Dec 16, 2022


More imports have arrived, lots of limited edition items and restocks.

Also just in, the ALIVE 2022 WRAP UP BOX SET, with all 6 ALIVE releases for a great price. Everything from glam to psych to punk ass blues. And if you already have a few of them, you can substitute any other ALIVE OR BOMP title under $25.

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25820, 25797, 25798, 25653, 25655, 25654, 25785, 25510, 25766, 25728, 25761, 25792


12758, 14208, 14654, 19200, 24377, 24678, 25089, 25134, 25308, 25720, 25723, 25733, 25740



ALREADY HAVE SOME OF THESE? Substitutions allowed! You can choose any other ALIVE OR BOMP album under $25 . Just send us a note.

1- GYASI "Pronounced Jah-See" on CLEAR PURPLE VINYL
2- DATURA4 "Neanderthal Jam" on SPLATTER VINYL
3- BEECHWOOD "Sleep Without Dreaming" on CLEAR RED VINYL
6- BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES "All To Hell / Their Baddest and Greasiest" on CLEAR RED VINYL $100 SKU:25820

AVALANCHE (NL) -PERSEVERANCE KILLS OUR GAME (1979 prog folk masterpiece)Label:GUERSSEN Originally released in a tiny run of 500 copies (mainly meant for family and friends) in 1979, here's a remastered reissue of a genuine progressive/psychedelic folkrock masterpiece from Holland. The band used acoustic and electric guitars (at times
with fuzz), bass, drums, flute, piano and sparse vocals (in
English), resulting in songs that ranged from delicate to
haunting to fierce. Despite being a low-budget project,
recorded in a single day, it's a stunning work, sounding like
Fairport Convention jamming with early Ash Ra Tempel. This
first ever reissue, done in cooperation with the original band members, comes with a booklet featuring rare photos and
liner notes by psych-connoisseur/journalist Richard Allen. CD $19 SKU:25797

FAIRFIELD SKI- ST (great lost 1973 Brit psych prog )-Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) Birmingham's Fairfield Ski are one of the greatest lost UK psych/prog bands ever. With a line-up which included ex-Terry Reids band Bill Bonham (cousin of Led Zepp John Bonham) on keyboards, their only recorded legacy is one of the rarest artifacts from the first UK psych-prog era: only 3 copies are known to exist of the Fairfield Ski acetate album, recorded in 1973 at top London studios such as Trident, Abbey Road and Apple. A perfectly played and professionally produced record which ranges from full-blown psychedelia to glam, hard-rock, progressive-pop and dreamy psych. Echoes of Forever Amber, Five Day Rain, Octopus, Deep Purple, Procol Harum, "Abbey Road" era Beatles and Appletree Theatre can be heard on the grooves of this lost classic. Fantastic remastered sound restored from the original acetate using state-of-the-art equipment
Insert with rare pictures and detailed liner notes by Andy Morten (Shindig!) revealing the Fairfield Ski story for the first time. CD $19 SKU:25798

FOX (USA/SF)- SAN FRANCISCO SESSION (1970 heavy psych)Label:RD RECORDS An unreleased album from this post Day Blindness band, recorded in 1969/70. This album is a heavy bluesy psychedelic masterpiece of the highest order. It is virtually the second Day Blindness album with slight personal changes, but musically in a more heavy psychedelic direction. The lead guitarist Gary Pihl is well known today for being the guitar player of Boston. This CD issue features 2 long 20 minutes bonus tracks.. CD $14 SKU:25653

FREEDOM HIGHWAY- MADE IN '68(Buffalo SPringfield /Byrds style) Label:RD RECORDS CD version of the unreleased album by US band Freedom Highway made in 1968. Great West Coast sounding songs with an individual feeling in the realms of Buffalo Springfield, Byrds, mixed with mid-'60s garage feelings featuring strong guitars. One of those must-have revelations and dug up treasures.. CD $14 SKU:25655

TRANSATLANTIC RAILROAD - EXPRESS TO OBLIVION (early West Coast psych) Label:RD RECORDS Previously unreleased West coast psychedelic album from the early days with 5 long tracks. Furious organ and guitar jams that'll blow your mind. This is the second release in the series of obscure bands as mentioned in Ralph Gleason's book 'The Jefferson Airplane And The San Francisco Sound'. Inlay comes with a story on the band. The CD has 2 bonus tracks. CD $14 SKU:25654

DOWNER-ROCK GENOCIDE- THE MUSTARD GAS EDITION (70s UK underground) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Heavy duty follow-up to the original 'Downer-Rock Genocide' compilation featuring various downer-rock bands championed by Audio Archives. 78 minutes of choking riffs and wailing vox from the UK underground. COMP CD $17 SKU:25785

