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IGGY POP-Butt Head German 1991)- Label:MONGOOSE Tracks 1-10 Demos from Brick By Brick.Tracks 11-18 Live recording November, 8th, 1986 Detroit.

JOHN LENNOn- Power to the People The Hits -Remastered, Gatefold Cardboard Sleeve- Label:CAPITOL UNSEALED BUT MINT ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OF BOMP OR ALIVE CD $10 SKU:23056

JOHNSON, ROBERT -Complete REcordings (Legendary seminal blues guitarist from Mississippi ) DBL CD BOX Label:CAPITOL UNSEALED BUT MINT ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OF BOMP OR ALIVE CD $10 SKU:23057

KINKS -Deluxe Collector's Edition GATEFOLD –Label:SANCTUARY UNSEALED BUT MINT ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OF BOMP OR ALIVE . Includes 24 page booklet with notes/pictures and international single/album/EP covers. CD $15 SKU:23053


ALICE COOPER- Love it to Death - GATEFOLD Black/White vinyl Label:WARNER Their 1971 breakout album. Limited Edition, Reissue, White/Black Swirl, Gatefold SEALED MARK THRU BARCODE BUT PERFECT LP $30 SKU:23050

CLAPTON, ERIC -One More Car One More Rider - TRIPLE LP CLEAR VINYL Live on Tour 2001 Label:REPRISE RSD 2019 exclusive release. Limited to 3,000.- SEALED BLACK MARK THRU BARCODE BUT MINT LP $30 SKU:23049

RICHARD AND LINDA THOMPSON - Shoot out The Lights (70s Brit folk) Label:RHINO/HANNIBAL SEALED AND MINT, black line thru bar code. LP $20 SKU:23052

TWO GALLANTS - What the Toll Tells- DBL LP with download and bonus tracks - Label:SADDLE CREEK SEALED AND MINT small tear in seam of shrink but no damage LP $30 SKU:23051


BISTOURIES -TIME TO HAVE FUN SAALE! (British '70s punk, American jangly power pop style)Label:WHITE ZOO The Bistouries' sound is a brilliant mixture of British '70s punk, American power pop, the late '70s-early '80s mod revival and jangly '60s-tinged guitar pop. The members get their inspiration from bands such as The Jam, Sham 69, The Chords, The Paul Collins Beat, The Go, The La's and early Libertines. 45 RPM $8 SKU:20053

BROTHERS GROSS- Ready to Roll (POWER TRIO) Label:Back Track Records Power trio from Indiana. 500 pressed on random mixed color vinyl. Produced by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys. Includes 45 RPM adaptor punch out center, and free digital download of all songs. PLUS sticker! 45 RPM $5 SKU:15858

CHARLATANS (USA) -LIVE AT THE STRAIGHT THEATRE 1967-Label:1960s Rolling Stone magazine described their music as as "a jaunty, ragtime rhythm that was of a piece with their style. Their repertoire remained essentially folk material - blues, ballads, good time jug band tunes plus a few original numbers and the odd Rolling Stones tune." The Charlatans never enjoyed the popularity or commercial success that their innovative musical and visual approach so richly deserved. Dan Hicks had some success fronting Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks whilst Mike Wilhelm formed his own band Loose Gravel and then became a member of The Flamin' Groovies. 45 RPM $14 SKU:21836

CHESTERFIELD KINGS-I Think I’m Down - Unreleased Recordings From 1978-1979-Label:MEAN DISPOSITION First release from Mean Disposition Vintage series! First & original Chesterfield Kings line-up. A-Side cover of Harbinger Complex’s, is a demo recorded at WCMF Studios in 1978. Flip cover of I Can Only Give You Everything from 1979. Prevost liner notes. 45 RPM $10 SKU:20571

ATHANOR - Inside out: the demos 1973-1977 (Beatle'esque, fuzzed-out psych) Label:GUERSSEN The follow-up to our acclaimed "Flashback" (Guess110), finds Athanor (the duo formed by Greg Herriges and Rick Vittenson) digging deeper into their archives and coming out with and amazing set of previously unreleased recordings, done at their state-of-the-art home studio back at the time. Captivating Beatle'esque, fuzzed-out psychedelia & folk-rock full of Lennon-esque vocals and 12-string Rickenbackers by '70s Chicago wunderkind duo. 1973-1977 recordings plus one '70s-era track cut in 2014 with Jeff Murphy (Shoes) on backup vocals. Basement psych-pop and proto-power pop has rarely sounded better! Remastered sound from the original tapes, insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes Jeff Murphy (Shoes). CD $10 SKU:21145

AURA- Sativa (70s SF w band memorabilia, three unreleased bonus tracks) - Label:CICADELIC S.F. based psych-funk band that formed in 1974 and played extensively throughout Northern California. Replete with rare band memorabilia and three previously unreleased bonus tracks. CD $8 SKU:12753

BABY GRANDMOTHERS -MERKURIUS (Sweden’s psych pioneers) sALE! -Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS Here on CD, released in an edition of 500 copies (packaged in a silver foil sleeve), is the 2018 album by Sweden's psych pioneers Baby Grandmothers. The band was originally founded in Stockholm in 1967, after which the guys supported the Jimi Hendrix Experience on the Swedish leg of the '68 tour. Then the band expanded to a 4-piece and gradually morphed in to the legendary Mecki Mark Men. After 50 years in the service of psychedelic music, this contemporary album finds the Baby Grandmothers at their peak and as timeless as ever. CD $10 SKU:20574

BANQUET -JUPITER ROSE (70s style fuzz-psych from S.F)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) EDITION ON CD. The debut album by a '70s influenced, retro rockin' fuzz-psych quartet from San Francisco. Banquet is one of the bands of the current Californian scene, also including a.o. Earthless, Hot Lunch, Wild Eyes, Joy and Loom. Featuring ripping lead guitars, howling vocals and a rhythm section that can make a pregnant woman's water break, this album offers the perfect soundtrack for a biker who wants to travel the US from coast to coast. CD $10 SKU:18480

