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BUZZBANDS LA features “Runnin’ Blind” by GOSPELBEACH

Cranking off with a wash of noise, the tune quickly picks up the pace and you can practically feel the wind blowing through your hair as it breezes on by. Some scorching guitar gives way to a cosmic breakdown, as if the road just opened up and swallowed its passengers. – Daiana Feuer

Great review of BEECHWOOD “Inside The Flesh Hotel” from RPM

When I drop a track from the new Beechwood record I hear ghosts from some of my favorites drifting through the laid back chilled out airwaves.– Dom Daley / RPM HERE

Watch Here: HANDSOME JACK’S video for “Baby Be Cool”


English language, on A4 paper (70 pages), printed (not photocopy), with hard full color cover designed by Darren Merinuk and contains exclusive interviews

LOST IN TYME- 3 plus cd Exclusive interviews with: Question Mark & The Mysterians, SickRose, Bo-Weevils, Purple Merkins, Vipers, Mod Fun,Waistcoats, Rookies, Glads, Movements, Evil Thingies VS The Way-Outs, Teddy Boys From The Crypt, Fabio(Hunchmen), B-Back, Fleshtones. Articles about new bands like: Cheaters, Ravens, Brain Drain, Mojomatics,Riots, Phantom Keys, Rockdoras, Spinns, Higher State.Articles about Peruvian Rock of 60s, Ping Pong Records and a great article about the 60;s Underground Press in USA. News and more than 70 reviews (Lp, Cd, Fanzines and Dvd). The third issue comes with a CD compilation with 30 amazing songs (mostly unreleased) from the bands which are mentioned in this issue! All dressed with a great cartoon cover by Darren Merinuk! BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:5310

LOST IN TYME- 4 plus CD(60s style) Interviews with some of the hottest garage bands around the world, incl. this time: RISING STORM ( 60's USA), HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (UK), CYNICS (USA), CHEEPSKATES (80'S USA), BROOD and more.. See site for more info and track listings. BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:8426

LOST IN TYME- Vol 5 with CD (60s style) BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:11086

LOST IN TYME- Vol 6 PLUS CD (60s style BOOKS & MAGS $16 SKU:14249


SANDHY & MANDHY - Para Castukis (70s psych w Zombie's like vocals and fuzz guitar) Label:LION Alberto Infusino (Sandhy) and Alberto Vanasco (Mandhy) began their musical partnership in beat bands The New Free Men and La Máquina de Música. In 1969, Billy Bond, chief of La Pesada del Rock Roll and legendary major domo of Argentine rock, asked them to prepare a demo as a duo. Instead, they recorded an album (in three hours!) with a full band (Farfisa organ, congas, drums, bass, and guitars): one take of each song. They decided to press the record—only 110 LPs were made, making this album the ultimate Argentine rock rarity. Sandhy & Mandhy were among the first in South America to bring a rebellious attitude to their music—all this in a period of military repression, when forced haircuts (and brutality) in the streets were a common occurrence. The simmering, intense ‘La indeferencia los pone mal’ (Indifference Upsets Them), was an important protest song, possibly the first from South America. Every word demonstrates the strong concern that Sandhy & Mandhy felt about the repressions they experienced every day: "Like little birds, we will have to fight/against all who want to change us with stones/why do they have to be so cruel/or is that indifference upsets them/I do not know what they want, to teach us morals/they should clean first their consciences/and then we will talk." In the end, Bond said that Sandhy & Mandhy sounded too much like a band (not a duo), so success was not their fate. But now through the magic of reissues, you can check out their groovy, organ-driven melancholy psych, with Zombies-ish harmony vocals, a little touch of bossa, and other treats (that fuzz guitar on the excellent Os Mutantes-esque 'Lluvia'!). There are artistic ambitions too, with tape edits/inserts very unusual in an album of the era. At times introspective and acoustic, at others manic and ramshackle in the best way, it's quite a discovery. This CD companion to our deluxe LP edition (LION LP-105) has an additional five tracks. The 28-page booklet has the full Sandhy & Mandhy story, plenty of photos, and lyrics in Spanish and English; i CD $10 SKU:13276

SANDROSE - ST (70s French prog classic Label:LION Reissue of what arguably is the best progressive record ever to emerge from France. Originally released in 1972 by Polydor, Sandrose's sole LP features great compositions with wonderful mellotron sounds, excellent guitarwork and the enchanting voice of Rose Podwojny, who, by the way, sung in English. Essential for all fans of f.i. Julian's Treatment, Earth & Fire and Analogy. This reissue on CD comes with a 16-page booklet, including reproduced artwork, info, translated articles from back then, discography and rare pix. CD $10 SKU:13387

SANDSTONE- Can You Mend A Silver Thread (private press 70s Psych Folk ) -Label:LION LION There is nothing ordinary about Sandstone. This private press folk/psych album (1971) is so head and shoulders above almost every other album in the genre, it's hard to believe it's not better known includes two bonus tracks, out-takes from the album sessions. Booklet has the band’s story and lyrics . CD $10 SKU:13512

SATELLITERS- WYLDE KNIGHTS OF ACTION -Label:DIONYSUS Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke CD $5 SKU:19822

SCHIBBINZ - Livin Free (rare 1967 Argentine garage ) - Label:GUERSSEN Previously released on vinyl, now available in a CD version. In 1967, a bunch of U.S. and Argentinean kids recorded a magical album which has remained unknown for many years due to its extreme rarity, with less than a handful of copies known to exist. Released in 1968 in Argentina by Phonexa, the Schibbinz album could be regarded as the ultimate teen garage folk-rock album, ever. An album of fragile beauty, full of teen charm, innocent vocals, jangly guitars, charming, lo-fi sound and a lost-in-time atmosphere. Guerssen Records is proud to present this mega-rare album to the world, with the production fully benefitting from the band's involvement and assistance. The original master tapes were lost, but the sound has been carefully-remastered from an original near-mint copy. Extensive, detailed liner-notes and lots of cool pictures from the band's archives are all included in a 4-page insert. Also includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks not available on the vinyl version. CD $10 SKU:10995

