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This weekend we have a nice batch of rarities and oddities from all over the world… lots of 60s and 70s titles featuring music from everywhere on the globe… Greek prog, British heavy rock, U.S psych, and Paraguayan powerpop. Get that shovel and dig in! Limited quantities.

ALSO our source has dug a little deeper into his warehouse and unearthed a few more copies of things we listed last week and ran out of quickly, check the RESTOCKS section - click the pink button below!

Plus, FINALLY back in stock, SHOT IN THE DARK, a fantastic book by the legendary photographer DAVID ARNOFF, including Stiv Bators, Motorhead, Nick Cave, X, Jayne/Wayne County, Walter Lure the Dead Boys, & the Cramps. Get one!

Thanks for all, we couldn’t do it without you!
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Reviews are still rolling in for our boys HANDSOME JACK. Spill Magazine says: “Whether riding a Black Crowes slipstream, slipping on a whisky-soaked Creedence bender, or simply powering through some straight up loud raunchy blues rock, Handsome Jack continues to grow and impress with Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. If “Boogie blues” is your bag than you absolutely want this album in heavy rotation.” READ MORE HERE

Be sure to get our other new releases, everybody’s favorite rock and roll kids, BEECHWOODwith their TRASH GLAMOUR ALBUM, and PAUL COLLINSwith his latest record OUT OF MY HEAD.

And be sure to visit the ALIVE siteto hear some tunes, watch some videos, and check the tour dates. HANDSOME JACK, LEFT LANE CRUISER, JAMES LEG, PAUL COLLINS and LONESOME SHACK all on tour now.


ARMAGGEDON-ST (Anglo blues Heavy rock 1970)Label:MISSING VINYL Revered by many wise listeners as one of the finest heavy rock albums of the early 1970’s, this was the only effort of Anglo-American blues rock from former Agitation Free/Emergency/Inga Rumpf guitarist and vocalist Frank Diez’s short-lived group. LP $22 SKU:20846

AZITIS - HELP (stunning West Coast mystical psych)Label:MISSING Psychedelic firestorm with strong melodies, gentle vocals, and moody passages with swirly organ that sound like they were lifted out of the middle of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. First ever official reissue.Exact replica of the original cover.Taken from the original master tapes. Fully authorized. 750 pieces limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl. LP $22 SKU:20847

CARGO - St DBL LP (Dutch 70s psych w. liners by Doug Sheppard of Ugly Things) Label:PSEUDONYM 180 gram vinyl, 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve. Japanese plastic bag., liners. This deluxe 2LP reissue gives you not only the original four-song LP and artwork, but four previously unreleased bonus tracks, incredible remastered sound, and extensive liner notes telling the full Cargo story by Doug Sheppard of Ugly Things magazine. All demos are previously unreleased. DOUBLE LP $26 SKU:14159

CICCADA- TALES (Greek psych) Label:MISSING VINYL Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, limited to 300 copies and presented in a heavy cover,this is a 2016 mini-LP by the Greek psych rock band. The two side-long tracks, 'The Ring, A Child, Her Laugh' and 'A Dream In The Realm Of Shadows', were previosuly issued on two French CD-comps from the Musea label. • Brand new 12” mini-LP. • 300pcs limited 180g vinyl. • Deluxe heavy cover. • Previously unreleased on vinyl LP $18 SKU:20848

CRASH COFFIN-ST (Private press 1974 psych)Label:MISSING VINYL Very rare and sought after by early 70s US psychedelic collectors worldwide. Not unjustly so, since it contains one of the best psychedelic songs ever recorded (God Loves the Loser) and a couple of other great moody psych tracks. It contains 2 unreleased bonus tracks from the same period. 500 pcs limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, heavy original cover and insert with group history. Insert also contains a sketch of how the original cover was supposed to become, if it were not for lack of funds, that led to an original release with plain white covers - half of them carrying Crash Coffins signature. LP $22 SKU:10991