BIG MIDNIGHT/ RICHMONDSLUTS-Everything For The First Time (great power pop )-Label:ALIVE Nice power pop/garage album from Shea & Chris from Richmond Sluts. Big Midnight is yet another band with shaggy hair and bad attitude joining such luminaries as the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Vue, Warlocks, the Agenda, and Richmond Sluts in the retro-as-if-retro-never-happened category. “Think Iggy doing the Stones a la Sin City and you'll know just what to expect from Big Midnight on the album 'Everything for the First Time'. With a sound that knocks spots off the current scuzzy would-be 60's garage bands, it's loud and proud. As lovingly put together as a Sire-period Groovies record.” - Bucketfull of Brains CD $15 SKU:21997

BLAAK HEAT -SHIFTING MIRRORS (avant-garde psych-rock trio.)-Label:SVART A timeless, vivid blend of thundering psychedelic rock and Arabian tonalities, an altar to heavy riffage, mind expansion and social insurgenciesPreviously known as 'Blaak Heat Shujaa', the band has become more primal and more indigenous. Also notable is that the Eastern influence is expanded by incoorperating more traditional instruments and due to the contributions from percussionist Nelson Bragg (The Brian Wilson Group). CD $10 SKU:20654

TASTY BUBBLEGUM FLAVOR -12 Rare U.S. Bubblegum Pop Jewels 1968-1971 -Label:NAUGHTY RHYTHM RECORDS (Italy) Talking about Bubblegum Music will bring you back to America at the end of the Sixties to a world where the music industry was at its very peak and the 7" format singles production was rather schizophrenic. The worldwide success of Ohio Express's "Yummy Yunmmi Yummi" and 1010 Fruitgum Company's "Simon Says" opened up the doors to a plethora of new bands ready to take the chance of this new born phenomena. Jerry Kasenetz and Jeffry Katz were the two producers behind many of these projects, while the bands were mostly formed by the same group of studio musicians including the unmistakable nasal voice of singer Joey Levin (Joey Ramone's main inspiration). Avoiding the classics, this compilation will get you through a dozen of rare and unknown productions. Twelve stellar pop gems dated between 1968 and 1971 and a bunch of great simple melodies, sticky like chewing gum. Yummy!!! Come and taste it. Features Professor Morrison's Lollipop, Johnny Cymbal, Gideon, Zebra, Bleus, Hungry Tiger, The Yummies, American Machine, Joey Levine, Kasnat & Katz Fighter Squadron, Jamie & The Sweetcorn, and Jordan Parker Revue COMP LP $22 SKU:22251

TURKISH LADIES-FEMALE SINGERS FROM TURKEY 1974-1988--SALE! Label:EPIC ISTANBUL Created from music archives of old Turkish labels (Elenor, Türküola, Sah Plak) under the licensing umbrella of Sony Music Turkey, this compilation captures the broad diversity of music performed by Turkish women. Sweet melodies and heartbreaking dramas are captured in edgy arrangements and compositions with eccentric synthesizers, mesmerizing arabesque string orchestras, wakawaka funky guitars and narcotizing rhythm sections of darbukas and drum sets. Get surprised by a variety of influences and fusions: from classical Türk Sanat, Argentinian tango, Spanish flamenco, Egyptian classical orchestras, traditional folk songs to worldwide popular disco, psychedelia and funk in unique local setups from late '70s and '80s. COMP LP $19 SKU:20986

WOODY WAGON -VOL. 3- ONLY DANCEFLOOR KILLERS!!(50s and 60s rock and roll rarities) -Label:SLEAZY A fantastic compilation of obscure late 1950s and early 1960s rock'n'roll! A dancefloor sweeping A+ release and a recommendation for all you rockers out there! COMP LP $19 SKU:22139

ZONTANOI STO KYTTARO - VA (legendary Greek rock comp 70-71 - 7” plus -SALE! Label:MLK/LYRA (Greece) Exact reissue with the 7" included of this legendary compilation, including some of the best Greek rock bands of the era (1970-71), live at the Kyttaron Club. It was originally released on the Zodiac (Lyra) label in 1971. Tracks by Socrates Drank The Conium, Stella Gadedi, Déspina Glézou, Exádaktylos, Damon & Fintías. Besides the obvious draw of live Socrates material, this compilation has become famous as the main if not only place to hear all the other acts included. COMP LP $15 SKU:21052

KINGS OF HONG KONG-PRIMITIVE(Driving,rockabilly garage punk) ORANGE Label:TRASH WAX Driving, rockabilly influenced garage punk. "Like being hit by a steamroller at 100mph." ~Moffo Magazine. Probably one of the best 'trash' bands out there today and like all the classic trash bands (Vibes, Sting Rays et al) of the early/mid '80s they've a double bass player showing their rockin' influences without being a 'billy' band. This LP just hits you right between the eyes, the perfect mix of garage punk and psycho influenced rockabilly with a touch of punk to keep it dirty enough. Limited to 150 copies on orange vinyl LP $19 SKU:21523

KORAY,ERKIN -ELEKTRONIK TÜRKÜLER SAALE! (70S TURKISH PSYCH)GATEFOLD - Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS You probably wont find any other Turkish psych record better than this. A real killer from start to finish, this was originally released in 1974, and is a brutal masterpiece of psychedelic rock blended with Turkish traditional music. The electric guitar of Erkin is outstanding, so is the electric saz used here too, and all tracks are absolutely fantastic. We cannot recommend this one more than we do. Limited reissue of 500 copies with the original artwork in beautiful gatefold cover LP $18 SKU:21070

LAZY SMOKE- Corridor Of Faces (ORIG copies of 1993 reissue IN PLAIN WHITE JACKET!)-Label:ONYX Copies with jacket going for $2500.00!~ . Original copies in a plain white jacket of the very highly regarded Onyx label reissue from 1993. "In a genre built on obscured and unsung genius, “Corridor Of Faces” transcends and stands out as a true psyche masterpiece. Rising above any number of recently unearthed late-60s anglo-pop platters, the sole offering from small town Massachusetts phenomenon Lazy Smoke is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. Ten songs that weave into one-another, painting some beautifully drifty sonic picture as they go. The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocals' uncanny similarity to John Lennon. If that likeness was the whole story, we would have a Beatles sound-alike on our hands, and that would be that. Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a darker tone and a patient, eerie and almost shut-in feeling resonating through the songs. While bands like The Beatles and The Left Banke were singing about love, lament and hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor Of Faces get sincerely dark right away. Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed 'Sarah Saturday' shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty and dread. It's this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes-era Love and the more damaged end of the pop spectrum. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies in 1968 LP $14 SKU:21224

LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY -OH WHAT A STRANGE TRIP IT'S BEEN(Orig 60s psychobilly)..Label:IMPETUS This album collects all three incredible singles (released on Mercury Records in 1968 and 1969) by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, the farthest-out of outsider musicians, along with four other tracks he laid down at the same sessions. All selections were recorded in 1968 at T-Bone Burnett's Fort Worth studio, and lay the foundation of what we now refer to as psychobilly. Limited to 200 copies on BLACK VINYL. LP $22 SKU:22136

LIGHTMAN, AARON -ST (HIDDEN pop GEM 1969)-Label:WAH WAH This amazing LP from 1969 is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in the field of pop arranged singer-songwriters. Originally issued on Poppy Records, home of psych heads The Mandrake Memorial among others, Lightman's deserves to be discovered by all the fans of the soft rock, orchestra arranged sounds. Think of an american reply to the early works of Duncan Browne, Bill Fay, Nick Garrie or even Donovan at his most popsike sounding recordings. Fans of the early Bee Gees will also enjoy this LP! Credit for the arrangements and production goes to the great Ron Frangipane and David Christopher, who is also credited as a co-writer of the albums songs. The album came housed in a beautiful Milton Glaser sleeve (Glaser was the main designer at Poppy at that time) which the Wah Wah reissue respects, and featured an insert with the lyrics which is also reproduced on our reissue. Housed in quality sleeves and pressed in 180 gr thick black vinyl for the delight of the most discriminating audiophiles. Limited to 500 copies. LP $22 SKU:21289

LIVING SACRIFICE BAND-Beauty for ashes (75-82 West Coast Xtian heavy rock) - Label:ANAZITISI From 1975 to 1982 the Living Sacrifice Band would play literally hundreds of concerts from the west coast to the east coast and privately produce 3 albums between 1977 and 1981. "Beauty for ashes" is their second one, from 1979. Side A contains 5 pleasant xian folk-rock ballads, with beautiful female vocals and excellent flute and keyboards work, reminiscent of early 70's UK bands. Side B seems to be different enough, containing three extended rock (you could even call them heavy rock) tracks with female and male vocals as well and lots of fuzzy, distorted guitars, and wild flute leads. 3 tracks of the album are (co-)written by Jim and Vicky Tsapatoris of Last Call Of Shiloh fame. This is an officialy reissue, represented here with the original B/W cover which is much rarer than the second edition from 1980, with the well-known "Flower Girl" cover. Fully laminated cover. Includes extra triptych (6-pages LP-sized) insert with bio, photos, lyrics and memorabilia and a reproduction of the second 1980 edition's ("Flower Girl") front and back cover. Reproduction of an LSB original poster is also included. Limited to 200 black and 100 coloured copies. 180gr vinyl as usual. PVC protective outsleeve LP $17 SKU:20838

LONE STAR-ADELANTE ROCK EN VIVO(1973 Spanish hard/progrock)-Label:LS RECORDS Reissue of 1973 album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. Recorded on April 16, 1973 at the Gema 2 studios in Barcelona with a dozen friends as audience, this is the first live hard rock album recorded by a Spanish band. The album was recorded with the whole group playing simultaneously LP $22 SKU:20947

LOVELY EGGS - This is Eggland (kraut-influenced psych punks)SAAALE! Label:EGG The mind-melting 2018 album by England's kraut-influenced psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs. Be prepared for a joyous riot of a ride! LP $18 SKU:19622

MAD TIMOTHy-A Very Snug Joiner (prev. unknown late ‘60s/ early ‘70s acetate heavy blooz-psych- SAALE!Label:OUT-SIDER MUSIC First ever release for this previously unknown late ‘60s/ early ‘70s acetate, rescued from a thrift store in Chicago. Damaged heavy blooz-psych in the vein of Blue Cheer, Majic Ship, Mount Rushmore, Houston Fearless, Apryl Fool, Sweet Slag, Mutzie, Aum, Screw, or a wasted teenage Canned Heat.In these digital and interconnected times, it’s very rare to find an album from the 60s-70s which hasn’t been documented or “discovered” yet. That’s the case with a mysterious demo LP titled “A Very Snug Joiner” by a band called Mad Timothy. In words of Steve Krakow (of Plastic Crimewave / Galactic Zoo): “A friend of mine found this no-jacket LP at a thrift shop, and there is ZERO information on them--no one knows anything and I've spoken to many collectors. Very cool sludgy Blue Cheer/Majic Ship/Mount Rushmore kind of vibe--with a few folkier tracks---it’s all pretty charmingly primitive-- I think people would want to hear this!”Even knowing that our efforts to track down the band were fruitless, we thought that this rarity deserved to be shared with the world, so we at Out-Sider / Guerssen in collaboration with Steve’s Galactic Archive imprint, are doing a vinyl edition of the Mad Timothy demo album, hoping that any of the band members will see it and contact us…*The audio has been lovingly restored for full thudding blastage, with new artwork by underground sculptor Robert Buchholz and Plastic Crimewave (Galactic Zoo Dossier LP $22 SKU:20837

MANÇO, BARIS -Nick The Chopper (iKng of Turkish psych/Anatolian rock) SAALE! -Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS •Newly designed artwork. •Insert with photos and liner notes. Second proper studio album – originally released in 1976 – by the king of Turkish psych/Anatolian rock. Recorded in Belgium with help from session musicians related to Placebo, Janko Nilovic and Mad Unity among others, Nick The Chopper features lyrics in English, huge orchestral sections, and re-arrangements of many of the melodies from his masterpiece “2023.” Barı spent his whole life trying to communicate to the wider world outside Turkey. This was his last attempt at doing so with an album before turning to a travel television show to visit faraway places and talk to the young and old, one on one. Every production trick of the glorious 1970s was deployed to push Barı up the European charts, and now they can push him right into your brain instead LP $15 SKU:20788


ALIEN MUSTANGS-Sunrays” b/w “Forest ( 13th Floor Elevators, Loop, Stooges and Spacemen 3 influenced)- Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Harnessing the equine-like spirit of certain otherworldly entities, Alien Mustangs forge a fresh path through the psychedelic wilderness, sometimes glancing at maps sketched by The 13th Floor Elevators, Loop, Stooges and Spacemen 3, but more often exploring enticing new frontiers. Emanating sonically (and physically) from Thessaloniki, Greece, the band has been crafting its unique blend of ‘60s-flavored, hypnotic, space-psych trippiness since 2013, releasing their debut LP “Alienation” in 2018 45 RPM $10 SKU:21783