SCOTT KEY -This Forest and the Sea ( (rare private press 1976 loner folk/psych6)Label:LION Excellent 1976 private press acoustic album, self-recorded at various places in Colorado, and filled with beautiful fingerstyle acoustic guitar, plus some atonal bottleneck slide, string scrapes and drones (at times, very Ry Cooder/“Paris, Texas” about six years before that soundtrack existed). Although almost completely instrumental, what lyrics there are tend towards the dark and the satiric. The obvious points of comparison are John Fahey and Leo Kottke, although Scott Key certainly has his own presence and style, differences in tone and color and attack, which he attributes to his background in rock bands. Overall, there is a brooding, loner folk/psych feel, most evident on the phenomenal, effects-heavy, almost 11-minute long title track, ‘This Forest and the Sea.’ "I was coming to terms with what it mean to exist… and saw the world in pure black and white—there was no room for grey,” Key said. “I saw an American Culture devoid of any understanding of its place in the universe, how we learn nothing save what we see on television, how our existence is tainted by intellectual laziness, and how our gift of life is defiled by the taking of it." This deluxe 180-gram vinyl LP edition of “This Forest and the Sea” comes with an insert which sports engaging, funny, and insightful notes by Key, photos, plus the text to poem that inspired the title track; as a nod to the forest, the insert is printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. A very rare album that seems to have flown under almost everyone’s radar—although thankfully not Doug McGowan’s (Yoga Records), who sent this our way. One record collector said to us, and we now say to you: “Have a listen because this rates up there with classics by Bob Desper, Perry Leopold, Robbie Basho, and Phil Yost, with dark moods similar to John Fahey and Nick Drake. CD $10 SKU:20017

SEARCH PARTY- "The News Is You: The Sacred & Secular Music of Nick Freund (featuring the Search Party “Montgomery Chapel” (1968) and St. Pius X Seminary Choir - DOUBLE CD Label:LION Recorded at the San Francisco Theological Seminary’s own Montgomery Chapel, acid-folk-rock psychedelic gem Search Party “Montgomery Chapel” was the brainchild of (then Reverend) Nicholas Freund. Having left Wisconsin in the late 1960s to join a burgeoning West Coast religious scene, Freund spent considerable time in Sacramento before making their way to San Francisco in 1968 to lay down this one-off with some students of his. The result is a spooky, metaphysical trip that’s equal parts God and acid-dripped mind expansion. Laced with haunting vocals and dreamlike passages, Montgomery Chapel is psychedelic music at its most evocative, and most spiritual. Original copies (only 600 were pressed on the custom Century label) carry substantial price tags. The recordings released by the St. Pius X Seminary Choir were made in the year or two which led up to the recording of the Search Party album. Not only did the three St. Pius X Seminary Choir records showcase the first work by Nick Freund, but they also were the first recordings of Search Party guitarist and vocalist Peter Apps. As one of the press clips regarding the Choir stated, “The choral treatment was electrified by a few phrases sung solo by Peter Apps, who is also the lead guitar. If Apps has not already formed a folk-rock group around that voice, he should. It is rich, deep, and ringing.” Luckily, Freund and Apps heeded their advice, and the Search Party was the result. But nothing could have prepared listeners for the bizarre avant-garde (in the truest sense) electronic soundscapes backed by rock instruments which open “Each One Heard In His Own Language About the Marvels of God” (1968). The album settles down into a less out-there groove after the opening, but this is still adventurous stuff. During my conversations with Nick Freund, he told me that the electric sounds on the album were the work of composer Dary John Mizelle. Mizelle studied composition and participated in the New Music Ensemble at the University of California, Davis (the first free group improvisation ensemble); there he participated in a course led by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Mizelle is also a founding member of SOURCE Music of the Avant Garde magazine. Our two-disc set includes both albums, plus bonus tracks taken from ultra-rare early albums by the St. Pius X Seminary Choir. The 28-page booklet is packed with information, thanks to Freund, who was gracious enough to delve into his memory, scrapbook, and photo albums to help us flesh out the portrait of one of the most potent—and perhaps one of the most unlikely—psychedelic groups to ever record an album.CD $12 SKU:20046

SEEMEN - ST (Psychik TV )LAST COPIES- Label:BOMP Records Rare Bomp release 70 minutes Psychik TV type CD $5 SKU:2081

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS SAMPLER - VA Vol 1 Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Heavy Psych Sounds Compilation gives a chance to all Heavy Psych Sounds fans to be able to know all the bands of the 2015/2016 roster. Composed of 17 artists who occasionally cooperated with Heavy Psych Sounds or that are permanently part of their family. Featuring: Ape Machine, Banquet, Black Rainbows, Deadsmoke, Duel, Farflung, Glitter Wizard, Holy Grove, Isaak, Killer Boogie, Killer Boogie, Monsternaut, My Home On Tress, Old Man Lizard, Stoned Jesus, Throneless, Wild Eyes, Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator. COMP CD $6 SKU:17692

IGL DANCE JAMBOREE ‘66- VA- ( ( 55 studio tracks by 30 Midwest bands ) ) DBL CD Label:ARF ARF Incredible 2-CD historical document from the mastertapes that includes 55 studio tracks by 30 Midwest bands who participated in IGL's first Battle of the Bands in 1966. TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE COMP CD $14 SKU:651