FLIES -Complete Collection 1965-68 (UK Fuzz psych legends of Choc Soup for Diabetics fame)Label:ACME lion From the opening riff of the Flies’ hard-edged debut single for Decca, ‘(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone,’ you might think that here was a band who were destined for glory—possibly even fame and fortune. But their story, like that of many awe-inspiring UK underground bands from the 1960s, was not a success story. Yes, the Flies had a few other releases on Decca and RCA, none of which attained any chart success. If not for the inclusion of this one slab of fuzz psychedelia on the legendary compilation "Chocolate Soup for Diabetics", the Flies would perhaps have remained unknown to devotees of the 1960s psychedelic scene. Still, this was a band that played major gigs with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, and Traffic, and were a big part of the mayhem at the legendary 14-hour Technicolour Dream event in London in 1967; this is a band whose key members founded bands like Please, T2, Bulldog Breed, Gun, and Infinity, and whose producer was Ivor Raymonde, who co-authored and arranged Dusty Springfield’s big hits for Philips (and also sired Cocteau Twins’ bassist Simon Raymonde). Although commercial success eluded them, it is fitting that the Flies have now achieved cult fame—their singles, which range from freakbeat to Mark Wirtz-esque pop/psych, merit the acclaim, and their introspective demos are perhaps even better. Contains everything by the Flies—released and unreleased—including demo versions, and alternates LP $22 SKU:20817

JODI Pop Espontáneo-Psychedelic garage, proto-power pop and psych-funk from Paraguay, 1969-1975!Label:OUT-SIDER MUSIC sychedelic garage, proto-power pop and psych-funk from Paraguay, 1969-1975!“Pop Espontáneo” includes a selection of previously unreleased recordings by Joern and Dirk Wenger’s duo JODI, registered at their state-of the-art 8-track home studio in Asunción, Paraguay. Living in their own isolated world and free from any commercial pressure, Joern Wenger, a kind of Paraguayan Brian Wilson or R. Stevie Moore, created a particular, ahead of its time sound, using electric guitars, fuzz boxes, Moog, Mellotron, Clavinet, Farfisa…RIYL: BEATLES, KINKS, SHOES, JAN HAMMER, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CLEANERS FROM VENUS, ARIEL PINK, GUIDED BY VOICES, BEAT HAPPENING, TROPICALIA…
LP $30 SKU:20836

LIVING SACRIFICE BAND-Beauty for ashes (75-82 West Coast Xtian heavy rock) - Label:ANAZITISI From 1975 to 1982 the Living Sacrifice Band would play literally hundreds of concerts from the west coast to the east coast and privately produce 3 albums between 1977 and 1981. "Beauty for ashes" is their second one, from 1979. Side A contains 5 pleasant xian folk-rock ballads, with beautiful female vocals and excellent flute and keyboards work, reminiscent of early 70's UK bands. Side B seems to be different enough, containing three extended rock (you could even call them heavy rock) tracks with female and male vocals as well and lots of fuzzy, distorted guitars, and wild flute leads. 3 tracks of the album are (co-)written by Jim and Vicky Tsapatoris of Last Call Of Shiloh fame. This is an officialy reissue, represented here with the original B/W cover which is much rarer than the second edition from 1980, with the well-known "Flower Girl" cover. Fully laminated cover. Includes extra triptych (6-pages LP-sized) insert with bio, photos, lyrics and memorabilia and a reproduction of the second 1980 edition's ("Flower Girl") front and back cover. Reproduction of an LSB original poster is also included. Limited to 200 black and 100 coloured copies. 180gr vinyl as usual. PVC protective outsleeve LP $22 SKU:20838

