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LEFT LANE CRUISERback in the studio working on a new album for us. Here’s what the critics say:

BLUES ROCK: “If you are a fan of hard rocking, down and dirty, post punk blues rock you will want get to know Left Lane Cruiserand Beck in Black is a the perfect introduction."

CLASSIC ROCK: Left Lane Cruiser: where yellow dust hallucinogens and howling blues meet Listen to modern blues at its most primitive."

BLACK BULL BLUES: “…LEFT LANE CRUISER’SNEW ALBUM “CLAW MACHINE WIZARD” SOME OF THE NASTIEST ROCK ‘N ROLL TO BE PUT ON WAX. With a fresh new album the Blues is once again in the perfectly unsafe hands of Left Lane Cruiser. Oh Yeah! This new full-length studio album called, Claw Machine Wizard is what I really looked forward to. You’ll find 10 songs of gut-stomping’ heavy blues from this Indiana-based band."

This will be record #8 for ALIVE, we have their first 7 in a bundle and on HAND MIXED STARBURST VINYL. You can even get the 15 album SUPERBUNDLE! > > BUY NOW < <


FARFLUNG -5 (psychedelic, fuel-driven space rock)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Internationally recognized as torchbearers in the contemporary space rock scene, the guys in Farflung have been altering people's minds with their hugely psychedelic, yet fuel-driven space rock for over 20 years. This album features the likes of Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Jensen Bell, David Catching and Gene Trautmann (Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal). CD $12 SKU:18477

FAUBERT, SHANE- KALKARA (leader of the CHEEPSKATES, 60s style fuzz psych) Label:MUSIC MANIAC Leader of the New york Cheepskates! One of the best pop albums. 60's inspired popsongs with psychedelic effects, feedback and fuzz. CD $5 SKU:19128

FISCHER, MORGAN -Seasons + Look At Life (MOTT THE HOOPLE KEYBOARD PLAYER) -Label:VOICEPRINT Morgan Fisher is probably best known as the keyboard player with British rock band Mott The Hoople in the seventies. Prior to that however Morgan had tasted success with British pop band Love Affair and just prior to Mott The Hoople had led his own band simply called Morgan and also briefly been a member of avant-garde rock band the Third Ear Band. Following the departure of Mott The Hoople's front man Ian Hunter the band opted to continue shortening the name to Mott and bringing in a new vocalist and guitarist. When this didn't work out despite recording two excellent albums the band brought in former Medicine Head vocalist John Fiddler and changed their name once again to the British Lions. When this band fell apart after two albums Morgan set out on a solo career and recorded a couple of albums under the name of the Hybrid Kids. Following a short stint playing keyboards for Queen on the road Morgan set off on his travels and amongst the countries he travelled to was India. On his return he lived in a commune and decided to record an album there working with another member of the commune producer John Leckie who had worked with Simple Minds, Public Image and XTC and would go on to work in the future with the Stone Roses. This album was called Seasons and featured John Fiddler on vocals on two of the tracks alongside Morgan. Although the album has its roots in new age the music is decidedly world music although at the time of recording the term was not in popular use. The material on the album is also a homage to Morgan's sixties roots and contains interesting arrangements of such classics like Time of the Season, and Kites. In 1984 Morgan Fisher decided to move to Japan having visited the country and taking an immense liking to it. It was shortly after arriving there that he recorded the album Look At Life subtitled "ten instrumental responses to a beautiful world". While in Japan Morgan also came across two Brazilian musicians who also worked on the album giving some of the songs a pronounced Latin feel. One of the songs Erik is also a personal homage to one of Morgan's musical heroes. Erik Satie The cover of the album also bears the name "Veetdharm" which is the name his spiritual teacher gave him. These two special albums are now collected together on one release and have been remastered specially for this re-issue CD $8 SKU:19192

RAG I RYGGEN- ST(milestone in Swedish hard-rock history 1975
) Label:ALTERCATS Widely regarded as a milestone in Swedish hard-rock history, 'Råg I Ryggen' is the homonymous debut-album released by six youngsters from Stockholm back in 1975. Clearly influenced by bands like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and even Yes or Jethro Tull, the sounds contained here will appeal to hard-rock, heavy psych and progressive fans alike. It has it all: heavy crunchy riffs, loads and loads of over the top double lead guitar parts, wah-wah and fuzz-wah guitar effects, wild Hammond passages, analog synth parts and tasteful flute arrangements... you name it! This first official vinyl reissue includes a download card and an insert telling the story of the band. LP $22 SKU:19380

RAIN - ST (1972 pop, psych & proto power-pop)- Label:OUTSIDER Originally released in 1972 on the Project 3 label (home also of Free Design), Rain’s self-titled album is a cult item among lovers of progressive pop, psych and proto power-pop. Fantastic songs, superb musicianship, dreamy vocals, hard guitar, Hammond…Echoes of late ‘60s Beatles, Colin Blunstone, Zombies, Caravan, Argent, Parlour Band. *Insert with liner notes by band member Cobb Bussinger and photos. “A fascinating blend of soft pop, folky psych and early prog. Rain evoke bands like Zer LP $26 SKU:19486

