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First, we’re all saddened by the terrible news about Tom Petty, as I’m sure most of you are. His music plays in the BOMP/ALIVE offices daily and always will, he was one of our favorites. He’ll be missed.

Today we have for you a new pressing of the legendary IGGY POP KILL CITY ALBUM, on gorgeous orange marble vinyl. Inner sleeve included! LIMITED EDITION OF 150.

Also more of those wildly popular ONE ONLY adds, and some new arrivals too.

Thanks for all,
Suzy Shaw


IGGY POP - Kill City- ORANGE MARBLE VINYL LTD ED OF 150! Label:ALIVE RESTORED, RE-MIXED & REMASTERED edition, approved for the first time by both Iggy Pop and James Williamson. NEW ORANGE LTD. EDITION of 200 with INNER SLEEVE.LP LP $20 SKU:19188


ASTRAL DAZE - VA 3 Snapshots Of The South African Rock Underground (RARE PSYCH TRACKS -Label:FRESH Another 20 classic tracks from the South African underground. It includes several rare tracks never before available on CD from the likes of The Gentle People, The Finders Keepers, The 004's,The In Set, Wakeford Hart and Jacob Hay. AD3 also features Hawk's Afro rock workout of The Beatles "Here comes the sun", newly remixed from newly discovered master tapes as well as Sharon Tandy's psych collaboration with UK band Fleur De Lys. COMP CD $15 SKU:19135

TROYES-Love Comes, Love Dies: The Troyes Complete recordings (1966-68) ESSENTIAL MICHIGAN GARAGE PSYCH)-Label:LION Essential Michigan garage/psych! Propelled by their local chart-topper 'Rainbow Chaser,' Battle Creek quintet The Troyes entered the orbit of bandleader Ray Anthony (“Dragnet”, “Peter Gunn”), laying down a multitude of fuzztone laced tracks throughout 1966-1967 that, save for one 7” release on his Space Records label, remained unreleased on vinyl—until now. The Troyes exploded onto the music scene with 'Rainbow Chaser'. Sensing a new phenomenon, famed bandleader Ray Anthony signed the group to his new rock label Space Records. His faith in the band was so big that nearly two albums worth of material were recorded at United Sound (Detroit). Unfortunately, only two singles were issued. Far-out psychedelia, unhinged fuzz and farfisa garage, moody haunting sounds, face melters (check out 'Corn Flake')—it's all here. Rare photos, radio surveys, newspaper articles, Troyes memorabilia, and the story of a band that could have been big.

“Dare I say, even far better than the oft-lauded, collectible brigade of both reissued and unissued ‘60s LPs. The Bachs? The Dimensions? The Tempos? The Rising Storm? Public Nuisance? Sorry. This Troyes disc trumps them all.” —“Moptop” Mike Markesich, Ugly Things

"Had a Troyes LP come out in 1967, it would be well ensconced today as one of the Top 5 best from the era" —Ugly Things

"'Take 'Morning of the Rain' as a starting point: not satisfied with a ferociously twisted Dave Davies-aping "metal riff" they subject you to a blazing torrent of fuzztone and a growl of feedback topped with sinister Farfisa tones—a hundred Nuggets sets are woefully bereft of this unissued scorcher." —Shindig!

•"Essential? You bet." —Shindig!

  • Masters meticulously prepared and cut for vinyl. •Comes in deluxe tip-on jacket, including photos, newspaper articles, and the story of a band that could have been big.•Edition of 500x copies
    LP $29 SKU:19142

    JAY REATARD /TERROR VISIONS - World Of ShIt PIC DISC - Label:Fdh Jay Reatard playing synth music in his bedroom. Black Wave INDUSTRIAL! Modulates between screamy electro pop and doomy hardcore noise. Somebody get me a glo-stick LP $15 SKU:6356

