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GREAT batch of tunes for you guys this weekend! We have some autographed copies of BEACHWOOD SPARKS and GOSPELBEACH, and a couple of rare records and CDs sent to us by Greg Allen former bandmate of Jerry Nolan of the Dolls. Plus a lot of new items, including cheapo CDS, and some CHEAPO vinyl too.

And check out our $5 and under section for new additions while you’re at it!

You BOMP AND ALIVE fans will LOVE our newest release now in the works. BEECHWOOD gives me hope for the future of rock and roll! These kids will remind you of everything you heard on Nuggets, the Dead Boys, Thunders, the Electric Prunes, and on and on, but with their own modern spin. We can’t get enough of them, we’re very excited about this one! THEY ROCK!!! I haven’t heard anything like this in decades, truly spectacular. Be sure to check it out. ALBUM OUT IN JANUARY.

Check out their new YOUTUBE video!



BEACHWOOD SPARKS- ST AUTOGRAPHED BY BRENT RADEMAKER (great country pop psych) LTD Edition BLUE vinyl Label:BOMP Records Following their astounding 1998 single "Desert Skies", Beachwood Sparks signed with Sub-Pop, this is the vinyl version their full-length debut album. ON VINYL ONLY! LP $25 SKU:19320

LP $30 SKU:19318




BLUE RUIN - Dont Come Home Label:THREE GIRLS MUSIC Comes in oversized foldover picture sleeve.American singer, guitarist and songwriter, he was the last guy to play with Jerry Nolan of the New York Dolls. Produced by Billy Rath.He has shared the stage with artists such as Johnny Thunders, Rick Derringer, Johnny Winter, Nazareth or Jon Spencer, and has done some time with the underground in London and New York. 45 RPM $8 SKU:19312

ALLEN, GREG GROUP - Just for You (NEW YORK DOLLS) Label:BONAFIDEROCK Greg Allen was the last guy to play with Jerry Nolan (New York Dolls, Heartbreakers) - and the CD is dedicated to him - but don't expect another Johnny Thunders clone. He's got a unique song writing style that evokes a New York city that doesn't exist anymore through a cast of twisted characters. The music is pure rock and roll and includes performances by Johnny Rao (David Johansen Band/Helen Schneider and the Kick) and other luminaries. Get this while you can. "Greg Allen happens to be quite a musician and he writes good songs...He's good. He's really, really good."- Jerry Nolan, Tee Vee Tunes Records interview, 1991"Greg Allen played with ex-New York Doll Jerry Nolan and his band features some other folks with good bloodlines. They play rock music or, more specifically, "the kind they don’t make anymore..."- Bob Gulla, The Providence Phoenix, 2004 (Jun 18, 2004)CD $10 SKU:19309

NOLAN, JERRY & THE PROFILERS - The Final Recordings LTD ED EP PINK VINYL (NEW YORK DOLLS) Label:STRAIGHT TO THE TOP - 12 " EP recorded with the late NY Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan -We got these straight from GREG ALLEN , he says there are only a few left! “"This final recording from New York Dolls/Heartbreakers drummer Jerry Nolan is an inspired marriage of Nolan’s NYC circa ’76 punchdrunk proto punk panache and stalwart guitarist/vocalist Greg Allen’s switchblade swagger. A last hurrah worthy to the L.A.M.F. legacy." — Alan di Perna (Guitar World, Guitar Aficionado)."These recordings were made in September of ’91, half way between Johnny [Thunders’] death, and Jerry’s own demise. In addition to Greg Allen on guitar and vocals, and bassist Chicago Vin Earnshaw, there are guest appearances by old pals Buddy Bowser on sax, and Walter Lure on guitar. The music is straight ahead Stones/Dolls/Heartbreakers style rock’n’roll. It’s what Jerry loved most and did best." James Marshall - April 2012, NYCQuotes about Greg Allen’s music in general"Greg Allen happens to be quite a musician and he writes good songs...He's good. He's really, really good."- Jerry Nolan, Tee Vee Tunes Records interview, 1991"Greg Allen played with ex-New York Doll Jerry Nolan and his band features some other folks with good bloodlines. They play rock music or, more specifically, "the kind they don’t make anymore..."- Bob Gulla, The Providence Phoenix, 2004 (Jun 18, 2004)LP $25 SKU:19308