RE-STONED-CHRONOCLASM (MOSCOW based power trio)_-Label:OAK ISLAND The Moscow-based instrumental psychedelic power-trio The Re-Stoned is usually associated with the local "stoner and psychedelic rock" scene, because of its heavily fuzzed sound and reliance on muscular riffing in golden '70s style. Despite the band is not traditionally fronted by a lead singer and follows the completely instrumental path, they are arguably the most welcomed and popular live act among the Russian classic rock revivalists. Fans of high class psychedelic rock ala My Sleeping Karma, Colour Haze, Monkey3, The Machine will totally enjoy The Re-Stoned! Limited to 300 copies on yellow/blue/black vinyl. LP $26 SKU:19544

REINHOLD MOLITOR- ST (Trippy Mexican psych ) SAALE - Label:VAM Official reissue of this ultra-rare album (Discos Zave LPL 163, 1969). Globe-trotting artist Bodo Molitor may have been born in Germany, but he’ll forever be associated with the psychedelic scene in Mexico and South America. In addition to creating the zoomorphic art for his own bizarre album, “Hits Internacionales,” he also created the psychedelic art for the Kaleidoscope album, for La Libre Expresion, and for his brother Reinhold’s solo album. He had this to say about the Reinhold record: “My Brother Reinhold came for a visit from Germany where he was playing with several bands. He was only 19. I knew Edghar Zamudio (from Peru) and one day he asked us to record that LP. Just acoustic—guitars and a banjo played brilliantly by my brother. I think we recorded the whole album in three or four days. I played some guitars and did some vocals as well. It’s folky and bluesy with originals some covers and traditionals. My brother sings and plays guitar and banjo, on some of the songs he wrote.” The Reinhold album is so rare, even with the connection to his more famous artist brother, no one seems to have discovered it… until now. Despite being from the end of the 1960's, Reinhold has more of an early-60's NYC Greenwich Village Cafe Wha?-ish folk underpinning. The best tracks have gravel-pated vocals in a vaguely Tom Waits/Joseph Spence sort of vein—really syrupy and quite excellent. Overall, a dark and morose vibe dominates; and we can all use some minor key laments, now and then, right? Limited editions (both formats) of only 500 copies, and available exclusively via Lion Productions and our friends. LP $10 SKU:15257

REP, MIKE AND THE QUOTAS-Hellbender 1975-78 (rare Velvets/Elevators style)Label:HOZAC "Central Ohio is far more of a schizophrenic hotbed of rock than the Library of Alexandria would lead you to believe. If you squint your eyes past the big city lights & skyscrapers (Rep likes to call them 'DIEscrapers'), you can see the outlines of the fertile Ohio Valley Crescent from which much Midwest D.I.Y. Punk emerged in the aftermath of a late-60's/early-70's gestation period. When digging into the Columbus strata of petrified 70's fossil-rock pure Columbus area underground entities bubble up from the deep: Jim Shepard, Ron House, Tommy Jay, Nudge Squidfish, The Quotas, Screaming Urge... many more. It seems that in some way or another Mike Rep has been intertwined with, 'Lovingly Fucking With', melding with, accompanying and/or leading the charge with many comrades in arms into the hipster Ohio Hell unknown for 40+ freaking years. Describing the allure of the mid-70s Ohio sound to the uninitiated isn't too difficult. Take the freaked-out post-13th Floor Elevators to Velvet Underground to Stooges to RFTT/Pere Ubu barbed wire bop and compound those influences with the dawn of home recording equipment access, a D.I.Y scene began to evolve. Just the right mixture of humidity, THC & malt liquor-fueled a primal pool ripe for spontaneous generation producing much fruit from apparent sterile soil as viewed from the overlook of big city coastal-dominated Hipsterism. Rep's homemade debut single 'Rocket To Nowhere' was recorded in 1975/'released' in 1978 and nobody noticed for the next ten years. Add to that the incredible Grim-O-Comix Sequence LP packed with angst ridden 1974 basement recordings (you need to drop everything and track it down if you haven't heard this unblinkingly look into the maw of the 70's loser teen maelstrom). HERE & NOW, on Hellbender you get a full primal serving of mostly previously unheard chaos, recorded between '75 and '78, that will no doubt cause future generations to marvel at just how one could be so brutally honest, raw, and wasted yet, live to chronicle it all. Hozac Archival is bringing these sounds to you now. Why? Because it IS the kind of mind-numbing, eyeball-popping guttural pure D.I.Y. rock & roll that saved so many miserable souls from succumbing to the 'American Dream' sham, and continue to inspire the D.I.Y. spirit in all who care to dare. Mike Rep & The Quotas / Hellbender- Very rare, mostly previously unheard recordings from 1975-78, very recently gleaned straight from the long thought lost original reel-to-reel master tapes." LP $14 SKU:17929