KARAKORUM - PRISON BITTERNESS (1969 studio demos, Keith Moon fave!) Label:SEELIE COURT The only surviving 1969 studio demos of this important underground band. Keith Moon raved about them, they were known for their live reputation. Karakorums sonic inner space inevitably conjures up images of heavy cannabis and marijuana usage. The band lock into darkly introverted grooves, with complex patterns, eastern influences, and left field lyricism and vocal, heavy guitar led tracks and the use of wah-wah. They were ultimately uncategorisable, poetic, and this album needs multiple plays to connect to. LP $30 SKU:25510

KROKODIL -GETTING UP FOR THE MORNING(1969 prog psych) w insert Label:LONGHAIR Founded in 1969 Krokodil was a Swiss band that emerged in the late '60s as a blues rock band that played and recorded progressive psychedelic underground music in the style of bands like Amon Düül II. From their second album 'Swamp' they started to introduce a psychedelic sound to their music, a sound which is very much dominant on 'Invisible World Revealed.' On that album they used Mellotron, organ, harmonica and flute all backed up by an acoustic guitar which give the album an exotic and stoned feeling to it. The blues here gives way to the psychedelic, ethnic sound and vocal harmonies, but it is still there. 'Getting Up For The Morning' continues the same style (on famous German label Bacillus) but they became more succinct in their approach to composition and it was more of a song oriented album than its predecessor. As expected of the band, there's a ton of bluesy jams, fragile ballads and acid-rock fire, but the second side of the LP brings some subtle krautrock elements mixed in, and over all there's a very upbeat quality to the music that is truly infectious and a joy to listen to. Drummer Düde says: "After our label Liberty went bankrupt soon we were back in the studio with Dieter Dierks for our fourth album 'Getting Up For The Morning' and the single 'Krock'n Roll'/'A Mighty Long Way To Go.' Both titles of the 7" are bonustracks on this edition! The album opener 'Marzipan' is an energetic harmonica-fuelled and acid-rock burning electric guitar powered gutsy swamp-rocker. Full of lengthy solos, one or two moments even briefly reminding of Jimi Hendrix, it makes for a kick-ass opener, but the best is yet to come. 'And I Know' is a blissful acid ballad with a drowsy melody, it's full of delicate and dreamy David Gilmour-inspired guitar licks, and the piece could have easily appeared on any of those early acid/psych albums from Pink Floyd. Electric piano ripples, warm group harmonies in the chorus, while wafting harmonica brings a dusty old western sound, and when the soaring Mellotron arrives in the second half, it takes on a restrained near-orchestral grandiosity to get swept up in. 'Rabatz' is a short funky southern rocker with dirty lead guitar slinging and 'Was There A Time' is a brief psychedelic interlude to close the first side, a sitar drone with mind-bending narration over the top! The second side brings some light but welcome krautrock flavours to the album, instantly noticeable on 'Schooldays,' just listen for the fuzzy distorted guitar riffing in the background, stoned phasing electronics and the rattling maddening drumming. Drifting flute darts around, funky wah-wah guitar powers through and treated harmonica hovers in the air. Next up, being the sixth track, of course it makes sense to title it 'Song No. 2.' It's an acid-folk vocal ballad bookended with wasted floating acoustic guitar and sleepy hazy harmonica, Mellotron trickles, the warmest bass playing (that even takes flight with tasty soloing in the second half, almost like it's actually singing), before the middle gently moves up in tempo into a joyful sprightly electric guitar chill-out just like the first two Agitation Free albums. The rambunctious drumming and more urgent guitar strums just before the end even briefly remind of Amon Düül 2. 'The 12th Of March' is a frantic bluesy rocker to close on, full of heavy guitar grooves, a joyful and catchy vocal, more leaping harmonica, and the purring bass playing especially rumbles with purpose here, but it's a shame about the uninspired fade-out during a scorching electric guitar solo. The album was newly remastered and comes with insert sheet with story and photos. LP $32 SKU:25766