MAD TIMOTHY-A Very Snug Joiner (prev. unknown late ‘60s/ early‘70s acetate heavy blooz-psych-Label:OUT-SIDER MUSIC First ever release for this previously unknown late ‘60s/ early ‘70s acetate, rescued from a thrift store in Chicago. Damaged heavy blooz-psych in the vein of Blue Cheer, Majic Ship, Mount Rushmore, Houston Fearless, Apryl Fool, Sweet Slag, Mutzie, Aum, Screw, or a wasted teenage Canned Heat.In these digital and interconnected times, it’s very rare to find an album from the 60s-70s which hasn’t been documented or “discovered” yet. That’s the case with a mysterious demo LP titled “A Very Snug Joiner” by a band called Mad Timothy. In words of Steve Krakow (of Plastic Crimewave / Galactic Zoo): “A friend of mine found this no-jacket LP at a thrift shop, and there is ZERO information on them--no one knows anything and I've spoken to many collectors. Very cool sludgy Blue Cheer/Majic Ship/Mount Rushmore kind of vibe--with a few folkier tracks---it’s all pretty charmingly primitive-- I think people would want to hear this!”Even knowing that our efforts to track down the band were fruitless, we thought that this rarity deserved to be shared with the world, so we at Out-Sider / Guerssen in collaboration with Steve’s Galactic Archive imprint, are doing a vinyl edition of the Mad Timothy demo album, hoping that any of the band members will see it and contact us…*The audio has been lovingly restored for full thudding blastage, with new artwork by underground sculptor Robert Buchholz and Plastic Crimewave (Galactic Zoo Dossier) LP $28 SKU:20837

SPIES -ST (60’s Greek beat-garage) W INSERT Label:ANAZITISI The Spies was a late 60’s Greek beat-garage band. During their lifetime they managed to release just one single in 1968, which is very rare nowadays. This album contains this rare single as well as four recently unearthed unreleased studio recordings from 1969. Two more songs from the “rockier” The Spies mkII are also included. These last tracks are live recordings from a club where the band was playing in 1972 and are of mediocre sound quality—but we had to include them in order to be able to present to you the complete works of this significant and overlooked band. Includes: *Fully laminated cover. *4-page, LP-sized, insert with bio and photos. *Limited to 350, hand-numbered, black copies. *180gr vinyl as usual. *Resealable nylon outersleeve. LP $24 SKU:20839  Sample:

TAPIMAN- HARD DRIVE (legendary 1971 hard-rock-psychedelic)Label:GUERSSEN (Spain) Spanish monster rarity! the legendary 1971 hard-rock-psychedelic album’s first-ever vinyl reissue, with new legit mastering! Extremely underground hard-rocking power trio, features members of Iceberg & Maquina. : Previously unreleased homemade recordings from 1971 by Barcelona’s hairiest power trio. Raw, in-your-face hard-rock and proto-metal plus some surprising psychedelic, Canterbury styled moves. Featuring the very first line-up of the band comprised of killer guitar player Miguel Ángel Núñez, the legendary Tapi (ex-Máquina!) on drums and Pepe Fernández on bass. Includes a cover of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan", a killer first version of "No Control" featuring Núñez on guitar (later recorded again for their first album with Max Sunyer), the proto-metal sounding "Hard Drive" (not released until now) and more! Deluxe insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos. LP includes digital download Includes fold-out insert w/ photos & liners. Imp. LP $21 SKU:20860

THOMOPOULOS ,ANDREAS-Born Out of the Tears of the Sun (Terrific underground acid folk 1971)-Label:ANAZITISI “Terrific underground acid folk LP by Greek singer/songwriter (now a film director) Andreas Thomopoulos, who lived in UK for many years. Recorded at Chalk Farm and released in 1971, by Mushroom Records (Magic Carpet, Simon Finn “Pass the Distance,” Second Hand, etc.). This is the second album by Thomopoulos, more acid/folk, more sensitive and more enigmatic than his first singer/songwriter effort ("Songs of the Street.”) Thomopoulos accompanies his melancholic voice with guitars, piano, bouzouki, kalimba and harmonica, and gets support from his colleagues from the same label, members of the band Second Hand (Ken Elliot, George Hart and Kieran O'Connor), helping on organ, bass, violin and drums. The well-known Barbara Thompson guests on flute, Malcolm Budd on sitar, Nick Hoare on kalimba, triangle, Tony Pedroza on electric guitars and Raphie on vocals. Lyrics are in English (only ‘The Stranger’ is in Greek—and what a song!!!). A totally vanished album, very rare as an original and a must listen!!! Licensed from Andreas Thomopoloulos. Includes the original lyric sheet plus one more insert with photos. PVC protective outer-sleeve. 180 gram vinyl, as usual.” LP $22 SKU:20840