    JERUSALEM PURPLE VINYL (1972) Insert with history of the group, lyrics and photos (HEAVY ROCKLabel:LION “Sledgehammer-heavy masterpiece of underground British rock!” —Classic Rock Magazine“Big fat chords, wailing guitar, punch-drunk bass and straight-ahead solid drums all strutting in your face like some massive guy you just don't want to f**k with.” —Head Heritag
    Heavy UK hard rock album from 1972, produced by Deep Purple's legendary frontman, Ian Gillan, originally released on the Decca/Deram label. It was Gillan who said of them: “Not many bands really excite me. But this one’s so raw and completely unpretentious. They make the biggest, bloodiest noise you can imagine, tempered with moments of extreme emotion.” And, of course, he’s right—the music is a menacing combination of over-the-top vocals and screaming lead guitars that could easily pass for something from the early British heavy metal scene—or something from the emotional hard core scene of the mid-1990's ('Primitive Man'). A favorite among vinyl collectors, the album is presented here in its ultimate glory, with all tracks direct from the original master tapes, housed in a high quality old-style gatefold cover; insert has liner notes written by bassist Paul Dean + rare photos. Stickered to indicate that this is the purple vinyl edition. Rough, raw, and doomy!•A new pressing on transparent purple wax of this massive hard rock monster from 1972•Housed in deluxe old style tip-on gatefold jacket •Includes insert with history of the group, lyrics and photos LP $22 SKU:16109

    LORDS OF GRAVITY- Curse Of Icarus -Ltd ed Aussie pop punk w insert and liners -Label:RUMBLE SKUNK Lords Of Gravity are Australia’s Premier Garage-Punk outfit!!! the four-piece outfit deliver the finest example of 1960’s pop-punk and surf influenced rock’n’roll! Including members of The Stoneage Hearts, The Crusaders, Hands Of Time, The Finkers, The Seminal Rats, The Philisteins etc. limited edition of a couple hundred-vinyl copies (including a cool insert, with liner notes ) LP $12 SKU:15041

    LOST AND FOUND- Forever Lasting Plastic Words (repro of 68 psych great fuzz guitar classic) 180 gram ( repro of 68 psych great fuzz guitar classic ) -Label:INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Nice looking exact repro. "Originally released in 1968 on International Artists, the Houston-based Lost And Found were able to land a deal with the label thanks to their friendship with Roky Erickson (to whom they pay homage on the album with a cover of the 13th Floor Elevators' Don't Fall Down). This debut album, released just prior to their 30 day tour with the Music Machine, features great fuzz guitars and a healthy dose of psychedelic weirdness." LP $16 SKU:15818

    LOVE DIMENSION- CREATE AND CONSUME- GATEFOLD SWIRL (SF PSYCH) Label:WARRIOR MONK Gatefold. Includes download card. SWIRL VINYL Formed in the Bay Area of San Francisco, the band called The Love Dimension seems to encompass the whole spirit of the 1960s and their music definitely shows that. The band creates a sound that includes many different genres of rock and roll including straight-out rock, psychedelic rock, surf rock, even a little garage rock. The band’s many different influences create a solid sound that borrows from many different sounds but still sounds very cohesive…and just a little dated as the band’s sound feels like it could have fit in with the bands that were around at the time of Woodstock and just a little bit after that, as well
    LP $8 SKU:18427

    LYRES- Live At Cantones, Boston 1982 ONE ONLY - Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) This is a great rock & roll recording of early Lyres material with a bit more of a DMZ edge to it. None of this material has ever been released before. LP $17 SKU:13166

    MAGIK MARKERS- Balf Quarry LP ( SAALE ) LP version. - Label:DRAG CITY Album-length piece of the puzzle from MAGIK MARKERS. Long known for their shattering live appearances, Magik Markers put together really hot albums too -like Balf Quarry. Working with engineer SCOTT COLBURN (Sun City Girls, Animal Collective, Sir Richard Bishop), Magik Markers have captured a lot of different moods and twitches on Balf Quarry. Tremoring mid-rhythms form the body, with a couple showers of hardcore, high flying free-duo style and several clinking music boxes of woe as well. On slower tunes, the mass of brooding guitar tone generated is ELISA's signature, a carving all of her own. Fills, licks and other touches move the songs a broken arm's length away from a fundament of chaos and horror. LP $12 SKU:9974

    MALONE, WIL - ST 180 gram ( 70s psych classic ) SAALE -Label:SUNBEAM 180 gram audiophile vinyl edition of this much sought after 1970 album. A psych classic that brings to mind the trippy side of Donovan. Putting the ACID in acid folk. 180 gram audiophile vinyl edition of this much sought after 1970 album. A psych classic. LP $22 SKU:14048