IGL ROCK STORY - Vol 2 -Iowa's Premiere Teen Label 67-68 - Label:ARF ARF Part Two of the story of Iowa's premier label of the sixties concentrates on some of the more commercial output of the late '60s. Featuring cuts from Gemini 6, Yetti Blues Band, Mad Lads, Steve Ellis & The Starfires, Koats of Male and more, this collection with extensive sleeve notes is a fine effort. COMP CD $14 SKU:5693

IT”S A HAPPENING!- Texas Girls of the 60s- Label:CICADELIC All seven recordings by The Heart Beats are included on this album, along with other great female led bands from 1966, such as The WordD from Dallas and The Bombshells of Houston. An added bonus is folk singer, Linda Pierre King from Houston, whose self-penned originals from 1966 foreshadowed subsequent folk singers such as Janis Ian and Melanie. COMP CD $12 SKU:12744

JOY/SELECT STORY - VA ( 60s treasures from teen pop top novelty!) Label:PRESIDENT A superb collection of artists on the Joy/Select Records label. Joy tried his hands at all sorts of musical styles - from teen pop to novelty, from soul to more. The CD features a fold-out booklet with in-depth sleeve notes and memorabilia. "Hal and Miriam Weiss launched the independent Joy Records in New York City in 1958, and before it ran its course in 1965, they had released 80 singles with the Joy logo and 35 with the Select subsidiary logo (which may have started out as “Selbon” Records) covering every genre from Polka to Folk and comedy/novelty, including those identified now as Soul, R&B, Pop, Doo-Wop and the Girl-Group Sound. Along the way, while always doing decently on a regional/local basis, they also chalked up some nationally-charting sides. Here from President Records you get these 26 sides with quite decent sound reproduction and a fold-out liner notes insert COMP CD $6 SKU:19203

MONDO FRAT DANCE BASH VA 31 Frat Killers From The Mid-Sixties Label:ARF ARF 31 absolutely rollicking mid-'60s red, white & blue Frat movers spiked with plenty of obscurities to keep serious collectors on their toes. Screams and uncontrollable attitude abound; making the Kingsmen look like nursery school Mama's boys. Includes the Plagues, Uglies, King Louie's Court, Travelling Troubadors, Nocturnes, etc. plus informative 16-page booklet. COMP CD $14 SKU:11401

MORE PSYCHEDELIC GUITARS - & PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS - 2 ON 1 CD (Extremely rare 1960s Exploito albums ) - Label:GEAR FAB Psychedelic Guitars & Psychedelic Visions- Extremely rare 1960s Exploito albums recorded by unknown studio musicians. Very much in the vein and style of Tswift & Bokaj Retsiem, these albums show the mainstream Music Industrys attempt at cashing in on the then new Psychedelic Sounds coming from the East & West coasts. Turn on the Lava Lamps!! COMP CD $10 SKU:11170

NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE- Next Generation (1978 1992 with Willie Alexander and Jeff Conolly of DMz/Lyres)Label:ARF ARF 26-track compilation circa '78-'92 that continues the tradition into the '90s featuring Jeff Conolly of the Lyres, Chris Horne of the Brood, Kenne Highland, the Four Commandments along with recent material from legends Willie Loco Alexander and the original Rising Storm. COMP CD $14 SKU:308

ONLY IN AMERICA- Vol 2 33 zany and downright weird period pieces -Label:ARF ARF Strange! Incredible! Fans of RE/SEARCH should be forewarned! 33 zany and downright weird period pieces mostly dating from the Kennedy/Nixon era. Music that defies description-any description. Includes Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog, Forbidden Five, Appleton Syntonic Menagerie, Mr. Love, Beagles, Mysterious Clown, & never before heard live version of "Foot Foot" by the Shaggs! Plus entertaining 16 page booklet illustrated by Wayno! COMP CD $14 SKU:20010

OZ DAYS LIVE- VA (rare 70s Psych)DOUBLE-Label:OZ RECORDS CD reissue of the super-rare 1973 set commemorating "the 'Oz Days' benefit festival for the owner of Tokyo's legendary Oz rock cafe, which had been shut down after one too many drug busts." (Japrocksampler). Authentic packaging, with hand-stamped outer bag The Les Rallizes Denudes and Taj Mahal Travellers sides have been briefly reissued before, here's the complete picture! ICOMP CD $14 SKU:19044

PAISLEY POLKA DOT PICNIC PARTY- VA (garage psych from the Medway scene ) -Label: BRAND MEDWAY Special budget priced collection of garagy & psychedelic bands that represent the so-called 'Medway Scene'Including bands Like: THE EFFECTIVES, THE LOVEDAYS, BRESSLAWS, SAWDUST CEASARS, THE VANDEBILTS & THE DECCAS. Some great paisley psych & garagypop bands are presented here... COMP CD $5 SKU:10309

PARTY PARTY PARTY- VA (34 Raw, Ruthless And Rugged Sixties Garage Rockers ) - Label:ARF ARF Torque out to these 34 raw, ruthless, and rugged first generation garage rockers from the US of A. Here we unleash nothing but the wildest and most elusive mid-Sixties sounds guaranteed to be the life of the Party Party Party. COMP CD $12 SKU:1605

PEBBLES CD BOX SET Ltd edition of 100 - 12 CDS! plus extras -Label:AIP Pebbles Vol 1-10 on CD plus Vol 12 and a surprise AIP bonus cd! (note .. #11 was never released and never will be ) To retain the look of the super cool lp size artwork we have the 12 cds packed flat and secured inside the same heavy duty rigid acid free polypropylene envelope as the vinyl version. We couldnt stand shrinking it down to cd size, it's just too amazing.

