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This weekend we have the second half of that big import shipment from last week, AND the new SHINDIG has arrived!

Even more fun… another nice batch of cheapo cds for you guys, lots of great garage and psych stuff at the $10 price point you love so much.

And the cherry on the cake… I’ve dug out more of those archival cassettes, live material from the Dead Boys, MC5, Spacemen 3 and more. One each and they go fast, start shopping.

For you DATURA4 fans, WEST COAST HIGHWAY COSMIC, the groovy new album by the Australian psyched-out blues rock combo, is now available on gorgeous SPLATTER vinyl! The band is led by legendary guitarist/singer Dom Mariani (Stems, DM3, The Someloves) an inductee of the West Australian Music Industry Awards Hall of Fame. For those of you who ordered the autographed bundle, DOM MARIANI has posted the inserts and we should be shipping Tuesday, thanks for waiting! 2 MORE of the bundles still available.

Thanks kids, have a fab weekend!
Suzy Shaw 

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22648,22536,22630,22324,22538,22551,9125,22633,22553,22639,22344,22554,22637,13995,22628,9641,22638,22640,22555,22543,22544,22560, 22472,22687,22688,22689,22690,22691,




SHINDIG! 101# Features on The Beach Boys, Tangerine Dream, The Box Tops, Chris Darrow, Steven Van Zandt, The Left Banke, Jonathan Wilson, King Khan, Cornershop, The Stone Poneys, MGMT, a 15-track Hypnotic Bridge sampler to download and more. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:22648

SHINDIG! COMPENDIUM Contents: THE PRETTY THINGS: drugs, fights and hits! The wildest UK band of 1965. DONOVAN: the trail-blazing observations of a psychedelic troubadour. THE KINKS 1966: breaking down in Swinging London. THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION: freaking out under Zappa's unique vision and tight grip. THE HOLLIES: from 'Bus Stop' to Butterfly: the Clarke/Hicks/Nash years. THE ROLLING STONES: LSD, Morocco, jail and 'Their Satanic Majesties Request'. NILSSON: the great American pop architect's first flush. DAVID BOWIE: the long road to ground control. THE SMALL FACES: acid, freedom and 'Ogdens': 12 months of magic. THE WHO: post-acid, pre-'Tommy': their 1968 annus horribilis. THE MONKEES: the inside story of 'Head', their celluloid suicide note. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND: 'Safe As Milk' and the Sunset Strip era. THE SWEET: before the blockbusters: a great group without direction. FOTHERINGAY: Sandy Denny's short-lived folk-rock supergroup. MOTT THE HOOPLE: in the shadows of the last great '70s rockers. BOOKS & MAGS $22 SKU:22536

7SHADES-BURSTING(prog/punk/pop/psych pranksters)Label:SNAFU RECORDINGS The much anticipated second album from prog/punk/pop/psych pranksters 7shades. Crammed to the gills with all manner of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic deviance, this is a band that is clearly not afraid to venture into the lesser-travelled realms of maximalism. Self-professed devotees of the work of Tim Smith and Cardiacs, that inherited DNA is still in strong evidence throughout 'Bursting', but as a whole the album seems to be striking out in a myriad of other directions. Influences from Gong, King Crimson and Mike Patton are evident, for example, but it is far from being any kind of mere prog copycat affair CD $15 SKU:22630

ARONDIES- Introducing (60s teen garage)Label:GET HIP Here ‘tis: the long-awaited and complete retrospective of one of the finest teenage garage bands to emerge from Steel Country in the 1960s! he Arondies formed in late 1962 in Clairton, Pennsylvania. The young band struck a hit in 1965 with the help of local DJ Terry Lee: the flawless instrumental track “69.” Beautiful vocal ballads like “All My Love” followed, becoming favorites at the many dances they played. An endless cycle of shows, personal appearances, and shrieking girls proceeded. This was (briefly) Pittsburgh’s personal version of Beatlemania. CD $10 SKU:22324

BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS-ST (covers of songs from the '60s and '70s)Label:METRODISCOS Reinterpretations of songs from the '60s and '70s by Beautify Junkyards from Portugal, keeping the roots but at the same time taking new directions under the influence of the present times where societies, technology and artistic creation are at a boiling point. The post-production of the album was held at the Electric Garden studio in Lisbon, where the sound was transported in various directions like branches extending in between delays, synthesizers, acoustic guitars and vocals in reverb, forming a dense forest with multiple forms and foliage colours CD $17 SKU:22538

ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS -THE LOVELY ART OF ELECTRONICS(60s garage/beat "obscure-classics)-Label:TEEN SOUND Tito and The Brainsuckers were one of the most deranged garage-r'n'r acts in Italy in the past decade, playing a lot live also with Leighton Koizumi of The Morlocks/Gravedigger V band for a while. Today Tito's ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS release sort of a compilation of 60s garage/beat "obscure-classics" that have accompanied his evolution. Not just covers but very personal and classy versions to match. A must CD $19 SKU:22551

FORTUNE AND MALTESE- and the Phabulous Pallbearers-ST (Paul Revere Style Garage ) Label:GET HIP Fortune & Maltese have been cranking out their take on Paul Revere & The Raiders for several years producing a handful of tracks on various 45s and comps. This CD contains the 19 tracks that made up their Screaming Apple LP plus a previously unreleased track, 'Louise.' While their style has the authentic '60s sound, they have the energy of modern garage bands like the Cynics or Chesterfield Kings. CD $10 SKU:9125

FRANTIC FLATTOPS-HI-FI HONEY REVISITED (rockabilly)Label:GET HIP Rockabilly ain’t big. Never has been. Even in its Eisenhower heyday, rockabilly never basked in the mainstream’s lucrative luminescence. What did manage to slip through the cracks was, for the most part, painfully polished, cleaned up, and made ready for the countless vanilla masses. Although it has reared its snaky head several times since then, rockabilly remains, lurking happily in the underground with bands like The Frantic Flattops, maniacally grinning in the dark.This remastered and expanded reissue of The Flattops’ 1993 debut features the original LP, three live cuts recorded for WMAX in July ’93, three previously unheard collaborations with rockabilly icon Ronnie Dawson, and bonus track "Teenage Partner." (2003) CD $10 SKU:22633

GRAINS-Just Our Flame (Back From The Grave,Pebbles style!)Label:TEEN SOUND The Grains is one of those legendary band that best represents the term Garage Sound these days, in its authentic meaning. Most of the band members play since the late 80's, the youngest ones play like they've never heard anything but Back From The Grave, Pebbles and Psychedelic Unknowns on the radio.he look of the bands has recently gone a bit Freakbeat but their sound is still pure US garage punk-psych. Perfect swirling organ, crystalline guitar riffs, solid rhythm section with the right fills, and authentic mono(tone) vocals, singing about..flipped dreams, being alone in the burning sun, summer, men with guns, love and more...A band that has become a fave o'mine since I managed to see them many years ago, when I've released their debut 45 on Teen Sound (long time sold out..). Today the Grains's sound hasn't changed..they simply sound better than before and the songwriting has given the band their unique touch. If you still like the true garage'll love the Grains album! CD $19 SKU:22553

LINK PROTRUDI & THE JAYMEN-HIT & RUN!(collection of balls-out bone-crushers)Label:GET HIP This steamin’ slab is a testimonial to what real rock’n’roll is all about! Link & the Jaymen’s first two LP’s, Drive It Home (1987) and Missing Links (1989), are featured here on this collection of balls-out bone-crushers, totally remastered and appearing for the first time on CD (fer those of you who need to grasp every subtle nuance that modern digital enhancement can milk outta 4 tracks – ha ha). Up till now, these gems have only been available on import vinyl. CD $10 SKU:22639

MANGROVE - A Distant Dream(70s hard rock/psych style)Label:TRANSUBSTANS Mangrove is a heavy and powerful classic rock trio with their roots in the late 60's and the early 70's hard rock and psychedelic scene. Groovy jams and heavy chords is one of Mangrove's trademarks. Mangrove was born in the late fall of 2006 in Stockholm (Sweden) after many late night jams and rehearsals. The first album 'Endless Skies' was released in May 2009 on Transubstans Records, with lots of awesome reviews in both Music Magazines and Web Fanzines as a result. In November 2010 Mangrove releases their second album 'A Distant Dream Of Tomorrow' on Transubstans Records. The album contains ten songs which are energetic, powerful and dynamic. The feeling is that the band has reached a new level. Mangrove has a lot of different influences, but as a listener you can not be mistaken if you can hear some similarity with bands like Black Sabbath, Rush, Led Zeppelin and The Who among others. CD $12 SKU:22344

