (Sweden’s psych pioneers) sALE! -Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS Here on CD, released in an edition of 500 copies (packaged in a silver foil sleeve), is the 2018 album by Sweden's psych pioneers Baby Grandmothers. The band was originally founded in Stockholm in 1967, after which the guys supported the Jimi Hendrix Experience on the Swedish leg of the '68 tour. Then the band expanded to a 4-piece and gradually morphed in to the legendary Mecki Mark Men. After 50 years in the service of psychedelic music, this contemporary album finds the Baby Grandmothers at their peak and as timeless as ever. CD $12 SKU:20574

BABY MONGOOSE - Enter The (JAPANESE garage) - Label:DIONYSUS .The most powerful techno rock attack straight out of Akihabara!! Formed in Tokyo in 2003, this five-member band is a super fun amalgamation of lo-fi, new wave, garage and techno sounds. The 80's flavor that resonates through their songs brings to mind Debbie Harry of Blondie and Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. Still, their sound is their own, distinctly Baby Mongoose. CD $3 SKU:19743

BACHS - Out of the Bachs ( 60s psych punk ) -Label:GEAR FAB Original of this was release in 1968 and is one of the rarest 6o’s garage/psych LP from the 6o’sUS underground. A Chicago-based jangle guitar/psych with gorgeous aching vocals,masterful guitar work CD $10 SKU:4037

BAINS, LEE - There is a BOmb in Gilead (:Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness,digipack CD - Label:ALIVE Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES are the latest accomplished outfit to emerge from Alive Naturalsound. "There is a Bomb in Gilead" – which is a lyric of a traditional spiritual about the salvation of the soul (the “balm”, not “bomb”) that Bains misheard as a child – incorporates some of the most iconic regional styles of American music. With a nod to Jim Ford, Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness, "There is a Bomb in Gilead" sees Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires deconstruct the music of the Deep South, strip it down and reassemble it, to make a righteous ruckus that sits at the vanguard of the vernacular. ( NOTE - CD and lp have the same tracks. ) CD $5 SKU:13826

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY-Live In Milan Italy 1976 -LAST COPIES Label:VOICEPRINT The Baker Gurvitz Army came into existence when former Gun and Three man Army members Paul and Adrian Gurvitz joined forces with legendary drummer Ginger Baker in 1974. The Baker Gurvitz Army was the first real musical project for Ginger Baker since the short-lived band Salt in 1972 and Ginger Baker's Airforce some two years prior to that. The band released their first album the self titled “Baker Gurvitz Army” in late 1974, and the album sold well enough to break in to the American charts. The band went on to record two further studio albums including “Elysian Encounter” in 1975 and “Hearts On Fire” in 1976. This live recording, which forms part of the Official Ginger Baker Bootleg Series, was recorded in Milan on the 23rd of March 1976 during the tour to promote what would turn out to be the bands final studio album, “Hearts On Fire.” The set list at this time reflecting the desire to promote the album included four tracks from the album including ‘Hearts On Fire,’ ‘Night People,’ ‘Thirsty For The Blues’ and ‘Neon Lights.’ There are also two tracks from “Elysian Encounter” (‘People’ and ‘Time’) and two from the bands self titled debut (‘Inside Of Me’ and ‘Memory Lane’). CD $12 SKU:19052

BANANA SPLITS / HERE COME THE BEAGLES- 2 LPS on one cd plus bonus tracks ( mid 60s pop rockers !) . Label:HOLLYWOOD LIBRARY This 1,000-copy limited-edition CD reissue does collectors -- a favor by putting a wealth of material by the group on one disc, with plenty of rare tracks... ten tracks from the rare 1967 LP by fellow kiddie TV group the Beagles, who are actually not bad mid-'60s pop/rockers with a Beatles-Merseybeat influence to the songs and harmonies CD $14 SKU:15159

BARDS- The Moses Lake Recordings (60's psych fuzz driver guitars) LAST COPIES! - Label:GEAR FAB Great Pac NW band that rel. over a dozen 45s on both the Piccadilly, Parrot and Capital labels. This is their prev. unrel. LP from ‘69. From the master tapes. Both experimental and psych in nature feat outstanding keyboards, vocal harmonies and fuzz-driven guitar work. CD $10 SKU:1000

BARRACUDAS-Thru the Mysts of Time -Label:VOXX Great collection of demos & outtakes from the time of the first album, with liner notes by the band and cool photos: simply great! CD $5 SKU:2288


BARROW ,KEITH -Expanded Edition (70s soul) -Label:BIG BREAK R&B, soul, and disco singer and songwriter with a distinctive falsetto, best known for his 1978 hit, “You Know You Wanna Be Loved.” When he passed away at age 29 in 1983, Barrow became one of the earliest known deaths during the dawn of the AIDS crisis in the United StatesI:n 1976, Barrow wrote the Top Fifty R&B single 'Teach Me (It ‘s Something About Love)' for Blue Magic, who had been working with legendary Philly Soul guitarist Bobby Eli. Eli went on to produce this album, Barrow's debut, which was released on Columbia in 1977. Although not a major commercial success, Barrow’s performance of the Eli written 'Mr. Magic Man' gained him some attention, and 'Precious' became an underground hit. BBR is very proud to present this newly re-mastered edition of "Keith Barrow", accompanied by extensive liner notes featuring an interview with Bobby Eli and additional bonus material. CD $5 SKU:20671