GOLEM - Orion Awakes(70s psych)Label:ACME/ LION Epic early to mid-1970's instrumental psychedelic space-rock from the Pyramid Records archive, said to be pseudonymous after-hours studio sessions featuring the biggest names on the Krautrock scene at the time; heavy drums, jamming guitars and Hammond organ: in short, and amazing improvised free-form trip of impressive magnitude, on par with the music of Krautrock heavyweights like Neu! and Gila. An adventurous atmosphere throughout, whether the result is hallucinogenic and jazzy ('Jupiter'), the heavy freak and roll of 'The Returning,' with crushing guitars and massive, repetitive almost funky rhythm, or the Jimi Hendrix-inspired 'Godhead Dance.' Booklet essay examines the controversy surrounding this and other recordings first made known to the world via Virgin Records' three disc "Unknown Deutschland" series of compilations from the 19901s, including the fact that one "Genius P Orridge" is named as producer of the Golem album. It1s clear enough to all that Genius P Orridge is strangely similar to the name Genesis P Orridge, he of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV fame. The fact that the other names on the Golem album jacket lead nowhere only adds to the confusion. In any case, a deep and fascinating record, still fresh despite the years... and meant to be played loud. 3A space-rockin' hybrid of Gila and instrumental Hendrix type moves, Golem were another band from the lost Pyramid Records archive. Totally instrumental, and a feast for guitar fans... On first listen Golem comes across as a lost classic of Krautrock without a doubt, with a music that blends everything from Neu! to Novalis, and all crammed full of solos.2 ‹Crack in the Cosmic Egg CD $14 SKU:11999

HORIES, LOS -Dont Bother Us (tear out your vocal chords rock'n'roll party magic.)-Label:OFF THE HIP Los Hories have been holed up in their garage (yes they really do practice in a garage) next to a matt black ford panel van, churning out party anthems all summer. While the rest of New Zealand was holidaying at the beach Los Hories chose the power of homebrew beer and bbq's to deliver you 11 slices of pure yell it at the wall, tear out your vocal chords rock'n'roll party magic. Whats the Time? It's Horie time! the new album recorded by New Zealand's Los Hories. Laid straight to tape by one man country band Boss Christ in an abandoned scottish marching hall. 11 tracks of pure BBQ Rock'n'Roll recorded under the influence of home brew beer, parties and burnouts! The artwork for the record was by Luke Wood a.k.a the Damned Evangelist, New Zealand's intense alpha surf rock band. CD $6 SKU:19317

INFINITY- Collected Works 1969-70 (UK heavy psych/pop sound legends) Label:ACME Legendary UK psych outfit Infinity formed in 1969 from the ashes of “Chocolate Soup” psych faves the Flies and Cymbaline. The mission: to develop a heavy psychedelic/pop sound, and express it through complex original songs. Thanks to some funky Hammond organ, punchy guitars, and the band’s unique harmonies, Infinity were no run of the mill outfit. Upon their return to mainland England from a residency in Jersey, they joined the high-profile NEMS agency, alongside heavy hitters like Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Soft Machine, and Pretty Things. In late 1969 and early 1970, following support slots with The Searchers and Marmalade, Infinity recorded original material for a proposed album, which was meant to explore “time, space, matter, energy and chicken phal, said in some circles to be so hot in a culinary sense that it's temperature approached infinity,” or so they have said, with tongue-in-cheek, we have to believe. Sadly, they broke up soon after the sessions. The good news is that the band left behind the recordings presented on this disc, which can now be enjoyed in the digital format after the passage of more than four decades! Comes with a 24-page booklet which includes band history, photos, and more, printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. CD $14 SKU:11333

LA BASTARD- TALES FROM THE BEYOND(eclectic mix of 50s rock ‘n roll,60s surf, soul and 80s punk) Label:OFF THE HIP CD $8 SKU:19305

