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Yes it’s another mid week festival of BIG discounts, new arrivals, and excellent deals on LAST COPIES. Plus another batch of 5 vintage cassettes from Greg Shaw, a test pressing or two, and new CD and vinyl arrivals too. A new release from HYPNOTIC BRIDGE, and restocks from the garage psych label GET HIP, lots of cheapo CDs under $10!

And of course adds to your 3 FAVE SECTIONS:

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NOTE ABOUT THE MAIL! Mostly normal, but BE PATIENT. There can be delays, obviously, with the situation being as it is. I can't resend items that are tracking but not getting there quite as fast as usual, cut me some slack!!! It’s a pandemic, people, keep your panties on, ok?? With everything that’s going on things are mostly getting there surprisingly quickly, and nothing is getting lost. Hang in there!!!

I’m getting some nice emails from my friends and customers about what it means to them to have music in these troubled times, it’s wonderful to know I’m able to give you guys a smile or two. Thanks for your nice letters.

Your pal,
Suzy Shaw 

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BELLTOWERS- TOmorrow Will Remain (psych/power pop/ Byrds-style) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE With its Byrdsian jangle and Beatlesque “Day Tripper” vibe, “Tomorrow Will Remain” was laid down on a ‘70s MCI 24-track, two-inch recorder for an authentic feel, with strings arranged by Marshall Huggins.Like the A-side, “Sunshine Nursery Crimes” employs classic guitars and vintage Fender amps for maximum warmth and resonance, delivering a driving Byrds-by-way-of-Tom-Petty level of rural, pop-psych euphoria. Influenced by folk-rock, psychedelia and power pop, the band shares a common love of The Byrds, The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, Gene Clark, Love, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and The Rain Parade. They employ vintage instruments (Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Epiphone, Fender, and Guild) to play their jangly, harmony-laden songs. 45 RPM $10 SKU:23181

DEREK LYN PLASTIC - Plastic Surgery EP (Florida garage punk ) Label:FLORIDAS DYING Fast, catchy, “old school”-sounding stuff from Atlanta, GA that falls somewhere between poppy ’77 punk and early hardcore. Makes me wanna pogo! “Second great 7" from this Florida band...imagine The Briefs if they listened to good hardcore records for their inspiration.. 45 RPM $5 SKU:23158

TEN TONS OF LIES-TEST PRESSING -VOXX 1008 The Seeds Of The Next Season -1985 orig pressing Label:VOXX 45 RPM $20 SKU:23179

BUCKLEY, TIm- Venice Mating Call DBL CDLabel:MANIFESTO Even those long convinced that Tim Buckley ranks among the 20th century’s most innovative singers and musical visionaries will find these newly-discovered tracks from manager Herb Cohen’s vaults a jaw-dropping revelation. Culled from the five sets performed over two September 1969 days at LA’s Troubadour that produced 2001’s Live At The Troubadour, they further affirm that, like other great jazz singers, Buckley never sang a song the same way twice, reaching for unknown heights as his telepathic band coloured in his iridescent vapour trails. CD $15 SKU:23174

DOORS- Weird Scenes Inside the GOldmine - DBL CDLabel:ELEKTRA (Hole drilled thru bar code but otherwise perfect) The 22 songs that appear on the collection provide a wide-ranging introduction to the music recorded between 1967-71 by the original quartet, John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison. The band's longtime engineer Bruce Botnick remastered the music heard on this reissue, which takes its title from a lyric in "The End." CD $10 SKU:23175

HOLDSWORTH, ALLAN - Eidolon DBL CD SEALED Label:MANIFESTO Two CD collection spanning the years 1982-2003. Following his early work with Soft Machine and Gong, this innovative and highly influential guitar stylist (whose tapping and tone crossed over to players from rock to prog to metal to jazz) started a long solo career. This retrospective contains an unreleased Jack Bruce vocal version of "Road Games" plus "Eidolon," "City Nights," "Sphere of Innocence," "Funnels," "Mental Fatigue," "Tokyo Dream," "Against the Clock" and more key cuts from his albums, all hand-picked by Allan himself! CD $10 SKU:23173

HUMBLE PIE - Definitive Collection-SEALED Label:A&M 17 Track Collection from hard rock superstar band featuring Steve Marriott, Peter Frampton, Greg Ridley and Jerry Shirley Features the blues/rock classics 'Natural Born Woman','Shine On,' 'Stone Cold Fever,' 'Four Day Creep', Don't Need No Doctor', 'Hot 'n' Nasty & '30 Days in The Hole CD $8 SKU:23172

YOUNG PLAYTHINGS-PICK UP WITH (somewhere between the power pop of the Cribs and Elvis Costello)-Label:DIONYSUS Articulate, alt-pop/country trio from London. The Young Playthings are a three-piece indie rock band from Oxford, England. Formed in 2005, the band consists of singer/guitarist, Bateman , singer/bassist, Jors truly and drummer, Tibor Beetles. Stylistically, the band fall somewhere between the power pop of the Cribs and Elvis Costello CD $2 SKU:19812

GRATEFUL DEAD- FILLMORE WEST 1969BOX SET 5 Vinyl, LP, Etched, Limited Edition, 180g Summer of Love 1967 series. Label:RHINO This is the second night of Grateful Dead’s Fillmore West show from February 1969. Includes “(Walk Me Out In The) Morning Dew” and their rendition of Slim Harpo’s blues classic, “I'm a King Bee”. LP $100 SKU:23177

GRATEFUL DEAD- Smiling on a Cloudy Day -Summer of Love 1967 series. Label:RHINO (Black line thru bar code but sealed)Compilation of Grateful Dead tracks from the 'Summer of Love' in 1967. LP $15 SKU:23159

IGGY & THE STOOGES -ST Live1973 Label:POP 1 Super rare -Tracks 1-3 Recorded at The Whiskey Au Go Go Sept. 1973 Tracks 4-8 (B1-B4) are Raw Power rehearsals 1973- Till The End Of The Night, She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills, Nowhere are asterisked as unreleased songs. Contains an article on the back by Mike Saunders, July 1973. LP $50 SKU:23162

SMALL FACES- FIRST STEP - GATEFOLD-Label:WARNER BROS/RHINO Originally released by the record company insisting the band retain their more familiar name, "Small Faces." Subsequent releases showed the band's new branding as simply "Faces." Title on spine, "First Step," comes from the 'guitar lesson' book Ron Wood is holding on front cover, "First Step." LP $20 SKU:23160

T REX - ST - Rocktober Rhino REISSUE 45th Anniversary with poster cover. Label:RHINO (Sealed with black line thru bar code but perfect) LP $20 SKU:23161

TELESCOPES -TEST PRESSING BOMP 4100 -As Approved By the Committee Label:BOMP ORIGINAL RAINBO TEST PRESSING Originally released in the US in 2003 on CD only, this album compiles some of the band's earliest and best work, with material mostly out of print (and all of it previously unreleased in the USA), which originally appeared, with frequent chart success, on labels like Creation and What Goes On. The Telescopes were among the most innovative and challenging yet successful artists in Creation Records' "middle period", a leading part of the wave of sonic experimenters who included Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Spectrum and Spiritualized. Part of the British shoegazing movement given impetus by the JESUS AND MARY CHAIN and spearheaded by MY BLOODY VALENTINE, the TELESCOPES' sound borrowed from those two bands while adding their own garage punk flavor, experimenting with violins, trumpets, and dynamic contrasts. The vinyl version includes liner notes. Track listing : I Fall She Screams / There Is No Floor / Threadbare / Anticipating Nowhere / Please Before You Go / Silent Water / Everso / Never Learn Not to Love / Celeste / Flying / The Sleepwalk LP $50 SKU:23178

CASSETTES - another batch of 5

NOTE: I take photos of 5 cassettes at at time because I’m lazy, but this is NOT a set, These are sold individually!

We found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were owned by the late, great GREG SHAW. Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80s. These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.

DONT BE ALL ASKING ME WHAT’S ON THEM, these are being released because they are rather historical, not for their specific content. SOLD AS IS!