RICE, LARRY SUNSHINE- Here's Sunshine (Texas 60s )SAALE - Label:TIME-LAG RECORDS Beautiful exact reproduction art packaged in a lovely heavy 60s style cover and pressed on 180gm audiophile vinyl. Includes an insert with new notes from the artist, as well as a short except from his book 'Morning Glory,' which was written in 1968 and tells the story behind the album, but has yet to be published. One time vinyl only edition of 500 copies." LP $16 SKU:13202

RIDE- Masturbazione Mentale (Italian punkers KBD style ) IMPORT - Label:RAVE UP The Ride were a punk rock band from Milan strongly influenced by Nuns and ’77 US punk rock. Formed in early eighties, in the same period of italian ‘hardcore’ scene.The band recorded only one 12” in 1986 and two demos in 1985 and 1987. This anthology contains 14 killer studio tracks, one of the best examples of american ‘Killed by Death’punk rock style with great Italian lyrics! LP $5 SKU:16042

SALEM’S POT - PRONOUNCE THIS - DOUBLE GATEFOLDLabel:RIDING EASY “Don’t try to fight it,” the band’s motto implores, “Salem’s Pot has come to destroy your mind.” It’s the same kind of winking tease employed by low budget horror films of the 70s-80s that essentially dared audiences to experience what they knew they wanted, but couldn’t possibly expect.
Likewise, the new album by mysterious Swedish quintet Salem’s Pot delivers truly gritty and captivating heavy rock in high contrast technicolor: a sonic equivalent of The Last House On The Left, El Topo and Blood Feast. Similar to the way such films made up for their lack of flashy, expensive effects with dim lighting and implied violence, a hallucinogenic sense of true evil lurks in the dark corners of Salem’s Pot’s sound. Lest we forget, the band’s name itself is a pun on Stephen King’s stark, modernized vampire masterpiece.
Where previous Salem’s Pot releases honed doom riffs to perfection, Pronounce This! sees the band expanding its horizons to the far corners of imagination. It’s a hazy fever dream of dark, thrilling excess. It’s equal parts of The Cramps’ Psychedelic Jungle, Pentagram’s Relentless, Roky Erickson’s The Evil One and The Stooges Raw Power, as much heirs to Deep Purple as Dead Moon… metal, garage punk, acid rock and a belladonna trip gone wrong. It’s not heavy metal, this is a mutant monster that cannot be tamed.
And, perhaps as a continuation of the band’s fascination with sinful lore, Salem’s Pot never identifies its band members individually — they’re all completely anonymous without so much as a stagename. One of the biggest upgrades since the band’s 2014 RidingEasy album …Lurar ut dig pa prarien is the addition of second guitar, with the previous drummer giving up the throne for the strap and a new unnamed mystery man pounding the kit. Now, the band is freed to expand beyond the riff and get truly freaky. And with each new release, the vocals are way more snarling punk than the doom histrionics of their peers.
Album opener “Tranny Takes a Trip” kicks off with a humming modular synth drone and twin guitar throb lulling beneath a cascading haze of gurgling keyboard-through-delay-loop sounds before settling in to a stomping anthem replete with NWOBHM harmonized guitar leads. The album’s tone clearly set for the shadiest recesses of our minds, “Just For Kicks” swaggers in on a phaser-drenched single note guitar line that sets up a demented blues as the tuneful, yelping vocals expound on a penchant for chemical excess with direct honesty. A shortened edit of “The Vampire Strikes Back” was released as a single in late 2015, shorn down to the hook-laden rocker at the seven-and-a-half minute song’s core. But here you get the track’s full, sprawling glory as it staggers through a hazy, murderous leitmotif with noir-ish deliberation. “Coal Mind” is the album centerpiece at nearly 13 minutes of Hawkwind on a bad trip, drifting from space rock with an exemplary “bit of finger” to throbbing, hypnotic pulse that eventually ruptures with monolithic drop-tuned wall of guitar. “So Gone, So Dead” is a moment of respite giving nod to Gram Parsons’ lysergic western swing with funereal weight. “Desire” closes the album with epic grandeur reminiscent of Roky Erickson’s bleak murder ballad “Burn The Flames” supercharged with squealing and writhing guitars and thunderous drums.
“They used to wake up on your couch, not wanting to wake up,” the band’s brief manifesto explains. “Desperately clinging to sin, degradation, murder and substance abuse. With nothing left inside they made an attempt to tell someone about it, and the dead chuckled merrily: ‘You’re not alone.’” LP $18 SKU:18829

SALEM’S POT- SWEEDEN (STONER PSYCH)Label:RIDING EASY Hazed-out doomadelic trip through your consciousness LP $18 SKU:18831

SALEM’S POT- WATCH ME KILL YOU- Label:RIDING EASY Limited reissue of the 2013 two-track 12" from Sweden's doom mongers. LP $18 SKU:18833