SUNFOREST-The Sound of(UK Acid folk‘69)20-page booklet with additional insider information on the band, & lyrics-Label:ACME LION There was once a band called Sunforest, who recorded a splendid album in 1969. The record is (as has been said elsewhere) a unique compendium of UK acid folk with a popsike feel, sporting harpsichord and (somewhat) medieval-tinged arrangements integrated into electric and acoustic folk-esque tunes. But one thing must be said straight away: the Sunforest album is not at all twee—the songs are far too clever, and the production (by legendary producer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven) has far too much depth—we say this despite cover art that seems to have misled people since the album was released. Worthy of special mention is the phenomenal folk/funk vibe-fest 'Magician In The Mountain,' which has made this LP the object of desire of many a DJ and a sampler. And, of course, lest we forget, the Sunforest album supplies the answer to the recent burning question (for those of you living in the UK): “What’s that song on the Marks and Spencer TV advert—the one with Twiggy and those other girls in it, singing, "I want to marry a lighthouse keeper.” Why, it’s ‘Lighthouse Keeper,’ of course! The sound of Sunforest was enlivened by contributions from exceptional and experienced studio musicians. On this album, you can hear supple work from bass guitarist par excellance Herbie Flowers (it’s his bass that makes Lou Reed's ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ one of the best late-night songs ever written; he also played bass on the Serge Gainsbourg’s “Histoire de Melody Nelson”). He was joined for the Sunforest sessions by his compatriot in the Jean-Claude Vannier Orchestra, guitarist on an incredible variety of UK number one hit songs (fifty-nine to be exact), including the Kink’s “You Really Got Me,” Thunderclap Newman’s "Something in the Air,’ and Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s orgasmic classic ‘Je t'aime... moi non plus’: session-guitarist extraordinaire (and the mastermind behind the Lord Sitar and “Sitar Beat” albums), Big Jim Sullivan. Yes, here on the Sunforest album these two titans of UK rock can be found working with another legend, Vic Smith, on what turned out to be the only release from a trio of unpretentious girls, discovered in a cafe. Ah, the wondrous 1960’s! Includes a 20-page booklet with additional insider information on the band, as well as lyrics. Licensed from Decca/Universal, UK. CD $12 SKU:8390

T2- It’ll All Work Out in Boomland plus bonus tracks and booklet (Epic mixture of prog rock, psych& blues) Label:ACME LION Hefty booklet contains extensive musicological analysis by composer and musician Andrew Keeling, which includes illuminating interviews with band members Peter Dunton and Keith Cross, as well as detailed illustrations. Included as bonus are three tracks from BBC Sessions recorded in October 1970 CD $14 SKU:15621

BEVIS FROND- Aunt Winnie DOUBLE LP- SLIGHT CORNER CRUNCH DISCOUNT! Label:CHERRY RED Sixth album by The Bevis Frond. Originally released in 1989, and ripe for rediscovery. Four stars in Sounds, it was hailed as mixing “cosmic psycho instrumentals, melodic subterfuge plus guitar and Hammond duelling,” which was applauded as being “groovy as hell.” Hero worshipped by Byron Coley in Forced Exposure, raved about in psych fanzines across the globe, ‘Auntie Winnie’ is a timeless freak out that traverses the four corners of the world especially on the Egypt-inspired ‘City Of The Sun’. A true buried gem from one of music’s unsung heroes now rightfully re-evaluated. Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by The Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman. LP $14 SKU:19295

BEVIS FROND- Triptych DOUBLE LP (:80s psych legends) SLIGHT CORNER CRUNCH DISCOUNT! Label:CHERRY RED 80s psych legends vinyl version comes with four additional tracks (one whole LP side)! Hailed with the same breathless enthusiasm as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips (hah, when have those three been referenced in the same breath?) ‘Triptych’ is further proof of the quality of The Bevis Frond legacy. Now with additional tracks in this limited edition format. “A trip worth taking!” squealed Foster Child magazine. Who can argue? Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by Nick Saloman. Basically, this album is worth buying for the track 'Lights Are Changing,' an incredibly catchy slice of pre-Teenage Fanclub sounding bliss. The best songs have great hooks and walls of psychedelic lo-fi guitar. The 19-minute 'Tangerine Infringement Beak' is here too. LP $14 SKU:19294

GREEN -ST The ultimate reissue of this vaunted power pop classic! •Limited edition of 500 copies •Color insert comes with notes, lyrics, and photos from band leader Jeff Lescher Label:LION Green arrived on the alternative rock scene in the mid-80s, amidst a Chicago scene that included bands like Naked Raygun, Big Black, and Ministry. While Green bypassed the major label-express that other bands rode to fame and fortune, they continued to make records their own way, records which were lauded in the pages of Trouser Press, Spin, and The Village Voice, among others. And with each passing year there are those many who are convinced that their debut LP is worthy of those Mojo/VH1/Spin/ lists of the top 50 or 100 rock albums of all time. Green may be the bee’s knees for power poppers, but they deserve much more notice than that. They were an all-embracing band, with a taste for punk, glam rock and soul—and with the twitchy sort of energy that burbled around in the late-80s, pre-grunge underground (a little Feelies anyone?). It remains a mystery why so many other bands are fixed in the collective memory as the era's best; at the very least, Green should make a list of top obscure pop groups of all time! Color insert has band history and lyrics, plus many a fine photo, all courtesy of band leader Jeff Lescher. According to one astute reviewer: "Green darts through decades of pop history as impatiently as the 'Spiral Scratch'-era Buzzcocks, with band leader Jeff Lescher’s voice ranging from Princely falsetto to gravel-tinged field holler, but most often sounding as though someone stepped on Paul McCartney’s toes in 1965." Another reviewer quite rightly added, "This is such a flawless pop masterpiece that I’m not even ashamed to trot out terms like 'flawless pop masterpiece.'"LP $15 SKU:19293

