DIRTY STREETS - Rough and Tumble (For fans of CCR, the Faces, Humble Pie, Otis Redding, and more!) CD DIGIPAK

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The Dirty Streets play a raw, rowdy blend of Motown, Stax and rock—the pure American blood-beat moving through the heart of Memphis groove. With toe-tapping grooves and howling melodies, they are bringing their own brand of blues n boogie to the modern era.

This rough and tumble recording captures the high-energy power trio live on Ditty TV, in Memphis, TN. This is heavy, bluesy rock’n’roll played with heart.

Justin Toland (vocals/guitar), Thomas Storz (vocals/bass), and Andrew Denham (drums/percussion), go through a set of songs culled from their catalogue and throw in two previously un-recorded covers by the great Joe South, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” and “Tell The Truth”. Crank up the volume and let it rip!


A smashing live set. These Memphis soul/blooze bruisers flow nimbly through crushing, Motown-inspired dancefloor burners and blistering f**k-on-the-floor barroom blues howlers with equally devastating precision. – Sleazegrinder / CLASSIC ROCK

Whereas most outfits would love to emerge from the studio with a final mix as precise and vibrant as “Rough and Tumble,” Dirty Streets manage to accomplish the feat live from the stage. It might take listeners a few spins to discern that this isn’t a studio set. Great soulful vocals, a stellar rhythm duo, and a plethora of guitar tones only scratch the surface of why this album succeeds. In the end, the fact that the band recorded it live may become incidental. To call “Rough and Tumble” an album that is both tight and loose may be oxymoronic on its face, but it works here.  – Willie Witten / BLUES ROCK REVIEW

Fans of Free and Humble Pie back in the day, will find these slots perfectly into your collection. Include the Dirty Streets to a playlist of similar 70s acts and be prepared for friends to ask about this band they don’t recognize from 40 some years ago. That’s likely the biggest compliment anyone could pay Dirty Streets who churn out this blue-jeans, retro-tinged, unapologetically nasty rawk as if they invented it. – Hal Horowitz / AMERICAN SONGWRITER