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First off, if any of you tried to order by PAYPAL this weekend and were notified that we didn't accept PAYPAL, that’s a total lie. It was a PAYPAL glitch and they wouldn’t respond all weekend, they had a message that they were on VACATION! Talk about a surprise. Anyway, they fixed it now, so go ahead and order.


Also a nice batch of warehouse find items, and some more of those archival GREG SHAW cassettes, always an instant sell out. Get em fast.

Also lots of SAALE items and one only, and lots of adds to our big three sections:

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Suzy Shaw

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PAUL COLLINS (NERVES) - 3 LP COLOR VINYL BOX SET! Label:ALIVE All three albums on ALIVE, 3 titles on gorgeous color vinyl, plus BONUS LP! LP $55 SKU:22053

BROWN ACID -THE NINTH TRIP (HEAVY ROCK FROM THE UNDERGROUND COMEDOWN)- Label:RIDING EASY Long-lost vintage 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles The hard stuff saga continues with Brown Acid - The Eighth Trip! Yet again, we’ve searched high and low to bring you ten tracks of straight blue flame fire from the golden age of heaviness. As usual, these rare tracks have been carefully curated, analogically sourced, and fully licensed so you can listen guilt- free and save a lot of time and money tracking down the original copies. COMP CD $10 SKU:22076

BROWN ACID -THE NINTH TRIP (HEAVY ROCK FROM THE UNDERGROUND COMEDOWN)- Label:RIDING EASY Long-lost vintage 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles The hard stuff saga continues with Brown Acid - The Eighth Trip! Yet again, we’ve searched high and low to bring you ten tracks of straight blue flame fire from the golden age of heaviness. As usual, these rare tracks have been carefully curated, analogically sourced, and fully licensed so you can listen guilt- free and save a lot of time and money tracking down the original copies. COMP LP $20 SKU:22055


ARCHIVAL CASSETTES! – I’m listing a few of these a week, they always sell out instantly so get em while you can. Very historic.

NOTE: I take photos of 5 cassettes at at time because Im lazy, but this is NOT a set, only the cassette described here is being sold with this listing.

We found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were recorded and owned by the late, great GREG SHAW. Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80s. These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.

DONT BE ALL ASKING ME WHAT’S ON THEM, these are being released because they are rather historical, not for their specific content. SOLD AS IS!

MC5- Grande Ballroom 1969/My Fair Layd Detroit 1971 - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE -Label:GREG SHAW CASSETTE $30 SKU:22060

MC5- LIVE 1970 and 1969 - Live from the Karin Sweden and German TV live 1969 - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE -Label:GREG SHAW CASSETTE $30 SKU:22062





PATTI SMITH- Philly 9/5/77 and Paris 3/20/77- ARCHIVAL GREG SHAWLabel:GREG SHAW CASSETTE $30 SKU:22063


STOOGES- Raw Power rough mixes/Plimsouls 5/28/80 - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE -Label:GREG CASSETTE $30 SKU:22058



BROWN, JAMES - Sex Machine- Rare!Label:HIP O SELECT Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $30 SKU:22073

BYRDS- Turn Turn Turn -ULTIMATE COLLECTION TRIPLE CD -Label:COLUMBIA UNSEALED BUT MINT Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $15 SKU:22068

CHARLES, RAY- Genius and SOUL-50th Anniversary BOX - 5 CD BOX Label:RHINO UNSEALED BUT MINT CDS- line thru bar code and slight cover damage in that area. (Front cover perfect) Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP PROMO COPY- black line thru bar code. CD $30 SKU:22071

MC5- Purity ACcuracy BOX Label:EASY ACTION UNSEALED BUT MINT Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP PROMO COPY- black line thru bar code. CD $55 SKU:22070

RONSON, MICK - SLaughter on 10th AveLabel:LEMON UNSEALED BUT MINT- Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:22072

TONY JOE WHITE Swamp Music: The Complete Monument Recordings BOX SET -Label:RHINO HANDMADE UNSEALED BUT MINT Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP PROMO COPY- black line thru bar code. CD $100 SKU:22069


GRAVELPIT - Snowglobe ( HARD neo psych ) Label:ROCKADELIC Hard Neo Psychedelic overtone, has a very mind altering & mood founding quality. The musicians skillfully unite their well focused support by blending musical strengths making the transcendent nature or vibe of the music all the more "in your face intoxicating" and unavoidibly direct. It's obvious these guys put some serious time into the rehearsal and the writing of this well done and recorded material. Excellent Musicianship, Top Notch Indie Production & Unique Well Crafted Song Writing make for a SOLID Recommendation. CD $8 SKU:6370

GREAT ESCAPE - NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT A DREAM (STONER PSYCH) SALE! Label:NASONI Coming in a glossy embosed printing 6-pages digipack. Second album by this great stoner/psych band from the south of Germany. This 3-sided conceptual album accompanies a guy called "Dreamer" through his day ... a day when he recognizes his dreams, his wishes and visions and learns to follow them. Musical it is a well balanced mixture of powerful stoner rock, calmer passages and psychedelic soundscapes. Everything crowns in the final track "Nothing happens without a Dream" with beautiful female vocals. This album is a giant step forward - feed your head & follow your own dream! CD $10 SKU:18862

GRINDING EYES -ST-(60s acid- flashback psych)Label:OFF THE HIP Sydney’s version of a reallyfucking awesome garage-infused pysch band. With membersHailing from The Mess Hall and Treatment you might call Grinding Eyes somewhat of a local supergroup, and with the unity of Krautrock, Shoegaze, grunge and 60s acid- flashback - psychedelia, you could very well say Grinding Eyes area supergroup of genres’ Heavy Mag 2017CD $10 SKU:19180

GRINDHOUSE- Can I Drive Your Commodore (Garage Proto punk )-Label:OFF THE HIP Reservoirs prolific purveyors of Garage Proto punk rock Grindhouse are back with their third long player instalment "Can I Drive your Commodore". Coming in at just over 25 minutes the boys deliver 10 blistering tracks of non stop high octane rock,n,roll. This time the boys coerced Steven McDonald Redd Kross/ OFF!/ Melvins to come to Frankston to work his recording and producing magic on this hard drinking classic. "Can I drive your commodore" grab your copy of this bad boy NOW CD $10 SKU:20039