    MANIC DEPRESSIVES/ 030 SECOND FLASH - SPLIT LP LTD ED OF 500 SAALE -Label:RERUN The complete recordings of both bands on a 45 rpm 12". Side one has the Manic Depressives 7”ep and compilation tracks from 1980-1981, while side two is the unreleased 0:30 Second Flash 7"ep from 1981. Pressed in a an edition of 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a color jacket with previously unpublished photos and liner notes." LP $10 SKU:15192

    MAYFLY- ST ( Deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve Rare archival photos , liners by Mike Stax ) Label:PSEUDONYM Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing Deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve Rare archival photos included Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things, plus two bonus tracks
    Like the insect that gave them their name, the Dutch group Mayfly existed for just a short while before disappearing. In their brief lifespan, though, they recorded one truly magical and timeless album, along with a handful of singles, all beautifully crafted and imbued with beguiling atmospheres and melodies. Formed in the late 60s in the northern coastal town of Bergen, Mayfly recorded their self-titled album for Ariola in 1973, working with Wally Taxs producer Martin Duiser. This reissue features two bonus tracks, the non-LP single Skew-eyed Jimmy and the alternate 45 version of the groups first single, that jaunty, Ray Davies-inspired Blue Sofa. LP $25 SKU:15561

    MERRELL FANKHAUSER - a.k.a The Maui Album (1968 POP PSYCH WONDER ) - Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) After his stint with Fapardokly, HMS Bounty and MU, Merrell Fankauser released his first solo album in 1976. Comprised of songs written a year earlier while Merrell and violin player Mary Lee were living in the jungle of Maui, this is a brilliant set of spiritual folk-rock and 70s orchestrated SSW light-pop The album was recorded at various Hollywood studios, initially sponsored by a producer from George Harrison’s Dark Horse label. In fact Harrison was so impressed with Merrell’s songs that he expressed interest in playing slide guitar on “Our Way To Hana”. Sadly, due to internal problems, Dark Horse backed off and Merrell found himself without a label to release the album. Finally, a couple of friends from Maui released it on the small Maui Music label. On the recordings, Merrell and Mary Lee were joined by several studio musicians, among them, drummer Bill Berg, who had played on Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”. First ever vinyl reissue with tracks restored to their original running order and original artwork. Insert with in-depth liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things, Got Kinda Lost), presenting the most complete written story about Merrell’s musical career. "... It stands as a lost classic in Fankhauser's prolific catalog of work." – Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things, Got Kinda Lost); “…Great melodic ‘70s psych. Merrell is joined by female violinist Mary Lee; she also was part of the earlier MU scene and lived with Merrell in a Maui jungle hut…– - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $22 SKU:16714

    MIKE STUART SPAN - ST (60s British psychedelic legends! ltd ed of 100 color vinyl , 16 page booklet , photos etc )-Label:ANAZITISI Remastered from the original acetates and tapes. It contains a 16 page booklet with lots of information for the band and dozens of photos and memorabilia. Limited to 100 copies on 180 gram coloured vinyl. British psychedelic legends, known for their well compiled 'Children Of Tomorrow'/'Concerto Of Thoughts' single from 1967. This album contains all the MSS unreleased recordings made between 1967 and 1968, plus the above mentioned single plus two previously unreleased on vinyl songs from their early days (1966) when the band had a 6-members line-up. Later the band transformed to the Leviathan, who had an unreleased LP, recently resurfaced from the Record Collector magazine/records. This album contains some of these Leviathan tracks in their embryonic demo stages while the band was still known as Mike Stuart Span. Licensed by Cherry Red and the band. Band members gave their much appreciated help to gather all the songs and make the first ever complete MSS vinyl LP. LP $29 SKU:16544