(3)SPACEMEN 3 at RIMINI / WILMER X Stockholm 3/83 Label:GREG SHAW CASSETTE $75 SKU:23167


(5) VERTEBERATS & CONFLICT DEMOS- Bomp Sessions Pasadena Label:GREG SHAW CASSETTE $75 SKU:23166


DISHES - Hot Property (70s Canadian new wave punk legends ) - Label:REGULAR CARDBOARD SLEEVE ORIGINAL PRESSING 1978- WAREHOUSE FIND - Legendary Canadian early punky new wave ‘78 .Canadian band The Dishes formed in Toronto in 1975 and were an early example of the Queen West scene, a ‘movement that would spawn arguably Canada’s best New Wave act Martha and the Muffins. 45 RPM $5 SKU:17992

DURY, IAN - Wake Up And Make Love With Me Label:STIFF RECORDS 1978 ORIG PRESSING. MINT 45 RPM $15 SKU:22875

FIREBEATS-ON STAGE SAALE! ('60s garage/beat/mod heroes)-Label:PURE LUST The sound of Norway's '60s garage/beat/mod heroes The Firebeats Inc. revisited by Per Oydir (Euroboys. Peter Berry & The Shake Set, The Indikation) and a handful of highly skilled musicians, for the occasion using the Firebeats Ltd. moniker. 'On Stage' creates that true Firebeats Inc. vibe like it's 1966 all over again. Expect the authentic instrumentation, Accuset PA and the neat beat suits. Put this 7-inch on your turntable and experience the true live feeling of Oslo, 1966! 45 RPM $8 SKU:18682

LUCK OF EDEN HALL-THE HAPPINES$ VENDING MACHINE -PINK/WHITE VINYL SAALELabel:HEADSPIN ..ARTHROPODA LEPIDOPTRA'. Limited edition of 150 copies on PINK/WHITE vinyl, housed in a thick (280-gram) carton sleeve with a 3mm spine. Also included is an authentic TLoEH monetary note. The single offers two psychedelic pop jewels that serve as a taster for the band's 2015 full-length, 'The Acceleration Of Time'. The A-side is a gallopping, stomping song, drenched in mellotrons and catchy fuzz guitar-licks, and with a twangin' interlude. On the flip 'Anthrododa Lepidoptra' provides a multi-colour floating tapestry of dreampop, inspired by '60s UK freak-beat and Toytown popsike. Goosepimples!! 45 RPM $8 SKU:18745

LUCK OF EDEN HALL-THE END OF THE LANE(NEO PSYCH)Label: MEGA DODO BW /BLOWN TO KINGDOM COME Neo-psychedelic rock band The Luck Of Eden Hall has been a fixture on the Chicago music scene since the 1990s. The band's 'The End Of The Lane' pays tribute to the classic psych singles of yore, featuring lush guitars, plenty of echo on the vocals, the warm sound of the mellotron and a rhythm section with an uncanny gift for melodic fills. 'The End Of The Lane' is a song that was inspired by Neil Gaiman's book 'The Ocean At The End Of The Lane'. Mr. Gaiman himself created a drawing for the front cover of this single. Limited to 150 copies on BLACK VINYL. 45 RPM $8 SKU:19119

CIRCUS (SWITZERLAND) -MOVIN' ON (RARE acid drenched 1977)Label:BIG PINK Reissued on CD, this is a killer prog album from Switzerland, originally released in 1977. This title is recommended to fans of f.i. Jethro Tull, King Crimson and VDGG. CD $19 SKU:21531

COBRA FAMILY PICNIC -MAGNETIC ANOMALY (Tucson, blissed-out psychVelvets style ) Label:SULATRON Spanning 40 odd minutes, Tucson, Arizona's Cobra Family Picnic creates a fuzzy, blissed-out haze that touches on an entire encyclopedia of underground psychedelia. There are traces of the trance indulging Suicide, the post-Velvets go-go freakout of Les Rallizes Denudes, the smoky snake-song of early Doors, the pulsating locked grooves of Neu, and much, much more. CD $12 SKU:21566

COLOR HUMANO -II(70s Argentine Hendrix-Style Rock) FACING FORWARD IMAGE MINI SLV. - Label:MICROFON Argentinian import. Reissue on Cd of debut album by Argentian power trio strongly influenced by JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, CREAM aswell as GROUNDHOGS and MAY BLITZ. Featured ex-ALMENDRA members. Contains some excellent guitar work by EDELMIRO MOLINARI. import
After Almendra broke up, three extremely important Argentine groups emerged: Pescado Rabioso, Aquelarre and Color Humano. Color Humano was a power trio influenced by Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, as well as groups like Groundhogs or May Blitz. The name was taken from the song penned by Edelmiro Molinari (leader and author of almost all their repertoire) for the first Almendra LP. Besides Molinari’s extraordinary guitar, the first line-up included Rinaldo Rafanelli on bass and the versatile David Lebón (Polifemo, Pappo’s Blues) on drums. The first LP begins with a nice melody sung by Gabriela (Molinari’s wife), backed up by acoustic guitar and vocals. Some energetic stuff follows (‘Silbame oh cabeza,’ featuring ex-Almendra Rodolfo García on drums, and ‘Introducción polenta’) together with quieter ones (the instrumental ‘El hachazo,’ ‘Larga vida al sol,’ and ‘Humberto’). All themes feature the ever-present guitar. Soon after the album’s release, David Lebón left to join Pescado Rabioso and was replaced by Oscar Moro (ex-Los Gatos and Huinca). The band was much more solid with this new line-up. Between March and June 1973, Color Humano recorded enough songs for a double album. Due to business decisions the album was released as two separate LPs on the newly created Talent label. The cover of the first volume featured a drawing of the members of the group facing forward, while the second volume, showed a drawing of them facing backwards. The new songs were richer and more elaborate, spanning different rhythms and styles. The first record of this unreleased 2-LP set is great. ‘Sangre del sol’ (featuring female jazz singer Egle Martin on percussion) has an uptempo Latin rhythm; ‘La tierra del gitano’ is a slow song; ‘Humanoides’ (featuring Rinaldo on organ and Edelmiro on piano) is a potent effort; ‘Un blues para Adelina’ is a blues. The second part of the uneleased 2-LP set is just as good: ‘Hombre de las cumbres’ is energetic and complex; ‘Mañana por la noche’ is a simple blues-rock joyful ditty; ‘A través de los inviernos’ is a hard answer to Gabriela’s ‘Haz tu mente al invierno del sur’; ‘Hace casi 2000 años’ begins softly with an angelic vocal interlude, but ends with the power trio at their best; ‘Cosas rústicas’ is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Little Wing’; ‘Vestidos de agua’ is a beautiful melody (featuring Jorge Cutello on flute) that leaves us repeating the last verse ‘cada vez que te miro/ aumenta mi ilusión "each time I look at you/ my illusion grows). Unfortunately, Color Humano split soon afterwards. Edelmiro and his wife Gabriela moved to Los Angeles. Rinaldo Rafanelli went to play with Sui Generis and Polifemo, among others. Moro later joined La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros and played in many other outfits. CD $10 SKU:23152

COOPER,JOHN & PHILIPPA,-The Cooperville Times (1969 Spooky psych folk)-Label:FRESH Spooky psychedelic folk rock (1969) featuring the unmistakable guitar sounds of Julian Laxton (Freedom’s Children). Unquestionably one of the rarest South African albums ever: folk tinged psychedelia, featuring the whimsical vocals of John & Philipa Cooper with guitar by Julian Laxton, which has been hailed by collectors worldwide as comparable to the legendary Mellow Candle or early Jefferson Airplane. Brother/sister John & Philipa Cooper went to Britain shortly after the album was made, and there the story ends. Even so, this amazing album is considered in the same class as those by Billy Nichols, Duncan Browne and Blossom Toes. Well composed underground songs, folk rock, effects—an album full of ideas and masterfully played... it just has the right feel, with the combination of great songs and a '60s art-vibe. The perfect underground folk-rock album CD $10 SKU:20401