BASH & POP -ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN (Replacements pop rock project) - Label:FAT POSSUM The Replacements’ Tommy Stinson tremendous pop-rock project Bash & Pop returns with the band's long-awaited sophomore album, nearly 25 years after Friday Night is Killing Me! Anything Could Happen is a masterpiece from beginning to end. (2017) CD $14 SKU:20682

BATORS, STIV- L.A. Confidential Features a 24 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos. -Label:BOMP Records In addition to Disconnected, Stiv recorded a number of 45s during his days with Bomp, as well as some unreleased sessions, demos (including a never-released studio session with Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 and members of the Runaways, produced by Kim Fowley!), recently unearthed studio recordings, and alternate mixes that remained in the can until after his death. Features a 24 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos. CD $10 SKU:2343

BAUDELAIRS- MUSK HILL (psych garage) -Label:OFF THE HIP Stomping through the dreamy, substance-induced house-party haze of their previous EP Be a Baudelaire! (2014), the new album delves into the crunchin' boogie of psych-garage territory. Recorded over 3 days on a property of the same name on the Mornington Peninsula, Musk Hill was mixed by Baudelaire's own Grischa Zahren and mastered by Melbourne music legend Mikey Young. CD $8 SKU:18181

BBQ - Tie Your Noose-Label:BOMP One of Greg Shaw's last signings on BOMP records, and the the latest project from Mark Sultan (from the KING KAHN & BBQ Show, and Les Sexareenos), a man who has slept in the garage all his life. BBQ is not a group, it's the best one-man band since Wilbert Harrison (and no, we're not forgetting the Legendary Stardust Cowboy), doing a raw, soul-shaking style of pre-frat '50s/ early '60s party music--pre-frat frat rock. Take our word for it: with this crazy sound he's puttin' down, you can't sit down! A superb album. CD $5 SKU:16527

BEACH BOYS - Pet Sounds (40th Anniversary Limited-Edition)Label:CAPITOL NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Limited edition Fuzzy Package with 28 page booklet attached.
CD features album in original mono with Bonus track, followed by the stereo version. CD $15 SKU:20965

BEACHWOOD SPARKS- Desert Skies digipack w 4 bonus tracks and 8 page booklet -Label:ALIVE Desert Skies" is the previously unreleased debut album by LA-based cosmic country-rock combo the Beachwood Sparks. The album includes their first 1998 single, as well as never-heard before recordings, all carefully remastered. A must-have for fans of the band, and for Southern California psychedelic pop lovers everywhere. CD $10 SKU:15525

BEECHWOOD- BUNDLE ALL Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) 3 CDS on DIGIPACK Label:ALIVE Rock and roll is back, give these kids a chance and get their CDS. Time for fabulous outfits and glam , NY Dolls style!

(1)Inside the Flesh Hotel


on digipack with booklets! CD $15 SKU:19892

BEEFEATERS -THE SECRET TAPES (1968 Danish garage legends)-Label:KARMA MUSIC Denmark's '60s legends. The Secret Tapes' are from around 1968. They were recorded privately by a friend of the band. The sound is great due to the fact that it was recorded reel-to reel and with 2 mics: 1 near the soloist, another near the group. The tapes were carefully cleaned up, and sound is matrixed in a way, so there is both depth and wide stereo CD $15 SKU:21060

BEEFEATERS -Dr Live Sessions Dr Live Sessions 67 and 68 TROELS VANVITTIGE PARKERING - Label:KARMA MUSIC The Denmark Radio recordings from 1967-1968 by Denmark's '60s legends Beefeaters. Denmark Radio did not have the mastertapes anymore, so some old casettetapes were cleaned up for this release. CD $15 SKU:21199

BEVIS FROND - TRIPTYCH 80s Big Star, Hendrix,Spacemen 3 style)- Label:CHERRY RED If there is any artist who could be considered as having followed a tangential path from Hendrix to Big Star to Spacemen 3, that would be The Bevis Frond…and that’s not hyperbole, the evidence is to be found in countless albums over 30 years of thrilling musical innovation that few have matched.Filtered through The Groundhogs, The Who, Neil Young, Captain Beefheart and Kevin Ayers, this is an iconoclastic collision of distinctly British psychedelia, space-rock, grunge, slow-burning soulful laments, even grizzled folk and more than occasional moments of sublime pop genius. Yet, he remains the best kept secret in Rock ‘n’ Roll – isn’t it about time you discovered one of England’s finest songwriters and insightful lyricists. CD $10 SKU:18278

BILL BISSETT AND THE MANDAN MASSACRE --Awake In The Red Desert (Rare 68 bizarre acid symphony)Label:GEAR FAB Awake in the red desert- one of the rarest canadian lps ever........From 1968, this ultra-rare, bizzare, off-the-wall acid symphony/dreamies/crazy people all rolled into one test pressing is one of the rarest finds from this era.....Includes never before heard bonus tracks!! CD $10 SKU:20004

BILLY BACON AND THE FORBIDDEN PIGS - Pig Latin ( So Cal 1984 Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop )Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED BAR CODE BUT NEW AND SHRINK WRAPPED -Vocalist, bassist, songwriter and bandleader Billy Bacon has been leading the Forbidden Pigs for over a decade. This group is dedicated to preserving the best elements of American roots music and spices them up with aBilly Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs were formed in 1984 in San Diego Ca. amidst the southern California roots rock craze of the ‘80’s, which included such notables as; Los Lobos, The Blasters, Rosie Flores, Mojo Nixon, The Beat farmers, and The Paladins. Like these contemporaries, the emphasis was on solid song writing and raucous live shows consisting of an eclectic and vibrant stew of American roots music including Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop and classic Country which brought enthusiastic crowds throughout the region.Tex Mex flavor. This album is a must hear and see (the cover art is pretty tasty). Tracks: "Tina Mas Fina," "Border town" "Flyin' South," "Una Mas Cerveza," "Wooly Bully," "Hasta Manana Iguana" and more! CD $3 SKU:20811