BLACK WATCH -Crying All The Time (glorious acid pop psych, Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “One Hundred Million Times Around The Sun” and “Much Of A Muchness”
“Crying All The Time!” transports TBW into the realm of glorious pop psych, launching listeners into its stream of soaring, sonic splendor (and mellotronic majesty, courtesy of ex-BJM keyboardist Rob Campanella). Undoubtedly the first and only song to offer up such sumptuous words as delirious, imperious, mysterious, insidious and perfidious in a single set of lyrics.Originally from Santa Barbara, California and based in Los Angeles, The Black Watch evoke the same fervor from those in the know as do bands such as The Chameleons, The Church and The Stone Roses. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21638

BLUE RUIN - Dont Come Home (NY DOLLS RELATED) Label:THREE GIRLS MUSIC Comes in oversized foldover picture sleeve. American singer, guitarist and songwriter, he was the last guy to play with Jerry Nolan of the New York Dolls His first band Blue RuinDon't Come Home issued a record produced by Billy Rath. He has shared the stage with artists such as Johnny Thunders, Rick Derringer, Johnny Winter, Nazareth or Jon Spencer, and has done some time with the underground in London and New York. 45 RPM $5 SKU:19312

CREATION FACTORY-Swirling Sight(sixties-style psych-pop)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “Swirling Sight” b/w “Sunflower” With a promise of mind-melting kaleidoscopic visions, “Swirling Sight” launches its phase-a-delic trip instantaneously, pulling you into The Creation Factory’s most glorious slice of sixties-style psych-pop ever pressed to vinyl. A roiling, driving beat gives denizens of the dance floor (and the DJs who inspire them) the chance to groove with delirious lysergic abandon. A sitar-laden psychedelic soundscape that evokes The Beatles’ “Flying” boosted supersonically to the edge of space, “Sunflower” blooms beautifully in a scintillating cycle of deep, droney, organic intensity. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21480

CRYSTAL JACQUELINE & THE HONEY POT- -TALK TO THE WIND :(60s style RED DBL SAALE! Label: FRUITS DE MER Nearly 30 minutes of great covers from the 60s and early 70s. All-new recordings - a mix of classics and one or two unexpected pleasures.Great versions of classic songs such as 'Mr Fantasy', 'Sympathy' and 'I Talk To The Wind', counterbalanced by a track from Tonton Macoute's overlooked LP on RCA Neon - and then something off-the-wall to round things off in Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich's 1967 B-side to Zabadak, 'Sun Goes Down 45 RPM $10 SKU:21705

PRETENDERS -UK SINGLES 1979-1981- 8 7” BOX Label:RHINO SEALED Disk 6 is a replica of the Flexipop 7" on orange vinyl, Includes a mini booklet with release dates etc. ,RSD Black Friday 2019 release 45 RPM $30 SKU:22258

Label:Vernon Joynson PAGES 407- 567 SOFT COVER Very light wear on edges but generally M- A Comprehensive Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie Rock (1964-1975)BOOKS & MAGS $50 SKU:22273

JOYNSON, VERNON - A SHARP SHOCK TO THE SYSTEMA COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO UK PUNK, NEW WAVE, POST-PUNK, MOD REVIVAL, NEO-PSYCHEDELIA, GOTH-ROCK & ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1976-1986'-Label:BORDERLINE 'A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO UK PUNK, NEW WAVE, POST-PUNK, MOD REVIVAL, NEO-PSYCHEDELIA, GOTH-ROCK & ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1976-1986' - Following his critically acclaimed Two Volume 'Tapestry Of Delights', which has become the definitive encyclopaedic guide to UK rock and pop of the 1963-1976 era, this stunning publication applies exactly the same format used for 'Tapestry' and focuses on the revolution the music business underwent in the UK over the next 10 years and analyses the bands and artists from several exciting new genres that changed the face of music forever. 'A Sharp Shock To The System' is a numbered, limited edition publication of 1,000 copies containing 1,670 entries across 1,400 profusely illustrated pages plus 12 pages of full colour illustrations. Each entry contains detailed artists discographies and line-up details for the 1976-1986 era, bibliographies and, in most cases, comment and a critique of their music, details of compilation appearances and an up to date rarity scale for all featured artists' album, EP and 45 releases between 1976 and 1986. Where artists continued beyond 1986, bibliographies continue until the present or until the artist ceased performing and/or recording. There is nothing similar in print covering this era that has the scope and depth of this publication. BOOKS & MAGS $95 SKU:21887

LAST GREAT DISCOVERY IN ROCK'N'ROLL- HANDL, ULRICH Label: Ulrich Handl was an amateur photographer in the clubs and venues of Munich who started in 1964 and was still active in the 1980s. Due to his naive approach he portrayed the developments in the local scene(s) in a unique style, very different from how the average professional would have worked. This book does not only pay tribute to Handl's work, but also to an exciting period in rock music. It features over 80 photographs of a.o. The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who, Yardbirds, Rory Gallagher, Hendrix, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Nina Hagen, Ike & Tina Turner and Swiss legends The Sevens and Les Sauterelles. Published for the first time, there are photos of artists in action on stage, and off stage! The work of Ulrich Handl is a sensational discovery! BOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:18666

SECICH, FRANK - Circumstantial Evidence -Label:High Voltage Publishing Frank's autobiography featuring untold stories of Franks' rock and roll journey with his bands Blue Ash, The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators Band, Club Wow and his current band The Deadbeat Poets plus many other stories from Franks life. He certainly has some great tales to tell and has encountered many famous people along the way - we could name drop but the list is way to long. BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:17079

ASTRAL SON - Mind’s Eye (Cosmic Dutch neo-psych ) Label:SULATRON The third album by Dutch neo-psych solo-artist Astral Son once again is full of cosmic soundscapes, progressing into psychedelic tracks with plenty of far-out elements. 'Minds Eye' basically sounds like a logical continuation of Astral Son's previous album 'Silver Moon' and is arguably (even) better! If you enjoyed this space cadet's first two excursions, you'll definitely love 'Mind's Eye CD $14 SKU:21564