SYNDICATE, THE -The Egyptian Thing : L.A. Garage 1965(in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos)-Label:BREAK-A-WAY The “Egyptian Thing” album presents the band’s four A's & B's alongside four unreleased, same-calibre tracks from the same period, and an earlier 45 by the Ris-Kays featuring Syndicate front man Bill Rash. An in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos compiles the legacy of a band, whose 45s are among the top wanted items in their genre, making this release the ultimate Syndicate collection and an unforgettable garage punk adventure. TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE LP $17 SKU:15579

LORD STREET SOUND - BEHIND THE DUMB (JOHNNY CASINO DETROIT STYLED ROCK) IMPORTLabel:OFF THE HIP A new studio album from Johnny Casino with a few friends in tow; Mike Burnham of Tardis studios fame on drums, and Rodney Agar of the Mess Makers on vocals. Johnny Casino is known for delivering classic Detroit styled rock as part of Asteroid B-612, Easy Action and most recently with Johnny Casino and The Secrets. This new album is a slight departure from that trajectory: equal parts garage, rock, plus a little soul thrown into the tribal grooves contained hereinCD $8 SKU:19235

LOS CHICOS- 10 YEARS OF SHAKIN FAT AND LAUNCHIN SHIT ( Texas Punk Garage style)Label:OFF THE HIP Spanish party band , a mix between Black Flag and the Shananas or like Otis Redding with a Texas Punk Garage band with their gear about to explode!CD $8 SKU:19243

MASS CULT- This Aint No Paradise-(60s Stooges/MC5 style)Label:OFF THE HIP 70's inspired punk mixed with 60's garage. Heavy/dark guitars, overdriven farfisa organs, Stooges/MC5 feel. CD $8 SKU:19238

ONE THOUSAND YEARS- GET YOUR RABBITS FOOT AND RUN (Black Crowes styled blues /classic rock) Label:OFF THE HIP Black Crowes styled blues /classic rock & roll with a dash of blues and a pinch of soul. CD $8 SKU:19247

ASTEROID B-612- Not Meant For This World DBL CD (Aussie Garage Rock) -Label:OFF THE HIP This double CD reissue charts their Au-Go-Go years. Taking in the whole "Not Meant For This World" album (outta print for yonks), the "Teen Sublimation Riffs" ep (unavailable for even longer) plus 2 bonus tracks plus another 8 studio demos for the album - both Johnny Spittles and Stew Cunningham testify the demos are BETTER than the released versions!! Comes with great liner notes from man-about-town Richie Ramone. All tracks remastered for this release. CD $14 SKU:9191

PAINKILLERS-FEEL THE PAIN (NOT the Alive band!)Label:OFF THE HIP WITH the legendary James Baker of Victims/Scientists/GurusCD $8 SKU:19236

THEE PSYCHO DELMATICS -Tough Guys Can DAnce (PRIMAL GARAGE)Label:OFF THE HIP Primitive, primal rock n roll, and project an image that is heavily in vein to the can say it has a 50s-meets-garage sound. CD $8 SKU:18912

FABLE - Get The "L" Outta Here (STONER Hendrix style band ltd ed of 500, 3 sided dbl lp, insert, ad photos )Label:LION Includes one page (doubl-sided) insert, w/info and pictures limited to 500 copies (3-sided 2xLP)
• Fable's stated influences: Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Robin Trower, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Sir Lord Baltimore. LP $15 SKU:15363


COMMON PEOPLE- Of the People (60s garage psych ala Seeds and Lollipop Shoppe)Label:ACID SYMPOSIUM By the People, For the People.. This superbly moody album first appeared on Capitol in 1969. Produced by Lord Tim Hudson (The Seeds, The Lollipop Shoppe) and arranged by David Axelrod, its a superb blend of garage rock and orchestrated psychedelia, featuring a threesong opening salvo truly unlike anything else in pop. This is its fullest-ever release, complete with liner notes detailing what little has ever been discovered about the band CD $8 SKU:6040


EYES THE- ARRIVAL OFTHE EYES Complete (60s garage) 24 page booklet-Label:Lion (canada) Contains all the bands output-released and unreleased-including demo versions, alternates, and the entire Pupils Tribute To The Rolling Stones exploitation album from 1966 as a bonus. Fat 24-page booklet is packed with zippy notes on the band, photos, and pages from the bands own fan-club pamphlet. IMPORT CD $14 SKU:4941