SANULLIM - THE FIRST LP (Gentle garage-psych with a dreamy west coast flair)-Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC (GERMANY) Fans of proto-garage beat with psychedelic tinges from 1965 to 1967 will go wild for this album. Originally released in 1977, South Korean trio San Ul Lim's debut album sounds like the best psychedelic power pop and garage stuff you could get in the UK and USA ten years before its release. A lovely flashback to the golden age of music. LP $19 SKU:16754

SAUTRUS- ANTHONY HILL ( 60s inspired acid psych)-Label:PINK TANK SautruS merges different sounds to create a lucid psychedelic trippy ride into the unknown. Parts of '60s inspired acid rock and more modern based riffs should keep long-term stoner rock fans fully entertained. This vinyl-edition is limited to 300 copies on 'Anthony's Envy' coloured vinyl (gold/clear/black marbled). LP $19 SKU:19072


EYES THE - ARRIVAL OF THE EYES Complete ( 60s garage ) 24 page booklet SALE -Label:Lion (canada ) Contains all the bands output-released and unreleased-including demo versions, alternates, and the entire Pupils Tribute To The Rolling Stones exploitation album from 1966 as a bonus. Fat 24-page booklet is packed with zippy notes on the band, photos, and pages from the bands own fan-club pamphlet. IMPORT CD $10 SKU:4941

FALLEN ANGELS-Mad Hatters Meet The Fallen Angels (unreleased 1966 Byrds style) Label:CICADELIC In 1965, Barry Seidel formed a music company called Traydel Productions. The first band Seidel signed was the Mad Hatters from Washington DC. In the course of one year the band released three stunningly great singles, 'I Need Love,' 'Go Find a Love' and 'I'll Come Running,' all with Dylanesque-PF Sloan sounding folk-rock songs as the B-sides. Mad Hatter live shows were legendary as well, as is exemplified by the explosion of the amps during their electrifying medley of 'Since You've Been Gone/I'm All Right/The Mad Hatter Theme' and their rocking version of 'I Need Love,' both included on this album along with all their singles, making this the most complete collection of Mad Hatters' material ever released. The Fallen Angels were the second band Seidel signed and they are represented by a six song set of singles and unreleased recordings from 1966. These are the earliest recordings by the band and range from folk-rock ('Pebble In My Sand,' 'Hello Girl,' 'I Have Found') to Love (Arthur Lee) type ballads ('Have You Ever Lost A Love,' 'Every Time I Fall In Love') and garage ('Who Do You Love?'). In addition to all this excitement are two previously unreleased 1966 folk-rock Byrds sounding gems from the Loved Ones, plus a 1967 version of 'I Need Love' by the Time Stoppers. Rare photos and radio promos make this a complete trip back to 1966, when the Mad Hatters and the Fallen Angels were the two hottest bands in Washington DC and 'I Need Love' mania swept the airwaves." CD $10 SKU:19087

FAPARDOKLY- ST (60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psych)-Label:GEAR FAB Fapardokly is probably regarded as the most important release in Merrell Fankhausers long career, and an absolute collectors item. The band recorded about 30 tracks in a small studio in Palmdale, California, from 1965 to 1967, when the owner of the studio decided to release an album with some of these tracks. With such different recording dates, you find here different sounds..organ-ized 60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psychedelia. CD $10 SKU:18663

FICTION - Negative Fun-Label:OFF THE HIP 1978 Aussie punk/powerpop, pre Little Murders. CD $13 SKU:19470

FIREBIRDS/HAIR - Light My Fire/ 31 FLAVORS (Hendrix, Blue Cheer style) Label:GEAR FAB Two of the greatest & rarest Exploito lps ever released. The Firebird & 31 Flavors. Sounding much like the style of Jimi Hendrix & Blue Cheer, these 2 albums will Psych you out!! CD $10 SKU:18838

FLAMIN' GROOVIES-SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTS:LIVE 1979-80-Label:VOGON The Flamin' Groovies captured live on stage during the band's power poppin' 'Now' and 'Jumpin'In The Night' era!! CD $16 SKU:19545

FLASHCUBES- FOREVER- DOUBLE Label:NORTHSIDE a 2-CD career retrospective CD $19 SKU:19661

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Waleeco” + The LOST “Space Kids ( 68 Boston garage ) - Label:ARF ARF Patrick the Lama said in Acid Archives, “Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on. This 140-minute double disc set comes with twenty pages of extensive liner notes by Kath and Badge leader Val Rogolino, and a plethora of photos from his personal stash TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE CD $10 SKU:14799

FLEURS DE PAVOT, LES - ST (60s French hippie psych ) -Label:Underground Masters Originally released in 1968, the now impossible to find self titled album by Les Fleurs De Pavot is considered as the first psychedelic/hippie record from France. A veil of mystery surrounded the real origins of the band at the time...according to their press release, they were formed by a couple of hippies, Groovy Pat from London and Jesus from San Francisco who met at some Soft Machine shows in Paris...the reality was more unglamorous: Les Fleurs De Pavot were in fact a twist band called Bourgeois De Calais, transformed into exploitation acid-eater hippies by their manager JP Rawson. The album was produced by the genius tandem of Jean Claude Vannier (famous for his involvement on Gainsbourg's "Melody Nelson" album) & Bernard Estardy (Nino Ferrer's organist / sound engineer). An explosive mix of psychedelic pop, yey music & bizarre studio experimentation featuring 12 superb tracks full of fuzz guitars, groovy vocals and swirling organ with very explicit drug related lyrics. Music ranges from mod psych dancefloor smashers like "A degager" to the final six minute lysergic freak-out "Le Rateau De La Meduse" and even one cool bossa track. CD $10 SKU:15715