AVIATION BLONDES - Edge of Forever (POWERPOP) -Label:GET HIP A short and sweet 7-song debut CD by Pittsburgh’s new Power Pop band! The Aviation Blondes play an energized, tuneful brand of rock ‘n roll full of delicious pop hooks, loud guitars and brazen attitude and mesmerizing female vocals. CD $10 SKU:22086

BABY MONGOOSE - Enter The (80s BLONDIE style JAPANESE garage ) - Label:DIONYSUS .The most powerful techno rock attack straight out of Akihabara!! Formed in Tokyo in 2003, this five-member band is a super fun amalgamation of lo-fi, new wave, garage and techno sounds. The 80's flavor that resonates through their songs brings to mind Debbie Harry of Blondie and Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. Still, their sound is their own, distinctly Baby Mongoose. CD $5 SKU:19743

BACHS - Out of the Bachs (1968 underground garage psych ) -Label:GEAR FAB Original of this was release in 1968 and is one of the rarest 6o’s garage/psych LP from the 6o’sUS underground. A Chicago-based jangle guitar/psych with gorgeous aching vocals,masterful guitar work CD $10 SKU:21940

BAINS, LEE - There is a BOmb in Gilead (Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness,digipack CD - Label:ALIVE Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES are the latest accomplished outfit to emerge from Alive Naturalsound. "There is a Bomb in Gilead" – which is a lyric of a traditional spiritual about the salvation of the soul (the “balm”, not “bomb”) that Bains misheard as a child – incorporates some of the most iconic regional styles of American music. With a nod to Jim Ford, Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Muscle Shoals, early Skynrd, Canned Heat, Creedence and all that Southern boogie goodness, "There is a Bomb in Gilead" sees Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires deconstruct the music of the Deep South, strip it down and reassemble it, to make a righteous ruckus that sits at the vanguard of the vernacular. ( NOTE - CD and lp have the same tracks. ) CD $5 SKU:13826

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY-Live In Milan Italy 1976 (Ginger Baker Brit rock classic) LAST COPIES Label:VOICEPRINT The Baker Gurvitz Army came into existence when former Gun and Three man Army members Paul and Adrian Gurvitz joined forces with legendary drummer Ginger Baker in 1974. The Baker Gurvitz Army was the first real musical project for Ginger Baker since the short-lived band Salt in 1972 and Ginger Baker's Airforce some two years prior to that. The band released their first album the self titled “Baker Gurvitz Army” in late 1974, and the album sold well enough to break in to the American charts. The band went on to record two further studio albums including “Elysian Encounter” in 1975 and “Hearts On Fire” in 1976. This live recording, which forms part of the Official Ginger Baker Bootleg Series, was recorded in Milan on the 23rd of March 1976 during the tour to promote what would turn out to be the bands final studio album, “Hearts On Fire.” The set list at this time reflecting the desire to promote the album included four tracks from the album including ‘Hearts On Fire,’ ‘Night People,’ ‘Thirsty For The Blues’ and ‘Neon Lights.’ There are also two tracks from “Elysian Encounter” (‘People’ and ‘Time’) and two from the bands self titled debut (‘Inside Of Me’ and ‘Memory Lane’). CD $5 SKU:19052

BAMBOO KIDS -ST (Clash/Heartbreakers style NYC power trio) Label:GET HIP U.S. DEBUT BY NYC POWER TRIO! TIGHT BOUNDLESS ENERGY WITH HOOKS & SONGS TO BOOT.The influences include The Clash (the band name is taken from a line in the Clash song "Straight to Hell"), The Damned and The Heartbreakers. CD $10 SKU:21923

BARDS- The Moses Lake Recordings (60's psych fuzz driver guitars) LAST COPIES! - Label:GEAR FAB Great Pac NW band that rel. over a dozen 45s on both the Piccadilly, Parrot and Capital labels. This is their prev. unrel. LP from ‘69. From the master tapes. Both experimental and psych in nature feat outstanding keyboards, vocal harmonies and fuzz-driven guitar work. CD $10 SKU:1000

BARON FOUR - Silvaticus ( PRETTY THINGS style-EMBROOKS related )-Label:GET HIP These 12 tracks demonstrate the Baron Fours ability to craft gritty R&B-based tunes with frantic garage-punk raunch. For fans of the Pretty Things, Count Five and the 'Back From The Grave' compilation series. Silvaticus’ is the second explosive album by British R&Beat mavericks The Baron Four. The Baron Four features Mike Whitaker of Thee Vicars on Bass and garage guru Mole from The Embrooks, Mystreated and The Higher State on Drums, so you know these guys bring the goods. With one LP and four singles under their belt, UK's premier garage/beat exports The Baron Four push forward with their strongest release to date here, both in terms of song writing and recording quality. All the key elements are here including fervent vocals on top of clanging guitars, rumbling bass and thunderous drums recorded in glorious mono. CD $10 SKU:21814

BARRACUDAS-Thru the Mysts of Time (POWERPOP demos and outtakes) LAST COPIES!~ -Label:VOXX Great collection of demos & outtakes from the time of the first album, with liner notes by the band and cool photos: simply great! CD $10 SKU:2288

BASH & POP -ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN (Replacements pop rock project) - Label:FAT POSSUM The Replacements’ Tommy Stinson tremendous pop-rock project Bash & Pop returns with the band's long-awaited sophomore album, nearly 25 years after Friday Night is Killing Me! Anything Could Happen is a masterpiece from beginning to end. (2017) CD $14 SKU:20682

BATORS, STIV-Disconnected (80s garage pop- Collectors edition w bonus tracks and alt cover)-Label:BOMP In December of 1980, Bomp released this groundbreaking album by Stiv Bators, recently (though never permanently) departed from The Dead Boys. It followed a series of singles for Bomp on which he had tried, with Frank Secich and various other players, to extend his range to include the kind of pop-garage that was his first musical inspiration. CD $5 SKU:16727

BATORS, STIV- L.A. Confidential Features a 24 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos. -Label:BOMP Records In addition to Disconnected, Stiv recorded a number of 45s during his days with Bomp, as well as some unreleased sessions, demos (including a never-released studio session with Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 and members of the Runaways, produced by Kim Fowley!), recently unearthed studio recordings, and alternate mixes that remained in the can until after his death. Features a 24 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos CD $10 SKU:21941