CORBETT, DAVE & FRIENDS- STONED, BROKE & FED-UP (1973 trippy psych/ jug band!) SALE! -Label: AUDIO ARCHIVES On CD-format, here's an ultra rare album recorded in 1973 and originally pressed on the Deroy customs label in a tiny quantity and issued in a bizarre, oversized custom-made sleeve. The album contains 11 home-grown songs featuring strong lead and backing vocals atop acoustic and electric guitars alongside piano and harp. Some songs, f.i. the head-weaving 'Smashed-out Carpet' have a prominent eastern, tripped-out psych feel throughout, whilst others straddle jug-band and folk areas. This title is recommended to heads into the likes of Synanthesia, Panama Jug Band, Astral Navigations, etc. CD $10 SKU:20656

COSTA, CESAR -LA Historia De Tommy (1963 Mexican rarity ) ONE ONLY! Label:DIMSA MINI LP COVER . La Historia de Tommy is a varied set of tunes from Mexican actor and singer César Costa cut in the 1960s that starts off with the story of our titular Tommy. Tommy, a speed demon it seems, just couldn't control himself on the track and fatally flips his car. Lucky for us, he has time to send his girlfriend a message of eternal love in the form of a bouncy yet plaintive pop ballad. The songs offer everything from Sinatra-esque swing and highly-orchestrated pop to sax-driven R&B. Titles include "La Historia De Tommy," "Té Para Dos," "Bethilde," "Laura," "Historia De Me Amor," and more. CD $10 SKU:19518

CROWD (DK) - ANOTHER CONCERT SOMEWHERE (1968 Danish heavy guitar rock) -SAALE! Label:KARMA MUSIC Crowd was a four piece band from the Danish island Bornholm. This disc contains live concert recordings from '68, along with the group's single. Chock full of tasty covers, including Cream's 'Sunshine Of Your Love' and Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads' done in the Cream-style. A treat for fans of heavy guitar driven rock à la Hendrix and Cream with lots of wah-wah, fuzz and English vocals. Damn good and truly a lost artifact! CD $12 SKU:21203

CRYPT TRIP - HAZE COUNTY (Rural hard rock psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Mixing elements of hard rock, psychedelic, and rural music, each track is unique and has something different to say. Loud Fender amps and a pounding rhythm section immerse you in an enticing groove on some tracks, while dreamy guitars take you away in others. Staying true to a Texas tradition, the album features a special guest, Geoff Queen, on pedal steel, adding an entirely different color to the tonal palette. For fans of The James Gang, Epitaph, The Byrds, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Humble Pie, Allman Brothers Band, Bubble Puppy, Homer, Jericho Jones, Flying Burrito Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead. CD $12 SKU:21367

CUERO - Crecimiento RARE 70S OBSCURE ARGENTINE CLASSIC-- SAALE! Label:FONOCOL Obscure classic from the Argentinean '70s rock scene. Debut album by Cuero was released in 1973 and is a great heavy psych-rock & blues-rock album, very rare and hard to find as an original. Stunning guitar work and Spanish language vocals, seven long tracks, all original compositions. CD $5 SKU:19941

CWT -Hundredweight (1973 Brit heavy rock) SALE!-Label:OHRWASCHL RECORDS/KUCKUCK (Germany) The only album from this English heavy rock trio, released on Kuckuck in 1973—one of the heaviest acts on the label. CWT Guest musician Cy Payne is responsible for the brass arrangements, which gives CWT a very special sound; apart from the fantastic guitar and vocal work of Graham Jones, the brass section gives CWT a Motown Soul touch, a real heavy groove. All in all, it makes "The Hundredweight" an interesting album with some faster and softer points. Tracks like ‘Steam Roller’ are devastating, filled with the hardest riffing and rough vocals. It might be accurate to compare CWT with bands like Sir Lord Baltimore or Cactus: they are of a same class, so to speak, and all liked their basic heavy blues rock CD $12 SKU:20747

DANIELS, ELLIE - Both Sides of the Coin (teenage folk private press album from 1971) 3 ONLY! Label:TIME LAG Deluxe cd version of this reissue of totally unknown New England teenage folk private press album from 1971. Originally released by the artist herself as a demo-only, blank cover edition of 100 copies—she was just out of high school and hoping somebody might pay attention, but the LP slipped though the cracks, the chapter closed, and life moved forward on a different course. But the album stands as a true female loner folk gem, of which there aren't many at all: just Ellie's humbly intimate vocals and her harp-like self taught finger-picked guitar playing, plus some lovely pastoral flute by a friend on a handful of tracks. The sounds are straight from the tuned-in melancholy teenage mind, reeling from the mind expansion of the 60s, but also the excesses—the aching innocence of youth tempered by a biting contempt for all things false. Deeply reflective, poetic and searching lyrics of love / nature / peace playing out in real time against stark reality / longing / loss, and balanced at the very edge of the void. In the liner notes Ellie mentions only practicing under a blanket, and there's a up-close, lo-fi, almost voyeuristic realism / fragility here that's quite special. A complex and personal trip that takes some time and attention to fully unfold. Once it does, it will be no surprise that Ellie went on to build geodesic domes and become a professional midwife, as that same unique spirit is already deeply embedded here. A really wonderful album we're happy to help finally reach some receptive ears. The original had no cover art, so we've kept the packaging suitably stark: packaged in a metallic silver offset printed deep blue art paper cover, with paste-on photo art and booklet insert containing more photos, Ellie's original notes from last years vinyl reissue, as well as updated and expanded notes. Edition of 500 copies CD $5 SKU:20301

DARK RAGS - ST (Greek 60’s garage punk style) SAALE!Label:FUZZ OVERDOSE LAast copies! Here comes the first full length CD of a cool 4-piece combo from Athens, Greece. It contains 11 original compositions which lead you back to the Garage Punk of the '60s, the NYC Punk Rock of the '70s, and the Australian '70s and '80s revival sound! This CD is a great mixture of garage punk and power-pop and is sure to be one of the best Greek releases of the year!!! Rock'n'Roll dynamite to the max. DIG IT!!!! CD $6 SKU:20597

DATURA4- WEST COAST HIGHWAY COSMIC- Label:ALIVE DATURA4 “West Coast Highway Cosmic” is the groovy new album by the Australian psyched-out blues rock combo. The band is led by legendary guitarist/singer Dom Mariani (Stems, DM3, The Someloves) an inductee of the West Australian Music Industry Awards Hall of Fame.Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed third album, “Blessed is the Boogie”, Datura4 have hit the motorway running for another sonic journey through burning boogie, dirty blues and psychedelic rock & roll soundscapes CD $10 SKU:22618


DC10 - TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY(80s underground cult band)Label:PAISLEY ARCHIVE Like all "cult" underground bands, people hear a bands name before their music..... This CD will enable the enigmatic, unique, mysterious and individual sounds from DC10 emerge from the vaults, showing their pedigree was second to none. YES!! DC10 should have gone further - but by doing their own thing and refusing to conform to archaic pop protocols, this was not to be....... Tune in - Turn on Play LOUD! enjoy DC10 at their best - from the classic Isabella, the melodic Judy Moody to the charismatic Walking Over My Grave..... Gaz Poundall / 'What's Happening Today' Fanzine editor. CD $15 SKU:22218

UPSIDE DOWN- VOL 3- Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: 1966-1971 ( lysergic pop extravaganza w 12 page booklet ) -Label:PARTICLES (UK) Particles presents Upside Down: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: Volume Three 1966-1971, a lysergic pop extravaganza featuring twenty original artifacts from the psychedelic age as it flourished way down under. Flower power wonders from the luminous void-dwellers as Zoot and Cannery Row, and pop platters with menacing feats of hocus-pocus courtesy of Daisy Clover, Tapestry, Frank Lewis, Axiom, and The Avengers. Upside Down Volume Three delivers twenty long forgotten relics from Australasia in a potent mix of psychedelic misadventure. Also features tracks by The Brigade, The Ram Jam Big Band, The Groove, Tallifer Group, The Atlantics, Larry's Rebels, Normie Row, The Strangers, Autumn, The Motion, The Executives, and Long Grass. Includes a 12-page color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare photographs. COMP CD $10 SKU:16474