BLISS- Return to Bliss(Excellent 1969 HARD PSYCH)Label:VOID Arizona power-trio Bliss' second album, previously unreleased. How can that be, you ask? During the making of the classic eponymous Bliss LP (released on Canyon in 1968/69), the band recorded two LP's at once—the second was never released, until now. Raw, heavy power trio action from Arizona (Brad Reed, Rusty Martin and Corky Aldred), very powerful indeed; producer, as on the Canyon LP, was Hadely Murrell. Some feel that ‘Hippies, Cops And A Bunch Of Rocks’ and ‘Music Train’ are destined to become classics of the psychedelic genre. LP $15 SKU:19257

BLUE THINGS, THE- Blue Things Story Volume One SALE - Label: "The Blue Things Story Volume One is back, originally issued in 1987, it has been out of print since 1989, now in a limited edition blue vinyl pressing of 600 copies. Also expanded to include a whooping nineteen tracks." LP $14 SKU:11361

KNIGHT RIDERS -SAN FRANCISCO 1965-THE AUTUMN SESSION (mid '60s Brit invasion/garage) -Label:BREAKAWAY Any fan of mid '60s Brit invasion, garage and folk rock should get this! Really!!!An LP of great 1965 recordings from SF legends (by word of mouth) THE KNIGHT RIDERS (who'd later be responsible for an acetate album under the Jungle moniker), combining British invasion energy with west-coast folk-rock harmonies. The band put these nine track to tape for Autumn Records (Beau Brummels, early Grateful Dead, Great Society), but unfortunately the label never took care of a proper release. But now you can get these tunes afterall! On offer are eight superbly infectious group originals and a killer version of Dylan's 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right' that has the same class as The Byrds' 'Mr. Tambourine Man'. LP $19 SKU:17122

MORNING DEW - Early Years(60s psych)W INSERT AND PHOTOS-Label:Break- A-way The Morning Dew are mainly known for their highly regarded 1970 psychedelic album recorded for Roulette Records. Between 1966 – 1969, the band had already established a live-and recording history as a local and regional garage and psychedelic band and along with The Blue Things, were one of Kansas' most exciting regional top-acts. This LP presents fourteen early recordings including the 1966 Audio House session, both their 1966/67 singles A´s & B´s for Fairyland Records and alternative versions on side one. Side two features the band‘s 1968 Fairyland summer sessions, which forged a complex psychedelic sound that culminated in a record deal with Roulette Records. This release covers the band’s local years from 1966 – 69 and includes material never before released or unavailable on vinyl for years.LP comes with an in-depth insert with a cache of photos and trivia tracing the genesis of a band that started as an instrumental group in 1963 and ended after their garage days as a now much respected psychedelic band. LP $16 SKU:10857

MOTHS- ST (UK underground hippie acid-folk 1970) Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) UK underground hippie acid-folk from 1970, originally released as a micro-pressing of less than 30 copies on the collectable Deroy custom label. Mellow atmosphere with acoustic guitars, flute, bongos, bass and refreshing, sincere vocals. A few self-penned tracks plus some amazing & haunting covers of people like Incredible String Band, David Ackles, Dylan, Tim Buckley, Bert Jansch. Rated with the maximum rarity on Hans Pokora’s “3001 Record Collecting Dreams”. Remastered sound, insert with liner notes and photos. New cover design (the original album came in a plain white sleeve). “…Enchanting atmosphere and fragrant mellow vibes. Soft vocals, vivid earthy use of bongoes, and haunting flutes possess the LP in its entirety. The vocals throughout are subdued, laid-back beyond mellow...folk lost in a sleepy haze, for the beach on a warm summer's night...comforting diffused light hazily pulls the listener into dreamscapes where flutes softly cut swathes through mists with doleful but captivating sounds, crystalline clarity of sound...One of the rarest, obscurest UK releases” – Stephen Smith (Progressive Music) LP $28 SKU:16280