BBQ - Tie Your Noose (60s party music pre-frat rock.)-Label:BOMP One of Greg Shaw's last signings on BOMP records, and the the latest project from Mark Sultan (from the KING KAHN & BBQ Show, and Les Sexareenos), a man who has slept in the garage all his life. BBQ is not a group, it's the best one-man band since Wilbert Harrison (and no, we're not forgetting the Legendary Stardust Cowboy), doing a raw, soul-shaking style of pre-frat '50s/ early '60s party music--pre-frat frat rock. Take our word for it: with this crazy sound he's puttin' down, you can't sit down! A superb album. CD $5 SKU:16527

BEACHWOOD SPARKS - Tarnished Gold -Label:SUB POP The world has caught up to Beachwood Sparks since they came out of nowhere in 2000 with their self-titled debut album, bringing new life to what the rootsy, laidback American rock that has since been wholeheartedly embraced by the indie music scene. The Tarnished Gold is the work of the classic Beachwood Sparks lineup that made two great albums and one EP before calling it quits in 2003. Along with a stable of talented guests – Ariel Pink, producer Thom Monahan, among others – Beachwood Sparks have rekindled their chemistry and created an invigorating and truly memorable album CD $17 SKU:21569

BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS-ST (covers of songs from the '60s and '70s)Label:METRODISCOS Reinterpretations of songs from the '60s and '70s by Beautify Junkyards from Portugal, keeping the roots but at the same time taking new directions under the influence of the present times where societies, technology and artistic creation are at a boiling point. The post-production of the album was held at the Electric Garden studio in Lisbon, where the sound was transported in various directions like branches extending in between delays, synthesizers, acoustic guitars and vocals in reverb, forming a dense forest with multiple forms and foliage colours CD $10 SKU:22538

BEECHWOOD- BUNDLE ALL Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) 3 CDS on DIGIPACK Label:ALIVE Rock and roll is back, give these kids a chance and get their CDS. Time for fabulous outfits and glam , NY Dolls style!

(1)Inside the Flesh Hotel



on digipack with booklets! CD $15 SKU:19892

BIG BOY PETE - THE MARGESTON DEMOS ( 60s trippy psych ) -Label:GEAR FAB Darling Boy Pete is at it again! 23 Previously unreleased psychedelic and trippy jams from the 1967-1968 period. 68 Minutes of music CD $10 SKU:19413

BILL BISSETT AND THE MANDAN MASSACRE --Awake In The Red Desert (Rare 68 bizarre acid symphony)Label:GEAR FAB Awake in the red desert- one of the rarest canadian lps ever........From 1968, this ultra-rare, bizzare, off-the-wall acid symphony/dreamies/crazy people all rolled into one test pressing is one of the rarest finds from this era.....Includes never before heard bonus tracks!! CD $10 SKU:20004

BILLY BACON AND THE FORBIDDEN PIGS - The Other White Meat ( So Cal 1984 Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop )Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED BAR CODE BUT NEW AND SHRINK WRAPPED -Vocalist, bassist, songwriter and bandleader Billy Bacon has been leading the Forbidden Pigs for over a decade. This group is dedicated to preserving the best elements of American roots music and spices them up with aBilly Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs were formed in 1984 in San Diego Ca. amidst the southern California roots rock craze of the ‘80’s, which included such notables as; Los Lobos, The Blasters, Rosie Flores, Mojo Nixon, The Beat farmers, and The Paladins. Like these contemporaries, the emphasis was on solid song writing and raucous live shows consisting of an eclectic and vibrant stew of American roots music including Tex Mex, R&B, Rockabilly, Pop and classic Country which brought enthusiastic crowds throughout the region.Tex Mex flavor. CD $5 SKU:20921

BIPOLAROID - TWIN LANGUAGE (Barrett/Pink Floyd style neo psych) - Label:GET HIP Bipolaroid play neo-psychedelic music extremely influenced by Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd, delivering odes to dissociation, time machines, looking glasses, the fifth dimension, and the like on both space rockers and more fey orchestrated pop-psychedelia.. CD $10 SKU:21924

BITTERVETCH -- Masters and Demos (GARAGE '66) Label:GEAR FAB Wow, we hit pay dirt on this one!! The band contacted us after seeing their great garage classic "Bigger Fool" on Psychedelic States Ohio, Volume 2. Low and behold, here are 18 lost and previously unreleased tracks from the band and their earlier incarnation The Chandells plus their Pixie 45 from 1966.. Garage, ballad, and fuzz rock at its best! CD $10 SKU:18619

(3) BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES Alive as FUck CD $25 SKU:18556


HUMBLE PIE PERFORMANCE - Rockin the Fillmore - 4 CD BOX-Label:OMNIVORE SEALED CD $30 SKU:22257


leeve notes:This collection contains Thirty Years Of The Very Best from "Best Rock'n Roll Band In The World".79 classic recordings, many of them remixed and sounding better than ever before, including 14 previously unreleased tracks, 14 live performances, other Who rarities, commercials, stage and studio dialoque plus a rare glimps into life with the Moons.Includes 79 pages of photographs, memorabilia, full liner notes, a Who diary, full discography and foreword by Pete Townshend. COMP CD $30 SKU:22254

SURFBEAT BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN -Planetary Pebbles 1 (Primitive, rare Eastern European 60s garage) ONE ONLY! Label:AIP Featuring underground garage and surf rock musical artists east of the Iron Curtain that were recorded between 1963 and 1966. It is the first installment of the Planetary Pebbles series, which was a sub-series to the Pebbles series, and was released on AIP Records, on August 12, 1997 .Considering the Eastern European bands represented had little opportunity to record, the tracks are primitive in comparison to their Western contemporaries. Nonetheless, the album includes arguably among the rarest material available in the Pebbles series extensive catalog. COMP LP $25 SKU:22300

TONITE LET’S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON- Summer of love 1967 soundtrack with Pink Floyd, Small Faces,Jagger, and moreLabel:INSTANT This newly restored and remastered edition of the soundtrack to Peter Whitehead's first commercial film made during the Summer of Love 1967, has not been available in its complete form since the original LP was released by Immediate Records' Instant imprint in 1968. A unique commentary of London during a time when the world said it was the first city, the soundtrack features The Pink Floyd, Small Faces, Chris Farlowe, Vashti and more, with spoken-word contributions from Mick Jagger, Michael Caine, Andrew Loog Oldham, David Hockney, Allen Ginsberg and more. As Andrew Loog says in the sleeve notes: "The people in the film created the different image for everyone, their contributions are reflected in the attitudes and music contained in this album.” Charly’s excellent reissue of 'Tonite Let's All Make Love In London’ comes on 180-gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl. Top notch COMP LP $18 SKU:22505