WE ARE NOT TOGETHER - (60s dreamy psych pop, Peru’s Beatles) SAALE!- Label:SUNDAZED An abundance of rare tracks recorded at MAG studios in Lima, Peru between 1968 to 1974 by members of We all together along with various musician friends of the time (and a few relatives too). Some of the songs are originals, others are covers—what they all have in common is the musical skill that Carlos Guerrero, Saúl Cornejo, Manuel Cornejo, Ernesto Samamé, Félix Varvarande and Carlos Salom brought to these varied projects—some recorded prior to, some after the creation of their great band. Eight different groups of musicians (Illicit, Smog, Carlos Guerrero & Nilo Espinosa orquesta, FE 59, Cerro Verde, Beto Villena & We All Together, and Monik) produced rich and varied music of uniform excellence! Audio mastered from the original tapes using tube amplifiers by Saúl Cornejo, Miguel Yance and Andrés Tapia in MCA Studios, Lima – Perú; watercolors and drawings painted by Manuel Cornejo during 1970 –1972. COMP CD $10 SKU:6587

WHEN THE DAY IS DONE- VA (collection of folk, psych-folk from the 70s) Label:ACE A great collection of folk, psych-folk and folk-rock tunes from the turn of the '70s. All the songs were orchestrated by the much praised Robert Kirby. Liner notes are included COMP CD $15 SKU:19713

PSYCHOTIC YOUTH - 21 (legendary power-pop-surf-punk heroes) SALE!~ - Label:WATERSLIDE/TARGET EARTH “After an 18-year gap between the band's classic LP Stereoids and the triumphant comeback The Voice of Summer, we only had to wait two years for 21. And this album is everything you would expect from Psychotic Youth. It's a whole lot of power pop, a little bit of garage, a little bit of punk, and a little bit of surf. The harmonies are to die for, and as always Jörgen absolutely excels at writing about matters of the heart. He will devastate you with his songs about loss, longing, and relationships gone sour - and then turn around and write something like "You're The One" that reminds us of why we bother to endure all of that heartbreak in the first place. I always have to chuckle when people criticize pop-punk or power pop bands for writing love songs and not tackling more "important" topics. Seriously? The quest for love has defined our species and its art for thousands of years. What could be more important than that?! I think we become even more aware of this as we get older, which explains why Jörgen is writing some of his most powerful material in his 50s. LP $10 SKU:21472

RABBLE RABBLE- Composure (PSYCH LSD space trip) SWIRL VINYL -SAALE! Label:EYE VYBE RECORDS (USA) Rabble Rabble spent nearly a decade building a heavy reputation for raucous basement shows where any attendee will inevitably leave the room drenched in beer and twice as drunk as before. The addition of Kieterang See Jru (also of Strychnine, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate) in 2013 effectively spiked the band's punch with a healthy dose of LSD, and soon their live shows became full on psychedelic space trips, infusing the heavy, reckless garage punk they built themselves on with krautrock rhythms, proto metal edge and a dash of Smashing Pumpkin-esque guitar leads. Composure is a great finale to the trip that was Rabble Rabble. Limited to 300 copies, 12 min/side; plays at 45 rpm; includes lyric insert; pressed on random marble swirl vinyl by gotta groove records. LP $10 SKU:19484

REBEL SEt- SMIDGEN PIGEON ( ARizona Garage beat surf) SAALE! Label:OUTRO Pledging allegiance to the Fender Jaguar, the Farfisa organ, and the driving backbeat, The Rebel Set – singer and ear-piercingly loud guitarist Joe Zimmerman, tambourine-wielding organist/vocalist Katey Wilkins, and straight-shot drummer Jeff Doing – have doubled down on their own kind of sun-bleached, Phoenix, Arizona garage rock. It’s an aggressive kind of music. It’s a liberating kind of music. And it’s the kind of music that saves lives, while destroying everything else in its path. LP $16 SKU:22155

ROLLINS, SONNY - PLUS 4 Label:PRESTIGE /CONCORD Recorded in NYC, March 22, 1956 LP $15 SKU:22233

ROMANOS,GEORGE- Two Small Blue Horses (1970 Greek heavy psych fuzz guitar SALE!~ Label:MLK/LYRA (Greece) If you like the thought of songs overrun by heavy fuzz guitars and immersed in studio effects, then this is an album for you! It’s a record (released by Zodiac in 1970) that bears comparison to the first three Erkin Koray albums, in part due to it’s Middle-Eastern psychedelic intensity; really great stuff—exotic melodies coupled with a full-force fuzz assault; a slight nod to the Byrds (‘Eight Miles High’ riff makes a dramatic appearance), but with baroque pop/psych tracks of a Left Banke type (‘Maria’ springs to mind) thrown in for added spice. Infused throughout with Greek-tinged raga fuzz guitar freakouts that float in and out of orchestrated psychy pop, "Two Small Blue Horses" is a gem of an album that should be in any serious European psych collection. To top it all, this is one of the rarest psychedelic records ever pressed, with original copies changing hands from time to time for more than $1,000. Great sounding reissue of a weird and wonderful record. 180g vinyl deluxe official reissue. 500 pcs limited LP $14 SKU:21050

ROTOMAGUS - The Sky Turns Red: Complete Anthology 1971 DOUBLE LP proto punk w heavy duty gatefold jacket, & extras SAALE! -Label:LION Proto punk w heavy duty gatefold jacket, which has the entirety of the Seth Man’s article on the band, plus the band’s history in both English and French. On Julian Cope’s excellent Head Heritage web-site, the Seth Man raves about Rotomagus thus: “The first time I heard this track (‘Fighting Cock’), I did not freak out. I merely walked into a nearby closet and screamed my head off for a minute solid, beat the floor and ripped my t-shirt... then I cowered when it hit me: this thing came out in 1971? Before “Raw Power”?! I just lost my mind... Hard to believe this is all pre-1971, as much of the demo is not just proto punk but proto hardc*re LP $15 SKU:14510

SATURNALIA- MAGICAL LOVE (PICTURE DISC and 2 BOOKLETS- 70s British psych prog underground gem! )SALE! Label:BLACK WIDOW Produced by Keith Relf (Yardbirds, Renaissance, Steamhammer), Saturnalia made their 1973 debut with a beautiful 3D picture disc, which has since become a collector's item among fans of the genre. For this release Black Widow Records attempted to remain as faithful as possible to the original packaging (picture disc format with booklet, ticket and above all the 3D labels and a second 24 pages booklet) and the result is this fantastic reissue. Featuring the beautiful Aletta and Adrian Hawking on vocals and Rod Roach on guitar. Hawking and Roach were previously together in Horse. A '70s British psych prog underground gem! LP $32 SKU:21342

SENDELICA-(BLUE) MY HOUSE IS MADE OF ANGEL HAIRLabel:VINCEBUS ERUPTUM LTD ED on BLUE VINYL, limited to 250 copies. The 2018 studio album by UK psychedelic band Sendelica features guest appearances by Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Gregory Curvey (The Luck Of Eden Hall), Wally Stagg, Marc Swordfish, Karen Langley and Molara Awen. LP $25 SKU:22133

SERGUEI - Psicodélico 1966-1975 (Rare Brazilian psych) SALE!Label:GROOVIE
SERGUEI is quite possibly the best kept musical secret from Brazil's glorious 60's/70's scene. Sérgio Augusto Bustamante was a flight attendant. In the sky, above the clouds, he used to daydream about Elvis. One day, he came down from the heights, added a "u" to the Russian name Sergei, which he took out from a friend. With his colorful clothes, long hair, red contact lenses, and hippie flags of peace & love, the anti-commercial Serguei had a public image much bigger than the number of records he was able to produce. Serguei tried psychedelia, tropicalism, and even Brazilian folk music without settling down into any musical style. His short adventure with singer Janis Joplin (in the summer of 1970 in Rio) has always been the most prominent reason for Serguei's mention in music history; but it's the records he released between 1966 and 1970 that have caught the attention of collectors. "I've never been recognized, few people give me value," he told Pop magazine in April 1978. This is no longer true, thanks to this collection of rare singles. Serguei self-proclaimed himself as “psychedelic” long before anyone else. He sang his hallucinations, found someone from alpha centaur and went in search of peace, from sunrise to sunset. His music ranges from psychedelic to garage psych, fueled by fuzz guitar (a track on "Guitar Fuzz Bananas" bears witness to this), with arrangements that are typical of genius.” LP $10 SKU:16099