ZAHIR, AHMAD Vol2 DBL LP -Afghan 70s Psych Folk-Pop LAST COPIES! “Latest installment in the rich Ahmad Zahir discography brings you a new exciting selection of Afghani 70s psychedelic flavoured folk-pop by the voice of a once modern Afghanistan. Organ, wah-wah guitar, tablas, spaghetti-western trumpets, effects and the luxuriant voice of Ahmad make a great mix for anyone into exotic sounds. $24 SKU 20891


SHOT IN THE DARK - Collected Photography of David Arnoff - BOOKS & MAGS Really nice book, the best of its kind we've seen! HARDCOVERIn his stunning catalogue of the nascent punk scene, Arnoff has captured the essence of a period which spawned many young artists who have become icons underground characters who have become essential to the development of legions who have followed in the footsteps of these giants From a baby-faced Nick Cave and The Birthday Party, and fledgling legends, the Cramps, to Los Angelesbeloved X, and the wonderfully loud and rude of many varieties, this book is a delightful romp through the devils playground, with in-your-face concert shots, candid moments with no less than Joan Jett and Blondie, along with brilliant album covers, like the CrampsSongs the Lord Taught Us.One of the best rock photographers of his generation, David Arnoff has been described by Lydia Lunch as a"A renegade misfit from the Rust Belt shooting outcasts who congregate from one ghetto to the next in search of other miscreants to make mischief with"This strictly limited edition of 1500 hardcover (faux-leather bound and embossed hardcover) collects for the first time over 150 of Arnoffs raw black-and-white photographs and vividly captures the dirt, sweat, altered states and ungodly sounds of some of rocks most potent players.Shot in the Dark collects the cream of the crop, both classic & previously unpublished.It is 186 heavyweight pages of in-your-face concert shots & intimate portraits all in one big volume. Volume as in LOUD.This deluxe package is supplemented by personal insights and eye-witness accounts from many of the prime suspects including Stiv Bators, Motorhead, Nick Cave, X, Jayne/Wayne County, Walter Lure, & the Dead Boys, plus a new conversation between Arnoff and Lydia Lunch SKU 18285 $40

ASHBURY -Endless Skies(70s style hard rock private press rarity!) Label:ROCKADROME/VINTAGE (USA): Reissue of classic early hard rock private press record from Arizona! A real gem for fans of classic rock and even 70s metal heads into such obscurities as Legend (From the Fjords) or southern rockers into groups like The Outlaws. Hypnotic vocal hooks and a mystical atmosphere mixing acoustic and electric guitars lures you right into this group's unique hard rock sound. It's amazing how such talent can slip right under the radar.” “Hard rock ripper with progressive edge; been compared to Black Sabbath and Bill Nelson” - The Acid Archives CD $14 SKU:20391

CLIMAX -Gusano Mecánico (70s Bolivian Prog masters)Label:Retro Remasters Plus Bolivian rock band of the late 1960's to mid 1970's. They started as a beat, largely covers, band mixing hard rock, blues and psychedelic influences, issuing a few singles. They went through many styles during their history, later reinventing themselves as an experimental progressive rock outfit with the album "Gusano Mecánico".The Climax LP is widely regarded as a pinnacle of Bolivian prog CD $16 SKU:20731

KALEIDOSCOPE (USA-Pulsating Dream TRIPLE CD(60s psych)Label:FLOATING WORLD One of the few groups of the psychedelic era whose musicianship was equal to their ambition—they delved into every possible musical genre, and invented a couple of their own. CD $16 SKU:19502

MORGEN- ST Essential 1969 psych w 8 bonus tracks a packed booklet and rare photos, essential for fans of psych! Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) One of the greatest heavy psych albums ever made, this mindblower has it all -- trippy songs, spacey production, ace musicianship and jaw-dropping guitar. It's presented here in its fullest-ever version, with the full involvement of the band's enigmatic leader, Steve Morgen. Featuring eight rare bonus tracks (including home recordings made by Morgen and guitarist Murray Shiffrin shortly after the album's December 1969 release), a packed booklet and rare photos, it's truly essential for fans of psychedelia. CD $10 SKU:13801