Numbered ltd edition of 100 cd version. With orig cover from rare UBIK release. Reproduction of historic letter from Lenny Kaye letter discussing the series with Greg, plus badge, poster, sticker, and repro of orig PEBBLES poster!

PEBBLES. THE SERIES THAT INSPIRED THE ENTIRE GARAGE ROCK REVIVAL! In his review of the Pebbles series for Allmusic, Richie Unterberger comments: "Though 1972's Nuggets compilation reawakened listeners to the sounds of mid-'60s garage rock, it only focused on the tip of the iceberg. Behind those forgotten hits and semi-hits lurked hundreds, if not thousands, of regional hits and flops from the same era, most even rawer and cruder. . . . More than any other factor, these compilations [in the Pebbles series] were responsible for the resurgence of interest in garage rock, which remains high among collectors to this day."
Vol 1-10 plus #12 plus a surprise bonus AIP cd
Reproduction of Lenny Kaye Letter to Greg discussing the series 1971
PEBBLES STICKE(RE the packaging … Better than a cardboard box, if you ask us ! Rigid polypropylene envelope. Button and string closure and flap. CD version is layered inside the lp sized packaging , a perfect fit, and is secured with inner packaging that includes a bonus LP cover of HIGHS IN THE MID SIXTIES.... perfect for hanging on the wall later . ) COMP CD $99 SKU:12125

PLANETARY PEBBLES-VOL 1 - Surfbeat Behind the Iron ( ultra-rare tracks from East Germany, Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia-Label:AIP With this release we launch a new branch on the already-thriving Pebbles tree: Planetary Pebbles, a new approach to the international side of '60s garage music. This CD consists mainly of ultra-rare tracks from East Germany, Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia, countries not previously known to have had any indigenous music scenes to speak of. Fully documented with photos and liner notes, it also includes (in the spirit of the Cold War) some competing bands from the "free" world. All is utterly obscure and previously unreissued in any form. (And it's all cool as shit, too!) The vinyl edition leaves off the Western bands, but includes a non-CD bonus track by more Romanians. COMP CD $10 SKU:2312

PLANETARY PEBBLES - Vol 3 SURFBEAT FROM BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN Pt 2 (26 tracks of demented 60s Cold War sounds)Label:AIP Here comes our third volume of Planetary Pebbles, Vol 3: Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain Part 2 dedicated to unearthing '60s classics from all around the world. This is our second compilation of raunchy and extravagant instrumental music recorded during the Cold War, behind the Iron Curtain and including 26 tracks of demented sounds created in extremely difficult conditions by the youth of Eastern Europe. 12-page booklet featuring a comprehensive story of the East German rock scene of the mid-60s. (greg Shaw) COMP CD $5 SKU:2314

POP ON TOP- POP ON TOP- The Cream Of Australia's Power Pop Crop!(w DM3, Chevelles and more )LAST COPIES Label:BOMP Records Compiled by the Australian label Spinning Top, gathers up all the best of the country's prolific output, featuring some of Australia's most popular bands, among them The Chevelles, DM3, Superscope, Hub, The Flanders, The Rosebuds, The Early Hours, Rollercoaster, Epstein, The Pyramidiacs, Welcome Mat, Hammerfish, Ice Cream Hands, more. COMP CD $10 SKU:2100

PSYCHEDELIC ROCK MEXICAN- VA (Stunning heavy psychedelic rock from 1971 ) Paper mini slv replica - Label:VAM RECORDS Stunning heavy psychedelic rock from 1971 by three virtually unknown Mexican groups! Four tracks from the amazing hard-driving and funky EP by Los Papos (released by Orfeon in 1971); four previously unreleased tracks by Los Free Minds, and the only two extant songs by Polvo, an amazing heavy psychedelic rock group from Nuevo Laredo. Los Free Minds was a Mexican Psychedelic Rock trio, formed in 1970 by Jorge Aguilera (guitar, vocals), Jesús Perez [El Jali] and drummer Ernesto Ontiveros. Although invited, the band could not take part in the legendary rock event the Festival de Avándaro held in September 1971; after that, rock music was banned for many years in Mexico, which killed the careers of many bands. In the same year, shortly before their disbandment, Los Free Minds recorded an LP for Orfeón, but only four tracks from it were released as an EP, leaving tracks in the can which debut here. This limited edition LP comes with an inser COMP CD $8 SKU:15124

SLOW GRIND FEVER-VOL 3&4(50s Slow Dance!)-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Slow Grind Fever' 3+4 again combines the latest two volumes on CD with 12 page booklet. Expect the best in late 50s Slow Dance! COMP CD $17 SKU:19643

SLOW GRIND FEVER-VOL.5 & 6 STILL MORE... Adventures In The Sleazy World Of POPCORN NOIR... Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Vol's 5 and 6 of 'Slow Grind Fever' appear on one CD with a 12-page booklet. Expect the best in late '50s slow dance.
COMP CD $17 SKU:19644

TRAINWRECK RIDERS - The Perch W CD -Buffalo Springfield, Creedence style )Label:ALIVE Obscure ALIVE release... Great record, last copies! Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Springfield and Creedence Clearwater Revival are among Trainwreck Riders admitted musical references, but it is said that the boys main influence is Rob Kerwin's, Steve and Andrew's dad, music collection of old timey country and fiddle playing. Their new album, "The Perch", is filled with the band's unique brand of romantic urban country, bohemian folk and dirty punk blues, and displays Pete Frauenfelder's and Andrew Kerwin's amazing songwriting evolution, both lyrically and musically. The band has toured the US with Langhorne Slim, Two Gallants and The Black Diamond Heavies LP $10 SKU:10152