BILLY BACON AND THE FORBIDDEN PIGS - The Other White Meat ( So Cal 1984 Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop )Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED BAR CODE BUT NEW AND SHRINK WRAPPED -Vocalist, bassist, songwriter and bandleader Billy Bacon has been leading the Forbidden Pigs for over a decade. This group is dedicated to preserving the best elements of American roots music and spices them up with aBilly Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs were formed in 1984 in San Diego Ca. amidst the southern California roots rock craze of the ‘80’s, which included such notables as; Los Lobos, The Blasters, Rosie Flores, Mojo Nixon, The Beat farmers, and The Paladins. Like these contemporaries, the emphasis was on solid song writing and raucous live shows consisting of an eclectic and vibrant stew of American roots music including Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop and classic Country which brought enthusiastic crowds throughout the region.Tex Mex flavor. CD $3 SKU:20921

BILLY BOND Y LA PESADA- VOL 1 and 2 & Rocks Blues Rocks Rocks (heavy psych 1972) - Label:CLOUD FOREST A wildly eclectic brew of driving heaviness, looser trippiness, and even some delicate moments from Billy Bond -- a more freewheeling and ambitious mix of post psychedelic wildness from Brazil's Billy Bond & co! Volume 3 from 1972 is made up of 2 lengthy suites, " Lado 1 -- Acustico" and "Lado 2 -- Eectrica Camplementaria". The former is surprisingly lean in spots, with some folky psychedelia in the blender. The latter is full of abrupt, dramatic stop-start dynamics. Volume 4 from '73 includes "No Nos Paran Mas", "Hacia Algun Lugar", Gracias Al Cielo", "Estamos Hartos", "Ano 1939", "Algo Esta Por Suceder" and more. This one is more of a wild and wooly rock & roll set, and a deliciously unpredictable one! CD $8 SKU:18947

BIRDLAND - With Lester Bangs (1979) Label:DIONYSUS The short-lived group featuring the late, great gonzo-journalist along with Mickey Leigh from The Rattlers. A reissue of their only LP, recorded in 1979. Birdland was a posthumous release that contained material Lester had recorded with a New York band (also known as the Rattlers) that featured Joey Ramone's brother. This was more post-punk pop-sounding than his earlier stuff (especially "Let It Blurt") CD $5 SKU:21370

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ- Vol 2- More of the high art of.... ( 60s Psych ) - Label:ARF ARF In this collection of 28 boss '60s instrumentals, you'll experience mynd-expanding sonic textures, mellifluous lines, and day glow sonic creativity. Lying aesthetically somewhere in the orbit between "Telstar" and the "Third Stone From The Sun," these vintage musical sagas will prove that the world ain't square nor our universe flat. COMP CD $12 SKU:20042

CARNIVALS, COTTON CANDYAnd You - VA (U.S. garage, psych, pop)Label:ORANGE SKY/ DIONYSUS A sizzling 11-song compilation, consisting of up-and-coming garage, psych, mod, and pop bands from all over the USA. From Detroit's highly touted garage rockers The Sights who contribute a non-LP rarity, to critically-acclaimed indie pop darlings like Florida's Honeyrider and Kent, Ohio's The Witch Hazel Sound, to dazzling psych rockers such as Cleveland's The Volta Sound and Portland's The Out Crowd, Carnivals is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. COMP CD $5 SKU:19799

ChOP SUEY ROCK - VA Vol 2 - Songs about the Orient (obscure 60s garage) Label:HOT AND SOUR Fantastic mix or rare and obscure 60s Rock & Roll tracks with an oriental flavor. COMP CD $12 SKU:11455

ChOP SUEY ROCK - VA Vol 1 - SOngs about the Orient (obscure 60s garage) Label:HOT AND SOUR Fantastic mix or rare and obscure Rock & Roll tracks with an oriental flavor.COMP CD $12 SKU:20045

COLD WAVES OF COLOR VA VOL 1 ( UK new wave post punk electronic 1981-1985) Label:LION Collection of rare UK cold wave tracks taken from Color Tapes label cassettes released in micro editions between 1981-1985. Color Tapes was the brainchild of future Sun Dial leader Gary Ramon: COMP CD $14 SKU:20169

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 2 (rare UK Cold Wave 81-85)Label:LION Following on from the superb first volume, here is the second volume of electronics, synth pop, cold wave and minimal tracks culled from the archives of the legendary COLOR TAPES UK cassette label from the 1980's. These tracks originally came out as micro editions on cassette back then some of which are also unreleased too. COMP CD $14 SKU:20170

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 3 (rare UK Cold Wave 81-85) Label:LION Includes 36-page booklet reprint of the second issue of the Purple Twilight fanzine from 1985. Blinding 3rd volume of wave obscurities sourced from hard or impossible-to-find tapes originally issued in the early-mid ‘80s! Color Tapes again reveal a hitherto unheard slice of British garage cold wave recordings ranging from certifiable dancefloor aces to synth escape pods and integers between. We’re spoilt for highlights, taking in Duke Of Disrespect’s taut, jabbing electro stunner You Tell Lies (Banging Away) alongside the Hypnobeat-style drive of Disintegrators’ Oscillations and the cold, emotional pull of Silicon Valley’s abstract instrumental Holborn Station 3 am 3rd January 1982 on the front, whilst the other sparks up killer dancefloor material in the razor sharp 808s and synth voices of Club Paris by Beserk In A Hayfield (big stars of the first 2 volumes), and the roiling analogue psychedelia of Stereo Machines & Kinesis.No mistake; this is bona fide essential business for fans of early wave music COMP CD $14 SKU:20206