GURVITZ , PAUL -Sweetheart Land (POWER POP Americana roots)Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) The name may not instantly ring a bell, but you'll find Paul Gurvitz just about everywhere in the course of rock ‘n’ roll music history. He first found success in the British outfit the Londoners, backing band for rock ‘n’ roller Gene Vincent. He rose through the ranks playing in the Knack, and then Gun in 1967. Gun had a massive hit song ‘Race With the Devil’ and two cult albums. Paul then formed a hard rocking super-group called Three Man Army and released a string of influential albums. From there he found international success when he joined forces with former Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker in the Baker Gurvitz Army, one of the biggest rock super-groups of the 70's. Now he's back again and fully re-loaded with his new album. "Sweetheart Land" was a long time in the making. Gurvitz spent most of the 1980's and 90's writing and producing hit songs for such artists as Jody Watley, Five Star, Staci Q, Kim Wilde, Melba Moore, Jermaine Jackson, The Fat Boys, JellyBean, and Stacy Lattisaw, among others. While many artists from Paul Gurvitz's generation tread the same ground, he has consistently kept things new. And in fact, Gurvitz's new album will surprise many fans. Not as loud and overproduced as his work from the past, Gurvitz has found a place somewhere between Americana roots rock and driving power pop with a mellow flavor, perfectly tailored for his soulful vocals and guitar playing. Paul Gurvitz is a one man army, a one man band, playing almost all of the instruments on every track—albeit with a little help from a few friends who include drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio); Jeff Silbar (writer of ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’) on guitar; Brooke Lizotte, Stafford Floyd (Force MD's & Sister Sledge) both on piano; Adrian Lee (Mike + the Mechanics) programming and tech support. The production is punchy and showcases Gurvitz's multi-instrumental skills as a player against a cohesive wall of sound CD $12 SKU:20191

HILLARY BLAZE- Exposure (1977 metallic sci-fi hard rock private press )Label:ROCKADROME Official reissue of sought after 1977 metallic sci-fi hard rock private press record, featuring ex-members of the psychedelic 60s group Paper Garden. Available again for the first time in over 30 years! Recorded and mastered during the summer of '76, “Exposure” was originally released in 1977 on their own 30th Century Fox label. Music fans re-discovered this gem sometime in the 90s and the original pressing has since become a record collector prize. The spacey punk vibe, sizzling guitar and snotty vocals give the album a unique and ear-catching sound for its time. Re-mastered for compact disc from the original tapes, the resulting sound is nothing short of killer! Play this one loud! CD $10 SKU:20195

GREENSLADE-LAST COPY Shades of Green 1972 - 1975 OBSCURE PROG) Label:Earotic Music International From "Shades of Green" is a compilation featuring selections from the band's first three albums, their "classic" period. As the band only recorded approximately 160 minutes of music during this period, a double CD may have seen all four albums represented in their entirety, so obviously some serious culling was required from this very under-rated band… All in all a pretty good selection though, as the bands output was consistently very good (especially the first three albums) A good start for those that are unfamiliar with the band. CD $14 SKU:20446

ASVESTOPOULOS,ILIAS& 2002-POLA (1974 Greek psych)SAALE!Label:MLK Reissue of their first album, a very rare, excellent Greek dreamy psychedelic album, originally released in 1974 on Pan-Vox Records. LP $26 SKU:20951

APHRODITE'S CHILD-End of the World (1968 Greek pop psych) SALE! -Label:MISSING VINYL A beautiful and strange album—dream-like, baroque, carefully crafted pop/psych; very much in the style of English bands of the era; the album contained an equal amount of psychedelic pop songs and ballads in the vein of Procol Harum or The Moody Blues, but all with that little twist that makes it all even more interesting and worthwhile. A limited edition of 1,000 copies; deluxe 180g vinyl, from the original analogue masters, exact reproduction of the original first pressing with the Mercury labels; audiophile edition LP $24 SKU:21007

APRIL MARCH & STEVE HANFT -Magic Monsters (FRench flower Pop) DINGED CORNER BARGAIN! 180 gram Label:MARTYRS OF POP (France) SMALL DINGED CORNER, BIG SAVINGS! French pop/psych treat for all! Record Collector said of the album: “French pop meets flower pop: April March is a highly talented individual who’s collaborated with Brian Wilson and Quentin Tarantino, illustrated with Spiderman creator Steve Ditko, animated for Ren & Stimpy and here hooks up with film director and musician Hanft, harking back to classic 1960s French pop and West Coast psych. March’s lyrical, melodic tones gently trip over each song, with ‘Attention Cherie’ a study in tippy-toe French pop and ‘Flashback Part II’ supplying more grit with simple March vocal stylings on a romantic bent. When Haft pipes up, even while claiming to be a ‘Killer on the run…,’ the atmosphere retains a sense of period innocence, with flowers a-plenty and sunshine beaming. 4 stars.” the label said: “Tracking April March's movements is a complicated matter. She plays very few shows but packs them in when she does. Her songs, perhaps because of their hyper-originality and cinematic style, appear often in films including in the work of Quentin Tarrentino, Gus Van Sant, and Alexander Payne. She has recorded and collaborated with great artists like Brian Wilson, Ronnie Spector, Bertrand Burgalat, Jonathan Richman and Alain Chamfort. Her early career as an illustrator, assisting Spider Man's creator Steve Ditko, and as animator for such cult favorites as Ren and Stimpy and Pee Wee’s Playhouse betrays her innate gift for both visual and iconoclastic expression.” 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 copies. LP $12 SKU:21048

HAURU, JUKKA/NONO SÖDERBERG -POP-LIISA 5-6 (70s Finnish prog) Label:SVART The 'Pop-Liisa' broadcast sessions series presents previously unreleased and forgotten gems from the biggest names of Finnish '70s prog. CD $10 SKU:21112

GULAAB - RITT DURCH DEN HADES (Ultra-rare lost psych kraut-folk from 1979)-Label:MERLIN’s NOSE Ultra-rare lost psychedelic kraut-folk from 1979. First time on CD! Taken from the original mastertapes. Gulaab means rose in Nepalese language. Gulaab is a German virtuoso on the acoustic guitar who has served three years as an after dinner musician in a luxury restaurant in Nepal to play for an amazing number of well known personalities of the 20th century during the early 70s. A strongly influential experience that shaped his musical expression big time but also let him become an open minded spirit. 'Ritt Durch Den Hades' is the result of his experimentation with sounds, atmospheres and a multitude of styles in traditional music from Latin to Eastern Asian elements. It was first released in 1979, vanishing into obscurity soon after, waiting to be rediscovered by a more open minded generation of music lovers now. Traditionalists be forewarned: This mystic grail of 70s 'kraut folk' stands far out from the average folk and singer/songwriter stuff combining guitar harmonies of the highest order with a cosmic drone that backs up the hypnotizing picking and trippy swirls of sounds. This album is in fact more like a musical journey than just a piece of music taking you from secret sacrificial altars in the Andes to the ceremonial places of the ancient Himalayan population with a short stopover for a little "joint venture" in the musical space centers of highly flown out German originators like Ash Ra Tempel/Manuel Göttsching, Popol Vuh/Florian Fricke, Witthüser & Westrupp, Bröselmaschine, Dom or Deuter. Now to take a ride through Hades with Gulaab! CD $10 SKU:21320