MIRACLE MEN - They’re Coming (Dutch garage Label:TEEN SOUND If you like cool r'n' roll garage with the right sounds and attitude they're gonna be your next fave act. There's just a bit of everything we like in here: timeless garage riffs, a touch of moody Nederbiet, and a singer that will probably reminds you Jeff Conolly's voice, more than the Mono Man himself! They also look cool and have real nice vintage gear, so whattareyouwaitingfor? Get ready because the Miracle Men are coming CD $19 SKU:22554

NEANDERTHALS-THE LATEST MENACE TO THE HUMAN RACE (killer 50s style rock and roll)-Label:GET HIP This album is full of killer ‘50s style rock ‘n’ roll tunes with hilarious lyrics! Featuring the songwriting talents and guitar mastery of Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets and Planet Rockers) and a singer that’s certifiable, you know you’re in for a good time with the Neanderthals whether live or on record! Includes two CD-only cuts CD $10 SKU:22637

NERVEBREAKERS - Hijack the Radio(Anthology of mid to late 70s studio recordings) Label:GET HIP An anthology of mid to late 70s studio recordings, some of which ended up on the Nervebreakers' late-70's 7" vinyl releases on Wild Child Records, some on the 1979 Texas punk LP compilation Are We Too Late For The Trend? (ESR Records), some on a volume of Italian label Rave Up Records series of American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets, and others that have up-to-now never been publicly released.Includes the original (and best) hit recording of "My Girlfriend Is A Rock", the title anthem "Hijack The Radio", and punk classics like "Why Am I So Flipped?", "I Wanna Kill You", and "I Love Your Neurosis". Also included are proto-punk psych-y gems like "My Life Is Ruined" and "Beyond The Borderline".
The CD release has four additional CD-only bonus cuts including an early (different from the We Want Everything LP) take on the Troggs' great "Strange Movies", an original 1977 demo version of "Hijack The Radio", and from 1975, a moody slice of Syd Barrett-like proto-punk-psych called "See Me Thru". CD $10 SKU:13995

OOSTEN, MICHAEL -sT (1974 Dutch psych folk Fairport COnvention style) with ADDITIONAL TRACKS Label:WAY GONE MUSIC The rare and much sought after 1974 folk/psych LP by this Wisconsin native. Right off the master tapes!!CD issue of the one and only and EXCELLENT album by Dutch born PSYCH-FOLK artists MICHAEL OOSTEN from USA. Originally released in 1974 privately in an edition of 400 copies. Outstanding electric folk rock feat smke great vocals and guitar work. By Many compared to the music of FAIRPORT CONVENTION CD $10 SKU:22628

OS HAXIXINS - S/T (garage punk Portuguese psych ) Label:GET HIP Out of the southern hemisphere comes the fuzz laden OS HAXIXINS. Garage in the style of the great sixties groups the Music Machine the Standells & We the People. Portuguese & English vocals only adds to the uniqueness of OS HAXIXINS music. Influenced by hard to find 60's records, garage punk and psychedelia, CD $10 SKU:9641

POW WOWS-BROKEN CURSES (60s-influenced fuzz guitar rock)Label:GET HIP The sophomore album by Toronto garage-punks Pow Wows features 10 unstoppable new tracks overflowing with ’60s-influenced fuzz guitar, dynamic rhythms, and wild, amped-up vocals. (2015) CD $10 SKU:22638

RAZZELS- Throttle(70s Cheap trick style power pop) Label:GET HIP Buffalo, New York pop punk trio the Razzels continue their quest for world domination through melodic, hard-edged power pop via their sophomore album …Throttle. With a new drummer on board, the band has improved on their trademark melodic punkish power pop.Reminiscent of ’70s greats Cheap Trick, as well as the early recordings of hometown brethren the Goo Goo Dolls, the Razzels add some thrashy, punk fervor to the classic power pop recipe. What you get is basic three-chord-bashin’ pop in the form of 15 cuts, including live favorites “Turn Your Head” and “Trying to Find Myself.” CD $10 SKU:22640