1 –JFA* Skateboard Anarchy 1:33
2 –The Worthless Worm 2:03
3 –Blue Collar Special Skate 1:52
4 –JFA* No More Excuses 1:46
5 –The Worthless Toxic Shock 2:19
6 –Blue Collar Special Don't Wait 2:46
7 –JFA* Nude Bowl Resurrection 1:47
8 –The Worthless Yeah Baby 1:59
9 –Blue Collar Special Feelin' Like Shit 1:41
10 –JFA* Park Geek 2:44
11 –The Worthless Oh No! 2:02
12 –Blue Collar Special Max 2:16
13 –JFA* Death Box 3:52
14 –The Worthless Gotta Go 1:01
15 –Blue Collar Special Unlucky 3:45
COMP CD $5 SKU:2273

CORNFLAKE USA 10-THE ORIGINAL PSYCHEDELIC DREAM-Label:PARTICLES - Another superb collection of cult obscurities from the late(r) '60s scenes of the USA and Canada. COMP CD $12 SKU:19288

CORNFLAKE ZOO- #14 Il Sogno Psichedelico Originale ( psych gems from the years 1966-1970.)-Label:PARTICLES Subtitled 'Il Sogno Psichedelico Originale', episode 14 in the 'Cornflake Zoo' series is dedicated to rare Italian (and in one case Swiss) psych gems from the years 1966-1970. The CD includes a 20-page booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare full-colour photographs. COMP CD $15 SKU:20295

CORNFLAKE ZOO #1 - EPISODE 1 (rare garage and psych 67-69)-Label:PARTICLES This new series consists of international psyche bands that where putting out 45s and lps between 1967 and 1969 and you can sure hear the flower power in every song here, you got some very unknown bands and then you got your then very well known bands like the Motions and David.

You get a great mix of fuzz, bubble gum and acid rock to round this out best, all the tracks have been remastered for this cd release and sound fantastic and of course as with all Particles releases the inside of the inlay will tell you everything you need to know about each artist. COMP CD $12 SKU:21277

CORNFLAKE ZOO USA 11-THE ORIGINAL PSYCHEDELIC DREAM' -Label:PARTICLES Another frivolous dose of psychedelic wonder, episode 11 assembles a selection of the most delightful, juvenile '60s absurdity to reach the auditory senses! Included are delightful Dutch bands s.a. Roeks Family, The Riats, The Clarks and The Megas, German heroes The Rivets, The Bats and Tony Hendrik Five, and many others. The 20-page booklet includes background liners and images. COMP CD $15 SKU:19585

CORNUFOLKIA-45 ultra rare underground psych-folk gems DBL Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A special double-CD containing 45 ultra rare underground psychedelic-folk gems and medieval sounds from the British and Emerald Isles. This release comes with a large poster sleeve crammed full of rare memorabilia and artefacts together with detailed info on each artist. Our best ever folk offering celebrating the rich history of alternative psych-folk rarely heard. COMP CD $10 SKU:21104

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 2 A Collection of Rare Aural Antiquities and Objet d'Art from the British Isles: Volume Two 1967-1972-Label:PARTICLES Includes 20-page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Professionally remastered sound.
A colorful collection of obscured and exuberant pop nuggets -- the psychedelic effects have gone and the lightshows have blown, but their lingering presence in the aftermath of the hallucinogenic haze is, though less defined, strangely evident. The end of the explosive decade that brought us the fab four and gave us the pop star was proving to be a turning point in both musical and political terms. Curiosity Shop Two provides a precious insight into the changing times with an illustrious soundtrack to furnish the senses. Good vibrations indeed! Rare and obscure artifacts by Steve and Stevie, Pythagoras Theorem, Ian Campbell Group, Dr. Marigold's Prescription, Juan and Junior, Marc Reid, Casuals, Ten Feet, Jonathan Kelly, Julie Sullivan, Soft Slipper, Galliard, Noel Harrison, Barry Hopkins, Lori Balmer, Polly Niles, Davey Payne, and Sasperella, originally released between 1967 and 1972. COMP CD $17 SKU:16871

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 4 A Rare Collection of Aural Antiquities and Objets d'Art: Volume Four 1966-1969Label:PARTICLES Particles present Volume Four in their Curiosity Shop series. A colorful collection of obscured and exuberant pop nuggets recorded in the British psychedelic period when the world was changing color. Curiosity Shop Volume Four provides an insight into the changing times with an illustrious soundtrack to furnish the senses. Includes a 20-page full color booklet, comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Features:Tony Hazzard, The Candlelight, The Stoics, Opal Butterfly, Barry Benson, Zion De Gallier, Bruno, David And Jonathan, Jon Ledingham, Bill Kenwright, Mick Softley, Art Nouveaux, West Coast Consortium, Carri Chase, Garry And Gary, Ottilie Patterson, Glyn Johns and Joe Brown. COMP CD $15 SKU:17924

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 3 (A Rare Collection Of Aural Antiquities And Objets D'art 1968-1971))Label:PARTICLES Psych, Garage and obscurities COMP CD $12 SKU:21283