VAVOURA BAND (LAST COPY!) Ethnic: Soundtracks For Films (heavy stoned Pink Floyd style in a miniature metal film can)Label:IKAROS MUSIC (Greece) An altogether different sort of disc from the Vavoura Band material previously issued by Ikaros—and wow! what a great disc! ethnic flavored instrumentals replete with exotic percussion, swirling guitar lines, and a truly heavy stoned atmosphere reminiscent of early Popol Vuh (if anything), or in some cases early Pink Floyd (when the rest of the band kick in); just as a random sample, the fifth track starts out with a primal yell that will curl your hair, then ventures into abstract heavy progressive territory; the real star here is the exquisite guitar playing of Johnny Vavouras, no matter what the style—and all styles played here certainly validate the claim of being “Ethnic” as the cover of the package states in bold letters; last copies of a limited edition that come in a miniature metal film can—not the only idiosyncratic element to this truly excellent disc. CD $16 SKU:20456

YEZDA URFA -Sacred Baboon (80s zany prog psych)Label:SYN-PHONIC (USA)This on-line review says it all: “What would you get if you combined the sounds of Yes and Gentle Giant with a large dose of psychedelic chemicals? You'd probably get something that sounds a lot like Yezda Urfa. Yezda Urfa is the craziest, zaniest, most incredible progressive rock band that you have never heard. Most of the tracks on “Sacred Baboon” are two speeds: fast and really fast, although they do make room for some lighter moments. Those of you who like guitar dominated progressive rock will have loads to feast on here. Mark Tippins' guitar work always runs full throttle throughout the album with incredibly fast melodic parts, and there's plenty of other virtuosity to be found on the album as well. An ocarina and recorder chorus fill out the beginning of ‘Cancer of the Band.’ Vibes, harpsichords, synths, organs, and voices play in tandem with the guitar. Yezda Urfa pull out all the stops however on ‘3, Almost 4, 6 Yea,’ a high energy track featuring multiple time signatures, cross-cutting sections, and a heartrendingly beautiful classical guitar solo. The album stands up well against similar efforts by other contemporary American acts such as Happy the Man. If you can make it past the juvenile titles such as ‘My Doctor Said I had a Doggie Head’ and ‘Give 'Em Some Rawhide Chewies,’ you'll discover a long-lost classic of prog's darker days. CD $12 SKU:20198

OUR BRILLIANT CAREERS -Cherry Red Rarities 1981-83-Label:CHERRY RED Cherry Red carved out an odd niche for itself apart from the general post-punk flow, thanks largely to eccentric A&R man Mike Always, whose tastes leaned towards melody, Englishness, and the 1960’s. Cherry red became a home for the dashing, debonair whimsy of he Monochrome Set, the mopy bedsit introspection of Eyeless in Gaza, jazzy-folky singer-songwriters Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt (separately and together as Everything But the Girl), and the Television/Velvets descended, plangent splendor of Felt. Although “Pillows and Prayers” is the best-known sampler of the label, its precursor “Perspectives and Distortions” (1981) includes many non-Cherry Red artists, which makes it very interesting; and “Our Brilliant Careers” (2003) scoops up archival arcane. It includes rare tracks by successful Cherry Red artists like Everything But The Girl (plus solo material from both Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt), The Nightingales and The Monochrome Set, plus many more. Most people probably know Five Or Six from their off-key but charming opener 'Portrait' from “Pillows and Prayers”; here we have six like low-key and absorbing tracks from them, most of which have never been on CD: 'Think' and 'Theme' are instrumentals that will surprise a few. There are also three early songs by Ben Watt described modestly by himself as 'dreary and tuneless'. Beautiful instrumental version of 'The Thousand Guitars of St. Dominiques' by the Fantastic Something ends up as the most surprising track—a high point of the collection.” Impressive and intriguing archive collection of rare recordings. COMP CD $5 SKU:20499

PERSPECTIVES AND DISTORTION - VA - Label:CHERRY RED Although “Pillows and Prayers” is the best-known sampler of the label, its precursor “Perspectives and Distortions” (1981) includes many non-Cherry Red artists, which makes it very interesting. In fact, when I bought this compilation in 1981, it was a stunning overview of British experimental 'rock/pop/alterntive' music, played by loads of people I'd never heard of… and a few (like Robert Fripp) that I knew. Time tells us that experimental music can often date really quickly, but most of the music on this comp doesn't. It holds together beautifully, which is surprising because putting arch punks like the Virgin Prunes and Mark Perry in with Kevin Coyne and Robert Fripp, for instance, seems quite out there. Still a lot of names here that I don’t know/remember (A.Tent, the Lemon Kittens), but Matt Johnson (soon to be The The) and Eyeless in Gaza became crucial listening. Listen to it today, and you too might be inspired to check out some new names.” Totally uncommercial music which bordered on the Avant Garde; Outsider Music before anyone thought up the name. COMP CD $5 SKU:20500