MORGEN- ST Reissue of this US heavy psych masterpiece from 1969 with poster and new insert ) BLACK VINYL -Label:GUERSSEN Comes with original gatefold artwork. Includes repro of the elusive poster insert and new color insert with cool photos and detailed liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things). Reissue of this US heavy psych masterpiece from 1969. Powerful sound and recording with thunderous drums, piercing fuzz guitars and the incredible vocals of Steve Morgen. Formed as Morgen's Dreame Spectrum in 1967 in NY, Morgen were one the first bands signed to ABC's offshoot Probe Records (home also of Soft Machine in the US). Fuelled by the chemistry between ace guitar player Murray Shiffrin and creative songwriter/singer Steve Morgen, they recorded their self-titled album in 1968 but, much to the band's dismay and frustration, it wasn't released until December 1969. 'Morgen' included seven impressive tracks, all of them written by Steve Morgen. You can hear subtle influences of Hendrix, Stones, Who, Doors or Donovan but Morgen's sound is clearly a beast of its own kind. The mysterious gatefold cover featured Edvard Munch's iconic 1893 composition 'The Scream' on the front. Welcome to the Void! Audiophile restoration/remastering by Ezra Lesser. "Every psych fan on the planet wants this LP in their collection." - Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives). " extraordinarily powerful record that skates the edges of madness with its fearlessly impassioned vocals, dynamic musicianship and compelling songwriting."- Mike Stax (Ugly Things). LP $30 SKU:25728

TOP DRAWER- Solid Oak (1972 rare private press psych Rock)Label:GUERSSEN One of the rarest private pressings from the US, originally released in 1972 by this band from Mansfiel, Ohio. Psychedelic hard rock with a charming, homemade feel. Including the monster psych opus "Song Of A Sinner" plus more cool tracks with great guitar/organ interplay.*Sourced from the original master tapes*Hard cardboard sleeve + OBI*Insert with liner notes by band member Steve Geary and photos*Digital Download Card" of the original legends of the private and local press scene..."- Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $32 SKU:25761

UCHIDA, YUYA & FLOWERS- Challenge! ( Japanese 1969 cover songs )Label:COSMIC ROCK All in all the debut album by cultish Japanese freak-rockers Flower Travelling Band, then called Yuya Uchida & The Flowers. Released in 1969 it features mainly cover songs of influential Western bands such as Cream, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jefferson Airplane. It was named number 34 on Bounce's 2009 list of 54 Standard Japanese Rock Albums. LP $30 SKU:25792


ALPAY- YETKE (70s TURKISH FUZZ PSYCH) - Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS IIn Turkey, psychedelia wasnt just some fleeting fad. Fuzzed-out guitar shredding genuinely intersected with some of the goals of traditional folk & classical music. As a result, even former twist singers & folk balladeers explored some fascinating & wild territory. Meet Alpay, the soccer player turned lawyer turned singer who started matching local lyrics to Western arrangements even before the mid-60s countrywide battle of the bands concerts. These early 70s singles lay down doleful Anatolian melodies, and they're simply soaking in heavy & wah-ed out guitar solos. If you're ready to go beyond Baris & Erkin, this is the perfect spot. Remastered Sound, insert / booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records CD $12 SKU:19200


POETS - Try Me Again (Scotland's #1 beat/mod/freakpop group from the 60's) Label:DYNOVOX The DVD contains a long lost 1965 acetate of 'Try Me Again,' '60s home movies, live show film of 'Midnight Hour', '60s TV clip of 'Now We're Thru' as well as a few unreleased acetates. CD $17 SKU:12758

RAPP, TOM -A JOURNAL OF THE PLAGUE YEAR(1999 unique folk-rock nuggets)Label:BLUE MATTER Reissue of 1999 studio album by Tom Rapp, former singer/songwriter for Pearls Before Swine, one of the true legends of the American underground of the 1960s. Recorded at the studio of Damon & Naomi (who are big fans) featuring Damon & Naomi and Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond). The result: a beautiful album of Rapp's unique folk-rock nuggets! Originally released in 1999 on LP and CD on Woronzow Records, Blue Matter now offer the first reissue of this album. CD $16 SKU:25720

SOMNUS THRONE-NEMESIS LATELY(doom,stoner, heavy psych etc!) Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Nemesis Lately' is the second full-length album released by Somnus Throne. This LP is very much a continuation of their first album (Burning World Records 2020), but with much more attention to detail, a further exploration of the depths of each niche within 'doom,' and a greater variety of sounds. Think just as much heaviness as the first album with less drone and more action. 'Nemesis Lately' goes everywhere across the landscape of doom, stoner, heavy psych, and grunge from a welcoming kick in the teeth by a Motörhead-esque first track, through shades of Acid King, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Black Angels, The Melvins, Dead Meadow, High On Fire, The Sword, Electric Wizard, Dopelord, Black Pyramid all the way to a concluding track that strives at echoes of Led Zeppelin's acoustic prowess. It goes without saying that the entire album, and the entire Somnus Throne catalogue in total, is never more than one decapitated bat away from Black Sabbath worship. In sum-total, this album is truly a smorgasbord of all things fuzzy, doomy, smokey, sleepy, and trippy while also managing to grasp the essence of each sound -- perfect for anyone ready to doom, space, fuzz, head bang, tune in, turn up, and trip out for the next 40+ minutes. CD $14 SKU:25308