TREBLEMAKERS-The Treblemakers Versus The Doomsday Device (60s biker fuzz/space surf) -Label:DIONYSUS Fusing the sound of Davie Allan '60s biker fuzz attack with the best moments of The Bomboras "Pier 13," The Treblemakers bring you pure instrumental madness. Here is an over-the-edge instro space-surf album sure to please fans of instrumentals and ragin' rock 'n' roll alike. LP $5 SKU:19833

TRIMBLE, BOBB - The Crippled Dog Band "the greatest psychedelic musician of the '80s"- Label:YOGA RECORDS This unique collaboration between "the greatest psychedelic musician of the '80s" and his scrappy acolytes yields pure rock and roll and the effect is raw, crazy, and infectiously exciting. LP $14 SKU:12991

TROYES-Love Comes, Love Dies: The Troyes Complete recordings (1966-68) ESSENTIAL MICHIGAN GARAGE PSYCH)-Label:LION Essential Michigan garage/psych! Propelled by their local chart-topper 'Rainbow Chaser,' Battle Creek quintet The Troyes entered the orbit of bandleader Ray Anthony (“Dragnet”, “Peter Gunn”), laying down a multitude of fuzztone laced tracks throughout 1966-1967 that, save for one 7” release on his Space Records label, remained unreleased on vinyl—until now. The Troyes exploded onto the music scene with 'Rainbow Chaser'. Sensing a new phenomenon, famed bandleader Ray Anthony signed the group to his new rock label Space Records. His faith in the band was so big that nearly two albums worth of material were recorded at United Sound (Detroit). Unfortunately, only two singles were issued. Far-out psychedelia, unhinged fuzz and farfisa garage, moody haunting sounds, face melters (check out 'Corn Flake')—it's all here. Rare photos, radio surveys, newspaper articles, Troyes memorabilia, and the story of a band that could have been big.“Dare I say, even far better than the oft-lauded, collectible brigade of both reissued and unissued ‘60s LPs. The Bachs? The Dimensions? The Tempos? The Rising Storm? Public Nuisance? Sorry. This Troyes disc trumps them all.” —“Moptop” Mike Markesich, Ugly Things"Had a Troyes LP come out in 1967, it would be well ensconced today as one of the Top 5 best from the era" —Ugly Things"'Take 'Morning of the Rain' as a starting point: not satisfied with a ferociously twisted Dave Davies-aping "metal riff" they subject you to a blazing torrent of fuzztone and a growl of feedback topped with sinister Farfisa tones—a hundred Nuggets sets are woefully bereft of this unissued scorcher." —Shindig LP $26 SKU:19142

TURPENTINE BROTHERS, The - We Don't Care About Your Good Times (bastard lovechild of 60's soul and Nuggets proto-punk ) -Label:ALIVE The Turpentine Brothers are two parts Kings of Nuthin' (singer/guitarist Justin Hubbard and organist Zack Brines) and one part Mr. Airplane Man (drummer Tara McManus). "Get this album or miss out on one of the most exciting and important new releases of the year." - Kopper / LP $15 SKU:4483

TWINK- Think Pink (1969 Brit psych masterpiece) MONO SPLATTER VINYL-Label:NOISEAGONYMAYHEM This is the original 1969 mono mix of this psychedelic masterpiece by Twink (Tomorrow/Pretty Things/Pink Fairies etc.), which was prepared before the more widely known stereo mix, and originally intended for release as part of Decca Records' Nova series. Limited repress of 250 copies on pink/white splatter vinyl. This third pressing, like the second one does not include the Aquarian Age 7". LP $24 SKU:19860

UNFOLDING - Freak Out Party SLIGHT CORNER CRUNCH (Classic 1967 FLOWER POWER Label:GEAR FAB Recorded during the height of the Flower Power Movement, classic 1967 free form LP that features lots of sitars, chimes, harpsichord and other far out sounds. Even includes notes on how to spice up your parties using TV's, kaleidoscopes, and other "natural things" LP $12 SKU:19483

UNRELATED SEGMENTS - The Story Of My Life – Complete Recordings DBL LP insert with photos and liner notes. -Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) Sixties punk, garage, moody sounds and proto-hard-rock of the highest order! Complete recordings (1966-1975) of this legendary band from Michigan, including their three killer 45s plus unreleased recordings and alternate takes. Master tape sound, insert with photos and liner notes. The Unrelated Segments created some of the most celebrated garage-punk anthems of all time. Tracks like “Cry, Cry, Cry” with its teenage-angst vocals and out of control fuzztone guitar break, “The Story Of My Life” with that bizarre and ultra-punk bass line or the moody-punker “It’s gonna rain” have been included on countless garage comps (Back From The Grave, Acid Dreams, Nuggets, etc) and have been covered by numerous bands who worship them as 60s punk Gods. Sadly, the band never got the chance to record a full album. After three outstanding 45s, they recorded a projected fourth single that never saw the light of day, just when the band had changed its name to U.S and had started playing in a heavier vein, similar to early MC5. Soon after, the band split up and some of their members formed psych-rock band Lost Nation. On this collection, along with their official 45s and alternate takes / rehearsals, you’ll find the unreleased 45 from 1969 plus some demos recorded by an unnamed post-Unrelated Segments / Lost Nation band in 1972. An amazing find which shows the band playing pure Detroit high-energy hard rock! “The Unrelated Segments emerged from the same downriver suburbs that had produced the MC5, and their suburban mutation was almost as unique. Singer Ron Stults had an unforgettable style somewhere between punk snarl and Brit erudition and the songs he wrote with lead guitarist Rory Mack were catchy and substantial” – Ben Edmonds (Creeem, Rolling Stone, Mojo LP $25 SKU:16282

WAVES OF FURY - Thirst BLACK vinyl! SALE - Label:ALIVE Has a Rolling Stones swagger… it’s like Steppenwolf jamming with The Commodores and is every bit as magnificent as that alliance should be." –å God Is In The TV LP $10 SKU:14631