    MISTY HUSH REVIVAL - Your Heart Is Broken (obscure 60s ) SAALE insert with rare pictures, liners, 180 gram - Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) First time ever reissue, remastered from 24-bit files, original artwork, insert with rare pictures and liner notes by Jack D. Fleischer.”One of the most obscure US private pressings from the late 60s / early 70s.For many years, The Misty Hush Revival name was only a rumor whispered in collector's circles, with only a handful copies known of the original album. Like The Bach’s or The Index, this is one of those hard to describe albums which seem to live in a world of their own. Despite the late '72 release date, the music here sounds more late 60s than early 70s and the whole album has a cool, lost-in-time atmosphere. The group were in fact a club band from New Jersey but surprisingly all the tracks are originals, no cover versions, and they range from fragile, dreamy pop-psych numbers to raw garage, fuzzed-out jams and teen-beat sounds. As Patrick Lundborg says in Acid Archives: "A cool, atmospheric trip for fans of the tri-state late '60s club sound" First time ever reissue, remastered from 24-bit files, original artwork, insert with rare pictures and liner notes by Jack D. Fleischer.” LP $22 SKU:13922

    MOCKERS, LOS - ANTHOLOGY 180 GRAM -Label:GET HIP (COMPLETE RECORDINGS 180 Gr. vinyl. If Los Shakers were the Beatles of the South American 60s garage beat scene, LOS MOCKERS were the Rolling Stones of that time and place.. Including all their cool material mastered from original sources, detailed info and stories narrated by Los Mockers IMPORT LP $14 SKU:1139

    MONOCLES/THE HIGHER ELEVATION - The Spider,The Fly and the Boogieman (PEBBLES stars-rare 60s psych)-Label:OUT-SIDER This essential LP includes an insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos. Most people were introduced to the bizarre psychedelic sound of The Monocles (later The Higher Elevation) thanks to the inclusion of the bizarre 'The Spider & The Fly' and 'The Diamond Mine' on the legendary 3rd volume of'Pebbles' Vol. 3 (the "acid-punk" volume). These youngsters from Colorado formed in 1964 and they were famous for driving to gigs in a custom Cadillac hearse. Between 1965 and 1968, they released a bunch of singles for labels s.a. Chicory, Denco, Liberty. This retrospective collection includes the best of their 45 sides, plus some tracks that are previously unreleased on vinyl. You'll find demented psychsploitation ('The Spider And The Fly', 'The Diamond Mine'), crude garage-psych, sunshine-pop and jangly folk-rock, teen garage and frat-rock, pop-psych and more. LP $24 SKU:16547


    MC5 - Starship - Live june 1968 WAREHOUSE FIND -Label:ALIVE SEALED NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP - LP $10 SKU:16967

    MC5 - AMERICAN RUSE 10” - WAREHOUSE FIND -Label:ALIVE NOTE: SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP - Track listings are easily found on the internet, for $5 a pop, I’ll let YOU guys do the work! ) LP $10 SKU:16968

    MC5- Powertrip - WAREHOUSE FIND LAST COPIESLabel:TOTAL ENERGY LAST COPIES !! 6 track 10” on Total Energy label. LP $20 SKU:18967

    MC5 LIVE 1968-1970 12" POT LEAF PICTURE DISC- with tracks first time on vinyl ltd ed LAST COPIES LPLabel:TOTAL ENERGY With tracks that are 1st time on vinyl - original art for "Kick Out The Jams" by Grimshaw; ltd. ed LP $15 SKU:3159

    JOHN THE CONQUEROR - The Good Life LTD EDITION of 100 on ORANGE MARBLE VINYL Label:ALIVE Amazing new LP just out! You wont find this anywhere else for a while. John The Conqueror are the real deal and will not disappoint your blues rock soul! – The Fire Note LP $16 SKU:15748

    LEFT LANE CRUISER- Bring Yo' Ass To the Table -(clear orange vinyl - ltd. edition)- Label:ALIVE Whiskey fueled two-man frenzy of blues-driven rock'n'roll noise straight from Fort Wayne, Indiana. "Think of LLC as a mix of Hound Dog Taylor, Jon Spencer and Lucky Wray and the Palomino Ranch Hands. Kapow, kerpow! - Doctor Mooney's 155th. On clear orange vinyl. Limited Edition. LP $15 SKU:7236

    LONESOME SHACK - More Primitive On ltd ed of 150 RED VINYL -Label:ALIVE “More Primitive” finds Seattle’s Lonesome Shack exploring the depths of boogie and country blues. The trio’s sound is raw and immediate with finger-picked guitar lines, soulful crooning and big danceable grooves. Ben Todd’s introspective lyrics take the American blues tradition to a new level, examining personal history, loss of friends, and a burning desire to get to the primitive core of life.Lonesome Shack was signed to Alive thanks to Van Campbell of the Black Diamond Heavies who brought them to our attention. LP $20 SKU:16379