WICKED LADY- The Axeman Cometh (70s raw psych) -Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) If you are looking for raw, psychedelic hard-rock, look no further -- Guerssen presents the complete recordings (1968-1972) from Wicked Lady, the legendary UK underground power trio led by ace guitarist Martin Weaver, later a member of Dark on their Round The Edges album. The music here was originally recorded in 1968/1969 and features new artwork and liner notes by Weaver, who tells the real (and bizarre!) story behind Wicked Lady for the first time. The stuff of legend, this is a real fest of fuzz, wah-wah and heavy riffs that will blow the mind of any hard-psych collector. CD $18 SKU:14208

BORN BAD, VOL. 2(original music that inspired bands such as The Cramps)Label:BORN BAD Repress! Unavailable for many years, this series shows exactly where The Cramps took their influences from. The Born Bad series collects together the original music that inspired bands such as The Cramps. For those of you who are interested in listening to the early rockabilly, country, rock 'n' roll and garage rock acts of the '50s and '60s that inspired The Cramps, it gets no better than this compilation. Those of you who are familiar with The Cramps will recognize these songs, as the band sought to pay tribute to the artists that inspired them by performing their own cover versions to many of the songs contained in the Born Bad series. COMP LP $24 SKU:25089

CREATURE CUTS- VOL. 3 (14 tracks of rare, whacked out '50s and '60s weirdness on purple marble vinyl)Label:GET OFF THE ROAD Volume 3 contains another 14 tracks of rare, whacked out '50s and '60s weirdness. Comes on purple with black vinyl! Another essential slab of wax on Get Off The Road Records COMP LP $25 SKU:25134

IT'S NO GOOD!-'60'S ANTI-WAR-DRAFT-PROTEST ROCK- Ltd ed of 300 copies on blood red vinyl.Label:SMOKIN' PEACE COMP LP $30 SKU:25740

KNUCKLE GIRLS, VOL. 1-14 BOVVER BLITZERS FROM THE SEQUINED SISTERS TUFF ENUFF TO RUMBLE WITH ANY MISTER-Label:ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN An all-girl foot-stompin' bovver rock compilation. Bovver Birds & Knuckle Girls... a rare burst of etiquette. So what would you get on a date with a Bovver Bird or a Knuckle Girl? A few harsh words and a cheap thrill- or a competitively-priced thrill, at least. Up against the wall. Nothing fancy, just a bit of "hanky panky" with your tougher-than-average Knuckle Sandwich Nancy. "Girls used only to resort to psychological bullying. Now they're moving in gangs and using bicycle chains, knives and clubs. In fact they're beginning to behave in a way once only associated with the roughest of boys." ~Henry Clover, Press Officer Of The National Union Of Teachers. COMP LP $25 SKU:24377

CHICO MAGNETIC BAND -ST (sole 1971 LP from Lyon based freakers)Label:SURVIVAL RESEAR Repress! Lyon-based freakers Conjuring a dark, excessive sound with unfettered guitar, pummelling drum rolls and Ayari growling and grumbling over the top, this sole LP from 1971 is culled from different permutating sessions, with plenty of audio freakery and extreme effects from Jean-Pierre Massiera; The Hendrix cover 'Cross Town Traffic' is rendered with love, despite Ayari's hefty accent. LP $25 SKU:25733

JOHN'S CHILDREN - THERE'S AN EYE IN THE SKY WHITE VINYL -Label:EASY ACTION Pressed on WHITE VINYL (in a run of 750 copies) is a collection of essential tracks from the English '60 psychedelic art pop band, many of which written by a young Marc Bolan who for a short period was a band member. Featuring remastered sound, the LP includes classic cult tracks s.a. 'Strange Affair', 'Jagged Time Lapse', 'Desdemona', 'Midsummer Night's Scene', 'Remember Thomas A. Becket', 'Come And Play With Me In The Garden' and many more. LP $28 SKU:24678

SHAKERS (SWEDEN)- TRACKS REMAIN (Sweden’s Stones, 1968)Label:BUSY BEE Fnally a The Shakers collection on vinyl! If Tages was Sweden's Beatles then The Shakers were Sweden's Stones. They were a little darker and a little more dangerous, but alas very short lived. They released a string of singles between 1965 and 1968, but did never manage to make an LP. So here it is, the first LP, 'Tracks Remain,' which compiles the band's best tracks remastered, of which several have never before been released on vinyl LP $30 SKU:25723