WEIRDOS - Destroy All Music - 30th Anniv Ed. LTD EDITION GREEN VINYL reissue of 1979 classic -Label:BOMP Their 1977 Bomp single "Destroy All Music" was a nihilistic anthem, and is now regarded as a classic, "Destroy All Music - 30th Anniversary Edition " compiles the now classic 1977 EP Bomp and the 1979 "Who, What, When, Where, Why?" mini-LP in its entirety and includes previously unreleased early demos LP $18 SKU:15170

WHITEHEAD, CHARLIE - Raw Spitt -Classic BLACK vinyl plus liner note flier written by Swamp Dogg - FIRST 100 ORDERS COME WITH BONUS Ltd edition SWAMP DOGG PRODUCTIONS POSTER and STICKER! - -Label:ALIVE Charlie Whitehead has been called "the greatest unknown soul artist of all time" by Offbeat magazine. Raw Spitt, his 1970 first full-length, was produced by Swamp Dogg for Canyon records, and is a highly sought after collectors’ album of unconventional Southern Soul (apparently only 500 copies were originally pressed). We're making it available for the first time on vinyl since its original release. The remastered CD Digipack version includes 5 bonus tracks. Here are Swamp Dogg's newly penned liner notes for the album: LP $15 SKU:15315

WITCHES- A Haunted Person's Guide To.(.ltd ed yellow). psych LAST 5 COPIES!Label:ALIVE YELLOW VINYL LTD. EDITION -"The best band that you never heard" of is a term that is commonly thrown around with much ado but in the case of The Witches it may well be true. Born in Detroit in 1996 from the mind of bass player Troy Gregory (Dirtbombs, Killing Joke) and with the help of fellow Michigan natives John Nash (Electric Six, LCD Soundsystem) on guitar, and producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Von Bondies) on electric twelve-string, The Witches went on to record five amazing albums between 1996 and 2006, with the help of a revolving line-up of Michigan musicians, before vanishing into thin air. "A Haunted Person's Guide To The Witches" compiles material from the band's five albums, and is a comprehensive introduction to the band's unique sound. LP $20 SKU:12503

WOLFMOON - BLACK vinyl GATEFOLD 165 gram w liner notes by Swamo Dogg flier - Label:ALIVE FIRST REISSUE EVER, ON ANY FORMAT of this sought after collectors’ album of Southern Soul and pop gospel. Wolfmoon, aka Little Tommy, hails from Richmond VA and is without a doubt one of the most talented performers Swamp Dogg has worked with and produced. This terrific album includes great cover songs of “People Get Ready”, "If I Had A Hammer" and “Proud Mary”, along with originals penned by The Dogg. LP $16 SKU:15510

YARD TRAUMA - Face To Face (garage psych ) LAST COPIES - Label:DIONYSUS With guest appearances by Thee Fourgiven, Bad Religion, Unclaimed, annd Trip Trigger
The groups third album released in 1988 finds them transitioning from retro garage-band to a monster steamroller incorporating many influences. Includes as a bonus their 1984 12" release. 18 tracks...we only have a few left and it will probably never come back in print! LP $16 SKU:17519

ONE ONLY! LAST COPY! Will not be restocked

SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT- One with the Universe - STONER PSYCH , for Radio Moscow fans -Label:ELECTRIC MAGIC The five tracks subtly integrate flashes from Jimi Hendrix' 'Electric Ladyland', Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath with Canterbury prog elements à la Caravan and the heavy riffs of Kyuss. 'One With The Universe' can not be pigeonholed into one genre. It is a multifaceted heavy rock album with tons of soul, courage and originality! CD $16 SKU:18703

SANDY SALISBURY -Everything is For You (UNREL POP GEMS)-Label:HIDDEN VISION RECORDS (USA) Graham “Sandy” Salisbury was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Hawaii. He was a songwriter and musician in the late 1960s, and is best known for his association with Curt Boettcher. He was a member of Boettcher’s groups The Millennium and Sagittarius, as well as an earlier group called The Ballroom, before attempting a solo career of his own (with Boettcher producing) as an artist on Gary Usher’s Together Records label.Everything For You is an album of demos recorded by Salisbury with the intention of passing them on to other artists/. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and the songs contained here save for three tracks (So Close To Heaven, Candy Kisses and Here Comes That Feeling) remained unreleased for many years until they were eventually collected together and released under the title Everything For You in 2004. For anyone interested in great pop music the music of Sandy Salisbury will be an absolute delight with this album being a treasure trove of unreleased gems. CD $8 SKU:19063

SCREWTOP DETONATORS- 3, 2, 1 I'M DONE (high energy R&R)Label:OFF THE HIP New young combo from Melbourne, tight and exciting live, but with a true ear for melody akin to Redd Kross, Ash, and distinctly Australian acts like the Eastern Dark. A band hitting their peak with a rhythmic gut punch and a sweet melodic centre CD $5 SKU:19222

SEEDS - Raw and Alive -DBL CD gatefold digipak , fat booklet crammed w. dozens of photos - Label:BIG BEAT The deluxe remastered reissue of “Raw & Alive: The Seeds In Concert” comes in a gatefold digipak that contains a fat booklet crammed with full details on the making of the album and dozens of photos of the Seeds in action during their heyday CD $18 SKU:15821

SEEDS - Web Of Sound -With a highly illustrated annotated booklet. Double Digipak- Label:BIG BEAT This double CD features 32 tracks from the mid 1960's. The groups 2nd album with many stereo and mono versions of songs on CD for the first time along with previously unreleased outtakes. CD $18 SKU:15631