FLIED EGG - Good Bye (70s guitar based hard rock) Label:BAMBOO Repress! Final album from the band founded by George Yanagi after the disbanding of Strawberry Path after only one astonishing album, 'Good Bye' brings together a live first side busrting with highly energetic guitar-based loud rock. The studio side is more sophisticated and progressive affair, with the complex and instrumentally inspired '521 Seconds Schizophrenic Symphony' being of a particularly standard. An album sure to appeal fans of 70s hard rock with marked progressive tendencies. CD $8 SKU:14558

FOLKLORDS – RELEASE THE SUNSHINE dreamy 60s pop/psych) - Label:PACEMAKER Fourteen perfect examples of dreamy, sunshine-infused pop psychedelia with a folk ben, originally released by independent Canadian label Allied Records in 1968. When we first issued this terrific album on CD many years ago, our booklet featured the few scraps of information on the band we could find. We challenged „anyone out there‰ to find some information on this elusive and intriguing band. Well, we‚re pleased to say that someone took us up on that offer, and that someone was band leader Tom Waschkowski (credited on the album as Tom Martin). He graciously offered us a band history, lyrics, some terrific photos, and best of all, a rare pre-album single that the trio had self-released. This allows us to offer up as perfect a reissue of this album as humanly possible. The Folklords „Release the Sunshine‰ is a captivating album, a notion shared by the many collectors world-wide who fight for original copies, which are few and far between. Strange thing is, if someone were to say to us that the Folklords album was released by Creation Records in 1987, it would be difficult to argue. Why?, you well may ask. Our answer: the chiming guitars, the rattle of tambourine, the dreaminess, and the meandering harmony vocals of Martha Johnson place the Folklords closer to Biff Bang Pow, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Revolving Paint Dream, or even My Bloody Valentine‚s debut, „Ecstasy and Wine‰ (granted, at a much slower speed, and without the rampant fuzz guitar). Glorious remastered sound, as the twelve LP tracks were taken directly from the master-tapes; the two bonus tracks come from the rare, privately issued non-LP single, which features haunting, drum-less versions of ŒForty Second River‚ and ŒUnspoken Love,‚ both of which were re-recorded for the original Allied album. A 16-page booklet includes a band history lyrics, and comments on the songs by Tom Martin. CD $10 SKU:19943

FONGUS- Guadalajara Rock (First ever reissue of this 1978 Mexican hard-rock album. mini-lp papersleeve)-Label:ORFEON First ever reissue of this 1978 Mexican hard-rock album... great fuzzed-out guitar here and there, and mostly sung in English. CD $10 SKU:15117

Here’s what you get !
(3) THREE and 3 4/ on PURPLE VINYL

RAINBOW PRESS- There's a War On (68 psych insert with liners ) SALE -Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Out-Sider presents the first legit reissue of There's a War On by The Rainbow Press, a cool US '68 psychedelic concept album with all the right moves: solid songwriting, refreshing harmonies, studio effects, organ, fuzz guitar, electric piano, sunshine/baroque touches -- think The Rainy Daze, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Doors. The Rainbow Press evolved from The Continental Divide, a college band from New York containing members from two previous British invasion groups: The Group and The Specs. They were Bill Yergin on drums, Dave Troup on bass, Larry Milton on electric piano and 12-string guitar, Marc Ellis on guitar, Charlie Osborne on organ, and Joe Groff on vocals. All the members sang vocal harmonies and the twin electric piano/organ action gave the band an unusual and cool sound. In 1968, Audio Fidelity approached them and a contract was secured. The band changed their name to the more groovy-sounding The Rainbow Press and sessions for their first album started at Radio City in New York. There's a War On saw the light in 1968 on the Mr. G label (the "hip" branch of Audio Fidelity). It's hard to believe this perfectly recorded psychedelic beauty was made by college students! Remastered sound; includes insert with liner notes telling the band's story for the first time. LP $18 SKU:16564

RATIONALS--10” Temptation Bout to get Me (60s Detroit ) SAALE -Label:TOTAL ENERGY LAST COPIES When serious collectors compose lists of the top shoulda-been-bigger bands of the '60s, the Rationals are often among them. Coming out of the same Ann Arbor, MI scene that gave birth to the MC5 and the Stooges, the group's forte was a sort of garageish take on blue-eyed soul, built around the fine RB-hued vocals of frontman Scott Morgan. Their mid-'60s singles, however, didn't break in many areas outside of Michigan (where they had some big local hits), and by the time they got to record an album, they had long passed their peak.the Rationals actually predated the MC5/Stooges by quite some time, both chronologically and stylistically. When they began recording for the local A2 label in 1965, they were, like many garage bands, heavily influenced by the British Invasion, although they gave their material a more soulful flavor than most similar units. "Gave My Love" was a chart-topper in Ann Arbor (and a hit in Detroit), as was a follow-up single of "Respect" (which predated Aretha Franklin's version). Picked up for national distribution by Cameo/Parkway, it nudged into the lowest regions of the national charts as well LP $5 SKU:4220