GIRL TROUBLE/POP DEFECT/ - split single 1995 West Coast garage rock Label:DIONYSUS Cold Shoulder/Dont Be Grateful Tacoma’s Girl Trouble and Seattle/LA’s Popdefect (although they seem to have been born out on the road, probably crossing North Dakota in pitch blackness), go back decades, boast cult followings, and have had movies dedicated to them—and both remain criminally underhyped. All I can do to un-underhype them is to affirm that Girl Trouble strike exactly the right balance between manifesting rock’s big-dick/big-ego strut and satirizing the same, while Popdefect perfect primal, minor-key wails from the id. 45 RPM $1 SKU:17785

GREEN PAJAMAS- FLEXI DISC Such a Lovely Daughter (Brit -style paisley underground psych former VOXX BAND! ) Label:GREEN MONKEY Very rare early flexi disc Warehouse find of "British-style psychedelia” paisley underground band from Seattle , 1980. 45 RPM $5 SKU:21915

HUNNS (DUANE PETERS)-Animals b/w Wild ( punk ) PINK MARBLE VINYL LAST COPIES! Label:DISASTER Records The HUNNS sound is raw, chainsaw, based on a classic formula : two Les Pauls, drums and bass. Duane, of course, sounds like Duane, but that's the main similarity with the U.S. Bombs : the HUNNS delivery is much more street American rock'n'roll. Now with the addition of ex-NASHVILLE PUSSY COREY PARKS on bass, The HUNNS have become one of the best punk band playing anywhere in the world today. 45 RPM $10 SKU:23191

IGGY POP & the STOOGES - I'm Sick of You /Tight Pants/Scene of the Crime Label:Bomp Records LAST COPIES ORIGINAL PRESSING WITH PICTURE SLEEVE 3 Demos written by Iggy and guitarist James Williamson for the Stooges’ third Album Raw Power. 45 RPM $5 SKU:17551


LEOPARDS- Psychedelic Boy ORIG PRESSING 1986Label:VOXX MINT VINYL original pressing with INSERT 45 RPM $25 SKU:22295

LOONS -Blue Ether (garage psych) sAALE!Label:DIRTY WATER Great garage psych with MIKE STAX! 45 RPM $10 SKU:22132

LOS BABY ROCKS- 4 WILD SPANISH ROCKERS from the 50’s - SAALE! Label:RCA HECTOR Mexican rock'n'roll band from the 1950's he group began performing together in 1958, at which time it was composed of the four Avila Aranda brothers. They debuted at the Fantasio theater in Mérida in 1960, then performed in Belize, where they took the name Los Baby's del Rock. They recorded their first sides for Discos Orfeón in 1959, but the label did not release them until 1962 once rock & roll began to become popular in Mexico. They toured throughout Mexico in the middle of the decade, and around this time they also made numerous appearances in television advertisements. In 1964, they made their first recordings for Discos Peerless, often covering the hits of foreign groups to great success. They became one of the most popular native pop acts in Mexico in the 1960s 45 RPM $1 SKU:19845

CLARK, TODD TAMANEND - NOVA PSYCHEDELIA DBL CD 1975-1985Label:ANOPHELES (2CD) A complete collection of the entire vinyl output recorded between 75-85 under the names THE STARS, THE EYES, TODD CLARK GROUP, and TODD CLARK. Thirty-three tracks of ambitious, out-there psych and experimental proto-cyberpunk action, packaged with a 20-page booklet with history, track notes, photos, and artwork. CD $14 SKU:20614

CO4 - HIPPIEOLOGY 2 (70s Danish psych/prog/folk sceneLabel:KARMA MUSIC Vol. 2 in series 'Hippieology' about the Danish psych/prog/folk scene from the early '70s, sees the reissue of material by CO4 a band that started in late '60s inspired by CREAM, STEPPENWOLF, FREE, etc. Folky, rural progressive rock with some furious leadguitars. CD $14 SKU:21064

COFFIN LIDS - Rock N Roll ( wild fuzzed out garage rock ) LAST SIGNING OF GREG SHAW! Label:BOMP Records Ironically, the last band Greg Shaw signed before he died. The wildest, fuzzed out garage rock to be heard in quite some time. Fourteen fuzzed out tracks played with Sonics like intensity straight from Boston. “Some of the rawest, loudest and most offensive soundwaves to explode from a set of speakers.” - Ear Candy CD $5 SKU:23187

COL. KNOWLEDALIVE GE & The Lickity Splits - Fall In Love All Over Again With (60s style Garage/Pop ) -Label:ALIVE 60s inspired soulful garagey pop, performed with taste and craft by four young dudes from Athens, Georgia. CD $5 SKU:23189

COLLINS, PAUL - ALL 3 CD BUNDLE -POWERPOP BY FORMER NERVES MEMBER! Label:ALIVE Paul Collins is one of the most enduring cult rockers of the late seventies and a founding member of the legendary Nerves (with Jack Lee and Peter Case). He started his solo career in 1979 and has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, or Paul Collins’ Beat.CD $25 SKU:20143

COSMIC TRAVELERS - Live At The Spring Crater Celebration (70s psych with Drake of Paul Revere and the Raiders)Label:GEAR FAB Between 1965-67, Drake Levin made his name as the lead guitarist for Paul Revere & The Raiders during their heyday. Joel Christie played bass as a session player for Lee Michaels. Dale Loyola was the drummer for Hook and many other LA-based bands. In 1972, they formed The Cosmic Travelers and relocated to Oahu, Hawaii. This Ultra-Rare live 1972 recording of them in the extinct crater of Diamond Head in front of 7,000 fans is full of long, crazed fuzzed outguitars, thundering bass, and pounding drum jams. The liner notes are written by Drake’s widow Sandra who was there with them and tells the whole story of this psychedelic adventure in the tropics!! CD $10 SKU:14699

CRASH COFFIN - ST ( 73 Folk/Psych gem) Label:GEAR FAB Wow!! This 1973 Folk/Psych gem is finally going to see its day on Compact Disc. Presented in a beautiful Digi-Pak format, this psyched-out guy from Ohio will not disappoint!! Right off the master tapes CD $10 SKU:10991

CRAWDADDYS, THE - Here 'Tis(Great fuzz garage with Mike Stax!)s -Label:VOXX Though they were around the better part of a decade, The Crawdaddys only ever released one album and a couple of 45s. After their breakup, it turned out they had spent quite a lot of time in studios, and had the demos to prove it. This posthumous release assembles the best of their unreased work, with rare photos and documentation. CD $10 SKU:23188

CRAZY PEOPLE - Bedlam(pioneering 60's Psych)-Label:GEAR FAB he innovative and pioneering 60's Psychedelic band from Lumberton, North Carolina. All 10 songs from their classic 1969 LP, 4 earlier recordings from 1966 by the bands' predecessor group The Young Ones, 2 tracks from the post-Cykle band from 1969 -The Rhodes Scholars, plus solo material from Jimmy Sossamon. 17 tracks in all!!!! CD $10 SKU:19616

CREATION FACTORY -ST (authentic psychedelic rock n' roll)Label:LOLIPOP The debut record from The Creation Factory! An authentic psychedelic rock n' roll, foot stompin' record featuring members of Mystic Braves! Produced by Lolipop Records! CD $12 SKU:22152

CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN-AN INCIDENT AT OWL CREEK (mid-60s garage-rock style) -Label:GET HIP Creatures of the Golden Dawn, have spent the last dozen or so years digesting such mid-60s garage-rock gems as the Seeds, the Elevators, the Watchband and plenty of more obscure garagedom. After albums on Dionysus and Collectables in the í90s the band went to hiatus. This fantastic new album marks their return, more energetic and rocking than ever.This album features a mix of covers (including a tune by the Lyres!), and originals thatíll put a smile on your face! A must for fans of Cynics, Lyres and energetic garage rock. CD $10 SKU:23190