SICK ROSE-FACES(DOM MARIANI of DATURA4)- Label:TEEN SOUND CD reissue of Sick Rose's debut album from some 20 years ago today Which at those days was a beacon of the new garage movement. "Faces" showed that the new garage sound was universal, and that these Italians had taken it to new heights new excitement, new glory. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Sick Roses "Faces" album remains one of the 10 most important garage rock records of all time. Yes, that includes the golden days of the 1960s, the rebirth of the 1980s, the masterful garage and psych tones of the 1990s to today. It is a classic, a touchstone - a treasure for garage fans everywhere. If this is your first time hearing it, then get ready: the masters of garage are about to speak. And here,finally you can hear the original recordings along with their fantastic debut EP "Get Along Girl", which is included as bonus CD $19 SKU:22555

SMYTH, MORDECAI -STICKY TAPE AND RUST-Syd Barrett psych style)-Label:MEGA DODO CD-version presented in a rusty tin, (only few with button an postcard)! It's impossible not to reel out the obvious reference points of vintage English psychedelia (Syd Barrett, Small Faces, Kevin Ayers, Sell Out-era The Who etc.), but the songs remain strong throughout, while songs such as 'Sinister Cyclist' and 'Don't Cross Colin' infuse these more retro aspects with a wry, Half Man Half Biscuit-like humour that cant help but endear. When 'Big Hit' tells of a man who is "a big cheese at the new exclusive restaurant" and always trying on ladies underwear, you might suddenly feel the urge to throw on the Kinks' 'Face To Face', but the sunshine nostalgia harmonies of 'Here I Stand' and sly, creeping organ of closer 'Georgina Jones' point towards a band that would struggle to write a bad song even if they tried. Welcome Mordecai Smyth CD $18 SKU:22543

TREE-Two (psychedelic/retro-hard rockers 60s style)Label:MON TONE The long-awaited second album from these psychedelic/retro-hard rockers from Israel, influenced by the US west-coast sounds of the '60s as well as the members' own Middle Eastern roots. CD $10 SKU:22544

CZECH UP! VOL. 1 CHAIN OF FOOLS (60s and '70s freakbeat, fuzz-soul, garage rock, pop )Label:VAMPISOUL (SPAIN) Volume 1 in a series dedicated to '60s and '70s freakbeat, fuzz-soul, garage rock, pop and jazz-funk from former Czechoslovakia, back in the day released by the country's Supraphon and Panton labels. COMP CD $19 SKU:22560

GREG SHAW’s 70’s and 80s CASSETTES- see photo for details

VELVET UNDERGROUND / SONIC YOUTH/SOFT BOYS/ R HITCHCOCK - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW Label:GREG SHAW Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80s. We found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were recorded and owned by the late, great GREG SHAW.These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.NOTE: I take photos of multiple cassettes at at time because Im lazy, but this is NOT a set, only the cassette described here is being sold with this listing. CASSETTE $50 SKU:22687

SPACEMEN 3 LONDON 8/22/89 - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE Label:GREG SHAW Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80sWe found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were recorded and owned by the late, great GREG SHAW.These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.NOTE: I take photos of multiple cassettes at at time because Im lazy, but this is NOT a set, only the cassette described here is being sold with this listing. CASSETTE $50 SKU:22688

DEAD BOYS LIVE CBGB July 22 1977 - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE Label:GREG SHAW Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80sWe found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were recorded and owned by the late, great GREG SHAW.These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.NOTE: I take photos of multiple cassettes at at time because Im lazy, but this is NOT a set, only the cassette described here is being sold with this listing. CASSETTE $50 SKU:22689

TANGERINE DREAM - Rare and Unreleased - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE Label:GREG SHAW Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80sWe found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were recorded and owned by the late, great GREG SHAW.These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.NOTE: I take photos of multiple cassettes at at time because Im lazy, but this is NOT a set, only the cassette described here is being sold with this listing. CASSETTE $50 SKU:22690

MC5 Saginaw 1-6-70 - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE Label:GREG SHAW Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80sWe found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were recorded and owned by the late, great GREG SHAW.These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.NOTE: I take photos of multiple cassettes at at time because Im lazy, but this is NOT a set, only the cassette described here is being sold with this listing. CASSETTE $50 SKU:22691