RAUNCH - Total Raunch (savage '60s heavy fuzz )-Label:BREAK A WAY Raunch from Ossining, N.Y. were one of the countless mid-'60s groups born into a healthy local garage scene, living the classic story of local bands for two years and then almost forgotten for the last five decades. In the short time of their existence, the Raunch released a legendary 7-inch, made it with one track onto the collectable "Battle Of The Bands" LP on the regionally active Ren-Vell Label and in 1967 recorded another until now unreleased pair of tracks. Both sides of their sole single on Bazaar Records, are good examples of classic '60s garagepunk. 'A Little While Back' is a crude heavy fuzz punker with a blistering guitar solo perfectly backed with 'I Say You're Wrong', a tough n moody song with the classic garage girl-treats-boy-bad lyrics on the flip. While both sides of the 7-inch were group originals written by Sandy Katz, their LP contribution for Ren-Vell was a cover of Paul Revere & The Raiders' 'Hungry', played by the group in their unique "raunchy style" of course. Even more unique is the treatment the boys gave to their unreleased recordings of 'Hey Joe' and 'Tobacco Road'. Again recorded at Ren-Vell in 1967, both covers are unbelievable ultra heavy fuzz killers with a wild brand of slashing and uncompromising guitar playing. Despite losing several battle of the bands contests, their ultimate victory comes in the shape of this one-sided Break-A-Way release. Five tracks with enough excitement and power for two LP sides, all of which are '60s savage garage punk and, once heard, unforgettable. LP $12 SKU:16485

REAL KIDS -LIVE AT THE RAT! JANUARY 22 1978-Label:CRYPT Red Star press release, late-January 1978, by Miriam Linna: "A three day engagement at Boston's Rat club (Jan. 20, 21, 22) kicked off the release of The Real Kids' premier LP for Red Star Records. The club was packed to capacity despite the two-odd feet of snow and ice which had closed several of the city's main thoroughfares during the week. The highlight of the weekend came that evening with a live broadcast on WCOZ-FM, one of New England's top FM stations. Featured on the live show were several tracks from the new LP, entitled simply, The Real Kids." And THIS here is that night. Comes in gatefold cover and with 2-sided inner sleeve. LP $22 SKU:19645

REAL KIDS/KIDS -NOVEMBER 1974 DEMOS/SPRING 1977 DEMOS-PREORDER! Label:CRYPT Eight previously unissued proto-punk godheaded rippers from the pre-Real Kids combo The Kids, recorded on Nov. 10 1974 plus four previously unissued Real Kids demos from spring 1977, recorded by DJ Oedipus at WTBS radio station with 1 mic suspended above the band! The LP in gatefold sleeve includes a 32-page 12"x 12" booklet crammed with tonsa liner notes built mostly upon Dave Laing of Dog Meat Records mucho-extensive March 1995 inteview whilst key band members Billy Borgioli and Alpo were alive, NEVER SEEN photos, flyers, press-clippings, info etc. on John Felice's days with The Modern Lovers, his combos The Children's Rock & Roll Band, The Kids, and The Real Kids!! LP $24 SKU:19647

REASON - Age of Reason(a real gem of late 60’s heavy organ-driven rock)-Label:GUERSSEN Here we have a real gem of late 60’s heavy organ-driven rock!! From 1969, this Washington, D.C. based group of musicians took to the studio to record some really great organ-driven rock and roll. Featuring guest appearances on 2 tracks by the great Danny Gatton, this rare album features both originals and some great covers of the day. LP $15 SKU:19557

REDONDOS - Full Circle With (glossy Inlay w/pic and liners. 300 copies only) Label:BREAK-A-WAY 10 track collection by pre United Travel Service Band; Painstakingly remastered at KSL; Incl. unreleased originals; Great LP sized full glossy Inlay w/pic and liners. 300 copies only
Limited, vinyl-only release for collectors and connoisseurs of vintage garage music and offers a valuable insight into the history of one of the most exciting Pacific Northwest psychedelic Bands - The United Travel Service. Founded in Portland, Oregon, three members of UTS took their first musical steps in the Redondos. Like their successors, the band left a large number of unreleased recordings dating from 1965. Influenced by early sixties Surf and inspired by the British Invasion, the Redondos created a unique sound belting out an amazing mix of storming Surf tunes, Rock ‘n’ Roll standards, and moody originals, written by lead guitarist Ben Hoff. The innocent charm of their Beau Brummels type edgy folkbeat already reflects the magic and authenticity of the later United Travel Service material and sets The Redondos apart from the typical mid-sixties regional Northwest Sound of the time. The Redondos never released any records, but after a serious run through their musical legacy, we have sorted out and remastered their best tracks to a great blend of enjoyable covers and stand-out originals sounding like a rockin' Bobby Fuller Four is meeting the moody beat of the Beau Brummels. For the group, these recordings reflect a special moment in time after a gap of nearly fifty years. LP $17 SKU:15156