DET BAR ROCK- VA 29 tracks Of Danish '60s and '70s rock'n'roll and beat-Label:KARMA MUSIC ..OG RUL MEN VI KA SGU LI DET! A collection of 29 tracks Of Danish '60s and '70s rock'n'roll and beat. COMP CD $14 SKU:21212

CYMBELINE-“1965 - 1971” (garage psych Nuggets/Pebbles style) Label:GUERSSEN *Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael Journath
LP includes digital download card Previously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych/prog by this amazing Swedish band, 1965-1971!! LP $15 SKU:19310

CYNICS- Get Our Way COLOR VINYL (60s style garage )- Label:GET HIP HIP Guest producer Erik Lindgren of Arf! Arf! fame. This album is a return to their garage roots with tinges of psychedelia sprinkled in for good measure. Standout tracks include: “Don’t Shoot Me Down,” “13 O’Clock Daylight Savings Time” and the 9:25 “Beyond the Calico Wall/STP-00117. LP $14 SKU:17819

CYNICS- Learn To Lose (60s style garage ) COLOR - Label:GET HIP This is the moody 1993 followup to the critically acclaimed Rock ‘N’ Roll album. With a batch of new material, the band took it’s time in the studio to take the music to the next level. Includes a cool cover of the Lollipop Shoppe’s “You Must Be A Witch." LP $14 SKU:18982

DATURA4 BUNDLE! 4 LP "BOX " SET- with FREE BONUS DM3 LP, POSTER, BADGE AND STICKER! Label:ALIVE Amazing bargain, get all of their releases on color vinyl in our famous "BOX" set including FREE STICKER, POSTER, BADGE and BONUS DM3 LP! HERE'S WHAT YOU GET:







(7) POSTER LP $55 SKU:21131

DETONATIONS-Static Vision ( Raw Power-era Stooges style!) LAST COPIES Label:DISASTER Color vinyl. A three piece rock-n-roll time bomb from New Orleans with a unique freaked-out sound. “Now THIS is what's been lost in the age of CD: rocking out and then getting out before one's welcome has been royally outstayed. Detonations have the same laudably single minded approach as Raw Power-era Stooges, paring everything down to pure driven riff.” - Shindig. “Sneered vocals, clunky rhythms and buzzsaw guitar riffs, all stripped of any non-essentials like harmony vocals and solos that consist of more than the song's main riff played louder.” – AMG LP $10 SKU:4481

DIRTY STREETS-Blades Of Grass - Ltd ed of 200 DEVIL RED VINYL (Radio Moscow tourmates )- Label:ALIVE For all you Radio Moscow fans! Great psych lp cover, artwork and you can hear a sample at the ALIVE site, link on the home page of our store. "Blades Of Grass" is heavy music bathed in blues, folk and psychedelia, with chops to spare and a working class point of view. The band already has two independent releases under their belt, including an album with renown Memphis producer Doug Easley, and has toured extensively in the Southeast, with a couple of East Coast runs, and an eight week U.S. tour with Radio Moscow.
“ Retro rock is undergoing something of a revival of late with bands such as Rival Sons chasing the coat tails of giants like Led Zeppelin and The Dirty Streets do share some common ground with that band but also infuse it with elements of Humble Pie, Free, The Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones as well as classic 60’s soul and R&B. “ LP $18 SKU:15332

DIRTY STREETS- White Horse ELECTRIC BLUE (Radio Moscow tourmates) ltd ed of 150 -Label:ALIVE NOTE - LP does not contain download card, add the cd for a lo price! DIRTY STREETS is a young heavy-power trio hailing from Memphis TN, with a great psychedelic, bluesy, folky, soulful, and all rock n’roll sound that reaches back to the 60's and 70's. WHITE HORSE is their brand new album and their follow up to BLADES OF GRASS (Alive).The band has toured with Radio Moscow, and their music has been described as "Vintage. Antique. Classic. And flat-out smoking’" (Winnipeg Sun). The OBELISK calls them "a group with an impeccable instrumental chemistry, immediately familiar hooks brought out through exceptional songwriting." Cover art by Joshua Marc Levy/Asheville Art Family. Formed by Thomas Storz (bass, percussion), Justin Toland (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Andrew Denham (drums, percussion) Recorded at Ardent studio, with engineer Matt Qualls LP $18 SKU:17061

DMZ - Relics (Legendary Boston Boston garage psych masterpiece 1978 ) PINK MARBLE - Label:VOXX Four Craig Leon-produced tracks and five demo tapes that were recorded on four-track comprise this excellent collection. "When I Get Off" was the number two Garage Record of the Year in 1978 in Boston's Real Paper, and it is a psychedelic masterpiece. The dueling guitars, slashing riff, and great Corraccio bass complement Mono Mann aka Jeff Connolly's blitzkrieg vocals. Here is a slice of pyschedelia that is the fans outdoing the bands they idolize LP $15 SKU:16390

DRAGSTRIP 77- Sin City Hotrods (Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo) -Label:DIONYSUS Produced by the legendary Ronnnie Weiser of Rolling Rock Records. Dragstrip 77 is Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo, bringin' to you no-holes-barred rockin! LP $3 SKU:19832