UGLY THINGS- 45 -SUMMER/FALL 2017: Q65 / THE OUTSIDERS COVER On the cover: Q65, THE OUTSIDERS and the Dutch Beat Revolution, the stories of two legendary, rebellious bands from the Netherlands in the 1960s. Part 2 of THE UNIQUES – blue-eyed garage and soul from America’s South. Plus THE LEFT BANKE, Texas ‘60s icons NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS, occult rocker GEOF CROZIER, German freakbeat from THE TOXIC, and demented San Fernando Valley punk rockers PUKE, SPIT & GUTS. There are revealing interviews with Richard Strange of THE DOCTORS OF MADNESS, and original Rolling Stones and Yardbirds manager GIORGIO GOMELSKY, and, in his own words, VICTOR ‘MOULTY’ MOULTON tells the poignant story of how he lost his hand yet fought on to become the drummer of successful Cape Cod band THE BARBARIANS. We also take a peek at the personal acetate archive of JOHN ENTWISTLE and reveal the story of a New Jersey girl garage group that met and inspired THE STOOGES. Plus our acclaimed reissue and book review sections, fully-loaded and bursting with insights and information. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:18239

UGLY THINGS- 49 MANFRED MANN Cover stars this time are British R&B hitmakers MANFRED MANN, who are featured via exclusive and extensive interviews with Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness. Also on the cover: Cleveland post-punk glam-infused geniuses DEATH OF SAMANTHA, and one of Chicago’s most revered ‘60s garage acts, THE KNAVES. This issue also includes an interview with HERVE ZENOUDA, who takes you deep inside the ‘70s punk scene in Paris with STINKY TOYS, STRIKE UP, LOOSE HEART and ANGEL FACE. Greg Prevost interviews pop paragon EMITT RHODES, Ric Menck covers LA power pop icons THE QUICK, Mike Stax digs into the world of teenage Dutch beat bashers THE KWYET, and Harvey Kubernik gives new insight into THE ROLLING STONES’ “Sympathy for the Devil” and the Beggar’s Banquet mastering sessions. All this and more—including, as always, our outstanding reviews of reissues and rock-related books. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:20554


CHAINS- On TOp of Things (60s garage style)-Label:GET HIP While the Chains hew closely to the early garage formula -- that is, more jangly than fuzzed-out and tuned down low, and tweaking it enough to make it their own, they breakaway on occasion, as if to prove they're aware it's 2003, not 1966 CD $10 SKU:21926

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT -FLYIN' HIGH -power pop (NERVES related ) Label:GET HIP 1979 PAUL COLLINS recorded, with his band THE BEAT, the album that many consider THE BEST POWER-POP RECORD OF ALL TIME. "Flyin' High" has an organic feel reminiscent of his early solo releases, and some of late Beat recordings. “ CD $10 SKU:4529

DEEP REDUCTION - ST(W Radio Birdman’s DENIZ TEK)Label:GET HIP Deep Reduction pays tribute to everything from delta blues to Led Zeppelin to ’70s Punk and Pop with Deniz Tek’s signature guitar mastery. Deep Reduction came to be when Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek was asked to produce the latest Stump Wizards record, “Contains Lead.” The band and the producer hit it off well and the first Deep Reduction single, “Black Tulip” was the result. Recorded during breaks in the action, it was a spontaneous burst of energy that resulted in this follow-up full length. Sure, this record has it’s roots in Tek’s classic Radio Birdman days and the Stump Wizards mutant punk/hard rock sound, but it really is something entirely new and different and something to be reckoned with. CD $10 SKU:21927

HEAD & THE HARES- ST(Roman fuzz-punks mid 60s style W BYRDS cover ) - Label:GET HIP The deluxe reissue of these Roman fuzz-punks’ self-titled debut (c. 1992) features a bonus cover of The Byrds classic "Feel a Whole Lot Better." If you dig mid-60s New England garage-beat/folk-rock like The Optic Nerve, this one’s for you! (1997) CD $10 SKU:22090