REIGN GHOST- Featuring Lynda Squires (1969, legendary Canadian psych)- Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) In late 1969, legendary Canadian psych band Reign Ghost recorded their second album, released the following year just when the band had ceased to exist and some of their members had formed prog/psych band, Christmas. This is a fine example of West Coast-styled psych-rock with reverberating/fuzz-wah guitar and male/female vocal harmonies, including absolute psych classics like the monster 9-minute long "Enola Gay." One of the rarest and most expensive Canadian psych albums ever, officially reissued on vinyl for the first time. Newly remastered sound from the original tapes. Includes a fold-out insert with rare photos, memorabilia and detailed liner notes by band member Bob Bryden LP $17 SKU:19657

RICHMOND SLUTS-60 Cycles of Love- San Francisco glam rock)Label:ROCK BOX W DOWNLOAD CARD -Hailing from the Richmond District of San Francisco, The Richmond Sluts are a revved up rock n roll band guaranteed to make you move, sweat, dance, and shake LP $10 SKU:18375

RINGS - ST 70s psych) w TWINK ltd ed 10” EP CLEAR YELLOW VINYL Label:NDN The Rings were formed by Twink (real name John Alder) veteran of many psychedelic bands including Tomorrow and The Pink Fairies. While primarily a drummer he took on the role of front man in the band while Alan Lee Shaw played guitar and wrote the songs. Songs at the time included a mix of originals and Fairies numbers. Rod Latter played drums (later to join the Adverts). Notes
Limited edition of 150 copies on black / yellow mixed vinyl.
Also released on limited edition yellow vinyl, 350 copies. LP $14 SKU:7387

ROBBIE AND THE WEREWOLF- Live at the Waleback (Bizarre 1964 monster inspired oddity)-Label:GEAR FAB OK, so here we have one of the weirdest and most bizarre albums ever recorded. Pretty much unsurpassed in its level of incredible strangeness, this ultra-rare album from the early sixties (1964) California coffee- house circuit is like no other. Robbie is a folksinger of the frantic variety with a fetish for monsters. This inspired some of the most bizarre songs ever committed to vinyl. It was at The Wale Back in LA one heady night in 1964, that Robbie's solo act was captured for posterity by engineer Reice Hamel, now renowned as a pioneer of live recording techniques. The patrons lapped up Robbie's act although some of the more faint-hearted may have experienced a frisson of terror as he prowled amongst them, sweat dripping from his beard, laughing maniacally, during his atmospheric 'Dracula' number. With his long red hair and matching beard, Robbie was a striking performer with a manic stage presence, acting out his songs as much as singing them. His set consisted of his original songs and uniquely reworked versions of folk standards, played on a beat-up twelve-string guitar. Robbie would later join The Brain Train in 1967 and his wife Barbara “Sandi” Robison would become the lead vocalist for The Peanut Butter Conspiracy (PBC) . Featuring liner notes from Alan Brackett of The PBC and UK collector extraordinaire Gray Newell. LP $17 SKU:19481

RUNAWAYS -Live At The Agorà Ballroom, Cleveland July 19, 1976- SALE! Label:VINYL LOVERS (ITALY) Here are The Runaways, recorded live on the 19th July 1976, at The Agora, Cleveland, USA. Why have there never been more all girl rock'n'roll bands? I guess by virtue of when The Runaways formed, and their style of music, they are often linked with the new wave / punk scene, whatever category you feel obliged to stick then in, they play a pretty nifty show.
Track Listing:
SIDE A: 1. california paradise 2. cherry bomb 3. take it or leave it 4. secrets 5. you drive me wild 6. c’mon 7. blackmail 8. wild thing SIDE B: 1. don’t use me 2. rock & roll 3. it’s day or night 4. johnny guitar 5. dead end justice LP $22 SKU:17108

RUNAWAYS -- LIVE IN NEW YORK 1978 180 GRAM W INSERT -Label:AIR CUT Superb radio broadcast live recordings from a stunning performance at the Palladium in NYC, 1987. The LP is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and an insert is included. LP $23 SKU:19285

RUNAWAYS, THE-Born to be Bad 10- WAREHOUSE FIND OF OUT OF PRINT TITLE Label:MARILYN (Marilyn) Out of print - Historical document of first demos Aug ‘75 prod by Kim Fowley. Only a few left! Great cover LP $15 SKU:5407

