DMZ - Relics (legendary Boston garage psych 1978 masterpiece) gorgeous HOT PINK marble vinyl LP

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Four Craig Leon-produced tracks  and five demo tapes that were recorded on four-track comprise this excellent collection.

"When I Get Off" was the number two Garage Record of the Year in 1978 in Boston's Real Paper, and it is a psychedelic masterpiece.

The dueling guitars, slashing riff, and great Corraccio bass complement Mono Mann aka Jeff Connolly's blitzkrieg vocals. Here is a slice of pyschedelia that is the fans outdoing the bands they idolize


A1 Busy Man

A2 Can't Stand The Pain

A3 You're Gonna Miss Me A4 When I Get Off 

B1 Do Not Enter

B2 Guilty Child

B3 Shirt Loop

B4 Lift Up Your Hood

B5 Barracuda