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RAVEN - Back to Ohio BLues (heavy psych stoner blues 1975) Label:PERMANENT Last copies! Reissue of heavy psychedelic stoner blues album from 1975! After he finished his damaged-biker 'Back To Ohio Blues' LP in 1975, the man known as Raven gave away most of the few hundred copies that were pressed. The little-heard album was both of its time and timeless. Today, after it's reached a wider audience, mostly via word of mouth and the internet, it seems to hold an ethereal psychic influence over all the great lo-fi stoner music that's emanated during the past 30 years from Raven's hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Comes on limited "Back To Ohio" blue vinyl. LP $22 SKU:25241

VIDA-ST (80s style SST all star band)Label:BLUE MAN FROM URANUS Vida Review by Jack Rabid An SST all-star band, Vida is guitarist Dez Cadena (Black Flag's third and last singer before Henry Rollins) teaming up with Minutemen/fIREHOSE drummer George Hurley (plus guitarist Tom Troccoli out of Tom Troccoli's Dog and bassist Bill Bowman). Notably, they're named after the fourth LP, Vida (1989), by Cadena's in-between band, DC3. As with DC3, and later-era Flag material with Cadena on second guitar, that unfortunately means sludgy, distended, and capacious '70s hard rock guitar complete with soporific solos. It's up to Cadena's unnerving voice (his quiet intensity) and Hurley's speedy, rat-a-tat work to save this CD, and songs such as "My Cup Is Half Full" show some life. Those into the later-'80s SST sound will love this; all others avoid like mad cow disease CD $10 SKU:25257

BACKBITER -GET TOGETHER (70s style punk R roll)Label:BLUE MAN FROM URANUS Get Together Review by Becky Byrkit - Backbiter's exhilarated debut Get Together is a collection of emphatic and distinct songs that nod to punk's alliances with R&B, as well as the screamy male emoting of late-'70s rock. Guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Hall delivers original and articulate lyrics on seven of the nine cuts, most notably on the melodic "Get Together" and "Rolled," released as a coveted single by Blue Man from Uranus (and co-written with bass player Heath Seifert). Spattered with competent, even magic acoustic moments, Get Together is a great record for remembering that in punk'n'roll, drums mean everything, thanks to a typically brilliant (and mercifully unburied) contribution by Claw Hammer's Bob Lee. CD $10 SKU:25258



BRAZDA BROTHERS - ST (Mesmerizing 1973 acid fuzz 1973) Label:VOID /HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS (USA) Mesmerizing acid folk/rock album from 1973 by Canadian band fronted by acoustic guitarist Bystrik and lead guitarist Andy Brazda; features acoustic material with bursts of electric guitar and keyboards; some great acid fuzz guitar work, which means that at times the sound is more garage psych than folk-all that convoluted psycho-jargon aside, a fine album; originals now fetch around $800 each, so here's your chance to own this rarity at a sane price. CD $10 SKU:25247

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN- Astra (70s South African psych ) Label:FRESH One of the weirdest and most-damaged records ever recorded! long lost reissue of the classic second LP (1970) by Freedom's Children, deemed by many to be their defining moment. Said Nic Martens, one of the engineers for Astra who also played organ on the album: "What many are unaware of, is that Astra was recorded from a Friday night, to the Monday morning… on a four track Studer, eight fader Siemans valve mixer, an echo plate, with some help from a Lesley amp and a modified echo box." Not only did the album capture for posterity the unique sounds, dubbed "astral music" or "acid rock," of arguably South Africa's finest band ever, but it also caught the mood of the drug-infused culture that had taken root on the southern tip of Africa in the post Woodstock love and peace era. From the driving lead of Julian's lead guitar, a perfect match for the amphetamine and speed culture of the day, to the surreal, trippy sound of the band that tuned into the growing use of LSD, Astra captured the mood and the sounds of the early 70s South African music scene. Formed at the height of the hated Apartheid era, Freedom's Children swiftly became South Africa's most innovative sons, incomparable to anyone both musically and politically during those turbulent years. Their explorative, sonic excursions pushed the musical envelope and broke down barriers, culminating in the groundbreaking Astra album, arguably one of the era's most overlooked recordings. A real complex, progressive underground album. Includes both sides of the band’s debut 1967 single (‘The Coffee Song’ b/w ‘Satisfaction) as well as the 1968 single track ‘Little Games’ as exclusive bonus tracks. Excellent liner notes continue the story of a truly important band. with bonus tracks CD $14 SKU:23324