CYKLE - Featuring the Young Ones (US 60s PSYCH LEGENDS!)Label:GEAR FAB Reissue taken from the original masters by USA PSYCH-LEGENDS 'Cykle'. Included here all of their 1969 album + 4 tracks by THE YOUNG ONES (pre-CYKLE) and 3 solo trax by Jim Sossman (leader of the group CD $10 SKU:19324

CYNICS- Here We Are(60s style garage ) -Label:GET HIP .. probably the best Cynics record ever, on par with their classic Rock’n’Roll LP.Along with The Fuzztones, The Lyres, and The Chesterfield Kings, The Cynics have always been regarded as garage rock royalty. CD $12 SKU:17137

CYNICS- Blue Train Sessions (60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP Reissue of this garage classic from Pittsburgh's legendary CYNICS. Re-engineered and remastered for CD, this classic blast of guitar, rhythm and screaming vocals. Originally released in 1986 by Skyclad, this release shows the genesis of their wall of guitar sound, and was the CYNICS's first full-length LP. Hear why this release has frequently been cited as a classic of the 80's, from one of the seminal garage bands of our time. 5 Extra tracks on CD. CD $10 SKU:10895

CYNICS- Learn To Lose ( 60s style garage )Label:GET HIP This is the moody 1993 followup to the critically acclaimed Rock ‘N’ Roll album. With a batch of new material, the band took it’s time in the studio to take the music to the next level. Includes a cool cover of the Lollipop Shoppe’s “You Must Be A Witch CD $10 SKU:10898

DARLINGS- Wet Dreams & Teen Machines (L.A. 90s Joplin/Ramones style )LAST COPIES Label:BOMP VERY rare Bomp release straight from Greg Shaw’s casting couch, if you know what I mean.... L.A. r’n’r band fronted by sex kitten Paige. the irresistable powerpop punk of bassist Lance VanDen Hende and driving guitar of Derek Thompson. Their sound is like the Rezillos if their lead singer was more like Janis Joplin, with a touch of the Ramones. CD $10 SKU:23182

DARXTAR-TOMBOLA (Swedish psych heads! Hawkwind/Pink Floyd style) SAALE! Label:RECORD HEAVEN Swedish psych heads! Mixing the best elements of HAWKWIND and FLOYD, they present us a heavy psychedelic journey CD $10 SKU:20598

DATURA4 BUNDLE! -5 CDS -including FREE BONUS DM3 CD- Label:ALIVE Throwback in the best possible way, the way you can go to some underground club in your nearest big city and see kick-ass rockers throwing it down like it was 1972. But unlike those amateurs, Datura4 is the real deal. In Mariani and Hitchcock, it has the pedigree. UNDER THE RADAR Elements of hard-lined blues remain evident, but are primarily smoothed out by a dominant, free-formed 70s psych sparsity. Those sprawling soundscapes themselves threaten explosive outbreaks yet are reigned in further with a defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger that sets a more contemporary course. Johnny Nail / ROLLING STONE AUSTRALIA CD $35 SKU:17975

DAVID - ST (1969 psych pop Airplane style) Label:GEAR FAB Canadian band David released this self-titled psychedelic pop album in 1969. It features the dreamy, spacey, Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane style female vocals of Deborah Kelly, who sings of the ideals of the youth of the time & features some fine fuzz CD $10 SKU:23183

DAY BLINDNESS- ST (1969 San Francisco psych Label:GEAR FAB Day Blindness- Yes, the great San Francisco Psych band that bear an uncanny resemblance to the Doors and Iron Butterfly!!! Late 60's West Coast Pysch at its Best!! CD $10 SKU:23184

GIMMIES - Roll UP (STOOGES/MC5 style garage)Label:DIONYSUS THE GIMMIES are rock action personified with screaming guitars that tap into the Detroit tradition of the Stooges & MC5 and matched by a cockiness that would put The Pretty Things to shame. Combined with their love of Australian garage rock and their English-as-a-second-language-lyrics, they twist rock music into shrapnel only matched by their Japanese brethren Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate and the King Brothers. CD $6 SKU:18914

RADIO KNIVES -CURSED- PROMO (Kinks style Detroit) Label:DIONYSUS UNSEALED, HOLE THRU BAR CODE, but MINT .With a sound lodged somewhere between the Kinks dirty little pop gems of the late ‘60s and the greasy Detroit rock of the mid-to-late '70s - brothers and sisters – Dionysus Records is proud to present: THE RADIO KNIVES! CURSED is a collection of sinister pop songs that will get you back on your feet and pressed firmly against the stage for the sweatiest show in town. THE RADIO KNIVES' sound and explosive live show set stages on fire through out the East Coast for just under a year before the band decided to jump in the studio with one of garage rock's hottest new producers, Jack Younger (the Coffin Lids/BOMP!, the Turpentine Brothers/Alive Records, the Konks/BOMP!). The RADIO KNIVES’ Dionysus Records debut, CURSED, finds the band lobbing gritty guitar riffs, rolling organ washes, and enough hand claps to make the MC5 jealous through your hi-fi stereo speakers - and you aren't going to mind a bit! CD $5 SKU:17504

RICHMOND SLUTS- ST -S.F. GLAM GARAGE RARITY -Label:ALIVE/DISASTER Long out of print, found a few in our archives! Great glam garage rock’n’roll from San Francisco with ex-members of BJM and the Lowdowns. CD $15 SKU:21415

TRIP IN TIME- VOl 2 Psychedelic Rock Reflections DBL CD Label:WORLD IN SOUND This compilation features only unreleased music from the years 2006/2007, with the influences of the psychedelic music revolution from the Summer of Love 1967. Disc 1 contains 13 international and ambitious groups ranging from progressive space sound, high speed rock'n'roll, Syd Barrett and Love acid-folk style to heavy garage/surf psychedelia. Disc 2 contains 5 extended instrumentals, ranging from true '70s experimental krautrock style to a floating Brainticket atmosphere COMP CD $15 SKU:21757

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 1-23 time travelling moody US '60s garage sounds Label:MANIC MUSTANG 25 track collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. All contributions from famous Lance LP series. Featuring PIED PIPERS, SIR LAURENCE & THE CRESCENTS, VILLAGERS, SCHOLARS, TORQUAYS, SLEEPLESS, KNIGHTS, SITES N SOUNDS, SNAILS, DICKEY TREADWAY & SALADOS, VOXMEN, FABULOUS ROYALS, THE PAATZ, OVAITT BROTHERS, CLANN, SANDPIPERS, etc. Coloured label reprints, painstakingly remastered and 90% of all tracks never before on CD. A definitive '60s garage collector must-have. COMP CD $14 SKU:17712

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 2 -23 time travelling moody US '60s garage sounds Label:MANIC MUSTANG Another 25 track collection of US mid sixties coolness with more incredible '60s punk, teen garagers and moody winners. Again all contributions from established Lance LP series. Featuring AMBUSHERS, BEARINGS, ETHICS, CHOZEN ONES, CAVEMEN, DORSAL & GATORMEN, GROUP INC., JIM CARTER & THE SENATORS, RAINMAKERS, KASUALS, MISFITS, OSCAR FIVE, YOUNG ALLEY CATS, LIVIN END, IDOLS, KORNERS OF TIME, JUVENILES, etc. Coloured label reprints, painstakingly remastered and 90% of all tracks never before on CD. COMP CD $14 SKU:17718

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG iLmited edition 500 copies. A cool collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. The CD has a whole lot of megarare garage 45s, 90% of all tracks never before on CD, many previously uncompiled. Coloured label reprints for the garage connisseur's perfect pleasure. Includes tracks by VOXMEN, END RESULT, VEE JAYS, MARK 5, NOVAS, TOMBSTONES, STONE CUTTERS, GLASS THREADS, PUBS, UNITED NOTIONS, SATINS and many more COMP CD $14 SKU:18363