    LOVEMASTERS w Ron Asheton - Hot Pants Zone( 10” Detroit Stooges style) LAST COPIES Label:TOTAL ERERGY Detroit guitar action featuring ex-Ramrods Robert Mulrooney, and with Ron Asheton of the Stooges making a guest appearance. “The groove-savvy, born-in-the-garage-set-the-world-on-fire sound explosion of Motor City's MC5 and Stooges - the same sound that drove Radio Birdman, the Scientists, Big Chief, etc all to create such great fare - is alive and kickin' on the Lovemasters' six-song EP. Led by local legend Bootsey X, a.k.a. Robert Mulrooney (ex Ramrods), the Detroit band cranks it up, puts it into drive and rocks - hard.” - L. Anderson / CMJ LP $5 SKU:4491

    LIGHTNING SLIM- HIGH AND LOW DOWN -restored 70s soul& blues w. liner note flier written by Swamp Dogg -ICE BLUE vinyl Label:ALIVE Comes with a flier containing Swamp Dogg's hilarious recollection on tracking down B.B. King to do the liner notes for this release 43 years ago , along with his own take on Lightnin' Slim. (BOMP MAILORDER EXCLUSIVE!) Produced by legendary soul singer / songwriter / producer Jerry Williams Jr., aka Swamp Dogg, LIGHTNIN' SLIM's High & Low Down is available for the first time on vinyl since its original release in 1970. LP $18 SKU:15313

    MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER -- Let It Slide (Black Diamond Heavies) LTD ED OF 150 STARBURST LP -Label:ALIVE Guitarist, singer, harmonica player, and songwriter MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER is a founding member of the seminal Tennessee punk rock blues band The Black Diamond Heavies (with John Wesley Myers aka James Leg, and Van Campbell of the band King Mud).MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER plays the blues, and his music is the sound of the truth. He has traveled around the world and the US, and played at festivals, clubs, in the streets, at churches, in public toilets, army surplus stores, and in a mental hospital or two. After more than a decade of struggling with depression and addiction, he has finally come back home, in Chattanooga TN, and assembled a first rate power trio.His debut “Let It Slide” is a blistering blues album that marries both the modern and the traditional. “Let It Slide” has been described by the Chattanooga Pulse as “Boogie, sans bullshit. Dirty roadhouse music. Juke Joint jamming. Swamp rock. Too rock for blues, too blues for rock, the music is hungry, hard and mean."CUSTOMER REVIEW "Got the record last week, haven't taken it out of rotation since. Really great stuff,Velvet Underground meets Junior Kimbrough and the best version of Stagger Lee I've ever heard."- Alan. LP $18 SKU:18335


    LONDON DRI - Western Skies LOS ANGELES PSYCH 1967-69 -Label:BREAKAWAY Limited to 100. Hand-made! Between their 1965 formation and their disbandment in '70, London Dri recorded a small collection of psych nuggets, only two of which made it to wax. This retrospective combines their lone single with nine unreleased gems. LP $24 SKU:16717

    LOONS- Love’s Dead Leaves ( 60’s style R&B freakbeat )- Label:GET HIP Debut album by The Loons, featuring members of Tell-Tale Hearts and The Hoods. Its 12 original tracks showcase a range of styles from savage punk to atmospheric pop with a tinge of psychedelia. An explosive album sure to stand the test of time. (1999) LP $14 SKU:17776