FREEDOM’S CHILDREN- Galactic Vibes (1971S S AFRICAN HEAVY PSYCH ) W BONUS TRACKS - Label:FRESH Freedom's Children were the most important band South Africa ever produced, famous for their recipe of acid rock mixed with electronic experiments and tribal rhythms; here is the first-ever legitimate reissue of their third and last LP (Parlophone, 1971), which featured a 16-minute live for radio version of 'The Homecoming' (from their equally rare "Astra" LP)—a soaring , intense, wailing masterpiece, as well as the thud power rock of 'That Did It'; the rest of the record is often justifiably compared to Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma", with many "magic box" sounds finding their way into the mix ('Fields and Me' and 'The Crazy World of Pod' in partiular have strong Floyd elements at work); liner notes and photos have complete band history; includes an unreleased extended version of '1999' as a bonus track. The year was 1971, but the song was ‘1999’; the group was Freedom's Children, and the vibes were galactic. A many-layered album, almost to the point of being cluttered, but this is what makes it interesting. Each time you listen you can hear something new, be it a tone in Brian Davidson's wailing vocals, a riff from Julian Laxton's screaming guitar, a sequence of notes from Barry Irwin's booming bass, or the change from sticks to hands on Colin Pratley's awesome drumming. The album features some blistering, fuzz-edged guitars on the thundering ‘That Did It’ as well as the quieter and beautiful ‘Fields And Me.’ There is also the experimental keyboard piece, ‘The Crazy World Of Pod: Electronic Concerto.’ The orchestration on ‘About The Dove And His King’ adds beauty and sheen to what is a rough rock sound, due mainly to the inventive recording methods used. With layers of overdubs and no noise reduction, this method created what the sleeve notes describe as a "musical mystical mist of sound." An album that South Africans can be proud of, even thirty years later. It is a great musical achievement that can be hauled out again and again and simply marveled at. Includes an exclusive unreleased extended version of ‘1999’ as a bonus track. with bonus track CD $14 SKU:23325

FREEDOM’S CHILDREN- Battle Hymn of the Broken-Hearted 1968 (60S S AFRICAN PROG PSYCH) W bonus track Label:FRESH This is Freedom's Children's first album, recorded in 1968 in South Africa for EMI. This album has all the wonderful excesses of early progressive rock; the deep meaningful poetry, spoken words, majestic organ-playing, sound effects, choirs, long guitar solos, etc. Ramsay MacKay's unusual Scottish/South African accent guides us through this album of contrasts. From the country sounds of "Country Boy" to the Traffic-style rock of "Judas Queen," this album does not let up for a moment. It rocks, it soothes, it challenges, it even refreshes (thanks to the inclusion of an old Pepsi advertisement). A great album and a mind-blowing debut. CD $14 SKU:25184

GREEN - ST plus bonus tracks (Chicago 80s glam power pop) -Label:LION Seven bonus tracks, including the CD debut of the band’s 1984 EP "The Name of This Band is Green." Printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. "Their (first) 45 had two absolute masterpieces: ‘Gotta Getta Record Out,’ which yelps and shouts along like the best of the old Bongos or Jam or Feelies or somebody, and ‘I Don’t Want To Say No,’ which is the sort of white Motown that assholes like the Replacments could never get right. This is not a punk record, except perhaps in spirit, but it isn’t any worse for that."—Steve Albini CD $10 SKU:14882

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE #9- Collected Works ( 22 psych tunes sure to blow your mind! ) Label:VOID/HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS Twenty-two cool, raw, psychedelic songs with a Christian twist that are sure to blow your mind. These boys were going to Catholic High in the late 60's, dropping acid, and listening to the Beatles and the Byrds. The Holy Ghost Reception Committee No.9 were a band of young kids bored with regular Catholic hymns. While secretly listening to The Beatles and The Byrds while their parents were asleep, they came up with the idea of singing religiously inspired music with a modern music rhythm. This idea took off right away amongst other young people in their area, and even was accepted by their pastor, who ended up getting them a deal to record their music. They released two albums, both great garage/psych albums. One of the best examples of what Christian psych can be. Both Holy Ghost Reception Committee LPs ("Songs For Liturgical Worship” and “The Torchbearers” — both released in 1969) — on one disc. CD $10 SKU:25248

JAHN, LOTHAR -Dreams of (1975 psych/Krautrock) DBL CD digiLabel:LION Lothar Jahn’s "February '75” single was released by the German label Sound Records in 1977. It was a very unusual record, somewhere between psychedelic, folk, and Krautrock. It was reviewed thus on Discogs: “A mysterious journey through Cosmic Psych Folk Kraut, whatever you may call it. Fantastic, from beginning to end. Another Kraut on 45 milestone.” The newly recorded album, “Dreams of ’75,” is an extended riff on the original single, taking that smaller vision as a starting point and then launching into a weirder and wilder psychedelic/progressive stereoscopic headspace than was evident (or possible) on the original single. Both the rare single and the new album are included in this very limited 2xCD digipack edition. CD $17 SKU:25245