TRASH CAN RECORDS -1 WILD SAFARI(obscure and forgotten vinyl 50s and 60s) 10” Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) First volume of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. For 'Wild Safari' Fedor has selected 12 first-rate exotic rarities that have never been comped before. COMP LP $17 SKU:20949

TRASH CAN RECORDS -2:MIDNIGHT (obscure and forgotten vinyl 50s and 60s) 10”Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Second volume of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. 'Midnight' features six very strange and six very moody vinyl jewels from Fedor's box. COMP LP $17 SKU:20950

TRASH CAN RECORDS -3:MIDNIGHT (obscure and forgotten vinyl 50s and 60s) 10”Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Welcome to volume 3 of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee, devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. For 'The Devil's Pad' Fedor has selected 12 first-rate exotic rarities and nightlife themes that have never been comped before COMP LP $17 SKU:21985

TWELVE STRING HIGH --VOl 1 A new Jingle Jangle Adventure (GATEFOLD) AND CD Mind expanding tunes! DLB LP Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS TSH's explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP LP $19 SKU:18102

TWELVE STRING HIGH VOl 3 -Mind expanding tunes! DBL LP PLUS CD Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS The last of the Twelve String High series contains 22 artists from around the world playing 12-string guitars: Sid Griffin, Scott Gagner, Athanor, Jigsaw Seen, The Modulators, Lannie Flowers, The Nerk Twins COMP LP $19 SKU:20568

TWELVE STRING HIGH #2 -Mind expanding tunes! DBL LP PLUS CD Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS Explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP LP $19 SKU:19145

VIP VOP TAPES- Vol 2(obscure and rare rockabilly put together by Lux Interior)Label:MMR Volume two in the 'Vip Vop Tapes' series. These legendary compilations were put together by Lux Interior himself. He compiled these tapes to be played before The Cramps would take to the stage, mixing obscure and rare rockabilly, doo wop, surf and just plain weird tracks with crazed voice-overs and excerpts from B-Movies and worse! Should be considered as complimentary to 'Born Bad', 'Songs The Cramps Taught Us', 'Purple Knif Show' and 'Forbidden City Dog Food' albums. This is an ultra-limited edition of 300 copies and will sell out in a matter of weeks. COMP LP $22 SKU:19576

WHO WILL BUY THESE WONDERFUL EVILS...- vol 4 LTd 500 ( The Pebbles of Sweden. 60s rare psych ) Label:HOTSTUFF The Pebbles series of Sweden. Great selection of rare tracks from swedish 1967-1973 freakbeat, psychpop, Hard rock, progressive etc.Supercool laminated sleeve and inner sleeve with extensive track information. 500 copies vinyl only compilation. COMP LP $22 SKU:14608

GLOW KIT- NAIVE ANTLERS (Power pop) LAST ONE! Label:ALIEN SNATCH! Glow Kit has been the best kept garage pop secret in northern Europe. The Danish duo knew how knock out power pop songs in times when Burger Records just started to reissue garage pop records on tape. On 'Naive Antlers' Kasper and Kristoffer again let it bumble around, shakin' of lo-fi accoustic pop LP $19 SKU:22144

KING MUD- Victory Motel Sessions (blue eyed soul, heavy rock) - HAND MIXED SPLATTER VINYL Label:ALIVE KING MUD is VAN CAMPBELL from the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES , FREDDY J IV from LEFT LANE CRUISER and features guitarist PARKER GRIGGS of RADIO MOSCOW. LP $20 SKU:17197

LA IRA DE DIOS- APUS REVOLUTION ROCK + 7"EP (Peruvian 60s psych/space freaks SAALE Label:WORLD IN SOUND MAXIMUMVOLUMEROCKANDROLL!!! (Part 4) The Peruvian psych/space freaks are back, with some rural reflections of the 60s acid punk era with its catchy, raw & animalistic high energy performances. Can a riot be started by the slow and on low volume? - NO- the title says it all (a mix of The Clash classic and Peruvian Andean mythology). Since their fabulous debut album "Hacia El Sol Rojo" the group evolved into a mighty tight "wall of sound" (not just live on stage); but still keeping their sensitive feeling to hypnotize a wide spectrum of Rock freaks who like it intense! - Look forward to hard driven riff/solo guitars, pumpin overdosed bass, crazynwild marching tribal drums, combined with outer space effects & noises - the dark euphoria will make you stand up and dance! If you missed the MC5, The Stooges, Bored! or Los Saicos good old times, this is your ticket to an extreme psychedelic punk trip. (first 500 copies are issued with a 4 track bonus EP, containing a cool cover of Joy Divisons Shadowplay). Again, they are back and they want your brain for party...for revolution...cause right now is time to FIESTA & REVOLUCION! LP $18 SKU:21742


LEOPARDS - Magic Still Exists (Repress of the orig 1987 Kinks-style garage release ) PURPLE Label:VOXX In 1987 The Leopards sounded as wonderfully Kinky as ever, and when the band got around to releasing Magic Still Exists, the Kinks had a lower profile than ever, which made this album a most welcome arrival. A now classic record from the first wave of garage revival repressed for the first time since its original release on Voxx Records. LP $15 SKU:13570

LINDELL, JESPER -EVERYDAY DREAMS -A groovy nugget of throwback soulful rock and roll STARBURST Label:ALIVE A record full of warm sentiments and soulful vocals. Lindell's blue-eyed soul voice that takes centre stage and carries the album from start to finish, equally at home on the uptempo numbers as it is on the album's softer, more intimate tracks. Lindell has obviously immersed himself in that great wealth of music that America has produced. – HARMONIC DISTORTION
A groovy nugget of throwback soulful rock and roll. Lindell showcases a voice that is completely original and well-suited to lead a band. – GLIDE MAGAZINE
A welcome breath of fresh air from a young man still only in his twenties. There are so many influences at play in his work...with a strong away towards Stax-Volt r'n'b. – SUPERFLY LP $20 SKU:22033