ANUBIS ST (1983 Zep and Brit hard rock style gem) 180 GRAM - SALE! Label:REPLICA (France) 180g vinyl. Originally released in 1983 this is Anubis' unique long-player filled with LED ZEPPELIN and British hard-rock influences. Remastered from the original tapes, this hard-to-find gem is now finally available again!” "The group offers a music based on carefully selected vocal harmonies, the singer's high voice and the energetic straightforward themes during which the guitarist plays some very good, original and elaborate solos.” LP $22 SKU:21348

GORILLA -TREECREEPER(Stoner heavy psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Treecreeper' is the first full length album by Gorilla since 2007's 'Rock Our Souls'. Preserving the classic Gorilla chest beatin', full throttle sound, 'Treecreeper's 9 slices of mind bending, shit storm rock combine elements of stoner, high energy, doom and heavy psych rock honed to razor sharp fuzz-toned perfection. Recorded in good old fashioned analogue at Mole's awesome North Downs Studio, Gorilla create a non stop, white knuckle, maximum riffin' hell ride that will break your ears and loosen your rears! As one review of a recent show stated "Gorilla sound like Blue Cheer, Motörhead and St. Vitus all playing in the same room at the same time"! Gorilla are back to fuzz up your screams and rupture ya spleen in 2019!! CD $14 SKU:21363

HIDRIA SPACEFOLK - BALANSIA(Trippy consiousness-expanding psych)Label:HIDRIA Hidria Spacefolk's psychonaut expedition keeps probing deeper the boundaries of progressive psychedelia with this studio album from 2004. The trip sets off where 2002's 'Symbiosis' left them and evolves into a consiousness-expanding instrumental journey straight to the nucleus of the collective musical psyche. Hidria's hypnotic and highly unorthodox music draws inluences from Finnish folk, Eastern world music, progressive and alternative rock as well as modern techno/trance. This album consists of six energetic bursts of instrumental space rock - for want of a better word - that methodically defy the conventions and clichés of ordinary rock music. CD $15 SKU:21427

ARCADIUM- Breathe Awhile (ACid drenched 60s heavy psych ) SALE! - Label:ETHELION Originally released in 1969. Arcadium's ominous, cathedral-like organ, distorted guitar and anguished vocals are clearly derivative of bands such as The Doors, Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge - very much in the 'downer-heavy' school of the genre that was popular at the time. Their album is something of a bad-trip soundtrack that relies on minor-key melodies, ghostly harmonies and anguished vocals. What with all its flaws - bad production, sloppy vocals and doomsday atmospherics - its historical significance is immense. The music's intensity and sense of urgency, the blazing acid-drenched guitars, the tortured vocals and heavy nightmarish sounds all perfectly convey the late '60s atmosphere. LP $22 SKU:21452

ARZACHEL -ST (UK psych pre-EGG legends 1968)SALE! Label:ETHELION Reissue on vinyl of very rare one and only album by UK psychedelic pre-EGG legend, featuring Steve Hillage on guitars. Weird psychedelic freak blues rock with great acid guitars and psych-effects. Originally released in 1969. Includes 3 rare psychedelic tracks from Uriel from 1968 as bonus LP $22 SKU:21453

ARGUS - ST (UK Progressive & Hard-Rock underground, 1973-1975!) SALE! Label:SOMMER Argus were an obscure British outfit with connections to Rare Amber and Julian’s Treatment. Their sound was hard-hitting bluesy hard-rock, similar to Hackensack or Killing Floor. In 1973, they recorded a five-track demo with the intention of securing a record deal which sadly never arrived. It is included here along with a few live tracks from post-Argus underground psych-prog outfit Anaconda. First time on vinyl. Extensive band history by Pete Sarfas of Audio Archives. LP $22 SKU:21482

ANALOGY -THE SUITE (ultra rare 70s heavy Krautrock/Prog)SALE! - Label:OHRWASCHL Reissue of ultra rare private pressing of German heavy krautadelic/progressive album from the early 70's. Includes a collection of late recordings on which the band plays in a more classic acoustic style. LP $19 SKU:21588

ABRONIA-THE WHOLE OF EACH EYE (60s style Psych prog Kraut- SAALE! Label:CARDINAL FUZZ The Whole Of Each Eye' sees Abronia cementing its very singular place in the canon of the broader psych rock universe. Abronia pulls from kraut rock, spaghetti Western soundtracks, doom, '60s UK folk, spiritual jazz, ritualistic drone, and infuse it all with the arid haze of deserts near and far. The sound, with its ample use of lap steel and reverb-heavy electric guitar, is firmly rooted in a sun-baked strain of Americana. But never too far from the surface are elements of European art rock in all of its guises (krautrock, psychedelia, prog) and a welcome wild card in the form of Keelin Mayer, who adds a Stooges-like squall with her saxophone and composed vocal turns à la Nico or former Swans singer Jarboe. LP $22 SKU:21798


GONZALEZ, WALLY -Tunog Pinoy (heavy acid blues psych)Label:VICOR ENTERTAINMENT (Philippines) Just listening to the soaring solos of the third track, ‘Pinag-isa’, makes us think how much this sounds like Pink Floyd circa “Dark Side of the Moon”—atmospheric, with breathy vocals, yet thick with that mid-70’s heavy energy at the same time; then you get to ‘Rock & Roll Mama’, and it’s stinging guitar leads and crunching rhythm section all the way; Gonzalez clearly was not a one trick (heavy acid blues rock) pony, which explains why this album has always been held in such high regard among those who had a chance to hear it. CD $10 SKU:18971

GOSPELBEACH- ANOTHER SUMMER OF LOVE digipack Label:ALIVE CD DIGIPAK w/ one BONUS TRACK. Includes booklet. Whether you call it power pop, folk rock or alt-country (at times all of these terms apply) GospelbeacH are bursting with melody, with terrific harmonies to boot. This is straight-up genius song writing: honest, brilliantly played and superbly produced. – LOUDER THAN WAR (9/10 review) CD $10 SKU:18731

GOSPELBEACH- Let It Burn with NEAL CASAL Label:ALIVE Featuring Neal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood), the collective’s slow-burning ballad “Bad Habits” captures the spirit of the Grateful Dead in the nakedness of 1970 (Workingman’s Dead, American Beauty) and the Band at their best without being burdened by an adherence to a specific era. Straightforward and soul-searing, the tune is a harbinger of the full album’s truth-seeking and deep honesty. – POPMATTERS CD $10 SKU:21571


GRAPES OF WRATH-ST (Phoenix AZ 1970 Brit invasion style)Label:GEAR FAB From Phoenix, Arizona, this band recorded 14 great hard driving songs, two of which were only released but all will appear on this reissue right off the Master Tapes!!!!. From 1966-1970, this band layed down some great tracks and embraced the spirit of the British Rock Sound in their music. CD $10 SKU:21717