SANDHY & MANDHY - Para Castukis ( Rare 70s psych ) 60s style gatefold jacket - Label:LION Here at last is a chance to discover why people have been willing to pay a very steep price to hear Sandhy & Mandhy, the duo who were not a duo, the band who were not a band, creators of perhaps the rarest and most expensive album from Argentina. To tell the story of Sandhy & Mandhy, we have to go back to 1967, when Alberto Infusino (Sandhy) and Alberto Vanasco (Mandhy) began their musical partnership in the beat band The New Free Men. Like many bands of that time, Los Shaker1s and Los Walkers, for example, the New Free Men played covers of songs by the Zombies, Animals, Kinks, Yardbirds, Doors, and so on, in clubs and at parties. Yet at the same time, Infusino and Vanasco started to play their own compositions, with a national touch to the music. Let’s let Vanasco (Mandhy) take up the story: “ In 1969, we went to talk with Billy Bond, chief of La Pesada del Rock Roll, to ask about the chance to make an album. Bond said that he was not looking for a band, but for a duo who sang songs in Spanish... So, we called some friends to play together, and we called the project Sandhy & Mandhy.” They recorded the album in three hours, with a full band (Farfisa organ, congas, drums, bass, and guitars)‹one take of each song. Instead of a demo, they decided to press an LP: the company (Phonalex) pressed 110 LPs in total, which the band gave out at gigs. Sandhy & Mandhy were one of the first bands in South America bring a rebellious attitude to the music scene‹all this in a period of military repression, when forced haircuts in the streets were a common occurrence. Although they broke new ground, success was not their fate. And so thirty-eight years after the burst of improvisation that was Sandhy & Mandhy, the rest of the world can finally take a taste of their dark, groovy, beat-influenced psychedelia (that fuzz guitar on the excellent Lluvia). At times introspective and acoustic, at others manic and ramshackle in the best way, it1s quite a discovery. Now, on to the presentation‹the highest quality mastering and pressing (done at Acoustech Mastering/RTI in California, the same people who master and press every title that audiophile label Classic Records makes); the resulting LP is housed in a poly-lined sleeve, inside an ultra-heavy 1960's style gatefold jacket, which is housed in a loose-fitting plastic sleeve. Inside the sleeve, you will find an insert with full details on Sandhy & Mandhy, including lyrics in Spanish and English, printed on 100% recycled paper. The LP labels are replicas of the originals. A top of the line pressing all the way. Limited edition of 800 copies. LP $12 SKU:19499

SATELLITERS- Where Do We Go ( high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke) LTD ED COLOR vINYL - Label:DIONYSUS Where Do We Go?" is the latest release by Germany's high-priests of 60s-garage-acid-syke, THE SATELLITERS. Recorded at IronBar-studios in Germany and released by the world's greatest and lone surviving garage label, Dionysus Records, this album includes 10 original and all-new SATELLITERS songs plus 3 cover-versions: The BIRDS "No Good Without You Baby", "I'll Make You Sorry" by THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT and THE PARAGONS smasher "Abba". This mind-blowing release is housed in style by famous European designer, T.Eschweiler. Along with the albums "High Karate", "Sexplosive", "Wild Knights of Action", "Hashish" and the EPs "Shake Shake Shake" and "The Satelliters", "Where Do We Go?" is an essential and important recorded milestone for fans of fuzz.LP $14 SKU:6977

SEA-DERS - ANTHOLOGY ( 60s Lebanese Rock ) Booklet contains liner notes by Mike Stax -Label:GROOVIE Contains all known grooving and infectious Middle Eastern inflected rock/beat tracks from the Sea-ders (or Cedars, depending on which 45 label you look at), Lebanon's top musical export to the world. Eight dynamic tracks, with driving rhythms, blazing electric bouzouki (or oud?), recorded between 1966-1968. Fantastic! Many groups have used elements of Eastern music to add mystery and exotica to their sound; the Sea-ders didn't flirt with foreign culture—they tapped right into the source. Decca Records contacted the group and offered them a record deal in the UK. Well, that didn't pan out, making the band's EP a very rare item indeed, despite being one of the most exciting releases of the era. Faced with studio bills from Decca, they sold their instruments and equipment and moved back to Beirut, leaving this perfect microcosm of exotic '60s pop in their wake. Liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine). Limited pressing of only 500 copies. This time around, vinyl is mastered at 45 RPM, for maximum fidelity. The Sea-ders would only record eight tracks, but what amazing tracks they are!“As Record Collector magazine once noted, the Sea-Ders took a decidedly different tack when approaching this thing that is rock & roll. Instead of spiraling into over the top eastern-flavored otherness (like so many of their peers at the time) the Sea-Ders, having landed in London and signed to Decca in 1967, embraced a more primal, early Kinks-esque, approach to their songwriting. Coming from Beirut their take on the genre was already unique with succinct flourishes of psych and freakbeat coupled with their inherent cultural influences. Like so many non-western takes on the genre, the end result is a curious and unexpected gem.” —Aquarium Drinkard “They effortlessly combine hookah-smoked Middle-Eastern guitar lines & hand drum beats with flawless London pop-psych production, and the effect is decidedly heady.” —Weirdo Records LP $13 SKU:8849