TRIPWAVE-VOL 2 ( COLLECTION OF MODERN RUSSIAN PSYCH ) SAALE -Label:TRAIL Besides relatively known acts like Ole Lukkoye, Rada & Ternovnik (Blackthorn) and Polska Radio One, this collection includes tracks by very young artists who express their bright and affecting ideas in the psychedelic genre. TRACKS: 1. Ciolkowska - Below The Grass 2. Rada & Blackthorn - Ethno-Song 3. Bowl Of Knowledge - Ganja Yoga 4. Sonora - Canyon 5. Cosmic Triggers - Syndicate 6. Ole Lukkoye - Dyatly (Edit) 7. Dead Man Tell No Tales - Suicide Trip 8. Kamni - Forest Song 9. Polska Radio One - Shangri-La COMP CD $10 SKU:19352

TRIPWAVE -Vol 1 (COLLECTION OF MODERN RUSSIAN PSYCH SAALE! Label:TRAIL A compilation of some of the best psychedelic and progressive music to come out of Russia during the last 20 years! And to make things extra special, this collection also includes a number of previously unissued cuts. Though often inspired by Western sounds, the music by these bands showcases a unique Russian feel, making this set a treat for the more adventurous space-, psych- and prog-rock lover. COMP CD $10 SKU:19473

TWELVE STRING HIGH - Vol 3- Mind expanding tunes! Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS The last of the Twelve String High series contains 22 artiss from around the world playing 12-string guitars: Sid Griffin, Scott Gagner, Athanor, Jigsaw Seen, The Modulators, Lannie Flowers, The Nerk Twins COMP CD $14 SKU:20567

TWO TIMING BABY -Ember Sixties Pop: Volume 2, 1961-1962Label:FANTASTIC EMBER In 1960, Jeffrey Kruger launched Ember Records as an independent, one of very few in the UK, where the majors held sway. Straight away, the label set about trying to break into the charts with many fine pop releases. The Ember Sixties Pop series compiles the best of those records. “Two Timing Baby” picks up the story from where Say When: Ember Sixties Pop Volume 1 (FVCD044) left off. Carter, Lewis & The Southerners first Ember single ‘Two Timing Baby’/’Will It Happen To Me’ features Joe Meek engineering, Geoff Goddard on piano, Albert Lee on guitar, Chas Hodges on bass and Bobby Graham on drums. The Meek connection continues with Mark Douglas only single: Joe produced ‘It Matters Not’/’Upside Down’ and Tornado Clem Cattini confirms he drums on both tracks. American songwriters Buddy Kaye and Phil Springer penned many hits, including ‘The Next Time’ for Cliff Richard. They brought several songs to Ember and Grant Tracy was the adaptable vocalist on ‘The Great Matchmaker’/’The Tears Came Rolling Down’ and the follow-up flip ‘Taming Tigers.’ Other beneficiaries of the prolific Kaye and Springer were Johnny Carson (‘Are You Anyone s Girl’/’Teenage Bachelor’ and, again, ‘The Tears Came Rolling Down’) and Sandra Gale (‘Hello Heartache’/’If She s Right For You’) who had been girl singer with the Ray Ellington Quartet, joining Ember when Ellington did. Kruger chose the songs for Lita Roza’s single with the aim of moving her sound towards pop and rock n roll, and she turns in fine performances on ‘Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)’/’(He s My) Dreamboat,’ aided by a driving band led by Tony Crombie. Brooklyn-born Kerry Adams recorded her single in New York, conducted by future soul giant Jerry Ragovoy. The Dale Sisters cute harmonies are evident on their second Ember single, ‘Road To Love’/’Secrets.’ Tommy Sanderson’s second Ember 45 combined trad-jazz ‘Ding Dong Rag’ with groovy ‘Piano A Go Go,’ which would have made a great theme for a TV detective show. Many of these original singles are highly collectable (mint copies of Mark Douglas are valued at £75, Carter, Lewis & The Southerners at £50 and Lita Roza at £30). Subsequent volumes will carry the story through to the end of the sixties, with further sought after tracks included. The series is complemented by compilations devoted to beat and rock from the Ember vaults. Recordings are mastered from tape, where available, and booklets illustrated with sleeve and label shots. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $8 SKU:19205

WINNIPEG RIOT- 18 Killers from Canada’s Murder Capital- Label:DIONYSUS Imagine it: You're stuck in a decaying dead end industrial town a thousand miles from anywhere. Subzero temperatures dropping as low as minus 40 keep you indoors for half the year but maybe it's just as well since your city has the highest murder rate in the country. Nothing else to do but start a rock 'n' roll band. Nothing to do but start a Winnipeg Riot! From grimy basements and skid row punk rock bars we bring you 18 outbursts of street level rock 'n 'roll served up Winnipeg style. Featuring the classic punk sounds of the Horribles and the Insaniacs, stompin' rockabilly and surf from the Farrell Bros. and the Rockdoras, primitive girl garage and punk from the Wild Things and The Quiffs and primal punk 'n' roll courtesy of the Squareheads and Hot Live Guys, this album finally unleashes the unheard music from the Town the World Forgot for the outside world to hear. Other featured combos: Dead By Dawn, American Flame Whip, The Fever Breaks, The Surfadelics, The Switchbla de Sisters, Turnbull ACs, The Sleepless Knights, The Hestons, Buried In The Backyard, and the Mohosimrots. Also included are pics and info on all the bands plus flyers and the whole inside story of Winnipeg's rock 'n 'roll scene. Compiled by veteran album and poster artist Darren Merinuk, this album is a document of the hometown scene he's been a fanatical fan of for the past 6 years and is sure to induce wild, drunken good times in any home lucky enough to boast a copy. COMP CD $5 SKU:-19746

WYLD SYDES - Vol 9 ( RARE -60’s garage U.S. garage ) - Label:RETRO GENE American 60s Garage bands! 24 trax COMP CD $15 SKU:16945

YA GOTTA HAVE MOXIE - Vol 2 - WAREHOUSE FIND - Label:AIP Super rare out of print comp. In the late 1970s and '80s, the Moxie label was famous, or infamous, for its Boulders compilations of obscure '60s garage rock. Boulders was to Pebbles what Pebbles was to Nuggets; an even rawer, more obscure approach to unearthing '60s garage music, in both the rarities arena and the fidelity and graphics of the packages. More than a decade after Boulders' demise, AIP (which handles the Pebbles series) is anthologizing its one-time rival, this first volume presenting a whopping 52 songs (including one, the Checklads' "Shake Yourself Down," that did not appear on the original Moxie series) on its two CDs. The pressings of Boulders were notorious for their poor fidelity, and to its credit, AIP (not exactly a bastion of digitized sound itself) has remastered from cleaner copies of these rarities when possible. This is one of the better bulky garage anthologies, as it is more flexible in its scope than many '60s punk comps (such as the later Pebbles volumes, which usually stick to standard snotty rants. There are plenty of those here, actually, but there are also some good folk-rockers, a Sonny & Cher soundalike (Boo Boo & Bunky), a cover of a song from the Mothers' Freak Out (the Basooties' "You Didn't Try to Call Me"), and a single that sounds like a Freak Out wannabe (Communication Aggregation's "Freakout USA"). There are also some touches of pop and soul, as in the Cherry Slush's outstanding "I Cannot Stop You," and the Down 5's "I'm Takin' It Home," produced by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich. And there are a surprising number of entries recorded by major labels. For pure '60s punk dementia, it doesn't get much hotter than the Chocolate Moose's "Chocolate Moose Theme." The Avengers' "Open Your Eyes," which affixes some hypnotic psychedelia to the Byrds' jangle-folk-rock, is one of the great, outstanding, obscure mid-'60s singles of all; the Birdwatchers' "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway," with its neat alternation of stomping verse and light British Invasion harmonies on the chorus, had (unlike most of the stuff on Boulders) actual hit potential. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide COMP CD $75 SKU:22396