GREEN - Eau de Vie-(Power pop 2001) Label:GANG GREEN RECORDS Album number six by Green (from 2001), this collection of songs was recorded in France with Iain Burgess (of Big Black, Naked Raygun, Mega City Four fame) at his Black Box studio. It continues the layered tradition of earlier releases and builds on the Green legacy of intelligent songwriting and pathetic promotion. "Like Big Star's Alex Chilton, singer-guitarist Jeff Lescher makes sophisticated power-pop with more than a dollop of blue-eyed soul. Green's latest album in a criminally underappreciated 15-year career conjures the plaintiveness of "Village Green Preservation Society." —Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune CD $10 SKU:20528

GROWING CONCERN, THE- ST (6os West Coast psych pop) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA "Although virtually nothing is known of Growing Concern, their only album (Mainstream, 1969) is an enjoyable piece of West Coast psychedelic pop. The opening track 'Hard, Hard Year' sets the tone for the album: it opens with melodic guitar work, which is joined first by bass, then by excellent keyboards; it also features beautiful female vocal harmonies from group members Bonnie MacDonald and Mary Garstki. 'Edge Of Time' features excellent lead guitar work, as does 'Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled'; 'A Boy I Once Knew Well' is a folky lament, which again features fine vocal harmonies, keyboards, and guitar work. Overall, quite a good blend of folk rock, pop, and psychedelia. The album is brilliantly recorded, and is of a consistently high musical quality. The band surely deserved a better fate than the obscurity to which they were consigned by the bizarre business practices of the Mainstream label." CD $10 SKU:7381

GRUPA ABC - RAZEM Z NAM(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON (ANDRZEJANEBESKIEGO ) A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded between 1970-1971 by this Polish psych-pop legends. It's 60's beat with elements of rhythm and blues & soul. CD $10 SKU:19153

GRUPA ABC ANDRZEJA NEBESKIEGO-MOJA ABC(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON (ANDRZEJA NEBESKIEGO) A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded in 196 by the Polish '60s legends. CD $10 SKU:19154

GRUPO LA JUSTICIA- RARE Mexican 1979! MINI LP SLV Label:DISCOS GAS Though salsa is not a style often associated with Mexico, you would never know that listening to this album from Grupo La Justicia! Released originally in 1979, the arrangements by José Luís Martínez boast bright horns, tight, prominent percussion and great piano. Fondly remembered as some of the finest purveyors of salsa and son in Mexico in their day, give this a listen and you'll see why. Titles include "Alma llanera," "Solo recuerdos," "El porro," "El cimarron," "Rico melao," "El pato a la olla," "Amigo," "Si sabes bailar mi son," and more. CD $8 SKU:19395

GWYDION -THE FAERIE SHAMAN (70s hippie fol) -Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC Gwydion Pendderwen is one of the more chatoyant figures of the folk music underground and it is a shame actually that we have to label his works underground for what he laid down on both of his albums 'Songs For The Old Religion' (1975) and 'The Faerie Shaman' (1982). It was far above the average standard folk of his time, especially on this, his second album from 1982. The confessing neo paganist and environmentalist tried a different path seven years after his rather haunting debut album by mixing bluegrass, country, gospel and dixie into the classic folky singer/songwriter tunes of enchanting beauty. Most of the time the atmosphere on this album is rather friendly and lightweight in the sense of bright melodies and a cheerful mood on most tunes. Just take a walk in spirit through the garden of sound created by the delicate arrangements and rich, mostly acoustic instrumentation. Will you ever wish to return to what people consider as reality? I would doubt that. This album breathes a flamy joy of life and you would not think it was shortly after that Gwydion Pendderwen lost his life in a car accident. The music presented on 'The Faerie Shaman' literally swallows you like a river and you may ride like a Valkyrie upon the raging waters or dive deep inside and be enchanted by the magic world beyond the surface. This should have been a classic and it is a real gem for fans of Planxty, Hamish Imlach, Dulcimer, Pentangle and Steeleye Span CD $10 SKU:20874

HACIENDA - Loud is the Night prod by Dan of the Black Keys-Texas 60s/70s style pop)CDLabel:ALIVE "They're Mexican-Americans who are obsessed with the Beach Boys," says Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). "I told everybody about them" - including Dr. Dog, who guest on the album. - Rolling Stone CD $10 SKU:8721

HACIENDA - Big Red and Barbacoa prod by Dan of the Black Keys-Texas 60s/70s style pop)CD Label:ALIVE BIG RED & BARBACOA is the second album by South Texas' HACIENDA, and like its predecessor Loud Is The Night (Alive 2008), it was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. CD $10 SKU:11360

HACKENSACK-GIVE IT SOME(70s gritty blues rock)-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Repressed CD. Here are 15 previously unreleased tracks, recorded between 1969-1972. This material was intended for a proposed debut album on Island and dates from the band's early recording period, highlighting their gritty hard-edged blues rock origins. CD $12 SKU:19161

HACKENSACK-LIVE-THE HARD WAY(70s gritty blues rock)LAST ONE! -Label:BULLS EYE Repressed. A blistering uncensored LIVE SET for Swiss radio, recorded in 1973. Included are 4 bonus tracks, recorded live that same year, among which two frenzied versions of their tour de force 'Up The Hard Way'. CD $12 SKU:19162

HANDSOME JACK- Do What Comes Naturally (blues fused rock and roll ) -digipack -Label:ALIVE REVIEW by Shawn Obnoxious
Naturally” hits with blues fused rock and roll that truly grips you. There’s a certain charm in the mix… A real honesty that you find in those nowadaysands that are sectioned off from the mainstream… Handsome Jack deliver a confidence that only you can accept or deny. The truth isn’t for just anyone these days.

The only factor that suffers with a band like Handsome Jack is the reality of the fact, that music, of any genre, suffers. There is a lot of music out ‘there’ riding invisible rays and available thru a multitude of formats and accessibilities. You gotta dig deep and find what connects with you before it’s lost in the shuffle of the beast called Right Fucking Now. As listens of “Naturally” tallied, the more and more I appreciated the release as a whole… The sorts of fondness that would not be found in a big-shot music reviewer scanning ten seconds of each track then spit out a few adjectives to coincide with that press release. Fuck that.