REDONDOS - Full Circle With(glossy Inlay w/pic and liners. 300 copies Painstakingly remastered at KSL; Incl. unreleased originals; Great LP sized full glossy Inlay w/pic and liners. 300 copies only Limited, vinyl-only release for collectors and connoisseurs of vintage garage music and offers a valuable insight into the history of one of the most exciting Pacific Northwest psychedelic Bands - The United Travel Service. Founded in Portland, Oregon, three members of UTS took their first musical steps in the Redondos. Like their successors, the band left a large number of unreleased recordings dating from 1965. Influenced by early sixties Surf and inspired by the British Invasion, the Redondos created a unique sound belting out an amazing mix of storming Surf tunes, Rock ‘n’ Roll standards, and moody originals, written by lead guitarist Ben Hoff. The innocent charm of their Beau Brummels type edgy folkbeat already reflects the magic and authenticity of the later United Travel Service material and sets The Redondos apart from the typical mid-sixties regional Northwest Sound of the time. The Redondos never released any records, but after a serious run through their musical legacy, we have sorted out and remastered their best tracks to a great blend of enjoyable covers and stand-out originals sounding like a rockin' Bobby Fuller Four is meeting the moody beat of the Beau Brummels. For the group, these recordings reflect a special moment in time after a gap of nearly fifty years. LP $17 SKU:15156

SEA-DERS - ANTHOLOGY (60s Lebanese Rock)Booklet contains liner notes by Mike Stax -Label:GROOVIE Contains all known grooving and infectious Middle Eastern inflected rock/beat tracks from the Sea-ders (or Cedars, depending on which 45 label you look at), Lebanon's top musical export to the world. Eight dynamic tracks, with driving rhythms, blazing electric bouzouki (or oud?), recorded between 1966-1968. Fantastic! Many groups have used elements of Eastern music to add mystery and exotica to their sound; the Sea-ders didn't flirt with foreign culture—they tapped right into the source. Decca Records contacted the group and offered them a record deal in the UK. Well, that didn't pan out, making the band's EP a very rare item indeed, despite being one of the most exciting releases of the era. Faced with studio bills from Decca, they sold their instruments and equipment and moved back to Beirut, leaving this perfect microcosm of exotic '60s pop in their wake. Liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine). Limited pressing of only 500 copies. This time around, vinyl is mastered at 45 RPM, for maximum fidelity. The Sea-ders would only record eight tracks, but what amazing tracks they are!“As Record Collector magazine once noted, the Sea-Ders took a decidedly different tack when approaching this thing that is rock & roll. Instead of spiraling into over the top eastern-flavored otherness (like so many of their peers at the time) the Sea-Ders, having landed in London and signed to Decca in 1967, embraced a more primal, early Kinks-esque, approach to their songwriting. Coming from Beirut their take on the genre was already unique with succinct flourishes of psych and freakbeat coupled with their inherent cultural influences. Like so many non-western takes on the genre, the end result is a curious and unexpected gem.” —Aquarium Drinkard “They effortlessly combine hookah-smoked Middle-Eastern guitar lines & hand drum beats with flawless London pop-psych production, and the effect is decidedly heady.” —Weirdo Records LP $13 SKU:8849

SEBASTIAN -Head Roach RAREST CANADIAN LP OF ALL TIME!-Label:VOID Collectors have whispered about owning an original in dark corners around the globe, only to have their hopes dashed when no originals turn up. Along came Void with a legitimate vinyl reissue of one of the rarest Canadian albums of all time bar none. When originally issued way back in 1970, the album came with a coloring book to color in the roaches. Soon the cover was banned for it's drug implications making the original hideously rare. Void Records with Sebastian has released a 500 vinyl pressing. The cover, reproduced from the original is glossy and brilliant. A lyric sleeve has been added as a bonus. Songs include 'Let's Go To The Drug Store,' 'Toking Alone,' 'They Call Her Pig' and more. Acidy, druggie electric folk with a touch Of Zappaesque humor tossed in. LP $15 SKU:19259

STEPSON- Lost Tapes (Bluesy hard rock 1974 Ltd ed with insert,liners and photos )-Label:LION/ VINTAGE Including full size insert with detailed liner notes by Doug Sheppard, plus photos, and lyrics Bluesy hard rock band that rose from the ashes of Touch. Their sole album was released on ABC/Dunhill Records in 1974. Despite the fact that the band never toured in support of their amazing album, over the years the word has gotten out about this incredible album and the band enjoys cult success among collectors. Easily one of the best examples of "cock rock" ever put onto wax.• Long sought after unreleased recordings from this hard-nosed raunchy Detroit-style 70s hard rock band whose 1974 debut album on ABC is highly regarded. Memorable tracks featuring vicious growling guitar from Joey Newman, soulful vocals of Jeffs Hawks, along with the non-stop rocking backbone of Bruce Hauser (bass) and Len Fagan (drums). These guys really knew how to ride the pocket and lay down some badass rock ‘n’ roll. LP $14 SKU:15357

