DIRTBOMBS - If You Don't Already Have A Look (double CD)

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In the nearly ten years The Dirtbombs have existed, a lot of bass players have come and gone, a lot of touring has been logged, and a lot of singles released.

Because anybody who gets in touch with Mick Collins and can cough up a small fee for studio time can release a Dirtbombs single, some of the Dirtbombs very best tracks have seen the light of day only on seven inches pressed in small quantities (often released in foreign countries) that go out of print almost immediately. Hell, some singles were given to labels that never actually released the damn things.

This 52-song double-CD collects Dirtbombs singles sides and comp tracks - including eight brand new songs and several previously unreleased older recordings, all re-mastered.

A handsome 24-page booklet of photos and notes by the band augments this massive package.