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On 'Ten Stories High', Dutch alternative surf rockers Del-Toros once again unleash an exciting mixture of desert-, surf-, punk- and hardrock. But they changed the game big time as their instrumental side has completely taken over.

The Del-Toros drift off into strange tangents and wave their freak flag into a fuzzy and reverb sheer sonic perfection. There is only one song on the album with vocals. Peter te Bos, singer of the famous Dutch garagerock band Claw Boys Claw is taking 'Rockettool' to a higher level like if Jim Morrison and William S. Burroughs joined forces. Bertus Borgers features on '2174'.

Produced by Peter van Elderen and Guido Bruin, 'Ten Stories High' features 10 blistering and heavy songs that combine all their influences.

The album comes in a gatefold cover, limited to 500 copies.

A1     Don't Wipe     
A2     Octowave     
A3     End Of The World     
A4     Halloween Theme     
A5     21-74     
B1     Gingercord     
B2     SoCal Killings     
B3     King Of The Rockettool     
B4     Loose Lips     
B5     Theme For Great Cities