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Live at the Fillmore 1966 ( full-color booklet with background notes and rare images ) - Label:KEYHOLE (UK) Grace Slick joined Jefferson Airplane in mid-October 1966, and this incredible live set was recorded at San Francisco's most renowned live venue a month later, during the sessions for their breakthrough Surrealistic Pillow (1967) album. It captures the band at the end of their embryonic journey, as they evolved from their folk-rock beginnings into the psychedelic style for which they are best known, just before the San Francisco scene exploded internationally. Includes a full-color booklet with background notes and rare images. CD $17 SKU:16491

SALEM’S POT- LURAR UT DIG (STONER PSYCH)Label:RIDING EASY Mired in drug-derived riffing and classic horror/exploitation ambience, Swedish four-piece Salem’s Pot have plenty of scummer groove in common with Electric Wizard on their debut, …Lurar ut dig på prärien, but if worshiping at the altar of Sabbath and drawn-out fuzz was a crime, we’d all have been put to death years ago. Their reverential depravity comes through in the three extended tracks, “Creep Purple” (14:28), “Dr. Death” (9:52) and “Nothing Hill” (9:12), and the album unfolds in a haze of degenerate psychedelia. LP $18 SKU:18832

SALEM’S POT - PRONOUNCE THIS - DOUBLE GATEFOLDLabel:RIDING EASY “Don’t try to fight it,” the band’s motto implores, “Salem’s Pot has come to destroy your mind.” It’s the same kind of winking tease employed by low budget horror films of the 70s-80s that essentially dared audiences to experience what they knew they wanted, but couldn’t possibly expect. LP $22 SKU:18829

SALEM’S POT- SWEEDEN (STONER PSYCH)Label:RIDING EASY Hazed-out doomadelic trip through your consciousness LP $18 SKU:18831

SALEM’S POT- WATCH ME KILL YOU- Label:RIDING EASY Limited reissue of the 2013 two-track 12" from Sweden's doom mongers. LP $18 SKU:18833

SATELLITERS- More Of(COLOR VINYL, download,old style stick on board jacket - 60’s garage gods )Label:DIONYSUS The Satelliter's "What's Up With Timothy Dee" was original released by Screaming Apple Records and contains 16 songs they recorded at IronBar Studios in Darmstadt with production assistance by Lolo Blumler and Toe-Rag, London with the legendary Liam Watson producing the UK sessions. This was their most pounding, roaring and authentic trip into US-American mid-sixties garage-punk up to date, mixing harp-driven punk-tunes, raving instrumentals and well-assorted cover-versions (BOB SEGER SYSTEM`s "2 + 2 = ?", THE EVIL'S "Movin On" and THE REMAINS' "Once Before"). Released on vinyl and CD, the record sold out fast after rave reviews in Rolling Stone, Visions, Spex and Ox. Now the vinyl version of this fine platter is available again through Dionysus Records/ USA - the official label of THE SATELLITERS since 1996! LP $14 SKU:16171

SATELLITERS- What’s Up With Timmy Dee?(high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke w download coupon ) - Label:DIONYSUS The Satelliter's "What's Up With Timothy Dee" was original released by Screaming Apple Records and contains 16 songs they recorded at IronBar Studios in Darmstadt with production assistance by Lolo Blumler and Toe-Rag, London with the legendary Liam Watson producing the UK sessions. This was their most pounding, roaring and authentic trip into US-American mid-sixties garage-punk up to date, mixing harp-driven punk-tunes, raving instrumentals and well-assorted cover-versions (BOB SEGER SYSTEM`s "2 + 2 = ?", THE EVIL'S "Movin On" and THE REMAINS' "Once Before"). Released on vinyl and CD, the record sold out fast after rave reviews in Rolling Stone, Visions, Spex and Ox. Now the vinyl version of this fine platter is available again through Dionysus Records/ USA - the official label of THE SATELLITERS since 1996! I'm Gonna Put You DownSultans' Walk LP $14 SKU:15370

SATELLITERS- Where Do We Go ( high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke ) - LTD ED COLOR vINYL - Label:DIONYSUS Where Do We Go?" is the latest release by Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke, THE SATELLITERS. Recorded at IronBar-studios in Germany and released by the world's greatest and lone surviving garage label, Dionysus Records, this album includes 10 original and all-new SATELLITERS songs plus 3 cover-versions: The BIRDS "No Good Without You Baby", "I'll Make You Sorry" by THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT and THE PARAGONS smasher "Abba". This mind-blowing release is housed in style by famous European designer, T.Eschweiler. Along with the albums "High Karate", "Sexplosive", "Wild Knights of Action", "Hashish" and the EPs "Shake Shake Shake" and "The Satelliters", "Where Do We Go?" is an essential and important recorded milestone for fans of fuzz.LP $14 SKU:6977