PRIMA DONNA- Nine Lives and Forty Fives - YELLOW VINYL - ROCK AND ROLL! Glitter punk Label:ALIVE Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley on a steady diet of punk and glitter rock, Prima Donna are infamous on the LA scene. Their curriculum includes musical road trips with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Adam Ant, Glen Matlock & The Philistines, The Dictators, and even Green Day, who they supported on two arena tours on two continents. Frontman Kevin Preston has also continued participation in Green Day side-project Foxboro Hot Tubs.
While touring the US and Europe, Prima Donna was in and out of the studio numerous times, both at home in L.A. and in Milan, Italy. The finished product is “Nine Lives and Forty Fives”, a 11-song variety pack that displays the band’s skills in the studio, and compiles some of their rarest and rawest recordings, including “Rock and Roll is Dead,” available for the first time in US. The song was named one of the Top Ten Songs of 2013 by Little Steven’s Underground Garage. LP $10 SKU:16433

RADIO MOSCOW- Brain Cycles- MIND BLOWING PSYCH STARBURST VINYL - ltd ed of 100 -Label:ALIVE Trip out with BRAIN CYCLES on hand-mixed STARBURST vinyl, each one a little bit different. The images dont do it justice. You will LOVE it.. LP $18 SKU:10093

RAIN- 1971 The Lost Album-Label:JARGON The Lost Album, a collection of original songs that the band recorded in the summer of 1971, was originally planned to be a follow up to their first record, RAIN-Live Christmas Night, which came out on the band's label, Whazoo Records, in early 1971. LP $25 SKU:22780

RATIONALS--10” Temptation Bout to get Me (60s Detroit ) Label:TOTAL ENERGY LAST COPIES When serious collectors compose lists of the top shoulda-been-bigger bands of the '60s, the Rationals are often among them. Coming out of the same Ann Arbor, MI scene that gave birth to the MC5 and the Stooges, the group's forte was a sort of garageish take on blue-eyed soul, built around the fine RB-hued vocals of frontman Scott Morgan. Their mid-'60s singles, however, didn't break in many areas outside of Michigan (where they had some big local hits), and by the time they got to record an album, they had long passed their peak.the Rationals actually predated the MC5/Stooges by quite some time, both chronologically and stylistically. When they began recording for the local A2 label in 1965, they were, like many garage bands, heavily influenced by the British Invasion, although they gave their material a more soulful flavor than most similar units. "Gave My Love" was a chart-topper in Ann Arbor (and a hit in Detroit), as was a follow-up single of "Respect" (which predated Aretha Franklin's version). Picked up for national distribution by Cameo/Parkway, it nudged into the lowest regions of the national charts as well.” LP $10 SKU:22014

REAL KIDS- WE DON'T MIND IF YOU DANCE 1977-1978 (BOSTON ROCK AND ROLL LEGENDS!)Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts - 23 live cuts from 1977-1978 chosen as best from a stack of 44 cuts, plus 1 crude rehearsal from April/May 1976. 19 originals and 5 cover songs housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes. Extra liner notes by longtime Boston music scribe Bill Tupper and Worcester radio's LB Worm LP $22 SKU:20435

REAL KIDS-SEE YOU ON THE STREET TONITE 1977-1978 (BOSTON ROCK AND ROLL LEGENDS!)Label:CRYPT More unissued stuff, way more pix and stories of Boston's finest rock & roll band. Essential? We'd leave this decision up to you, but definitely a must for ye Real Kids fans out there! Twenty-four previously unissued cuts -kicks off with 10 crude rehearsals from April/May 1976, of which 6 were never re-recorded in a studio setting- plus 14 live cuts from 1976-1977 chosen as best from a stack of 31 cuts. 21 originals and 3 cover songs all housed in a double gatefold LP plus inner sleeve crammed with photos, zine clippings and liner notes LP $22 SKU:20436

REAL KIDS -LIVE AT THE RAT! JANUARY 22 1978-Label:CRYPT Red Star press release, late-January 1978, by Miriam Linna: "A three day engagement at Boston's Rat club (Jan. 20, 21, 22) kicked off the release of The Real Kids' premier LP for Red Star Records. The club was packed to capacity despite the two-odd feet of snow and ice which had closed several of the city's main thoroughfares during the week. The highlight of the weekend came that evening with a live broadcast on WCOZ-FM, one of New England's top FM stations. Featured on the live show were several tracks from the new LP, entitled simply, The Real Kids." And THIS here is that night. Comes in gatefold cover and with 2-sided inner sleeve. LP $22 SKU:19645

REDONDO BEAT - Meet Redondo Beat ( 60s infl. Raspberries/ Bay City Rollers style ) - Label:DIONYSUS With download coupon .Influences run the gamut from early 60s Brill Building songwriters and related East Coast Girl Group sound, Creedence Clearwater Revival, a touch of Doo Wop, the sound of mid-60s convertible top-down summertime Southern California and early 70s teenage AM radio Raspberry City Rollers flavored love-affairs. It is pure pop as seen through the eyes of the best decades of original rock n roll music with all the drive of late 70s punk powered 80s power pop. Dionysus commissioned Southern California Surf artist Damian Fulton to paint the cover and the disc was mastered by The Tikiyaki Orchestras Jim Bacchi. Its a marvelous listening experience that will have you traveling time and bobbing your head to some of the sweetest retro-pop-rock music youve EVER heard! LP $5 SKU:-16949

ROTTERS - What We Do is Stupid -Live At Cotati, 1979 (Old School CLASSIC PUNK!) LAST COPIES Label:DIONYSUS n early 1978 The Rotters were formed by four malcontents and had only one thing in mind, to make a lot of noise and inspire as much fear and hate as possible! Their first single, "Sit On My Face Stevie Nix" became a KROQ hit in LA, till it was banned. The original Rotters singles are worth a small fortune and aside from appearances of these tracks on the Killed By Death series, LP $10 SKU:19838

RUNAWAYS, THE-Born to be Bad 10- WAREHOUSE FIND OF OUT OF PRINT TITLE Label:MARILYN (Marilyn) Out of print - Historical document of first demos Aug ‘75 prod by Kim Fowley. Only a few left! Great cover LP $15 SKU:23185

SCHIZOPHONICS-PEOPLE IN THE SKY (MC5, Stooges, James Brown, Hendrix and Iggy Pop style)Label:PIG BABY This San Diego-based combo is inspired by (and reminds of) the rock'n'roll energy and showmanship that fueled a.o. The MC5, Stooges, James Brown, Hendrix and Iggy Pop. 'People In The Sky', the band's sophomore LP $17 SKU:21962

SECOND SIGN - ST (Mid-70s UK hard/progressive/psych) SALE!Label:SOMMER Mid-70s UK hard/progressive/psychedelic band in the vein of Narnia, Saturnalia or Fruupp with connections to doom outfit Warlord. Featuring female vocalist Irene Menasche. This is the first ever vinyl release of their 1975 studio recordings. Music ranges from ultra-raw hard-rock to fol-rock, culminating in the 9-minute epic psych-prog masterpiece “Golden Age”. LP $17 SKU:21484

SEX PIR- ST (Greek 66-69 surf rock, shake, garage and psych GREYLabel:B-OTHERSIDE The Sex-Pir was a Greek band that existed before the Sun Of Greece band. They were active mainly in Germany between 1966-1969, and released 2 singles and recorded an, until now unreleased, full album. This reel tape with the 9 previously unreleased tracks plus the 4 tracks from the singles is now released for the first time. The songs are pure modern '60s music, a mix of surf rock, shake, garage and psych. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies on grey vinyl. Includes a 2 page insert with full biography in Greek and English language. LP $22 SKU:19807

SHADRACK CHAMELEON - ST (basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973 ACID ARCHIVES FAVE ) SALE!Label:OUT SIDER Reissue with newly remastered sound of this teen basement psych-rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973. Great distorted guitars, organ, melancholic vocals, raw homemade vibe, inventive songs and some cool Neil Young / Crazy Horse influences. File next to Rayne! *Insert with liner notes. “A personal fave of mine that seems to sound better with each passing year” - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $14 SKU:17399