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And how about picking ANY 5 CDS on BOMP, VOXX, ALIVE, OR AIP for a mere $40, with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!! Great deal!!

PICK ANY FIVE CDS ON BOMP, ALIVE OR VOXX FOR $40 - FREE SHIPPING! SKU:20683 Great chance to sample some new bands, and maybe get the vinyl later if you’re a vinyl fan. 

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SHINDIG!-#103 ERIC BURDON- OR GET OUR SHINDIG BUNDLE -Pick any 3 issues for $30 SKU: 19985- just your choices with your order.
Eric Burdon & The Animals: The Psych years. Carole King: The legendary song-smith’s transition from writer to singer. Mike Hurst: Amazing tales from the producer’s chair. Amanda Trees: Hendrix accomplice tells all. And all regular sections. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:23069

BLACK SPACE RIDERS -AMORETUM, VOL. 1(heavy space psych) Label:BLACK SPACE Fifth album by the new wave of heavy psychedelic spacerock band Black Space Riders from Germany. This album is interspersed with a flowing groove throughout and an ever-present atmosphere that embraces the listener. Heavy, sometimes proggy, often psychedelic, always engaging and almost catchy and danceable, 'Amoretum Vol. 1' takes us by the hand, shows us the dark side, and then wants to give us the hope back that we so often painfully miss. CD $17 SKU:23034

BLACK SPACE RIDERS -BEYOND REFUGEEUM EP (heavy space psych) )-Label:BLACK SPACE he members of Black Space Riders deliberately kept behind four songs, all original recordings, from the 'Refugeeum' sessions in order to release them separately. As the cover artwork already suggests, this EP is "different" to the songs on 'Refugeeum', unlike what you might expect from this band. CD $10 SKU:23035

DEAR MR. TIME - GRANDFATHER (1971 Moody Blues/King Crimson style) Label:WOODEN HILL First-ever official reissue of Essex-based band Dear Mr. Time's highly-regarded and much sought-after psych/prog concept album Grandfather. Heavily influenced by the Moody Blues and early King Crimson, Grandfather was recorded in mid-1970 and issued by the tiny Square Records in February 1971, but was only pressed in a total quantity of 1000 copies. This definitive release is taken from the original master tapes, and adds five superb home demos recorded around the same time as the album by guitarist and chief songwriter Chris Baker. It tells the group's story for the first time, and includes many previously unpublished photographs. CD $17 SKU:23039

EDWARDS HAND-RAINSHINE (1971baroque pop post-Picadilly) Label:WOODEN HILL The first-ever issue of 'Rainshine', the semi-mythical third and final LP from post-Picadilly Line outfit Edwards Hand, recorded in early 1971 with legendary producer George Martin at the helm. Despite persistent collector-world rumours of a withdrawn or promo-only pressing on the Regal Zonophone label, the album failed to gain any kind of release - until now, that is. As can finally be heard, 'Rainshine' turns out to be a lost early '70s soft rock/baroque pop classic, with a clutch of wonderful songs ably supported by sumptuous vocal harmonies, sympathetic musicianship and some exquisite baroque pop arrangements from George Martin. Taken from the original master tapes, this long-overdue release features a beautiful 12-page booklet with lots of previously unpublished photos as well as the full story behind the LP. CD $17 SKU:23040

KLUBS - MIDNIGHT LOVE CYCLE (67-69 lost Brit psych gods) Label:WOODEN HILL Collection of '67-'69 recordings from the band recently described by RECORD COLLECTOR as the great lost British PSYCHEDELIC group of the era. Heavily indebted to TOMORROW and 'S.F. Sorrow'-period PRETTY THINGS. 'Midnight Love Cycle' features material recorded for Decca and EMI, as well as various demos recorded in Liverpool. CD $17 SKU:23041

ONYX (UK) - KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOURS -DEMOS (1967 psych pop).Label:WOODEN HILL After relocating to the outskirts of London in the summer of 1967, Cornwall band The Onyx went on to record a clutch of late Sixties singles that are now highly regarded by psychedelic pop fans. A collection of studio demos recorded in late 1967 as they prepared to sign to a major label, Kaleidoscope of Colours features early versions of subsequent single tracks (including So Sad Inside and Youve Gotta Be With Me, the latter with songwriter Guy Fletcher on lead vocals), the bands original recording of subsequent She Trinity B-side Climb That Tree and a host of previously unissued day-glo psychedelic pop offerings, including the extraordinary, heavily phased title song. CD comes with 12 page booklet including previously unpublished photos as well as the first-ever telling of the Onyx story. All tracks previously unissued CD $17 SKU:23043