SEEDS-50th Anniversary Edition w 8 page insert and BONUS LP! Label:GNP • A cornerstone garage punk album in mono on vinyl for the first time in a half-century!• Fully remastered with bonus LP and 8-page insert in a gatefold sleeve
• Features the classics ‘Pushin’ TooHard’ and ‘Can’t Seem To Make You Mine'LP $26 SKU:18179

SHIMMYS- Brunettes on the Rocks(Pandoras style! garage)Label:POP THE BALLOON Second album of garage trash from Australia's premier all girl combo. Suzi, Babs and Kitty return with a more ferocious garage stomp this time 'round. So beware, don't let their saucy looks fool you into thinking they're all sweet 'cause this album proves The Shimmys will dig their fingernails in DEEP once they get their hooks on you!! Includes killer new originals like "Doctor Doctor", "Two Pot Screamer", "He's My Werewolf" plus a few raunchy covers; "Don't Slander Me", "Whatcha Gonna Do". For fans of Gore Gore Girls, Headcoatees, 5678's, and "girls in the garage" styled trash. LP $16 SKU:11278

SHOES - Primal Vinyl -LTD ED of 150 COBALT BLUE VINYL- POWERPOP LEGENDS! LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE EPRESS ON BLUE ViNYL of our Record Store Day release! Limited edition on gorgeous blue vinyl.POWERPOP gods. The disc features 12 songs culled from past albums, demoes and even includes a NEW live version of I Don't Wanna Hear It, from the 2013 tour! LP $20 SKU:17112

SIDEWALK SOCIETY- STRANGE ROADS - THE SONGS OF ROLLED GOLD (CLEAR GOLD VINYL) Label:FRUITS DE MER Sidewalk Society hinted at what they had in store for us last year with their four-track EP featuring covers of songs originally by The Action and David Bowie, but this is what they were building up to - The complete Action LP 'Rolled Gold' recreated with love, flair, style and a whole load more love. supporter. The subsequent departure of lead singer Reg King ensured that the set was never finished with the remaining members moving on to Mighty Baby.
What is clear is that even in their raw form these demos provides an energy and timeless song writing that more than stands up against contemporaries The Small Faces, The Who and yes, The Beatles…. here's what Roger Powell and Ian Whiteman from The Action and Shindig!'s Andy Morten had to say about their new album...
"The 2nd incarnation of the Action, brilliantly re birthed by the Sidewalk Society" Roger Powell"I didn't know what to expect but I think the album will get a lot of interest. There's nothing quite like it out there." Ian Whiteman“A brilliant, bonkers and brave idea that exceeds all expectations.” Andy Morten
For those who find joy in the bubblegum, the psychedelic and the throwback, Fruits de Mer will be a household name, as might Sidewalk Society, an old-skool group with hints of Southern rock, Grateful Dead exuberance and a solid guitar-to-piano ratio. Their songs are semi-shambolic and super nostalgic for a time when the '60s was actually the furthest into existence earth had got. Strange Roads is for fans of chunky rock songs with crooning harmonies and a whole lotta respect for anything from Sgt. Peppers to CCR. LP $22 SKU:16166

SIDEWALK SOCIETY - VENUS, SATURN AND THE CRESCENT MOON- (PSYCH POWER POP) COLOR VINYL Label:GRANDIOSO Blending the best in mod, psych and sixties inspired rock-pop.SHINDIG REVIEWVenus, Saturn and The Crescent Moon, the group’s second full-length, grooves on jagged, aggressive powerpop, breezy orchestral pop – as guest players help out on brass and strings – and jamming mod-psych freeform with amazing results. - Alan Brown, Shindig! magazine LP $15 SKU:16452

SIGN OFFS - s/t (kick-ass punk rock)SAALE -Label:DISASTER COLOR VINYL with one non-CD bonus track. What the hell is it about young kids from culturally dead suburban wastelands that makes for such goddamn good rock? Case in point: Cleveland's The SIGN OFFS. Whereas most punk kids are happy just to dress the part and play in useless, shitty bands until banking or insurance sales brings dreary normality to their doors, this bunch of high-schoolers from way-the-hell out on the far-west side of town, knocking out quickie rock'n'roll burners inspired by the usual suspects, (D-Generation, Turbonegro, G'nR, US Bombs, AC/DC, Dead Boys) quickly matured into a powerhouse live band. The the singer and both guitarists just turned 18 when they recorded this album, and one of the members was still in high-school. Some high-energy kick-ass punk rock rooted in their hometown's tradition. LP $5 SKU:4835