ROCKADROME - Royal American 20th Century Blues (rare 60s pop psych) - Label:PACEMAKER Recorded in a time when creativity counted for more than commercial appeal, the album was recorded for the eclectic Sound Canada label. It sold poorly, but was rediscovered as part of the revival in interest in psychedelia; the only problem—copies of the original album were incredibly rare (and incredibly expensive!). The album is a mixture of rock, psych (some of the tracks are definitely Beatles influenced), and a touch of blues. The album opens with 'R.A.T.C.B. Teaser', which is used as a theme throughout the album, with a reprise at the end and the main song later on the disc. The first proper song is 'Very Strange,' a nice taste of psych with some fetching guitar-work, followed by the more bluesy 'Thirteen Miles Down' which includes the requisite blues guitar solo. The title track is split in two and done as a rock version and a psyche/pop version, both of which are very good, and 'There You Go Again' has a Byrdsian chime to it coupled with a Dylan-influenced vocal. 'Inside Out, Inside In' is one of the Beatles-y songs, but there is nothing wrong with that if it is done well, which this is. The intro to 'T.O. Town' has evinced comparisons with the Monkees as it is very similar to 'Last Train To Clarksville', but the song itself is a great garage rocker. 'Ain't It A Shame' is a little too close to goodtime pop for my liking, but put against the high quality of the rest of the album this can be forgiven.Studio owner and executive producer Art Snider (who had discovered and first recorded a young Gordon Lightfoot years earlier) was inspired enough by Rockadrome's first sessions to basically give engineer/producer Ray Lawrence free reign to carry the project in whatever direction it might go. Fortunately, it was an era of experimentation, studio clocks could mostly be ignored, (there was a belief that the best stuff was done after dark) and so Rockadrome was given an after-hours slot. All through that fall and winter, the songs were refined, recorded, tossed and replaced. Contemplated. Even the physical process became a strange routine. The guys would need to phone the studio by 5 pm to check that the evening schedule was open, then scramble into their cars east of Toronto & head down the 401. The results show that the band deserve their reputation. Extensively remastered, this is the first legitimate reissue. CD $10 SKU:12227

TERRY & THE PIRATES- Comanche Boots (70s San Francisco Quicksilver Messenger Service )-Label:ACADIA Twenty nine years after the release of the original Too Close For Comfort comes the third issue of this priceless and timeless music from San Francisco's own Terry & The Pirates.” Another view: “Probably only remembered today as one of the many bands graced by the guitarwork of John Cipollina following his departure from Quicksilver Messenger Service, and as a footnote in the career of Nicky Hopkins, Terry and the Pirates deserve much greater recognition. Although Cipollina’s feral guitar is undoubtedly essential to their charms, the work of Terry Dolan himself should not be underestimated. His voice is an acquired taste, a strange mixture of David Crosby and Captain Beefheart, but as such, it’s impressively distinctive. Meanwhile, his songwriting mines that same rich vein of American folk which yielded ‘Pride Of Man’ (so memorably covered by Quicksilver). The best songs on this collection of various live and studio recordings are certainly Dolan’s own. Whilst a version of Jackie Wilson’s ‘Higher & Higher’ might be entertainingly audacious, covers of ‘Mystery Train’ and ‘Don’t Do It’ aren’t going to make anybody forget those by The Band, despite some impressive sparring between Cipollina and second guitarist Greg Douglass on the latter. In this context, tracks like ‘Inside and Out’ and ‘Inlaws and Outlaws’ distinguish themselves as fine examples of original Californian rock n’ roll. Even if none of this is especially ground-breaking or epoch-defining music, it’s played with spirit and any fans of West Coast music who might have easily overlooked it should be sure to rectify their mistake. CD $10 SKU:18999

BOOGIE - IN FREAK TOWN (1968 S.F power trio)w insert Label:OUT SIDER Here's an LP of awesome, previously unreleased recordings of a very loud power trio from San Francisco, modeled after Cream, Blue Cheer and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Included are a fantastic studio demo from 1968 plus raw and wild live tracks from 1969. Comrades of Moby Grape and The Sons Of Champlin, this power-trio was formed by Barry "The Bee" Bastian (Canned Heat, Lee Michaels...) on guitar and vocals, John Barrett (The Rhythm Dukes) on bass and Fuzzy John Oxendine (Roky Erickson & The Aliens, Jerry Miller Band...) on drums. The LP comes with an insert featuring rare photos and detailed liner notes, and a download for the full album plus bonus material. LP $32 SKU:25204