Rock N Roll isn’t dead if you don’t want it to be. Let’s try to spend some time with a CD or record or whatever, to connect once again. Yes, it comes naturally to just hit the button to most, but not because we want to, it’s because some have too. Take some time with “Naturally”. Turn it up. Sit a while. Open up your mind and your ears. You just might like something after all without being given permissions by the industry. CD $10 SKU:16201

HANSENS HONS -HIPPIEOLOGY 3 (early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene.) SAALE! Label:KARMA MUSIC Vol. 3 in the 'Hippieology' series from Karma Music Danmark focused on the early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene. Hansens Hons started as beat band in the sixties and evolved into a well respected progressive flower power rock and blues rock band frequenting the numberous festivals in Denmark at the time and at Roskild CD $14 SKU:21205

HARD ON’s Very Exciting (Motorhead meets the Beachboys)LAST ONES! Label:BOMP Records Called "Motorhead meets the Beachboys" and the "Motorhead Archies of your dreams". Yes, that's right. Beautiful and Brutal. The Hard-Ons returned in 1998, toured Europe in ‘99 and then went on the road with Foo Fighters. This is their second new album on the Chatterbox label since their return, licensed for US release by Bomp.

And for some, the endless series of punk revivals And not the kind the Algonquin Round Table went on about. Guitarist Blackie, bassist Ray, and newish drummer Pete went into a studio again and proceeded to do exactly what they love doing, which is of course why Very Exciting! is such a fun album. If you don't like catchy punk-pop in any version, never mind and steer clear, but otherwise this is grand, ridiculous, and just wanky enough (after all, what else to call the chugging solos and the like in "Sunny," the winningly sung kickoff to the whole thing?). The idea of the Hard-Ons being reflective may cause bemusement in some corners, but it's the easygoing singing on songs like "Killing Me" and "Caravan Man" and the high harmonies on "Olympic Diver" and "Race Track" that gives the band a great reason to keep on keeping on. Not that Blackie can't be as blunt and brutal as needed -- the grindcore metal parody kicking off "Cat's Got Your Tongue" may be a bit late, but dang if it isn't hilarious anyway (and making the rest of the song a merry singalong is all the more fun). Then there's the rather foul-mouthed trading off of numbers on "Race Track," its own form of a cappella goodness. Calling one song "Punk Police" and making it a merry trashing of the "self-righteous" title characters may not be as political as the Dead Kennedys' "Nazi Punks Fuck Off," but clearly the sentiment is the same. Best song title, even if the sentiments aren't universally agreed with? "(Everytime I Hear) Techno (I Pray for Death)" -- though logically the band follows that up with "Breakfast Caramel," a sweet motorik/new wave chug that's perfectly danceable too. CD $10 SKU:2335

HARD ONS - LOVE IS A BATTLE FIELD (2CD)-Label:CITADEL - Of WOunded Hearts- Collection of the best stuff from these Aussie garage/speed-surf pop kings. The third release in the Decade of Rock series, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is a Hard-Ons album choc-full of fan favourites: "Don't Wanna See You Cry", "Kill Your Mum", "Missing You Missing Me" and "Rejected" are just some of the sublime power-pop and punk masterpieces on this album. Clocking in at just around half-an-hour, the original LP was a concise exercise in explosive rock 'n' roll. A clear and brilliant antidote to their fun but shambolic debut LP DICKCHEESE, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is now expanded to a full double CD set. In addition to the original album, remastered to great detail, and the related 7" releases from that era, are tracks salvaged from wonderful FM radio performances, demo versions, various live tracks and two full unreleased studio sessions - including a whole alternate album session that was initially rejected by Waterfront Records: a real train-spotter's delight. Also included is an extensive booklet are retrospective liner-notes and never-before-seen photographs from this era. The Hard-Ons have opened their attics for their fans. LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is an astonishing documentation of a once-in-a-lifetime band at their absolute peak CD $17 SKU:21678

HASSE & WILLIAM -GREEN GRASS HARA CHASH (Legendary hippy folk-rock 1970) SALE! Label:KARMA MUSIC Legendary hippy folk-rock outfit, who recorded and released 2 albums for Spectator Records in 1970-1971. Both albums are featered here on this CD. They later joined Steppeulvene, a more progressive/psych folk band CD $14 SKU:21056

HAUNTED- ST Canadian 60s garage)2 LPS on one CD Label:VOXX Arguably the best-remembered Canadian garage band of the '60s,All their recorded output, from the 2 LPs previously released by Voxx (a total of 22 songs), with extensive, informative liner notes. Two classic LP's on this CD. CD $10 SKU:2127

HAYMARKET SQUARE- Magic Lantern (60s Acid Psych) Label:GEAR FAB An Official CD reissue of this brilliant US '60s acid psych album. US '60s acid psych album.Magnificent and powerful classic by this Chicago area band. Catchy drumming, screaming fuzz guitar, and the beautiful and powerful voice of Gloria Lambert make this one of the most sought after releases of the late 60's. And finally the whole story told by the band members themselves!! CD $10 SKU:2727

HEARTBROKERS - VOL 10 (Original aussie rocknroll, plus the Don Nix classic Goin Down) Label:OFF THE HIP Remember The Lazy Cowgirls or have you heard Pat Todd’s subsequent work with The Rank Outsiders? The Heartbrokers are coming from a similar musical place without the former’s amped-up abrasiveness, plus a good deal more boogie. Coincidentally considering its name, The Heartbrokers’ song “Rank Outsider” is a reflective moment for pause that’s worth bottling. Van Walker’s knowing vocal really nails it. The languid but warm "Have No Fear" follows and the sequencing makes for a nice pigeon-pairing.
Fact: There's not a bad cut among the 10. It might have been rawly recorded but Van Walker, Lang and co-producer/mixer Colin Wynne have done a bang-up job, sonically speaking. God bless the Melbourne music scene and all who sail in her. 194 CD $10 SKU:19700

HEATHCLIFF, JUSTIN- ST (70s paisley pop psych) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA "Long before attaining fame as a soundtrack composer and new age artist, Osamu Kitajima adopted a sufficiently Anglo pseudonym and released this amazing homage to British pop-psychedelia in 1971. Issued by Warner Bros. in Japan only, the LP has unsurprisingly climbed skywards in price ever since, and only a cave dweller could miss the faithful nods to Syd, Marc, John, Paul, George and Ringo in the original compositions and English lyrics. Osamu's ability around a studio was evident even then and the choice of genre to lovingly imitate predated the whole retro/'paisley' psych movement by about ten or fifteen years." CD $10 SKU:5970

HEIRS OF FORTUNE-Circus of Mirth (GREAT POWERPOP- FREE! -Label:COUNTERFEIT What the reviewers say about Circus Of Mirth;Terry Carolan and Robert Woodrich, formerly of Just Boys and New Movies, along with Ralph Smith and Robert Watkins, formerly of Amnesia, have united as Heirs Of Fortune to create this mainstream pop-rock album. The four, all part of Tampa's mid Seventies music scene, united after decades to work on an album whose songs and lyrics reflect their shared experience with friend, fan, supported and benefactor, Gary Littleton.
If you like Paul McCartney, Badfinger, the Beach Boys and ELO... you may love this album! Circus Of Mirth is lyrically mature, sophisticated pop, laced with melodies, choruses and rich harmonies. CD $0 SKU:20460