DRUM CIRCUS -Magic Theatre DINGED CORNER BARGAIN (1971 truly insane psychedelic music with LSD drenched lyrics)- Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Rare album by Swiss band, featuring two members of Brainticket including their leader Joel Van Droogenbroec; truly insane psychedelic music with LSD drenched lyrics by Timothy Leary; first released in 1971. "Founder and leader of Drum Circus was master drummer Peter Giger. “A giant on drums”, as the newspaper “Rhein-Main-Zeitung” called him. He was joined by two additional drummers, as well as by Joel Vandroogenbroeck and Carole Muriel, both from Brainticket. Therefore, it’s not surprising that “Magic theatre”, with its LSD-dripping lyrics (partly written by Timothy Leary, partly influenced by The Tibetan Book of the Dead), is a lot like early Brainticket. “Magic theatre” was recorded in the excellent studio of Horst Jankowski in Stuttgart. Yet, it remained unreleased. Shortly before his death, Horst Jankowski gave the tapes to Peter Giger LP $16 SKU:18027

E.X.P. - PACHAMAMA(HARD PSYCH BLUES with MC5 cover) BLUE vinylLabel:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS This record was initially released in 2002 by Beard Of Stars/Vincebus Eruptum magazine. Re-discovered and reissued on vinyl for all who love HARD PSYCHEDELIC BLUES ROCK. Includes a cover version of the MC5 song 'Kick Out The Jams'. You get nine heavy fuzzy blues rock killers suitable for fans of MC5, BLUE CHEER, FU MANCHU. Artwork by Malleus. Limited to 150 copies on transparent blue vinyl. LP $17 SKU:21369

EMBERMEN FIVE- Fire In Their Hearts (60s U.S. garage nugget) - Label:BREAK A WAY Another nugget unearthed! North Dakota 60's beat/garagers making it big in their home state and surrounding areas. They had the chance to make it nationally and record for Chess Records. It didn t pan out, but in their region they are fondly remembered today. Among garage aficianados they are appreciated for their outstanding 45s, such as 'Fire In My Heart', 'That's Why I Need You' or 'Baby I`m Forgettin' You'. This package presents their complete studio recordings plus three previously unreleased live tracks including Land Of 1000 Dances, You Make Feel So Good and I ll Go Crazy -Freak Emporium LP $15 SKU:839

EVOL -ST 1970 Byrds, Buffalo Springfield , Grass Roots style masterpiece ) - Label:GEAR FAB Here is the one of a kind release from a West Virginia band, recorded in Nashville, TN in the Fall of 1970. With sounds reminiscent of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and early Grass Roots,The vinyl version is on 24 point board, 180 gram vinyl, and includes the original Transco sleeve and handwritten labels!! A major find and an outstanding record!! LP $12 SKU:13529

FABLE - Get The "L" Outta Here( STONER Hendrix style band ltd ed of 500, 3 sided dbl lp, Label:LION RECORDPLEX (Canada) Includes one page (doubl-sided) insert, w/info and pictures limited to 500 copies (3-sided 2xLP)
• Fable's stated influences: Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Robin Trower, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Sir Lord Baltimore. LP $14 SKU:15363

FLAMIN GROOVIES- Straight Outta Madrid - 10” -Label:MARILYN/ALIVE 3 former members of The Flamin’ Groovies getting together for some live fun in Spain.
A 10 vinyl EP recorded in mono direct to DAT May 19, 1994 at The Revolver Club, Madrid, Spain.Produced by James Ferrell, Chris Wilson & Danny Mihm. Chris Wilson – vocals & guitar (bass on “Sympathy For The Devil”); James Ferrell – lead guitar; Danny Mihm – drums, percussion; special guest, Daniel Jeanrenaud – bass guitar & backing vocals.Cover art by Paul Mavrides. Design by Patrick Boissel. Edited & mastered by “Doctor” Mike Wolf at Music Box Studio, Hollywood, California. “Thanks to Guy de Seze of La Reniere, Fabrice & Mireille, Philippe Maurizi, Jean-Herve Michel, Easy, Alfonso Cito Sanchez, the Revolver Club, the Spanish audience, Ruta 66, James Henry and to Roy, George, Timmy & Cyril” LP $5 SKU:1859

ROLLING STONES EXILE ON MAIN ST BOX -Super deluxe limited edition box set: SALE Label:UME UNSEALED BUT MINT Exile On Main St on CD, bonus CD with 10 never-released tracks, Exile On Main St on double vinyl in triple gatefold sleeve, 64-page collector's book, 4 postcards, documentary DVD. LP $70 SKU:21352


ANACRUSA-El Sacrificio/Fuerza (Early 70s S American RARITY)Label:RAYHUELA Born in the beginning of the 70's, this Latin fusion folk formation has delivered impressively original items in a rather discreet commercial success. The albums feature enchanting, warm female vocals, some prog arrangements and acoustic, classical guitar. I cannot exactly say when Anacrusa moved to France, but a new album on Phillips, a long gap between the third and fourth album and an entirely revamped line-up with many French musicians point to the band's immigration sometime around 1976/77.Actually the only stable members appearing on the album ''El Sacrificio'' (1978) were Anacrusa's founders Susana Lago and José Luis Castiñeira de Dios along with oboist Bruno Pizzamiglio, but these recordings include a huge core of 10 more musicians, mostly of French and Argentinian descent and a few of them were pretty experiened, keyboardist Phillip Pages had worked with Richard Vimal, violinist Patrice Mondon with Laurent Petitgerard and guitarist Daniel Alberto Sbarra was a member of Miguel Abuelo & Nada.On new lands Anacrusa still played a delicate Prog Folk, which has transformed into something different via the strong symphonic elements and the elegant orchestrations, while the use of electric guitar is definitely more pronounced.Again some Premiata Forneria Marconi inspirations are present, especially during the piano and violin parts, while the overall mood has moved away from the Andean Folk traditions and comes as a Symphonic/Folk Rock collage with soft interplays and instrumental depth.The music was conducted by de Dios, while Lagos provides the ultra-dramatic vocal lines, the smooth flute parts and some keyboard themes.The strong string section offers the Classical-spiced movements throughout and what actually this album reminds me is a bit of French band Wurtemberg.A change of scenery, which led to a change of sound with more progressive vibes and a pretty amazing, electroacoustic instrumental arsenal. (Ediciones Rayuela) CD $10 SKU:20266