PROTEX- STRANGE OBSESSIONS (70s punk holy grail) Label:BACHELOR Strange Obsessions has long been the holy grail of fervent record collectors worldwide. Rumors have abounded that this album had been released in Holland and or that there were a small number of white label test pressings in existence but none of these claims have ever been substantiated. CD $16 SKU:23033

SONIC DAWN- INTO THE LONG NIGHT (STONER PSYCH)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS 'Perception' is the debut album by The Sonic Dawn from Copenhagen. The sound can be described as a mix between a '68 biker movie soundtrack and the signature Scandinavian psychedelic sound. A coherent album full of twangy guitars, dreamy vocals, sitar and groovy rhythms. Several tracks feature the immensely talented organist Erik 'Errka' Petersson of Siena Root and Dean Allen Foyd. Originally released on Nasoni in 2015. Fans of psychedelic rock, neo-psych, freak beat
and classic rock will surely enjoy this record. CD $14 SKU:20052

SONIC DAWN- ECLIPSE (STONER PSYCH)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The rays of The Sonic Dawn are like a reminder that reality is only temporary. Flickering between light and darkness, their sound burns with an intensity that places the Danish trio among the top psychedelic acts of their time. Following their first two album releases, The Sonic Dawn have toured Europe more or less constantly, only returning home to focus on their biggest work to date: Eclipse. Their third full-length, is the product of a full year's labor, with all 13 tracks carefully selected from among over 40 candidates. Inspired by personal tragedies and the current meltdown of the world as we know it, the songs deal with a feeling of despair that many will recognize, but also seem to say that one can heal and come out stronger, if one dares take the leap. The result is a cinematic journey in sonic technicolor. Here, even the catchiest melody casts a mysterious shadow, and every mind-altering solo is torn out of Emil Bureau's guitar as if it owed him money. CD $14 SKU:23062

SONIC DAWN - ENTER THE MIRAGE(Blazing stoner psych)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Enter the Mirage is arguably the most blazing and powerful album yet by The Sonic Dawn. It has an unusual live feel for a studio album, packing much of the raw energy and electricity that has made The Sonic Dawn's psychedelic concerts famous in the rock underground. CD $14 SKU:23063

SONIC DAWN -PERCEPTION (mix between a '68 biker movie soundtrack and Scandinavian psych!)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS 'Perception' is the debut album by The Sonic Dawn from Copenhagen. The sound can be described as a mix between a '68 biker movie soundtrack and the signature Scandinavian psychedelic sound. A coherent album full of twangy guitars, dreamy vocals, sitar and groovy rhythms. Several tracks feature the immensely talented organist Erik 'Errka' Petersson of Siena Root and Dean Allen Foyd. CD $16 SKU:23064

C'MON! C'MON! -The Roots Of Scottish Rock And Pop 1963-1970 5CD BOX SET Label:PARTICLES Presented on FIVE CD's is a treasure trove of '60s beat, mod, garage-rock, psych and pop recordings from bands that contributed to Scotland's rich and colourful rock history.This generous set includes a 96-page perfect bound booklet full of detailed liner notes and rare images. COMP CD $45 SKU:23047

CHOP SUEY ROCK Vol 1 -CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS-Label:HOT AND SOUR CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS W/KILLER COVER ARTWORK HOT 'N' SOUR RECORDS brings you the greatest names in Ah So biz! One of the wildest and wackiest comps on this planet that will stand the test of the time! COMP CD $10 SKU:23107

CHOP SUEY ROCK Vol 2-CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGSLabel:HOT AND SOUR CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS W/KILLER COVER ARTWORK 'N' SOUR RECORDS brings you the greatest names in Ah So biz! One of the wildest and wackiest comps on this planet that will stand the test of the time! COMP CD $10 SKU:23108

CHOP SUEY ROCK Vol 3-Exotica- CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS Label:HOT AND SOUR CRAZY ORIENT-INSPIRED 50’S+60’S R&R SONGS W/KILLER COVER ARTWORK HOT 'N' SOUR RECORDS brings you the greatest names in Ah So biz! One of the wildest and wackiest comps on this planet that will stand the test of the time! COMP CD $10 SKU:23109

PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS-Vol 2 More Lost Sounds (late Sixties British psych)Label:WOODEN HILL The second volume of Wooden Hills ongoing series of lost nuggets from the soft white underbelly of the late Sixties British psychedelic scene, Psychedelic Schlemiels 2 assembles no less than twenty previously unheard acetate and private tape recordings from mostly unsigned provincial groups. With vital contributions from such obscure local heroes as Cellophane Cloud, Sweet Marriage, Varsity Rag and Forever Changes, and featuring previously unreleased demos by major label acts The Loot, Young Blood and Opal Butterfly, Psychedelic Schlemiels 2 offers another fascinating glimpse into the hitherto lost world of small-town suburban psychedelia. Eighteen of the twenty tracks are previously unreleased in any format. Numerous original songs as well as rarely-covered Left Banke, Love and Buffalo Springfield material. Re-mastered sound and lavishly illustrated/annotated 16 page booklet. COMP CD $19 SKU:23045

PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS-VOL. 3 From The Brit psych Scene 1967-1970-Label:WOODEN HILL The third volume of Wooden Hills acclaimed series of unreleased-at-the-time British psychedelic pop artefacts, PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 3 painstakingly assembles another twenty acetates, demos and private recordings from the soft white underbelly of the late 60s group scene. In addition to featuring the first-ever demos to surface from legendary London underground club band Jade Hexagram, theres first-time exposure for psych-era unknowns the Outside Toilet, the Carley Hill Blues Band and studio project Airbus. Also including demos from such major label acts as Serendipity, the Mirror, Warm Sounds, Schadel, the Montanas and Des James (the original, hitherto unknown to exist, acetate-only version of Little Games, subsequently recorded by the Yardbirds), PSYCHEDELIC SCHLEMIELS 3 is an essential purchase for anyone with more than a passing interest in vintage British psych-pop COMP CD $19 SKU:23046

CRAMPS-SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US (DELUXE VERSION) -Label:ILL EAGLE A truly amazing release from the same folk who did the 'Rock 'n'Roll Monster Bash' special edition in 2019. This is the ORIGINAL version of 'Songs The Lord Taught Us' that The Crampswanted released. It has been expertly remastered from one of only a handful of test pressing copies known to exist (all the original masters were destroyed in the Universal fire a few years back). In the late '90s, a version of this was released, taken from a second generation cassette recording and while welcome at the time, this edition is head and shoulders above the Alien Records edition in terms of sound quality, artwork and presentation! LP $22 SKU:23068

MARY'S KIDS-CRUST SOUP: THE SINGLES COLLECTION 2006-2013 (Sweden's female fronted punkrock-sensations!) Label:BELUGA A 15-track compilation from Sweden's female fronted punk rock sensations. The music is a unique mix of speed driven punk rock, snotty rollin' beats and dirty power pop tunes, straight from the heart of the garage. Included are sold out singles, rare b-sides, and an excellent choice of covers of songs by the U.K. Subs, Ike Turner, Martin L. Gore, Zero Boys, Teenage Head, The Dicks, and Finland's grand masters of rock The Hurriganes. LP $18 SKU:23100

SONIC DAWN -(MARBLED)INTO THE LONG NIGHT (Danish acid psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Repress of 400 copies on white/purple/red marbled vinyl. The second album by The Sonic Dawn, one of the most remarkable bands to emerge from Denmark's current psychedelic wave. To achieve the dramatic changes of mood and feeling that The Sonic Dawn excels at, the band mixes a wide range of styles, from jazzy sitar pop to heavy acid rock. A pleasant-sounding analogue production makes the album easy to approach. Not to water it down, but rather to pull the unsuspecting listener into the deep. Fans of psychedelic rock, neo-psych, freak beat and classic rock will surely enjoy this record. LP $24 SKU:23061

SUNSETS (AUSTRALIA) -HOT GENERATION SOUNDTRACK SESSIONS (Superb garage, surf and (freak-)beat sounds from Australia, 1967! )Label:BLANK Superb garage, surf and (freak-)beat sounds from Australia, 1967! This LP compiles songs from the soundtrack for the surf movie 'The Hot Generation', plus single versions and previously unissued recordings. Among the highlights is the 8-minute 'Uptight, Out Of Sight' that's a genre in itself: genuine progressive garage punk! You can see where the seeds were formed for THE SUNSETS' transition into TAMAM SHUD. Including liner notes from film maker Paul Witzig and lots of eye candy from the movie, this release is totally mindblowing! LP $25 SKU:23098


AVIATION BLONDES - Edge of Forever (POWERPOP) -Label:GET HIP A short and sweet 7-song debut CD by Pittsburgh’s new Power Pop band! The Aviation Blondes play an energized, tuneful brand of rock ‘n roll full of delicious pop hooks, loud guitars and brazen attitude and mesmerizing female vocals. CD $10 SKU:22086