BATCH-WAIT'TIL TOMORROW (60s/70's midwest acid psych raritity w insert)Label:ANAZITISI Special limited vinyl edition contains rarities for collectors of 60’s and early 70’s Mid-American Rock ‘n’ Roll All of the tracks recorded between 1968 and early 1970 were home-recordings made on 2-tracks tape-recorders 4-pages insert with lyrics, credits and pics + poster Remastered and restored from the original home-recorded 2-track master tapes LP $19 SKU:18277

BEN-ISRAEL, DANNY- Kathmandu Sessions (Awesome late 60s psychedelic freakouT) - Label:ANAZITISI From Dusty groove “ Here's some pretty awesome late 60s psychedelic freakout gems from a cat we'd never heard of before -- Israeli citizen Danny Ben-Israel -- who only ever recorded a couple of albums worth of material! The massive, free-spiraling tunes that comprise the first 3 tracks on this record combine the kind of way out space trip electric guitar that Hendrix played live but never recorded, and stable bass, drums and Eastern-tinged keyboards that keep it all rock and roll -- no matter how out there Danny's wailing vocals and lyrics go. LP $21 SKU:20818

CARGO -Front Side Back Side LAST COPY(Canada based 60s psych quartet) Label:ANAZITISI Toronto, Canada based psychedelic quartet began as the Prophets in the mid-60's. Then they renamed themselves The City Suite and finally came the Cargo name. As Cargo they released two LPs and two 7" singles before they split up in 1971. Dreamy psychrock with some mild-jazzy atmospheric improvisations and a couple of spoken mayhem freak-out passages coming between the tracks. LP $25 SKU:20832

CIRKUS - One (73 Brit prog with 7”, bios and photos) Label:ANAZITISI Official vinyl reissue of one of the best progressive albums ever resurfaced from the British Islands.Despite being self-recorded, the 1973 debut by this British progressive quintet is one of the most accomplished albums in its genre, recalling the work of Yes, King Crimson and the Moody Blues, with plenty of imaginative keyboard and guitar work. LP $21 SKU:20819

CWT -Hundredweight (1973 Brit heavy rock)LAST COPIES -Label:OHRWASCHL RECORDS/KUCKUCK (Germany) The only album from this English heavy rock trio, released on Kuckuck in 1973—one of the heaviest acts on the label. CWT Guest musician Cy Payne is responsible for the brass arrangements, which gives CWT a very special sound; apart from the fantastic guitar and vocal work of Graham Jones, the brass section gives CWT a Motown Soul touch, a real heavy groove. All in all, it makes "The Hundredweight" an interesting album with some faster and softer points. Tracks like ‘Steam Roller’ are devastating, filled with the hardest riffing and rough vocals. It might be accurate to compare CWT with bands like Sir Lord Baltimore or Cactus: they are of a same class, so to speak, and all liked their basic heavy blues rock LP $21 SKU:20784

FELT (MYKE JACKSON)- Alone(obscure 70s psych folk/power pop /lounge rock!) Label:ANAZITISI This is the first ever official reissue of this under-rated and very rare record (rarer than Felt on Nasco). You will not find it in the Acid Archives, Endless Trip or Fuzz, Acid & Flowers books.Myke Jackson (aka Mychael John Thomas) famous for his FELT LP in 1971, privately pressed "Alone" in 1975. This is an extraordinary LP: a dream for worldwide record collectors.This nine-song album encompass all those great different kinds of music the 70s has produced (psychedelic folk, power pop, lounge-rock etc..). Now it’s time to re-appraise this brilliant one-man project! LP $21 SKU:20820