LINDQUIST,FREDDIE -MENU(70s guitar god,The Hendrix of Norway,heavy psych) Label:PAN Repress! Housed in nice gatefold cover. LP reissue of one and only album by Freddy Lindquist, who was once member of the VANGUARDS in 1966, replacing Terje Rypdal. Freddie could be regarded as the 'Hendrix' of Norway, a true guitar-viking!! This album shows why he was called these names. True heavy psychedelia from Norway's leading guitar-prince next to king Terje Rypdal LP $22 SKU:21741

LOCKSLEY HALL -ST (1969 acid psych) Label:OUT-SIDER In 1969, Locksley Hall, a psychedelic band from Washington, recorded a full album at Audio Recorders in Seattle produced by Sonics Engineer Kearney Barton and long time Northwest guitarist Ned Neltner (Mark Five, Gas Company…). Never released at the time, this is a great example of West Coast styled psychedelia / acid-rock, featuring female vocals, prominent organ, hard guitar, excellent songs. *Newly remastered sound. *Insert with photos and liner notes RIYL: Country Joe & The Fish, Jefferson Airplane, Growing Concern, Creation Of Sunlight, Charlatans, Big Brother & The Holding Company, It’s A Beautiful Day. “This album plays almost like a sampler of westcoast music”. – Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives)
LP $22 SKU:22892

LONESOME SHACK - More Primitive ST (EArly Black Keys style) Black vinyl! - Label:ALIVE “More Primitive” finds Seattle’s Lonesome Shack exploring the depths of boogie and country blues. The trio’s sound is raw and immediate with finger-picked guitar lines, soulful crooning and big danceable grooves. Ben Todd’s introspective lyrics take the American blues tradition to a new level, examining personal history, loss of friends, and a burning desire to get to the primitive core of life.The band began in New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness where Ben Todd hunkered down in the shack he built and studied the music of the American folk and blues lineage. In 2008 Todd joined up with drummer Kristian Garrard in Seattle, and in 2011 bassist Luke Bergman became the third member.Lonesome Shack was signed to Alive thanks to Van Campbell of the Black Diamond Heavies who brought them to our attention.LP $16 SKU:15943

LONEY, ROY - Action Shots (Live with ex-Flamin' Groovies members.) LAST COPIES! - Label:MARILYN 1993 RELEASE, gorgeous magenta MARBLE vinyl. Unsealed with some shopwear on cover, but MINT.Live with ex-Flamin' Groovies members. LAST COPIES on vinyl LP $20 SKU:4500

LONG GONES -PREPARE TO BURN (90s punk/garage) Label:SHAKE IT Reissued. Nitro fueled flash fire of rubber burning punk rock & roll from these Cin-City flaming wrecks. Get greased with two covers (Pagans, Skunks) and 10 originals. One of the brightest blips in the underground punk timeline of late ‘90s garage. LP $19 SKU:22135

LOONS - Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) ! Label:BOMP The third album by critically acclaimed San Diego garage rockers featuring ex-members of the TELL-TALE HEARTS (the infamous Mike Stax of Ugly Things) and the DIABOLIKS. The album features all new material in the band's distinct- Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) - LTD ED OF 150 on BLUE vinyl ! ively original style, which combines the hard, kinetic drive of European freakbeat, the melodic cool of the '66 Sunset Strip, and intense, atmospheric psychedelia. Features special guest appearance by legendary psychedelic steel guitarist GLENN ROSS CAMPBELL of the sixties band the MISUNDERSTOOD LP $16 SKU:16098

LOONS - Inside Out Your Mind LTD ed of 150 on PURPLE VINYL LAST FEW! - Label:BOMP With 'INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND' The Loons have created their most compelling and original album to date. Once described as "a perfect pairing of Love-influenced garage-psych and British underground in the mould of The Pretty Things", The Loons are Mike Stax of Ugly Things Magazine, Anja Stax on bass, Marc Schroeder and Chris Marsteller on guitar, and Mike Kamoo on drums and production. LP $18 SKU:16458

LOVEMASTERS w Ron Asheton - Hot Pants Zone( 10” Detroit Stooges style) LAST COPIES Label:TOTAL ERERGY Detroit guitar action featuring ex-Ramrods Robert Mulrooney, and with Ron Asheton of the Stooges making a guest appearance. “The groove-savvy, born-in-the-garage-set-the-world-on-fire sound explosion of Motor City's MC5 and Stooges - the same sound that drove Radio Birdman, the Scientists, Big Chief, etc all to create such great fare - is alive and kickin' on the Lovemasters' six-song EP. Led by local legend Bootsey X, a.k.a. Robert Mulrooney (ex Ramrods), the Detroit band cranks it up, puts it into drive and rocks - hard.” - L. Anderson / CMJ LP $10 SKU:4491

MACKAY,DUNCAN -Chimera (1974 epic keyboard Prog rock)Label:MISSING VINYL Limited edition, gatefold, deluxe 180g vinyl, from the original analogue master tapes, exact reproduction of the original first pressing. First time reissue of this 1974 debut album by ex Cockney Rebell/10CC keyboard player (he also played with Kate Bush and Camel), Duncan Mackay. It’s an epic prog rock album in the vein of Rick Wakeman, ELP and Patrick Moraz and is highly recommended for keyboard driven prog rock fans. Remember those heady days of the early 70’s, when a trio of keyboard wizards—Keith Emerson (ELP), Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Jon Lord (Deep Purple)—were winning all the polls and dominating the album sales? Duncan Mackay's “Chimera,” recorded in 1973/4 and forever forgotten by all but the most devout, is a brilliant slice of 70s progressive keyboard-based rock. All three of the wizards mentioned above are obvious influences, but McKay clearly stamps his own sound onto this three-track album. (only three tracks? well this was 1974, the era of 'Tales From Topographic Oceans' by Yes).” label says: “Chimera is Duncan MacKay's first album. It is considered to be a milestone in keyboard driven 70s progressive rock music. Chimera was originally released on the South African VERTIGO label in early 1974. Original copies are very sought after by collectors and are among the rarest and most expensive ones of the VERTIGO SWIRL/SPACESHIP label worldwide. After this album, Duncan MacKay moved to the UK and became famous for his participation in Baker Gurvitz Army, Colosseum II, Cockney Rebel, Camel, Budgie, Alan Parsons Project and even the first 3 Kate Bush albums. LP $22 SKU:20982

MANDHYLON -Negra ciudad(68-70 Argentine blues psych )LP + color insert- SAALE! Label:LION From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning LP $14 SKU:20954