BEAUSOLEIL, BOBBY- LUCIFER RISING O.S.T-Label:AJNA OFFENSIVE This score was originally pressed on LP in 1980 and then presented as a 4LP boxset (and 4CD boxset) featuring the original release plus additional session recordings. Now we get an affordable, remastered release of the legendary/notorious 'Lucifer Rising' soundtrack that was originally composed for Kenneth Anger's film of the same name. CD $17 SKU:22994

CHEEPSKATES-Remember ( power pop )- Label:MUSIC MANIAC Long overdue CD version of this early 90's album by singer-songwriter-guitarist Shaun Faubert finally released Shaun with his CHEEPSKATES at his best and at his melodic. Cheepskates music belong to the best sixties influenced pop the nineties. CD $5 SKU:18773

ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS -THE LOVELY ART OF ELECTRONICS( 60s garage/beat "obscure-classics)-Label:TEEN SOUND Tito and The Brainsuckers were one of the most deranged garage-r'n'r acts in Italy in the past decade, playing a lot live also with Leighton Koizumi of The Morlocks/Gravedigger V band for a while. Today Tito's ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS release sort of a compilation of 60s garage/beat "obscure-classics" that have accompanied his evolution. Not just covers but very personal and classy versions to match. A must CD $19 SKU:22551

ELECTRIC SHIELDS -SAVE OUR SOULS( unique mix of sixties garage-psych fuzz and farfisa-drenched classic )Label:TEEN SOUND Straight from the "Eighties Colours" era of The Sick Rose, No Strange, Avvoltoi, Boohoos and many glorious Italian neo garage-psych acts, The Electric Shields were the north-east's favourite band, bringing a unique mix of sixties garage-psych fuzz and farfisa-drenched classic material along with their subsequent folk-country rock phase, influenced by the late Byrds as well as the paisley underground movement of the '80s. Some 25 years later The Electric Shields return with a comeback album totally reminiscent of the late sixties freakbeat era led by the Open Mind, The Attack, and of course the Wimple Winch, including the latest classic 'Save My Soul' and the album's named after the Electric Shields great cover of this very last track of course. Straight from the current Mod scene brilliant organist Fay Hallam gives her contribution to three songs of the album too. The band's back in action, also playing live, don't miss their new exciting recording and show. Sometimes good old bands return, and this is one of those occasions not to be missed CD $19 SKU:22552

HUMULUS - The Deep(Psych-stoner power trio)- Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ Psych-stoner power trio from Bergamo in Northern Italy. They have been active in the international stoner rock scene since 2009. The likable trio has a very versatile range of expressions, from fuzzy-rocking to doom-heavy and psychedelic-spacEy CD $16 SKU:22709

LSD ENIGMA-ST (garage-psych-folk-rock)Label:JARGON From Rochester, New York, the gentry-men of kaleidoscopic garage-psych-folk-rock present to you their debut-album! LSD Enigma is a powerful two-man vocal group with electrified acoustic guitar, harmonica and drums. The members are Dave Anderson (of The Projectiles, The Riviera Playboys, Susan & The Surftones and power pop groups 1.4.5. and The Most) and Darren Brennessel (of McFadden's Parachute, The Four Hestons, The Purple Flashes and The Quatloos) CD $18 SKU:22675

BAD BEATS- HIS VENGEFUL HAND (60s style garage fuzz) Label:SOUNDFLAT The legacy of Canadian fuzz is in good hands, this debut album from THE BAD BEATS proves it. The lessons of their Canuck forefathers The Painted Ship, Les Lutins, The Haunted and many more '60s legends have been consumed, digested and spit out with a new ferocity. Nasty people with nasty sounds, born quite literally in their garage, where car fumes, cold beer, a fuzz box and a beat up Farfisa organ have pushed them to blast out this album LP $18 SKU:22934

BLIND OWLS -ALL DAY & NIGHT(Texas Freakbeat, Mod, '60s Rock'n'Roll)-Label:SOUNDFLAT Here comes the debut album by Texas quartet The Blind Owls. These fab four mix Freakbeat, Mod, '60s Rock'n'Roll and garage rock in a catchy and fresh way that won't be ignored! It's 14 tracks of melodic harmonies, cool bass and swinging guitars! (2016 LP $19 SKU:18769