    LUCK OF EDEN HALL -VICTORIA MOON (Guitar-oriented psych pop)YELLOW/GREEN GATEFOLD LTD ED of 100 -Label:HEADSPIN Limited edition 100 copies YELLOW/GREEN MIXED vinyls. Housed in majestic gatefold sleeve featuring stunning artwork + lyric sheet. "Victoria Moon" is another chapter in The Luck of Eden Hall's extremely consistent story. Songs that combine dense and inventive neo-psychedelia with appealing and approachable indie rock embellishments that ensure appeal beyond 'genre' listeners, immaculate production flourishes, lyrics that enthusiastically embrace the colorful end of the psychedelic spectrum, and effortless hooks (both instrumental and vocal) that most bands would kill for. Guitar-oriented psych poppy sunny tunes like "Sassafras Overcoat", "Queen of the Stars", "Sitting Bull", "Dandy Horse", "Super Phantasmal Heroine" that sometimes flirt with the 60s British psych underground adding special psychedelically effected guitars like "Victoria Moon" (it could fit on an unreleased Beatles late 60s album!) or "The Collapse of Suzy Star" or "Drunk Like Shakespeare On Love", or simply Mind-Blowing-Expanding Rockers like the closing "The Horrible Pill Book". Chicago has its own Psychedelic Cult band. Amazing! "Victoria Moon is another brilliant pop-psych album! LP $22 SKU:18749

    MACARTHUR - ST (1979 U.S basement private pressing) ONE ONLY Label:OUT SIDER U.S basement psych-prog monster released in 1979 as an ultra-rare private pressing of 200 copies. MacArthur were formed when a young guitar player and songwriter named Ben MacArthur met a 17-yeard old prodigy musician called Bill Heffelfinger in Saginaw, Michigan, in 1978. Bill was not only a gifted guitar player but also a genius arranger and keyboard wizard. When Ben showed him some of the stuff he had written, Bill took the songs and transformed them into classic pieces of music. They soon recruited Jeff Bauer on bass and Scott Stockford on drums. The chemistry of MacArthur was born. The first MacArthur album, known in collector’s circles as “The Black Forest” due to the vinyl bootleg of the same title released in the 80s, was recorded in 1979 using a four-track machine. Produced by Bill Heffelfinger, “MacArthur” is a progressive / psychedelic concept album highlighted by devastating, ripping fuzz guitar solos and Mini-Moog / synths attacks. Due to the lack of funds, the album was originally issued by the band in a primitive hand-made sleeve with just a sticker on front and a paper sheet with the credits glued on back. For this, the first ever legit reissue, we’ve done a printed sleeve with embossed letters on front, as the band originally intended. Note: CD comes in standard jewelcase without embossed cover. First ever legit vinyl reissue with original artwork. Insert with liner notes and photos. “Adventurous sweeping synth prog with guitar bursts featuring Ben MacArthur, very spacey with long tracks and echoed vocals” — (Acid Archives) LP $25 SKU:17541

    MANDRAKE MEMORIAL -3PART INVENTIONS PLUS 7"(1969 recordings)-Label:FLASHBACK Long thought to be lost, these are the Mandrake Memorial's 1969 recordings. The plan was to record with producer Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, Pentangle), but when that fell through they persevered without him. '3 Part Inventions' anticipates the woozy, dreamlike vibe of the 1970 masterpiece 'Puzzle', combining eerie vocals, trippy guitar and otherworldly electronics to create a unique whole. Transferred directly from the master tapes, it's released here for the first time on 180-GRAM VINYL, including band history and rare images in a 16-page booklet, AND two previously unheard outtakes from a 1969 acetate on an included 7-INCH RECORD with picture sleeve! LP $32 SKU:18583

    MARVIN GARDENS -1968 (rare 60s garage psych pioneers)-Label:HIGH MOON Here's a fantastic collection of rare, late '60s studio and live recordings from electric folk-rock and garage-psych pioneers MARVIN GARDENS from San Francisco. The LP includes a large, full-colour, 24-page booklet with rare photos, posters and memorabilia from the hippie-era and written contributions by surviving members and close associates of the band. There's a download card for five bonus tracks. This numbered vinyl edition is limited to 2.000 copies. A must-have for fans of a.o. Big Brother & The Holding Company and Jefferson Airplane! LP $38 SKU:18138

    MIGHTY CAESARS, THEE -WISEBLOOD ( 80s GARAGE) Label:DAMAGED GOODS Thee Mighty Caesars were formed by Billy Childish in 1985 after the demise of The Milkshakes. They influenced many American bands, especially The Mummies, and Sub Pop groups. They were arguably the group that brought about the resurgence of garage rock LP $18 SKU:17847