HELL ON HEELS- ST ( girl glam punk ) LAST COPIES or Label:BOMP Records These four Phoenix foxes deliver furious punk rock and roll blended with perfectly crafted pop harmonies with so much passion that you just know they were meant to come together. This debut album for BOMP records has been produced by JACK ENDINO, the man whose hands have been on the knobs for bands like The MAKERS, BLACK HALOS, MUDHONEY and countless others, and the result is a knockout release. CD $10 SKU:2305

HELL PREACHERS INC /UGLY CUSTARD - Supreme Psychedelic Underground/ Psicosis (UK 60s psych, two great LPS on one CD! ) in mini lp sleeve -Label:GEAR FAB "From the UK, two great psych LPs on one CD, in mini-LP cardboard sleeve format. The Hell Preachers, Inc. were rumored to have had Deep Purple members Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, and Ian Paice on some of these tracks but all three have persistently denied this. Ugly Custard featured the great guitar playing of Alan Parker, who was involved earlier with Hungry Wolf. From 1968 and 1971 respectively, this is fuzzed out guitar and screaming organ! CD $10 SKU:14911

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale- ( great UK guitar psych ) LAST COPIES! -Label:ALIVE Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange CD $10 SKU:9674

HERNANDEZ, LUIS ''VIVI''-Napoleon (Great 1960s Mexican offbeat garage )Label:DIMSA Worth it for the ocer alone, I love this guy!!! Great offbeat garage rock from 1960s Mexico. Luis "Vivi" Hernandez was the vocalist for Los Crazy Boys and, fittingly, the album begins with "Napoleon XIV," where he plays the role of a frantic lunatic who thinks he's Napoleon and is being carried off to the asylum! The album also features great Spanish-language covers of classics like "Tobacco Road" and The Strangeloves' "Night Time." If you enjoy '60s garage rock, you'll like this record! Other songs include "Huaraches con Tacón," "La Bruja," Baila La Pulga," "Estoy Loco," and "Flamenco." CD $10 SKU:19755

HERONIMUS FIN -RIDING THE GREAT FANTASTIC(1966 UK psych guitar band)- Label:GARDEN UK psychedelic guitar band Heronimus Fin, a band with a great love for the UK psych music scene of 1966-1973. A journey through crunching phaser-drenched guitar rock with whipping wah-wah solos and melancholic folk psych ballads. Drenched in Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Beauty!
CD $17 SKU:21464

HIGH TREASON ST- ST (1970 spacey, bluesy psych Airplane style) Label:GEAR FAB Yes, that's not a replication of the American Flag on the top left of this's a packet containing actual American Flag rolling papers, compliments of High Treason!! This 1970 self-titled LP was recorded in Philadelphia and actually featured several musicians that played with Perry Leopold. Featuring the beautiful and haunting female vocals of Marci Rauer, this music is spacey, bluesy, and psych. CD $10 SKU:20321

HILLOW HAMMET Hammer(legendary 70s hard psych) Label:GEAR FAB The unknown group that many have speculated came from the Washington, D.C. area. This is Hard Rock and Heavy Psych music that most collectors describe as legendary. Recorded in 1970 in Nashville, this Mega Rarity will not disappoint!! CD $10 SKU:12745

HE PUT THE BOMP- PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED psych/garage tracks by RADIO MOSCOW,/BLACK KEYS /NIKKI CORVETTE/BARRACUDAS -Label:BOMP his is not a tribute album per se, but more of a remembrance of Greg Shaw and his unique perspective.We asked the bands to go into the studio and cut the cover song they felt was most in tune with the idea of the label and the result is a nice brew of garage punk, power pop and psychedelia that we think captures the spirit and sound of Bomp records.The Plimsouls and Lyres covered the Easybeats and the Outsiders respectively, the Black Keys surprised us with their rendering of the Cramps "I Can't Find My Mind", while the Dwarves and the Briefs sent their versions of punk classics by the Weirdos and the Zeros.We also got some nice surprises with the teaming up of Captain Sensible (The Damned) and the late Nikki Sudden for an acoustic cover of Iggy's "Kill City", Chris Wilson of the Flamin' Groovies joined the Barracudas to capture Rocky Erickson's "Two Headed Dog," and a Cleveland super group of sorts tabbed The Dukes Of Earls was formed with ex-members of the Dead Boys and the Stiv Bators' band. Also included is an amazing rendition of Rockin' Horse's classic "Don't You Ever Think I Cry" by Buffalo Killers (currently on tour with the Black Crowes), a cover of Spacemen 3 by The Warlocks, and much more. The Last even dug up for the occasion their previously unreleased rendering of Jonathan Richman's "Pablo Picasso" recorded back in 1977. There's a lot of cool music on this comp which we hope fans and collectors will enjoy. COMP CD $10 SKU:19890

5,6,7,8 S- BEST HITS OF THE’S (great Japanese garage!) SALE! Label:TIME BOMB World famous Tokyo Female Rockin’ Garage Trio 'best of' compilation! The gals have selected 14 tracks that represent some of their fave recordings. Added bonus is an alternative recording of "Woo Hoo" (featured in the Kill Bill movie). (2019) LP $22 SKU:21527

ABUELO , MIGUEL & NADA -ST (A stunning blend of psych, hard-rock and prog-folk ) Label:GUERSSON "A stunning blend of psychedelia, hard-rock and prog-folk courtesy of MIGUEL ABUELO, the legendary Argentinean rock pioneer. Recorded and released only in France in 1975, featuring some top Argentinean musicians such as killer guitar player DANIEL SBARRA. Original artwork in gatefold sleeve and insert with lyrics, rare photos and liner notes by Daniel Sbarra. Miguel Ángel Peralta aka Miguel Abuelo was a musician, poet and singer from Buenos Aires, Argentine. During the Sixties, he was the leader of early psychedelic band Los Abuelos de la Nada, who released a highly sought-after 45 in 1968. In the early 70s, Miguel, a free spirit, left Argentina for Europe and he ended up busking in Paris. There, he formed a band called NADA featuring guitar player Daniel Sbarra and other expat Argentinean musicians. Supported by their producer, Moshé Naïm, who was fascinated with Miguel’s personality and voice, they registered in France their only album, recorded circa 1973 but actually released in 1975 on Moshé’s own label, just when the band had decided to part ways. Housed in a beautiful gatefold cover depicting Miguel in full hippie-fashion along with his little child Gato Azul, “Miguel Abuelo & Nada” is simply one of the best Argentinean rock albums ever recorded. Miguel and Daniel managed to create a very unique sound, powerful yet delicate, highlighted by Miguel's hearfelt vocals (sometimes treated as just another instrument), outstanding guitar playing by Daniel (listen to him doing one of the early known examples of proto-metal tapping on 'Tirando piedras al río'), well crafted songs and deep, poetic lyrics. The album was recorded at a state-of-the-art studio located in the countryside and was carefully produced: electric & acoustic guitars, bass, drums, flute, keyboards (including Moog), cello, violin… "Miguel Abuelo & Nada" is now widely regarded worldwide as a legendary, cult album and we're thrilled to present a top-notch vinyl reissue. LP $24 SKU:21486