APHRODITE'S CHILD - It’s Five O Clock (1969 pop psych)Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) The first single, ‘Let Me Love, Let Me Live,’ released in October 1969, made it to a number one position in the French charts, but it was the B-side ‘Marie Jolie’ that was most popular in the rest of Europe. The title track ‘It's Five O'clock’ quickly followed the same path; released in December 1969, it did well in the charts of many European countries. Dream-like, baroque, carefully crafted pop/psych with English lyrics, in some ways very much in the style of English bands of the era, but with that little twist that makes it very special; three bonus tracks include rare singles; lyrics and photos too in the 16-page booklet. CD $8 SKU:18951

ARAGON-BAILE CON LOS (Latin, R&B and classic 50s-style rock 'n' roll) RARE MEXICAN MINI LP SLV -Label:VAM A terrific mambo rock album, the cover of Baile con los Aragon shows the group posing with Latino percussion instruments and electric guitars, which gives you a pretty good idea of what this record's about (we're still trying to figure out that deer in the background, though). The group blends Latin, R&B and classic 50s-style rock 'n' roll with skill and panache and the results are great. A really unique and fun album with an incessant tropical groove. CD $8 SKU:19583

ARCO IRIS- Cronologias (Argentine 67-70 rock rock)-Label:AROMA Rock group from the late 1960s until the late 1970s in Argentina, influential in Argentine rock history. While tagged as an 'acoustic' Argentine rock band in the beginning, Arco Iris were pioneers (with Chilean band Los Jaivas), infusing rock with regional folk music, as well as one of the first bands that projected their beliefs through their music and lifestyle (in their case around the art of yoga). The band's origins are traced to the late 1960s CD $12 SKU:20267

ARCO IRIS- Los Elementales (Argentine 67-70 rock)-Label:Serie Collectors From 1967 to the present day, the musical group Arco Iris has made history in Argentine rock. Founded by Gustavo Santaolalla, Guillermo Bordarampé and Ara Tokatlián, the trio included different drummers in its line-up and performed a style of rock music heavily influenced by Argentine folklore; as a result, they were perhaps the most praised band of Argentine rock during the 1970s. A forgotten jewel indeed, excavated by musical archeologists. This reissue has two bonus tracks.” CD $12 SKU:20329

ARCO IRIS- Agitor Lucens V (Argentine 67-70 rock rock)Label:SUNNY PIERROT Rock group from the late 1960s until the late 1970s in Argentina, influential in Argentine rock history. While tagged as an 'acoustic' Argentine rock band in the beginning, Arco Iris were pioneers (with Chilean band Los Jaivas), infusing rock with regional folk music, as well as one of the first bands that projected their beliefs through their music and lifestyle (in their case around the art of yoga). The band's origins are traced to the late 1960s CD $12 SKU:20828

AURA- Sativa (70s SF w band memorabilia, three unreleased bonus tracks) - Label:CICADELIC S.F. based psych-funk band that formed in 1974 and played extensively throughout Northern California. Replete with rare band memorabilia and three previously unreleased bonus tracks. CD $8 SKU:12753

BEAT BOYS - ST ( Brazilian 60s pop-psych , 20 page booklet and rare singles track - Label:LION Laden with torrid psychedelic moments (released by RCA Victor in 1968), as well as a rare singles track from the same year. A 20-page booklet includes lyrics, and an exploration of the Beat Boys’ fascinating story. .Along with Os Mutantes, the Beat Boys represented the most radical element in Brazilian rock: their name, clothes, hair—and intense fuzz guitar raves—were all fierce indicators of a rebel spirit, and this in a dangerous time for such self-expression. Here is the simple truth: The Beat Boys were at the very epicenter of the cultural revolution that convulsed Brazil during the late 1960’s, that movement of rupture, that bringing together of electricity and avant-garde erudition that has come to be known as “Tropicália.” They backed Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil for their defining moments as artists—both live, and in the studio on tracks which became the opening Tropicalist salvo (a rare EP). So, what were this group of Argentine rock musicians doing in the forefront of all things outrageous in Brazil? More to the point, why is it that very few people, even among the Brazilian music cognoscenti, have ever heard of them? One explanation must be the fact that the band were essentially outsiders to the Brazilian music scene. As unlikely as it was for them to penetrate the inner circles of Brazilian elite musicians (it was unlikely), it was even more unlikely that they would remain there once their closest friends, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, were exiled from Brazil. This disc includes the Beat Boys entire output under their own name: their sole album—an exercise in what one might call “controlled Tropicália”,“Caetano called the Beat Boys, an Argentinean group settled in São Paulo who had been inspired by the Beatles, to accompany him in ‘Alegria, Alegria.’ That, in fact marked the beginning of the Tropicalista thing.” —Gilberto Gil CD $10 SKU:9431