BOGEYMEN-ACTION TIME!(Small Faces style French garage) -Label: PURPLE ZONE Originally released on CD in 1995 on the defunct French garage-punk label DIG! Records. This was the second album of French #1 mod band The Bogeymen. This record contains 11 originals and 1 cover. All songs are real smashers, no fillers!! Soulful vocals of singer/guitarist Laurent Bauer, smashing Rickenbacker, groovy organ and powerful bass/drums section make this album the perfect companion to any Small Faces, Prisoners, Creeps albums. Only 200 copies on black vinyl. LP $21 SKU:21458

CHOOSERS- FILE UNDER POWER POP ( 70s style Japanese powerpop)Label:BACHELOR You surely know that Japan is crazy for powerpop in any direction, they just LOVE it, the bubblegum or '70s blended, the rocking and rolling type, the kind of that make your hearts explode (sic!)... and of course there are hundreds of powerpop bands there - and MOST of them are actually pretty good, but few stand out, and The Choosers are definitely in the Top 3! LP $22 SKU:22280

COLLECTORS- ST (Canadian 1968 psych gem) Label:MUSIC ON VINYL The Collectors represents the Canadian psychedelic movement. This self-titled album is one of the true forgotten gems from 1968. The superb song-writing and intelligent use of unusual chord progressions are just brilliant on this record. Comes on 180 gram vinyl. LP $25 SKU:22706

CRAMPS -ROCK N' ROLL MONSTER BASH (DE LUX VERSION of COLLECTORS HOLY GRAIL)Label:ILL EAGLE Considered to be something of a holy grail among Cramps collectors (1st press LPs go for 100+ euros). This album has been completely remastered, re-edited and now includes the 5 tracks missing from the original release giving the complete live set. A revamped sleeve (heavy weight card) using the original poster art which inspired the first release and liner notes detailing the various aspects and history of this release. An iconic and highly sought after album. This one is limited to 500 copies. LP $22 SKU:21779

ELECTRIC FEAT-ST(psych, proto-metal and heavy blues)Label: INNER EAR This is Electric Feat's debut album. A hard rocking album, with psychedelic, proto-metal and heavy blues. Cream and Alice Cooper are not far away LP $25 SKU:22784

LINDQUIST,FREDDIE -MENU(70s guitar god,The Hendrix of Norway,heavy psych) Label:PAN Repress! Housed in nice gatefold cover. LP reissue of one and only album by Freddy Lindquist, who was once member of the VANGUARDS in 1966, replacing Terje Rypdal. Freddie could be regarded as the 'Hendrix' of Norway, a true guitar-viking!! This album shows why he was called these names. True heavy psychedelia from Norway's leading guitar-prince next to king Terje Rypdal LP $22 SKU:21741

MORE KICKS - ST (power pop style) Label:BELUGA More Kicks is an explosion of pop melodies, jet-fuelled guitar riffs and shifting, sinewy rhythms. The band arrived from nowhere -seemingly fully formed- at the end of 2017 on London's garage scene. They immediately stood out a mile thanks to their unique mix of pop sensibilities, rhythm & blues bass and good-time powerpop drums. Hidden away making loud music in tiny rooms, the trio (Sulli - vox/guitar; Kris - drums; Paolo - bass/vox) had been busy cooking up a rare alchemy. The result: a two-and-a-half-minute More Kicks song can touch on classic '60s garage, '70s NYC rock and roll, jagged '90s guitar pop - all wrapped in a razor sharp bundle. A glance backwards and a decisive step forward. LP $25 SKU:22281

SHIVVERS- ST (70s POWER POP) Label:BACHELOR/RERUN Based in Milwaukee, The Shivvers was one of the coolest and best power pop units of the late '70s and early '80s. Although only one single was released during the band's active career, The Shivvers recorded an album's worth of ultra catchy material. Now all those recordings, dating back to 1980, are available on one killer compilation album. Co-release with Rerun Records (USA). LP $24 SKU:22746

SO WHAT - HARD GUM(modern garage glamrock take on '60 bubblegum pop)Label:JUST ADD WATER A modern garage- and glamrock take on '60 bubblegom pop, 'Hard Gum' is chock-full of glam-tastic hits! We are treated to stompers, hand clappers and all the fuzzy riffs that matter. LP $25 SKU:22643

SONIC DAWN - ENTER THE MIRAGE-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Arguably the most blazing and powerful album yet by The Sonic Dawn. It has an unusual live feel for a studio album, packing much of the raw energy and electricity that has made The Sonic Dawn's psychedelic concerts famous in the rock underground. LP $22 SKU:22930