SEID -CREATURES OF THE UNDERWORLD (Norwegian PSYCH/PROG SPACEROCK)-Label:SULATRON 2nd album by Norwegian PSYCHEDELIC/PROGRESSIVE SPACEROCK band. A sound flavoured with lots of punky energy and strange Balkan folk influences. Dark, mystic moods and ghostly melodies and weird soundexperiments. Strong instrumentation with roaring hammonds, howling harmonium and melodramatic mellotrons, farfisa and bleeding guitar leads. Drenched in Norwegian mythology and fairytales full of dragons and demons. As bonus the CD features the outstanding 'Meet The Spacemen' video enhanched. CD $14 SKU:20246

SERGIUS GOLOWIN (with the COSMIC JOKERS)-Lord Krishna von Goloka (1973 LSD fueled)-Label:LION n 1973, Rolf Ulrich Kaiser’s visionary powers acted as a catalyst for an authentic combination of acid, music and sprituality: the mystical LSD-fueled musical project “Lord Krishna von Goloka.” For this adventure into Indian and Oriental mythologies and legends, Kaiser asked esoteric Swiss artist (he was a friend of Giger’s), poet, specialist on Alpine folklore, and friend of Timothy Leary, Sergius Golowin, to join a group of musicians including Klaus Schulze and members of Wallenstein and Witthüser + Westrupp. It was perhaps mere coincidence that Golowin's classic treatise on witches, herbs, and magic mushrooms was published that same year (Magie der verbotenen Märchen); the book was fast becoming a cult item—it was secretly xeroxed in what was then-Communist East Germany, and later distributed in the hippie-underground there. Sergius Golowin’s intellectual and spiritual world of occultism, popular legends, and shamanism were the foundation for the project. He was responsible for the lyrics, which consisted of incantatory recitations in German over the multi-textural compositions.“The first release of what has become known as the Cosmic Jokers series, a Cosmic Courier super-session organized by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser... (Sergius Golowin) handles the vocals on this extraordinary album, recanting verse over music that sounds like a hybrid of Ash Ra Tempel and the Third Ear Band, full of rich musical textures adrift with Mellotron and synthesizers. A timeless work of beauty that has no equal.” —Crack in the Cosmic Egg CD $10 SKU:20097

TONGUE - Keep on Truckin- forgotten classic of late '60s American psych)Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Tongue were a blues-based, organ-fueled, country and rural folk-influenced hard rock band that emerged from the copious student population of countercultural Wisconsin. Though Tongue remains a criminally underrated outfit, and never made it big on a national level, their touring reached legendary status, particularly in the mid-west. They were on the road for 10 years and played 250 gigs a year without flying to a single one of them. LP $15 SKU:19452

TORMENTORS- Hanging Around (1967 us, groovy garage psych) Label:VOID Long awaited Void release of 67 California Garage folkadelia with some fuzz. Originals like the moody ‘Childhood Memories’ and the rocking ‘’Cause You Don't Love Me’ are highlights. Nice cover of the Beau Brummels but the rest are originals. This is mega rare as an original, and sought after the world over. We have used the exact cover design for this vinyl reissue. 700 Press. Full color cover + heavy vinyl.” "A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds." $ LP $14 SKU:15680

TREE PEOPLE- Human Voices ( late '70s Oregon hippie folk band)Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) his is the second album from Oregon's The Tree People, the late '70s Oregon-based predecessors to the ongoing new folk movement in the USA. You already know about their 1979 debut album and you know it's a masterpiece, but did you know about their second album recorded in 1984? Surely not, especially because it was a cassette-only release with a very short print-run. The sound quality on this reissue is splendid, and the music itself is equally as good, if not better than, their self-titled debut and is a real must for any folk and psych-folk lover. Acoustic guitars, subtle percussion, pastoral flute work and some warm vocals make The Tree People's music absolutely ahead of its time. A real beauty! Includes an insert with liner notes by the band's leader Stephen Cohen, as well as some nice pictures LP $17 SKU:10638

TURN ME ON DEAD MAN -HEAVYMETAL MOTHERSHIP ( SF SPACEROCK) BLACK VINYL-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (Italy) Heavymetal Mothership' is the fifth release by the San Franciscan heavydelic space rock behemoth known as Turn Me On Dead Man. It is at once incredibly heavy and totally far out psych! Expect evil harmonies for fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Queens Of The Stone Age or Monster Magnet. LP $19 SKU:19279

UNDERGROUND -PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS (1967 GARAGE acid drenched PSYCH)-Label:WAH WAH Reissued on vinyl, here's a classic '67 US exploitation garage-psych album that will blow your mind! Get ready for some acid-drenched, fuzzed-out renditions of a.o. The Blues Magoos' '(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet', The Isley Brothers' 'Shout', John D. Loudermilk's 'Tobacco Road' and Bobby Bland's 'Turn Of Your Love Light', plus five original tracks in the same style. 'Psychedelic Visions' is an essential title for anyone who enjoys the far-out exploito LP's by a.o. T. Swift & Electric Bag, The Deep and Firebirds, or Germans à la Hell Preachers Inc. and Bokaj Retsiem! Limited to 500 copies in reproduced sleeves. LP $19 SKU:17822

VAN SPYK & FRIEND - THE ACETATE (+CD) (1971 psych fol)k- LTD ED-Label:TRAMP UK Presented here is UK-based Tramp Records' official release of the original 1971 recording of the psych-folk acetate album by Your Friend Spyk, formerly known as 'Going Nowhere'. This 2017 edition however is released as 'The Acetate' by Van Spyk & Friend. Rob Van Spyk and Terry Friend were also known as Stonefield Tramp, an act that released its only album ('Dreaming Again...') under that moniker in 1974. This run is limited to only 250 copies, so order fast! LP $19 SKU:19096