BEAT TABOO - Dirty Stash(Aussie Garage-beat-swamp stompers)Label:OFF THE HIP Garage-beat-swamp stompers abound on the debut ten track album from Melbourne's The Beat Taboo. Featuring a primo garage pedigree: The Crusaders, King Daddy, The Reprobettes, Dollsquad, Alchatrash, to name a few. Recorded and mixed by Raul Sanchez (Magic Dirt/Midnight Woolf) and mastered by Mikey Yound (ECSR, Total Control). CD $7 SKU:20036

BERMUDA TRIANGLE- Missing Tapes (1977 trippy hippie psych) Label:WINTER SOLSTICE This is a compilation of Live and previously unreleased tracks from the 70's. Another extremely rare piece of Psych reissued. Originally released as a private pressing in 1977. This wild album is extremely trippy & has to be heard. import CD $10 SKU:19050

DERDIYOKLAR IKILISI -Disko Folk (1979 crazed Turkish elektro folk)Label:GUERRSEN Anadolu Pop doesn’t get weirder than this! Back in 1979, two Turkish guys armed with electro-saz, guitar, drums and synthetizers were hitting the Turkish market in Germany where they lived, playing their sets of traditional flavoured electro-folk in weddings and circumcision feasts for Turkish emigrants in Germany. That crazy is the story, that crazy is their sound!!! We’re glad to bring you the third of their albums, in limited edition of 500 vinyl LPs. Come with insert with linernotes.” LP $16 SKU:20608

DICTATORS - Next Big Thing 10”- SAAALE!!! Label:REAL GONE MUSIC "It's been 40 years since Andy 'Adny' Shernoff, Scott 'Top Ten' Kempner, Ross 'The Boss' Friedman a.k.a. FUNichello, Stu Boy King, and Handsome Dick Manitoba released the Dictators' debut Go Girl Crazy! album and created the loud, fast, and rude template that thousands of punk bands to come slavishly followed. And now the boys are ready to celebrate their anniversary with a little help from a very special friend. Long-time fan, professional party animal and metal/punk singer-songwriter-producer Andrew W.K. took the original album session tapes to three of the songs and, as he puts it ever so modestly, 'remixed, over-produced and totally ruined reimagined' them to create sonically stunning brand new versions of 'The Next Big Thing,' 'Two Tub Man,' and 'Weekend' for this Black Friday exclusive release! But that's only half the treasure that awaits Dictators fans on this 10" EP, which comes on beautiful opaque red vinyl; in the course of reviewing the tapes for this project, Sony Legacy A&R Producer Timothy J. Smith also located a reel of unreleased session outtakes including a completely previously unknown recording that never made it to the album, 'Backseat Boogie,' along with an alternate take of 'The Next Big Thing' and an instrumental take of 'Weekend.' Back cover and label artwork boasting previously unseen photo contact sheets complete the package. LIMITED EDITION OF 2500." LP $15 SKU:17105

EL SHALOM - Frost (German prog psych 1976) 180 gram Label:MISSING VINYL An LP-reissue of the only album by this excellent German group. Originally released privately in 1976, it's a multi layered psychedelic progressive work with lyrics both in German and English. This edition contains two bonus tracks, previously unreleased on vinyl. Deluxe edition on 180 gram vinyl, with sound from the original master tapes. Labels and artwork are reproduced from the original first pressing. Limited to 500 copies with original insert. LP $19 SKU:21008

EL TURRONERO -New Hondo (1980 Cosmic Psych Funk,) SALE! Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS An otherworldly mix of Cosmic Disco, Funk, Boogie and traditional Flamenco styles by Spanish “cantaor” El Turronero!! Featuring the legendary Josep Llobell (Oliver’s Planet, Enterprise…) at the controls. “New Hondo” was originally released in 1980 on the Spanish Belter label and in a similar way to Camarón’s “La leyenda del tiempo”, it was an adventurous project where the producers tried to modernize traditional flamenco music. Featuring an amazing studio production (analogue keyboards, synths, disco drums & orchestrations, electric sitar…), it includes the cosmic disco classic “Las Penas”, the psychedelic funk of “Si yo volviera a nacer” and more. Remastered sound from the master tapes, insert with photos and liner notes by Txarly Brown (Achilifunk). “A flamenco singer with pedigree like El Turronero lost in Studio 54 on a hangover day” – Txarly Brown (Achilifunk) LP $8 SKU:20628

FLIES -Complete Collection 1965-68 (UK Fuzz psych legends )-Label:ACME lion From the opening riff of the Flies’ hard-edged debut single for Decca, ‘(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone,’ you might think that here was a band who were destined for glory—possibly even fame and fortune. But their story, like that of many awe-inspiring UK underground bands from the 1960s, was not a success story. Yes, the Flies had a few other releases on Decca and RCA, none of which attained any chart success. If not for the inclusion of this one slab of fuzz psychedelia on the legendary compilation "Chocolate Soup for Diabetics", the Flies would perhaps have remained unknown to devotees of the 1960s psychedelic scene. Still, this was a band that played major gigs with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, and Traffic, and were a big part of the mayhem at the legendary 14-hour Technicolour Dream event in London in 1967; this is a band whose key members founded bands like Please, T2, Bulldog Breed, Gun, and Infinity, and whose producer was Ivor Raymonde, who co-authored and arranged Dusty Springfield’s big hits for Philips (and also sired Cocteau Twins’ bassist Simon Raymonde). Although commercial success eluded them, it is fitting that the Flies have now achieved cult fame—their singles, which range from freakbeat to Mark Wirtz-esque pop/psych, merit the acclaim, and their introspective demos are perhaps even better. Contains everything by the Flies—released and unreleased—including demo versions, and alternates LP $22 SKU:20817