ALLAN DAVIE AND THE ARROWS - Arrow Dynamic Sounds ( 60s Surf/Fuzz ) LAST COPIES -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Starting in the '60s as a surf group, Davie Allan & the Arrows took instrumentalmusic a step further, hot-wiring their sound with the abuse of fuzz pedal. "Talking about pop culture, baby? Allan was an architect, a natural fact rock & roll artist. Allan's ax rocks, stalks and talks with heat, assurance and (believe it or not) a maturity that transforms the oft-shallow rock-instro into epic-scale slabs of rock & roll expression. Dazzling." - L.A. Weekly LP $10 SKU:4480

ANT BEE - Pure Electric Honey (Pink Floyd meets Brian Wilson rare early Voxx release ) WAREHOUSE FIND last copies Label:VOXX PROD BY BILLY JAMES Pink Floyd meets Brian Wilson rare early Voxx release LP $25 SKU:2111

TYRNAROUND -Colour Your Mind (Expanded Mind Edition)”(Trippy '60s-styled psych)Label:GUERSSEN Originally issued as a 12” mini-album in 1986, Tyrnaround's 'Colour Your Mind' has become a touchstone of 1980s Neo-Psychedelia and almost certainly one of the best records of the second psychedelic era. Influenced by classic '60s British Psychedelia it was also inspired by The Dukes of Stratosphear's ‘25-O-Clock’and perhaps exceeds that record's trip factor with the acid infused title track (featured on Amorphous Androgynous ‘Wizards of Oz’ Compilation and also famously covered by Vibravoid) blending searing acid fuzz guitar, swirling keyboards, surreal lyrics and sumptuous early Floyd like harmonies. Now expanded to a full length LP, including all the bands singles as well as the rare Freakbeat Magazine 45 'Paragon-Smythe' (featuring the never released before unedited version), this could be seen as Tyrnaround's perfect debut album. *LP expanded edition in 60s UK styled backflaps sleeve *Insert with many unseen photos and a full history of the band by Richard Allen (Freakbeat / Delerium / Shindig!) *Download Card for the album plus rare demo and live tracks "Gorgeous, loopy melodies and harmonies, wonderful Seeds-esque organs and frazzled acid guitars" - Psychedelic Psauna blogspot "A musical conglomerate of everything that you ever liked about '60s psychedelia particularly the UK brand - Freakbeat Magazine LP $25 SKU:21662

U.S. BOMBS - Lost in America (70s punk style) Clear orange vinyl with inner sleeve - Label:DISASTER Records Live 2001. COLOR VINYL. First live LP from this retro 77 punk band fronted by skate legend Duane Peters and recorded during their last U.S. Tour 2001. 40 minutes of great live recordings including all their hits, great performances. Cd includes liner notes and 12 pg booklet with great photos. LP $20 SKU:4478

UG & THE CAVEMEN- 1987 with The Sting Rays, The X-Men, The Vibes, Headcoatees, Earls Of Suave, Purple Things ePLUS DVD- PINK VINYL Label:TRASH WAX LP in gatefold sleeve on "Shocking Pink" vinyl, limited to 250 copies with the full Ug & The Cavemen story by Bal Croce (Sting Rays, Earls Of Suave, Ug & The Cavemen). Includes 4 bonus tracks and a DVD of them supporting The Cramps in 1990. Revamped artwork by Bruce Brand too. A TRULY AMAZING album featuring members of The Sting Rays, The X-Men, The Vibes, Headcoatees, Earls Of Suave, Purple Things etc... Trash royalty of the highest order, at last this near legendary album from 1987 is once more available. LP $25 SKU:21422

VAMPIROS EN LA HABANA - Cada Vez Me Gusta Mas Beber Vino- Early '90s Spanish drunken garage. LAST COPIES! - SEALED Label:MARILYN SEALED ORIGINAL PRESSING RARE! LP $20 SKU:1868

VOX DEI -Jeremias Pies de Plomo (1972 Solid hard-rock/heavy blues power trio)-Label:SOMMER Sommor Records present a reissue of Jeremías, Pies de Plomo, the third album by Argentinean power-trio Vox Dei, originally released in 1972. Solid hard-rock/heavy blues with cool folky/acoustic touches, killer guitar leads and vocals. Formed in Buenos Aires in 1967, Vox Dei were one of the leading '70s rock band from Argentina. Originally born as a quartet, they soon mutated into a wild power-trio, with Ricardo Soulé on guitar, Willy Quiroga on bass, and Rubén Basoalto on drums. Jeremías, Pies de Plomo was released on the Disc Jockey label just after their legendary concept album The Bible (1971). Master tape sound. Includes poster. LP $24 SKU:21488

WAKEFIELD- The Lost Warthog TapesFirst-ever vinyl release of 1970-1971 psych w liners and rare photos )-Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Remastered sound from the original tapes, including insert with liner-notes and rare pictures. LP $15 SKU:15494

WAVES OF FURY - Thirst (Lou Reed, Iggy & The Stooges, New York Dolls style)Label:ALIVE LAST COPIES FIRST PRESSING ON ALIVE RECORDS... Has a Rolling Stones swagger… it’s like Steppenwolf jamming with The Commodores and is every bit as magnificent as that alliance should be." –å God Is In The TV - RED VINYL LP $15 SKU:14634

WEED - ST (1971 Krautrock rarity repress) SAALE! Label:LONGHAIR Repress! Originally released on Philips 6305096 in 1971. Weed were formed by former Virus-members bass player Reinhold Spiegelfeld, singer Bernd Hohmann and guitarist Werner Monka after the first Virus incarnation split at the end of 1970. There are rumours that Uriah Heep organ player, Ken Hensley, contributed to this project simply called Weed. From 1971 till today no one knows exactly what was excactly going on because unfortunately the album sleeve didn't list the line-up. There are 6 tracks on the album which were composed by concert promoter Bodo Albes and Rainer Goltermann, household producer of Philips made sure the sessions in the Windrose-Dumont Time studio in Hamburg. Whether Hensley played on this album or not the album sound is very similar to the Uriah Heep sound between 'Salisbury' and the follow-up album 'Look At Yourself'. 'The Crack In The Cosmic Egg' authors Steven and Allan Freeman are right, when they compared it to other German heavy rock stars of the era such as Blackwater Park, Epitaph or Armaggedon. This Uriah Heep versus "Krautrock-crossover-album" is a must have for each lover of Krautrock. Comes as reproduction of the original cover sleeve with additional insert.. LP $24 SKU:21288