FINCHLEY BOYS -Lost Tributes ( 8 unrel. heavy psych tracks recorded 1968 - 1971)Label:ANAZITISI “Lost Tributes” consists of eight unreleased heavy psychedelic tracks recorded between 1968 and 1971 by this prolific Illinois band. Included is the scheduled, but never materialized 7” single from 1969, which would have contained different, punchy and more wild, recordings of two Finchley Boys standards, 'Hooked' and 'Outcast'. It also includes the almost 9 minute long 'Who goes there?', perhaps the most psychedelic offering by the band. LP $21 SKU:20821

FORTUNE TELLER -Inner-City Scream (1978 fuzz guitar ACID ARCHIVES fave) -Label:ANAZITISI Fuzzy underground album recorded back in 1978, and released as a private pressing of 500 copies.Their album, heavy at places, is full of fuzz-guitarwork with 60's garage & British invasion influences and low-budget production (think of BOA or Shadrack Chameleon albums) while a couple of songs have a wild and underground approach to rural rock. This album exists in a time warp. It’s from the midst of the first punk era, but sounds genuinely 60s garage the way no neo-garage band ever did. The fuzz guitars are ever-present, and the songs are pure garage pop and garage rock, rocking hard without ever sounding remotely “hard rock.” LP $21 SKU:20822

GIORDIAN - LAST COPY Makeda (hidden treasure of Greek 1970's rock)- Label:ANAZITISI One of the best hidden treasures of Greek 1970's rock, has been unearthed. Gordian, is a kind of super group consisted of musicians who had been in historical greek bands like Peloma Bokiou, Bourboulia, Olympians, Up Tight, BMW, Makedonomachoi etc. Finally, a full album's worth material. All recordings were made in London back in late 1973 and early 1974. LP $26 SKU:20823

MARCANO,PAUL ,& LIGHTDREAMS 10,001 Dreams(1982 cosmic pop psych revelation ) DOUBLE Label:GOT KINDA LOST “…stretching our understanding of pop-psych and bursting our tiny minds with visions of unfound landscapes, [10,001 Dreams] is thee underground psychedelic masterpiece from Canada…”—Aaron Levin (Weird Canada) A thematic sequel of sorts to the sci-fi psych odyssey exploring cosmic ideology that was the British Columbians debut— LP $28 SKU:20789

ORIONES -Kyklos (rare 70s Greek rock)-Label:ANAZITISI Oriones' story begins back in the early 70's (when they were known as Familiar Love) and... it never ends, as they're still alive recording and gigging.They started playing mainly covers on well-known hits by such artists as Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones. Then they transformed into a typical 70's greek underground rock band writing their own songs and in 1978 they were responsible for one of the best 7" singles ever resurfaced from Greece. LP $22 SKU:20826

SHORT CROSS - ARISING (ACID ARCHIVE FAVE rare US' 72 hard-rock/heavy blues Led Zep GRand funk STyle) -Label:OUT-SIDER Reissue taken from the original mastertapes of this rare US' 72 hard-rock / heavy blues private pressing. Powerful jamming sound influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zep, Grand Funk, early Blood, Sweet & Tears etc, with tasty guitar leads / organ and occasional horns. Insert with pictures and liner notes. "Ballsy, pro-sounding early 1970s rural bar rock-hardrock in an Allman Bros direction with great organ-guitar interplay" - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives LP $21 SKU:20844

TITUS OATES - LAST COPIES Jungle Lady (Texas 74 rarity)Label:OUT-SIDER *Insert with detailed liner notes and photos. One of the classics from the early days of rare psych records lists, championed by influential tastemakers such as Paul Major. First ever legit vinyl reissue of this progressive hard-rock private pressing from Texas, 1974.Excellent dual guitars, keyboards, melodic vocals, West Coast touches…Think Allman Brothers, early ZZ Top, Wishbone Ash, Homer...Top notch pro-sounding recording and superb musicianship. “Jungle Lady” saw the light in two different pressings: the original white label LIPS vinyl from 1974 is the first pressing, and the red LIPS label is a remix done later in Nashville, possibly around 1975. This Out-sider reissue is taken from the remix version, as it was always believed to be “hotter” than the original pressing. *Master tape sound LP $18 SKU:17711