    MILAN -HELL BENT FOR LEATHER (60s LEGEND FROM PEBBLES SERIES) LAST COPIES -Label:LICORICE SCHTIK A stunning, absolute must-have vinyl only release for any decent '60s music fan!!! From his earliest incarnation in the record industry as a Xmas twister, the enigmatic Milan has changed his name and re-invented himself several times: a teen idol with a cute hairdo and a preppy look, a garage gonzo savage, an all dressed-in-black biker stud, a psychedelic screamer in love with satellite sounds and other characters known or waiting to be discovered. One thing is for sure, few people can claim so many identities in less than a decade. Composer, interpreter, producer & arranger, Milan is also all of these throughout the '60s. This anthology would like to pay homage to the man. The A side is dedicated to the singer and performer, and the B side to the producer and arranger. Unfortunately, Milan's fame was due to be short and by the end of the '60s he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and disappeared from the music business. LP $12 SKU:18505

    MILKSHAKES -AFTER SCHOOL SESSION (1983) -Label:DAMAGED GOODS When the Pop Rivets broke up in 1980, Billy Childish joined forces with roadie Mickey Hampshire who'd been performing in a band called Mickey & The Milkshakes. The two began writing together and released this, their third album, in 1983. Reissue. (2016) LP $19 SKU:18056

    MIRACLE WORKERS- Moxie’s Revenge gatefold Color vinyl - Label:GET HIP This album contains the classic August 1983 recording session that produced some of the Miracle Workers' earliest releases. Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces! Double folder gatefold and color vinyl! LP $16 SKU:2473

    MODULATORS- Tomorrow's Coming (quintessential 80's power pop)Label:MANUFACTURED RECORDINGS Formed in 1980, New Jersey's the Modulators are one of the unsung greats of the American power pop scene. Initially the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Joe Riccardello with help from producer/lyricist (and Vintage Vinyl Records owner) Rob Roth, Ricardello released his first single Girl Trouble in 1980 just before bringing on friends Mark Higgins (guitar) and Mark 'Cakes' Westlake (drums) to join the band. As a fully-formed trio, the Modulators began playing out across New Jersey in the early 80's and recorded tracks for two local compilations and the band's second, enduring single She's So Cynical in 1982. Live gigs and songwriting continued, with the band often writing and recording more material than their release schedule could keep up with. Finally in 1984, the band released their first and only LP, Tomorrow's Coming on Roth's Vintage Vinyl Records. Full of timeless gems and quintessential 80's power pop anthems, the record is now regarded as a genre classic by power pop collectors. Tracks like 'Spin Me Around,' 'If You Let Her Go,' and 'Lost Without a Sound' display the Modulators' smart songwriting, catchy hooks, and effortless pop sensibility. Though the band continued to play the tri-state area until 1986 (and every now and then since), Tomorrow's Coming was the Modulator's last vinyl release. Bringing together the band's entire discography with an additional 14 unreleased songs and demo tracks and liner notes from power pop collector Steve Borchardt, Manufactured Recordings is proud to present the definitive release of this power pop classic. LP $22 SKU:18450

    MONOLORD-VAENIR(SWEDISH DOOM PSYCH) DOUBLE LP (BLACK VINYL) Label:RIDING EASY The Swedish doom band's second album, features the brand skull-crushing single "Cursing The One". Six-song double LP. On tour now with Salem's Pot! LP $30 SKU:18819

    MONOLORD- EMPRESS RISING (SWEDISH DOOM PSYCH) DOUBLE GATEFOLD GREEN MARBLE Label:RIDING EASY Sweden's psychedelic doom band, Monolord, here releases their first full length LP Empress Rising via Easy Rider Records. The five song album comes in at almost 50 minutes of skull crushing heavy grooves and heavy guitars that summon the spirits of Norse gods when played at loud volumes. Monolord is for more than just doom-metal fanatics - this is an epic record for all fans of guitar driven rock and roll, stoner rock, and heavy riffs. Check out the title song Empress Rising. The song is a 12 minute long opus that will leave you wanting more. Empress Rising has all of the flavors of an iconic doom record and follows in the footsteps of Sleep Holy Mountain, Pallbearer Sorrow and Extinction, Electric Wizard Witchcult Today with melodic vocals and harmonies that are super psychedelic and easy to sing along with. LP $30 SKU:18826