WEIRDOS Destroy All Music (70s LA PUNK LEGENDS) STARBURST VINYL W. ORIG INSERT! Label:BOMP The Weirdos were in many ways the greatest of L.A.'s punk bands. In early 1977 their mighty sound and singular style were the big-bang igniting the L.A. punk rock scene, as they proclaimed "we're not punks, we're weirdos from Hollyweird!". This wasn't just goofy sloganeering, this was a stance intended to distinguish them from the burgeoning punk rock scenes in New York and London. The Weirdos were not only bringing a new sound and writing teen punks anthems, they were also responsible for their graphics (posters, covers, flyers) and designed their own clothes! Their 1977 Bomp single "Destroy All Music" was a nihilistic anthem, and is now regarded as a classic, and by the time they made their mini-LP two years later they had turned into a powerful, polished band, without losing any of their outrageous attitude. "Destroy All Music - 30th Anniversary Edition " compiles the now classic 1977 EP Bomp and the 1979 "Who, What, When, Where, Why?" mini-LP in its entirety and includes previously unreleased early demos. LP $20 SKU:21177

WELLGREEN -SUMMER RAIN (70s style melodic pop)SALE! Label:SUGARBUSH The material on 'Summer Rain' is like an amalgam of the best works that artists such as Emitt Rhodes, Blue, Bread, Big Star and Paul McCartney made in the early to mid '70s. Wellgreen is a contemporary Scottish band with its feet firmly planted in the melodic guitar pop sounds of the early '70s. LP $22 SKU:21760

WHITE NOISE SOUND- St- w Pete Kember of Spacemen 3 -RED VINYL LAST COPIESLabel:ALIVE WHITE NOISE SOUND is the eponymous debut from the Swansea/Cardiff, Wales-based sextet. Completed with the help of Pete Kember (Spacemen 3, Spectrum and E.A.R) and magician Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals), the album is is a psychedelic dream-piece, and the realization of a band conjuring their own particular wall-of-sound -- at once relentlessly pulsating and blissed-out.

"In this day and age of ironic and increasingly obtuse band names, a band like White Noise Sound is refreshing. Like the heyday of generic foodstuffs, what you see on the label is exactly what you get here (...) WNS has been influenced by earsplitting bands from both sides of the Atlantic, including Velvet Underground, Suicide, Jesus And Mary Chain and of course the aforementioned Spacemen 3." - MOKB

"Blending corrosive feedback, pulsating krautrock rhythms, floating vocals and wall-of-sound guitars, the track (Sunset) builds and builds into a perfectly judged ear-shattering, blissed out climax." - The Mad Mackerel

"If you're gonna (essentially) cover Spacemen 3's 'Revolution' in 2010, good god this is the way to do it." - Arthur
LP $15 SKU:14332

WILSON MCKINLEY-Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast(70s Xian Psych ACID ARCHIVES FAVE) Label:OBSCURE OXIDE LION The first vinyl reissue of these Jesus-Rock pioneers' 1973 LP. •Full liner notes with rare clippings and photos. •Cut from uncompressed, unequalized transfers of the original analog master tapes—heaven for your ears! •Limited edition of 500 copies
Rare and highly-rated Xian West Coast guitar album from 1971, often compared to Rainbow Promise and Moby Grape. Simply, one of the best USA Xian rock albums ever. Cool raw basement-sound production, great songwritting and guitar leads. Featured on Hans Pokora book with a 3 stars rating. It still stands as one of the finest examples of early 1970s garage rock and as a major milestone in Contemporary Christian Music. LP $19 SKU:16803

WILSON, CHRIS, and the SNEETCHES- ST Flamin Groovies related power pop ) - Label:MARILYN Wilson, who was the George Harrison to Cyril Jordan's Lennon/McCartney during the Groovies' most British Invasion-inspired phase, is completely in charge here; along with three spirited live renditions of Flamin Groovies classics, "Between the Lines," "I'll Cry Alone," and, interestingly, "Slow Death" (which was written and recorded by the Roy Loney incarnation of the band before Wilson even joined), the album includes full-band remakes of songs that had appeared on Wilson's 1991 acoustic solo album Random Centuries, including an appealing, Byrds-like rendition of the winsome "If Wishes Were Horses." In true Groovies tradition, a faithful cover of a '60s classic, "Goin' Back" (a Gerry Goffin and Carole King gem that the Byrds themselves, among others, had recorded) rounds out the selection. Wilson is in fine voice, and the Sneetches, as always, sound great, but the arrangements tend to wander a bit too much; although the album is a '60s-vintage hair, over 30 minutes long, only seven songs fill that space, with only two under the all-important four-minute mark. LP $10 SKU:14092

WITCHES- A Haunted Person's Guide To (ltd ed yellow) Psych LAST COPIES!Label:ALIVE YELLOW VINYL LTD. EDITION -"The best band that you never heard" of is a term that is commonly thrown around with much ado but in the case of The Witches it may well be true. Born in Detroit in 1996 from the mind of bass player Troy Gregory (Dirtbombs, Killing Joke) and with the help of fellow Michigan natives John Nash (Electric Six, LCD Soundsystem) on guitar, and producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Von Bondies) on electric twelve-string, The Witches went on to record five amazing albums between 1996 and 2006, with the help of a revolving line-up of Michigan musicians, before vanishing into thin air. "A Haunted Person's Guide To The Witches" compiles material from the band's five albums, and is a comprehensive introduction to the band's unique sound. "A top-notch introduction to an underrated band." – Steve Wilson / Reverberations "It’s a pleasant surprise that A Haunted Person’s Guide coheres like a proper album rather than a compilation." - Mark Deming / All Music Guide "This is devilishly good music that should be filed on your shelf alongside the Soft Boys." – Alan Brown / Popmatters"A Haunted Person’s Guide to the Witches makes a much stronger case for the Witches’ virtues than a journey through their catalog." – Michael Toland / The Big Takeover LP $20 SKU:12503

WORLD OF DISTORTION - All The Volume... Twice The Distortion! 1987 ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING - LTD ed of 5 - VOXX 2055Label:BOMP Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. There are no jackets. Comes in a white sleeve with a sticker. LP $20 SKU:17336

ZEROS - Don't Push Me Around -1977 punk w orig. insert. AUTOGRAPHED STARBURST - Label:BOMP Records WITH INSERT featuring photos and liner notes by Javier Escovedo! Classic '77 punk, previously unreleased. This album gathers up all their early singles and demos for Bomp, as well as other early and unreleased recordings. LP $30 SKU:21781