GRAVE FLOWERS BONGO BAND- FLower Pot ( scorching 70s-UK-a-delic spiel,)Label:PERMANENT Gabe Flores is in charge of at least half the electricity as lead guitarist in L.A.’s cataclysmic Hooveriii, but Grave Flowers Bongo Band (with Vaughn Christensen and Andy Caly) is his acoustic project—which isn’t to imply it’s any less intense. First single “Sacred” is a frantic two-minutes not far from (as their bio accurately promises) pre-T. Rex duo Tyrannosaurus Rex and/or/especially Steve Peregrin Took’s Shagrat, with bongos a la Lemmy’s early outfit Sam Gopal and a general sense of barely contained Syd Barrett-style chaos. Really, “Sacred” is a scorching 70s-UK-a-delic spiel, delivered in one long desperate breath. Think of it as freaked-out folk more than freak folk, and file it as close to Fresh Maggots as you can LP $22 SKU:21635

IRISH COFFEE-ST(1971 Vintage hard rock Deep Purple style) - Label:GUERSSEN Here’s the first ever authorized vinyl reissue of this classic. Excellent vintage hard-rock made in Belgium in 1971 and originally released in the Triangle label. Their sound was clearly influenced by Deep Purple or even Uriah Heep, with killer guitar all over and good use of organ. This has been considered as a key album in the hard-rock field since the early days of collecting, with originals fetching some big money! High-quality reissue in 180g vinyl, nice carton with original artwork, and an insert with liners and photos LP $24 SKU:22827

LITHIUM X-Mas-ST -ST (“Best psych single of the decade” Byron COley) Clear windowpane vinyl- Label:GROOVE NET “Frenetic rave-up of American V.U.” Spin Magazine (Alternative Record Guide)

“In a personal hell of abstract paranoia, a group like Lithium X-Mas is the soundtrack of Life” - Your Flesh

“Psychedelic Bliss” “Jump Into The Fire” (Trance Records Syndicate) “Single Of The Week” - Sounds (UK)

“Best psych single of the decade” - “Message To Charlie” (Rockadelic) - Forced Exposure (Byron Coley)

“Fuzz drenched freakout of godlike proportions” - The Bob

“Lithium Christmas not only sets off on its own direction, in actually gets somewhere.” - Dallas Observer (Tom Maurstad)

Psychedelic art-rock pioneering band from Texas, Lithium X-Mas, re-emerge from a period of relative sedation with a fresh outburst — a new full-length limited-edition LP. This brand-new recording, which finds the legendary band’s core line-up intact, is a culmination of recently resuscitated activity; final tracks were completed and mastered late last year.

Lithium X-Mas has an influential history and heritage. Formed in Dallas, Texas, in 1985, it emerged from the punk scene that included the likes of Nervebreakers, Butthole Surfers, Vomit Pigs, and Horton Heat. The band played a diverse array of venues, from seedy warehouses to psychedelic theme parties to Dallas’ legendary, upscale Starck Club. Lithium’s first forte was the excavated cover song, bringing their own twisted spin to tunes such as Nilsson's 'Jump into the Fire,' Lemon Pipers' 'Green Tambourine,' and Ultimate Spinach’s 'Hip Death Goddess.’

While the new record maintains aspects of this distorted bliss, it also incorporates a more wide-ranging sonic palette. Instead of feeding every track through a chain of corroded Big Muff pedals, the new Lithium X-Mas uses a panorama of sonic crayons, from mystic Mellotron to ethereal theremin, fantasias of fuzz to freaked-out Farfisa. Forward looking — but still informed by deep excavation of eclectic record collections.

Lithium’s fans included Sonic Youth, with whom they shared bills and who advertised them on their guitars; Nirvana, who were inspired by the name for some of their source material; the Butthole Surfers, whose drummer King Coffey signed them to his record label; and many others.

This long-anticipated release, economically titled Lithium X-Mas, is on Texas label, GrooveNet Industries/Treblephone. Lithium X-Mas is pressed on clear “windowpane vinyl” and encased in an elaborate and very-limited-edition foil-printed gatefold cover. LP $25 SKU:25110

MCCULLY WORKSHOP - Genesis(S. African 60's psych/garage/beat ) Label:MISSING VINYL Obviously influenced by the many British R&B band of the 60's (KINKS, YARDBIRDS, PRETTY THINGS, etc). Packed with psych guitars, brassy interludes a la early Chicago or Blood Sweat & Tears and funky tracks like Stone Man and Red Light City, Genesis is highly prized by collectors worldwide. LP $28 SKU:24793