WE THE PEOPLE-AMERICAN ZOO -Visions of Time/1967 Complete Recordings- insert/booklet, rare photos,detailed liner notes ( 60s Garage Punk ) -Label:GUERSSEN This collection includes all the We The People/American Zoo 45 sides plus two previously unreleased tracks from 1967, taken from the only surviving copy of the band's ultra rare 10-inch demo acetate.Featuring carefully remastered sound, the release also includes an insert/booklet with rare photos and detailed liner notes by Gray Newell (Shindig!, Ugly Things).This superb release tells the story of L.A.-based '60s teen band We The People (not to be confused with the better known Florida outfit of the same name). These guys played an amazing blend of garage, folk-rock and psychedelia, resulting in a handful of cool 45s which they recorded for the Reena label in 1967-'68. Two of those 7-inches were released using the moniker The American Zoo. Guitar player Bill Bottrell later became a Grammy award producer, working with Michael Jackson, Madonna and George Harrison among others. Drummer Jason "Jasun" Martz toured with Frank Zappa and recorded with Michael Jackson. Today, he's a well-known avant-garde artist and sculptor. Steve Zaillian, the band's original drummer, became an Academy Award winning director, producer and screenwriter ('Schindlers List' and 'Hannibal' among others). LP $15 SKU:16513

WILDWOOD - Plastic People ( 60s hard psych) *Insert with rare photos and liner notes by Alec Palao. *LP includes digital download card.Label:OUTSIDER Stunning late 60s psychedelic hard rock. Any fan of late 60s psychedelic hard rock will want a copy of Plastic People – and they won’t be disappointed. Raw, in-your-face hard psychedelia with plenty of Vox and Hammond organ, hard guitar and powerful vocals courtesy of WILDWOOD. Formed in the late ‘60s in Stockton, California, this powerful outfit rubbed shoulders with groups like Country Weather, Steve Miller Band or Grateful Dead and played at legendary venues such as the Fillmore and the Matrix. Featuring tracks from their two rare 45s for the Magnum label (including the punk-a-delic classic “Plastic People”) plus a selection of their fabulous, not released at the time studio cuts from 1968-1970, recorded at Max Weiss’ Fantasy Studios and originally unearthed by Frantic Records in 2012 for their 2xCD Wildwood compilation. LP $26 SKU:19417

X SPURTS -THE 1977 RECORDINGS (Aussie punk)Label:UGLY POP Before their legendary debut LP, X recorded a demo session--ten tracks of incredibly tense, desperate Australian punk then somehow forgotten for the next 35 years. Absolutely essential stuff for fans of the era, coming across like nothing so much as a berserk mix of "Pink Flag", early Black Flag and the toughest early AC/DC, or Gang Of Four as played by belligerent Australian drunks. 37 years on, Ugly Pop presents the first ever vinyl appearance of this seminal document LP $17 SKU:19321

YESTERDAY’S THOUGHTS - PAPER SHIP(60s style garage psych)-Label:MISSING VINYL The fourth full-length - and best yet - by this cool garage-psych band from Athens, Greece. On offer are 14 tracks, recorded at the band's own basement studio in glorious mono, and heavily influenced by the best garage-rock sounds from the psychedelic '60s. Limited to 300 copies on 180-gram vinyl. LP $22 SKU:18986

ZODIAC- COSMIC SOUNDS (1967 weirdness!) Label:SWORDFISH (England) The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds was an album released on the ELEKTRA label in August 1967 in the U.K. It was heavily played by John Peel on his Perfumed Garden shows, where he used it as a basis for a competition (He had been sent a copy by Clive Selwood, the then head of Elektra’s London office and later to become Peel’s manager). The LP was extremely popular with Perfumed Garden listeners and was mentioned in the lyrics of Geoffrey Prowse’s fan tribute to the program, “The Perfumed Garden Blues, or John Peel’s lament”. ''He played the Mothers of Invention and the Velvet Underground / He played some freaky music called the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds..." The 12-track concept album featured both music and spoken narration on the theme of signs of the zodiac. Based on an initial idea by Elektra chief Jac Holzman, it was a collaborative effort with music written by Mort Garson, words by Jacques Wilson, and narration by Cyrus Faryar. The early use of the Moog synthesizer was by Paul Beaver. There was no artist called either The Zodiac or Cosmic Sounds, a fact which confused some buyers of the LP. The back sleeve informed listeners that the record "MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK". In 1994, Peel played the LP again in full over three months on his BBC Radio One shows in a regular spot shortly after the 5.30 news on Saturday afternoons.
This album, complete with psychedelic illustration of the twelve sun signs set on a black background with hand drawn groovy letters, always intrigued me. Not least of all the bright pink legend on the bottom of the back cover which cryptically stated: “MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK.” Why? Was it satanic? Would I go mad? Or would I simply forfeit its true meaning by playing it in broad daylight? I mean, later rock albums like “Ziggy Stardust” or “Let It Bleed” would simply require the listener to play at maximum levels, but this? For some reason it vexed the living daylights out of me every time I thought of it. Years later I saw it again in a used record shop. ‘Oh, no,’ I thought by reflex, ‘that Zodiac album again’. As I inspected it, it came to me: Hey... It’s on Elektra. 1967. Released two albums after The Doors’ first. And it’s psychedelic as all get out. It’s just GOT to be a classic. So just buy the thing and leave a note for the puzzle farm indicating manner of present mental condition: sheer unbalanced madness. Cause: mysterious rock album on Elektra. I bet this never happened to anyone, I thought, “Cosmic Sounds” under my arm and heading home with me in broad daylight, destined for immediate turntable spinning LP $24 SKU:18219