KAISERS - Squarehead Stomp (60s garage BEATLES/ZOMBIES style)Label:GET HIP Reissue of the debut album by Scotland’s #1 Beat band...The Kaisers! Classic album featuring equal doses of outstanding mid-’60s Mersey-style covers and brilliant originals all as authentic sounding as you can get! From the vocal harmonies, to the production, to the energy — everything is perfect. It’ll make you want to listen to the Beatles and the Zombies all over again. CD $10 SKU:21407

MIRACLE WORKERS- Moxies Revenge (60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP This album contains the classic August 1983 recording session that produced some of the Miracle Workers’ earliest releases. Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces! CD $10 SKU:361

MONDO TOPLESS - TAKE IT SLOW (fuzz-drenched, organ-fueled garage mayhem w 60s garage covers ) Label:GET HIP Influences are the Sonics, Fuzztones, Kinks, Lyres, Cynics, Chesterfield Kings and morePhiladelphia's Farfisa-drenched garage masters Mondo Topless have been serving audiences a fiery concoction of shredding guitars, throbbing bass, and thumping drums for a while now. This driving, raunchy and in-your-face rocker serves the perfect musical background for a night of debauchery.. CD $10 SKU:21934


MULLENS- TOugh To Tell (Stones style garage-punk )Label:GET HIP Heavy duty fire power from the tough Dallas, TX rock ’n roll quartet the Mullens. On their third album the Mullens dish out 12 melodic tunes with furious guitar riffs and their signature laid back vocal delivery. Tough To Tell is the perfect combination of Rolling Stones-style and attitude with the firey ’70s Punked out rock ‘n roll approach of bands like the Real Kids, Dictators and The Ramones. Real deal, down home Texas rock ‘n roll here from a band that’s an institution in the Dallas area! CD $10 SKU:22332

NOMADS-Made In Japan(hard rock punk garage legends, Recorded In Sweden 1995 ) Label:1&2 MADE IN JAPAN (RECORDED IN SWEDEN) 17 TRACKS OF LIVE ACTION GARAGE-PUNK! A live album from Sweden's hard rock/punk/garage legends, Made In Japan doesn't disappoint. The band wear their influences on their sleeves with pride, covering The Damned's "Fan Club", Alex Chilton's excellent "Bangkok", Link Wray's "Fire and Brimstone" and powering through their equally impressive originals. CD $10 SKU:20424

STEMS - Terminal Cool (83-86 gorgeous pop garage)Label:GET HIP his brilliant retrospective captures a confident, self-assured band recorded during those hallmark years of ‘83 – ’86, and proves that Australia’s Stems were indeed an extremely varied animal. Brimming with gorgeous pop melodies alongside great garage rock riffs and backbeats, this collection effectively showcases their versatility. This reissue includes 21 golden greats that covers alot of ground from the Fuzztone hits “She’s A Monster” and “Tears Me In Two,” to the bluesy garage stomp of “On And On” ” to the pure pop goodness of “Can’t Forget That Girl”. And there’s no denying the riff rocking prowess of the Byrdsian “Love Will Grow” and the psychedelic snarl of “Jumping To Conclusions.” Top notch ressue here with interesting liner notes and this reissue also includes 5 unreleased bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:21868

TWELVE STRING HIGH Vol 1 Mind expanding tunes! Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS This mind-expanding compilation features 23 bands from around the globe playing 12-string electric guitar. Contains songs by Higher State, Deadbeat Poets, Dreaming Spires, Jangle Band, and more. Includes a two-sided poster and booklet. (2016) COMP CD $14 SKU:18338

TWELVE STRING HIGH -- Vol 2 Mind expanding tunes! Label:YOU ARE THE COSMOS TSH's explosive second volume features 24 tracks of 12-string electric guitar mastery from international artists like Ronnie D'Addario, Peralta, Diamond Hands, the Naturals, Anton Barbeau, Tommy Lorente, the Britannicas, and more! (2017) COMP CD $14 SKU:19329

WYLD SYDES - Vol 9 (RARE -60’s garage U.S. garage ) - Label:RETRO GENE American 60s Garage bands! 24 trax COMP CD $16 SKU:16945

BLACK KEYS - BROTHERS - POSTER AND DBL LP Label:NONESUCH with nice poster! LP $27 SKU:20032